Thanksgiving: Be Thankful for This

If you don’t have enough to be thankful for this Thanksgiving…Be thankful THIS Market hasn’t fallen apart – yet:

The usual caveats:  The markets were “normed” in this view to January 1, 2000.  Plus, this is our own Aggregate Index which is based on the idea of equal dollar allocations into the Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq Composite.

Sobering, nevertheless.


Because Europe “missed the boat” (and didn’t catch The Mayflower thus forfeiting a holiday)  – a move made more regrettable on the continent almost daily by the pricks in EU SuperGov – we notice that virtually  everything trading today was red as this Global Blow Off continues.  There was a pause around July 1-8, 1929, as well.

Tomorrow is Black Friday, so named because for many retailers in “the old days” it was when annual operations at last became profitable for the year, if all was going well.

Other than the Fed balance sheet and Money Supply (after the close Friday) there’s nothing of particular interest.  Stocks will trade a half-day; going home after a late lunch.

Holidays: Past and Present

When I was young, on one 4th of July, Pappy Ure took me on a tour of a Navy ship that was in port, up in Seattle.  An early arrival for the annual  Seafair celebration, the Navy held public tours.

Since it was the holiday, the ship, a destroyer, was spotless, especially the galley.

“Navy chow is second to none,” explained Pappy.  He knew first-hand, having been a fire alarm operator in the Navy at Pearl Harbor.  (Son G2 completes his national registry Firefighter I and II shortly, so firefighting is “in the genes.”)

That ship tour impressed the hell out of me.  There, in front of the galley, was a pedestal and on it was a marvelous menu (on the right side) plus (on the left) was a list of shipboard activities for the day.

Absent something Big to write about, I’m sure your sick of politics and such BS, in the same spirit,  “left and right side” of what’s going on around here for this holiday.

  • 4:30 First watch on the information platforms.
  • 5:45 A slap-dash Turkey of a column
  • 6:30 Time machine research committee meeting
  • 8:30 Breakfast
  • 9:30 Electronics repair
  • 11:00 Dinner prep with turkey in
  • 11:30 SDR Radio installation
  • 12:30 UHD monitor (for radios) installation
  • 13:00 Software installation festival
  • 13:30 Radio testing (20 meters, ssb)
  • 15:00 Turkey out and prep begins
  • 15:01 Cocktails
  • 15:45 Turkey dinner
  • 16:45 Streaming entertainment (remote viewing, lol)
  • 20:00 Retire


Choice of:

  •  Eggs – any style
  •  Ham
  •  Toast
  •  Cottage cheese pancakes
  •  French toast
  •  Yogurt
  •  Fresh fruit (apple, grapes, bannanas
  •  Coffee or tea
  •  For the adventurous: leftover spaghetti


  • Cocktails
  • Appetizers (veggies and dip)
  • Salad with freshly sauteed shrimp
  • Turkey
  • Stuffing
  • Oat flour gravy (wheat-free)
  • Baked potatoes
  • Corn

Note: We don’t do desserts, although bittersweet chocolate bits are available in the galley.

Sounds idyllic but in reality, I expect everything to “come off the rails” within an hour of two.  No matter how much planning and thinking goes into a holiday meal, there seems to always be something

The electronics repair is actually the most important, in terms of research.  My old  Presonus 16.0.2 firewire mixing board lost its power supply so we had Full Compass fly in a replacement.  Which means tomorrow the studio will go back together.  The delay line will be installed and tested, as well.  Don’t know how far we will actually get on the project, though, since the discrete crystal oscillators aren’t built yet.  Again, a matter of time on task.

Electric Woo-Woo, Continued

My recent go-round with electricity (verging on woo-woo) has continued, so perhaps it’s best things go slowly on the time-machine research.

In addition to the audio power supply crapping out, one of our big sine wave grid-tied power inverters went down.  And, unfortunately, putting in a new A.C. transfer board Wednesday simply resulted in more smoke issuing from the unit.  A nice, billowing sky blue, thanks for asking.

Fortunately, we caught the Outback power tech support just people before their long four-day weekend, so the trip to the inverter doctor’s office for treatment should be underway by Friday of next week.

This is in addition to the dead cell phone, dead car battery, perplexing ham antenna electrical issues, and a host of other “electric PITAs.” (Mysterious network glitches…it’s quite a list.)

Can someone move Mercury out of retrograde for us?

