100-Year Toaster: Ch. 18 (Honest Money and Value)

The paradox of growth versus environmental balance (finally) wraps up today.  We out the final chapter of our next Peoplenomics ebook.  These are included with your Peoplenomics.com subscription.  However, some of the ebooks such as Power in the Second Depression are available on Amazon ($5.99).

This final chapter has taken more than a year to sort out.  Because the “way forward” for nearly 8-billion competitive people (all of whom like to eat three-squares a day) is a nearly insolvable problem.  What we come to is the policies problem.  Because corporations and governments have merged along a jagged frontier of competing and cooperative interests.

Of course, no Peoplenomics report is complete without our twice-weekly ChartPack.  And with the market futures early on the upside, we’re sensing the Fed announcement of a rate hike this afternoon could turn into a classic “Buy the Rumor – Sell the News” kind of event.

After a few other news items which are weighing not only on markets but the rational people who keep the world spinning forward.

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George Ure
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67 thoughts on “100-Year Toaster: Ch. 18 (Honest Money and Value)”

  1. “What we do know is that even in fairly recent times, the Fed has consistently given itself high marks for doing the “economic right thing”

    Interesting thought.. what happens if they DON’T raise rates…
    the kept interest low to keep the velocity of cash moving.. but.. homer and company printed up six trillion dollars to spur the growth.. then it vanished.. no one knows where they put it.. no checks and balances on it.. you would assume that life would be grand on the home front with six years of budget printed at one time..
    instead nothing new happened and not a word on what they did with it….And now.. they are printing more and giving it to ukraine.. and using our strategic reserves in both arms and fuel.. and shuffling over a half million a month additional mouths to feed.. I know I know what could possibly go wrong with them doing that right…
    kind of like adding an additional penny to the tax.. but this time.. they have to add even more than a penny.. to make up for homers time.. they have to do something to keep the dollar active and valued.. ( toilet paper anyone.. well can’t use it for that.. its to rough they would have to soften it and make it so that it could deteriate faster)
    they add a penny to the interest loans slow down.. the economy tightens.. they don’t the dollar is so watered down that it takes more of it to buy anything and everything.. china and russia just says no we have to have gold.. then we are screwed…. no increased industry or infra structure going on.. and six trillion lost.. to where who knows.. and no one cares.. kind of like the was three trillion that vanished that they were going to look for in an area that had a plane destroy that particular section of the pentagon..

    • … and when D. Schmuck took over the rains in
      Washington we had hoped that at least he’d
      arrest a few of the political clown possy for
      violating their oath of office what did HE do?

      HE took care of his “cronies” like all the rest of them do. No blame; He just did what is natural in politics.

  2. It’s not science, it’s politics.

    In the 60’s, they said Oil will be gone in 10 years.

    In the 70’s, they said there will be another Ice Age, in 10 years.

    In the 80’s, they said Acid Rain will destroy all the crops, in 10 years.

    In the 90’s they said the Ozone Layer will be destroyed, in 10 years

    In the 2000’s, they said all the Glaciers will all melt away … in 10 years

    In the 2010s, they said the east and west coasts will be under water from rising sea waters … in 10 years.

    50 years of bullshit. None of it came true BUT, it did result in higher taxes … every time.


    The problems we have now with fresh water, do have solutions that are logical and rational but, we’re dealing with politicians who think (drying up the Mississippi River) to water California lawns is the way to go. Sheesh !!

