1929 Stock Market Replay Nearly Complete – Jobs Drop

While America’s attention is riveted on events in D.C. we have remained steadfastly focused on how our “1929 Replay Tracking” chart has been evolving.

Here’s how it looked this morning; prior to the federal jobs report and using early futures pricing:

It’s axiomatic in comparative economic cycles work that “waveforms” are usually similar.  The question is whether they are usefully predictive.

More for our Peoplenomics.com subscribers tomorrow (as the chart will be updated to reflect today’s closing prices and worldwide comparisons).  But, the main thing to be aware of is the general comparison.

Time Skews

The time-series does not match-up well for many reasons:  Foremost of these is Saturday trading in the 1920’s before the Great Crash.

However – and this is paradoxical – the speed of communications also fits into our thinking.

You see, there is what may be thought of as an “information dispersal rate.”

In the 1920’s, most investors were only able to get market prices after the close in the evening newspaper, or before the following day in morning editions.  Today, however, the speed at which information travels is nearly instantaneous.

One of the largest contributing factors to economic collapses seems to be information asymmetry.  In other words, when a group of “stock operators” and “pool funds” (analogous to hedge funds today) have certain
“insider information.”

When the information dispersal rate is slow, the magnitude of the asymmetry grows at an outsized rate compared to widely-discounted information.  When the information dispersal is extremely fast, the asymmetries result in a slowing of market change.  In digital signal processing, this would extend the time-domain (or timebase).

However, it  seems NOT to change the outcome.

Important Historical Contexts

The Gears of History are, in turn, worthy of study, as well.

You can take a general awareness of the modern period in history and catch snippets  of behaviors from past historical figures.  Lincoln and Hitler are of interest to our studies of late.

Because Trump has cast himself in a role (from his perspective) of trying to save the Nation and keep it whole.  In some ways seeing a growing socialist/communist threat (as McCarthy did – and not entirely wrongly).  While bringing the Nation to the brink of a civil uprising.  That’s how strong emotions are running, as we see them.

On the other side, Trump is sometimes compared to Hitler:  Both exhibit strong beliefs in their architectural prowess.  On deeper inspection, before rising in the D.A.P. party, Hitler had remained in the German army.  Called the “Red army” for training with Bolshevik forces, Hitler protected the Bavarian Socialist Republic, for a time.  Radicalism  came later.

Does that rhyme with NYC Trump?  Who was friendly to ultra-liberals during his heyday in his NYC days?.

Data and Detachment

The question – given these two personality historical analogs – with a third being how Depressions tend to terminate in warfare on a massive scaled – how does one decide “who to throw-in with?”

Here, the answer is simple:  “Don’t throw-in with anyone.”

To use the line floating around our Comments section this week, the scene from the closing scenes of the 1980’s movie War Games:

” A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”

And so, going into a terribly uncertain period of history, we have been doing our reportorial best NOT to become partisan.  It has been an interesting adventure in thread-the-needle because the Truth is not clear:

  • Donald Trump was obstructed from the outset by untruthful allegations and “opposition research” and obstructed from achieving his vision for America.
  • Joe Biden, however you view the election’s integrity – a huge issue going forward – was nevertheless confirmed.  So he’s “set to sit” in the Oval January 20.  A week from this coming Wednesday.
  • The reality of an “economy” where cryptocurrencies have become a trillion-dollar factor (in a blow-off even more violent than stocks) has also been  – in our view – suspect, indeed.  Reminiscent of 1634 Tulips.

Freud was Right – Bush Wrong

As reading “the news” reveals every day”  Human character is fundamentally flawed by socialization and education.  Much traces to strong religious training afoot in the world today.

One of the cornerstones of virtually ALL western religions is the principle of “Duality.”  Right-Wrong. Good- Bad, and of course, Heaven-Hell.

As famously claimed by former president Bush, “You’re either with us, or against us!”  Duality at its finest?

Where does Duality come from?  There is obvious physical evidence of Duality:  Dark – Light, for example in Genesis.  Up – Down in physics.  And my personal favorite:  High and Low tides.

The False Part

Exclusive Duality gives rise to “false choice.” Used to justify extremism.  The trick is to look beyond simple dualistic evidence:

  • Between Day and Night are transitional states of sunrise and sunset.
  • Between High and Low tides is the (sometimes elusive) sea level.
  • And between Life and Death, Good and Bad lives Mercy.
  • Between Profit and Loss lives break-even.

I don’t mean to bore you.  But the Fate of the Nation is not a (false) Binary Choice.  It’s a negotiation.

Have a Milk Stool

Reality – as we have paraphrased Freud recently – is experienced as a troika.  Id,  Super-Ego, and Ego.

It’s tempting to instantly seize upon troika as revealing some deep socialist leanings.  Because of the troika conceptualization in Soviet politics.

But troika is generalized.  Only one example needed here: European troika, the decision group formed by the European Commission (EC), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  But, if you need another example: The U.S. Courts, Legislative, and Executive branches.

I shamelessly use troika to satisfy erudite academics.  They’d be appalled referencing Freudian psychology as simply a “three-legged milk stool.”

Life on the “Milk Stool”

  • We have a “Reality” out there. (Delimiter: which way the data leans).
  • We all have “Screaming Voices in our Heads” (Screaming when Reality conflicts with deeply held Values).
  • Rational Experience is seen through the eyes of our “Judge-self.”  Trying to make the best decisions from our “heart of hearts” and “seat of the soul” place.

Und Zo?

In chaotic times, be wary of  “false choices.”  The prevailing worldview is Dualistic; easily used to manipulate outcomes.  Bounded by “false choices.”  Appealing to those “screaming voices” and inflexible “values.”

For Investors?  Dualistically, the choices are “long the market” (betting on higher to come).  Or, “short the market” betting on lower prices ahead.

Yet the third way is Cash or Neutral.  With a Neutral stance, you’re still subject to the corruption of Money – a whole other discussion – but you will at least be able to see the data and make better-informed judgements when you don’t have a vested interest in the outcome.

