Complexity Kills – the “Fragility Amplifier” & Crypto Woes

Although the markets are continuing to present “normalcy bias” numbers, the emerging – and long-expected – reality around here is that Nassim Taleb’s book “Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder (Incerto)” was less than half-right.

It’s a position I took a good number of years ago.  Mentioned on the Peoplenomics side.  But, mostly I shut-up when taking on sacred cows of the woke and happy-talk followers.

Today?  Ure spouts.  Not because Taleb was wrong (as far as he went).  It’s just his book missed the reality of physicality.  That ugly law saying ” f = ma.”  In  other words, force equals mass times acceleration.

You see, the way we think around here, “Antifragility” may be seen as “acceleration.”  And true to his book, antifragility has wrought a huge change wave that is sweeping the planet as we have watched.

The problem?  Well, all obvious in our (choose one): hick, red-neck, backwoods, country, traditional value, reductionist way of thinking.

All Movement Spawns a Ledger

Taleb’s core concept of “antifragility” is great.  But it’s a bit “flat-lander” to us.  Because while it’s a semi-truth that crypto-currencies are a middle-finger to government financial regimens, their “Creation Spawned a Ledger.”

When I say “ledger” it’s really in a general use-case.  A “ledger” of land ownership may, for example, result in something small like a local tax levy.

At the next higher level, absent tax payments, a county may issue a “tax lien” on property – which is not paid – results in a change of ownership.

To clearly understand the “fragility amplifier” effect, however, we need to be clear that people who have property seized by tax collectors will, on occasion, try to “square their ledger” by resorting (since they have no money) to “direct action.”

Depending, then, on the level of resource and order of the tax victim’s thinking, the result may be (low side) a swing at – and subsequent arrest for – when a local sheriff’s deputy “stands by” during an adverse possession event.

In an extreme case, we escalation to physical violence.

From an accounting standpoint then, we can look at the small “a” (accelerant in our formula) and see that it is often – in turn – itself a product of money and violence (or threat thereof).

Oh, and at a higher level, adverse property possession actions (fueled by “a” with subcomponents [money X (threat of) violence] equals WAR.  Because that’s what’s going on in Ukraine this morning.  Where Russia has seen  a buffer state “adversely possessed” by the West and an installed puppet government installed.

When looked at – using our “adverse possession template” – we see how “Blinken assures Ukraine during high-profile visit | Fox News” would be analogous to the sheriff’s deputy at a tax repo calling for back-up.

Human activity scales in templates.  A thinking tool that has served me well over a lifetime.

Force (and threat to use it) amplifies the war outcome probability.  If you’re following…

The Crypto “Fragility Amplifier”

Using this same “fragility amplification template” then, we can see how the crypto “idea” has also spawned a “War to Come.”

It’s just that people who don’t use “ledger-keeping” as a predictive tool, nor do they (often) look ahead to outcomes, miss the inevitable “showdown” between crypto currency and sovereign nation fiat systems.

Which gets us to the first (and what should be a very useful lesson) of this morning:  We expect that just as “gold and silver” were both “called” during the last Depression, so too are we likely to see “cryptos called” as what we’re in right now unravels.

Unlike a simple “adverse possession” however, both the tax victim and the sheriff’s deputy are crooks who can’t be trusted.

While the tax victim role (played by the crypto users) claim “rights and freedoms” the sheriff’s deputy analog *(the US Fedgov and its private Reserve) are making up “funny money” so fast that even the Secretary of the Treasury – and a former Fed Boss herself – has no idea what’s going on.  If you doubt it, go read Yellen Says She Isn’t Predicting Higher Interest Rates – WSJ and the knock on of the “sheriff’s counterfeiting scheme’s ledger as the U.S. Treasury warns of need to deal with national debt limit (

Which neatly delivers us to the first point of this morning – but it’s a key one:

Antifragile was a very good start.  Thing is, as complexification (driven my monetizing madness) evolves, the Antifragile “action or acceleration” eventually results in the use of “force” when the object of initial action (government money corruption) reasserts both its exclusivity and primacy.

Depending on country where such corruptions have happened in the past, we’re than headed for mass conflict which could be a Chinese Red Guards kind of outcome.  Or, a U.S. government Scotia line of cases that began to pry open secret bank accounts.  Zimbabwe?  Venezuela?

We’re prepared to score it:  Taleb  (1), Ure (2).

That is:  antifragility spawns a countercurrency (Taleb-like point 1).  Which leads to a challenger’s growth (Ure point 1) and eventually a (potentially violent or threatening) showdown (Ure point 2).

