Coping: With a Cranky Sun

Before I share an interesting email with you, I’m sure you’ve already seen the emails floating about about the most recent M-class solar flare.

If not, take a gander at this video over here…

In the meantime, just to keep things in perspective, from a radio communications standpoint this is a tiny event.

The idea is that what we have had so far is an expectation of a small regional outage of some High Frequency (3-30 MHz) operations on a small part of the Earth’s surface.  Compared with “real-deal” EMP (think Starfish Prime here, which blew out lights in Hawaii 800-miles away) this is a tiddler to be sure.

OK, the danger from the present M-class may be a bit over-hyped.  But then we turn to the matter of the coronal hole which will be Earth-directed in the next few days and this email from long-time 2012 researcher Patrick Geryl:

Hi George,

I calculated a massive sunspot for December 25 – 26. According to what i think it will face Earth from January 1. If yes, then this is the sunspot calculated by the ancients. It will explode on January 7.

The code found in Egypt says that if a planet turns around at the back of the Lion, it is the date. Jupiter turns back on January 7 at the back of the Lion!

Verse 161 – 166


162 AND ITS IMPORTANT ORDERS, THE TWINS, DESCENDANTS FROM THE TWO BROTHERS THANKS TO OSIRIS (ORION). VARIANT: The starry vault and its important Combinations, under the sky to

163 be passed down the important orders by the Twins, the Lives of the Descendants, the sons of the Two Brothers, are grouping under one same willing attention. OTHER VARIANT: the Two sons of the Two Earth’s


165 in the presence of the importance of the Orders they become Twins of Osiris (Orion). That is why, after the destruction wanted by the Celestial Combinations to get permission to the Place, the Old Lion turned around,

166 following the order of the Word to turn around!

If you are confused, then don’t be ashamed. First let us say what Albert Slosman wrote about his translation (Le livre de l’au-delà de la vie, page 199):

“This is undoubted the most important explanation concerning de changing from the stars-world in the sky. And this comes after a paragraph almost entirely written in red to stress its importance. The code is hidden in the end from the paragraph, so the full significance from the effects blows you in the face!

This Great Cataclysm happened on the 27th of July, 9792 BC. This was the age of the Lion and the earth turned on its axis. And as Herodotus wrote “The Sun fell into the sea”. This is because the Earth started turning the other way around, what she still does until today.”

I had read it a hundred times, without learning a thing. But once you know the astronomical code, you can get it without too much effort.Read the last sentence attentively! It says that the Old Lion turned around, FOLLOWING THE ORDER OF THE WORD TO TURN AROUND! This says the magnetic field has reversed!

As you know, the zodiac moved from Twins to Cancer and Lion before the destruction. In the age of Lion the catastrophe took place. After this the zodiac followed the opposite route from Lion to Twins to the age of Pisces in which we are now living and which is coming to an end now.”

Zodiac before the catastrophe: Twin -> Cancer -> Lion

Zodiac after the catastrophe: Lion -> Cancer -> Twin…Pisces

The North Pole became the South Pole. That made the inside of the earth rotate. This is responsible for the precession through the zodiac. And from that day on the precession went in the opposite direction! That is what they mean!

Sunspot formation on December 25

December 22 (13:00), 2015 – January 17 (02:00), 2016: Triple Line Up Jupiter – Venus – Neptune

December 22 (19:30) – 24 (08:00) , 2015: Triple Line Up Mercury – Venus – Chiron

December 22 (21:00) – 24 (04:00), 2015: Triple Line Up Mercury – Venus – Mars

December 23 (13:00) – 24 (10:30), 2015: Conjunction Mercury – Chiron and the Sun

December 23 (15:00) – 24 (15:00), 2015: Opposition Mercury – Mars across the Sun

December 21 (01:30) – 23 (19:00), 2015: Triple Line Up Mercury – Earth – Pallas???

December 22 (21:00) – 24 (04:00), 2015: Triple Line Up Mercury – Venus – Mars

December 22 (19:30) – 24 (08:00) , 2015: Triple Line Up Mercury – Venus – Chiron

December 22 (00:15) – 25 (05:30), 2015: Triple Line Up Mercury – Mars – Chiron

December 23 (21:00) – 25 (06:00), 2015: Opposition Mercury – Venus across the Sun



Patrick Geryl

Yes, this one could be problematic.  Depends IF and HOW BIG but we will have our ham radio gear offline if we get a big burst heading our way, that you may be sure of…

In  the meantime, be ready for Earthquakes as this kind of energetic release is in some circles thought to be related.  And that’s before we get into a discussion of why earthquake detectors based on spectral analysis below 5-Hertz has not been widely adopted…

Prepping For New Years

Listen up!

Another checklist today.

End of the year is coming up and we have many things and much of importance to cover.
So here goes… first item has to do with Sun-setting of America…..