Didn’t mean to start writing tomorrow’s Peoplenomics report.  Just seems like an important and useful series of contexts to hold near.  As we now beam back down to the surface of the Planet of Fools and Idiots.

Federal Job Report: More Bad News

The headline part first:

“Total nonfarm payroll employment declined by 140,000 in December, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 6.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. The  decline in payroll employment reflects the recent increase in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases
and efforts to contain the pandemic. In December, job losses in leisure and hospitality and in private education were partially offset by gains in professional and business services, retail trade, and construction.”

The crooked (taxpayer funded) markets were still showing a +100 after the number which is amazing – nothing short of Copperfield level magic.

OK, how did they hide the sausage?

For one thing, in the Household Data, the U.S. workforce was reduced by 4-million.  A year ago we had a workforce of?  164,579,000 and this year it’s down to 160,567,000.

When you just “disappear” 4-million workers, OF COURSE things won’t look as bad as they likely are at the street level.  Let me diddle with denominator and numerator enough and I’ll deliver any number you want….just saying!

Now, look at the number employed this year in December 149,830,000 which is down from last December’s 158,735,000.  9-million fewer people working!  

And – as a maraschino for having the patience to read this website often – let me lay the shocker on you since we have been looking at “crooked numbers via seasonal adjustments” as our whine of the week.

Turns out the Jobs picture is even worse when you throw out seasonal adjustments as revealed in the CES Birth-Death model throw-away data:

So while the headline number is jobs down 140,000 you might argue they’re really down somewhere north of twice that…

Crack pipes on Wall St?  +92 at the open…  Buy’ed ’em’s gonna save us all, comrades!  (seriously?)

Broken Web

Should Social Media have liability exemption is they can Censor at will?  Trump Is Losing His Online Platforms.

How an Internet lie about the Capitol Invasion turned into an instant Conspiracy Theory” in the MIT Technology Review is very informative.

TechCrunch article “Social media allowed a shocked nation to watch a coup attempt in real time” is worth a read, too.

It’s the American Way

So, like a big jay-walking ticket? Boeing to pay $2.5 billion to settle 737 Max jet criminal charges.”

Need a “quick fiddy large?” FBI Offers $50,000 Reward Information Leading To D.C. Pipe Bomb Suspects.

Vax Trax

No reactions from either of my two children (40’s) who have now had the Moderna vaccine.  As Moderna becomes third Covid vaccine approved in the UK.

And China relight starting?  China Fights New Virus Clusters As US Death Toll Soars.

Around the Ranch – Things Ahead

A note or two from the Saturday Gourmet tomorrow.  Reveling in Cointreau chicken.

More 3D printing adventures in ShopTalk Sunday.

Working title of Peoplenomics tomorrow:  A game show and host “Jack D. Future” is introduced.  Along with charts updating where we are in the Blow-Off.  America may have lost its values, but by God, we have our prices, don’t we?

What the Hell is THIS?

We moved here in 2003 – due in large part – to the delightful setting rural East Texas offers for seniors – which we figured to become (at some point, though being in our 70’s doesn’t really qualify in today’s world) vital.

Imagine our surprise this morning when the Sunday outlook for the local area included….well…this:

Frankly, we were so upset, we immediately started calling Climate Change websites and demanding they send in strike teams to deal with it.

Only get snow here to any appreciable amount about every 10-15 years.  But, if there’s climate change, we’re asking ourselves the obvious:  Why is the Texas Snow Cycle still alive?

Write when you get rich and pray for the Nation,


93 thoughts on “1929 Stock Market Replay Nearly Complete – Jobs Drop”

  1. Paranoid fun thought for the day:

    “I wonder if we just had our Reichstag Fire?”

    It is certainly very unfashionable to be a Trumpist today.
    My college age granddaughter looks at me like I fed
    a litter of happy, healthy puppies into a wood chipper.

  2. “While bringing the Nation to the brink of a civil uprising. That’s how strong emotions are running, as we see them”


    Those on the top rarely get a glimpse of what those they are leading are feeling or experiencing. to mention how the people are feeling is tough many are so far behind now after covid and they see what little they had flying out the window.. then for congress to just throw money at people that have no cares what happens to the American people whatsoever then a crumb to the people and tell them they have to pay more in taxes…… Remember when our own local socialist had someone bump his car or honk at him or whatever it was that upset him and he chased them down in a big city..
    He didn’t have a clue that what they are feeling is the separation of social classes and injustices.. He was lucky.. he survived he could have been killed in his city of love and prosperity..while people are shizting on the sidewalks…. a white male take a stroll through the park in the hood..theres a pretty good chance you wouldn’t walk out alive..
    back during the riots in DC during the Vietnam war.. they had a five oclock curfew in DC.. no uniforms were to be worn in public.. one young man that was in our barracks wanted to go to the movies.. downtown.. not on base.. he was from a small country town where you still held your head high wearing the uniform.. and he put his uniform on.. he never came home…
    DC and our legislators I feel are in a bubble.. how to fix that .. vote.. most of them have lost touch with the bases and now that the courts allow all the gifts that any big organization give them it will remain out of touch..
    what is the answer.. I have no idea.. its so broken now.. I doubt there is an easy fix.. it will get worse once the reboot starts..

    • President John Adams Quote ” Our constitution was made for a moral and religious people ” lt is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

      • ” Our constitution was made for a moral and religious people ” lt is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

        exactly… and unfortunately Moral and religious are pretty much gone.. our cities are more tribalized than ever.. disrespect for the laws or the innocent people.. its really very sad…and scary..

