Work of the Universe?

Besides a stock market with a “case of the wobblies” much else in moving now.  Although only notes, it will give you ideas on how – in a sense – the world might be seen as “almost ready to wrap up…”

Before this, some headlines, too.  All of which makes for a brainful of speculation.  Not only on “What future might bring.”  More usefully, the question might be evolving into “How long a future do we have?”

And the ChartPack, of course.

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21 thoughts on “Work of the Universe?”

  1. Nope ! that would be the USN .

    .. just nuked something BIG in the Atlantic Ochin – not a “test” .

    Dont do those kinda things in that area of Atlantic Ochin..ever.

    Right off the coast of Cape Canaveral..hmmmm

    Sub slam ? Need to see debris field, also sismo’s will tell if it was a sub slam..double spikes.
    Too bad we didnt nuke the BoJ linked WMD (derivative bombs) and the german douchebank derivative bombs.

    – MMT at treasury/fed cant paper over that cesspool of financial malfeasance.

    The 1970’s are calling – got DEBT, get rid of as fast as possible.
    Got Cash – same as above – Inflation is daily, knee bending exercise EVERYONE participates in, whether U want too or not – bend over and kiss Ure money goodbye.
    Good luck Matures’ on a fixed income, min wage Workers on fixed income – 2 bee completely hollowed out of whats left.

    Need to learn/study how to handle “Bears” while there is still a little time..policy screw ups at the fed are GUARANTEED, while this massive financial coriolis party starts cranking up.

    geeRoam kerPOWel just gave us a huge gift this week – and coot been taking advantage – yellow dog,silver dog, copper dog stocks that Pay a Dividend and have proven Reserves of Metal in the ground, just like Oil Stocks – fat dividends, and we Know what drives all Wars..oil/profits . dont believe the coot? look up which American Companies were Operating- doing business INSIDE germany DURING the war ..its alwayz the same diabolical entities..they were/are Standard of course.

  2. George read your Packing For Death. Besides being very interesting it is an interesting coincidence receiving the McKenna Timewave Software disc. You will need DOS Box to run it. I got my disc long ago. I have downloaded DOS Box, but have yet to play with the software, just way too busy.

    I want to understand the math that he was using, it might be useful in your acoustic experiments, and you’re a waveform analysis kind-of-guy as your chart-packs show.

    Here are some quotes from my 2013 book that may enlighten.

    BTW, I suspect McKenna got closer than the Mayans on the whole 2012 thing. Benghazi was in September, the Presidential election and Petraeus Scandal were almost exactly on McKenna’s date.

    Tell me that time period did not initiate a great change politically and socially.

    Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, Page 449
    The American Presidential election was on 11/6/2012, the Petraeus scandal erupted on 11/9/2012, and then Terence McKenna’s original date for the commencement of The Eschaton was on 11/16/2012.

    Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, Page 459-460
    I recently came upon the work of Terence McKenna. McKenna was an ethnobotantist and philosopher known for his exploration of psychoactive drugs used by indigenous cultures around the world. He came to believe that the human species was moving toward a Great Attractor in time. He called it The Eschaton; it is the point when The End Times begin.

    The Eschaton is essentially the Ultimate Destiny and desired point of the human species.

    That point can be shaped by your belief system. Terence McKenna’s version of The Eschaton was clearly shaped and influenced by his exploration of many psychoactive drugs from cultures around the world.

    Evolving toward that ultimate point in human destiny and engineering a path to that point are two different matters, which I will explain further in the Epilogue.

    From McKenna’s idea of a Great Attractor in time, he developed Novelty Theory and the fractal mathematics of Timewave Zero, where Novel Events that change the direction of human civilization can be plotted on a graph and anticipated.

    Originally, in the early 1970s McKenna had picked November 16th, 2012 for his End Date, where his Timewave reached maximum novelty.

    Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, Page 212-213
    Just before this 2013 update, I came upon the research of Terence McKenna. Before his death, he actually created the math that can predict when periods of “novelty” change human history.

    When “novelty” is introduced into our humdrum lives, things change. He believed that humanity was moving toward a Great Attractor in time. He called it The Eschaton. The fractal mathematics that he developed might lead to the science behind why prophecy works.

    I will explain further ahead how the September 11th, 2012 attack on the CIA Station in Benghazi appears to have validated his work. But clearly, his mathematical system can map future events. The Eschaton is based on religious eschatology, so the Great Attractor appears to be spiritual in nature and leading humanity toward the prophecies in the book of Revelation.

    Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, Page 446
    As readers reach the end of this chapter, I will explain in detail how old conservatives like William F. Buckley use to warn about “Immanentizing the Eschaton”. As I first mentioned in Chapter Ten, Terence McKenna’s The Eschaton comes from political philosopher Eric Voegelin.

    “To Immanentizing the Eschaton” is to engineer an Apocalypse, but Heaven on Earth on the other side of that Apocalypse is for a few select people.

    • I never had the pleasure of meeting Terrance.. but I did have a few inspiring conversations Years ago when I was young with the Prof.. Dennis…
      I personally think that Terrance was on the money as well.. the thing is.. we have choices… and just like Nostradamus.. we can delay or extend the time frames.. but that is just my opinion and theory on it.. even with that if we really take a look.. we may have extended the time of the great eschaton but even with our choices delaying destiny we are still on the same path towards the end scenario..
      the Mayan calendar was the beginning of the great change.. and I totally believe that we did enter in the age of great changes..
      anyway Stu that is my view of it..

      • Two out of three “futurists” I regularly check in on always say, basically, that knowing the future changes it or adds a significant opportunity to do so. The other sees things as being set. That could depend on what categories of things they’re actually looking at. Regardless of our ability to change things I think there is an inevitability built into our psychological makeup as well as the cosmological events that work in precise clockwork fashion. We can change ourselves within a range but not the planet and Universe we live in. In the latter case avoidance is the only plan available and George’s well-packed suitcase seems to be the only means of doing so.

    • “When I zoomed in, it became obvious that it was just the CCD element in my camera being overdriven by sunlight off the roof:”

      Nope. Dirty lens. Likely a fingerprint, but even small dust motes on the lens can do the same type of thing.

      • Good on you for keeping the lens clean. As I used to tell my photography students, “Cleanliness is next to a passing grade.”
        One more possibility exists. If you just came out of a cool, dry house into the warm, humid outdoors, a thin layer of condensation probably formed on the lens.

  3. “open border continues”

    Those movers will not be stopped. It’s an immigration flow.

    Imagine the Native Americans watching the first few hundred European carrack ships landing. Ultimately, “we don’t want this immigration” was never an option. I’m sure there were Natives of the day who thought they had a chance at stopping it. They gave themselves high blood pressure for nothing.

    The Underground Railroad is another example. People needed a way to move and a way to move was created.

    I’m going to go out on a ledge here, we should be accepting of the cash and helping those people move. No different than canoe operators ferrying immigrants over the Mighty Mississipp 4-500 years ago. Plus it keeps the women out of American sex shops. That’s the way some pay-off there fees. Servicing Americans $100.00 @ a time.

    Thinking about levitation. We think the Old World could levitate. In modern times we’ve got the guy who claims he went to India and saw levitation first hand. Then we’ve got Coral Castle which was built by a guy who claimed he harnessed the ways of the Ancients.

    Two questions would be is the condition to analog levitate still available in modern times, why and how was the methods lost or concealed. The second is why wouldn’t a richie like Bill Gates pay some folk to emulate Old World levitation. It’d be fun at pool parties flying around naked on magic carpets. Especially if all one needs is a band.

    So I was taking a look at pics of Coral Castle and noticed what look like “hand bowls” scattered throughout the property. The eye catcher is the inside of the bowls are smoothed Vs the rough surfaces the rest of the place is made of.

    I also noticed one bowl had writing inside, perhaps a clue left by the maker, Edward Leedskalnin. OR a misdirection left by the maker, Edward Leedskalnin or someone else. Link below:

    The odd thing is Edward Leedskalnin died in 1951. The writing looks like it might be later than 1951. I didn’t try to find the picture date. It rains a lot in Florida. I doubt maker or paint would last decades on rock.

    I did some research on the bowls. The ancients used bowls to levitate, “levitation bowls”. With the pic of Ed’s bowl I did some googling and found a paper on an acoustic levitator – also includes pics of levitation bowls. Link two below. The writing in Ed’s bowl looks like it matches the math model on page 40.

    The thing with the second link is the experimenter uses complex equipment with tight tolerances. We were led to believe the ancients did analog levitation without complex equipment.

    That left me wondering if somehow the precession of the equinoxes made ancient levitation obsolete by moving magnetic lines and maybe the guy in India and Ed had to tweak their tunes somehow.

    I also read that there is a lot of mercury or “silver water” under the Great Pyramid. I have a wonder if the ancients used mercury in the bowls and were creating either electric with the sound or perhaps a fueling an analog capacitor device.