Oh, and Yellen gets a “0”  because Inflation Risk Intensifies With Supply Shortages Multiplying (

Again, we are seeing the pattern:  Initial antifragility  (like Fed intervention) followed by acceleration.  Which will then lead to a (larger crash) when people (besides our readers) discern antifragility may not actually buy you anything but time and additional complexity in the future.

Stories like IMF warns global tax deal ‘urgently needed’ to avoid potential trade war | TheHill tell us that one of the first fallout wars will be over trade.  The mushroom sort will follow, as we see it.  There’s just not enough “cover” for all the crooks who will be caught out in this one.

Ever see a “global convulsion” before?  That’s the likely scale when all the “fought fragility” actions come home to roost.

Job Cuts Extreme Low

As we watch the Fed’s antifragile turn into the Crack Up Boom (*and Bust weill follow – be patient) here’s more evidence of how Fed inflation will result in a consumption spike like none ever before:

“Job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers fell 25% in April to 22,913 from the 30,603 announced in March. Last month’s total is down 96.6% from last April, when employers announced 671,129 cuts, the highest monthly total on record, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.”

Jobs for all?  Well, we’ll see the Truth when the Federal number hits tomorrow – the real question is what will the total number of people working be measured-in at?

Still, money’s piling up:The East Bay real estate market is so hot, houses are selling for more than $1M over asking price (”  Yee-haw!

And demand is screaming: Inflation Risk Intensifies With Supply Shortages Multiplying (

Resulting in?  Remember, ledgers matter now:  “Grocery Prices Up Steeply From Same Time Last Year – WCCO | CBS Minnesota (

Whee!  Are we having fun yet?

New Unemployment Claims Drop

Also on the financial heat map:

Productivity Jumps, too:

From Labor just out:

“Nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased 5.4 percent in the first quarter of 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output increased 8.4 percent and hours worked increased 2.9 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.) From the first quarter of 2020 to the first quarter of 2021, nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased 4.1 percent, reflecting a 1.1-percent increase in output and a 2.9-percent decline in hours worked.

Unit labor costs in the nonfarm business sector decreased at an annual rate of 0.3 percent in the first quarter of 2021, the combined effect of a 5.1-percent increase in hourly compensation and a 5.4-percent increase in productivity. Unit labor costs increased 1.6 percent over the last four quarters, as hourly compensation increased 5.8 percent and productivity increased 4.1 percent. BLS calculates unit labor costs as the ratio of hourly compensation to labor productivity. Increases in hourly compensation tend to increase unit labor costs, and increases in productivity tend to reduce them.”

So thanks ERP, AI and 10th gen Octa core and up CPU’s…

Vaccines:  Data and Dummies Dept.

Know where the Seychelles are?  Indian Ocean.  World’s Most Vaccinated Nation Reintroduces Curbs As Cases Surge (  So, you might want to ask yourself, if everyone’s vaccinated, then WTF?

Meantime, all the “hype and circumstance” is operating in ledger-like manner as sheep go where herded:  U.S. birth and fertility rates drop to another record low, CDC says (  Which gets us to wondering “How much of CV-19 is accident and how much is a planned population reduction?”  Tisk-tisk.

Yet, might that have some way of figuring into Slow Joe’s plea?  U.S. backs waiving patent protections for Covid vaccines, citing global health crisis (  Or, is this just another way socialists and Obamanista holdovers plan to scuttle investment in new research?  I mean if Slow and More can throw out intellectual property in one neighborhood, Medicine, what keeps them from going “city-wide” in the efforts?  Especially if China holds us hostage for chips?

Meantime, we remember the old Yellow Pages positioning statement (“never stops selling“) when we read Moderna Reports That Booster Doses of Its COVID-19 Vaccine Appear to Be Effective Against Virus Variants in Time.  Jab-a-nese is viral backed by megabux.

Notice the Following

Trust you saw where Derek Chauvin’s Attorney Files Motion For New Trial – WCCO | CBS Minnesota (  In-house odds here are the Court will go for a retrial.  There’s just too much money and power to accrete from increasing America’s racial divide.  It’s works to defund [local] cops which will set the stage for a [national police force] which gets us going down the Pinochet road.  Then death squads and…but that’s a decade off  (* hopefully!!!).  We’ll see how “president Harris” handles power…  But you did see where Arizona Border Patrol agents nab more than 1,600 migrants over the weekend?  As it rolls, Defund is draining police ranks in places like Georgia where Atlanta police struggle to fill open positions amid violent crime spike.  Cause-> effect,  Seeing it, Bunkie?