Seriously:  When you’ve been around long enough, you’ll see this retrograde stuff is no joke, although how you personally experience it will vary as you go through life.  Great article on it here although technically retrograde ended on Nov. 20.

I used to experience retrograde 2-3 weeks ahead of the dates, but this time it’s been on the backside of the event itself.  Hence the conclusion the “stickiness” of the date is about as reliable as glue-sticks.

The National Weather

While our  consigliere continues to work on several complex cases (it’s what attorneys do), he’s pointed out what a mess travel routing through Denver has been.  Our condolences and enjoy “global warming.”

You can get a sense of things looking at these two maps (which will render uselessly small):

For usefully sized see

Well, by the schedule, I’m supposed to click “Publish” now, so off to more Kona Blend to wake up the other neuron.

Moron the ‘morrow... Write when you get full…

27 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: Be Thankful for This”

    • Good find –

      “withdrawals and deposits have already been suspended as a precaution”

      “You can have your money back anytime you want, just stand in that line.”

  1. A heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving to you, George, and all the rest but could it be that Universe is trying to tell you something regarding all the electronics?

    There are two things I worry about in our grid-down scenario you flesh out on a regular basis – hot water in the winter and getting around when fuel deliveries may not be that reliable. Regarding the first have you investigated wood burning water heaters? Sure, they require juice to move water into them and out to the house if there’s no water pressure to do so. If you have pressure then you probably don’t need the wood burner but it’s “grid-down”, remember?

    Perhaps I could set up a bike with a wheel attached to a pump shaft via a belt while the wife and I take turns alternating between moving water and showering. I mean, if the solar panels have been zapped. Great exercise, too. You don’t sweat much outside in the Winter so exercise after a shower won’t mean that much. With no electricity I’ll need an on-site water tank, insulated, with enough elevation to provide some positive flow but as we age maybe some kind of gas powered engine could be arranged. Wood gas? We have a well in the back yard so water is available but hasn’t been used in years so a lot of pumping would have to be done to clear it out. Water for consumption would have to come from the ranch miles away, though, until the safety of the local water could be established. Such an arrangement could make you a very popular person in the community! We do become addicted to our modern luxuries, don’t we? I’d be interested to see how the tax man would evaluate those kind of “improvements”.

    The second concern is another discussion altogether and we aren’t blessed with an oil well on the place. It all depends on how far back in to “The Walton’s” territory you want to go.

    Watch that over eating this year, everyone, and do some sharing. It may be time to be getting leaner and a little meaner from now on.

    • have you investigated wood burning water heaters?

      I visited with a gentleman that as a school class project at one of the colleges in Washington state.. they decided to see just how efficient these vacuum tube hot water heaters were.. in the cloudy cold weather they were still getting I believe if memory serves me right…137 degree water out of it..
      in a place like texas you would have boiling water.. put up a couple of these use a check valve and let it perk…
      Now.. what I want to set up.. is a more efficient solar hot water heater.. my theory is using an intensifier.. pre heating chamber up to the vacuum tube.. then into the coil and back.. I did get me some of the screen to make the intensifier just didn’t get around to building it this last summer.. if a person really wanted some heat.. then put a directional reflector.. but that might be to much.. you only want a couple hundred degrees not a couple thousand degrees..and with the directional intensifiing station you would be getting that.. the thermometer I did have maxed out the last time I tried something like this.. just have to keep an eye on how much energy is needed..
      the other thing is if you have a bio gas unit then get an on demand auto fire hot water heater.. you can get those as low as two hundred dollars..

      what I never decided is if I wanted to use a heat absorbtion storage on the pre heater..or maybe on the exit hot water.. simple enough but would it offset night hours.. things got busy money got tight and I just couldn’t get myself into grampas mad scientist mode of exploring the potentials..

      like my solar tower idea.. god I want to try it to prove it would be the most efficient way of production and the cheapest.. but that would take money.. and that I don’t have..

      I need to win the lottery first LOL…before I can try it myself.. I had a friend say that he was going to be around our area giving some talks and was going to come by he usually has some kids with him from various schools.. I will share it again with them.. maybe MIT or Caltech will do it as a full scale lab project not just on a small scale but on a larger working scale model which is what I want to see.. .. make it look like the famed light house of alexandria.. I am convinced that is the way to do solar.. not these huge monstrosities everyone is thinking .. but smaller more efficient and easier to impliment

      • Hey there LOOTB. Yes, there are many ways of getting heat into water. I even remember some kind of very high frequency something-or-nuther, “exciter”, in a water tank that really got the ball rolling and needed very little electrical input to do it. I may have it stuck away in my bookmarks somewhere. I think all it needed was a 9v battery, believe it or not, and it got the water rocking and rolling in very short order. The stainless, spherical tanks they were using weren’t very big, however, and, again, it needed electricity. I’ll have to do a search through my old bookmarks and favorites again.

