What’s Monday “Worth?”

In his book “Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life, marketing whiz Rory Sutherland makes the observation (a couple of chapters in) that a survey showed nearly 70 percent of people would take a pay cut proportionate to getting two  more  weeks of vacation per year.

Do you have a job, or is the job having you, is how we think of this.

Deep ponder after a long summer weekend, isn’t it?  I mean weekends are a lot more personally meaningful that the crap-passed-off-as-news.  Especially given we’re into “vacation prime time” until Labor Day.

Speaking of Events

While we don’t usually write something up Wednesdays on UrbanSurvival, a few notes on Amateur Radio  Field Day this coming weekend, will appear Wednesday.  A opportunity to use Morse code again (though no longer required for licensing) and to click out:  “ …5-9-9 NTX 4E QSL?” for hours… Double points for Morse…yee-haw!

4E” and Bitcoin

According to the 2019 Field Day Rules (online here) a ham radio station operating on “emergency power” will be our radio contest class again this year:

“4.7. (Class E) Home stations – Emergency power: Same as Class D, but using emergency power for transmitters and receivers.  Class E may work all Field Day stations.”

What the hell are you on this morning, Ure…where’s my insightful financial news commentary???”

Just so.

No Power, No Economy

The lights went off this weekend for about 40-million people in Arghentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay so today the hunt is on for the perps and/or causes.

Meantime, with the  NY Times reporting the U.S. is looking for ways to take down the Russian Power Grid, president Tweet rolled with:

“Do you believe that the Failing New York Times just did a story stating that the United States is substantially increasing Cyber Attacks on Russia. This is a virtual act of Treason by a once great paper so desperate for a story, any story, even if bad for our Country…..”

Of course, all  three sides to the tipsy global milkstool are constantly probing one-another.  Anyone who doesn’t understand this Should return to their caves.

That said, however, the threat of the grid going down is ultra-real.  And here’s a story about exactly how “Cyberattacks Make Smart Grids Look Pretty Dumb.

Since 4E means operating on “emergency power” and since we have lots of ham radio capability and 3.5 kW of solar, we will continue to have global digital, voice, and code/teletype capability well into the next global collapse.

Not sure if anyone has moved a few Satoshi’s around on digital ham radio, but can you imagine the clatter of the transaction being confirmed (also via radio)?  Why,. it would make the ham bands unusable!

Bitcoin, on the other hand – which is over $9,300 each this morning proving there’s more than one born every minute – continues to move up the number of people who trust “electric money.”

We old reprobates claim intergenerational executive privilege to remain skeptical.

In point of fact, Bitcoin (and any online asset) works ONLY when the power’s up and won’t when Grid Hard-Down (GHD) shows up..

Which is why we love the looks of the Tesla’s but a hybrid and a couple of 5-gallon safety cans of gas for a  Prius might just get you where you want to go under a wide set of assumptions.  Since clubbing will probably be on the low beam then, the pose factor of 0-60 in under 4 seconds will depreciate to worthless..

Our long-standing motto (Everything’s a Business Model) has a lesser-known companion:  “You can play Life for  maximum gains OR  minimum loss potential”  MG(or)ML.

We live to the latter, though it seems silly to a lot of people.   For now.

Empire State Data Sucks

Fresh data on the hoof from the  New Yok Fed:

Business activity took a sharp turn downward in New York State, according to firms responding to the June 2019 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The headline general business conditions index plummeted twenty-six points, its largest monthly decline on record, to -8.6. New orders receded, while shipments increased modestly. Unfilled orders fell, and delivery times and inventories moved slightly lower. Labor market indicators pointed to small declines in employment and hours worked. The pace of input price increases was little changed, while selling price increases slowed. Indexes assessing the six-month outlook indicated that firms were less optimistic about future conditions than they were last month.

NY Fed Empire State data fell

After the data, Dow futures were holding modest gains. +27.

What Else Matters, Then?

Since you asked:

Investors Catch On to Plus-Size Fashion: The Broadsheet.  Omar the Tent Maker going IPO?  CNN offering Plus-size mannequins reveal warped view of ‘normal’.  Pass the bacon rinds, would yah?

Look, up in the sky!  Pentagon seeks laser-armed space drones to attack enemy ICBMs.

Iran Will Break Nuclear Deal’s Uranium Stockpile Limit in 10 Days.  Publicly, anyway.

