1929 Replay: TLT (Trend Line’s Toast)

It’s a tough call to make this early.  Why, the coffee is barely moving the needle, so far.  Do you want to attempt to “see the future” based on recent past events, or does it work better for you starting with history?  Like I said tough call!


If you don’t have some experience investing, get expert help before you lose serious money.  Also, remember our belief is that “Leverage Kills.”  On Wall Street, financial axe-murder are a kind of sport.  And, since EVERYTHING’S A BUSINESS MODEL” you don’t want to go Shakespeare on us.  “A foo and his go are soon poo…”

1929 – It’s In Our Faces

Think long and deep about what lining up the 2008 Housing Bubble with the market breaks of 1920-21 does here in (what’s vastly-overstated as) Modern Times.

Study in particular the dashed lines.  Then ask yourself:  What’s out there that could result in a 1929-like collapse here in “Modern” times?  I don’t sleep much, anymore, because my list scares the living shit out of me:

  • God forbid Donald Trump becomes incapacitated.  BUT he has made – in our view – a classic judgment error thinking of CV-19 as a “political problem” and not a “medical problem.”  With him not wearing a mask, however…
  • Then there’s the safety and health of the vice president.  Who, we have seen without PPE, as well.  And that could conspire to put (gulp!) Nancy Pelosi in succession order…
  • CV-19 is not slowing down.  People didn’t totally lock-down.  And we’d offer that in many states, people were going back to work and social settings too early.  While in other states, people went to riots (which the crooked media sold as “protests”) and that is fueling an increase now and may in coming weeks add to the disaster.
  • CV-19 will pass 8-million confirmed cases today or tomorrow.  Over 433-thousand dead – but that’s only if you didn’t see the mobile crematoria in Wuhan…
  • Then, there’s the whole cyclical market collapse potential.

Which, since we’re tracking that closely, gets us to…

1929 Vs. 2020:  Line ‘Em Up!

This is where a lot of people will – in my view – get sandbagged.  Because since we didn’t replay “precisely” skepticism abounds.  Let me lay it out for you with two green circles that may be close to correct:

Methodology:  This chart (and comparison) is based on an equal-dollar weighted aggregate of multiple indices.  I began this 20-years ago because the retail stock sellers were almost Pinocchio-like in their ability to “lie their way through” the collapse of the Internet Bubble in 2001-2003.

Not to mention that going into the Stock Collapse in the early 2000s, we also had a massive “fear-mongering” event.  You do remember the Twin Towers and 9/11, right?

The Larger Historical Rhyme

Most will miss the “CYCLE OF HISTORY” but please consider – as I do – that the Internet Bubble Implosion (and $5 to $8-trillion in losses, depending on who’s counting) was a latter-day spin on the Knickerbocker Banking Panic.  From Wikipedia:

“The Panic of 1907 – also known as the 1907 Bankers’ Panic or Knickerbocker Crisis[1] – was a financial crisis that took place in the United States over a three-week period starting in mid-October, when the New York Stock Exchange fell almost 50% from its peak the previous year. Panic occurred, as this was during a time of economic recession, and there were numerous runs on banks and trust companies. The 1907 panic eventually spread throughout the nation when many state and local banks and businesses entered bankruptcy. Primary causes of the run included a retraction of market liquidity by a number of New York City banks and a loss of confidence among depositors, exacerbated by unregulated side bets at bucket shops.

Now, compare not the specific timeline events, but rather the flavor and size of declines, to the March 2000 period when the Dotcom Bubble began to blow-up:

On March 10, 2000, the NASDAQ Composite stock market index peaked at 5,048.62.[33]

On March 13, 2000, news that Japan had once again entered a recession triggered a global sell off that disproportionately affected technology stocks.[34]

On March 15, 2000, Yahoo! and eBay ended merger talks and the Nasdaq fell 2.6% but the S&P 500 Index rose 2.4% as investors shifted from strong performing technology stocks to poor performing established stocks.[35]

On March 20, 2000, Barron’s featured a cover article titled “Burning Up; Warning: Internet companies are running out of cash—fast”, which predicted the imminent bankruptcy of many Internet companies.[36] This led many people to rethink their investments. That same day, MicroStrategy announced a revenue restatement due to aggressive accounting practices. Its stock price, which had risen from $7 per share to as high as $333 per share in a year, fell $140 per share, or 62%, in a day.[37] The next day, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, leading to an inverted yield curve, although stocks rallied temporarily.[38]

On April 3, 2000, judge Thomas Penfield Jackson issued his conclusions of law in the case of United States v. Microsoft Corp. (2001) and ruled that Microsoft was guilty of monopolization and tying in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. This led to a one-day 15% decline in the value of shares in Microsoft and a 350-point, or 8%, drop in the value of the Nasdaq. Many people saw the legal actions as bad for technology in general.[39] That same day, Bloomberg News published a widely read article that stated: “It’s time, at last, to pay attention to the numbers”.[40]

The Replay Calendar

It’s REALLY simple.  Pay attention here while I lay out the case:

  • 1907 = Knickerbocker Crisis –>    2000 = Dotcom Bubble Burst
  • 1920 =  Major Market Panics –> 2008  = Housing Bubble Peaks
  • 1929 =  Great Crash, Depression   –> 2020 =  (pending)

Obviously, the Fed is committed to “papering over” the crisis.  That’s why we continue to play the “short side” very cautiously.  Wading in short for a day or two (like last week) and then scampering to cash after bagging some lunch money.