        But what I’m concerned with is a true, total lack of electricity other than from solar panels that may have survived an EMP from whatever source may come. Perhaps it’s too far out of the box and way too much plumbing for most but one cold shower in the Winter would make anyone’s Bright Idea Box between their ears light up like a Christmas tree.

      •  “I even remember some kind of very high frequency something-or-nuther, “exciter”, ”

        I actually dont think I’ve ever seen that Bill.. if you find it share it with us.. I’d love to see it..

        My thoughts of magnetic induction, or resonance frequency amp.. a cavitation water heater ,. Using microwaves and magnets you can literally have water explode with action .. solar .. well I totally love solar you can do so much with solar.. store it in a heavy brine.. you can either heat or cool using solar. ( just dont teach kids how to make lava lol bad mistake)if you find that link I would love to see it…
        A hydraulic pump is pretty efficient as well..( basically a heat pump.. )

  2. See above chart, URE INDEX 30,666 (rounded up) is the market timing sell signal. Head for the hills with your goodies. I have a backpack full of US junk 90% silver coins that I will have one of the grandkids carry. Is the 666 an omen? Maybe.


  3. Breakfast

    and don’t forget the best SOS you could ever imagine.. dam that was good.. and even though I watched them make it.. I never was able to recreate it..

    Many blessings you Elaine and you.. and to all the readers of Urban survival.. the journey is fun the messages thought provoking.. I have enjoyed being a long time reader … keeps this old mind thinking out of the box.. considering the what if scenarios..
    speaking of woo woo.. got buried in snow… took the shovel up by the garage.. the snow blower couldn’t did through the snow it was so wet and compacted.. ( heavy snow.. heavier than anything in the past few years) and I thought ok.. I will run up get the shovel and break it loose.. turned around… the shovel was right next to me.. I didn’t bring it down.. and why was it right next to me.. phew.. that one actually spooked me a little bit..

  4. Happy Thanksgiving George. can just one day be retrograde? Yesterday, my wife’s favorite hanging art fell mysteriously and shattered into a hundred glass pieces. (I hate cleaning up glass shards more than anything). Then a new, high end front door knob just installed came apart, followed by the screen door ripping, thanks to my mother in law walking through it, the router froze, and my wife got into a fender tap incident with her car in which zero damage was done to either car, (we have phone pics) yet the guy in front of her decided to file a claim anyway.

    Geez…Today better be better.

    • And you complain about Trump. You damage & guy’s car & complain when he files a claim, claiming there was no damage with your phony pics. Don’t the peons realize they are dealing with Mark who has an expesive doorbell. Why not get a ring doorbell, they are reduced for Black Friday on Amazon.

  5. “This is in addition to the dead cell phone, dead car battery, perplexing ham antenna electrical issues, and a host of other “electric PITAs.” (Mysterious network glitches…it’s quite a list.)”

    This is a periodic issue with me. A vehicle (or vehicles) left in my driveway will occasionally have its battery (and the batteries of any devices left inside) go to zero within a few hours. It’s rare, happens about 3x per year, but I’ve never found rhyme, nor reason… Whatever the issue, it never reaches to my house or garage…

    • OK… do you go through a lot of light bulbs????
      Years ago I couldn’t own anything that had sensitive electronics unless I had grounded my self.. the reason.. I either drained the battery instantly or blew up the devices circuit board.. I had to have wind up watches.. no electric ones here.. Now they make them so my static electrical charge doesn’t affect them at all.. My question close are you to a power sub station cell phone tower , microwave transmitters etc…. what kind of electrical current is flowing around you.. do your light bulbs burn out rapidly.. you could have an atmospheric electrical charge….
      you can make measurements using a moving coil high voltage meter. During a thunderstorm I once measured negative voltages higher than 10 kilovolt. During the lightening,it happenes so fast that the polarity of the high voltage changes fast, then returns slowly to the original.
      The DC voltages are really high, but can be shorted with an inductor or even a resistor. you can store this power to by running it down to a capacitor bank…
      I think the best way to measure the fields is using some sort of a compensated divider. what I mean by saying a compensated divider is I mean both a capacitive and a resistive divider, as is used in an oscilloscope probe.
      The Tektronics model P6015A High Voltage probe ( ) you can measure continuous voltages to 20 kilovolt and AC voltages to 40 kilovolt peak This probe loads your detector with 100 megaohm and 3 picofarad This probe can be used to measure frequencies up to 75 MHz
      you might have some fun to measure with the square foot detector and also with two long wires, one in north south direction and one in east west direction. The north-south wire will average differences between north and south. The east-west wire will average differences between east and west.
      It might be possible to measure shape and movement of the fields. to get an idea of just what is happening in your driveway…