Trouble to the MAX: Boeing dealt new blow as Airbus launches long-range A321/

And in politics: Trump campaign fires pollsters after damaging numbers leak while Bernie seems to be rocking the numbers.  Beating Trump by 9?

And in NY State, we are seeing the theatrics as the libs are trying to deal with illegals showing up all over the place.  See the NY Times “Progressives Vowed Driver’s Licenses for the Undocumented. Then the Suburbs Spoke Up.”

We remind you “undocumented” is liberal code-talking for “illegal” but yes, it is and no, they should face the same licensing and financial responsibility requirements as everyone else.  Might mention that to TSA, again, too…  Either that,  or equality is gone and everyone fend for themselves…which is the agenda, if we’re following it.  Hard to argue with big trends in big data.

Around the Ranch

1.85 inches of rain in the gauge from the thunderstorms pawned down the road from us.  Which means people “downwind of Texas” should expect storms and maybe tornadoes today.

One of Elaine’s grand-daughters came up for a visit Friday.  While trying to “talk ’em in” on the cell, told them to look for an older brown Lexus…and sure enough, they spied it and followed Elaine back from a shopping spree. Still arguing with myself over whether their looking up (after turning o9nto the road out here)  and seeing Elaine’s car ahead of them was a touch of woo-woo…or just an artifact of there being so few cars out here.  Still pondering that.

My youngest daughter and hubby ran the  Tough Mudder up at Whistler BC this weekend.  Son-in-law is a long-time black head-bander which is an accomplishment.

Sunday was up at oh-dark-thirty to mow.  Started off with clouds of dust and ended the last 1/2-hour under an umbrella.

Over at the Tyler Texas Weather (dot com) website here, you will see the average temperature hereabout has been 75.8-degrees.  We’re only halfway through the month, but we notice that last year’s average for June was  81.8.  With a couple of cool days ahead, we’re figuring this year will be 4-degrees cooler than last year.  Nowhere near the “climate change hysteria” levels.  Why, by now, I’d expected we all be underway from a global subsidence and boiling like tea based on computer models…

Speaking of which, as the Earth is cooling (duh) the number of major quakes in the Pacific has been edging up.  And – look surprised here – there was another 7.2 temblor off New Zealand at the  L’Esperance Rocks.  When scientists (not getting climate grants?) predict with cooling, more Pacific quakes, that seems to be penciling out as called.  Which is why Left Coasters should keep quake preps at the ready for several years to come.  Good article over here on the major quakes and solar minima

Off to whip up some stir-fried oyster sauce beef for breakfast…so moron the ‘morrow Xièxiè…

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  1. RE: Iran breaking nuke security deal, we know what Israel has done in the past when hostile regimes get close to producing weapons grade plutonium at scale. Operation Babylon targeted Iraq’s nuke facilities, and Operation Outside the Box slammed suspected Syrian nuke facilities.

    Sure, Stuxnet slowed Iranian centrifuges and Plutonium production for over a decade, but that witty worm has squirmed its last. With Iranian security certainly very tight at their production facilities, as soon as the Mossad assesses that Iran has moved into weapons grade production, the prospects of some serious sparks starting to flying increase exponentially.

    Bottom line is Israel does not sit around waiting to be attacked after the Six Day War. They have remained exceedingly proactive in heading off regional threats.

    • Instead of thinking of all the ways that’s cryptocurrency will not work in a grid down situation.
      Think of all the ways it could be successful in a grid down situation.
      for instance all over the internet is advertised little units no bigger than your cell phone that has solar panels on it that will charge up that unit and your cell phone so that when a person buys something from another person ,the digibyte program will not need a satellite or cell tower for it needs.all transactions 4 years between individuals will be recorded in the phone’s gigabyte memory system for exchange purposes of buying and selling or donating

      • Why do you think this system was designed to be used over a hundred years into the future because it is the future

      • You are not tracking how cascading GHD works. You can have all the lil do-dads but none of it will work because of the enormous power demands of the web backbone, routerds, and so forth. And those solar chargers are POS crap… Nope, you don’t have the piecture but you need to understand the backbone load just to get basic lights on and pump gas/. Forget the complicated stuff like energy to make fertilizer and feet people, distrikbute food, keep freezers on in warehouses… pay attention to the whole because people who buy solar chargers to keep their phone on already ARE in the dark.,

      • You actually have made a very good point. For cryptocurrency to be functional in a grid-down situation will require a complete redesign of the communication and cryptocurrency infrastructure, and a complete change of mindset on the part of users. Since no company stands to profit from that endeavor, and most users are clueless of the potential downside to their behaviors, and happy to stay ignorant, that redesign will never happen.