A Fresh Data Point

NY Fed Empire State Manufacturing Index is just out this morning.  Not bad…I mean all things considered:

Business activity steadied in New York State,   according to firms responding to the June 2020 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. After breaching record lows in April and May, the headline general business conditions index climbed forty-eight points to -0.2. New orders were unchanged from last month, and shipments inched higher. Delivery times and inventories were little changed. Employment levels edged slightly lower and the average workweek continued to decline. Input price increases picked up, and selling prices stabilized. Firms were notably more optimistic that conditions would be better in six months, with the index for future business conditions rising to its highest level in more than a decade.”

After the data, however, Dow futures were still down 575-points…

Ahead, Then?

We continue very cautious in our outlook, but here’s the grim reality of the present-day market charts:  They look like the rally from the March lows is done.

Regrettably, as the disclaimers of financial-type repeat (endlessly)  “Past performance is no assurance of future returns.”

And that’s the curse-of-the-charts, as well.  We leave the forecasting to Future to those most qualified:  Palmistry, scrying, Rune-casting, fortune-tellers.  A group that properly includes the (not really) “Federal” Reserve.

A Few Things Matter

Another key point to be born in mind this week is that social movements tend to flourish at times of financial panic.

There were two big movements in the wake of the Great Crash in late 1929 that grabbed America’s attention.

One was the Bonus Army – which was engaged for a couple of years in a combative stance with the central government.  WW I vets had been promised a “Bonus” but it wasn’t scheduled until several years hence.  Beggared by the Crash and ensuing Depression, people wanted their due.

In some sense, we can see this as the press for black reparations (just now in ramp-up mode).  Because again, government made promises and it doesn’t look like they’ll be kept.  When one sees how the Johnsonian “Great Society” has failed, the reasons are clear.  Regulations that financialized the break-up of black families was unconscionable.   We need action on racism not more reports, says David Lammy.

Unfortunately, as was pointed out in a Directorate 153 study on the Peoplenomics site this weekend, had the central government been able to end all lawlessness in the country – and pass out free educations, and the like, we’d be in economic Depression already.  Because the fact is “crime” and “poverty accounts for something over 10% of American GDP.  900-thousand sworn law enforcement (not counting staff) driving 700-thousand police vehicles…  Let’s not forget Corporate profits from the prison system.  Counselors, half-way houses, and these buy food from large distribution companies.  Then you have “tracking bracelets” and license plate readers and judges, defenders and prosecutors, and document management companies off that.  The list is endless.

America Can’t Afford to End Crime

Big cities spend up to $772 per capita (*Baltimore) to police cities.

Yeah…crime doesn’t pay. Except, it keeps the economy afloat.  A built-in contradiction, wouldn’t you say?

So when terrible things happen in the news (like Atlanta this weekend)  it’s yet-another case of “bad for people” but “good for business.”  I digress…

Technocracy Matters, Too

In the present-day “rhyme” on events of the late 1920s and early 30s, there was also a drive to reform government.  Back then it was the Technocracy movement.

“In the 1930s, through the influence of Howard Scott and the technocracy movement he founded, the term technocracy came to mean, ‘government by technical decision making’, using an energy metric of value. Scott proposed that money be replaced by energy certificates denominated in units such as ergs or joules, equivalent in total amount to an appropriate national net energy budget, and then distributed equally among the North American population, according to resource availability.

In  the modern rhyme, we see a kind of allegiance evolving between BLM on the one hand, and a multiplicity of left-wing groups spouting “anarchy!” on the other.  So yes, the urban rebellion on Capitol Hill in Seattle might be classified as a kind of “son of Technocracy.”

In both historical cases, the ability of government to actually “deliver on promises” was called into question by current events and inept politicians at virtually all levels.

The current ignorance of history is what made Newt Gingrich so refreshingly interesting during his D.C. tenure:

Gingrich received a B.A. degree in history from Emory University in Atlanta in 1965. He went on to graduate study at Tulane University, earning an M.A. (1968) and a Ph.D. in European history (1971).[20] He spent six months in Brussels in 1969–70 working on his dissertation, Belgian Education Policy in the Congo 1945–1960.

Unfortunately, most of what remains in Washington is a collection of lawyers – who by their very nature are not “makers” of anything other than laws (rule sets) and “judgments” (blame assigners).

All in favor of limiting congress to not more than 20% lawyers, raise your hands?

Joe Biden, by the way, is a lawyer.  So, too, are the Clintons.  Pretty good case, huh?

In Ure Shorts

Rioting in Atlanta overnightas Atlanta police shooting of Rayshard Brooks sparks second night of protests.  (We cite the media for propagandizing:  When glass breaks and fires are set, that’s a riot.  Do follow this media manipulation back to its Souroses…)

Not just Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, huh?  China’s Economy Faces Another Hurdle: Darkened Movie Theaters.

Virus fallout continues: 24 Hour Fitness files for bankruptcy and closes 100 gyms.

And here’s something “fishy”: How Beijing’s second coronavirus wave triggered a salmon boycott.

All this as Europe Reopens Borders But China Battles New Virus Outbreak.

Sounds like a great day to kick back, relax and pretend at being retired, doesn’t it?

Write when you get rich,


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  1. yep everybody got that red white and blue vaccine .. makes you always see things different .. walks like a duck , looks like a duck , quacks like a duck .. well leverage hard it is .. if you aint vaccinated with patriot potion

  2. oh yeah and that hugely reliable empire state manufacturing survey got a fail grade . that’s better than triple fail .. you see big numbers in masks , ventilators , hazmat suits and riot gear

  3. The Great Society was a transfer of the costs of slavery to the broad citizenship from the RICH slave owners under the guise of modern day Welfare. Job creation that could support a family with adequate pay vanished and not just for Blacks it vanished for everyone and now the burden of that cost thru taxation is disappearing fast as jobs have been axed and aren’t coming back for anyone regardless of color. Floyd’s death is a symptom of a greater disease although his death is tragic and shouldn’t happen to anyone regardless of color – (I didn’t see Police Chief Acevedo calling for protests when HPD murdered that poor white couple on a botched drug raid) The disease is wealth inequality and I don’t mean everyone should be a millionaire and it stems from the Federal Reserve Bank ( A private for profit bank) and there repeated efforts of bailing out the wealthy starting with Greenspan and LTCM – Jackson and Sharpton should be directing efforts in that direction but sadly they eat from the same trough. Good Luck – you will need it.