  3. “The Hungry Years: A Narrative History of the Great Depression in America”

    thats a great book by the way….


    my father use to tell me a story about Al Capone.. in Chicago.. ( he was a shoe shine boy down the street from the valintines day masacre.. said all of those guys came and gave him a dollar to shine their shoes before they met..)
    anyway.. al capone kept the neighborhoods support because he did some pretty big things.. the men would drop a box off at homes with children.. of food every week.. because kids were drinking sour milk he made sure that the milk was fresh and today we have dated milk products because of him..
    he had soup kitchens.. where people without kids could get a meal.. so no one in the neighborhoods wanted to see his enterprise end..
    shortly after that.. the usa adopted the commodity program and used that for those in desperation until the food stamp act.. the soup lines are just as long today.. our local soup kitchen serves four hundred kids.. breakfast and supper.. I can’t imagine how many there are in the large metropolitan areas.. stories about homelessness and hunger ..https://www.cbsnews.com/sanfrancisco/video/bay-area-beat-san-francisco-apartment-building-residents-overwhelmed-by-homeless-in-the-streets-out/#x
    and there doesn’t seem to be any relief anytime soon for any of the issues.. and with the vast majority of the wage earners.. one or two paychecks away from being homeless.. its scary.. and the people in the bubble don’t have a clue..
    When Brandon suggested putting back building america great again.. I think that is what interested people to his plan.. then when they printed but didn’t do anything except get back into a way.. with MAGA they had hope.. with build back better.. they thought yes maybe.. but come to find out.. it was only to benefit a few at the top.. and now we are in a worse place ever.. congress hated MAGA and bringing industry back to the citizens.. and build back better well no one knows for sure what happened to any of that.. my guess is someone still has it in their backseat of the car driving around unaware that it is in their car…

  4. “Violence as Control
    Thus, the future of Globalism will ultimately come down to a show of force, assertion first of Total State Power.”

    I have wondered.. if that was the coverup.. of the ukraine issue.. they would keep their corrupt enterprises working and to stabilize the economy..
    historically it did .. but we outsourced our industry and this time war would stimulate another economic outlook in many ways..while neglecting those at home

  5. ” You don’t need to be any “younger, skinnier, sexier, or more attractive” than you are right now. Because if you needed those attributes, you would have already accomplished them.”

    I beg to disagree! Those are attributes I’ve been working on for a lifetime, with diminishing returns, unless you look at the inverse. Money, assets and skills/education don’t compensate for those, and I’ve been told that to my face. Certainly it helps to be debt free, though there are asset predators out there too.

    Though buying crap from glitzy ads won’t help at all.

    Cash is necessary to pay the vig on land, houses, and vehicles, and often the market turns against you at precisely the time that you wish to sell a physical or financial asset for said cash. It’s worth keeping enough available for those necessary expenses each year, regardless of the ROI. God willing, cash will maintain at least some of its utility.

  6. Another fine report today George. A short feel good story. The Executive Committee met this morning with one absent, Moi. Earl, 87, who finally broke down and got himself a cell phone, or I should say an I Phone. WTF?? Those dipshits at the phone store saw an old hillbilly whip out his America Express card and shook him down. Anyway, I am quarantined due to a positive covid test. Both the wife and I. When the meeting came to order Earl was playing with his new phone and one of the other members, Mike I think said lets call Jim so he can listen in. Long story short I get to listen to a lot of loud noisy diner sounds, mumbling and laughing, clinking dishes, and the waitresses barking orders, Betty calling eveyone Sweetie, and once I think somebody either belched or farted. When the noise quieted a little I hear the dishes clinking and the busboy saying crap, one of them left a phone. I automatically said it’s Earl’s. Who’s this? ….. The rest would make a great stand up routine.

    Please keep up with your work, well done. Stay safe. 73

    • This story made my day! Thanks for the laughs! And you’re right–it should be a comedy routine.

    • If you’ve still got the coof, call your doc up for a “z pack” which is antibiotics, then go down to tractor supply or whoever provides ag stuff there in MO and get a couple tubes of Ivermectin. You can mix it with yogurt and it ain’t bad. Stop by the drug store and get some zinc. (This isn’t medical advice) That’s what my wife and I did to beat it; non-vac and plan to stay “pureblood”! Feel better, buddy!

