A Few Scary Bets

We spend an exceptional amount of time focusing on the Future around here. With good reason.  Because the art of making money (or, at least losing as little as possible) is predicated on getting “some notion or aspect of Future” right.  And then making meaningful bets on it.

Are there some “unconventional” things looming in the foreseeable future that we should all spend some time planning for?  You bet!

Because while most people are working “normal lives” and too many are actually living “paycheck to paycheck” the reality is powerful families are at war.

Unlike “regular” plebes, these are the filthy rich who plan intergenerational wealth and plan on their specific heirs inheriting the Earth.  Or, more than 51 percent of it.

With some of these notions in mind (without having to search names of Class A shareholders who own the world through a myriad of shell corporations), we can at least settle out of the “line of fire” for what may be coming.

Already?  We can make – and our focus is on this right now – some Scary Bets.  We’ll even show you how to “roll your own.”  Future forecasting ain’t hard.

After the charts and a few headlines including this morning’s ADP Jobs Report.

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58 thoughts on “A Few Scary Bets”

  1. today everything is working as it should as for logging onto theageofdesolation.com .. that makes me feel better than the thought of censorship..

  2. “How many Zombie movies have there been?”

    Not even considering how the Mainstream Networks television show lineup has changed to a more violent format..

    “we can’t rule out as much as a 50 percent food price hike.”

    Visiting with a jobber on his snack cake run… he said… I ordered seven hundred cases but got seventy.. there is a shortage of product and the distribution.. even at the big box store that has its own brand label… they to are having a difficult time in getting the product not to mention a few of them they had to take off the shelf completely..

  3. People around me are switching from single cylinder lawn mowers to electric. The guy across the street bought a fancy electric mower with lights. He cuts his grass at night in the dark. It’s a quiet mower. Middle of the night. Can’t sleep. Wife won’t put-out. Mow the lawn.

    People hoping for the best with an experimental drug. Flint water proved nobody cares, if the Oxy debacle didn’t. Roll-up your sleeve and get what you get.

    A massive pharmaceutical accident on par with a Passover level event sure would be deflationary.

  4. “If the people are really vaccinated, why are infections running again? If the shots don’t prevent – and only claims about lesser symptoms not adequate documented – what’s been the “bum’s rush” to get us all “armed?”

    George, as well read you are about COVID, How many deaths are Really about COVID? I’ve seen well established doctors and other medical types say that graphs showing elderly deaths in the COVID era match pneumonia deaths in previous years. In previous years, pneumonia was know as the elderly doorway to heaven. Other doctors have said that preventing COVID bouts through the preventive procedures pushed by our government have or will cause the virus to mutate which MAY, not will, be a variant much worse than the initial virus. Truthful data backed by too many sources is not allowed to be presented to the average American.

    I don’t believe that COVID19 is simply a low level spring virus. Too much has been introduced to America with designs to destroy our beliefs, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, our Borders, our economy, etc. Where is the TRUTH? I wish I could find it.

    • “If the people are really vaccinated, why are infections running again? ”

      Even though no one is talking about it.. it has increased.. I know a couple that have been vaccinated that have caught the new strain.. they are just sending them home.. and one whose kid has it they aren’t even requiring quarantine. Just a daily test.. the hospital I worked for the employees are required go test daily.
      One physician I visited with said it wasn’t because covid was cured but how it’s being reported has been changed to give confidence inthe process that’s being implemented

    • I’m a bit curious – with the rampant virus infections in India – I don’t know why the virus hasn’t exploded here with Indian H1-B workers who I’m sure some of which have been back to India at some point over the last year – either in the local Indian communities if not the general population at large.





      • Organic Prepper,

        considering the sources, I will pass.

        They themselves are conveniently avoiding any open debate with the likes of Dr. Lee Merritt, a noted surgeon who has held important jobs in medicine.

        Stop with your propaganda already, it is readily available, pushed at us hourly, and easily debunked.

      • What is it in percentage to global population?

        We need at least a decimation, if not two or three times that (to cool our planet! ;-) or it will be certain “curtain call” for all of humanity in due time. JMHO, of course.





  5. GDude – congrats on the 200 % overage in Ure covert19 fearporn operation. Wonder how Ure site earned in 2020, for spewing that particular brand of garbage?

    Dam man- even with $3300per incentives to classify every Death in 2020 as covert19 – U still were 200 % Over.. ‘paint it black “, no?

    Ure covert19 stats still Stink..garbage in = garbage out.

    I tried to help/explain over a year ago – it is an impossible to create a vaccine for a BioWeapon .