    • LOOB!!! You have not been paying attention. Votes do not matter. Voting is a waste of time. Did you not watch the hearings in the contested states? You think all those affidavit signers lied? What kind of a country is still standing while this voter fraud is allowed to stand. Chinese owned companies own 75 per cent of our voting machines. It is evident, there is not ONE mouthpiece, yet, in America that can organize a rebellion or coup against this nation. What happened at the people’s house was a set up to demonize the Trump supporters. The media is all in saying the most imflammatory words to stir up more hate against Trump supporters. Yes, I agree with most of what you wrote, this last spending bill shows the great divide and where it starts: In The People’s House. What was JFK’s great quote? “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

      • “Chinese owned companies own 75 per cent of our voting machines. It is evident”

        It doesn’t surprise me.
        Unfortunately..china is where the vast majority of our industry has gone.
        Around here they have bought a great deal of our larger manufacturing plants..

  3. How can there be a negotiation with the takers? I would be perfectly content with liberals having their own voluntary programs where they fund SS, healthcare, student loans, living wage, etc. People like myself should be able to choose a different path opt out and live with that decision. But to the takers this is unacceptable. So where is the negotiation, they take producers stuff, and the negotiation is only the amount which is always increasing. How is this done? I agree to give you 50% of my economic productivity, if you agree to not take 60%? I agree, all people should be equal in the eyes of the law, but they demand race, gender preferences? They want abortion on demand, which I can agree with a freedom argument, but then they demand I pay for it. I negotiate in good faith a wage to pay an adult worker, but someone else says that isn’t legal and demands I pay more then I and my worker believe the work is valued.

    There can be no negotiation when one side has all the leverage (police power). We are living through the decay of our government system, as they all fail when the mindset changes from individual freedoms and rule of law, to a democracy and majority rule.

    • “How can there be a negotiation with the takers? ”

      That is a deep thought there.. and one that can be viewed from many angles..
      It totally depends on which takers you are referring to..
      those that take all the wealth for themselves or those that ask for assistance to survive..
      Is it that congress keeps wanting more in the form for taxes.. they just tossed eight hundred billion for other countries and on programs for gay lesbian so they can feel good..yet tossed crumbs at the laborers of our country that are in a serious pickle from the devaluation of cash and them going option two instead of one during the initial covid crises…. and said hey more taxes for you…. or the laborers that are pretty much forced to seek out assistance programs to survive or the companies that no longer have the backs of their workers.. it totally depends on which takers you are thinking about.. everything is give and take..People don’t want to ask for assistance.. as a rule very few will unless forced to .. then to be belittled when they have to.. degrading them and tossing their self esteem to the wind…

      In times past your company was the same as your home.. you felt that your boss had your back.. there was pride in what you achieved and what you did.. the quality was there because you made it.. today that is gone.. we have disposable employees and our manufacturing is done someplace else..with one out of every two wage earners that have to seek out assistance to just survive.. the scales of prosperity are no longer balanced..
      lets say that the average wage is twenty dollars an hour.. at a stable 2080 hours a year… or roughly 42 thousand..
      the average rent is a thousand a month.. or twelve thousand a year.. utilities.. another lets give it a flat three hundred.. its more but hey for arguments sake.. that is thirty.. oh wait.. we forgot the twenty five percent that is taken off the top.. that they want to take.. so you have sixteen grand to live on.. then car payment rental insurance.. car insurance.. food.. don’t forget food and heaven help you if your a single mother.. that is the rest of your money out for daycare.. so you have to go seek assistance for food utilities and daycare car insurance etc.. the woman at the bank as a teller makes about two dollars a week after her daycare and travel expenses.. but she gets the healthcare insurance.. which is what keeps her there.. and she is an executive at the bank.. she doesn’t want to seek out those programs but the scales of society have tipped.. and those on the bottom are frustrated.. it was a fragile balance before.. then with all the influence pushing their agenda in govt.. it has separated even more.. because of school loans and the scales not being equal.. is why one in five college ladies seek acquaintances that are willing to help them with the high costs of an education.. the more a school costs the more ladies there are..
      I am not sure but I do think that the scales of early america were tipped wrong to.. which is what caused the country to seek independence from british rule..
      “There are many Revolutionary War Causes, including a series of British acts of Parliament such as the Sugar Act, the Stamp Act and the Townsend Acts. The American colonists had become increasingly angered at their homeland over a period of many decades. The colonists became especially alarmed at British taxation programs, not only because they greatly hampered colonial economies, but also because they believed the acts of Parliament were consistently violating their rights as British citizens.”
      What made America great was we had balance.. do an honest days work and get an honest days wage and feel like you mattered and was accepted your boss had your back….
      We need to get the balance back.. will congress do it.. more than likely not.. they have a hard time just worrying about their hair getting messed up in the subway… what was it.. congress spent fifty million dollars to have a cover put on those golf carts on the subway to the capital LOL…. just like the twenty five million study just to see if they needed a lamp at their desk.. LOL LOL so far they don’t have a clue.. violence is not the answer.. people voting responsibly is.. if we keep voting in the same people then like a cook if you have a cook that doesn’t know how to cook and you aren’t willing to get a new cook or show them how to cook then you deserve to eat what they serve you.. the same with our congress.. we don’t require them to read the crap they vote on or even ask them to work and honest days labor.. we allow people to bribe them with money sex or gifts and vacations.. so we deserve what they are going to give us.. .don’t complain about them it is the voter who is responsible for that..

  4. I just gotta drop these quotes from a dead guy… after reminding everyone that we are SUPPOSED to be living in a Republic, not a democracy:

    “There is nothing I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our constitution.” – John Adams

    and (remember this one)

    “Democracy…while it lasts is more bloody than aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

    Both quotes from John Adams, a long dead guy who was a student of history…

    Here’s to hoping the readers and writers here realize the luxury of merely having the time and being able to comment on this site.

    I would STRONGLY encourage readers to have a look at this link:


    The coming years, regardless of government wishes to the contrary, will be composed of mostly CHANGE. In my business, we are in the midst of huge turmoil, as the shale oil bubble finally implodes. This bubble has been the sole bright spot in oil&gas for the last decade; everything else has been depletion. There will be a price spike, probably directly into the heart of any economic recovery that starts to spin up, simply because globally, there is little to be discovered that does not require $90/BBL to get it out of the ground.

