It’s What’s NOT on TV That Matters

‘Peach of a week ahead.  Oh sure, Consumer Prices come out Wednesday and of course the month Retail Sales figures.  But the main reason the premarket is down is because the so-called “Impeachment Inquiry” goes into overdrive (and streaming) this week.

Not getting as much play as the third (and fourth)-hand political commentary is a letter sent by Devin Nunes this weekend on behalf of the “Intelligence Committee” minority republicans.  After spending a page going through the partisan recitals, the republicans made their witness wish-list available over the weekend;

  1. Devon Archer, former board member of Burisma Holdings.  Republicans want to ask him about corruption in Ukraine.
  2.  Hunter Biden, who received a reported $50,000 a month from Burisma Holdings in what to some looks like a payoff to Joe Biden’s son.  Remember, the Obama administration did exactly what they are trying to twist into something impeachable.  In Fact, Joe Biden  bragged about giving the government of Ukraine six-hours to fire the prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden’s affairs.  Which is why this whole thing stinks.  Still, Ukraine was crucial to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, so let’s get it all out on the table.
  3.  DNC staffer Alexandra Chalupa.  She went to the Ukrainian embassy in D.C. trying to enlist them in DNC efforts to dig up dirt on Donald Trump.
  4. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale.  Unlike the clown posse put-up, include the alleged whistleblower who was likely  coached by congressman Schiff’s office, Hale has first-hand knowledge of how US aid was handled.
  5. Tim Morrison formerly with the National Security Council. He’s been interviewed – behind closed doors – and republicans figure what he said would likely contradict the Vindman testimony, which was not direct.  It was sec ond or third hand, too.
  6. Nellie Ohr, related to that demoted FBI fellow Bruce Ohr.  She was reportedly key to working-up Trump hit materials at Fusion GPS which was then fed to Steele who then fed the notorious Steele Dossier to any Trump-hating media outlets that could be found.
  7.  And, Nunes wants the “anonymous whistleblower”

On conversative (anti-coup) media sites, including Rush Likmbaugh, you can find “Schiff Outed Eric Ciaramella in Transcript Release.”  In response, though, more liberal media are trying to flip blame back on a Devin Nunes staffer.

Near as we can figure, we’re seeing an attempted a coup and  the liberal-leaning corporations (like Facebook) are closing ranks to keep the left-wing Coup going:  You know you’ve moved into an alt. reality when the Rush Limbaugh site and the World Socialist Web Site can both report Eric Ciaramella’s alleged involvement but the NY Times can’t.  (Morning’s like this, a shot of vodka makes sense.)  As ReclaimTheNet nails it “Facebook is deleting journalism in real-time.”  YouTube is in on deleting also.   But, since we don’t post to either (having judged social media as a fool’s tools (and a way to hold customers of companies hostage for ongoing ransom payments), we aren’t particularly surprised…  Dumb sheep are moneymakers…

What we find most bothersome is how a once-brave pinnacle of real journalism – the New York Times, is today bending over backwards NOT to “say the anonymous name” either.  While the right and left do?  (ViseGrips to the arm right, now!)   The Times which reported the Pentagon Papers can’t reveal  the alleged Eric?

It all melts into a very disturbing study in coup communications – madness of digital mobs –  and meme propagation of propaganda that should be studied for generations to come.

The REAL story this week is NOT WHAT’S ON TV. It’s what’s NOT on TV!

You can read the Nunes letter here.

I think when you read it, you’ll see how crooked this whole slur festival is.  It’s NOT worth watching non-stop, because, as a one-sided “show trial” not a single meaningful witness with direct knowledge will be allowed. No cross-examination.  WTF kind of “inquiry” is this?  One with a foregone conclusion, of course.

It won’t be until the Senate gets to hold an actual trial that we will get the other half of the story.  Then, and only then, judgments can follow.

But this crock-a-poo?  Two-bit dictatorships at least try to get the illusion of fairness baked into their Kangaroo Courts.  Damn shame the U.S. House of Representatives can’t live up to American concepts like putting on a defense, cross, and holding open hearings of the whole sick mess.  Sheesh.

More on Digital Insurrection tomorrow...For us, two things are clear:  People who Hate Trump are about to be massively monetized by desperation media. Big money in hating Trump and twisting eyeballs.   And  #2?  I’m ashamed there are so many stupid people in America who can’t see a digital uprising when its in their face..

What’s Useful

The Dow is likely to open down a hunsky, or so.  Who would invest in such a stupid country, right?

Not just our view.  “Moody’s offers bleak outlook for government debt amid political instability” and they are likely to downgrade UK debt, too, on political paralysis.   (The Kneeler Dealers can’t just do what the people voted to do (leave Europe to the Brussels sprouts)  more than two years ago, right? FMTT  General election 2019: Brexit Party will not stand in Tory seats, says Nigel Farage.)

