Murder Cycle *(Again) + Another 1929 Marker

It is an exceptionally (exponentially) busy week or two, so our morning reports will be (perhaps) shorter and more direct.

We begin, sadly, with another mass murder.  This time in Gilroy, California which is south of the South Bay.  32- miles, where this weekend was the “Garlic Festival.”

Three people attending the festival, including a six-year old boy, were killed and more than two dozen wounded.  The shooter was killed, as well.  And the search is on for a second “possible” suspect.

The festival had very tight security; bag checks and metal wands at the entrances, so current theory is the perp cut his way in through a fence.

Another odd aspect is the report that some people were just “sitting there” – unable to process what was going on.

What makes this case so interesting is that it fits into our soft-shouldered “murder cycle.”  If you go back through headlines of the horrific, you’ll see there is a pattern of mass killing incidents that runs from around 133-days after a prior incident to 148-days after.

As one of our astute commenters noted overnight:

New Zealand had the massacre 136 days ago on March 15. The profile of the perps in Gilroy look the similar at this point. If that holds up, are we seeing patterns in patterns?

Reader Phil gets the nod for being exactly on-point:  Yes, there is a pattern.  And worse, investigations like the one ongoing this morning and at places like Newton, Mass. often have references to a shadowy second perp who somehow is never found.

We don’t want to jump to conspiracy theories, but toss in a copy of Catcher in the Rye and you’ve got the makings of a horrible novel about whole populations under mind control…

In case you don’t remember,  Wikipedia tells us this about  Cather:

“Several shootings have been associated with Salinger’s novel, including Robert John Bardo‘s murder of Rebecca Schaeffer and John Hinckley Jr.‘s assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. Additionally, after fatally shooting John Lennon, Mark David Chapman was arrested with a copy of the book that he had purchased that same day, inside of which he had written: “To Holden Caulfield, From Holden Caulfield, This is my statement”

Toss in mood-altering pills, issued casually by the medical community and you’ve got a very nasty playing field for demonic-minded manipulators, do you not?

Calm Before the Fed

The “not-really Federal” and “making-up-reserves” decision on rates due out Wednesday afternoon as the FOMC meetings begin tomorrow.  One of the last data elements in play will be the Dallas Fed manufacturing report out at 9:30 Central.

For the most part, markets are treading water to start the week.  One exception being the British FTSE which was up 1.65% earlier today.  You saw, likely, that the ECB decided not to lower rates just yet.  They’re hinting at September, but can you trust the ECB?

All of these economic cogs will roll around until (latest darts) centering on August 15th, at which time the U.S. Department of Justice IG report will come out and that could “out” a larsge number of democrat donors/pseudo-investigators who’ve been trying to toss out Donald Trump.

Given the large number of people who’ve come down with THD (Trump-Hating Disease) that report – if it’s a big enough bombshell – could cast a negative mood onto the market.

So far, the happy-talk around the market has been running mostly warm to hot, but we don’t think things are as “good” as let on.  So let’s talk about jobs as?

Another 1929 Replay Marker

Yeah, this more likely belongs on our  Peoplenomics dot com subscriber site, but we feel something of a “duty” to put the obvious out on the free side, once in a while.

You see, there are tremendously misleading assertions about jobs and how “great” things are because how “good” things are depends on who you ask.

We are in, as you probably know, what’s being called the “gig economy.”  Because a lot of people are ADHD, it’s more  interesting to work two or three 20-hour  gigs than to slog away at one grind for 40-60 hours a week.

The problem is this lends itself to misleading statistics.

One way to remedy your thinking is to look at how colleges and universities have dealt with the same issue.  No telling how many people in “education” are working less than 40-hours weeks, but it’s a big number.

The problem – budgeting for a college (which I’ve done as a school director) – is you have to figure out a common denominator for staffing.  Enter the concept “Full-Time Equivalents.”  Simple enough, right?  One 40 hour faculty member weighs about the same as two 20-hour lecturers,.  Maybe three if the 40 has tenure which is a bigger bennies package, right?