        Currently, we are one good stout Carrington-event-style solar flare away from a potential cryptocurrency extinction event. But then, so are most millennial period technologies. Don’t think that a solar minimum decreases the chances of that sort of event happening. Urban millennial apartment dwellers who have never been without power or communication grids for more than eight hours have created all these brittle technological systems.

        G____: as long as you can find a motor vehicle that can start, the cell phone can be recharged. Always have a 12VDC charger cable for your cell phone. But if the internet and the cell towers are dead, then it won’t matter.

        There will be commercial radio stations, and amateur operators, that survive and transmit for a while in most any disaster scenario. I keep a couple of rolled up 12VDC compatible solar panels and a dc – dc charger along with a good multi-band radio or two in an improvised shielded enclosure. One of the battery chargers I use regularly can be used on either AC or 12VDC, and seems to work reliably. I’m thinking about putting a couple more of them in shielded storage.

      • The people who are buying chargers for the phone hate to be in a situation somewhere away from their vehicle and they’re watching videos maybe they’re camping maybe they’re traveling and the battery is dead it was designed for the purpose staying on the cell phone Locker but coincidentally it can also be used 4 periodically searching for the internet to come back even if the electrical power is off in your area and if there is no Towers on in your area and an airplane flies overhead and you suddenly get the internet because the person in the plane has the ability to get internet over a larger area and if you do or are able to temporarily pick up Bluetooth 5 nternet then you know that there’s life out there and Hope

  2. “No Bitcoin for U !”

    Yo Homes – how comz Chu such a Debbiedowner when it comz to Bitcoin ?

    Tis not another “couple” born a minute ago, it was/is Institutional.
    Price action not supported by On Chain Volume – todays action looks speculative to these tired eyes.
    As posted previously $9454.00 is the Fibonacci 38% retracement line – must CLOSE above this to confirm, otherwise $6000.00 (30% pullback) seems probable.

    ? If Bitcoin is such a Ponzi/Fraud as U suggest (digital tulips), what pray tell do U call the Unbacked, Infinitely Supplied US Federal Reserve Note ? and as a follow-up, what does your answer to pt 1 say about the Solvency of US Government – US Treasury ?

    • You me be a noob around here since our skepticism of the paper is almost as great at the bit things. Except, paper and coins still work in a grid hard down. Credit cards? Money in stocks? Not at all, either. Why do you think we hide in the woods waiting for “this all to pass?”

      • Never mind the electricity being off, if a major conflict causes the US internet kill switch to be initiated for an extended period, does bitcoin still have value with the internet down, or with international access turned off?

      • I would expect that a millennial economic survival strategy would be to take out a second mortgage on the inherited homestead, buy cryptos, and with what’s left over, lease a bunch of stuff. If everything turns sour, then there won’t be any revenuers or leg breakers left to foreclose, right G____?

      • I guess I am now raising rabbits lol.. they were getting so use to us that they’re walking up to be fed.. so nibbles he didn’t even try to run..
        Thumper didn’t fight mom and three of her babies..
        Where I worry if I couldn’t eat the fish..how in the world will I ever be able to do in a rabbit that loves to be petted..nibbles didn’t even try to scurry away..

      • Saw plans for a solar frig. Buy a mechanical thermostat which can handle AC directly. Buy a chest freezer. Buy an inverter with at least 3x the rated wattage of the freezer for motor startup. Buy solar that is enough for a partly cloudy Winter day where you are. A small battery and charge controller would improve this. A small genset or car alternator output can be backup. The key is keeping enough mass in the freezer to be a thermal flywheel. Some use plastic jugs partially filled with water.