      • Thanks. Second time around for both of us. We’re on the backside of it and doing fine. Nurse Practioner’s daughter keeps us taken care of.
        Best of all Earl got his phone back. Betty at the diner called his wife and she turned him around when he got back to the house. The bad part is she found out from Betty just how expensive the phone was and now Earl is in the dog house. He told me he hasn’t been in this much trouble since the last time we had our meeting in his shop and having a cold beer when she came out with iced tea and cookies for us. Both in their late 80’s but they are something else.

      • Both pureblood as well and will stay that way. I have plenty of Ivermectin in the fridge in the barn but honestly, I don’t think I could bring myself to take it. Our vet advises against it. She has stitched up and applied antibiotics topically to a few of us on the ranches and we have all survived with all our extremities still attached so I trust her advice.
        She’s a cutie too.
        Stay safe. 73

      • Ivermectin for humans is cheap from India (go to Indiamart and search.) Indian drugs are better quality than Chinese. India also sells a “COVID kit” for less than four bucks — gloves, mask, D3, Ivermectin, sanitizer, and probably a couple other things I don’t remember off the top of my head. This was the kit the Indian health agency developed for their population as being the most-likely means to get someone through the virus, alive. The Indian pharmcos made several billion. Pretty much every Indian household has a kit for each member. The overage is for sale to all comers…

  7. I didn’t read the entire chapter but seemed spot-on from what I did read. Will circle back.

    Yesterday Detroit city council gave the billionaire $60,000,000 in tax credits to finish an under construction building that’s unneeded.

    It wouldn’t be so insulting if Detroit had a literacy rate above 50%. Time to move out further, as gas prices permit.

    A local news reporter, Bankole Thompson put together an illustration showing which billionaire non-profits donated to city council non-profits until the vote was in favor of the tax credits.

    Citizens put together corruption flow charts. The system is so rotten nobody can do a thing to stop or correct the problems. Call the police? Trump called the police about the stolen election routers and… crickets.

  8. I think GDP is contrived. Definition from investopedia below.

    Most folks posting are probably spending the most money they’ve ever spent for a bag of groceries. Are the bags fuller? If you think about it today’s plastic sacks are smaller than the 1950’s paper bags.

    Packaging shrinkage all around. But we don’t think about the bags shrinking because our car spaces fit less.

    That’s how it works. GDP has never been higher.

    “GDP can be calculated by adding up all of the money spent by consumers, businesses, and the government in a given period. It may also be calculated by adding up all of the money received by all the participants in the economy. In either case, the number is an estimate of “nominal GDP.””


    • My “half-gallon” orange juice carton went from 53 ounces in May, to 52 ounces, yesterday.

      I’m pretty sure even most of the low-information kiddies have noticed the “shrinkflation” in the grocery stores by now…

      • dam I didn’t even look.. I was thinking that the orange juice bottle looked a little different.. now I will have to check to see if the quantity has changed..

      • Yep, opened a box of crackers. The packages inside come in separate smaller boxes which are the same size as always, but, shockaroo. The cracker package inside the box is 75 percent of the size of the box.
        Missing 25 percent of the crackers!!! Wow!!!

  9. (Honest money and Value)”

    Got GOLD ? Why not, is it not honest ? Is it not valuable?

    Please – consider the program selling of “paper” Gold and “paper” Silver – naked short all day, everyday (1 Billion ounces of silver A DAY trades hands/banks- but ANNUAL/Yearly Silver production is around 700-800 million ounces)..all just to support USD = insanity .
    Austria cant get all their Gold back – some BS regards Swiss vault renovations..not ready for transfer..aint that rich? Wheres the Ukey peeps GOLD? not in the kraine, on that you can count on.

    ..beating a dead horse – as per usual – regards BTC. sick bastard, beating dead animals..
    Ure & Readers future life WILL be determined and directed thru the use of globo digi ID and CBDC’s.
    ..want drive Ure gas guzzling Lexus to nearest lake for a lil recreation on a week day – nien,nein nein – You wont have enough carbon/green credits in “Ure account”, after just cutting the rough on the back nine past weekend – Ure connected car will be disabled – NOT ALLOWED/Restricted movement…silly baba.

    back to the future helps better understand current situation…Corporate& Government = FASCISM .

