‘Peach of a week ahead.  Oh sure, Consumer Prices come out Wednesday and of course the month Retail Sales figures.  But the main reason the premarket is down is because the so-called “Impeachment Inquiry” goes into overdrive (and streaming) this week.

Not getting as much play as the third (and fourth)-hand political commentary is a letter sent by Devin Nunes this weekend on behalf of the “Intelligence Committee” minority republicans.  After spending a page going through the partisan recitals, the republicans made their witness wish-list available over the weekend;

  1. Devon Archer, former board member of Burisma Holdings.  Republicans want to ask him about corruption in Ukraine.
  2.  Hunter Biden, who received a reported $50,000 a month from Burisma Holdings in what to some looks like a payoff to Joe Biden’s son.  Remember, the Obama administration did exactly what they are trying to twist into something impeachable.  In Fact, Joe Biden  bragged about giving the government of Ukraine six-hours to fire the prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden’s affairs.  Which is why this whole thing stinks.  Still, Ukraine was crucial to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, so let’s get it all out on the table.
  3.  DNC staffer Alexandra Chalupa.  She went to the Ukrainian embassy in D.C. trying to enlist them in DNC efforts to dig up dirt on Donald Trump.
  4. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale.  Unlike the clown posse put-up, include the alleged whistleblower who was likely  coached by congressman Schiff’s office, Hale has first-hand knowledge of how US aid was handled.
  5. Tim Morrison formerly with the National Security Council. He’s been interviewed – behind closed doors – and republicans figure what he said would likely contradict the Vindman testimony, which was not direct.  It was sec ond or third hand, too.
  6. Nellie Ohr, related to that demoted FBI fellow Bruce Ohr.  She was reportedly key to working-up Trump hit materials at Fusion GPS which was then fed to Steele who then fed the notorious Steele Dossier to any Trump-hating media outlets that could be found.
  7.  And, Nunes wants the “anonymous whistleblower”

On conversative (anti-coup) media sites, including Rush Likmbaugh, you can find “Schiff Outed Eric Ciaramella in Transcript Release.”  In response, though, more liberal media are trying to flip blame back on a Devin Nunes staffer.

Near as we can figure, we’re seeing an attempted a coup and  the liberal-leaning corporations (like Facebook) are closing ranks to keep the left-wing Coup going:  You know you’ve moved into an alt. reality when the Rush Limbaugh site and the World Socialist Web Site can both report Eric Ciaramella’s alleged involvement but the NY Times can’t.  (Morning’s like this, a shot of vodka makes sense.)  As ReclaimTheNet nails it “Facebook is deleting journalism in real-time.”  YouTube is in on deleting also.   But, since we don’t post to either (having judged social media as a fool’s tools (and a way to hold customers of companies hostage for ongoing ransom payments), we aren’t particularly surprised…  Dumb sheep are moneymakers…

What we find most bothersome is how a once-brave pinnacle of real journalism – the New York Times, is today bending over backwards NOT to “say the anonymous name” either.  While the right and left do?  (ViseGrips to the arm right, now!)   The Times which reported the Pentagon Papers can’t reveal  the alleged Eric?

It all melts into a very disturbing study in coup communications – madness of digital mobs –  and meme propagation of propaganda that should be studied for generations to come.

The REAL story this week is NOT WHAT’S ON TV. It’s what’s NOT on TV!

You can read the Nunes letter here.

I think when you read it, you’ll see how crooked this whole slur festival is.  It’s NOT worth watching non-stop, because, as a one-sided “show trial” not a single meaningful witness with direct knowledge will be allowed. No cross-examination.  WTF kind of “inquiry” is this?  One with a foregone conclusion, of course.

It won’t be until the Senate gets to hold an actual trial that we will get the other half of the story.  Then, and only then, judgments can follow.

But this crock-a-poo?  Two-bit dictatorships at least try to get the illusion of fairness baked into their Kangaroo Courts.  Damn shame the U.S. House of Representatives can’t live up to American concepts like putting on a defense, cross, and holding open hearings of the whole sick mess.  Sheesh.

More on Digital Insurrection tomorrow...For us, two things are clear:  People who Hate Trump are about to be massively monetized by desperation media. Big money in hating Trump and twisting eyeballs.   And  #2?  I’m ashamed there are so many stupid people in America who can’t see a digital uprising when its in their face..

What’s Useful

The Dow is likely to open down a hunsky, or so.  Who would invest in such a stupid country, right?

Not just our view.  “Moody’s offers bleak outlook for government debt amid political instability” and they are likely to downgrade UK debt, too, on political paralysis.   (The Kneeler Dealers can’t just do what the people voted to do (leave Europe to the Brussels sprouts)  more than two years ago, right? FMTT  General election 2019: Brexit Party will not stand in Tory seats, says Nigel Farage.)

Article in Forbes hints ther world is catching up with common sense.  See “Boeing’s Troubles Quietly Go From Bad To Worse—Would You Fly On A 737 Max?

China is getting tougher on Hong Kong pro-freedom demonstrators:: Hong Kong anti-government protester shot, another set on fire.  Now, cue “cause and effect” Hong Kong Stock Market Retreats as Violence Hits New Heights.” Dug.

Where’s all the climate hype? Record-breaking arctic chill moving across U.S..

In the Fed data out last week, we noted (may have been on the Peoplenomics side) that a slowdown in consumer credit card spending in the latest reporting period could turn into a leading edge of a bad thing.  Now we read It could get worse for one of the worst-performing retailers, traders say.  We will find out more later this week when the new federal numbers come out.  But, in economic terms, when people begin dialing back their spending because there’s no “urge to buy now before prices go up” that you can have real depressionary dynamics evolving.  Throw in a terrible harvest or two and you have a bigger global mess than now.

And one more tiny item that just indicates (to us, and remember I’m crazy): China October new bank loans dip to 22-month low, more easing expected.  More easing?  Think about people sitting on wallets and economic vitality drying up globally.  End of life as we knew it…

Happy Veterans Day and thank you for your service.  No mail today and most banks are closed… markets are open.

Write when you get rich,