      • Doig…. take a look at the power hub… same thing.. basically it is what you would plug your computer into as a backup power supply.. it alone can run your fridge for a week with two twelve volt batteries..
        I got one from an engineer that traded with me he ran his fridge and freezer on it and it would last a week between charges the cost is right to..
        I really love its design to.. he had them stacked each unit ran three circuits hard wired except for air conditioner.. that one he had one per 220 circuit. instead of putting the two twelve volt batteries like he did if you ran it into lets say three or four prius batteries each with 7kw amp hours.. your set..of course the prius batteries need to be reconfigured.. the way it works is the unit monitors the system keeps the batteries recharged and taps into them when grid down.. you potentially get the effects of having three tesla home units for about half of what a tesla charges.. I think he switched out the inverters on it but each one is 2000 watt..more than enough to kick on freezers and fridge..



        of course you would need a box to mount them in but that is just a minor detail…

    • Indeed they have been “playing off our fears” ever since 1945 and the sad part is that it works every time,which really isn’t much of a tribute to the American people.I was reading that the Saudi’s are after nuclear weapons, so I presume Iran will follow suite to fend off the wolves from their doorstep,also reading where the EU and Russia are going to be trading within their own currencie’s to by pass the sanctions,another dead end from the sanction/tariff fiasco of taking America down to third world level,but yet the next trip around everyone will rush to vote back in the same ones who created it to begin with.!!!

      • Saudi Arabia has no known, active nuclear weapons program. It has actually advocated that all Middle East nations sign a nuclear-free treaty. However, with Iran pressing towards development of some radioactive mega-fire works and Israel already having a few hundred warheads, the Saudi’s have let it be known that the will purchase nukes, if necessary, primarily to offset the threat of Iran. Pakistan is the likely candidate for supplying the Saudi’s with exactly what they want. Then the threshold will have been crossed for the start of a nuclear arms trade – one might then call it ta ‘fire sale’ on steroids.

      • We did hear about a G-4 flight from Pakistan to the Kingdom though and wonder what if it brought canned sunshine in before the outbreak of things…
        G IV’s also being used by Sweden as a spyplane, we hear

  3. George

    “Trouble to the MAX: Boeing dealt new blow as Airbus launches long-range A321/”

    The trouble with Boeing is that Boeing is full of itself. They have the were Boeing and can do no wrong.

    An example. Boeing won the SLS contract from NASA. They moved into the facility where the Space Shuttle External Tank was manufactured until 2010.

    Since the SLS first stage is 28 feet in diameter it would have been easy to modify most of the 27.5 foot in diameter External Tank tooling and use that.

    This would have save millions of dollars and shaved off many years from the SLS schedule.

    But no, that old tooling was made by Lockheed. Can’t have that stuff around here were Boeing!

    Boeing has been in hot water with NASA from the get go with this project. They even managed to drop a fuel tank and ding it big time.

    I get my info from the insiders at the NASA facility and my from son who works for a Lockheed unit that is still on the facility.

    Yea I know, can’t make money reusing old tooling. Can’t keep a contract and make money if you have Attitude and drop tanks and make other big screw ups cause were Boeing!

    God save us from Boeing!!

  4. I opened my Treasury Direct account today. Hopefully Iranian hackers don’t steal all my loot.

    Thanks for the tip on TD, G.

  5. Since you mentioned a Prius vs Tesla, just gotta say my ’12 Prius Plug In is still going strong with just over 81k on the ticker; still gives me 8.6 miles on EV alone for those in-town consumer missions, and upwards of 50 mpg afterwards (I’ve gotten as high as 70 mpg out of her). Damn near maintenance free, she hasn’t needed brakes yet, although next time in service she’ll need the brake fluid changed out, and I’ll probably go for changing out the transaxle fluid too. Did I mention she drives like a dream (and I’ve owned 7 series BMW’s, ‘Vettes, and even a Jaguar sedan).
    Why in the world someone would buy a Tesla over a Prius makes no sense to me!

    • W/D….
      70 PGA out of a 12 plug in …????? … we got 76 top out of our 08 prius.. and 54 average and it wasn’t a plug in.. we put put 150 on it gave it to the daughter..
      Our 18 plug in.. we filled the tank once in a year and only did that because I was worried that the gas would go bad..
      I totally love the prius..
      Then again.. freeway drivers in the city would probably road rage me..the kids won’t let me drive if they are riding with me…
      I did get a ticket thirty something years ago..asked the highway patrol officer if he had a camera.. he looked puzzled.. I said I need photo proof I got a ticket.. because no one on god’s green earth will believe me.. he laughed and gave me a warning instead..

  6. …Fixed that for you (except for the grammatical error):

    Gee, if only there was some way we could implement a LEGAL, CONSTITUTIONAL FUNCTIONAL, nuke deal with Iran.

    Your “best,” isn’t…

    • Iran is just entertainment being played out by both sides to divert the public’s attention.