    “Space Nazi’s” – its what for CONTROL .

  10. Garland is on a fishing expedition, wide spread one at that. He has a target, that he is trying to pin a crime on to,
    quote from Mr. Ure’s link.
    “Look, the Justice Department has been doing the most wide ranging investigation in its history,” he said. “And the committee is doing an enormously wide ranging investigation as well. It is inevitable that there will be things that they find before we have found them. And it’s inevitable that there will be things we find that they haven’t found. That’s what happens when you have two wide ranging investigations going on at the same time.”

    Like a bunch of bank robbers with law degrees, trying to blame/prosecute the bank for pointing out the robber’s crime.
    We want our stolen votes back!!!

    Why is the economy so bad? DUH, it is stolen

  11. RE: The Monday ‘earthquake tireds’.
    Philippines had a 7.0 on Tue. Several hours later the Big Island here had a 4.4 & 4.6 down on the south end only 45 minutes apart. I felt them. Minor shakers for us.

  12. Along with other globalist pressures comes news that foreign governments and others are buying up more and more U.S. farmland.


    Besides the obvious objective of controlling our population’s food supply, and achieving surveillance goals as stated in the above article, this gives them the ability to manipulate markets, and take a profit on marginal land then leave after it’s depleted. We’ve been seeing some of the last mentioned here on the plains for awhile now.

    Since the obvious solution, banning foreign ownership, is politically unlikely, I propose tackling the situation at the local level: tax foreign landowners at a different (much higher) rate. Not only would this run some of them off, but would boost local government revenues without harming the local population. After all, it’s our money they’re using to buy our land out from under us. This is just making “pay to play” a concept we all can benefit from.

    • ‘Heard on the radio yesterday that Indiana is the only State where foreigners could not purchase or own real property. ISTM if da Hewsiers can write such a law that’ll pass muster, other States can, as well. (It should be retroactive, so those millions of Chinese acres can by confiscated like a stack of $100 bills in Tennessee…)

  13. Comrades,

    Is there a drop of truth to the Ukraine War serving as an early warning as Lake Mead water levels drop?

    Shortly after the Russians annexed Crimea 8 years ago, a retired Ukrainian footballer from billionaire oligarch Abramovich’s Chelsea team turned politician and presidential advisor took action. Married to an Anglo-American model whose father had a 5.79 era in the majors, the Ukrainian striker kicked a curve ball across home plate. He built a dam across the North Crimean Canal which crippled Crimean agriculture and severely impacted residential water supplies in the contested regions.

    Recent history appears to indicate that Russian forces gained control of the canal dam on the first day of the invasion, and destroyed it. The North Crimean Canal is apparently again operational. I guess it’s water under the bridge.

    Speaking of models, I understand that Mr. Zelensky and his lovely wife have made the current cover of “Vogue”.

    • Some years ago, oldest kid’s GF had subscriptions to Vogue, Cosmo, and a bunch of other “women’s fashion magazines.” I took the time to leaf through a couple of each, a few years back. They’re like, 12 pages of content interspersed between 200 pages of advertising.

      The only thing about “Vogue” which impresses me is the publisher found a way to sell advertising space to fashion houses, then sell their ads to bubble-headed people.

  14. Crypto

    As my previous comments have made no bones about I expect MANY if not MOST of the Crypto Firms to take the dive into banruptcy, some into complete insolvency. As one of the biggies, and a legitimate one, Coin Base is worth paying attention to so when this popped up about noon I thought it worth posting here.