While you will hear stories all the time about how we have “all these jobs open” in America right now (usually dis-info, spread by the lefties, to justify more illegal aliens coming in) the facts don’t support any such claims.

As the data informs, Obama had a good increase (December-onDecember) with almost +3-million between 2014 and 2015.  Trump didn’t do as well 2017 to 2018, but you see this is where politics, Trump-hating, and all the rest of it comes home to roost.

What’s the Depression Marker?

Well, if you are a millennial, you’ll be misled if you look only to  Wikipedia as a benchmark on gigs and job sharing.  Because, as they errantly begin, the History of Job Sharing goes back much further than 1970 as reported here.

In fact , it was a wide-spread phenomenon of the 1930’s.  It’s just people today are so full of themselves on social, they forget there’s  nothing new under the sun and hasn’t been since Biblical times.

To spin-up the noggin, a read of Martin Nemirow’s  excellent backgrounder on the BLS web site (Work sharing approaches, past and present” brings this much-longer history of job-sharing into perspective:

“…one feeling expressed is that work sharing was tried by President Herbert Hoover and is no better an idea now as short-time compensation than it was then as work sharing. The comparison is instructive. Critics felt that work sharing under Hoover represented an attempt to avoid fiscal or monetary Federal intervention as well as to avoid public assistance. Instead, voluntary employer action was encouraged in the form of work sharing, not only to spread the work but to do so without cutting hourly wages. (Hoover felt wage cutting would compound the problem.)

Such work sharing (usually imposed by the employer) subsequently came to be seen by labor as a poor alternative to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s later New Deal…”

Around here, we find it not only  odd, but outright spooky that  in advance of the decline to come, we are already seeing the “public mass consciousness” almost  beginning to brace for the very hard times ahead.

If you’re buying video games instead of working out an IRL survival plan, you’re a fool…and this is a point I’d like you to recall in a few years when you’re starving.  It’s in the same class of advice-ignored that massively overweight people experience as denial prior to their first heart attack.

So, What Else?

For a “short column” I’m not doing so well, so let’s run through what matters:

The  NY Times  is cheerleading the Fed POSSIBLE rate cut: Fed Poised to Cut Rates for First Time Since Financial Crisis, Ending an Era. Depending on the roll-out, it will just mean an even bigger crash in 2020, but we do see an anti-Trump reason to hold out for that.  A Just-Crashed Market would be hard for Trump to overcome.  So the  Times also instructively adds Fed Poised to Cut Rates for First Time Since Financial Crisis, Ending an Era.

“The jitters” or is the buzz leaving the bean? JP Morgan downgrades Starbucks after 90% rally: ‘Upside from here is limited’.

Trade talks may not come to fruition until after the 2020 election as the Chinese may sense change: Oil loses ground on pessimism over U.S.-China trade talks/

Speaking of Beijing: We often refer to appeasement (made famous by Lord Neville Chamberpot appeasing Hitler before WW II) so  the story “American Movie Studios Are Wrong to Appease Chinese Censors” really caught our eye.

Air Travel Prices may not decline as much this fall as in past seasons.  We’ll see if the headline Boeing’s 737 Max Grounding Grinds On: CEO Daily is a big-enough dot for you to connect.

Worse than Ebola?  Well, no, but we did get a flash today about 60 Cases Of PED In Manitoba.  Which doesn’t sound like a big deal unless I tell you that PED is short for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea. 

Almost as much fun as 858 new typhoid fever cases in Zimbabwe in the past six months.