      The real solution is for Iran to simply say that they will agree to anything as long as Israel abides by exactly the same agreement. Then just repeat, repeat and repeat until the brain dead American public finally gets what is going on.

      • I thought that’s what Trump/Russians ad infinitum was.

        It’s a cute idea, but it will never happen…

        Reagan gets panned for “Star Wars” but SDI was an unqualified success — not because it worked, or was even possible, but because it played so heavily on the Soviet’s imaginations. Israel is about the size of Rhode Island. They’re potentially up against a mess of countries whose land mass is nearly the size of CONUS. By far, the best weapon Israel has against the regional “Israeli-haters” (potentially ALL of their geopolitical neighbors), is the haters’ own imaginations. When one is in a constant fight for their very existence, they never dare take a weapon or an advantage off the table.

  7. How can the US go around policing the planet with 900 or more military bases surrounding Russia ,China, Iran, etc., etc. and say who can or can’t have nukes. WE all have enough to blow our beautiful mother to smithereens. I’m so tired of the US starting this war and that war , and so many rumors of wars we want to start. You boys just need to blow Her the f##k up and stop this madness or shut the f##k up its very heart breaking and one has to pray constantly to be able to stay sane in this mad dark place we are all in…….We have all lived under this threat since forever it seems , and so I understand our children dying from drug use and all the homelessness and the pain and sorrow. Iranians are beautiful people just like the Palestinians are and all peoples of this planet. Who are these bloodsucking, child killing, money sick,dark lords over us and why can’t we find a way out.

    • You can’t find a way out because you are still willing to be a victim instead of a consequence for these people doing bad things to you.

      You see, they have no compunction about killing people, and will continue like this until there are REAL consequences for them, instead of the rewards of a paycheck from your tax dollars.

      T*x protest is one of the most forbidden terms in the internet. It will get you more attention than visiting a b*mb making site.

      America runs on hopium programmed into them by the entertainment media. If someone comes for your food, you might as well die taking as many as possible with you instead of starving later. But no, you are good people and don’t kill anyone. Historically, in real situations, not the fantasies you have been programmed with, that attitude doesn’t get you very far.

  8. “It’s A Disaster Like I’ve Never Seen Before”: 2019 Could Be The Worst Year EVER For U.S. Corn Farmers

    The amount of corn produced in the United States this year is going to be way below expectations. The Department of Agriculture just slashed its harvest estimates quite dramatically in its June report, but some farmers in the Midwest believe that those reduced projections are still way too optimistic. As I have previously detailed, millions upon millions of acres will go unplanted this year, but that is only part of the story. Much of the corn that has actually been planted is coming up very slowly due to the exceedingly poor conditions, and corn farmers all over the Midwest are reporting that their plants look absolutely terrible. If we get picture perfect weather between now and harvest time, this will simply be a terrible year. But if severe heat and/or an early frost hits the Midwest, this could very easily be the worst year that we have ever seen for corn farmers in the United States.

    From Michael Snyder…

    Entire article may be read here:


    BTW, the USDA website sux…

    • Which means a fair amount of people know what’s happening and they are actually going to plant some extra seeds this year , an even larger amounts are installing greenhouses because between the weather and prices ,people wake up .
      it’s amazing how resilient human beings can be

    • Ray.. I agree.. we were just talking about that last night.. we use corn to heat the house.. the farmers don’t even have it planted yet in some places.. so we were talking about going in together and getting a few loads of coal and wood pellets.. to use instead.. coal is cheap and if you use an afterburner.. you don’t have the black tarry smoke..and double the heat..
      with the crops predictions this year.. it could be the worst case scenario if a depression happened to hit this year..

      • See if you can find a supply of Anthracite. BTUs are much higher than bituminous coal, soot is nearly nonexistent, burn is much longer.

        My topsoil is the consistency of pudding, down to about 18 inches. It is impossible to walk through my yard, let alone drive a tractor through it, and planting? Fuggetaboutit!

        2/3 of my cherry orchard is dead or dying from drowning…

        Spent the morning, repairing a wooden fence row which collapsed from being anchored in pudding — it was insane! I had to drop scrap steel roof panels to build a walkway, to get to the damage, then lug a fence roll & posts 100 feet across that -=slick=- steel, because I could get my small tractor no-closer.

        …And I live on top of a hill, and nowhere near a flood plain.

        Remember, the definition of a “Depression” is:

        “A recession, accompanied by a crop failure or famine.”