    George old buddy, it’s pretty timely in the coming year to publish some things about making biodiesel. Not necessarily for us, but for the kids. Solar and wind will not replace diesel – but you can grow your own diesel.

    There will be opportunities, but in general, lifestyles WILL BE dialed back because there isn’t energy enough to support things. We are on the BACK SIDE of Hubberts Curve, and denying and arguing it are just fools errands. People need to gear up for less in terms of energy, and I am NOT the only one dropping this into the mix.

    As things move forward, regardless or what happens in DC, the world is going to shrink and people will need to focus locally to maintain and even strain – Amazon cannot survive what is coming, nor can most global outfits.

    If you got kids and grandkids, now is the time to get them setup to survive and thrive. I’m really glad we collapsed and avoided the rush…

    • Solar, wind, bio, thermal, hydro and there is still natural gas,…There are a ton of opportunities. Once we get Americans into electric cars, that frees up fossil fuel supply. We will still need fossil fuels for heavy industries. Musk and his million mile battery will be a game changer on the auto and home energy storage front. But don’t count our VW, Mercedes, Volvo, Audi, and Nissan and Hyundai. All are putting their future into electrics.m

      • Hopium friend…

        How do you mine ore for batteries? Copper? Plastic is oil derived. How do you ship the parts from all over the planet? How will people pay for this when their economy and jobs are dissipating all around their ears? Imagine the charging times required just to commute in places like LA…

        It’s hopium, because every single piece of your EV wet dream is built or shipped using O-I-L … You need to walk away from the God of Technology solving every problem with another, more complex and expensive way of doing things

      • Ah, it’s good to see your back from your journey over to the Moon of Alabama, I’m sorry that they didn’t welcome you and your many post under Mark2 as they should have, instead calling you a troll and to be ignored, which most did.!!

      • It still takes fossil fuels to power the electric generation, and you DO realize most of plastic products are made from oil. As in fossil fuels oil.

      • Suggest you watch planet of the humans and adjust your expectations.
        The science is very clear and no emotional fantasies will change the reality
        that the world you envisage would require the destruction of what is left of the natural world.
        Please do watch the movie. And if you disagree do so with scientific facts at hand, not emotions.

    • “Here’s to hoping the readers and writers here realize the luxury of merely having the time and being able to comment on this site.”

      Amen… O2….
      A long time ago I was visiting with someone that had come from africa.. I asked how was it there.. the response I got was . It depends.. they put up the view all see.. but the way it really was is. Society was split in different classes.. each class had what it was allowed to be taught. At the schools they had guards to insure that teachers didn’t teach the kids something above their class in society.
      Girls didnt have any rights and were not allowed an education.. considered property for sale as wives.
      Their freedoms.. the authorities had the rights to walk in and take the pillows right out from under your head and dependent on what region or tribe you were from was what decided if you could live or not.
      We take our freedoms for granted and even though our politicians have been influenced by outside interests we still can say our piece without the fear of being put to death.. everyone in my opinion should be thankful that we live here..

    • “it’s pretty timely in the coming year to publish some things about making biodiesel”

      Just remember: Algae, not rapeseed or soy…

      • “Algae, not rapeseed or soy…”

        Exactly.. LOL LOL LOL the kids were cleaning the grandkids turtle tank and there was a little algae on the rocks.. etc.. I like the grandpa I am said hey you need to save it and teach the grandkids how to make oil from it.. LOL LOL LOL LOL
        they replied.. I think that is a perfect grandpa and grandchild project… LOL LOL.. its really not that hard either.. neither is reclaiming oil from plastic derived products.. we could be reclaiming oil.. I hear there is a chunk of plastic in the ocean larger than the state of texas..

  5. On July 28, 1932 . General Douglas Mac Arthur marched troops down Pennsylvania avenue to launch an attack on world war One vets who came to the capital to demand promised Bonus payments from congress . Same things happening now , only different people doing it.

    • I was just wondering how this played out in the Press and public opinion given the slow dispersal of news back then? By the time the events were generally known everything was pretty much over and the place cleaned up, I suppose.

    • MCArthur wasn’t dressed in war paint and antlers either. He also didn’t break the windows and trash the Capital, joint sessions room and offices. False equivalency

      • It wasn’t McArthur so much as it was Patton with his tanks which had been called in to drive the WW1 vets out of Washington as the president said he was sick of looking at them. This country has never been what they have tried to make it out to be, and now the farce of that shinning light on the hill has been put out I presume other countries and even those who live in this one can see what a farce that has always been. While we preach democracy a democracy that’s always come from a muzzle of a gun leaving nothing behind but death and poverty, and we have the fools who think change can come from peaceful means which means no change at all>>

    • No, you couldn’t be more wrong. Fake patriots breaking into the halls of congress looking to hang leaders, sh*tting on ground, hauling away property and taking selfies is not even in the same universe as what happened in 1932.

    • MAW, it’s not the same thing at all, the Bonus Army were labeled Communists (sound familiar?..always blame Socialists and/or Antifa), 20k Vets and their families were living in shantytowns in D.C. (not flown or bused in for a 1 day protest most probably with 4 star accommodations), Hoover sent tanks and machine guns to evict the homeless Vets…


  6. If all we have to worry about is a few higher taxes then things will be fine. However with the likes of AOC and crew, now totally unbridled, this leaves us with the only hope we have which is the protection the remaining conservative individual States have to battle it out with Federal authority in order to protect each states’ citizens. All I see is Balkanization. Time will tell how far they plan to push things and how much ground we’re prepared to give up … again.

    • AOC will be a non factor. Trust me on this. Like Josh Hawley on the other side, she is the fringe nobody wants to associate with. Biden has very little respect for her.