  4. “America Can’t Afford to End Crime”

    Wars and crime.. god it’s hard to imagine that our whole way of life depends on those two industries to flourish.. but when you follow the chain it is the glue that holds America together.
    I would hope that repairing and working on the countries infrastructure would be more useful.. instead wars to get some greedy mutt more of what he doesn’t need or deserve.. the same with crime..
    You would th think we could change our path to a more honorable one. Still keeping the economy moving in a progressive direction.

    • Like I’ve said before – nothing exists without its opposite at some level. Or at least everything is relative to its opposite extreme as it exists in the here and now.

    • You know I understand how China does it.. they depend on the greed of the oligarchs to propel their nation.. they aren’t to interested in destroy and conquer.. but use and manipulation by others greed..
      My real curiosity.. is how does Russia keep their economy afloat.. we use crime, destruction and warfare to propel our economy. Keep it moving to allowance oligarchy through greed of a very few.. but Russia..they are only in what six countries because those countries asked them for assistance.. while the USA is in what..somewhere around two hundred because some one that doesn’t need or deserve anything is pushing for more..
      Since what I see isnt a sign of destroy and conquer as their ultimate motives for control.. where in the USA attempting to get everyone enslaved through federal programs is.. what is their driving force in the USSR….

    • “… follow the chain…. “ OK. Wait a minute. Let’s think. First, we allow the police to be defunded/abolished. OK. Now, since now no one is being arrested cause no police, we can defund/abolish all jail staff. And with no arrests, who needs all that bureaucracy that does the paperwork for fines, plus no courts will be needed. No courts, no need for lawyers – hooray! Nope, that’s not right. Lawyers will still be the politicians … nevermind. [LOL]

      • You know Jw.. we were just having this conversation a little bit ago about the police..
        Pretty soon.. what you will see is they will pull all police out of those neighborhoods after dark.. lawlessness will go rampant.. it will be hard to get people to work those neighborhoods at all..
        The question is.. the nicest neighborhoods to go out on the town in..are policed by the mob.. as long as you follow their rules.. you’ll go out have a great time.. and not be robbed or anything.. they run a tight ship..
        take that into consideration and think.. will the street gangs in the area’s where the citizens living there will be lacking the protection and the businesses being promoted for business by outsiders.. will they police those area’s like organized crime to make it a good place to go out for dinner or shopping.. or will they continue to push the neighborhoods the way they have up to now allowing them to crumble worse than what they are.. burning down the neighborhood shops and businesses.. rape murder pillage.. or will they take up the protect and promote … interesting and for us it won’t take long for all of us to find out how this will work out.. at this point in time.. I wouldn’t walk in any of those neighborhoods.. was it stanford that did a study on racial discrimination by sending in students to different area’s.. quite interesting to read.. most of them were chased out of those neighborhoods..

  5. Never knew what Gingrich’s educational background was (“Belgian Education Policy in the Congo”??) but that may explain his friendship with William Forstchen who wrote “One Second After” at Gingrich’s behest. Forstchen is a professor of history also.

  6. The takedown of Trump, by the very people that worked for him is almost complete. Slowly, America is getting prepped. First it was General Mattis, then General Kelly, Anthony Scaramucci weighed in and…now John Bolton has a book coming out that blasts Trumps incompetence Failure to grasp political issues, actual policy and the fact that Trump cares not of his country, but only ratings, polls and his re-election. Excerpts are available online.

    These people are not the sour grapes type. They have had a great career, don’t need the money and could have said nothing. But, they felt it was their duty to speak out, because none of these folks want him to be President again. America deserves better. All will be featured in upcoming video’s and commercials courtesy of the Lincoln project, along With General McMaster, soon to come out with another statement of his own, and will join Mattis and Kelly in an ad, plus Rex Tillerson will join Bolton and Scaramucci in an ad.

    They realize that enough is enough. The reality series has run its course. Trump was a novelty that fueled media coffers, and we watched, then we tolerated him, but grew weary, then we tired of him and got annoyed, now we are angry and just want Trump to go away.This is an exponentially growing majority. His base is shrinking, because they are still out of a job and Trump is out there tweeting Conspiracy theories and Organizing PPE free, arena filled rallies. It’s all about image to him…here is a tweet he just sent that proves it.

    Without testing, or weak testing, we would be showing almost no cases. Testing is a double edged sword – Makes us look bad, but good to have!!!

    Why did he have to say it that way? Why could he has said. We have great testing and it is showing where the problems are, so that we can monitor each region and plan a strategy to eradicate the spread accordingly.

    Wouldn’t that have been better? All Trump cares about is the fact it makes us look bad. Screw the people with the virus.

    • @MARX
      YOU do realize that many of the names you referenced are traitors to this country ,who have aligned themselves with the NWO/Shadow Government……YOU are siding with a COUP of a sitting president….History shows it does not end well for co conspirators……IF as you constantly tell us ..PRESIDENT TRUMP IS A DICTATOR…….some may be glad to see your name on that list…..at least when the ‘purge’ is commenced…..many will see what the TRUTH really is….but I will guess from past History as my guide…YOU will not be relieved….and your past comments will MARK you for all to see….Semper Fi

      • d,
        Yet Trump hired all of them. He is responsible…or irresponsible is more like it. He sang their praises when they sucked up to him… And when each and every one of those hires found out the truth about how dumb Trump is…they all did the right thing and are telling all for the future health and well being of this country. That’s not a traitor. That’s a patriot. They are my hero’s and they should be yours too…if not, then you are the traitor!