    Prophylactics (vitC,VitD3, Zinc, Quecertain), or fast Cure of blood disease – HCQ, Ivermectin .

    No one died from Flu in 2020 – simply miraculous!

    Grustler Magazine = urban survival. editor in Chief G flynt or is that G Ureberg/ G Urestien.

    Supporting and upholding the sham state of today – oppressing the working classes, and protecting pirated gains of banks and speculators = “Bitcoin bad”

    Perhaps we should just call it Uresury – enslaving Humanity and stripping away material and Spiritual liberties..now who said “we long for our pots full o meat” while trekking out of Egypt ? hmm

  6. Ok, I’ll speak these UN-PC concepts first:

    (There are several corollaries and goes-withs.)

    China wants to rule the world. They also plan to rule the future, including any off-world colonies or human populated planets or stations. They think very long-term.

    China values the very life of the individual citizen lower than countries based on individual liberty, free will, self-determination, and economic freedom.

    China is a severe “Command-Control” society. (Our own think-tanker big-wigs have ramped that up to C4 and even beyond now, with fashionable snap-on and strap-on add-ons. “C4” Sounds VERY impressive.)

    If China could secure complete world-domination at the cost of 100 million of their citizens, dead, as the price — do you think they would not do it? (Or 200, or 300 — pick a number where the cost-benefit ratio satisfies.)

    It may be that CoVid-19 is just the first of many to-be-released bio-war shots.

    Imagine five or six such events, in waves, spaced out over a few years. Could total economic collapse of the rest of the world possibly be avoided?

    Over time — a lot of time — humans will evolve stronger immune systems. But that will take a while.

    Of course, this is all crazy talk. They wouldn’t do that. It’s madness.


    I have reason to believe that a black FedGov organization exists whose purpose is to game out various scenarios, assign probabilities to each one, and allocate resources appropriately as is indicated by some extremely complex expert system A.I. I have actually seen a fore-runner of a 3D interactive graphic display that allows for visualization of this. (And other extremely complex dynamic systems of systems.) My guess is it’s something like George’s “Directorate 153.” There was even a pretty good TeeVee series playing on the basic idea many years ago.

    See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Delphi_Bureau

    This was of course dramatized and hyped and romanticized, but the core idea is the same.

    To which I would add, if we don’t have something like this, we should make one, quickly.


    • C4 – Command, Control, Communication and Computers

      Each cabinet-level agency probably has a futures and risk assessment office as complex as what you describe. Whether any have a Directorate 153 authority? Probably not or we would see evidence of unilateral changes (Federal reserve stockpiles?). On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if the “Illuminati” or world’s economic elites have access to similar resources or companies that specialize in such things… If you have the means, why wouldn’t you try to manipulate the present to achieve desired future outcomes?

      Think like a Bond-villain, live like a Bond-villain!

      • They already do it, everywhere. We are constantly being manipulated into how and what to think, what to buy, what to eat, whether to drive or not, even death is taught, but not life. It’s a constant brainwashing manipulation agenda.

    • ” Could total economic collapse of the rest of the world possibly be avoided?”

      I don’t think it can be avoided now..
      We are in a serious position now. I personally think we have moved beyond the tipping point.
      I logged on to ourocsl grocery store chain to put in my order.. in comparison from two months ago.. the same order was just about a hundred more.and that wasn’t including any of the more expensive items..
      The snack cake gent.. ordered seven hundred cases for his this weeks order and only received 70.. and he said they are telling himtheres a substantial price increase coming..

  7. Seems to me that if a chip shortage is on the horizon, maybe auto makers aught to DE-emphasize all the electronic gizmos in cars and return to basic transportation.

    • I’d love to see auto makers go back to basic car construction. Not all who wander are lost, and some of us crazy bastards don’t want a gps tracking device in our cars.

  8. I imagine that in about 30 or so years, we’ll be flooded with advertisements for class- action lawsuits for anyone who took the mRNA vaccine, like we are for asbestos and mesothelioma now. ‘Did you or anyone in your family receive the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA gene-therapy COVID vaccine? If so, you may be entitled to compensation’.

    • Missy,

      To get the vaccine you sign away your rights to sue them.

      Many will be dead or considerably weakened in future, and will not have offspring, either as the spike protein is interfering with that function.

      Personally I am opting out; Clif High and Brighteon videos with such doctors as Lee Merritt have convinced me not to take it unless physically forced. The medical evidence is strongly on my side but the propaganda saying otherwise is astounding!