Article in Forbes hints ther world is catching up with common sense.  See “Boeing’s Troubles Quietly Go From Bad To Worse—Would You Fly On A 737 Max?

China is getting tougher on Hong Kong pro-freedom demonstrators:: Hong Kong anti-government protester shot, another set on fire.  Now, cue “cause and effect” Hong Kong Stock Market Retreats as Violence Hits New Heights.” Dug.

Where’s all the climate hype? Record-breaking arctic chill moving across U.S..

In the Fed data out last week, we noted (may have been on the Peoplenomics side) that a slowdown in consumer credit card spending in the latest reporting period could turn into a leading edge of a bad thing.  Now we read It could get worse for one of the worst-performing retailers, traders say.  We will find out more later this week when the new federal numbers come out.  But, in economic terms, when people begin dialing back their spending because there’s no “urge to buy now before prices go up” that you can have real depressionary dynamics evolving.  Throw in a terrible harvest or two and you have a bigger global mess than now.

And one more tiny item that just indicates (to us, and remember I’m crazy): China October new bank loans dip to 22-month low, more easing expected.  More easing?  Think about people sitting on wallets and economic vitality drying up globally.  End of life as we knew it…

Happy Veterans Day and thank you for your service.  No mail today and most banks are closed… markets are open.

Write when you get rich,

29 thoughts on “It’s What’s NOT on TV That Matters”

  1. George

    From the AARL ham license search engine:

    Ohr, Nellie H, KM4UDZ

    Mc Lean, VA 22101
    Licensee ID: L02028239
    License Class: Technician
    FRN: 0025607250
    Radio Service: HA
    Issue Date: 05/23/2016
    Expire Date: 05/23/2026
    Date of Last Change: 05/23/2016 (New Systematic Call Sign Assigned)

    It was once mentioned on TV that she had gotten a ham license.

    A person could pass all manner of info across the air waves using a radio. It’s not private but still could be useful in certain situations.

    Perhaps my conspiratorial mind is going a bit far or is it?

  2. As I have said before, the “Good Guys” in all of this are the folks in Congress that are trying to find their Al Capone indictable moment. Capone allegedly did some extremely corrupt and horrific crimes, but the Feds could only catch him on Tax evasion. While the impeachment inquiry is on the borderline of impeachable, it’s the bigger picture that Trump is way out of his league and a danger to the United States that is at play here. This is an opportunity to rid the world of this incredibly stupid President and bring integrity back to the Oval Office.

    Since Bloomberg is putting his hat in the ring, let’s remember that he used to be a Republican…I think he should run as a Republican…Between him, Joe Walsh and Trump, I really believe Bloomberg WHO IS A REAL BILLIONAIRE.. not a fake one like Trump who is worth just under $200 million, (He inherited $500 million) can take the GOP ticket all the way to the top. MOR Democrats will vote for him as well. Republican President Bloomberg has a nice ring to it.

    • Mark, your “good guys in CONgress” are criminals, trying to invent a crime againist the best president since JFK ,,, to keep their seditious azzes from going to GITMO or worse yet, a free rope ride!
      The Storm has arrived,,,,the pedos are running and screaming for their lives
      When you compare our president to a known criminal, you take the side of the satanists. California is over run with the bohemian grove baal worshippers, that are hell bent on attacking their enemy
      Beware of what the universe will send you in return for all the hate you emit,, anybody hit and run your beautiful tesla auto lately? Karma is a force, that is giving you a little love tap

      • Truth is not hate. It’s salvation. The only hate being emitted Is from our brainless POTUS and his minions that Trump owns through kompromat…a trick he learned and is a victim of himself via Putin and a slew of Saudi’s.

        Open your eyes. I and my colleagues in New York know Trumps past and a person Like him doesn’t change. His mob like ways are a part of his DNA.

    • Trump has to be the most-amazing personage of all time. His father was never worth more than ~$180mln, and his entire estate was reportedly worth ~$20mln at his death, yet Donald and his sibs split that $20mln, and Donald’s share came out to be $500mln. Anyone with that kind of talent needs to be made emperor for life…

      Bloomberg is a particularly vicious totalitarianist Marxist. A vote for him would be a vote for Stalin. Mark, do you EVER look at a politician’s actual record?

      • Do your homework Ray.