      • Mark,

        I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the joke about about buying Florida beachfront property. But hey, plans are coming together nicely for a private sector superior to a former Secretary of Homeland Security. One imagines if important stuff needs ironing out, POTUS is just down the road. You don’t have to burn your republican credentials yet. Just bide’n your time. The system is working as designed.


      • “how many times I’ve heard the joke about about buying Florida beachfront property.”

        I met a guy that had a few B’s on his side.. his cabins on the island.. nice guy kept trying to get me to move there.. had his own zoo..LOL..but take away the B’s and he was just a regular guy actually.. I liked him the moment I seen his purple tennis shoes LOL…cashmier rock the size of a golf ball on his finger.. anyway.. we shared a few home brews one time when he was heading up to do some meetings and stopped by to say hello.. helped me put in my garage doors .. and I asked.. how he got his break.. he opened up and it was by selling his swamp land.. seems his daddy in law was a politician.. and he didn’t want his daughter married to a hog farmer in the swamp.. so.. he instantly had offers for his farm in the swamp..
        LOL LOL so the old joke isn’t really a joke after all.. It is something that really happened.. LOL

    • “They realize that enough is enough.” Mark I never knew you are clairvoyant and possess the ability to read people’s minds. Otherwise, how the F do you know anything about these person’s motives? Could it be some 3rd party (Soros?) has made it well worth their wiles to step up and stab Trump in the back?

      • West Coast,
        Could it be that they are all smart and successful enough to make their own decisions? You telling me that a dozen decorated Generals are in Soros back pocket? Ha. I don’t think so. And the combination of Tillerson, ultra conservative Bolton and Scaramucci, would laugh at this comment. They would rather spit in the face of Soros, than accept any advice and especially money from him. Get a grip. You people have all of the typical Fox excuses, with none of the facts to back it up…just like President Dimwit.

      • There’s a few possiblities here. One is, you may be right that Soros paid trump’s former staff to speak the truth about trump. That’s quite a conspiracy. The other option is that people are speaking their truth. I say Occam’s Razor wins. If you believe what you wrote you really need help.

      • Mark,
        How does a dumb person become a billionaire? Even a dishonest billionaire can’t be a dumb person.
        Why are you so filled with hatred for this man? I haven’t heard anything patriotic from any other president. Most politicians hate America. You think we would be better off with Joe Biden? A woman says he molested her. Everyone like you, ignores that. But DJT says he had women let him grab their crotch but I have yet to see any of those woman come forward and accuse him of molestation. Maybe you’re just jealous of his success? I want our nation to enjoy some of that success. If this guy were to lay a golden egg, you and your cronies would say that the President just sh!t in the Whitehouse. Propaganda cuts both ways.
        You do know that a greater depression will also hurt your real estate biz? Blessings

    • “His base is shrinking”

      Yes, that must by why ONLY 800,000 people signed up for tickets to his upcoming rally. And why over 40% of traditionally Democrat black voters now support Trump. Poor guy–he’ll be lucky to get even one vote in Tulsa.

  7. Yo KemoSabe,

    Have been pondering/chewing on 5G microwaves and Covert19 and need critical review..

    There seems to be evidence of Infrared Radiation at 60 GHz, 5G Increases the Spin Speed of the Outer Electrons of O2 oxygen molecules.

    To better understand this concept of Affect on the Molecules,we can consult ANY Physics text on how a Mass Spectrometer workz.

    According to Quantum mechanics , an electromagnetic wave Increases the spin number of the molecule while absorbing photonic energy.

    This alters Spin Balance that is needed to allow Connection with Hemoglobin, To Bind to Oxygen, Hemoglobin needs SLOW spin of the outer Electrons, by not finding it immediately = Hypoxia – this would explain People and Birds just Droping dead in the street..I think.

    Living in a Urban area around tons of 5G “towers” ?
    – might want to consider hooking a Wire from Ure Ground circuit to bare Radiator pipe – acts like a Tree in “cleaning” your environment. .

    Then again if Ure living in Urban area, U are already feeling the affects from the TRUMP Deranged.

    – U know who U R.. what R U gonna Blame on the Orange Gollum Greatness this week?

    Civil Unrest? covert19?, climate change? Holding an Upside Down and Backwards bible? grand solar minimum/new ice age? economic implosion?

    Oh wait I know U can blame the Corporate Profits from prison System on TRUMP.. – NOT!

    Gee – it seems the Largest population of Hispanic Cartel Nogoodniks are Incarcerated in Prisons in Nasty Maligancys district – more than any other prison system in Cali.

    – U dont think Nasty and Nasty’s hubby got a BIG PIECE of that corp/stock business?BTW- WTF is goat hill pizza ? like comet pong pong pizza in dc?

    Worst of the worst of it this weekend ? US covert19 Daily Deaths have FALLEN two-thirds in Six Weeks! oh noo G – Ure fear mongering gonna be losing steam, as Positive Tests are actually falling nationally..

    Amount of Cases should have NEVER been presented to public as it SOOOOOO reliant on the amount of Testing – The Only Reliable Measure is Covert19 DEATHS, and those figures have been “salted” .

    Resupplied the Bunker this weekend – cause “hunker in the bunker” is general plan for Summer of DisContent.

