imageWhere to hide?  I mean besides moving to Ecuador, as some of our reader have, that’s the topic this weekend as we roll out our look ahead at 2016 and explore some of the (amazingly-poor) economic choices before us.

To underline how bad things are, let’s take a look at where the stock market is likely to close today:  Looks to me like the S&P 500 will close right around where it is:  2,063.36.

Where was it at this time a year go?  2,058.90.

That means the total return on stocks is 2-10th’s of one lousy percent.  If you want to call that an Economic Recovery, pass the pipe.

Needless to say, the me-too-media (MTM) will not be screaming this from the rooftops because it blows the “narrative.”  (Narrative is another word for fairytale only this one if far more Grimm.)

And let’s not forget the President Doolittle has consumed the same Kool-Aid as Eurabia (formerly the EU):  The Washington (rotten) core somehow believes that immigration is the answer to economic growth.

It’s not.

Although, in terms of providing a short-term economic stimulus, it can work.

We presented some convincing evidence (complete with charts from Eurostat) in  Peoplenomics yesterday that make the case.

But here is the “thinking” that has gone viral among the bleeding hearts in the District of Corruption:

Since we don’t have organic growth of the economy, if we import 5% more people, that will result in 5% growth.  That’s because everyone will need a place to live, there will be auto sales, new grocery stores, and even more people to pay into the Social Security Ponzi scheme that has been beggared, along with the Highway Trust funds…”

HS&J – hype,. shuck, and jive.

As a result, we looked at the European “import economic expansion model” to see how that’s working out.  Instead of long-lasting economic stimulus, what Eurabia as done is import an occupying army.  But before losing Germany, they will buy a bunch of things.  And that causes “economic growth” – so goes the storyline.

Way to go, Angela Merkel.  Who would have thought the Great American Democracy would follow the megalomaniacs of the Ure-a-pee’in Union down this dead-end (and the bridge is out) road?

2016 (Q3/Q4) should see the implosion of Germany and then the banko E.U. begin in earnest.  We here in America will benefit for a short time (6-months?) but then the contagion will spread here in 2017.

And that’s regardless of what happens in our presidential contest – where we still expect the Obama-wing of the GOP to scuttle real change (Trump) and broker the convention and run with the put-up wet dishrag candidate (Busk the X).

Elaine and I sit around almost daily, shocked in the horror of what’s to come…and wondering why the rest of America slumbers on.

Or, should I say “¿Por qué la gente estúpida de Estados Unidos todavía durmiendo?”

The answer is obvious: “???????, ?? ??? ????? ????? ?? ???? ??????: ?????? ????????.”

I’d like to thank every self-aggrandizing elected official who passed laws without reading them and thinking them through, for making the pending second Depression of 2017-2018 possible and now nearly inevitable.

Thanks for blowing high culture..

Obama Wants Your Job!

Let’s get down to hypocrisy now, shall we?

No, I haven;’t been wrong warning of how the Obamanistas are looking to “import a solution to their economic squandering (helped by Bush II) – of America’s economic future.

Latest proof is a set of Obamanista “rules” which will vastly increase the number of foreign nationals coming to America – holding college degrees.  Truly “making up the law” here.

So, here’s the thing:  If you’re a liberal young college grad and cast a “guilt vote” for the cabal in Washington, it’s time to GTFU because this is your pay-back.  You’ll love this unemployed version of “Change!” I bet…

Even more fun?  All made possible by the Paul Ryan/ Obama-wing of the GOP laying down on the budget – another deal point I have warned you of in past reports.

Truths is:  The Ryanesque wing (which holds us “tea-baggers” in contempt) is really nothing more than an extension of the corporate-democrat party which continues the coup d’é·tat.

Where the ‘ef was Ryan and other misnamed GOP “leaders” back in  October when this headline crossed?

Up to 34 MILLION blank ‘green cards’ and work permits to be ordered ahead of Obama illegal immigrant ‘amnesty’ 

Care to guess where we are now?

Obama and his leftist coup know that a country without borders is not a country and that they can swill the donkeys with intellectual dead-ends like “importing economic growth” and they’ll buy it.  Or, be branded anti-progress racists…

Which is why when the Buzzfeed story “All you Americans are fired” story came out a month ago, the somnambulistic GOP swindles did nothing but sit and wait for their next free lunch.

Even when a story crosses like “Agents nab Pakistanis with terrorist connections crossing U.S. border” I bet’cha a phone call from DC will spring ‘em within a month…

The problem is not ICE or CBP – fish rot from the head.

Where is Black Lives Matter?

OK, everyone know charges have now been filed against Bill Cosby.

But here is the question no one in the MSM is asking:  Where is Black Livers Matter in all this?

I must have missed the demonstrations against Cosby.  I must have missed Al Sharpton’s dramatic apology and call for unity against all rights violations, left-right, Black-White-Latino……no…wait… none of that seems to have happened…

Perhaps it’s because BLM seems to be more interested in what divides, not that which can unite us in building a better world. 

I believe “all souls weigh the same” and that if BLM had higher integrity, they would be out demonstrating against you-know-who for setting back civil rights by a decade, single-handedly.

Damn shame Cosby’s not a white cop because if he were, I bet BLM would already be screaming their heads off.

Check this:  ALL LIVES MATTER.

Cosby is entitled to a fair trial, of course.  But in  other cases, specifically those involving cops behaving badly, there was no restraint on demonstrations before-the-fact of trial.  Nor should there have been.  Bad behavior (caught on video) matters.

So why the pass for Cosby?  Horrible breach of faith with the community – if true.

Gas Leak Cover-Up

Need some more hypocrisy in the headlines?

The mainstream media, meanwhile, continues to ignore the Porters Ranch gas leak disaster.  It should be making headlines worldwide since it is larger than all the pollution of many countries combined.

Yet once again, we put on the UrbanSurvival Goggles of Truth and behold another reality:

If global warming is a concern of the young people, why aren’t we boycotting California…and could someone get Bill Nye the Science Guy to calculate whether there would be less environmental damage if we could just light this sucker off and let it burn instead of free-stream?

Wrapped with some copper tubing to run a generator, this could solve a lot of power problem with a huge low-pressure boiler.

I mean come on people, this is a perfect opportunity for “When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade…”  We got us a mega lemon going…

It would also be a fine freaking time to rediscover what makes the Melting Pot Great:  Invention!

Travel Note

More hypocrisy:  TSA will likely stop accepting drivers licenses from nine states because they don’t comply with new federal guidelines.

All this as people are flooding in from the Middle East.  With no paperwork.

Now help me get this:  People can come here (on airplanes) from the Middle East without a defined hard-core vetting process.  YET states issuing drivers licenses aren’t trusted?

All I want for New Years is an ounce of B-52 at this point. Mass hypocrisy must follow group hypnosis.  If we hear something often enough it must be true.

2015’s Last Comment on Power and Control

On the passing of Ian Murdock:  From our News Analyst fellow in Winnipeg: for our Directorate 153  files…

Dear Director,

It would appear that the creator of Debian Linux has passed away far too young. Someone posted a screenshot link to his now deleted Twitter account as follows:


As a Wikipedia note informs us:

The details surrounding his death on 28 December 2015[2] are still unknown, but his last tweets declared an intention to commit suicide, and described violent encounters with police.[12][13][14] He died in San Francisco, where he had been living.[15]

Software Lives Matter, too.

See you on the other side…thank you for being a reader.

That makes two of us who have common sense.