        President Donald Trump’s father gave enormous sums of money to his son over his entire life, playing a much bigger role than previously known in making the president a rich man. Much of that money Fred Trump have his some was corrupt And tax shelter and money laundering using his own kids as shelters. According to the report, Trump was earning $200,000 a year from his father’s empire by the age 3. The financial assistance increased with the years, to more than $5 million annually when Trump was in his 40s and 50s. In all, Trump received at least $413 million from his father’s real estate empire. The president has said he turned a $1 million loan from his father into a $10 billion empire.Haha haha. That’s the biggest joke in New York. He is worth maybe 1/30th of that

  3. I read in the financial articles that costs and economic events are “baked into” stock prices and projections, etc. I’m also aware that the main banks and investment companies are larger than many countries’ economies. Taken to the extreme, what would it take for the markets to completely detach from the political world and how would we know? Buffet’s Christmas Letter or Dimon’s Daily? When all of the coefficients become “1” and the returns on investments are near zero across the board except for equities (for the average Joe), it’s easy to understand why trading becomes a singular activity in itself. Everybody wants to retire someday and it seems the only way to get there is through 401(k)’s which are driven with equities. And who doesn’t tweak things to get higher performance?

  4. George,
    US policy to contain Russian aggression and expansion subverted? Desperate Ukraine extorted? Like OJ, funny how Conservatives want to talk about everything, except the actual facts. Best, Mike.

    • Facts like Biden threat to withhold aid if the prosecutor wasn’t fired?
      Like all leftist spew, you’re not answering the questions! Obama did and Trump didn’t? Sounds racist to me…

  5. George = why do U tolerate imbecilic – lefist (oxymoron) trash on this board?

    Demonratic Shampeachment IS the COVERUP – which is always worse than original crime -catch more “poop eating flies”

    Releasing the TRANSCRIPT not only blows the whole Plot to smitherins – it Opens the way for TRUMP & allies in the house to Expose the Coup and Investigate oppo research firm Fusion GPS -that created the Steele Dossier at the “Hilarions” request –
    Used by corrupt doj & the FumblingBumblingIdiots (fbi)to get FISA warrants to SPY On and Ridicule Candidate TRUMP.

    Crowdstrike – Owned by Ukrainian nationals who have a bitter hatred of TRUMP & Putin – while fusion gps obtained its “dossier” info from ukrainians with ties to members of Both American and foriegn intel svcs. at the request of/or knowledge AND Approval of their highest ranking leadership – can U smell comey -clapper – brennan ? who did they take orders from ?

    What are they sooooo afraid of one might wonder.. ever hear of Epstiens ZORRO Ranch in New Mexico – no ? The ranch is located in the middle of Weapons Technolgy Ctr. of the US.

    Why is ALL news reporting regards Zorro Ranch – its history – family that owned the land prior to Epstein (political connections/NM) – head US dept Energy – ALL CENSORED

    The theft of 360 nuclear pits from Texas/ US – plane crash Mali/plane loaded with stolen nukes.
    US Investigators of this “operation” included John Wheeler III, Roland Carnaby, John Oneil – ALL MUDERED. White sands proofing grounds -LIvermore Labs -AirFarce Weapon Ctr. Kirtland AFB – ALL the scientist who have died “unexpectedly”..
    We R talking Global Organized Crime Syndicate – “kosher nostra”
    see Genie Oli covertly drilling oil in Idlib Provence Syria –

    Look at what happens to anyone who FIGHTS BACK – Censorship from goggle,youtube, twitter&fb – others Imprisoned (J. Assange) – murdered and or disapeared..

    This is a WAR ..of Survival – and the hometeam has been getting our asses handed to us..


    • Now you know why Governor Bill Richardson was on the pussy express being man handled courtesy of, “I’m Still Alive Jeffrey Epstein.’ Can I use that word on here??? Of course. Don’t forget the truck carrying nuclear material stolen from a truck stop i West Texas. The truck was found, the material never recovered. Nice little trick like no operating cameras and guards were asleep.

  6. Yo G – cue the the klaxon alarm … AAAAhhuuugaaaaa! downbubble AAAAhuugaaa – Dive Dive Dive..wishful thinking – or something else ?

    The coot is wondering about today’s open in the SPY – opened below Fridays Open.. no trend lines broken yet – not even close to 50dma…yet. Golds trend is Down – thru $1400 – rallies should be sold – if trading -imho.

    Where is the greatest pain trade right now ? Where are the ComputerTradedAlgo’s (CTA’s) over leveraged positions? see Yield on 10yr.

    The Economy, Markets R so strong right now that a150 basis point upward move/correction in Rates will more than likely crash the markets..

    As the great Harry Callahan once quipped – ” you’ve got to yourself one question: Do I feel lucky ? well do you punk?

    • The rest of the quote:
      “I know what you’re thinking. ‘Did I make six free trades this month or only five’? Well to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, i kind of lost track myself. But being that this is Urbansurvival, the most powerful idea and discussion board in the world, and would blow your mind clean off (on some days), you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well do ya, punk?