        This year might drive that point home to all those 5-level econ students…

  9. All stores in the future will have a small solar panel on the roof I will connect to a battery in the store I’m connected to that battery will there be a Bluetooth device ran by digibyte and every cell phone that has the digibyte app Wallet will be enable through Bluetooth to transfer to the stores digipay system so when the lights are out and no power is around the Bluetooth power from a battery will enable people to still shop with their phones at the grocery stores, instead of stealing everything by mob rule. Transactions will be stored into the stores digipay system and on each individual cell phone until the internet system is brought back on ..
    Our government has individual trailers that are packed what’s expanding solar panels that can bring up 2 speed freezers on a 220 volt system.
    These trailers have the ability to run the pumps where Diesel and gasoline is stored

    • 1) solar only works at low lats
      2) range of Blue tooth is what? 100 meters, 328 feet – max
      3) no internet = no clearing of transactions

      • There will be no EMP of mass destruction,
        there will be no nuclear war of mass destruction,
        there will be no viruses that will decimate the population.
        The reasons very simple we do not live in the past we live in the future ,
        the information age for all things are becoming public.
        You my fellow human beings get to pick the timeline that you want to live in.
        May all beings be lovingly fulfilled ,
        May all beings be financially fulfilled,
        May all beings be readily fulfilled ,
        (((So be it)))

      • Um, brother, try living in the Present.
        EMP is real (and likely played a factor in JFK’s death – another book to write!)
        Biological – genetic weapons are real and ready for use.
        And viruses? Ain’t heard of a cure for Ebola, have you? Maybe some scattered high does vit c reports, but the future ain’t here yet.

    • Even critical service businesses which are in hurricane prone areas refuse to put in back-up power systems, or even wire their mains to allow a temporary generator. Whether the back-up power is a generator or a solar trailer, the wiring is not in place.You’ve obviously never tried to pump gas after a major hurricane event. Even many (or most) of the gasoline distributors don’t have back-up power, so deliveries cease. The last major hurricane I had to deal with was on an assignment in the Houston area, and Exxon seemed to be the only company capable of delivering gasoline at that time. Away from the Gulf coast, the situation will be even worse. By the time the businesses figure out they are screwed, it will be too late for them to recover.

      No individual can afford a $25,000 solar trailer to run a small freezer at their house, and when individuals decide they have to have one, there will be none to be had. Government resources will service government priorities, like keeping the lights on and wire charged at FEMA facilities.

      The number of temporary generators available nationwide will only support critical operations in a relatively small geographical area. A national (or international) power failure scenario is going to leave a lot of people alone in the dark.

      And last, G___ has more hands-on experience with solar systems than 99.999% of the population.

      • You can run a small freezer off solar complete for less than $1,200.
        1. Run the freezer wide open from the time the sun comes up till the sun goes down.
        600 watts solar less than $600.
        blue sky blue 60 amp mppt 12v.24v.36v or 48 v.controller for less than $150.
        wiring $25-30
        1500 watt inverter $150-125 cobra
        2 auto zone deep cycle batteries $99 apiece
        battery cables less than $50

      • What you are describing isn’t a government solar trailer, and you don’t appear to have any real world electrical design and estimating experience. I don’t see any labor, raceway, breakers, j-boxes, mounting hardware, surge protectors, etc., etc. Your price for the batteries looks way off. If you are pulling down lead acid batteries more than 20% every night, they won’t last very long. You will need an electrician to sign off on it for a residential or commercial use in most locations. No apartment manager would allow this as a temporary. In short, you are describing a science experiment, not a professional installation.

      • “No individual can afford a $25,000 solar trailer to run a small freezer at their house”

        Oh no N_________

        I hope you didn’t buy that BS…. that’s the crap the power companies want you to believe…

        Even the first system I put up at a hundred a watt didn’t cost that.. with install..
        The last 3 kw I got after all rebates and fathers day free shipping from http://www.sunelec.com the final cost was 350.00 for the equipment.
        A friend moved to the southwest put a system in and it paid for itself completely in six months..where the vast majority are stuck in some god forbid leasing thing..
        I’d love to put up another 6kw but the wife says no . We actually produce all of our power the first set paid for itself in five years.. I didn’t figure for the others.. engineering students put up the last set for summer extra credit..
        I totally believe if we embraced small sd clar and small wind..we would strengthen our countries infrastructure but it would have to be on a nationwide acceptance. Go small solar towers starting at the furthest point and work back to the power plant. Like a tree.. a tree needs its roots and branches and stems but each leaf produces a small amount of power .. want to know your panels most efficient angles look at your treeline canopy..
        By doing that I doubt seriously if you’d have to worry about a Carrington event.. any emp would take down some of it but not like what would happen if one happened today. Today three or four blasts would cause a cascade event to send us back to the stone age..since we dont make any of it.. it would take a hundred years to get back to where we are.. that is what I think is the reason they say 98 percent loss of life..