    Remember, the addage of investing in companies, or an asset class, is that if you see ONE RAT there are probably many many more hiding behind the walls, which imo is the case with Crypto. MANY outright scams, a bunch of companies that are now trapped in the collateral upside down issue from all the loans that were going back and forth between firms in that industry and thus insolvent … and NOW THIS:


    “Morning Wood: ARK Is Dumping Its Coinbase”

    “Wood dumped 1.133 million shares of Coinbase yesterday from her flagship ARKK Innovation Fund, according to data at CathiesArk.com, which tracks the trades and holdings of all of ARK Invest’s funds. ”

    “Across all funds, she sold more than 1.4 million share, according to Coindesk. As appears to be part for the course at ARK, Wood is offloading the share just about three months after buying more than half a million shares. ”

    “ARK’ Next Generation Internet ETF, or ARKW, sold 174,611, shares, or 0.6768% of the fund’s total investments, the site said. ARKF, meanwhile, sold 110,218 shares.”

    “Recall, just hours ago it was revealed that Coinbase was facing an SEC probe into whether it improperly let Americans trade digital assets that should have been registered as securities. It is the latest in a series of escalating rhetoric between THE LARGEST CRYPTO EXCHANGE in the U.S. and various regulators.” (emphasis added)


  15. Is there a war on in the Ukraine?

    Deutsche Welle tossed off a comment in a report today that half of the 5.5 million Ukrainian refugees who fled to the EU since the February invasion have returned home. A June Frontex (EU border control) news release appears to support this. It seems also that during the same less than four month period, there were 1.8 million non-Ukrainian refugees entering the EU. The news release does indicate how many of them chose to return to their country of origin.


    By the beginning of July, the similar Frontex news release records non-Ukrainian entries to the EU as being about 1 million since February. 800,000 people disappeared month-to-month in the statistics from June to July?


  16. WRT: Stuff.

    I note that there are more “self-storage” facilities in the United States than McDonalds.

    That is all.

  17. BTW what happened to Charlie Munger?
    I didn’t see any news or reports, scanned his name looking for news.
    Hope he is ok.

  18. Not a rhyme or much alliteration.

    Nancy Pelosi / Franz Ferdinand / Malaysia Airlines Flight 370….

    But maybe…. Gavrilo Princip.

  19. That young bloke Jordan ray Byrne . He nails it . He listening . Not like so many other stale farts. Stay tuned !!! Oh Jerome hooked up with nana ? Oh yeah !!! Hava nagila hava nagila

  20. I fully comprehend the intricacies of macro-economics. But the wider we draw the market circle around us, the less profound random local market impacts become.

    IMO, if we encourage a strategy of ‘acting locally, thinking globally,’ we gain a tiny bit more control over the monolithic trade econo-verse. If enough ‘local economies’ begin to group together in a loosely coordinated fashion, they can start to steer the rambling herd toward a more consumer/trader friendly environment. But someone has to light the fire that causes other local economies to follow a coordinated attack/game plan.

    This is how movements and revolutions begin. But the fact remains that someone, somewhere must first light the fire that provides the guiding lightg.

  21. Gold gold gold baby !! Hey fatso stay out of debt ? Not only is the money no good with the inflation!! The debt is no good !!! Insert that in flapping rear mouths gurus !!!! Ahhhhhhaaaaa . Line up your banks general Sam Houston ridin in

  22. Move over Norman Maine, a tSar is to be born!

    The Queen Victoria descended Royal Toaster never fails to pop-up generation after generation. 107 years after the last Romanov was born in Russia, the Imperial Chancelery in Moscow (registered with the Russian government in 2003) brought forth “joyful news” last Thursday. On the feast day of Our Lady of Khan Mother of God, Protectress of Mother Russia, a former EU policy wonk and Heir Tsesarevich to the Romanov dynasty announced along with his Italian wife that a son is to be welcomed this October. How fitting if the royal birth should fall upon October 22 being “Unity Day” prior to 1917 under the Tsars.

    Would anyone in the cheap seats like a slice of cake?