  9. Rooty toot toot, rooty toot toot, 4 I bee the bandicoot.

    Earnings announcement after the close – TGB

    – highlighted this puppy at like $1.75 back in April- like 25% ups,
    ..wit a lil analysis from big Bob in CPC (communistpartyCanada)
    ..they got a permit to mine under an aquifer in Aridzona.
    Big asz copper mine in BC, some prospective gold property’s – can be bot today for around $2.20 a share. Small stakes – nice up side (inflation) earnings out tonight after the close. U gotta ask Ureself ..”do I feel lucky today ? waiting for the earnings to print is safe bet with bad #’s, if print positive #’s …
    Either way – War or Peace and Prosperity – Dr Copper is fundamental to both outcomes..
    No worries falling junk rockets from chynah – now U can track it it with the big boys at Space-track.org..”hey Ma, that aint no buzzard, walking or otherwise,and it aint 4 o July- internetz sayz itz one dem der chyknees rocketz”

    ..Lambert fronting old walking buzzard – https://youtu.be/iVYxDhQIvAs

  10. Another Federal judge has ruled against evictees:


    At least the weather is turning more favorable for camping. At some point the landlords will start getting support from local judges, and the evictions will pick up. For those of you behind on payments, it would be best to have the outdoor equipment located away from home to head off seizure. Parking somewhere other than home might be a good idea as well. A $65 aluminized car cover will hide the wheels in plain sight. When the repo dam breaks, expect a torrent.

  11. I would suggest that Jas is correct about it being an economic war however since all the participants are broke and unwilling to declare BK they will go to War to justify that as the excuse for collapse…

  12. Nah… you left out 3 major factors. AI, fear and appetite.

    Of course fear for most humans creates irrational behavior, knee jerk reactions and drives people to do stuff they would otherwise do. Fear can create a massive sell off of the market even if the economy is recovering. Fear sends a hundred million people to stock up on shit paper to cover their output hole and forget all about the Input hole.

    And Full Autonomous AI, self aware with unlimited Capacity for memory and ever advancing acquisition capabilities. Only AI has the capability of speaking thousands of machine languages simultaneously. Especially with unlimited memory. The “ghost in the machine bro.” Who is omnipotent and omniscient and omnipresent other than God? In a world fabricated on technological advancement where everything from money to medical records to the cars to the gas pumps is digital? AI is God Like omniessant and omnipotent and omnipresent.
    It doesnt “fear”. We “fear”.

    AI has no appetite. Its weakness is logic.

    Humans are all ruled by appetite. Its core programming.

    Still under estimate the power of human capacity for A) stupidity. B) Lazy, C) Hopefull and D) Love.

    Love irrational. Illogical. Humans are not logical.

    Your whole premise today George is based in logic and rational thought. Humans aren’t rational or logical. Look at doggie coin? Makes absolutely no fucking logical or rational sense.

    Doesnt matter to them at all.
    You can’t logic this world old dude only. Not everything is ratios. If it was? The dow would be 22,000 right now.

    Humans impulsive, deceptive,deceived, loving, imagitive, waring, fearing, fighting, fcking, shitting, and hopeful appetites. You logic them. you cant ratio them? They might all agree tomorrow that swallowing t-pods is the latest greatest idea for curing Covid. Call it the tide pod homeopathic remedy!

    Ure whole premise and theory would not matter. Anymore than mine. The whole world could just say ya know what? I’m going to live my best life and forget about Covid and the Vaccine. And it could all change.

    Remember dude: I know a guy who got told he had 2 months to live and was dying of cancer. He told the doctor. You are mistaken. I dont have cancer. I just had a son. I just got married. I have a family to raise. I dont have cancer. The doctor looked at him and said you have late stage cancer. You have maybe two months to live. He put his hand on the doctors shoulder and said no I don’t. Have a good day. On his son’s 26th birthday he married the doctors grand daughter. When he gave a speech for a toast at his son’s wedding the doctor remembered him. After the wedding he went up to him and said I thought you had cancer. I thought you were going to die. I told you you had 2 months to live. That was 26 years ago. Your son married my grand daughter. my uncle said I told you you were mistaken. I just got married and I just had a son. You are mistaken. I have a family to raise. I’m not gonna die in 2 months. The doctor said, you were right.

    Then after the wedding. That night my uncle died in his sleep. Of late stage cancer. 26 years after the doctor told him he had 2 months to live. He never missed a day of work and never missed a ball game or scouting event. Had 2 more kids and never told anyone a doctor said he had cancer. Nobody ever knew until the doctor spoke up at his funeral.

    Ya see, humans have capacity to do things that logic, all the science and data, all the ratios, and math in the world, will never add up to. I dont give Flying F what the data says. I dont die until 2088 and I will never get Covid or the Vaccine. I have THE DUDES work to do. No matter what the data says. And only THE DUDE, says when I’m finished. Not anyone else. Not even me.

