GMAFB:  The lefties and the the shambles of co-conspiring media are thrilled this Sunday that Donald Trump has referred to Baltimore, MD as a “rat infested mess.”   Wherever there are people (and the more tightly-packed) the more of problem rats pose. Yeah, they carry disease and Ebola is about to go global in our read of things.

Apparently, the left is hard-selling the idea that to call Baltimore out for its rat and other urban challenges is now  “racist.” Huh?  Did we overlook the Ku Klux Rats?  What are these name-callers on?  Is any criticism of any issue now racist?  OMG, climate skepticism will be next as well as questioning socialism despite there not being a saingle successful socialist country in the Universe…Racists – everyone’s a Racist!

Yet, as we review Trumps tweets (which you can, too, over here) there are no racial slurs or innuendoes. He’s a developer and aware of what? Urban conditions?  Politicians whole leave the hard work in the home district or state and go to fleece the rest of the country when the cities are collapsing back home?  That is “racists?”  Well…not around here.

Sold-ass fact: Baltimore has a rat problem – so much so that the city’s Public Works Dept. has a rat page for residents...

Democrats take rats personally.  Their AFU logic goes like this:  If there’s an attack on rats, it’s an attack on democrats.  (They self-identified with ’em in this silliness.)  Under AFU thinking, anyone attacking a democrat is a racist, Rats being democrats, it follows Trump must be a racist.  Huh?

Could they have confused racist with rattist?

Trump then doubled-down on Baltimore’s urban sanitation failures by going Left Coast: Saying of the House Speaker, who jumped onboard this new Trump-bash, had problems, too…:

“Speaking of failing badly, has anyone seen what is happening to Nancy Pelosi’s district in San Francisco. It is not even recognizable lately. Something must be done before it is too late. The Dems should stop wasting time on the Witch Hunt Hoax and start focusing on our Country!”

Mr. Trumps version of Charmin’ the Charmin?

What everyone is missing, because there’s no money in it, is that the dem’s desperately attempting to brand anything they can as “racist.”

The Reality is: Yes, big cities in America do have a problem with vermin. Including those not in elective office.  But since the dems made rats an issue, let’s go there….

Pest control outfit Orkin, in a late 2018 report, rated Baltimore #9 worst rat haven in the country.  Pelosi, representing the 12th district in California, owns the the #5 worst spot.

Going up the food chain, as we budding rhodentologists would, We find Chuck Schumer’s New York is #3 in the country in rat infestations. Again, not surprising..

And Los Angeles, where there are how many homeless now (?) while the left-leaning hoi poloi crank out films has the second-biggest national rat problem.  How Washington DC only made #4 on the rat list is a testament to recent (*2016) resignations from the House and Senate.

Oh, one last data point:  Worst rat problem in the country turns out to be Obama’s home town – Chicago.

Why are we not surprised?

Our Sage Sunday Advice? (SSA)  Beware of racist rats and other name-callers because the left will stop at nothing (if people are dumb enough, which is a given) to turn this into a 2020 “mouse that roared..” Just like the Mueller fiasco was supposed to be a lock on impeachment, ol’ Bumbling Bob tanked any such dreams.

We figure Trump’s just saying “Cheese!” to the double-standard, muddled-thinking class, and it’s a trap. DeCon meets QANON?  Or politics is so mickey-mouse…

Moron the ‘morrow!