Woo-woo / Weird Science Note

Had a case of the “Earthquake Tireds” today. I’ve written about this in the past…and said I’d mention it next time it happens.

Here one of those “self-learning” things that happens if you live long enough.  You start to notice odd things that happen, usually in the same order, time after time.

Like Earthquakes.

The effect may be some kind of throwback effect: Where humans may have once felt a compulsion to rest prior to a major event, such as a disaster, or more commonly a quake or weather event.

Today was normal as hell around here:  Wrote the column, had a big breakfast, and was all charged up and ready for work.  Came over to the office, sat down and started writing and  WHAM!  About 9:30 AM, it was a ,massive wall of tiredness.

So much so that I said to hell with everything, went over to the house, stretched out in a living room recliner and dozed off.  Slept like a log until wakened by a call from my son a little more than 2-hours later.

So, there you have it:  Earthquake tired.  Will we get a quake?  Usually get a decent-sized one, 6+ within 8-48 hour window.

We shall see…

Back to read work around here…more tomorrow morning per usual..


15 thoughts on “Woo-woo / Weird Science Note”

  1. Interesting. I felt something similar for the last three days, but put it down to hanging out with family one of whom was diagnosed with the flu. I’m feeling better now. We shall see what it really means.

  2. This is interesting, George.
    I wonder if my coming down with a major case of the ‘abysmals’ about half hour ago might be related. Will note when it subsides.

  3. Yesterday, home from work around 3pm. No sooner had I sat down……and it was 8pm. Had an unusual dream tho, imagine a late 90’s Taurus with XKE rear sheet metal. Still trying to figure that one out.

  4. I would be interested to see the times and locations of those getting the earthquake tiredness and similar or related conditions. One school of thought regarding how animals ‘know’ something is coming is a rupturing fault is emitting, and they are reacting to infrasound (that is, very low frequency sounds). Us humans can’t hear it, but may be affected by it. If we could discern a propagation pattern, it would both give credence to the theory and potentially identify the quake location.

  5. That’s wild.. because I got the horrible tireds about 9:30 am to..kept pushing ..as with most people with arthritis i could feel a change coming on to in my joints..unusual ffg or me i went to bed about midnight just couldn’t keep my eyes open to finish the book i was reading. I didnt wake up till 8am either another oddity for me.. I’m usually up for coffee about 330 or 4 ( old habits die hard)

  6. ditto here but scan ct looks almost identical th leriche syndrome, an oddity one year past hemiplegia, hemiparesis and stroke and brain bypass tho not called that one kidney missing another possibly strangled by ace inhibitors and patients hiding pills…?

  7. I was incredibly tired and lethargic all day from about 1030hrs on.

    There is a dream-state above lucid. AFAICT it’s neither communicative nor prophetic, and serves no “waking-state resolution” of any issue. It is signified by not being able to discern, either before, during, or after, that one was actually asleep. I have had one of these dreams, roughly every 8 years. Last night was my latest iteration. It was not pleasant. I had to logically deduce, then prove to myself that I was actually asleep, before I could convince myself that it was, in fact, a dream.

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