    Bowl with writing

    Particle manipulation by a non-resonant acoustic levitator

    • The southern invasion could be stopped overnight, but it can’t be stopped at this point without violence. I don’t condone either violence or the southern invasion, though many condone one or the other. It’s a conundrum, and Biden is nothing but a fool/tool for those orchestrating this nonsense. I don’t have a good answer regarding how to handle this situation. President Trump tried, with mixed results. We need new and better ideas.

      • Easy solution to stop the border crisis.

        Flip the immigrants to voting for the GOP.

        Less than 24 hours…

      • These people, as I’ve known them in the past, have had strong tendencies to be conservative due to their Catholic background. The ideas that the Left wrap themselves around when fully realized have been witnessed by some of these people and ones like abortion in all its forms are anathema to them. Who wants to endure a trip on foot for hundreds of miles fraught with abuses and dangers only to become a slave? They may be looking for relief but that will only last so long as the US$ holds out.

      • $10 refund program for each border State.

        ..shoot a “can”, take a picture of the bounty tag placed on the shot ‘can” with Ure phone, and send it to local state department of Fish,Game and Immigration.
        In return Ure local state department of fish, game and immigration will deposit one $10 state “calicoin, texycoin”,’zonacoin’, newmexy coin..into ure states dept of rev. individual account. all nice and clean like..

    • Using Google and Wiki I traced the “illegal aliens” of the southern border back to 1885.

      “The Alien Contract Labor Law of 1885 prohibited employers from contracting with foreign laborers and bringing them into the U.S.,[7] though U.S. employers continued to recruit Mexican contract laborers assuming they would just return home.”

      It was only 37 years earlier (’48) when the Mexican-American war ended. After that war it was all-go for European settlers of the time to disregard plat lines of the then occupants. Through no fault of their own the former were turned into illegals and forced south.

      One month before the war ended gold was found in California. The California Gold Rush of ’49 kicked-off! Quite an incentive for Western migration.

  4. “”there are some worrisome signs that technology can be turned on people.”

    Hmm an interesting thought on what if.. from what I was just reading and on a more serious thought…. there is talk about tariffing electric cars.. because we don’t buy enough fuel .. will that be hybrids or just full electric cars..
    then the power grid.. there is talk about tariffing people that have solar power.. the same reason.. we aren’t using enough electricity.. along with the suggestion that they are raising rates this year..( I totally expected that) OK.. now my curiosity is..
    How will that impact the economy during a year when employers are not giving hourly wage earners increases in wages.. and a heavy drought year where crop production is going to be impacted and devastated..
    we have run away housing costs ( sure they say the price will go down.. but we all know once it is up it will stay up.. just look at the cost of oil and deregulation) Or medical costs insurance costs etc.. so increasing and penalizing those trying to curb costs.. will only achieve one goal.. the little boss and I were just talking about this.. what will we change.. her employer can’t afford to give any increases in wages.. absolutely not.. he has to be juggling now.. one of the other employee’s asked if she was going to retire this year.. I said I doubt it .. she likes the position.. I would like her to.. we would be better off.. but she will more than likely stick it out until the owner sells his company off.. and with the costs of building.. that could be sooner.. or.. they are having air conditioner problems and they need to be replaced.. that might be the straw that broke the back of the camel time will tell..
    So on a serious note.. how would raising rates on a devastating year affect the local economy.. Our answer is cut.. cut deep and hard.. at the local walmart.. I noticed they are shutting off every other circuit breaker.. so they are cutting back on power consumption there to.. probably so they can keep the competitive prices.. my grand daughter said that they had a meeting and was told they can’t be the lowest price on some items anymore because they aren’t getting back the loss of the cost through sales of impulse items.. and because the supply chain is still broken they cannot replace what is sold at a loss.. now tag a huge increase on the brick and mortar.. what will the results be..

    • I think I mentioned the “freeloader” aspect of EVs a while back. Haven’t heard from oujr favorite CA Model 3 driver since…hope he’s OK

      • Or…Maybe it finally dawned on him what they are planning and who will actually be affected financially by their plans. ( seriously aperson doesn’t have to be very smart to see how this is going to play out) .
        Guaranteed no one wants my butter tubs…aka the good china lol

  5. Re: That picture – that’s how “hoomadidity” looks to me when I’m standing out in the triple digit temps at 95% or better. As dry as our area can be we still get the effects, just not the precipitation.

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