  23. “What we do know is that even in fairly recent times, the Fed has consistently given itself high marks for doing the “economic right thing””

    That’s because to the Fed, Keynes is King. It is easy to give yourself high marks when you’re using the wrong scale…

  24. With regard to rate hikes…

    Something I’ve heard NOBODY mention:

    In December of 2016 and with a Prime Rate of, effectively zero, we were paying China 42 cents for every dollar we borrowed from them (and at that time we were into China for more than $1.1 trillion as they were holding that much in U.S. Government bonds.) I heard it said that we HAD to keep Prime near zero else we’d never be able to pay the debt service on our bonds.

    What all happens WRT the U.S. and the Fed as Prime goes up like it recently has? I haven’t checked recently, but I believe it is no longer “nearly zero…”

  25. “A condition where the US dollar collapses in 2025-2026 comes into view and as many nations “gang up on US” the outbreak of World War III for “stiffing the world on debts owed” may come into view.”

    Which prompts another question…

    Since we’re likely to be a central player in any future festivities: What happens if WW-III goes hot and the USA is bankrupt?

  26. “It’s quite horrific to consider from an historical perspective. Because while many readers are old enough to remember the “duck and cover” nuclear war scares of the 1960s, there was a belief – especially after the Cuban Missile Crisis had passed well astern the timeline – that Mutually Assured Destruction as a arbitrator of Future might actually work.”

    From my LDS alert for TODAY (Wednesday):

    Do you remember that crazy PSA that NYC put out a couple weeks ago about Nuclear War, now it turns out they have put out a LOAD of information on “Real Preparedness” to all New York City residents. They are instructing citizens to “Make a Plan, Gather Supplies, Build a Go-Bag, Develope a Emergency Supply Kit, Prepare for Evacuations and for Sheltering in Place”. Which all begs the question, WHY THE SUDDEN INTEREST IN PREPAREDNESS from the nation’s largest city??? Mind you, AVOW SUPPORTS THIS 100% and wishes ALL cities would do the same, but it leaves is seriously curious as to what lit this sudden prepping fire??

    • Ray- Maybe the Hopium supply has been disrupted and reality has set in? I would like to hear what Ure readers on the ground there think.

      • I don’t believe Na Yawkuhs are capable of recognizing reality.

        Honestly, this is what the FEMA introductory preparedness pages (or those at Red Cross) teach, preach, and otherwise attempt to get through our thick skulls. The fact they’re preaching it to NYC isn’t relevant; the fact they’re preaching it now, may be extremely relevant…

    • Plakat’ haos ! and slip the “Poseidons” of NYC’s inundation”

      Russian Poseidon nuke torpedo deposited somewhere off of coast. Soonly all New Yawkers will be surfing a very big kahuna -https://youtu.be/eHFoZa4wHPQ

      ?Will be Bi-Coastal event ? Would be if this mil. genius was calling the “ball’..a dva-za!

    • ” They are instructing citizens to “Make a Plan, Gather Supplies, Build a Go-Bag, Develope a Emergency Supply Kit, Prepare for Evacuations and for Sheltering in Place”.

      I received the same warning and have a niece and her two children that live there.. I asked them if the information was factual..IT IS…. she is scared to death and YES they are putting out the warning.. I told her that she and the kids can come to the wastelands if they are scared either their great grandpa or great uncle will make room for them. but then the really good job she has would be lost..and if nothing happens then she would be starting at square one all over again… It wouldn’t make a difference though.. the difference between then and now.. is we had a president that actually cared about the people and made the efforts to de-escalate the issue not rub it raw and try to make it worse while it was still at the negotiation stage…. at that time we had parked nukes close to the kremlin and he backed them away in negotiations and didn’t make any aggressive moves.. we moved more in and have been sending arms to their enemies.. and more.. Now if we tried to do that..I believe that it wouldn’t be a sign of agreement but more one of weakness .. Like an african american friend told me in the military I was Naive and believed that all people were generally good….He told me that if I got caught in a gang area of the big city.. don’t show fear and walk calmly don’t gawk at the size of the buildings etc.. that would be a sign of a tourist.. and I would become prey.. ( he saved my butt in a bar I should not have gone into .. that is when he told me how to stay alive at the time)
      anyway I always wanted to see a broadway show.. a member of our barracks was from NYC.. he would show me around if I bought him a ticket.. we went.. got there.. was going to get on a train.. and no one told me that ten billion people all wanted in a two foot wide door at the same time.. we got separated.. I ended up not on the train.. where I landed was the worst part of the city.. in dress whites at night.. I did find a homeless shelter and asked how to get out of there.. they said the easiest was was sixteen blocks.. I started the walk.. the only white man on the streets looking like a beacon.. a gang started to follow me.. but wasn’t sure of who the stupid idiot was.. I kept my pace.. tried not to look scared.. they edged closer.. banging pipes on the buildings and making rude comments.. I till kept my pace.. they had edged up to about twenty feet I turned a corner and there must have been a thousand men in uniform.. the gang vanished.. I swore I would never go to NYC again..
      this is the NYC walk.. we decided to gawk at the buildings and act like we didn’t know any of their customs.. by someone that has spent their whole life sheltered in the bubble …the dual standards don’t apply in other countries.