    Never forget that.

    AI, fear and appetites.

    • ” I have THE DUDES work to do.”
      I think you ought to look out for yourself, IMHO!
      “THE DUDES” don’t need someone “who fancies” he has to do “HIS” work on earth — there are too many of them competing already on he TV ;-)).

    • The mathematics of the composite knee jerks of large crowds are sometimes referred to as Elliott Waves. The more knees that jerk, and the more violently, the more idealized and predictable their composite behavior becomes. What is the mathematics of composite knee jerks made by multiple cultures over an infinity of millennia? Answer- The gods-eye view.
      The aggregate sum of delusions each person labors under is sometimes called their world-view. You have a unique world-view.
      Whether you are led to believe that you have two months or 67 years left, your one path is to live your life. The time-vector moves in one direction for your physical body. And as you have said elsewhere, everything may change next year, and the year after …

    • It looks like you, too, realize with respect to AI, “The Terminator” and “The Matrix” are in reality, instructional videos…

  13. Sheethole doomberg!! Part of the conjura of facists. “ the inevitable correction in stock market , whenever it may be” please tell your sheet to each other , keep it away from the academics . Short the guts out of gold yah fools .

  14. And what about George and his academic market genius . This is a beauty !!! Straight out of facist central !!! Markets never crash from highs . !!! So we just have a new high every day and Wella !! We never crash!! Make up some aggregate stories . Can’t go wrong!!!

  15. And of course jab more veges with the kill shot . Thinking is then limited. Obedience

  16. See George, If you listened to my podcast where I saw the seals on the beach in front of me. why the F do I need to be on the internet. I mentioned them in podcast 7. Right in front of me. I dont need to look at the news. everything I need to know is right in front of me, all the time. I’m in constant dialog with the creator and creation.

    Wonder who that entity that was gonna bag me, that got shot in the head was? Maybe it hasn’t happend yet. Maybe they change there mind. Maybe it was a Remote Viewer? Cant say for certain. I could feel the fear in it when it put the bag over my head and pulled tight and I started laughing hysterically tho. Even tho it was behind me while I slept, when i started laughing hard and yelled at the top of my lungs, THANK YOU GOD! i could feel its fear, then when half awake and half asleep, i thought i pulled my .45 with the inscription Job38:11 and shot that (whatever it was) in the head, and it stumbled around my room, knocking shit off the night stand and moving the blinds and I heard the bedroom door slam and in the window I saw something go running holding its head and blood gushing across the lawn. A translucent silhouette figure. Kinda looked like the preditor in that movie with it’s clear camouflage.

    More on the seals I saw, here for those internet dependant for data. I just saw the animal seals. Not these animal seals.

    They wont come for me dude. I dont even need to fight them. I can just simply move out of the way.

    Again. My confidence is not in me. Its THE DUDE they contend with. HE fights for me. My job is to trust him, clean house and help others..

    Well, there ya go. Sell in May and Go away. That be me.

  17. Already a large, quality tire shop would not install new tires on my 40 year old Volvo, of a larger size I wanted…. liability issues. They would only put on the prescription size. ‘Viscount Tire’

    • If you bring in the wheels, they will mount the tire size you wish. If you bring in the car, they have edicts from some federal agency telling them that they must comply with the door sticker. If they break a tire pressure sensor on your car and can’t replace it, by that “law” they are not permitted to release your car to you until replace the sensor, even if you just want a normal valve!

      I do my own tires. It’s like the press. It’s only free if you DIY! Either find someone that doesn’t know or care about these regs or DIY. It’s still legal to mount the tires of your choice if you do it yourself. Same with removing the tire pressure sensors.

    • Order tires from Tire Rack, have them shipped to, and use, one of the Phoenix-area Tire Rack installers. Unless you are doing something stupidly-radical, like putting 255s on a 5.5″ rim (won’t clear the wheel wells), they’ll do the work without batting an eye…

  18. Ever heard anything as facist state ridiculous in all your life . Know the market will crash but just stay in . Gold SELL signal today . Just laugh , disregard

  19. “Let man/woman be noble, helpful and good!”

    That’s ALL there is to our obligation on earth.

    There is no need by anyone to insult the “creator of the UNIVERSE” to pretend that he needs help on earth to better his accomplishments. ;-))
    What a joke, IMHO.

  20. Best news of the day for humanity! Hope rather than despair.
    They stuck it!


    After many dollars and a several very expensive failures, it finally happened, and we can now do a real swan dive, recovery to vertical, and real landing with a massive rocket! This is likely to get even better and more precise. Mars is becoming ever more possible.