Liars called out?  Grassley accuses DHS of withholding information from the Judiciary Committee.  Chuck, et al with “r” after their names figure the Buyed ‘Em puppets are hiding data about the border invasion.  (Kinda like the Fed is hiding financial data so you won’t shite bricks over M1 money exploding.)  All “nanny government” protecting you, Citizen.  Stay in your lane, jab-n-mask and do as you’re sold….

George Soros:  The PITA that keeps on giving.  Latest example Investigation finds massive wrongdoing by prosecutor in case against ex-Missouri governor | Just The News.  Who did Soros back?

I lost a bet with myself.  I bet that NY Times – remnant of a once-great paper IMHO – would finally have a weekday morning when the leftards would finally go Trump-free on their web front page.  Wow!  Was I wrong.  Used “Trump” 11 times this morning pointing to stories like In Turning on Liz Cheney, G.O.P. Bows to Trump’s Election Lies – The New York Times (  And other “daily bashes” like Facebook Ban Hits Trump Where It Hurts: Messaging and Money – The New York Times (   I’m trying to figure out how to monetize bashing the NY Times, lol.

Gotham in Wonderland continues.  Keep Cuomo, please.  And while Ure at it, look into how a 94-year-old Long Island woman mistakenly declared dead and loses benefits (  Best government money can buy?

Around the Ranch

Zeus the [farm] Cat has been cozying up to the un-named female cat who’s been around the perimeter for a year, or so.  She’s now taking breakfast off the 180-room.  Zeek jjust watches politely till she’s done.  Then cleans the plate.  (I could take lessons, lol).

Got the tractor back in action after 5-hours of pulling 50-feet feet of antenna twinlead from around the whirling innards of the rotary cutter.

A bit over two weeks out from Elaine’s second hip replacement, we’re wondering what the 80s will bring if it’s already this much fun in the 70s.

Not that we look it:  Ure’s attempt at age-reversal (or at least halting) based on using available supplements  based on the 2019 article in Nature which cited a small study in California using HGH, metformin, and DHEA to extend telomeres.  Speaking of which, did you know that this metformin link got more legs last year in Benefits of Metformin in Attenuating the Hallmarks of Aging (  While I don’t use metformin, I’m testing to see if berberines might have a similar (and over the counter) method of action… since my research revealed Metformin and berberine, two versatile drugs in treatment of common metabolic diseases (  [This is not medical advice – and if you think it is, you’re an idiot.]

Especially interesting because of the increased incidence of diabetes found in people who’ve had CV-19 which (now I get paranoid) may have something to do with sugar metabolism.  Which is why we’re still isolated thinking “People contact causes aging.”

Tomorrowing:  Chris Tyreman’s Step0by-Step Millionaire will delve into how AI will wreak economic collapse.  The “offishul” unemployment numbers will be along.  We’re anxious to see how much of the expected gains are simply “made up” by being estimated into existence.  And lumber prices hit a new all-time high which means I’ve scaled back my deck-making plans…

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Hey george . Just short everything . Goodnight . Tonite I’m first can on the rank

  2. I don’t know what to believe in the unemployment numbers.

    We’re told auto plants shut down. In 2008 we were told the auto makers had to be bailed out or they’ll shutdown. If the automakers shutdown, the supply chain would shutdown and unemployment would rise.

    Here we are today in that scenario yet, unemployment falls.

    Talk about complexity, Boeing hit the wall. Countdown to more bailout.

    Maybe Mitt and Nostradamus were both right. Since “corporations are people” they can also be Zombies.

  3. The “zeus’ is outta the bag Kemosabe, as bulletin of atomic scientist spill the beans on Detrick/NIH/UNC/Canadian Lab/Chinese Virologists.

    Remember the name, Peter Dazak – and ecohealth alliance. A virtuous kinda virologist, in the same vein as bush the EVIL1&2 & their evil empire..obumma, clintons…

    ..another DOT connected! – Social Security rolls rose only 900,000 in 2020 – as SARS-covert19 works AS PLANNED .

    Smallest Year over Year increase in twelve years.

    of course the Russkies sussed this stinker of an ZIO-SPACENAZI operation out – at its 1st blush..

    As Bitcoin and all the “Coiners” call BULLSHIT on the BIS & world central banks, try to keep in back of Ure mind, that BITCOIN is UNCONFISCATEABLE .

    – still laughing..

  4. you all invest like cheap drunks in a 2 bit gin joint in the depression . the pain of losing money far exceeds the joy of making it . keep on throwing 7s boys and girls

  5. Food and gas prices don’t matter much to me.I spend 7 times as much on rent as I do on those two items.The media,being almost entirely composed of homeowners,believes that all of their viewers,listeners,and readers,are also so blessed with being able to purchase a home in the area in which they live.I cannot move because I’m addicted to running tracks and North Jersey is the only place on Earth in which they are in abundance.