      • “Biden has very little respect for her” And just how to you know this all-seeing sage? Did you hear it on the record player?
        The truth is, Biden doesn’t know what state he’s in much less who AOC is. He would probably think you meant AOL; you know man..that computer-tube company.

  7. A peaceful march is like wearing a lapel ribbon. It looks good. It may even make you feel good. But, in the end, it accomplishes nothing of real importance.

    • Marches have never been a factor in anything. Millions marched to end the Vietnam War – it never happened. The war ended only when Washington and Wall Street thought that the expense was too much (caused by out of control Federal spending on the wars and social programs).

      Millions marched in London to stop British participation in the 2nd Gulf War. Result: nothing.

      The point of power is the individual’s private actions and local actions people take. Going to some city and marching around with a sign is a waste of time, and actually, quite silly because it is exposes you.

    • It will leave a hole in the lapel. A hole you will see every time you put the suit on, and think about every time somebody’s eyes size you up and dwell on your lapel for oh so little more than normal. All you’ll think about is finding another lapel pin to cover that hole. You’ll lose sleep over that hole, avoid social events because of that hole, think about donating that nice jacket to Goodwill so you can go buy another one without a hole. Oh well.

      Me? I’m ex-military. I’d poke a bunch more holes in the lapel and start wondering how many lapel pins I can get away with wearing without looking like one of those old Russian generals from a few generations ago.

      Just having some fun. There’s a bright side to everything.

  8. When Chairman Cho Xiden first came to Washington in 1973,the market was at an all time high,closing at 1,051 on Jan.11.It didn’t reach those heights again until 1983,dropping to the mid 500’s in late’74.So,should we look for a dip to 15,000 by the mid-terms?

  9. “We will have to give up our sovereignty as a nation to accomplish our global agenda” – Walter Cronkite. Make no mistake, the globalist have infiltrated both parties and they have grown tired of the slow progressive march. Whether you choose to play or not makes no difference.

    • Exactly!!! You have kept your eye on the most important thing. Globalists fed up with the slowed pace of takeover. Look, they now have ALL 3 branches of government!!!! Obama stated in his acceptance speech that he was transforming the nation. Now, the nation will be transformed with the energy and mindset of a person on meth/coke/crack. Full speed ahead, Little People/Businesses/Citizens be dammed.

  10. Shades of Ayn Rand! One of my favorite authors in my high school years in Pompano Beach Florida in the 1960s.

    JoeDish is reporting the actions in Atlas Shrugged. Born and educated in Russia, Ms. Rand moved to the United States in 1926. Her most famous books are Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Her most famous quote is “I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” Atlas Shrugged. She hated the Soviet system.

    She believed that the takers did not have the right to take what the makers made by the sweat of their work without their permission.

    George, living in East Texas, is really living for himself and not asking for handouts from others. Many people in fly-over country don’t believe they are responsible for the high taxes and misinterpretation of our Constitution. See the Bill of Rights.

    I don’t know where this is going, but I do know that I am far apart from the promises made by some of the people going to Washington. Perhaps they should re-read the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence.

    Who is John Galt?

    • Remember in the movie it says 10-19 the pillar counts as 1 (abstract) 9 the next two words say “The end of the world”.. while the chick is on the train trying to get to the place where the military train hit the civilian train in episode 2 produced in 2012.

      Someone argued with me and said is says 10-19 9. But if you look closely the Pillar between the doors makes a number 1.

      Dats about the time the Rona got patient zero. If ya go back and look.

      And now we are here. In the second movie as I said about 3 years ago one of the president’s looks like Joe Biden. Nobody cares, ya knows… It’s all about politics. Lol not the real issues at hand

  11. Not that he was invited, but Trump just announced he will not be attending the Inauguration. I said this to my wife yesterday….Despite Trumps prepared and written by adults (other than him) speech yesterday, I told her, wait 24 hours…he will go back to being a d*ck again. This is who he is. Selfish prick.

    • No genius – Semantics

      U R still not listening to actual words used..

      There will be NO bribem&blowem inauguration – period.

      Lying scum like your self, “selfish prick”, could not understand Service to Others, let alone “Service” period.
      Shame that really- but trivial.
      – Sacrificing ones Life,
      Family Safety,
      and Business to be in Service To Others..

      gray and forfiet – be a sport and keep running..

      • ECU, you never make any sense. All of you Trumps supporters that still like to play dress up like little girls to support your man crush…Go back to your moms basement.

  12. A lot of negative social credit attached to the DC protests.

    US companies swiftly terminate employees found in footage rioting at the US Capitol in Washington

    Social media posts, pictures and videos have led to the undoing of some protestors, who have been named and shamed, resulting in them losing their jobs.


  13. Good. Did you see the green flags with KEK on them? There was a lot more going on in D.C. that day than “supporting Donald Trump”. The Trumpists weren’t protesting, they were mobbing. They went too far, crossed the line, and now the country wants them punished.

    Might makes right, again. We simply lost focus on who the might was.

    “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” – Admiral Yamamoto, “Tora! Tora! Tora!”

  14. Ya know Goerge “Acceptance” doesn’t equate to “Approval.” Most people confuse the two. Ohhh there is the other two. Two and two make fore.

    And approval seeking and People pleasing is an art of munipulation and a character defect.

    I value a Kinship with the Creator making stuff more than anyone’s appoval or pleasings. Lol.

    Most people think, accepting reality is approval of it. One the many things you taught me is to be the master of my own thoughts. To be captain of my own ship. I can accept that people say damndest things. That doesnt mean I approve of their words or make them something I’m willing to live by.

    I heard a doozy a few days back. This fella from Nebraska says, “I got hired for a job working 16 hours a day on the railroad. But while I’m at work, my girlfriend would be banging her side boyfriend so I turned down the job.”

    And I thought. Wow! That is how some people really think. I mean if your worried about your woman so much ya don’t take a high paid rail job? You got the wrong woman. And I heard alot of excuse for being lazy. That one is the king of the doozies.