    – cept trip to SLV/So Co. for a lil R&R, trail riding & Buffalo herding. Keep telling Mrs. Deplorable her dam trail riding/working ranch “vacas” are more WORK than Pleasure – Too dam Tired &Sore at end of day Riding..*&^%$@&#^!

    Buy the Dip?

    • * Now U know why – ETABM – No Wall Nastynancy..”it hurtz businesssssess’

    • The term, “Conspiracy Theory ” was first coined to Identify anyone who would object to the official Congregation investigation findings into the JFK assassination. Funny how most people dont know that.

      I became an official conspiracy theorist when I questioned the collective story my child passed to me as to how how 6 chickens ended up in their bedroom at 2am and how one had gotten electrical tape around its beak breaking in through the bedroom window because it was frosty outside. lol.

      You have some good points and well. You have some rants. And you have some not so good of points.

      I have been wondering about how effective Lisine is at combating Covid 19. I know for a fact that takin 2-3000 mlg a day can completely drop to nothing other virus’s from spreading. Not just herpes. I dont have herpes. I know lots of people who take it for other virus’s like Hep C and a few others. Dropping the body ability to contract viruses and or spread them. It keeps coming up lately in the plamasty. Lol

      I’m not a doctor and do not give medical advice. Just keeps coming up. 3000 milg of lising which has a common amino to our molecular dna. I’m gonna try it with iron. I dont know how I know this stuff. I just do. It wasnt even a question I asked. lol. And I could be wrong. It has come up 5 times in meditation lisine. 3000 mpg a day to not ger Covid 19. So, what the hell. Atleast I wont catch herpes. Lol

  8. Saw an article yesterday re Trump appearing to be having some difficulty walking down a ramp at the West Point graduation, and then some problem holding a glass. Which of course leads one to wonder if he’s ill, or was tired, or was just having a bad day. However, keep in mind that should Pence become President, he could (per the 25th Amendment) appoint a new VP as Nixon did after Agnew resigned and as Ford did after Nixon resigned. And, yes, it would require approval of both Houses of Congress and Pelosi might certainly have motivation to block approval.

    • @ D from NJ

      the ramp was very STEEP….so that even a wheel chair could not be pushed up it..and IF one was used to exit via this same ramp…the ‘occupant’ would have ended up in the ‘Hudson”…

  9. Good point regarding the Bonus Army.

    The WW2 response to the Bonus Army was the G.I. Bill credit expansion.

    I don’t think there is a going to be a super crash.

    We have to look at what’s happening. Many people talk smack about Facebook, then out of the other side of their mouth they say they do have a Facebook account “just for the comments” or whatever.

    People overlook the fact any and all Facebook accounts support Facebook. Their reasoning justifies.

    Recall the anti-NWO types complaining about cities installing facial recognition cameras. Now because BLM/Antifa doesn’t want facial recognition cameras, the majority seem to stand for facial recognition cameras.

    The U.S. government is putting together another bailout. It’s already up to around $2,000,000,000,000. Think about a bailout right now, do you support another bailout? You will.

    Just like all bailouts before, people will argue against the bailout up until the cusp then go all-in supporting the bailouts.

    We live in an opposite world.

    • @ out of work steve

      ..After , U.S. President Herbert Hoover sent in the U.S. Army to clear the veterans’ campsite. Commanding infantry and cavalry units and a half dozen tanks, soldiers under the command of Army Chief of Staff General Douglas MacArthur,

      The G I BILL was 1944…nothing to do with WWI….
      The GI Bill created a comprehensive package of benefits, including financial assistance for higher education, for veterans of U.S. military service. The benefits of the GI Bill are intended to help veterans readjust to civilian life following service to their country and to encourage bright, motivated men and women to volunteer for military duty. This legislation came in two parts: the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944 and the Montgomery GI Bill.

      • Hey, D,

        I’m angling government of the time saw the social consequences of not paying the WW1 vets the bonus and adjusted.

        The G.I. Bill was done so that the returning WW2 vets wouldn’t revolt. But instead of cash, they were given credit.

        The result of the G.I. Bill was the introduction of government “guarantees”, backstops that induced the credit expansion that is still ongoing.

    • @Marx

      Did you mean ‘sour grapes’…as in most re told stories from 1981 Fathers death to 2000 contested court case…by this niece author….hence written about in 2020….sounds like a obama induced book pay off….imo

      • Brother is here for you, Mark,,can you show me on this doll where the orange man hurt you? you must be having a bad day, as shown by the number of posts all againist the orange man,,what are you afraid of? rope?

  10. 20% lawyers in congress is far too much! I vote for zero. What’s the point of having lawyers(or anyone) in congress if they don’t read the bills and just vote the way their lobbyists tell them to?

    IMHO, any member of congress needs to have a track record of real accomplishments. It could start by being a county commissioner while running a ranch or small business. It could be building up a much larger business along with other notable accomplishments such as scientific discovery and a broad wealth of knowledge. Such a person should have the trust of the community and total personal integrity. I know of absolutely no politician that I would trust enough to lend $20.00 to with the expectation of its return.

    It seems that every politician lies – to the point of it being a bad joke. IMHO, each politician needs to be legally responsible – under bond – for their speech and actions. We vote based on their promises, and such promises need at least the appearance of serious work to fulfill. I’d like to see actual votes of confidence leading to the recall of such people at any time in their term. No politician should feel safe in their job.

      • Also…

        Barack Obama – lawyer
        Michelle Obama – lawyer
        John Kerry – lawyer
        John Edwards – follow that ambulance!
        Al Gore – dropped out of law school to run for Congress. Noteworthy climatologist.