The kind of morning you want to crawl back into bed and wait for a better day to come along.  Which is what I plan to so…  moron the ‘morrow…

43 thoughts on “Murder Cycle *(Again) + Another 1929 Marker”

  1. I read the Washington Post today talking about how many rats are in the White House, they are everywhere! Trump should be used to them tho, because his New York properties were written up so many times, and fined, because of the rats and vermin that he refused to do anything about. Talk about a slum lord! I guess it takes one to know one. I was just thinking, I also know a racist when I see one.

      like the washington post is a credible source
      and ,it is the racists who are calling everyone else ….racists

      • I will take the word of a janitor at the Washington Post over any lead anchor at FOX. The dumbing down of America is getting worse and worse. Sorry for you People.

    • Everybody in the whole world is racist . Is not nor has it ever been a Negative word. Lefties like their hero Leon Trotsky tried giving it a neg connotation –
      Original French language coined term – Not Negative.

      Lame and weak at best..what does say about pols & MSM who throw it around at the first hint of opposition.

    • Really? Please post a “racist” comment by President Trump. I’ve listened carefully for years and have yet to hear one. Include the complete context – not just an outtake.

      Obviously you’ve never been a landlord. It’s one of the hardest jobs you can imagine, yet the average person thinks the landlord just watches TV and collects rent. If you’ve not been there, don’t comment. Rats will chew through old lead pipes in the sewer systems to get in and out and use every underground infrastructure as their highway system. They reproduce rapidly and killing them often requires pesticides that are illegal to use. Couple this with NYC rent control/stabilization, incredible financial risks, regulations/inspections, lingering evictions, tenant activism, yellow journalism demonizing landlords, and a government that uses landlords as their personal whipping boys to deflect attention and you have a job that very few people could do at all. Most landlords EARN every penny they make, if the make any at all.

      • “Exactly, NM Mike, and continuously increasing property taxes, too!”

        Not to mention Exactly.. that all the regular services go up as well… the power company put up a modest increase in electric charges.. what they didn’t tell everyone is that this cost goes out to everyone and the increase in hookup charges as well.. so every employee should have gotten a four cent raise to cover the increase.. not to mention the delivery trucks the warehouses etc etc.. follow it back..

        Apartment landlords.. they have my get one bad tenant can cost you thousands.. a friend had a house rented to one bad tenant.. they had to tear down the house..
        I always changed locks.. ( if the landlord wants access.. he can tell me) you have no idea how many keys are floating around on your apartment.. or the people you hire to do maintenance..
        a lady I worked with was saying her daughter woke one night and seen a shadowy outline of a man.. in the dark.. I said you did change locks didn’t you.( change them then change them back when you leave I do the same with shower heads). no the landlord wants access.. I said screw the landlord.. hell I have keys that I gave the grand-kids of every place I ever lived.. did you put up a security camera system.. they are cheap… nope didn’t do that either.. excuse me.. then she should accept that she has a man starring at her in the night.. ( she started loosing dirty underdrawers…) she changed the locks and put up a security camera that I gave her mother for her. … it stopped.. ( her landlord randomly asked why she changed the locks.there wasn’t any plans for maintenance… can’t prove it.. but at least you know who it was)
        I was telling a friend of mine that is a meat cutter this very story.. he said you know some funny stuff just seems odd with my place to.. LOL LOL nope he hadn’t changed locks or put up a security cam system either.. so he went and got a security camera installed it.. then after it had been up a month we met and he was telling me what was going on.. LOL LOL LOL LOL someone was coming in his place.. drinking from the jug in the fridge then putting water back to the level it was.. the same with his booze and other things.. digging in drawers always kind of putting stuff back the way he remembered it had been LOL LOL LOL LOL he was mortified…

        Rats.. when in the military they showed us a video on rats and on board rat control…. amazing and resilient creature hard to get rid of….

      • Agreed. NM Mike. As a landlord myself, I have to hide behind a property management company to protect myself. It’s worth the 7% fee. Once you identify yourself to your tenants that you may have a bit of money…the rent checks get sent later and the middle of the night calls for a dripping faucet get more frequent. It’s a balancing act of trying to keep them happy and low maintenance at the same time. We do earn every penny.