    I can accept that he thinks like there. Do I approve it as something of value for me? Nope. I have a Kinship with The Creator and he says deferment. Think for your self. I gave a brain to use, use it. So I’m that master of my own thoughts. I’m the captain of my own ship. Buda said, we are what we think. We created our own reality. So I’m positive and up beat. Living the best life beyond my expectations. My desires are becoming actuality in material form.

    I been working on 2021 since mid 2019. Made a full lap and am back at the point I started making. So now I’m making 2022 to be what I want it to be. Regardless of what everyone else is thinking. Lol. I already been to hell and lived in fear. I’m sailing to a different destination by speaking, writing, thinking, singing, listening wind into my sails or is it sales.

    While everyone else is arguing about now? I’m creating my future. Its a differnt way of living.

    • ” So I’m positive and up beat. Living the best life beyond my expectations. My desires are becoming actuality in material form.”

      Andy, You are perhaps one of the few who succeeded ;-). May the Almighty continue
      to bless you and don’t forget to pray for me.

  15. The best thing we can do with Congress and Washington DC is to ignore them and do our best to starve them out. It will not need to be for long, because the CB economy has a debt load that can never be satisfied – it has to crash and then things get rather barbaric – which is fine with many of us smelly deplorables.

    This is actually a well reasoned view of what is transpiring – are you ready?


  16. Rut row G,

    Feds Clarida just said “not concerned by 10 year yields a touch above 1.00%”

    Love how these guy&gals (pols) can look you straight in the eye and Lie – flat out, bald faced LIE.
    100% Bullshit!
    Wonder how the CTA’s(computer traded algorithms) feel about 10 yr yield blowing thru 1.10%
    – my guess they stick to todays trades strategy ( doing nothing as the trend changed) and on Monday with newly input data – the Algo’s will prolly want lighten up on equities – just a lil – black monday anyone??

  17. Not alot of people invest in their own thinking. If your are getting shitty returns on the market in your head? It’s not the markets fault. It because your investing your thoughts into shitty stocks.

    Example: if yoh visualize in your mind your desires on a giant Theater Screen and add emotion to them for 20 minutes a day. Then you spend 10 hours watching Tele Vision? Which thoughts are you investing in the most to get you want in life. What someone else is telling you on the TV or the 20 minutes you are investing in what you desire. It’s a commercial for tide pods or a Ferrari.

    Now tide pods are useful but not as fun as a Ferrari. So I watch 20 hours of TV Every 6 months and I spent 2 to 6 hours a day, visuizaling my desires and focused on magnifying with magic mind, what I want.

    Why do ya think I don’t spent so much time looking at the future. I write the reports, I look into the future of the world, write it, then I rarely ever look at it again. Until it’s time to look again. It’s easy to see the future of the world, I need only listen to the world around me. Most people are chattering replays of the
    Jerry springee show and commercials on TV. Do I accept them as they are. You betcha. They don’t know that they are products of Tele vision. Do I approve it for myself as value? Nope. Im a chatter box of my own thoughts.. not what they told me to think. Lol

    Because the rest of the time, I focused on the the value stocks in the market of my mind. Which always reaps rich and wealthy rewards in due season. Creativity and Imagination aren’t just memes. Or lables they are the driver’s for the video and Audio cards that produce phenomenon experiance for the mind that is mastered by itself.

    I feel inclined to write again. After the gym. Chop wood Carry water. :)

    • I don’t think most people know they spend 10 hours watching a vision soemone else wants them to have and most don’t spend 10 minutes visioning there own desires. And then they wonder why the world is such a mess and they are such a mess. Lol.

      Its like morphius said to neo, “Listen Copper top you have no idea how powerful you really are. You think like a battery not a Star.” Or something like that.

      And I prefer to think like a galaxy. Lol ~Man is a Galaxy to himself.~ I don’t know of anyone said that before. But I just did. Lol.

      Let me see here. To be a tide pod or to be a Galaxy? Uhmm uhhhh this is a hard choice. I’m going to go with uhmmm a uhhhh. A galaxy! Me thinks it’s Better than being the prettiest tide pod in the box. And God said, it was is so. Ha ha ha ha.

      Then God said,
      Be rich
      Be wealthy
      Be kind
      Be generous
      Be love
      Be joy
      Be happy
      Be Prosperous
      Be Abundant
      Be Healthy
      Be Wise

      To wit I replied, Will do.

      That is enough for me. I have others to attend too. See ya round old people.

      • “And I prefer to think like a galaxy. Lol ~Man is a Galaxy to himself.~ I don’t know of anyone said that before. But I just did. Lol.”

        Andy, please don’t be presumptuous!!
        “The Father and I are One” you, of all, should remember him though it was 2021 years ago.

      • You forgot be fruitful and multiply.

        Matt 22-Verses 34 to 40 – King James version:

        [34] But when the Pharisees had heard that he had put the Sadducees to silence, they were gathered together.
        [35] Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying,
        [36] Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
        [37] Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
        [38] This is the first and great commandment.
        [39] And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
        [40] On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

        Matthew 10:16
        King James Version

        16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

      • Mr Dream,

        In the Tibetan account of Jesus in his 20’s available on deep web, it says wise as a servant and innocent as a clove.


        I got the first two commandments down good. Love isnt about praising and worshiping. Love isnt about feeling good. I seen the finest example of love in Spokane Wa I have ever seen in a long time. Maybe I will write about that today. I need to get back on writing. I just don’t have a much to say as George does. Lol.

  18. Trump had cast himself in a role of trying to save the Nation from a growing socialist/communist threat (as McCarthy did !!!).

    Trump is sometimes compared to Hitler: Before rising in the NSDAP party, Hitler had remained in the German army as a SNITCH !! (Fact, that the voting public seem to have ignored at the time).

    Does that rhyme with NYC Trump? Who was friendly to ultra-liberals during his heyday in his NYC days?