      • I know you did. People who know I’m a Quaker look at me funny when I let them know I get the AVOW mailings. I tell them “information is information” and at least the Mormons are pro-American…

        “Like an african american friend told me in the military I was Naive and believed that all people were generally good….He told me that if I got caught in a gang area of the big city.. ”

        Did he also tell you to carry at least $100, but never more than $200? If you get mugged in NYC and you’re carrying less than a Benny, the gang will beat the hell out of you…

  27. “Unfortunately, pretenders to power just can’t seem to get the idea of balanced budgets or their own egos in check. ”

    This is because low-IQ and low-information voters are highly susceptible to bribery, especially if it is described as a “right” or as “something deserved” instead of what it really is. As long as governments ascribe to some form of fractional representation as a leadership model, budgets won’t balance because openly “sneaking” largess to the masses is one of the most-effective ways of holding on to power…

    • I also believe that it is the overtime budget…….
      If your working at a job .. where they give you two hours of overtime per day.. and it is the normal hourly time.. you get use to the overtime.. you are making.. eventually if this is a standard thing .. you work that number extra into your normal daily budget.. and you become dependent on the two hours a day..
      or like us.. we got dependent on forty hours a week.. our whole budget revolves around the forty hours of pay.. then prices started to go up… the company isn’t making any more money.. they are making the same money.. as prices went up on essentials.. they only had one place to cut.. cut the hours of those working the time clock.. our hours dropped from forty a week to forty every two weeks.. and the hours of those hired as salaried employees went up.. now the hours dropped to ten hours a week for time clock wage earners.. the budget was tossed into the air.. we had to decide what to do .. to live on five hundred dollars a month.. luckily for the month of august at least.. one of the salaried employees doesn’t want to work a hundred hour work week and gave some of their hours back to us.. ( the boss lady wanted to spend some time with family)
      so we are ok so far..since we are insurance poor.. the plan was to drop all insurance and the car dealership is wanting our car.. and we were going to sell it back to the dealership.. I have a couple of months of food.. so we haven’t had to buy anything but milk and eggs..
      DC politicians live in a bubble.. the president has never had to work a day in his life.. his only view is what he has of his parents struggles of middle class.. people toss millions at them all the time.. they printed up six trillion dollars and no one knows how it is being used or if it is being used… and nothing has gotten done .. people are struggling at every junction of life.. not a good sign.. but like the guys on the top of the hill.. they don’t know what those at the bottom are doing or feeling.. they don’t have that life experience to reflect on..

  28. hey guru !!!!!!!!!! newsflash !!! if gold doesnt go up heaps tonight im short again . as you know i havent been for a couple of weeks i have no bobby pretzel ideas just simple .. my indicator is nearly there . then its one hell of a crash . so thats it mate . saved quite a bit eh . my gold vehicle went from 1.27 AUD to close at 1.71 today .. i will never ever ever sell my spacecraft ASX RRL the best . goodnite

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