  11. On one hand I woke up so happy, because in my dreams I visited a former place where I’d worked >25 years ago. and I did meet some old and new friends; Then I spoiled my mood by walking down (in real!) life 5th Ave. in Manhattan. Not much could have depressed me more. What have we done to ourselves? More plywood than glass!!

    I’ve read all your comments and many are insightful, indeed. I do have a genuine solution to almost all of our problems, except there is US; We don’t want solutions, because much of it is pure entertainment – of which people never seem to get tired of.
    Case closed!

    • Maybe ya are, maybe your not. Thanks for reminding me of one of my favorite memories in this world.

      All the while the whole world was whirling buzz of busy around me and that old dude.

      Just two men from different walks of life, who crossed paths for a brief moment and share a beer and not a care in the world.

      Thank you very much for reminding me of that. Made my day.

  12. Great market today! From -500 points to its current +157. I tell you it’s magic. I wonder how the Robinhooders played it today?

    • LOL as I wrote on Peoplenomics Saturday

      That said, a continuation of the Friday bounce into Monday or Tuesday may provide a re-entry position for bears – like the guy I saw in the mirror this morning.

    • Been along time since I walked 5th ave old dude. 25 years to be exact. I was one of the 24,000 that walked through the Canyon of Heros. I didnt really feel much like a hero though.

      Who knows, you may have been the old Jewish fella that sat next to me in the bar of the 4 seasons, bought me a Guinness. I said thank you didnt have to do that. You said and you didnt have to do that either, but here we are now. I said. I dont feel like a hero.  Then the old Jewish dude looked me in the eye with a firm hand shake and said very kindly, “one day son, you will great man but for today, we will drink to your recent victory, mazel tov!”

      I never forgot that old dude. Definitely had a spark in his eye that you dont see in most people.

      I remember that dude when my first child was born I said, today I have become a great man.

      Life is weird like that. We always think we are walking straight lines headed to some horizon and find out we are just walking in big loops.

      • Maybe ya are and maybe your not.

        Thanks for reminding me of that moment in my life where time didnt matter.

        With all the world buzzing around and none of it matter. Just old man and a young man from differnt worlds who crossed paths for a brief moment in life to share a beer and not a care in the world.

        One of my favorite memories in this life. Thanks for reminding me of that. It was a beautiful thing.

  13. Trump has no need to wear a mask because he’s taking hydroxychloroquine, which 6000 doctors worldwide have claimed is a CV-19 preventative/cure. The study debunking it has been proven to be fraudulent. Pence and Pelosi are most likely taking it also.The president of El Salvador takes it and said all world leaders are doing likewise. That’s why most leaders are never seen with a mask unless they’re trying to virtue-signal their medically illiterate followers.

  14. Fed to the rescue again…
    The Fed says it is going to start buying individual corporate bonds

  15. Woooohooo …Jeffe Jorge – we B going higher! jerome kerPOWel just keeps ladling the gravy.

    – thats right suckas – just hit the Print Button over at the Fed, and presto magic money appears to buy moar “zombie corporate debt” – Lets call it Zoombieland 3.0

    – U got worthless/underwater collateral (400k Vehicles) no problema mi amigo – kerPOWel will Buy it, and keep buying it and buy it..cause its a Free for All..


    “I print all day and I print all night and my parts never wear out, Im a FRN printer, I print all day and I print all night and my parts never wear out, Im a FERN printer I print all day and I print all night and my parts never wear out, Im a FRN printer..”

    Got Bitcoin ? There WERE only going to be 21 Million and NO MORE – turns out there will be WAY LESS – they are gone, buried in landfills around the world – they will never exist again. Satoshi had a couple Million BTC’s, they vanished with him. No worries 4 G though..

    cause – NO Bitcoin 4 U !

    • Feb 12 BTC 10,351
      Market low of wave 1 down? $4,857 closing
      Wave 2 peak? $10,210 on June 1
      Let’s do the math: Wave III down will be 1.5 or 1.6 times Wave 1 down.
      Ure’s outlook? $1,069 around market low.
      yeah…this year.
      Be patient!
      No LOGIC for you!!!

      (But for anyone else with half-a it’s clear that in major Depressions there IS NO SAFE QUARTER (or satoshi!)

      • PS BCN scoffed at my $4,000 btc this year – which only took to March to hit, lol (intraday, but any port (preferably a tawny) in a storm

    • my calculator has a lot of numbers on it…
      take out the battery or turn it off.. they are gone…
      its just a blinking light.. the dollar well even though it is a promise as long as you have the dollar bill you have something to wipe with.. the coins now they have some value.. that is why I buy copper coins… or copper bullion.. copper have so much potential..can be used by almost everyone and can be reshaped into whatever.. they look good to.. gold.. well if I need a ring.. then it has some value.. or to coat an electrical board.. silver has way more uses than gold.. coinage was developed to represent a specific weight of an item.. or as a trade able raw resource to be made into something else..
      this has to be the best explanation of bitcoin that i have ever seen…


  16. Could CHAZ be a prime example of a business model gone bad and a psy-spy-op at the same time? A new social model to sell to the American people “As the World Turn’s”?
    A microcosm of our future if we don’t buy into Universal Income and mass injections of the latest new world order microchip reset upgrades of biotech enhancement?
    Could CHAZ be a testube for 5G experimentation and fine tuning? And with a touch of voice to skull technology?
    I think they even have a “Mad Max” gangsta character running around.
    Reminds me of watching the latest evening news from Vietnam with updated body counts and battle scenes.

    • They blew their business model when they re-branded themselves as CHOP. CHAZ was a hot name and really taking off. I even declared my own autonomous zone, WAZ (Wacky Autonomous Zone). I’m not Italian so it would be cultural appropriation to change to WOP. They are lacking in the PR department!