  2. A couple of things. There is no Trump Hating Disease. It’s called observe and react. It’s like watching the old format of American Idol where they would march out really horrible singers who thought they were good. Nobody in the TV audience thought that person was a good singer…The producers eventually got rid of that format because it was basically a form of shaming…I agree, we were making fun of delusional people.

    Trump IS THAT horrible singer…delusional and clueless!!! And he is getting shamed! So maybe the producers of this horrible White House Reality Show will get rid of the format as well and dispel Trump of any further embarrassment.

    You also stated..” So the Times also instructively adds Fed Poised to Cut Rates for First Time Since Financial Crisis, Ending an Era”

    That’s the type of Fox News like trolling I have been hearing from you lately and as a former reporter yourself…I am surprised. You know as well as I do that the FED doesn’t give a rats patoot about what the Times says, nor is it influenced in any way by any media or politician.

    That said, to further show Trumps idiocy, he still is pressuring the FED to lower rates…which by your theory, will destroy his own Presidency. Art of the Bloviator. Nevertheless…As the FED has always done throughout the years, they do what they want to do.

    • Good stuff there Mark, you ain’t got no Trump Hating Disease
      It is just a DNA defect that you were born with
      by the way, the FED is the ENEMY and a slave master, I hope to see it’s death in my life time

      • No Jack, I was a proud Republican before the Don the Dunce took office. he has ruined American values and the once proud White House. Reagan is rolling in his grave.

      • “”

        I really liked Reagan.. he made a few mistakes but like trump he believed in what he was doing.. where he made his mistake was in assuming that the industry leaders had the same integrity as the industry leaders that brought us out of the depression by building up our communities.. instead they passed NAFTA and deregulation that started us on the death spiral we are currently in by destroying our industrial complexes and outsourcing our jobs. He tried to right the wrong by giving tax rebates and the eic but that was just a band aid in my opinion and our industrial leaders never got the hint .
        DJT he under estimated the power and depth of hold the puppeteers have on Mass communication, and our political leaders.

    • Mark you are the poster child of Trump derangement syndrome (TDS). You need help! But most likely you’ll have a more severe case after 2020!

      • No, I will be just fine. 2018 mid terms were not a fluke…They were just the beginning due to the antics of the Brainless One. I am sure you all will get a whiff of a Fox induced Kamala Harris Or Afghanistan veteran, Pete Buttigieg deranged system in 2020.

        Me, I will probably waste my vote on another Republican who didn’t have the guts to run against the person that is ruining the very party they are trying to be unified for.

      • Stalin said, “Show me the man, & I will show you the crime”. It is coming to America folks, starting with all you white racists.

        Trump is not a racist, he is an opportunist. But see above & poof, he is now a racist.

  3. What?
    The Handler got away…

    “Watch California” – Q

    Ya don’t think the “rats” POTUS was tweeting about have multiple levels of meaning- nah that “idiot” can’t string one intelligible sentence together..

    “U dirty Rats!” – J.C.

  4. Some Woo Woo for you. I was scrolling through the headlines on another blog this morning when a story stopped me dead in my tracks. The story was about a solar flare that’s due to hit us Wedesday/Thursday. What prompts me to message you is that I had a dream of a solar flare hitting us! And it was a bad one! A so called “kill shot”. I do hooe my dream is wrong. Both of our kids live in the PNW (Portland to be exact but neither are snowflakes). I read you just about every day, I need to get off of my butt and subscribe. Just wanted to give you a taste of my woo woo. Thank you for your blog and your time.

    • Interesting. Both my dear friend in NJ and I had extreme tiredness yesterday – enough so that she commented to me about that on the phone without any reason. She’s generally high energy and yesterday both of us could barely stay awake. I wonder how many others had this feeling.

  5. George,

    I believe the cycle is tied to other events. These are sort of “horse head in the bed” events meant to communicate. (like a gangster movie “just read the headlines tomorrow”)

    The fed will lower rates. This is the kickoff of your final run up.