    • Running tracks? Like jogging? Areas like Peachtree city south of Atlanta, are based on connecting everything with golf cart paths, which can be used for jogging or biking. Very nice area with all ranges of neighborhood pricing and good access to the international airport if you travel. Lot of other nature trails and such if such things are desired. It can be like hel_ in the mid summer with heat and humidity, and that limits some of my outdoor activities. But outside of that I can be outdoors most all the rest of the year. With housing going crazy, you can expect rent to increase as those properties increase in value and localities re-appraise and continue raise property taxes.

      • ExAtlantan… reply to JoeDish

        I spent 50+ years living on the north side of Atlanta, mostly around Spaghetti Junction (I-85 & I-285 interchange). Traffic is a nightmare all day and part of the night. Atlanta is rated 10th worst in the country. I pity the other 9. And Atlanta is a massive area.

        If you NEED that international airport on a regular basis, and NEED the amenities only available in a tightly world-connected city, then by all means, move to Atlanta. It will be worth it.

        Otherwise, find a smaller city, but one large enough to have a university.

        About the heat and humidity…… do your research before you move….. that ‘slap in the face with a hot towel’ feel you get when you step out of the air conditioning extends to much of the area south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

  6. Your experience with the brush hog is how large amounts of barbed or concertina wire stop (well not immediately) tracked armored vehicles. Ask any tanker who it has happened to and they will bend your ear long and loud about how much of a PITA it was and how long it took to get all that #)($__@ out from around the tracks. Usually takes a couple hundred yards of running before it gets tight enough to stop them though. Just food for thought. And you need a lot of wire.
    James Johnson, ex-nuke

  7. George,

    Good column as always. Yesterday, I was listening to a podcast and they brought up infrared light therapy. I haven’t explored it much, but I’m always trying to think around corners for certain topics. Since you’ve got some experience in this department I was wondering if there were a product or family of products that might be worth spending a few bucks on?

    The second thing that I’ve been attempting to think around corners on is ‘the virus.’ Personally, there’s so much political mud in the water that none of the data can be trusted. Total deaths? Most likely highly inflated. My guess is 5-10% of the 500,000 reported deaths. The rest is misrepresentation of other common causes of death. That’s just a guess, of course. Call it ‘Kentucky Windage’. Reports of infection ‘surges’ are also suspect because of the PCR tests and methodology. These tests can be ‘tuned’ to create false positives.

    “Stay in your lane, jab-n-mask and do as you’re sold….”

    When it comes to the ‘vax’ I think I’ll sit this one out until the human experimentation phase has been concluded. There’s a lot of things that don’t add up like highly ‘vaccinated’ countries having huge surges in cases.

    Besides, I prefer natural immunity, anyway.

    Now, we get to the fun part. What do people REALLY believe about this virus and its potential lethality? My hypothesis is that most people don’t really believe it. I base my reasoning on my personal experience of having been in actual fear for my life on several occasions. So, my reasoning is based on how I believe people would react to an actual mortal threat and is this: Most people don’t really believe that the virus is ‘as advertised’, because their actions betray them. If a person REALLY believed that they were either unknowingly carrying or could catch a deadly pathogen capable of killing someone dead in a matter of days they would NOT be out in places like Lowes or the local grocery store casually browsing around a multitude of other walking-talking virus vectors and touching hundreds of things that an unknown number of people had also recently touched. Nor, would they bet their lives or other’s lives on the flimsy assertion that a thin, paper mask would protect them. It won’t. Truly frightened people don’t behave this way.

    I realize that there are some people who are genuinely frightened, but I don’t think you’ll see them in public much.

    So, why do people play along with masks and vaccines? The same reasons they do everything else. Because it’s the easy thing to do. It’s socially ‘safe’ and another way to signal virtue. They don’t want to catch the most dangerous virus of all…getting kicked out of their peer group or socially ostracized. I also think that a lot of people that secretly love all of this. It’s a way to feel important. They’re the hero in their own made-for-tv movie of the week where they save the world by complying with every mandate and by socially ostracizing (on their social media platform of choice) the evil-doers who dare not to wear masks or take vaccines. They don’t want it to end. They may even be hoping for a sequel!

    I don’t usually buy the hype and that’s held true for this ‘pandemic.’ So, I’m sitting this one out.

    One day a real pandemic will appear and you won’t need a 24-hour propaganda news cycle to convince you of it. The mass graves will be convincing enough.