  17. Detroit mayor willfully removing statues. Christopher Columbus went today.

    I’m going out on a limb here but think last year was the last year for large public firework displays.

    • I sometimes wonder if they’re trying to erase our history.. each and everyone of them..good or bad their actions and efforts formed who we are as a people.
      My older relatives hated an ancestor of ours.. yet today his actions are taught in all the schools..
      In my shed I have an old old old hand made basket .the story about the basket is that he had received a note to meet for an adventure.. my great great great great grandpa told his family he had a hankering for fresh berry pie. Yumm.. he made a bunch of baskets and sent everyone out to pick berries.. while they were out he got his kit ready and left.. the story goes that he didnt tell a soul.. left them without winter provisions.. the hate was so strong over his actions that no one wanted to claim him as a realative..
      The old homestead is just a small place.. I still have the pictures of the original homestead before it was burned down.. I wished I had pictures of sacagawea’s shack..when I was little a great great uncle showed the remnants of it to me..
      Today we see and recognize the sacrifices that everyone had to make.. even dragging a young teenager home after running off withought letting anyone know.. the good the bad.. it’s still our history..study it learn from it and move on..

  18. yep . George is right everybody else right .. markets all apple pie and cream .. so im wrong , the world is great , and im staying short everything . the longer im wrong the righter I will be .. everybody is right

  19. George,
    I thought there was no Trump bashing allowed here. Yet it continues and from the same people. There is so much to glean here from all the bright people here. Too bad a couple of people are eager to upset the continuity of this fine place. I mean, what are they trying to accomplish? Just to throw a wrench in the gears to make us preoccupied with defending our president? Why don’t they go to a site where people are steeped in ignorance and spew their excrement? …. Blessings

    • Well you know if you follow the herd you never learn anything,if you wish to follow Trump that’s your right but don’t even think of condemning those that don’t that’s called a dictarship,I guess that works both ways if you wish to follow Trump then perhaps your on the wrong site as free speech is the rule of the day,who are you you say everyone else is stupid but you because they don’t follow your tunnel vision.!!

      • Blue,
        I don’t condemn anyone. But bashing the elected president just because one doesn’t like him is counter productive. I don’t especially like him, but I believe under the circumstances, he is doing what he can. Look at the adversity he has to operate under. I can’t remember another president with this much opposition from the other government personnel. If one wants a different leader, vote for someone else. But I think it won’t matter. Eventually, he will finish his term and we will have another traitor selling us out. Blessings

      • People here can support anyone they want. It’s never been said that we must all be Trump supporters, and in fact, some here are on the fence and some don’t support him at all. The objection is to the constant venom from one particular person who can rarely comment on any topic without a barrage of Trump hatred. We get it! He doesn’t like Trump. Fine . . . others don’t like him, either. The problem is that his tantrums are annoying and boring and he then pours the hatred out onto anyone who disagrees with him. And it’s very ironic that his childish fits and name-calling are identical to Trump’s.

      • Guess you never read about JFK and his on going battle with the Joint Chiefs, because he wouldn’t permit them to make a first nuclear strike on Russia, which would have led to 77 million dead and half of those would have been over here,The treason from his diplomatic corp in Nam,the treason from the C.I.A. at the Bay of Pigs and Nam, the false flag from the Navel Corp to get us into war,Now Trumps problems are mostly of his own making and they pale when it comes to others who have occupied the same office,and yes I’ll condemn any man who occupies that office that only represents a hand full of people the 1% or his own class.!!

    • I agree Steve, Given your fascist logic, I propose that you Be banned…There are too many successful and heretofore, smart people on the good side of justice and American values that know the truth about the horrors of Trump. We fight the good fight. The rest of you. Sheeples, cultists, manipulated morons on the side of evil.

      One such idiot earlier in this thread had the gall to suggest that Biden and his one woman problem was worse than Trump and his dozens of accusers. Hell…Trump is on a Hollywood Access tape saying he molests women…and all of you shrug it off. He pays off porn stars, he cheats on three wives…Hell, he had a out in the open affair, with no remorse with Marla Maples. The guy that says he could shoot someone on 5th ave And people would still support him…knows that there is a segment of the population that can’t think for themselves. He knows the secrets of manipulation. The same secrets that the tobacco, alcohol and processed food manufacturers know. That segment Of the population , which I want no part of…I don’t drink, smoke or eat processed anything…that segment is manipulated and trained, just like a domestic animal to obey and serve.

      Steve, d, east and west coast deplorable, et al are sad examples of the control and the result of a sinister psy-ops program to the point that even a morose character like Trump Is worshipped and adored. Wake up people…before it too late

      • Mark,
        I didn’t realize I was a fascist. So you are saying DJT is worse than Obama? Selling the US or Bill “I didn’t have sex with this woman” Clinton? Yeah, he has a past. He’s been married 3 times and may be a womanizer when younger. He has not tried to hide it.
        But as for policy. Is he worse, are we worse off, than we were during the previous administration?
        As a small business owner, I was not prospering prior to the Trump presidency. That changed after his election. For me, and people like me, it’s about making a living for our families. I don’t care who has sex with who, as long as they do the job we the people hired them to do. Not give away the farm and punish the citizens and make everything hard for them, but give foreigner’s what should be given to them.
        I don’t like what’s going on in the US, but is it all DJTs fault? Will someone else do better? Or will they continue with the dismantling of the US like many elected officials are now doing?
        No I don’t think you should be banned, just toned down on the bashing. Besides starting an argument, what does it accomplish anyway? You’re not going to change minds or hearts. Only alienate folks. Sorry if I offended you. … Blessings ….. Steve