    I’m so glad you’ve brought this up, GU. Both “characters” lacked qualities needed for “true” leadership. The last episode in Washington was DT’s Stalingrad, and history will go on same way as always. May the Lord pardon SNITCHES as well; They are in the game for themselves only, IMHO.

  19. There is a serious up tick in Rats now. I was on reddit. Everyone is saying, “Anyone who supports Trump, is a traitor to this nation and needs to be reported to the FBI”.

    Wow. That is some crazy shit. I don’t think apporve of that.

    I come from the generations where “Snitches get stitches. Every time.” And I can’t be the only one.


    That is enough out of me for a while. I have to go make 2022 for me, while there is still time to do so.

    One letter, one number at a time. Just like eating a elephant. The key is, when 6 digits line up nicely. All in a row.

  20. More than 4000 corona death in USA reported?!
    Where could I find the REAL TRUTH, vs. MSM?

    Living in NYC and seeing with my own eyes what
    is happening around hospitals, it makes no sense.

    Siren-sound from ambulances are @ minimum compared to pre-corona days; It cannot be just because the majority that have lived here gone.

    Up till now I have not heard of anyone I used to know who is inflicted by this so-deathly disease.

  21. Get prepared if you are not. Stay prepared.
    Capital “riot”, was antifa. Staged. Did not fool anyone.
    People died. Yes real marytrs to the cause or just part of the cost , props for the narative.
    They, congress,senate corporations backing this have no idea of the cost to them and this world..
    Pray for us ALL.

  22. HOLY COW G! Did you see the tweet with Trump holding a red folder and everyone is smiling around him? And a Q drop about March madness with a Basketball on it? And all it said on the basketball, “The world will finally know who is directing the whole show.”

    I don’t mean to blast the comments.

    Woooooooow! Remember when I told you about my seeing a basket ball????

    Whoooaaaaaa that is some cool shit. Hahahhahahah Wow!

    They must be reading Ure site or mine. Idk. I saw all this crap about “Disclose” and red alerts, locking down the internet in Continental US and a bunch of other stuff. Which I don’t really care about.

    My personal Trajectory is Different.

    How funny! Hahhahaha. The Miracle Machine is working good. Hell yeah!

    This soo fricken awesome! Ha ha ha.

    Ok, time to create. Hahaha.

  23. Here is your duality thought of the day, then, George: The incoming administration has been anointed by voter fraud; therefore it is illegitimate. Any law passed by such administration is therefore illegitimate and unconstitutional. The result is that any such law must be disobeyed by any and every means available. If it is not then anyone in compliance with such laws is complicit in treason.

    • Lol why then you could say the same about executive orders for they are not laws but only suggestions to congress, as to the presidents wish on the bill before them, the first one issued by Washington was ignored by congress, and they voted the way they saw fit, now congress acts as if it was the word of the king and ignores it even when there is no bill before them.

  24. “Human character is fundamentally flawed by socialization and education.”

    Yes, but fundamentally… human character is fundamentally flawed by… human character. We are born with some defective software, some inborn malware that must be found and overcome individually if we are to become honorable human beings (some call that Original Sin). Not sure about the “sin” part, but there’s no doubt it can be nasty stuff. Socialization and education has learned how to EXPLOIT that malware to its own dark ends, thus making our journey of system flushing tougher. But we can and do… do it every day… if we want to.

    “One of the cornerstones of virtually ALL western religions is the principle of ‘Duality.’ Right-Wrong. Good- Bad, and of course, Heaven-Hell… Dark – Light… Up – Down…”

    There is a SPECTRUM in the Color and Light vibrational fields. There is likewise a Spectrum in Sound waves and in many other energy fields. People tend to fixate on the extremes of each field… and that is a mistake. “Both Sides” of an issue? No, no, no. There are MANY sides to an issue, not just two. Countless, in fact, like infinite numbers existing between zero and one. The morale to this? We need to WIDEN OUR VISION instead of having tunnel vision on two extremes that have been given an importance that they do not deserve.

    “…the Fate of the Nation is not a (false) Binary Choice. It’s a negotiation.”

    But, do We the People have a place at this negotiating table? The Elitist powers sure don’t think we do. And when we try to force our way into one of the chairs, we are called very bad names and told to be ashamed and be quiet and know-our-place. As the original American Revolution proved, the fates of nations sometimes are not found in negotiation but in Black Swan events that seemed impossible to happen but somehow manifested. In 2021 America, we are at that point again. Hoping for something to change the trajectory we are now on that is on the fast track to oblivion.

  25. What is really amazing is the way Trump has been blacked out of his 1st amendment right of free speech on all the internet sites – regardless of your opinion of him he is the President so essentially you can be shut out of all communication yourself if it isn’t liked what you have to say. Also the Democrats are still scared shitless that he might do something as he is now just labeled as an out of control madman, impeachment and blocking nuke codes – it’s a night and day infomercial of hate – incredibly scary to watch as these forces have come together within 48 hours – almost the world is on the verge of blowing up their plans. I’m afraid the only thing the protest may have done is identify the opposition within the populace via facial recognition – it may be frightening what we see happen after the inauguration…

    • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are all non government entities…private corporations that can do whatever they want. If a restaurant can refuse you for no short, no shoes, no service…they can refuse a dangerous. Insurrectionist for no brains, no morals, no tweeting.

      • However, while all you say is true, they should not have immunity from libel and slander. Which might hurt their biz models but might actually help tone down America’s insanity if liability was serial….

  26. Common sense has left the room Friday afternoon as Manitoba’s Chief Medical Officer extended – which can only be with Government blessing -code red covid 19 regulations another two weeks for common folk. However the NHL professional hockey club can start playing next week with other Canadian clubs because the league has “robust” coronavirus protocols. Additionally the logic given is that the political leaders want to give some normalcy to the public with a hockey season to watch. In fact one would imagine the wealthy club owners wish to have some product towards a retention of TV revenue streams. There’s just a complete disconnect from the real-world surroundings in the city.