1.  Congress is making another run at Gun Control

This one is embodied in something called H.R. 4269.  It is title is what makes this particularly odiferous and Constitutionally void:

“To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes”

You can read the rest of this attack on the Constitution over here.

True, there are not a lot of republicans on the bill’s sponsorship, but given how the GOP has turned into the GONE old party, it is only a matter of time until the Obama Wing of the GOP signs on and tears up more than 250 years of heritage.

The UGLY Truth about the Second Amendment is it is not intended to protection small children from stupid parents.

Is meant to keep a well-armed citizenry as a deterrent to excessive, intrusive, and non-responsive government.

Children in Revolutionary Times were gun-savvy by 12 or long-dead of smallpox. They also managed to be smart without phones, and well-read,  and inventive.  No Common Core.  Just real parents.  Now there’s a lost art for yah…

Hmmm…wonder if we’ve seen much of that lately?

Still, this gets us to one of the most controversial of all quotes about gun control in America, supposedly from Admiral Yamamoto, the great Japanese maritime tactician.

Obviously, thinks it is a bogus quote.  I’m inclined to agree (after a half hour of research).

But other historically significant issues exist with gun control such as this note from Wikipedia concerning gun control during the Third Reich::

Few citizens owned, or were entitled to own firearms in Germany in the 1930s.[1] The Weimar Republic had strict gun control laws.[6] When the Third Reich gained power, some aspects of gun regulation were loosened, such as allowing ownership for Nazi party members and the military.[4]:672 The laws were harshened in other ways. Nazi laws disarmed “unreliable” persons, especially Jews, but relaxed restrictions for “ordinary” German citizens.[4]:670,676 The policies were later expanded to include the confiscation of arms in occupied countries.[7]:533,536

Proponents of gun rights all too often look for shock-value quotes instead of making the true and proper case for gun rights.  For example, Paris has tough gun control and it didn’t stop the recent terrorist attack there.  San Bernardino, same thing: tough gun laws.  Ever look at the shooting cases in Chicago?  Gun control is big in Chicago, but do gang members and wannabes really give a rip?


Remember this simple and absolute fact:  Gun Control Laws only apply to the lawful citizens.  And they are NOT THE PROBLEM.

They never have been.

Hopefully this will die in committee, but now that Paul Ryan and the Obama wing of the GOP have sold out on the budget, no telling where they will cross the public trust again…

2.  Download Financial Docs Today

Some of us old reprobates insist on getting paper statements from our banks.  We keep them, unopened, an d do everything else online.  But should push come to shove, an unopened statement from a bank is more convincing that an undocumented claim.

It’s amazing how few people have really though through what happens to their “wealth” if the electrons are all “disappeared” some day.  Like EMP or a massive hack-attack.

Anyway, for me:  This will b e the day that I download the first 10-months of financial statements from banks that go back into the last month or two of 2014…because those may be of some value to review going into tax time.

3.  Make Your Q4 Tax Estimate

We do our estimates for Q4’s Estimated IRS payment in December and if you don’t have it on hand yet, TurboTax Home & Business 2015 Federal + State Taxes + Fed Efile Tax Preparation Software – PC/Mac Disc is $65.  The cost of it is deductible, if memory serves.

M y life-long friend and I had an interesting discussion about Section 179 (expensing certain equipment 100% in the year which acquired).

He’d been under the impression that you could order something for a home business right up to the last day of the year and as long as it was paid for in a tax year, you could claim the deduction.

I remember 179’s a few things over the years but I’d always held to the “..;purchased and placed in service/…” concept.  Otherwise, companies could buy items, hold them, flip them, and not get any business use out of them…so look into that carefully.  I always err  on the conservative side although I keep thinking a single purpose LLc for the airplane would have made sense.

Airplane will be sold in mid-2016, though.

4.  Be Wary of the Mental Migration

A lot of things – attack on gun rights, paying ever more taxes or higher percentages, crooked government pushing back Obamacare so democrats won’t get thrown out of high office…this is all being made so incredibly simple by Social Media.

Elaine and I have been talking a good bit about this – and there’s a Peoplenomics piece coming tomorrow on the same point with some further implications – but the main thing is “things and policy” in the physical world are getting easier and easier to screw with because people are spending so much headspace in virtual lands.

People don’t read thoughtfully and they sure as hell only work in many cases just so they can live in the aether.

We it not for streaming, I would have all modems in our hour on a 10-hour timer so everyone who visits us would spend at least some of the time in the shared here-and-now.

On one of G2’s visits there were 3-days when we saw him for two meals and that was that…either on a workstation editing video or he was on his iPad doing whatever.  And he is not alone.

Aether Illness is making it possible for the cretins to take over.