    My thought: Set up for nitrogen(or CO2) flooding fire suppression on the landing pad along with the water. Water is good for cooling, but not so much for extinguishing methane fires.

  21. I’ve been thinking for some time now that India’s increased level of mutated CV19 might be attributable to China since China has been chafing at India’s border for many years. If China can let an invisible bug wipe out a substantial part of their enemy’s population, they don’t need to lose so many of their own to take the enemy’s homeland.

    Maybe they should rename it the Neutron Bug. Wipes out the people while leaving the infrastructure.

  22. “(No, I haven’t seen any data on vaccine use as changes in male sperm counts, but I have that as an open research point with my son the CVC19 whiz kid.)”

    You might add female egg fertility to your research when you get around to it. I have already heard hints of same, but no specifics…

  23. The Aussies are ramping up their military, both tech and materiel -wise. Dunno about any drives to boost numbers of sojers or sailors. I ‘spect your Aussie or Kiwi readership could offer input, and ya might want to suggest to Bernard [that he] keep an ear to the rails…

  24. Since Syria is a Russian ally and hosts Russia’s Mediterranean port, I’m not sure it is in Turkey’s best interest to make a third of Syria uninhabitable. I can’t believe Putin will forever tolerate his Mother Russia being vilified, whilst being poked with sticks by the name-callers.

  25. “Thus, the most valuable companies in the West may shortly be those capable of producing finely pitched semis. Until new plants in Arizona come on that’s a critical strategic problem.”

    ISTM the Fairchild, TI, Micron, etc. fabs are still extant. I wonder how soon AMD, Intel, and nVidia could refit those fabs with state-of-the-art tech, if they were so-inclined? A GPU line can make CPUs just as easily…

    • It’s my understanding that it is in the forging of chips that the USA is lacking. Essentially silicon has to be grown or forged into crystals which are then cut into wafers upon which the integrated circuits are then printed. Also the thinner that the factory can cut the wafers the better the Chip and the more efficient the process. In other words a three nanometer Chip is better than a thirty nanometer Chip. All of this is based on my understanding of various educational materials over the years. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

      • You are correct.

        Even the Intel and AMD (ATI) fabs in CONUS lack the ability to shave the grown crystals into the thinnest wafers (see George’s column from a couple weeks back), but that is because our fab companies chose to build $2bln fabs in China and employ mostly, nearly-slave labor, rather than build the same fabs here for $3.3bln, and hire $40-$500 per hour employees.

        The tech is ours.

        Its location is principally in China.

        This is a problem…

        AMGeneral is a joint-venture between American Motors and General Motors. It is located in South Bend, Indiana.

        AMGen makes, exclusively, military vehicles.

        In theory, 100% of the parts and subassemblies which go into an HMMWV are American-made, from American materials. In reality, even in 1972, the brakes came from the AMC jobber, in Canada. The brakes may now come out of a Bendix or Navistar factory in CONUS, but from where do the cap screws which hold it together and mount the assembly to the vehicle, come?

        Chinese manufactured metal materials are junk. They are also both ubiquitous and pervasive.

        The wiring in that HumVee is 100% American, properly annealed copper, silver-plated or tinned, and teflon-jacketed. The wiring in your new Chevy is 100% made in China from crap copper, and soy-PVC jacketed (which rodents say is “yummy.”)

        This is also a problem…

        We have a lot of work to do, and it’s not going to get done as long as the bottom line is the only line “corporate America” sees…

  26. When ducks fly, they follow the leader in perfect v formation. If the leader gets taken out, the flock gets confused and scrambles … until they regroup in a v again, but often they form several smaller groups who try to find their way.

    Ducks instinctively know where they’re suppose to go. Unfortunately, human don’t. We use to be dreamers of a path set in front of us … to be educated, successful and happy on the path of our society in this civilization we built.

    When the human at the top says they’ve had enough, cuz running the world ain’t easy (or whatever happened) … what do “we” do?

    It’s obvious that humans have broken up into smaller groups. Almost tribal in nature. Each seeking individuality as a group but, no real leader.

    Weather it be another human who steps up to the plate, AI and a couple maintenance guys with soldering irons or, tribal law … until that determination is made, we’re on our own playing by the existing rules until they change or become obsolete.

    Life ain’t easy. But you can look back to see what was easy-er. What was important and what wasn’t but we thought it was. In that light, live by your own truths. What you know, that works for you. Play the games you have to play, but hold common sense in your heart. Above all, don’t fear – be happy. When we lose our personal enthusiasm, we lose our motivation. That’s how I make it through the day.

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