If you don’t have enough to be thankful for this Thanksgiving…Be thankful THIS Market hasn’t fallen apart – yet:

The usual caveats:  The markets were “normed” in this view to January 1, 2000.  Plus, this is our own Aggregate Index which is based on the idea of equal dollar allocations into the Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq Composite.

Sobering, nevertheless.


Because Europe “missed the boat” (and didn’t catch The Mayflower thus forfeiting a holiday)  – a move made more regrettable on the continent almost daily by the pricks in EU SuperGov – we notice that virtually  everything trading today was red as this Global Blow Off continues.  There was a pause around July 1-8, 1929, as well.

Tomorrow is Black Friday, so named because for many retailers in “the old days” it was when annual operations at last became profitable for the year, if all was going well.

Other than the Fed balance sheet and Money Supply (after the close Friday) there’s nothing of particular interest.  Stocks will trade a half-day; going home after a late lunch.

Holidays: Past and Present

When I was young, on one 4th of July, Pappy Ure took me on a tour of a Navy ship that was in port, up in Seattle.  An early arrival for the annual  Seafair celebration, the Navy held public tours.

Since it was the holiday, the ship, a destroyer, was spotless, especially the galley.

“Navy chow is second to none,” explained Pappy.  He knew first-hand, having been a fire alarm operator in the Navy at Pearl Harbor.  (Son G2 completes his national registry Firefighter I and II shortly, so firefighting is “in the genes.”)

That ship tour impressed the hell out of me.  There, in front of the galley, was a pedestal and on it was a marvelous menu (on the right side) plus (on the left) was a list of shipboard activities for the day.

Absent something Big to write about, I’m sure your sick of politics and such BS, in the same spirit,  “left and right side” of what’s going on around here for this holiday.

  • 4:30 First watch on the information platforms.
  • 5:45 A slap-dash Turkey of a column
  • 6:30 Time machine research committee meeting
  • 8:30 Breakfast
  • 9:30 Electronics repair
  • 11:00 Dinner prep with turkey in
  • 11:30 SDR Radio installation
  • 12:30 UHD monitor (for radios) installation
  • 13:00 Software installation festival
  • 13:30 Radio testing (20 meters, ssb)
  • 15:00 Turkey out and prep begins
  • 15:01 Cocktails
  • 15:45 Turkey dinner
  • 16:45 Streaming entertainment (remote viewing, lol)
  • 20:00 Retire


Choice of:

  •  Eggs – any style
  •  Ham
  •  Toast
  •  Cottage cheese pancakes
  •  French toast
  •  Yogurt
  •  Fresh fruit (apple, grapes, bannanas
  •  Coffee or tea
  •  For the adventurous: leftover spaghetti


  • Cocktails
  • Appetizers (veggies and dip)
  • Salad with freshly sauteed shrimp
  • Turkey
  • Stuffing
  • Oat flour gravy (wheat-free)
  • Baked potatoes
  • Corn

Note: We don’t do desserts, although bittersweet chocolate bits are available in the galley.

Sounds idyllic but in reality, I expect everything to “come off the rails” within an hour of two.  No matter how much planning and thinking goes into a holiday meal, there seems to always be something

The electronics repair is actually the most important, in terms of research.  My old  Presonus 16.0.2 firewire mixing board lost its power supply so we had Full Compass fly in a replacement.  Which means tomorrow the studio will go back together.  The delay line will be installed and tested, as well.  Don’t know how far we will actually get on the project, though, since the discrete crystal oscillators aren’t built yet.  Again, a matter of time on task.

Electric Woo-Woo, Continued

My recent go-round with electricity (verging on woo-woo) has continued, so perhaps it’s best things go slowly on the time-machine research.

In addition to the audio power supply crapping out, one of our big sine wave grid-tied power inverters went down.  And, unfortunately, putting in a new A.C. transfer board Wednesday simply resulted in more smoke issuing from the unit.  A nice, billowing sky blue, thanks for asking.

Fortunately, we caught the Outback power tech support just people before their long four-day weekend, so the trip to the inverter doctor’s office for treatment should be underway by Friday of next week.

This is in addition to the dead cell phone, dead car battery, perplexing ham antenna electrical issues, and a host of other “electric PITAs.” (Mysterious network glitches…it’s quite a list.)

Can someone move Mercury out of retrograde for us?

Seriously:  When you’ve been around long enough, you’ll see this retrograde stuff is no joke, although how you personally experience it will vary as you go through life.  Great article on it here although technically retrograde ended on Nov. 20.

I used to experience retrograde 2-3 weeks ahead of the dates, but this time it’s been on the backside of the event itself.  Hence the conclusion the “stickiness” of the date is about as reliable as glue-sticks.

The National Weather

While our  consigliere continues to work on several complex cases (it’s what attorneys do), he’s pointed out what a mess travel routing through Denver has been.  Our condolences and enjoy “global warming.”

You can get a sense of things looking at these two maps (which will render uselessly small):

For usefully sized see https://www.weather.gov/forecastmaps.

Well, by the schedule, I’m supposed to click “Publish” now, so off to more Kona Blend to wake up the other neuron.

Moron the ‘morrow... Write when you get full…