Shearing of the Sheep.  “We the People” is not ewe and ewe, as the US in U.S. has checked-out and headed for parts unknown.

The problem comes down to a simple “We have lost our values and our hustle.”  In place of American Exceptionalism (ask Hitler how challenging that worked out), we have turned into a gender-confused, hopeless flock of sheep who will be sheared again by our media masters with the kangeroo impeachment going on.

Do I think Donald Trump is a great president?  Sorry – jury is still out on that.  But  Trump has only been able to focus a small amount of his ability on improving the American Way.  Most of his energy has been successfully  bled-off by the Deep Staters.  Including the “anonymous” whistleblower who the democrats won’t put on the stand because they know a) Schiff’s team coached him and b) because he’s an Obama holdover and c) because after Joe Biden’s getting a prosecutor looking into his son Hunter fired (worse: bragging about it), nothing Trump has done comes close to rising to the test “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Won’t stop the shearing, though.  Meantime, we are hearing more reports of how social media is throttling and blocking anything more conservative than RINO republicans.  No wonder:  Social Media has conned the American people into thinking they’re the only game in town.  Our robust comments section here argues otherwise.  But the flock don’t flock if brain cells are involved.

There are only a few things we patriotic types can do:  Recognize the ongoing coup attempt for what it is, would be a dandy start.  Liberalism is a business model, but then so is genderism, and damn near any other “ism” you can name.

We have lost (or are quickly losing) our ability to invent, to innovate, and to excel, and that’s evident in a quick tour of the day’s news.  China filed more than 1.5-million patent applications in 2018, the U.S.?  Less than 600,000. Thanks, educators, brainwashers, and socialists!  Good job.  Way to bury us.

What ideas we have may not be good, either. Take, for example, the idea of robots and AI.

What do we know?  Well, the US   military contractors are hard on the track of building killer robots to automate the harvesting of conscripts.  Russian strongman Vlad Putin likely sees this as a new – and terribly dangerous – arms race.  Which would account for “Putin calls for worldwide ‘moral rules’ to control AI-powered killer robots.”

It’s already too late, however.  Today robots are at war for manufacturing.  Adidas is moving robotic manufacturing to Asia and kissing off American tech.

Meantime, thanks to the “shearing” of the poor, gender-confused, anti-free-thinking, and so forth, we are now putting young people in “capsules” that make microhomes look large.

Dehumanization isn’t strictly an American problem.  You can see it in the UK where “the people” wanted out of the European Union con more than two-years ago.  Government still can’t get the job done.  Which we blame on the rise oif socialist-communist teachers in schools.

In the UK more than half of students say there shouldn’t be free speech.  And if that’s not a page from Marxist-Leninist doctrine, I don’t know what is.  Where do such foxtrot-uniformed kids get such crap betwixt their ears?  Social media and teachers.  An unholy alliance, if there ever was one.

Yes, the same social media that collects user information in ways that seem sketchy to us.  Including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Even worse, Facebook, YouTube censor mentions of ‘whistleblower’ in Trump-Ukraine scandal. People get to be partisans, not corporations…which are legal fictions. I mean WTF?

If machine-driven brainwashing (via reposts and retweets) isn’t enough, and selling sexual ideas that would have resulted in jail time in an earlier America, few seem willing to admit to the simple fact that people are born with one set of hardware, or the other.  Beyond that?  Well, then it becomes a software issue.  And the programming?  Social(ist) media and Schools.  When the John Birch Society was being labeled a “fringe group” in the 1960’s for demanding accountability of schools against the incoming social tide and school boards, they were marginalized. Yet, 40-years on the broader sweep of history give them the point.

You’ll have to pardon me for speaking so directly.  There are mornings when it’s starkly apparent that America is in trouble and most people don’t see it.

We used to have somewhat fair elections in this country, back before we became a Corporation.  Nowadays, corporations buy government outright.  They “mobilize the grassroots” in a sophisticated (hidden in plain sight) payoff system.

That there’s now the first of what we can predict will be a sequence of attempted coups underway, like it, or don’t.  A few “media masters” I wouldn’t let fix coffee are programming America as good little power-hungry anti-freedom megalomaniacs.  They have a laundry list: Free speech, guns, privacy, and groupthink on issues like climate.

The Ure family egalitarian view says in a free society, we are all supposed to be (nominally) free.  You do your thing, I do mine.  We do ours.   But that’s not a blanket permission (that the socialists have taken it to be)  to allow one-sided brainwashing and promote a socialist on the road to communist view.  Both political parties and virtually the entire internet have thrown in with the corporate masters and old farts like me won’t be around forever.  Spend some time “cleaning up your thinking” and less time gobbling the swill online.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how’s the play?

Well, Let’s See…

Stock futures were set to rise about a dozen points at the open.

The real story here is there $70-million in “easy money” repo’s due today and the question (to be answered later this morning) is how much dough will the NY Fed Trading desk toss in to roll-over things?  If more than $70-billion?  Why, we’d expect the market to rally.  If there’s no rollover, then withdrawal from a cash addiction could lead to some downside.

Sound too simple? (If not a bit paranoid?)  Well, go read “World’s Ultra-Rich Preparing For Market Crash, UBS Warns” and get back to me.

Sure, this will sound a bit Machiavellian, but how about this:  A momentary financial panic if the (sham) hearings don’t play well?  Yeah, that’d flip the sheep around.  In fact, a rundown into the weekend and financial panic would turn off public opinion on the IG report which we wouldn’t be surprised to see dropped after the market close Friday.  (Which one, we don’t know, but that’d be the timing, more than likely…)

Not much else driving in the way of economic news.  Consumer Prices tomorrow morning – which we will have on the Peoplenomics side of the house.

This and That’s

Hey!  Let’s demonize Russia so we won’t notice the West’s wild overdose of facial recognition and license plate scanners, shall we?  How about something like “Russia Is Building One of the World’s Largest Facial Recognition Networks.”  Evil Russia, bad Russia…only the West escapes scrutiny.

Still thinking a bit too freely?  Still open minded?  Well, let’s push out another polls to sell you on a fake consensus.  Would you like one? oll reveals American attitudes on impeachment inquiry/

America’s going up in smoke, too: Chart: Missouri’s medical marijuana market draws thousands of applications.

Well, off to have breakfast before the repo deals come out…and you’ll know the “idiot hearings” are going badly if some serious shit hits the fan.

It’ll be OK, although we are a little concerned with  the idea that “It’s just a spring clean for the May queen.”  You see, the BBC is running lots of Hillary stories.  Like “Hillary Clinton: ‘Shameful’ not to publish Russia report” and “Hillary Clinton ‘wants to hug Meghan over racist treatment’.”

Shhh…don’t mention to her she’s campaigning in the wrong country.   They can keep her.

Please.  Send her back sometime in 2021.  (Regrettably, she’ll be back to campaign…bet me? Clinton-Bloomberg…)

Write when it makes sense…