5.  Was there a Good Column This Year?

Here in a few weeks, it will be time again to send in a column to the National Association of Newspaper Columnists, although many of us have been pure electron-slingers for the get-go.

Here’s the problem:  I am a terrible judge of my own work.  (I thought my novel would be selling like hotcakes.  Wrong-o…in spite of good reviews, I might add…)

If there was a column that struck you as particularly good this year, would you mind sending me a note to see which one it was?

If several people mention the same column, then that’ll be the one I will send in as an example of why I get out of bed in the morning.

6.  The Septic System is Working

I don’t know how much detail you can stand, especially in mid-Wheaties – but let’s say it is not exactly enthusiastic.  But…

Now we just need a load of topsoil, some gutter and down-spout material, some time, and dry weather to put it all in…

Like any other problem around the house, it’s always just a matter of time, money, material, and labor…

7.  The Power Outage Smoked an Inverter

Yeah…after an hour, or so during the power outage one of the boards (there are three) in inverter #1 (south array) decided to zoink out.

So that lead to jumpering around the inverter (ac inverter in now wired to inverter ac out).  The inverter (Outback Power GTFX 2524 is going for a FedEx ride ands that will likely cost a couple of hundred bucks.  But, it has been a dependable unit, but the size spike – even with massive surge suppressors – is a marvel to behold out here literally at the end of the string.

And now (like this isn’t enough fun) the AC breaker is trying to pop for no reason.  And even more fun?

I wrenched the crap out of my back leaning over pulling the cover off the inverter with tech support holding (which was nice of them).


At age 67 (60-days out, so this is getting close) do NOT been over into wild contortions when it’s 40-degrees out, you’re cold,  and have done no warm-up exercises.

Addendum:  You can do this, but you would be well-advised to keep your Oxy-dealer’s number handy.

Addendum 2:  But since we fly an airplane and that keeps us on the (more or less) straight and narrow, a hot buttered rum makes the brain forget, even if the body attempts to remind us of our foolishness.

Addendum 3:  When addendum 3 is too enthusiastically observed, the resultant falling down is a further reminder that age is about to pass IQ.

GOSUB  (rinse repeat)

Apply $500 for shipping and repairs…

So, yeah, that’s how life is around the ranch…like I said going into the holidays, you can see where the “bah-humbug” comes from.

Write when you break-even, or leave a comment below…

George   george@ure.,net

24 thoughts on “Coping: With a Cranky Sun”

  1. “… lawful citizens. And they are NOT THE PROBLEM. They never have been.”

    Unfortunately, ‘lawful citizens’ are also too stupid!! If not so, we wouldn’t be discussing many of the issues outlined in your blog. ;-(

    Blessed New Year to all, Bruno

    • I have come to the conclusion that the overlords are correct in thinking of us as livestock. Far too many of my fellow ‘Muricans are barley functioning above intelligent animal level. They are stuck in the lowest levels of “hierarchy of needs” being consumed by survival, sex, and entertainment. I am not hopeful for a happy outcome.

  2. I totally understand, because we all have to make a living foremost. Therein lies much of the problem. Thanks for D.T.

  3. -didn’t Patrick Geryl predict a catastrophic event that would cause a pole reversal in 2012? Guess that didn’t happen..quack, quack, George. You should probably keep Pat’s nutty predictions out of your blogs. He makes you look less intelligent. (thinking “Clif High” here..) Yes, there is a large spot on the sun. No, P.Geryl has no clue when or if said spot will affect this planet.

    • I’ve followed Geryl for awhile and tend to agree that his predictions are a tad out there and seldom if ever materialize. Glad George linked the Suspicious Observers vid. The work Ben Davidson has been doing the last few years is some of the most accurate around and the latest work on OLR’s for earthquake prediction has been extremely good!

    • Geryl did say the pole shift would take place in 2012, but Drunvalo Melchizedek said it was actually coming in 2015. Well, that hasn’t happened either. I am well prepped, and choose to just ignore all the doomsday predictions and just enjoy my life instead rather than waiting for the other shoe to drop. That said, if a pole shift does happen, one of the accompanying phenomenon is supposed to be three days of pitch darkness while the earth stops rotating, stands still and reverses rotation. People were warned not to go out and get into accidents, but stay safe in bed and not panic, but just wait it out. Three days in bed might not be such a bad thing…especially depending on who is in bed with you. ;-)

  4. LLC is an asset protection tool, not a tax tool.

    There is no tax code for LLC, so you can choose to tax it under corporate rules (C-corp) or personal rules (disregarded entity, partnership or S-corp) depending on facts and circumstances.

    But having an LLC (or any other entity) does not magically create tax savings. Business expenses are always deductible and personal expenses or not. Nothing about an entity magically changes non-deductible personal expenses to deductible business expenses.

