In his book “Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life, marketing whiz Rory Sutherland makes the observation (a couple of chapters in) that a survey showed nearly 70 percent of people would take a pay cut proportionate to getting two  more  weeks of vacation per year.

Do you have a job, or is the job having you, is how we think of this.

Deep ponder after a long summer weekend, isn’t it?  I mean weekends are a lot more personally meaningful that the crap-passed-off-as-news.  Especially given we’re into “vacation prime time” until Labor Day.

Speaking of Events

While we don’t usually write something up Wednesdays on UrbanSurvival, a few notes on Amateur Radio  Field Day this coming weekend, will appear Wednesday.  A opportunity to use Morse code again (though no longer required for licensing) and to click out:  “ …5-9-9 NTX 4E QSL?” for hours… Double points for Morse…yee-haw!

4E” and Bitcoin

According to the 2019 Field Day Rules (online here) a ham radio station operating on “emergency power” will be our radio contest class again this year:

“4.7. (Class E) Home stations – Emergency power: Same as Class D, but using emergency power for transmitters and receivers.  Class E may work all Field Day stations.”

What the hell are you on this morning, Ure…where’s my insightful financial news commentary???”

Just so.

No Power, No Economy

The lights went off this weekend for about 40-million people in Arghentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay so today the hunt is on for the perps and/or causes.

Meantime, with the  NY Times reporting the U.S. is looking for ways to take down the Russian Power Grid, president Tweet rolled with:

“Do you believe that the Failing New York Times just did a story stating that the United States is substantially increasing Cyber Attacks on Russia. This is a virtual act of Treason by a once great paper so desperate for a story, any story, even if bad for our Country…..”

Of course, all  three sides to the tipsy global milkstool are constantly probing one-another.  Anyone who doesn’t understand this Should return to their caves.

That said, however, the threat of the grid going down is ultra-real.  And here’s a story about exactly how “Cyberattacks Make Smart Grids Look Pretty Dumb.

Since 4E means operating on “emergency power” and since we have lots of ham radio capability and 3.5 kW of solar, we will continue to have global digital, voice, and code/teletype capability well into the next global collapse.

Not sure if anyone has moved a few Satoshi’s around on digital ham radio, but can you imagine the clatter of the transaction being confirmed (also via radio)?  Why,. it would make the ham bands unusable!

Bitcoin, on the other hand – which is over $9,300 each this morning proving there’s more than one born every minute – continues to move up the number of people who trust “electric money.”

We old reprobates claim intergenerational executive privilege to remain skeptical.

In point of fact, Bitcoin (and any online asset) works ONLY when the power’s up and won’t when Grid Hard-Down (GHD) shows up..

Which is why we love the looks of the Tesla’s but a hybrid and a couple of 5-gallon safety cans of gas for a  Prius might just get you where you want to go under a wide set of assumptions.  Since clubbing will probably be on the low beam then, the pose factor of 0-60 in under 4 seconds will depreciate to worthless..

Our long-standing motto (Everything’s a Business Model) has a lesser-known companion:  “You can play Life for  maximum gains OR  minimum loss potential”  MG(or)ML.

We live to the latter, though it seems silly to a lot of people.   For now.

Empire State Data Sucks

Fresh data on the hoof from the  New Yok Fed:

Business activity took a sharp turn downward in New York State, according to firms responding to the June 2019 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The headline general business conditions index plummeted twenty-six points, its largest monthly decline on record, to -8.6. New orders receded, while shipments increased modestly. Unfilled orders fell, and delivery times and inventories moved slightly lower. Labor market indicators pointed to small declines in employment and hours worked. The pace of input price increases was little changed, while selling price increases slowed. Indexes assessing the six-month outlook indicated that firms were less optimistic about future conditions than they were last month.

NY Fed Empire State data fell

After the data, Dow futures were holding modest gains. +27.

What Else Matters, Then?

Since you asked:

Investors Catch On to Plus-Size Fashion: The Broadsheet.  Omar the Tent Maker going IPO?  CNN offering Plus-size mannequins reveal warped view of ‘normal’.  Pass the bacon rinds, would yah?

Look, up in the sky!  Pentagon seeks laser-armed space drones to attack enemy ICBMs.

Iran Will Break Nuclear Deal’s Uranium Stockpile Limit in 10 Days.  Publicly, anyway.

Trouble to the MAX: Boeing dealt new blow as Airbus launches long-range A321/

And in politics: Trump campaign fires pollsters after damaging numbers leak while Bernie seems to be rocking the numbers.  Beating Trump by 9?

And in NY State, we are seeing the theatrics as the libs are trying to deal with illegals showing up all over the place.  See the NY Times “Progressives Vowed Driver’s Licenses for the Undocumented. Then the Suburbs Spoke Up.”

We remind you “undocumented” is liberal code-talking for “illegal” but yes, it is and no, they should face the same licensing and financial responsibility requirements as everyone else.  Might mention that to TSA, again, too…  Either that,  or equality is gone and everyone fend for themselves…which is the agenda, if we’re following it.  Hard to argue with big trends in big data.

Around the Ranch

1.85 inches of rain in the gauge from the thunderstorms pawned down the road from us.  Which means people “downwind of Texas” should expect storms and maybe tornadoes today.

One of Elaine’s grand-daughters came up for a visit Friday.  While trying to “talk ’em in” on the cell, told them to look for an older brown Lexus…and sure enough, they spied it and followed Elaine back from a shopping spree. Still arguing with myself over whether their looking up (after turning o9nto the road out here)  and seeing Elaine’s car ahead of them was a touch of woo-woo…or just an artifact of there being so few cars out here.  Still pondering that.

My youngest daughter and hubby ran the  Tough Mudder up at Whistler BC this weekend.  Son-in-law is a long-time black head-bander which is an accomplishment.

Sunday was up at oh-dark-thirty to mow.  Started off with clouds of dust and ended the last 1/2-hour under an umbrella.

Over at the Tyler Texas Weather (dot com) website here, you will see the average temperature hereabout has been 75.8-degrees.  We’re only halfway through the month, but we notice that last year’s average for June was  81.8.  With a couple of cool days ahead, we’re figuring this year will be 4-degrees cooler than last year.  Nowhere near the “climate change hysteria” levels.  Why, by now, I’d expected we all be underway from a global subsidence and boiling like tea based on computer models…

Speaking of which, as the Earth is cooling (duh) the number of major quakes in the Pacific has been edging up.  And – look surprised here – there was another 7.2 temblor off New Zealand at the  L’Esperance Rocks.  When scientists (not getting climate grants?) predict with cooling, more Pacific quakes, that seems to be penciling out as called.  Which is why Left Coasters should keep quake preps at the ready for several years to come.  Good article over here on the major quakes and solar minima

Off to whip up some stir-fried oyster sauce beef for breakfast…so moron the ‘morrow Xièxiè…

Markets: Happily then Glumly
"The 100-Year Toaster" (Ch. 6 of my next book)