    • Get rid of Age (over 60, particularly over 70) and Comorbidities, and this disease, or at least the versions that have reached the US en mass so far, has a relatively low death rate.

      Comorbidities to be worred about?
      #1 Overweight … and boy do a LOT of Americans pass the “Obesity” level of being overweight (30% + bmi)
      #2 Diabetes
      #3 Any disease that makes you immune compromised (Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Lupus, etc.)

      CV19 is real … but if you are under 50 and are NOT overweight (by a LOT) it has been, so far, mostly a nothing burger.

      Personally I expect a MUCH MORE virulent version of the disease to pop up for the upcoming Winter Wave, and that version may be particuclarly nasty and deadly for those who refuse to take precautions when it appears (either by masking + social distancing, and by ALSO refusing vaccination at the same time)

      Personally know:
      2 who have died (age in both cases was an issue – both over 70)
      2 who have been intubated but lived (comorbidities existed in both cases)
      4 others that I know of who have been hospitalized with serious cases of the disease

      • I think it is important to remember what is coming down the pike which someone else posted last week, but now the TITLE has changed to:

        H.R. 6666 – COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act

        Now, let’s think about this, IF this was going away anytime soon, they would NOT need this act. This funding to come into anyone and EVERYONE’s home at any specified time that they want to. LOOK at the number 6666; is that not a mind Fk (excuse me, George) or what???

        That’s how you know how much they hate “the Little People.”

        Now 72 Democrats were co-sponsors of this 05/01/2020 bill, and it has not moved, but it hasn’t gone away either.

        If you don’t think those Democrat/Socialists/Marxists aren’t busy up there, you are wrong, just read through the first 100 bills that they are already working on, you can really see the emphasis on taking care of the illegals from cradle to grave and embedding them into everything, so that they can climb the ladder, without hands for the rest of their lives.

        They are up to gun grabs, modifying SS, Medicare for all, Hate Laws, you name it, they are in it, DEEP. Remember scroll down in the below link:

      • Were any of them in an area of the country that allowed HCQ or Ivermectin to be used? If you’re in the NE somewhere or other liberal metro area splinters are considered comorbidities. Only one doctor I know of in our town was willing to prescribe HCQ and it cured everyone I knew that went to her. If you didn’t catch where I posted a link to the article about the Florida nurse that went to NY to help here it is again – Medical professionals who refuse to either think out of the box and study what’s working are complicit in this World-wide deceit. Personal nutritional intake plays a big role in how bad your case potentially is and this, IMHO, plays a significant part in why so many “brown people” around the World are dropping like flies.






      • My ex (70) got the virus 3 TIMES last dec-jan! tested well after each time and then it came back again. no comorbidities. she is ok and vacc’ed now.

      • “Comorbidities to be worred about?
        #1 Overweight … and boy do a LOT of Americans pass the “Obesity” level of being overweight (30% + bmi)
        #2 Diabetes
        #3 Any disease that makes you immune compromised (Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Lupus, etc.)”

        the USA went to war with any of the other countries that push excellence physical and mental.. push education, Has a great production line.. ( where we ship all our industry there ) do we think we could possibly win..

        “IF this was going away anytime soon, they would NOT need this act. ”

        Because I think that it isn’t going away at all.. the way I see it the only real changes was in how it can be reported to the general public..
        Even here in the middle of nowhere the cases are spiking.. like in most commercials and television shows.. the news etc.. what do you want the vast public to believe… we know total shut down didn’t work.. stimulus is just a band aide.. that is digging the whole deeper.. and we live in a consumption nation.. we don’t manufacture.. so the minute there is a lull in product movement there is panic.. SO keep it open and go choice 3 pretend it is all ok.. let the chips land where they fall..

    • Say Maj, yesterday I read about the new study being launched by the Fauci-folk to see if people who’ve had the jab are still contagious. Thing is, they plan to cycle the PCR tests at 28 on the high end. And that’s a mystery against the 40 cycles used for general testing, which is known to throw off false positives up to 80-90%. Could it be they WANTED false positives since the metric for all the controls on us was the number of CASES; but now that they trying to show how effective the jab is, they need the numbers to be LOWER????

    • Good Post Maj13. You nailed it. This has been one big fraud. Look at the number of Flu Deaths. Practically nil. Because everything is being coded under ICD10 codes as COVID 19 to ring the register. Even Cancer deaths, heart attacks, gunshot wounds, and stabbings lose the coding and become COVID 19

      My pulmonologist warned me before it happened last year that a really bad Viral Pneumonia and flu was coming. He recently retired early and moved by the ocean because he was disgusted with the way Covid was being hawked to get mail in ballots done, to get people lined up with fear to take shots, and to control the masses…masks, social distancing, etc. He called Fauci a liar.