    Help me here, what else was in the news in March? Was there any major “move” that the NZ event would be marking?

  6. George, Another interesting piece on economics, well done.
    -But I honestly do not get your and the kiddies’ blind spot on Climate Change. Your/their attack on me and my commonsense approach was ridiculous.
    -I’m beginning to suspect that I’ve wandered into what’s become an emotional cultural issue for you all, rather than a real scientific issue.
    -But it actually becomes a RISK MANAGEMENT issue now. That is, what do you do when 97% to 99% of reputable scientists think it’s a very dangerous situation? Or what if even “only” 51% thought it dangerous?
    -You guys don’t like the bridge analogy. Don’t blame you. It laser focuses the issue into a real life or death decision. Weeds out the minutia and statistical noise. And in the end, makes you climate deniers and true believers look like goofballs.
    -How about a personal analogy? 12 years ago I faced cancer. A medical consensus existed regarding some very unpleasant treatment options. I lived all the hair splitting ‘denials’ and ‘alternatives’ you kiddies traffic in daily — they making money so might be a conspiracy?, what was the alpha level of confidence of this study or that?, what was the population of the study?, what about the shortcomings of Western medicine?, etc. In the end, I came back to earth, did the prudent thing, the sensible thing, and all is fine today. Had I done nothing, I MIGHT be OK today, sure, but more probably, I’d be dead.
    -So, if you think you can buck the odds, and defy true scientific consensus, then I suggest that you go to a Las Vegas casino for your retirement plan (another analogy). Maybe 1 in 7 will get lucky, but the rest of you will be sleeping under a bridge.
    -So, in the end, IF your true option choice on important matters is LUCK, rather than reason and commonsense, best you leave these things to the adults. Best, Mike.

    • Mike, the path not taken will never be known on a single time line.

      Treading lightly on the earth is the morally right thing to do. Creating a bureausaurus to collect taxes and implement regulations is generally a bad idea. Actively opposing nature’s trends can get us in a whole heap of trouble. We’ve had ice ages before and if the natural feedback mechanisms(carbonate cycle, vegetation cycle) are screwed with, we may just bring the next one on ourselves.

    • Mike – Your fanatacism might attract some of the younger readers, but the adults can spot it in a heartbeat. Likewise, your cut and paste repetition fairly reeks of an unstabilzed OCD problem. In short, your arguments sound crazy, not adult. Drawing cancer analogies to your critics does not really improve your argument, it just makes it more extreme. If I wanted to convince someone that I am out on the lunatic edge, I would go straight for the NAZI death camp analogies, and leave off the Mickey Mouse NASA stuff. What you fail to realize is that NASA is probably one of the least credible sources of science info to the general public. Unfortunately Richard Feynman is no longer around to figure out what NASA is really doing this time, because with NASA, what is stated publicly by management is almost always a cover for something more nefarious, and the sane adult public knows that.
      Also, constantly referring to “engineers” and “engineering” in your personal opinions is misleading, since it implies the existence of relevant professional engineering opinions where none exist. Further, equating speculative research with established engineering practice is a serious intellectual error. In summary, without passing judgement on the validity of global warming, I can state that your defense of said theory is mostly nuts.

      • “NASA is probably one of the least credible sources of science info to the general public.”

        OMG.. I’ll Never Tell..