  5. Regarding your novel selling poorly: I was very interested based on your rousing description, and would surely have purchased a copy, both out of interest in the story and to help support your effort.

    Then you later mentioned something like “It even has a gay something or other.” Maybe it’s just me, maybe not, but I have no interest in reading/seeing/hearing any more of that.

    • FYI that is an incidental (a paragraph of two) sideline to the plot…but if that’s a turn-off, I understand

    • Actually, your novel is selling well if this is your only internet platform. Writing and publishing the book is only 20% of the effort. The 80% is marketing. My spouse is reading it and says it’s quite good! Get your FB followers up to a baseline of 1000, then also Twitter, Linked In, Google+ and continue the content that got you there, subtly mentioning your book every 3rd post and it could really take off.

  6. Well George, I, for one, enjoy the missives from Geryl. I may be a doomtard, but one of these days I have a feeling he’s going to be right. Stay tuned…

    We had a power outage for 2 1/2 days due to snow load breaking trees and power lines, and my hard-drive conked out. Happily, my son is a computer techie, and he is fixing it for me. Another weird thing is that yesterday, the horn on our car went off twice for no reason. WTF???

    So, since he loaned me his laptop,should I put it in the oven or something to protect it from the on-coming rays from the Sun?

    All the Best.

  7. I enjoy all that you write, George, but the first of the Report from Iron Mountain columns was probably the most valuable to me. I also think it is the most timely and if everyone could read it now, years after its publication, a whole lot of puzzle pieces would fall into place for people and maybe everyone would come together to figure out a better way.

    • And I also think that your take on terrorism as an extension of Iron Mountain is original and spot on.

  8. If you really want some fact based information about our cranky sun, our pole flip status or earthquake predictability visit

  9. Regarding an LLC, I’m thinking of getting one for a rental house, but there’s both a lag time and dollars/time to create and maintain. I’m not really sure if it’s worth the effort. The market is probably not that great for rental housing, but this one is strategic for me.


    One problem is that most productive people don’t have time to read what they have to and don’t want to read fiction at all. It’s winter and we are all too damn busy. I’ll still read the next novel if one should ever happen. Thanks George, for the effort.

    • You Yanks should get the blazes outta there. Emigrate to Australia. It’s the bottom of the world. Surrounded by big oceans. Love Americans, well at least most of us. All migrants ourselves of course like America 100yrs ago.
      Young country ie population likely only few hundred thousand in 1865 eg.
      Now 24 Mil. Heaps of natural resources .I mean humongous. Just lack enough population. Bigger tax base better distribution of infrastructure costs. You should visit first. Not the cities. Regional areas. Real estate cheap ,comparatively anyway. Food quality excellent. Lifestyle nice. US can do attitude welcomed. Book a flight boys.

  10. Agree with Dr. Howard. That “doomer” stuff sells papers, but not very practical advice. I’ve had it with the Patrick Geryl’s, Clif High’s, Gerald Celente’s, and David Wilcock’s. Many doom predictions never right, but they still get press!

    • I told myself if nothing happens by the end of 2015 I would join the human race again. Putting all predictions and all theories, RV, dollar collapse, aliens…. aside because it’s bs.

  11. Sir,

    If the banks fail and all money becomes meaningless, do you really believe your statement on a piece of paper has any value at all? When the end comes it comes George — you’re not going to squeak through because you made a few sound(?) investments.

  12. Dear George, Happy New Year.

    The very best post you have done is the post that tells how there is some kind of receiver/re-transmitter on the MOON, which sends back a signal that is louder (more powerful) than it is supposed to be. You ought to reprint this on your daily blog.

    The most annoying aspect of the years since 2008 Lehman crisis started the Great Move to Disaster….(First we have move the Markets Up and Away, to help the top 1/2 of 1%) is that nothing that has happened in the “Real World” has shaken the mass-mind confidence in the “System.”

    If you can describe why and when something will reverse the blind belief in the System that is caused by the mindless confidence in the masses, then you shall become World Renown.

    I have been at a total loss to explain this reality. You are Smart, so England expects that you can do it. Get to work on this.

    Fianlly, If I could buy a Hard Copy of your Novel, I would buy it in a flash…as far as I can tell, it is a Virtual Book, not a published paper based hard or soft back real book. The young don’t read fiction (they live in a Fiction, they have -0- Idea) so the older potential readers, having burned out their eyes on the Internet already, would rather have a nice printed “Real Book.” Every time you were away, you could have been selling the books on the road, if you put some effort into clever schemes to sell the work. (Sorry to be blunt, but I hope you will think about a Hard Copy edition….Just my hunch…my eyes are burned out…but I would love to buy a hard copy of you book.

    Be lucky in 2016, is my projected message to you. You are plenty smart, just be Lucky! (If you can, that is…)

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