  20. Hey george live here in so cal out of all the people I know and the people they know only one family in there 40’s with two kids got the rona it was like a bad cold and the daughter thats never had a flu shot was the least sick

  21. have all these gurus that make money out of storytelling passed on their trades to next of kin to keep America great forever .. the fractal guy got no problems with concentric circles of bs in intervals of days , weeks , months . years , decades , centuries .. I will pass on my shorting codes and prices

  22. yep its official as well .. covid is a steaming pile of horse manure .. and uh anybody talking that its not is um wearing the red white and blue jersey with a strange fractal star emblem

  23. I keep forgetting to mention dude the Norway spiral keeps comin up. Has for 3 weeks. I’m gonna have another look. Maybe a refrence to that missle shield in Poland that the US put there as Trump pulls the troops from Europe?? China and India are set to go. You know the logistics of war as much as any of us. Have to have enough stuff in place before the fireworks begin. A 6 month campaign uses alot of TP, rice bowls, chop sticks, bandaids, dental floss, tooth paste, water bottles, diesel, gas, bullets, sheets, laundry soap, razors, sleeping bags, sewing knits, etc. Etc. These things just dont happen over night. Not to mention the loan from the bank of Rothchild, interest rates, flags, flag posts, and rat a tat tat boot strings. 2 billion Chinese against 1.3 billion Hindus. Bout time the Chinese did something besides talk. They havent been to physical war since then beat up the tibetan peace monks.

    I’m shifting my eyes to the world stage to have a look around. Lots and lots of chatter from the chinese taking Tiawan by force. Now that they have 2 carriers we know of… how many are they keeping a secret. Good question. Me thinks 4 complete carrier groups. But that could just be speculation.

    I think it was Mussolini who coined the idea of build infrastructure then build a bad ass secret navy. As Gomer said, Suprize suprize suprize! And it was the fine irish soldier Radar O’Reilly that knew the choppers where coming before everyone else.

    Hmmm…. hear that beat. Tap tap tap boom boom boom. Sounds like choppers to me. Drone choppers.

    Oh. And I wear the watch they gave me because it makes them feel better to know where I am at all times. Dont wanna hurt anyones feelings. Lol.

    • The Norway spirals are interesting…. I can tell you…. My thoughts on it..that it is similar to the aurora borealis ..
      highly-charged particles from the solar wind and the Earth’s magnetosphere collide with oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the upper atmosphere. Thor’s spinning hammer.. well not exactly LOL..
      Space weather had a few articles a few years ago on the magnetosphere.. and our earths polarity being shifted.. anyway.. all around the globe we have magnetic vortexes.. one big one near sweden.. combined with the highly-charged particles from the solar wind and the Earth’s magnetosphere collide with oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the upper atmosphere. and a magnetic vortex..these discovered vortices of ejected solar material high above the Earth. are nothing more than superheated gases trapped in these vortexes and are probably tunnelling their way into the Earth’s magnetic ‘bubble’, the magnetosphere.
      similar to the Horns of Gabriel’s Horn and the sign of the judgement..grabriels horns is in my opinion the solar winds vibrating the magnetosphere…( global horn sounds) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaZsjtYhGZs
      if you notice.. these things are during times when there is a solar event..
      well at least that is what I tell the grandkids when they ask me.. I am a no body but it is how I see it..

  24. What ever happens to that genocide in Syria? The Iran Nuclear program? The forgotten soldiers fighting a war in Afghanistan and Iraq of lost causes? Why it’s almost like N. Korea doesnt hate us anymore.

    The most successful NBA sports team on the plane took a bail out. The lakers. A coffee Shop (Starbucks) is now too big to fail?

    Did we just enter the twilight zone?

  25. Around here we refer to those issues as ..DEAD HORSE ISSUES… that are used to further a campaign get someone elected get people all fired up so that an agenda can be made..Well.I think an issue that furthered the agenda that a group has came to being.. So those issues have been tabled until another day when the dead horse can be dragged around the arena all over again..




    in times.. you hear slang terms.. these slang terms are used to dehumanize a group, a subject etc.. so if you want to get a group against someone you refer to them as the slang term.. take Marijuana.. ..refer madness.. a huge campaign was started to turn everyone away from hemp.. so the use of a Mexican slang term for hemp was used.. where if they had referred to it as Hemp.. they never could have gotten the agenda passed making it illegal .

    in the end its all about a business model.. for that particular subject and product.. that has so many positive uses that you litterally could spend years just writing them down.. was so some joker could sell his sawdust and corner the toilet paper market.. it also was seen as a threat to the alcohol industry.. so now you have people spending billions a year to keep it illegal..

    right now I think those issues are just set aside.. they already know that they can be affective at using them to get the population all fired up.. but it isn’t necessary.. they have other issues now that are doing ok all by themselves..

  26. “I sometimes wonder if they’re trying to erase our history..”

    Ding, ding, ding — WE HAVE A WINNER!

    LOOB, they are, and this is straight out of Marx.

    You erase references to history, and any foci to which the true past can be known OR GAUGED (like statues, or named buildings & streets.) This enables you to “write your own” version of history, without contridiction. Lenin had statues of the Czarists removed, and Stalin had statues of Lenin removed so as to facilitate the rewrite of Russian/Soviet history. Our statuary removal will eventually migrate from Lee, Jackson, and Davis, to Washington, Jefferson, and Madison, and thence to Saints and Holy Relics (like the Bible), as Christianity is removed from the public dynamic and lexicon.

    • The leftists continue to write Hitler and Mussolini out of the founding socialist history book, and have been successful in the US, largely thanks to the efforts of our “educators”. Every American school kid believes that Nazis and Fascists are right wingers.

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