      As a footnote, I was listening to a radio program today and a PhD candidate at the local university told how they had been working on RNA vaccines for 10 years+. He stated that EVERY ONE of the test animals developed cancer and died within 3-5 years. His final comment….if you want to get a vaccine, do not get the RNA vaccine, go with the type of old time vaccine like J&J developed that has been proven for 70 years.

      If Fauci is pushing it, it is suspect! ABSOLUTELY ZERO credibility here from him or that old fool that is acting like a president wearing a mask outside, but sitting with the Carter’s without one.

    • just need to wait a couple more months… DNA is an Antenna – see french doc Montaigner – I think the paper was written in 2005 – proving DNA was picking up/responding to low level frequency. As Nicola Tesla said years ago – frequency is the future of medicine and healing Humans..
      more ominous ? Rudolph Steiners Prophecy regards vaccine

      “. . . a way will finally be found to vaccinate bodies so that these bodies will not allow the inclination toward spiritual ideas to develop and all their lives people will believe only in the physical world they perceive with the senses. Out of impulses which the medical profession gained from presumption – oh, I beg your pardon, from the consumption [tuberculosis] they themselves suffered – people are now vaccinated against consumption, and in the same way they will be vaccinated against any inclination toward spirituality. This is merely to give you a particularly striking example of many things which will come in the near and more distant future in this field – the aim being to bring confusion into the impulses which want to stream down to earth after the victory of the [Michaelic] spirits of light [in 1879].” ~Rudolf Steiner

    • Folks,

      This morning I expected to check in here and see a MAJ dogpile, but instead I’m pleasantly surprised. Y’all get it.

  8. Mr George

    I felt for you unwrapping the twin lead for hours.

    Not as bad as my project one day with “barbed wire”
    How fast it can rap.

    I remember back in the day when our crank phone lines
    got caught in my field cultivator and I dragged it for about a mile or so.
    The result was not a happy party line!!!!

    Enjoy your day.

    • Been there, done that with the barbed wire around the shaft and cutting blades! More than once, too. It’s a nuisance and wastes a lot of time. A battery powered angle grinder with cutting disk is your friend, being able to painlessly chop a lot of the mess into managable pieces for disposal. Just be careful not to cut the wrong thing.

      • Until the stump jumper plate does not neatly fall off as it should when the castellated nut is removed after a 20-min fight with a broken-off cotter pin. Productivity is easy shit to measure with a mouse and a database. In a real world of rust, sweat, bent parts, and such, not so much.
        I looked but couldn’t find a C redistributable to update anywhere on the brush cutter///

    • Reminds me of the Radio station I worked for that leased the land the towers stood on to a farmer, who set the plow a little too deep and cut into the radial field! I’m sure our pattern was totally outta whack. We were probably shooting a spike of about 1 by 400 miles down on the low end of the AM band in the 500’s.

  9. “Know where the Seychelles are? Indian Ocean. World’s Most Vaccinated Nation Reintroduces Curbs As Cases Surge ( So, you might want to ask yourself, if everyone’s vaccinated, then WTF?”

    That’s quite possibly because they predominantly got the garbage SinoVac vaccine, as mentioned in the article you linked. The one that’s been measured at something like 50-70% effective at preventing symptoms when tested outside of China. It does seem to be more effective than that at preventing hospitalization and death (80%+ effective, IIRC), but a lot of people may get sick in the meantime.

  10. A lot of the employers are misleading when they claim they can’t find workers. The jobs today are specific and specialized. Tim Hortons by me has the sign out, “Baker Wanted”. Think of a baker. Wiki below.

    “A baker is a tradesperson who bakes and sometimes sells breads and other products made of flour by using an oven or other concentrated heat source. The place where a baker works is called a bakery.”

    Do you think a TH baker pulls a living wage? The offer for local TH baker is $9.00 an hour.

    I once worked at a pizza joint with “fresh dough daily”. The fresh dough was dumping a bag of powder mix, yeast, oil and water into the Hobart then spinning it for 20 minutes.

    It’s got to be the same methods at TH. – basic powder with flavoring envelops. Not really a ‘baker’ but technically it is position of “baker”. Corporate baker.

    Donut powder.
    Bagel powder.

    • My Great Uncle was a REAL BAKER in the 30’s to the 50’s, (Up at 4:00 a.m. each day) so we know what you are speaking of, it ain’t really baking now is it?

