2016: Cross-Migrations, Europe’s Pending Implosion

You see, there are two sets of migrations underway on the planet presently.

One of these is obvious, physical, and emotionally impacting:  That is the physical relocation processes underway in places like Europe, but oddly, not in the core Middle East.

The second migration is the “other” one – as people get “off planet” and into augmented mind “space” with social media and the [useless drivel] of social video games.

Still, in order to understand what lies ahead, pretend we’re standing at a busy traffic light.
One street is filled with physical refugees who are being manipulated into new locations for some unspoken agenda.

On  the other street are “presently-located” people who are spending the majority of their  waking hours in virtual spaces.

To make matters more complicated, the traffic light is showing green in all directions.  And the migrants themselves are all blind.

So stand by as we provide some economic insight into how the “Crossing Migrations of 2016” are likely to work out.

Sadly, most American – and Westerners, for that matter – have almost no appreciation for the fact we’re all being “virtualized.” 

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11 thoughts on “2016: Cross-Migrations, Europe’s Pending Implosion”

  1. Human beings have been in the process of being ‘virtualized’ for a very long time – thousands of years in fact – ever since we decided that certain symbols meant certain things in a particular order. It’s called reading, and previous to the introduction of radio, film, television, and now computers within the past hundred or so years, it was a pretty decent way to experience ‘other realities’. Have we progressed too fast? I couldn’t tell you that, but with technological change comes greater responsibilities and human beings have been ignoring that ‘end of the bargain.’

  2. i wonder if all these ‘migratons’ qualify as something that clif high mentioned in his webbots way back when…??? dont know, maybe even 10-12 years ago as a paraphrasing, ‘substantial migration to above 42.5* latitude’?? substantial as in the millions. dont think that has ever been fulfilled yeet? or even the ‘isreali mistake’ that was forecast many, many years ago in webbot reprot.

    • I’ve often wondered if the “Israeli mistake” was somehow Fukushima, as that radiation has gone round and round the northern hemisphere as Cliff predicted.

  3. Simply brilliant–you’re sooo gifted!

    “unspoken agenda” = ‘destroying the white race’ in order for the few chosen ones to rule the world, IMHO.

    • It may not be racial at all – there is plenty of reason to look at it as education-based or freedom-based attacks are the core

      • If that were the case, we might as well pack it in! If most were ‘educated’ the world would be in different (better)shape.
        Also, racial, per se, was not on my mind, though, it’s difficult to keep away from that connotation. I think 20% of our readers will understand what the issues are. Happy New Year to ALL. ;-)

      • This is exactly what LameCherry wrote about yesterday. I’ve felt for awhile that the immigration/refugee movement is intentional for multifaceted reasons along with all the decisions/actions this administration has done, but most above all as said below by LC…

        “You are a competitor God created Royal Priesthood in the 13 tribes of Israel and the converts of the modern Lutheran German to the Slavic Peoples of the Orthodox, and for this reason Spiritually, as in the immortality issue, you are being targeted for genocide as a people.
        Earth is not big enough for Immortals of Light and immortals of darkness, so the immortals of darkness are in the process of genocide against the Western Peoples and Eastern Christians, who are the Immortals of Light.”

  4. Cheap labor is not cheap. There is no good reason for Europe’s insane policy of allowing itself to be invaded by people who will destroy it. Here is a short video of those who claim responsibility for the invasion.
    Of course they don’t want foreigners in their country but they want invaders to destroy Europe.

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