  27. The simple truth is we are in a economic tail spin and the end results will be a economic crash. How and when it will occur is the only unknown.

    • boy the view from my perspective is it has to happen.. how long can you float it by producing magic numbers or magic beans…. and I think it is going to be so much worse than anything that we can possibly imagine..
      the Left now have the story line written to blame the right.. but even with that it had to come from decades ago.. it isn’t any one persons fault.. it was the created with the outsourcing of our own economy.. and the un balanced scales of the economy..

  28. Comrades,

    The president-elect is not yet inaugurated and word from London-based Signature Aviation is that their largest shareholder Bill Gates has thrown in support to a bid by trillionaire Blackstone Group for company control of the world’s largest operator of private jet bases. (It looks like billionaire Anglo-Nigerian GIP’s offer is being kicked to the curb?) Perusing through the 8.3 reporting forms on Signature’s website, both The Netherlands largest pension fund as well as trillionaire Philly-based Vanguard Group appear as shareholders. This is not investment advice; but here’s a greasy surface alert following.

    The Signature CEO put up a state of the company address on their website Nov. 10th suggesting stabilizing 3rd quarter conditions. There was also an acknowledgement of company employee wage support from the USA CARES Act from last March. Because that ended Sept. 30th, the company was no longer obligated to maintain those higher staffing levels and would trim accordingly. Separately on Dec.15th, the company announced a 5% dividend payable Feb. 1st.

    Things are looking spectacular for the 0.25% Club, and the other 99.75% not so much.

  29. I just heard one of the TV’s with a news commentator on saying that republican supporters of Trump in congress should be removed from office..Now that was an interesting thought..
    would that mean that being a republican and agreeing with the president be associated with committing a crime?..

      • dam that is scary.. kind of reminds me of when Hussein got into office.. didn’t he have members of Iraq’s parliament removed because they disagreed with some of his actions……..

      • LOL a really good reason to rush down to the courthouse and have my voting status changed to dem or buy the t-shirt I love NANCY PELOSI LOL LOL

    • What has become increasingly unnerving is Penny Kelly’s prediction, released back on Dec. 26th, I think, and made earlier in that month, that between now and the end of the month people will start “disappearing” in various ways and she mentioned news figures in particular. As the leftist media continue to push their new found advantage and confirmation of their ill-got authority people are going to put up with less and less of their lack of respect for anyone that engages in “Wrong Think”. None of the people on the left, including those that post here, have the desire or intelligence to dial things back in the interest of promoting a truce. Romans 3:15 which references Isaiah and Proverbs verses “Their feet are swift to shed blood…” has been on my mind for a long time.

      • Please, man up and own what Trump did: incite violence (at exactly the moment that Pence was ready to certify Biden’s Presidency, as if copying the ending of ‘The Graduate’ where the woman is saved from an unhappy marriage, where church doors barricade the attendees, and the woman escapes the marriage ceremony by jumping on a bus with her true love,

        Giuliani stirs up the protestors by ‘demanding trial by combat’

        By telling the crowd that the election was stolen, he instigates the idea that an illegal action must be righted.

        the rest of Romans 3:15
        Their feet are swift to shed blood;
        16 ruin and misery mark their ways,
        17 and the way of peace they do not know.”[a]

      • Incorrect: He did not incite violence. There is very clearly a free speech line and there is an incite line.

        From all of what I have heard, he did not cross “incite.” Remind people rights? Sure. Go demonstrate? (Like it’s never been done before?_ But incite is more clear.

        Black’s Law Dictionary (*and law dictionary.com) are more precise: “…Definition of INCITING TO RIOT: a term that means to arouse to action that is unlawful.”

        I’ve been a news guy on the street and behind the sandbags with the Black Panthers back in the day. Arouse an action that is illegal. With my reporting background, I listened very hard for Trump to say “do xyz” that was illegal.

        On the other hand, he was late to the party to get things calmed down…that bad is on him. But it didn’t look like pure as driven snow centrist GOP types. Looked like Portlanders imported….

        So we just take the prozac and watch.

        But the lines are there for thoughtful observers to cross. And – echoing an old saying in the legal community – any “proceeding” by the left wing House means the first victim will be justice.

        This is one of those rare instances where the complainers ought to seek a change of venue to a more neutral location (not the squad club house) to hear this out. Canada or the Hague sounds more likely to get a fair airing of allegations.

      • George,about your opinion of ‘incorrect interpretation of incite’,
        Trump clearly stated to the crowd ‘fight like hell’ before starting the march to the Capitol

        How cozy, Trump’s Defense Secy Chris Miller, held up the request for 2 hrs for the National Guard’s help (while people were dying):

        Former Trump Cabinet member (who wished to stay anonymous), “why was Miller put in, if not for nefarious reasons”..and yes, there are big questions about why the threat of violence was underestimated by quite a few govt entities…

    • You ever hear the term accessory to a crime? Trump is a lying, cheating and seditionist criminal. If you think otherwise…I will have the boys with straight jackets at your house shortly.

      • So Marky endorses rounding up and imprisoning every Trump supporter.
        Welcome to the Gulag, herr comrade!
        “You WILL think as I do, or I WILL dispose of you!”
        There are no words to express my revulsion of you, [redact, but guess].

  30. As a Canadian watching in – I agree the only winning move right now is to do nothing. I am protecting myself with Metals and Crypto miners:

    Wikileaks just dumped all of their files online. Everything from Hillary Clinton’s emails, McCain’s being guilty, Vegas shooting done by an FBI sniper, Steve Jobs HIV letter, PedoPodesta, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agents arrested for rape, WHO pandemic etc. – This shoud stir it up even more!


    These are Clinton’s emails:

    ps. I do wish we would have made it to that beer in Vancouver George (2000ish), I dont know if you remember me, I was publishing a DIY real estate guide.

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