  7. On this Veteran’s Day, in an era of ‘all volunteer army’, it is appropriate to thank a modern Veteran for their service. However…. I am a Vietnam-era veteran and I tell people that I do NOT accept ‘thanks for your service’. It was a time of forced conscription and involuntary servitude that wrecked many young lives, even if they survived. An entire young generation learned that the government is NOT a protector of American lives or livelihood. And that realization continues to this day and has gotten much worse as the government monster (NOT for the people) has grown immensely.

    • Hank, do you still have a souvenir of your service?

      I enlisted in 1982 and retired 21 years later. The “peacetime Army” had come a long way since the 1970’s. I traveled quite a bit, held important and rewarding jobs, and truly felt loyal to my Army team. I took care of it and it took care of me (even to this day…) It wasn’t all mud and hardship. I had enough experiences for several lifetimes and wouldn’t trade them for anything. For example and as a sign of things to come, in 1985 I flew from Fort Bragg through NY to Athens, Greece in full dress uniform because the Army had not changed its travel uniform policy yet. Talk about unwanted attention! Thanking me for my service is appreciated but I would much rather talk about the service so one might have a better appreciation for why I did it. I imagine most veterans, even those with bad experiences, probably feel the same way.

      • Yeah, I have a souvenir of my ‘service’. My DD-214 discharge papers. You had a choice, Joe, and you took it. More power to you. Most of my generation were federal prisoners who had no choice and were sentenced to ‘cannon fodder’. When I got out, I found my VA ‘benefits’ were all but worthless for purchasing a house. Inflation had outrun the load guarantee benefits provided. I had a banker tell me “Why should we give you a VA guaranteed loan at 7% when we are getting 10% on our market loans?”

        No, I don’t talk much about my military experiences. It is not something I wish to remember, let alone be “Thanked” for.

  8. Sir,

    One may wish to plug into the decades-long case of a Monsiuer Olivier Bancoult and leader of the CRG. Apparently his daytime gig is an electrician by trade.

    Just as the lease upon Hong Kong and Territories came to an end, so may Her Majesty’s hold upon Chagos Island be on the wane. The mid-Indian Ocean island has been operating as a leased, secure US airbase and projection of power for better than 40 years. Dare I jest that perhaps Beijing and Delhi can assist with visualizing a new man-made ocean atoll as a replacement? As George Harrison said –
    “All Things Must Pass”.

  9. George,
    I don’t know how closely you have been following the 737Max (Min?) so here are a three articles you may have missed:
    1. A fairly thorough write-up by Boeing dealing with large aircraft flight principles along with various upset conditions and recovery of same:
    2. A short article with some interesting comments:
    3. I was not aware that some similar problems apply to the 737 NG. I am well aware that both component weight and cost are important, but so is my life if I am aboard. Specifically I refer to the use of a acme-thread jackscrew to actuate the elevator (and stabilator) control surfaces. This type of jackscrew is very inefficient (about 40%) in transmitting mechanical input to mechanical output. I always thought that the much more efficient (95%) recirculating ball-screw actuators were being used. This is likely a contributing factor as to why the manual override cockpit wheels may not operate just when they are needed!:
    To answer your question, NO, I will not fly on the 737 Min and maybe not on the NG either. The Bean-Counters tha fired the experienced (white) engineers replacing them with H!B ‘workers’. This has also happened with PG&E and Disney. This sell-out of the Country has got to stop!

    • I’m surprised that G____ let your comments on the H!B workers be posted. American professional workers are being systematically excluded and purged from civilian domestic technical jobs, and that information is being systematically withheld from the general public. Boeing was one of the last holdouts, as best I can tell from what little has been publicly disclosed. I’ve personally witnessed this occurring in the engineering and construction field for the past thirty years. Small businesses have become the last place that experienced American technical professionals can find work. Everyone obsesses about illegals crossing the Rio Grande, when the real problem is corporate brown shirts bringing in foreign professional scabs by the jumbo jet load. This was started by the R’s, but the D’s have elevated it to a Jim Crow level in the brown shirt corporate HR offices. Meanwhile, open discussion of the problem is being systematically purged from public discussion and debate. At one time, the H!B workers may have well been the best and brightest, but from what I am witnessing, most are just run of the mill scabs with padded resumes these days.

      • Agreed, and I’m not a union man. I do believe in a meritocracy. A proper place for an H!B(?) employee is as a native foreign language speaker. Almost by definition, no regular American is qualified. Plenty of Americans are excellent engineers.

  10. FYI is actively suppressing all subscribed to politically conservative videos. Noticed that over the past weeks. Now I’m get mostly Asian fake dog rescues and Asian cooking channels that I’ve not subscribed to. Very rare now that I’m getting suggested political videos. I wonder if this is just happening to only conservative news channels? Or all political channels?

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