  11. “Force (and threat to use it) amplifies the war outcome probability. If you’re following…”

    like “schimpanse” in the wild do ? ;-)

  12. An Indian friend says that in April there was a big election, which means lots of rallies and people mixing in the streets, and traveling regionally to rallies. The election dates were March 27 and April 6, and obviously rallies prior.

    Then look at articles like “why Seychelles is on every Indian’s bucket list” and…

    ..March 25 they opened up to Indian tourists.

    Seriously, nobody even bothers to google stuff anymore. Life’s always a mystery to the uninformed.

      • Have you noticed the wave pattern?

        ~9 months, every other wave for us. We’re now in the echo of last July’s wave. India has only had two big waves also 9 months apart.

        Our next peak and 5 months from now is September. How does this relate to India. They are 4 to 5 months behind, this is their version of the big wave we caught last fall.

        I’ll let the eschatologists nod along when I mention “like birth pains”. 9-ish months for each wave… brings that phrase to mind.

        Enjoy summertime, they’ll blame it on the rise, but the calendar says otherwise.

  13. I would argue that all fiat scripts and credit can contribute to either fragility or antifragility depending on how they are used. The track record of the Keynes era should support that notion. No such track record exists for cryptos, and all reasonable analysis suggests that cryptos are the largest and darkest of black swans. Centralized power generation would be neck and neck for the honors.
    Last night I dreamed about grid down. I rarely dream about such things, and the dream was dark and unpleasant.

    • I think you might have missed my point.
      Which was that gold and silver were the “current out of govt control” in Depression 1.
      In the pending case, cryptos fill the same complexity niche.

      • That’s the lamest most ridiculous comment ever George . The facist state and the controlling authorities are using everything . Ramp are us . You are selling stories . Who for ? Who cares who knows

      • …And that’s why I believe the government(s) WILL “call” them, and they’ll do so at ~10% (or less) of whatever their current rate [is.] They will make possession or use punishable by 20 years of hard time, but provide a moratorium period during which cryptos can be converted to USD or DigiDollars. Finally, the FBI will simply “throw the switch,” thus eliminating them as a usable currency medium, and anyone still holding cryptos at that point will be found and locked-up. Then the FED will devalue the dollar — same as FDR did with gold. I don’t know the mechanics, nor do I need to. Roosevelt increased the Treasury’s coffers by billions of Depression Dollars, overnight, with this stunt. I can’t believe today’s fascist/socialists didn’t learn the trick, and haven’t figured a way to implement it with cryptos…

      • When there has been an economy with fiat, credit and PM’s, the velocity of money has muddled along. When cryptos are stirred in, the velocity of money tanks. What short duration empirical evidence there is argues against an equivalency of the role of PM’s and cryptos in my way of thinking. When Roosevelt seized PM’s, he actually had something of lasting value. That isn’t the way I expect cryptos to go down; dark pools of capital will simply go back to their elemental state, which is identically nothing. That would make cryptos the purest form of fragility, I suppose. PM’s don’t compare. And the fiat and credit will likely continue in some form, albeit back on the antifragile side of Ure ledger for a generation or two. The PM’s will still be around as well, and will still hold some value, just as they always did.

    • During the great depression, FDR “called”, aka “demanded to steal” PM’s. An enormous amount of such PM’s simply disappeared off the radar, since there was never a database to track them. No doubt many were melted into something else, and passed down through generations. Others were simply hidden and kept in the family. I’m sure many were lost over time.

      Demanding that one forfeit their legitimate wealth under threat of extreme punishment only works for the few that don’t have the intestinal fortitude to simply refuse. The same is true for the veiled threats to those who refuse to be jabbed. There’s rarely a good reason to help any regime do something that’s morally wrong.

  14. “Got the tractor back in action after 5-hours of pulling 50-feet feet of antenna twinlead from around the whirling innards of the rotary cutter.”

    The bigger the antenna, the bigger the problems. I had lowered my dipole down for coax replacement the other week, and had it laying atop the hedge line. My friend was getting aggressive with the chain saw, whacking trees along the line and limbing them. One was laying across the hedge, and of course the chain saw found the antenna wire! He grumbled about having to put the chain back on… I grumbled about having to patch the antenna wire.

    My longwire became problematic when the Mango tree that was a center support for it grew up around the wire and surrounded it with wet leafy ‘ground shorts’. So I spent yesterday taking the 150 foot wire down and rerouting it in the back yard. Then I had to fix a broken shaft coupling on the tuner before I could even test the antenna. All worth the effort, as now I can get on 160 meters again.

  15. well another day in wonderland . same pattern same times . ramp yellow dog ,ramp sheetcoin , smash USD, talk covid and aggregate, complain about politics , and bingo !!!!!!!!!!!!!! up goes the dow .. the new world of satan we all love

  16. “Trust you saw where Derek Chauvin’s Attorney Files Motion For New Trial ”

    …To which he’s legally-entitled.