      • Nearest potential EMF or radiation source is over two miles away. This has been a phenomenon since long before the invention of cellphones, and it is not “me-specific.” Overnight guests and kids have experienced the “dead battery with no cause” issue on several occasions — once, all at the same time (4 cars, 4 dead car batteries…) It happens rarely, only in my driveway, and only to vehicles that’re parked between 50ft and 120ft off the roadway…

    • “it never reaches to my house or garage…”

      you might have enough shielding.. in the house.. also..your house is grounded.. I have my roof connected to a ground rod.. and in a short period of time.. I will have the setup to protect the house from a dramatic power surge cause on the line… there are maps of transmission points.. you can even get a free app for your phone that will tell you how strong the microvave frequencies are in your driveway..

      but if there is a high frequency in your area.. it could possibly still affect the light bulbs you use.. a military station nearby or a weather radar.. something that periodically emits a high frequency burst.. of course I am no electrician.. just some bottom feeding catfish hoocum with an ugly hat in the country that is curious at times about things..

  6. Happy Thanksgiving :)

    I know I don’t subscribe, so all I see are commentary and the rare glimspes you post otherwise. But I’ve noticed that the 1929 rehash seems to keep walking down the timeline, a few weeks at a time, furthering the date that we see economic craziness. No, I’m not saying you are changing your suspect dates as you go, but that string pullers are attempting to stay a few steps ahead ofthis trainwreck and, so far, successfully keep it running on a shoestring. Sooner or later, they’ll run out of string. But how they’ve managed this long is astounding.

  7. Hi George and Happy Tgiving to you & Elaine!
    I was thinking of you yesterday after reading about your electrical demons when I was standing in line to make a withdrawl at my bank. When I made it to the head of the line I noticed that progress had halted and several of the well-fed teller girls were looking perplexed as nothing would come out of their computers! Lights were on but the network was down, throughout the bank. Their solution? Come back later! Which I did after a quick trip to Walmart for some post-Tgiving frozen food.
    Regarding that Mercury retro thingee, I’ve gotten to the point where promo of my biz seems to be about useless during these periods, but like you I have marked on my calendar that this retro period ended on 11/20 (but it seems to be hanging on).
    BTW did you ever read my email regarding a weekly show on KGRA?

  8. George, I’m not an astrologer, but astrologers say we are still in the post-Merc-Retrograde Shadow period — thus, not entirely “in the clear” till Dec. 8, I believe. (You can find a graphic that illustrates this at: Just spoke to a friend who yesterday experienced a clothes dryer conking out, a plumbing backup, and a car repair that was done 2 weeks ago (under “full Retro”) just failed again. Mercury Retrograde affects everything related to communication, transportation, electrical issues and yes, water too. Allegedly Virgos and Geminis are hit hardest by the Merc Retro energies.

  9. Give it all up and just go camping 4 month or two and then when you come back everything will be in worse shape and then sell it all and retire in an assisted nursing home, well that’s kind of what I plan on doing anyway, or either move in with the kids, or either just tough it out here in the woods I like the woods better than all those other options think I’ll just stay here, lol

  10. how does the market know the date or time .. like it stays ok till after the holidays .. nah .. more risk not being short than being long .. kinda makes sense .. discipline and a dose of rayard kipling poetry everyday keep you focused .. nothing but shorts on everything .. tried to eat some gold tastes worse than a 100 peso greenback and chipped teeth

    • “how does the market know the date or time”

      It doesn’t Len… sort of like having sex.. you think you are going to have a sexual encounter at lets say eight PM.. but there are a ton of variables that all have to align at the same time to make that happen..
      so until those variables play out.. its just the thought of what if.. or what could be..

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