When is The Top In?

Problem on the table this morning is “When to take the money and run?” Which we will muse on with an “indicators review.”

Before that, a few general economic notes plus we have a slug of fresh economic indicators to consider as we head to the table for turkey.

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12 thoughts on “When is The Top In?”

  1. Ure wryrony this AM puts a smile on the face of this Bitcoin advocate..

    News article link about Blockchain & Safety followed by News link to article about Mortgage Fraud..for those with “eyes” too see – the signs are everywhere.

    T.B.N. is looking at Feb2020 timeframe for BTC’s to hit a Buy zone around $5500 – otherwise consolidation.imho

    Gobble Gobble – nerk nerk – turkey speak for – dont forget to cover that fresh killed forest turkey in bacon prior to cooking – one dry ass fowl when cooked sans grease.
    May the luv of your family fill Ure hearts this Holiday..

    Dont forget Grumpapotomous’s – NO BITCOIN 4 U !

  2. With regard to the Rodreguez curve…

    Looks like from the first peak to the Bull Trap and then to the next lesser peak is two equal time spans. (Obviously, with 10,000 caveats.)

    (Yes, yes, I know: it’s impossible to “time” the market…)

    It further almost looks like one complete sinewave cycle, but of an attenuating kind. A damped wave. (Yes, I know it must be “smoothed.)

    Stands to reason a return to a second, lesser peak from the depths of the Bull Trap might well be a slightly cautious thing.

    Makes a kind of horse sense…

  3. George said: “And while I’m pretty good on perspectives and outlooks, when comes to trading I’m not that good, myself.  I tend to run too far ahead of things and lack the patience for the market to come around to my forecast.”

    Stock investors need to hold stocks in “Strong Hands”. Buying good stocks in an uptrend & holding them thru the ups & downs. Otherwise you buy high & sell low which = losses.

    Last week I got in Mariwana stocks do to them recently being hammered & the potential for growth as more states sign up to let their residents dull their minds. I hold them in “Strong Hands” for 2 to 5 years, or less if they blow off upward. Drugs have been a growth area for eternity.

  4. this madness is on fumes .. market up gold down . vice a versa .. its the biggest redest button of all time .. out they ALL go .. from the ashes gold is the phoenix.. but this time the other guys never come back .. money always finds the best home .. and now just hide it .. total robot madness .. created by yellen and sold by powell .. this is biggest ever .. the longer we are wrong the righter we will be .. great traders stick . don’t listen to gold storytellers

    • Madness or not, it is what it is. Nothing has really changed. People are still complaining about the same old things. It isn’t any better anywhere else either. But the old adage still applies. “Money doesn’t take care of itself, you have to.”

  5. The real problem with taking the money and running is where do you put it! This and following the herd in investing is generally about being late to the party.

    I’ll be avoiding a turkey sacrifice tomorrow, though I never tell others what they should or should not consume. I can think of a couple of non-food items of choice for myself. I will eat well, I’m sure. Having returned from my trip and taken a long(1 hour) shower, I’m ready to relax and enjoy good company tomorrow. This evening it’s supposed to be frightful with SNOW(God forbid)! It’s that damn climate change thingy! We can only hope that global warming comes to the rescue and the snow melts some day. If not, then albedo may not be a friend.

    Time to get more wood inside!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    • well you certainly cant pay some guy to hold it who may never give it back.. washingntons look good bundled and stashed .. the gold stuff .. well that might take a big dive in this sought of desperate kaboom times.. ask our top companies they are trillionaires there who make zero .. ask amazon whats safe ? they may sell you a shovel and sealed storage box

  6. another wopper is peak oil .. there is more oil than water.. some currency scam deal with the camel guys .. wake up . its a mess .. too many promises and fake news too long . it ALL fall down then we start again . people like dalio playing happy patriot monetizer at these absurd debt levels .. no way ray.. ross perot was right the swirling black hole consumes everything .. powell would do better starting a card yard selling cadillacs with no rubber and a million miles

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