    At this rate the dude’s never going to do hard time, because he’ll die of old age before all the appeals clear the court system. Because of Bidem’s and Maximouth’s comments, it’ll be damn’ near impossible to even seat an “impartial jury.”

    Personally, I’m still waiting for his (and Floyd’s) boss, to have her ass tossed in the hoosegow.

    ‘Not sayin’ there was a lot of drug and underage Latino sex trafficking going on there, but I’m a thousand (road) miles away from Minnehaha, and even I have heard the rumors…

  17. “As it rolls, Defund is draining police ranks in places like Georgia where Atlanta police struggle to fill open positions amid violent crime spike.”

    It ain’t “defund,” it’s the fact that every time a member of BLM sneezes, mayors and city councils nationwide, shit themselves. Who would want to take a job which promises a daily potential for violent, lethal interaction, while the people doing the hiring are publicly advertising that they will never have your back?

  18. “George Soros: The PITA that keeps on giving. Latest example Investigation finds massive wrongdoing by prosecutor in case against ex-Missouri governor. Who did Soros back?”

    “Back,” hell!

    Soros BOUGHT the STL prosecutor’s office, as he did Philly, and over 120 other major county / district Prosecutor’s offices, while everyone was looking at Trump/Biden and the COVID doomporners on teevee! Gardiner has simply received the highest-profile attention, so far, because she has committed the most-egregious crimes against the Constitution and Common Law (and in some cases, common decency…)

  19. Hi George, I just looked up Berberine at Swanson’s and it only costs a little under $8 for a month’s worth. I’ll buy it on the next order and let you know what results we achieve. Thanks for the tip.

    • Keep in mind that berberine interacts very badly with a common antibiotic. Study the interactions carefully. I have read Chinese studies where patients were given 50-50 berberine-metformin with good result. Swanson vitamins is a good source for this sort of thing

  20. OK, I see the UN-building every day; Still looks imposing after all these many years. However, there was a time when I could enjoy their beautiful “rose garden” summer evenings, or I could “just walk into” their library and study.

    All of it passee — nowadays one can’t even tell whether anyone is in there. Is it any wonder why the world is “in a mess?” It has nothing to do with COVID. ;-(( Our choices, cumulative that is.

  21. The greatest crime on humanity in history. Perpetrators and spreaders of fear and dis information should be hung or guilotined

  22. Here we go again !!!! Load yellow dog ! Short USD (hate your currency veges !) long market ! Bit of sheetcoin shandy !! And off yah go . Don’t forget the jab and guru Nobel prize winners !! Git on !! Everyday

  23. Ahhhhaaaaa. The fed worried about asset price valuations!!!! Ahhhhhhaaaa . Shortingrome the dollar pumping sheetcoin and yellow dog !!! . Where’s the old mole or Jerome the jerk

  24. Just to add a prescription – longer fasts of 3-7 days have a very powerful anti-aging / reverse aging effect. Now, for most people, doing a biblically long fast is very difficult if not impossible in our modern life, but there is no doubt that it works for people who have the accomodation to do it..

  25. “Still, money’s piling up: “The East Bay real estate market is so hot, houses are selling for more than $1M over asking price (” Yee-haw!”

    OTFLMAO…. yup… what happens in a state of hyperinflation.. you must have forgotten food stamp acceptance wage level for that area.. LOL LOL..

    zimbabwe…and Argentina LOL
    In order for a New Yorker to feel the same way as a Zimbabwean feels when they buy a loaf of bread they would have to spend 0.02949852507% of their annual income on a single loaf of bread:
    0.02949852507% of $57 782
    17.0448377581 or US$17.04
    The price of Typical Meal (Per Person) in Argentina is 33.33 that is actually not to bad for a meal per person.. if you dine out here now.. you will pay half of that per person.. but 33.33 for cooking at home.. well that is a little high we budget 4.00 per meal and 1.00 per snack per person with three snacks a day.. you can easily spend ten dollars on a cup of coffee and a doughnut here today.. I paid three dollars for a cup of coffee yesterday where if I was at home the same cup of coffee would have been 0.05 per cup..
    if the average cost of a home is over a million and rent is usually half or better of your income.. the average household would have to have an annual income of 140 grand or better at what seventy grand an hour.. and not have any other expenses.. Hyper inflation is on its way.. and with costs like that.. where do the burger joint workers rent.. or the grocery store clerks.. it is just pushing the wedge a little deeper in the ole log to be split..

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