        Of course…everyone knows I love NASA and the people that work there.. the researchers are some of the best.. they don’t hold for just cookie cutter.. instead they have an open mind and willing to investigate and change an opinion.. Now they do have projects that they cannot discuss with the general public.. the same with the boys at other institutions studying various subjects.. ( and they should have a limit of secrecy.. even though anything they study isn’t a secret.. its out there for you if you really want to know about it.. I personally don’t )
        But the kids at NASA have a very good track record.. and they share both sides of the coin..the good and the bad.. they have the lets butter up and cover over articles.. they did a lot of back peddling a couple of years ago.. because a few studies went nuts.. where they tucked them down a notch or two and put out the butter cup series instead.. but hey.. that is just to stop fear from going crazy not because the material isn’t there…I read a fair amount and coast through most of the major libraries and college libraries around the world for new reading material.. if you really want to know a subject.. you can read all about the pro’s and con’s.. the research that talks only good flowers in the field.. to the oh my goodness the flowers are all gonna die.. research.. it is up to each person to interpret what they are reading and through their research believe what they see as the truth.. NASA is a very good resource.. it is there.. you can find it.. but your gonna be buried in reading material pretty quick.. because they have a lot of research in all directions.. OH did I mention they are Family friendly and love to teach children.. to have an open mind.. to weight the different information out and come to your own conclusions..

      • Looking out of the box – I didn’t say your grandkids shouldn’t love NASA, and use their resources. I also didn’t say all the NASA researchers were all wrong all the time either. The NASA statistic Mike keeps quoting over and over and over is political, and should be regarded with healthy skepticism. I stand by my comments on claims that insinuate that global climate change remediation is established engineering. As for G___’s comment on mood altering drugs, I will have to decline due to potential adverse drug testing potential. Some of us have to live with that threat. Texting under influence of caffeine (TUIC) was not an issue, especially at 6 AM. Note that my rant in the early morning hours was a reply to an off-topic rant, as is this post. Apologies to any readers who were or are still mortified and offended, but I don’t like reading the same lame unending off-topic rant ad nauseum every morning and afternoon, and this morning I said what I have been thinking for a long time in a reply.

    • You want to stand on top of a mountain of “science” and tell us how foolish we all are in our skepticism of “scientific proof”? Show me a single double blind study performed by climatologists that prove global warming is real, Mike. Oh, that’s right, you can’t because there’s no way to perform a planet-wide experiment on Earth’s climate, much less do it with a control. All of this science you want to thump like a Bible is a bunch of models, based on processes that we aren’t anywhere close to fully understanding, and using data that we are assured by activist scientists is good. How good have those models performed? Is New York City or Miami under water yet? How many times have we passed deadlines, beyond which there was “no hope for reversal”?

      If I have 50 models for stock performance, and I back-test all 50, one of them inevitably going to perform better than the other 49. Does that mean the model has managed to actually capture an understanding of stock performance, or accurately reflects the forces that move markets? No, it just means it has performed better than the others, it could very well be dumb luck. *One* of them must necessarily perform best, even if the model is junk. The true test is it’s predictive value. Climate “science” has been short on predictive value with regard to AGW.

      And you talk about this demonstrably fictitious “97% of scientists” that agree on climate change as if that even means something. There are countless models of climate change, just as there are countless stock market modelling methods. Does AGW cause more or less hurricanes? Depends who you ask. Will it cause more or less rain? More or less cloud cover? More or less snow? There is no consensus on the details, because there is no *single* *authoritative* model for AGW. So you have dozens of models which all predict different outcomes, the only common thread being “it gets warm and we all die.” If a “theory” (in this case actually many theories) predicts all possible outcomes, it is not a scientific model. From Wikipedia, “Scientific theories are testable and make falsifiable predictions.” A theory that predicts everything is not a scientific theory because it’s not falsifiable.

      Finally, I’d like to leave you with this. You know how often “scientific studies” are proven wrong? Perhaps you should do some reading on the topic.
      While many were not well done, some of them weren’t total garbage “studies” with using climate models, they at least went through the motions of a rigorous, double blind, and yet many, many of them were not reproducible.

      For thousands of years, man has thought he’s the center of the universe. We thought the sun revolved around us. We thought that we could cause rain by performing the proper rituals. We thought that we could scare off the demon eating the sun by beating drums and pots and pans when an eclipse happened. Science, when done properly, has demonstrated that we are not, in fact, the center of everything. We probably do influence the climate, to some degree. No doubt we have the technology to damage the ecosystem to such an extent that we couldn’t continue to thrive on earth as a species. However, I for one won’t be frightened by control freak activists doing bad science. When climatologists can make reasonably accurate models that are actually useful with transparent data, I’ll listen. Furthermore, when they walk the walk, and not just talk the talk, I’ll listen. Until then, they are no better than the priests in the temple telling me they need my first fruits to guarantee that the summer rains come, while they live a life of publicly funded leisure.

      • As a modeler, that one you back test will be for-sure and for-certain the one that hands you your ass on a plate in the next market dip. Models are of limited application in stock and even less so in weather.

  7. George,

    I’ve been thinking about how history rhymes. Why not geography too? On my bike rides to work I have time to think. I have been penciling this out for weeks, and I saw that headline about Hollywood and China I thought it worth sharing.

    This is not a serious theory, purely “fantasy world war league” speculation, but take a look. What if a mirror of WWII is developing, geography wise? Perhaps this is only the stuff of what-if board games.

    In the 1929 replay,

    Japan = Britain.
    China = Germany
    Russia = Russia (always in middle – currently working with China, but that will change)

    US = US, we will have to rescue Japan and SE Asia.
    India = France, largely useless, paper tiger military, and will get run over in the east badly. But also a great inlet to China via same route in reverse.
    N. Korea = Italy, largely useless and paper tiger. Achilles heel to China war plans, a mountainous peninsula to invade.

    SE Asia, like Europe will be run over first to kick things off.

    I’m just not sure what rhyming role S Korea plays, or who gets to be Switzerland.

    • “US = US, we will have to rescue Japan and SE Asia.”

      I wonder how that will work….. especially since we can’t rescue our own country..

  8. George I think you hit a nerve this morning with the TDS group of CNN and MSNBC etc fans. Sorry guys Hillery lost the election is over, try to keep up. As some one said “If your election last more than three years see your doctor immediately.”

  9. Denial is the lubricant which greases the bearings of the debt slave engine. Don’t say too much about denial to your young underwater readers, ’cause if they all listen, that economic engine might seize up. That would be a technical social mood reversal like we have never seen before.
    I believe it was Looking out of the box who thought that mortgage laws had been modified to allow mortgages to be called in on 30 day notice, just like was done in the depression era. I would be interested to know if there is info to back that up. That would be another social mood show stopper.

  10. “The “not-really Federal” and “making-up-reserves” decision on rates due out Wednesday afternoon”

    First thing that popped in the old man’s mine when I read that…

    Was old Billy Preston

    As far,as racial comments….
    This comes to mind…

    Silly question that was brought up about Californian conservatives.. are the conservative liberally or liberally with conservative interests.. is there a difference between a flaming liberal there and a conservative liberal.

  11. I used to love reading the comment section for the varied thoughts. NOt so much anymore. I really dislike this Mark character. Alot.

    • I agree. Mark and “Best, Mike” add nothing to the discourse. If George wrote an article on how to tie shoelaces, Mark would respond with an anti-Trump rant and “Best, Mike” would chastise him on his stance on global warming. They’re both broken records and could likely be reincarnations of the infamous Jon. I begrudge having to take even a minuscule amount of time to scroll past their lunatic comments.

      • Aside from Mark and “Best, Mike”, the commenters on this blog are the best! They’re mostly out-of-the-box’ers with interesting experiences and points of view. Even those few who can barely write a cogent sentence are worth reading after you’ve worked through your translations. The only certified members of the brainwashed masses are M and BM.

      • That’d be because I would taunt Mark in a shoe lacking article by explaining how to tie the knot. Right over left… (he’s bite, I’m sure of it, lol…)

  12. Has anybody out there had the tireds since noon. kinda strange had so much enery this morning.

    • Yeah, about 1205 it felt like somebody just “pulled my plug” to the extent I’ve been contemplating a nap for the last couple hours…

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