      • Let’s see if it’s going to rain for a week and there’s no solar power might as well pull out the bicycle we have an alternator laying around here and some belts and chains.
        Let’s get some exercise riding the bicycle indoors turn on a alternator charging the batteries to run the freezer, before the gas generator runs out of gas as a backup and using the generator to do some welding with.
        Come to think of it I was out in my garden under the tarp and I had a rebar in the ground I’m I reached over and grabbed the rebar and reached over to pull a weed and I got a slight tinglying shock which means there’s electricity coming from the ground or to the ground.
        Which leads back to the old fence produces electricity Theory

      • Howdy. N,,how you doing.
        What I’m describing to you is a survival situation we’re not talking about codes regulations we’re talkin about survival.GRID DOWN.
        I can take solar panels and some batteries and hook it up .and charge batteries without a solar controller see the secret to that is if you have 600 watt or 6000 watts amount of solar panels that are putting out that amount of amps Watts volts and you only have one battery. What are you going to do when you have that much power how are you going to control that much power the answer is you turn the panel away from the Sun or either you take a blanket or Any Garment and cover-up part of the panel that reduces the amount of Watts voltage and amps that are going into that one battery we’re talking about grid down here.

      • N -n this situation you do not run your freezer at night off the batteries ,you turn your freezer to the coldest setting and run it during the daylight hours so it will still be frozen in the morning when you wake up to do it all over again so there’s no need to run the batteries down

      • Looking out of the box- Not everyone has your skill set or scrounging prowess. Bryce brought up the government trailer meme. I have been involved in stand-alone power plants for remote sites, and trailer and skid mounted solar power plants are expensive.
        I am tempted to try and build a small minimalist 12VDC system for emergency lighting and battery charging stations. Surge protection, hail, and wind are issues here. Sun we have.

      • You’re right everything would be down there be chaos but there are a group of people out there that will be able to do the things I’m talking about. the rest of the people will be home in the dark no communication struggling with the zombies in your neighborhood.
        But that’s not going to happen so the electricity was cut off for a little while in two countries ,did it become the end of the world ,
        yes for a few people but not the rest.
        Keep listening to the hype The Fear Factor it’ll have you shrilling up in a little ball in the closet with your hands clasp over your head

      • After seeing your last comment, I think G____ and I are both guilty of beating up on your inner child today. Apologies. Below is some technical info on high quality batteries made specifically for solar installations:


        Be sure to thumb to the back and look at page 43, Expected Life Cycles. You sound like you need more better batteries. I wish I could send you some of the sunlight from my place.

      • N____ you don’t need any skill in getting a decent system for a minimal amount of money…
        I got lucky that year.. happened to get some panels that were seconds from outside the USA..
        I got that on sunelec his bargain site that George suggested you check into.. just happened that the equipment I was getting was just being introduced in the USA and they had mail in rebates for it.. also sunelec offers free shipping at times of the year..
        a system that would last you for a good long time.. well..


        or give sunelec a call.. wind turbines.. they are cheap at http://www.mwands.com .. I like the aluminum blades.. that is what they used in the Antarctic sub station..

        My battery bank is to die for.. but then that I had a friend that met me help me acquire that.. and I know you won’t ever be able to buy a set for 25000.00..

        I if you have extreme hail like golf ball size or bigger.. then you can mount them on a tower design.. easy.. if you put an inverted trapezoid in the center you get all the sun day and evening.. mount the unit so some are on the east and west side..

        three days after I put up our first set. we had a tornado.. it sucked windows out of buildings and ripped up trees and flung buildings .. I thought oh my god.. hail wind the works.. well I’ll have to find the roof tomorrow.. tomorrow cam. everything still intact the wind turbine churning away.. ( I mounted it on the roof to show you could do it )
        but the panels can take a great deal of hail.. we get hail every once in a while.. last week we had golf ball size.. and they take a great deal ..
        I like ground mount.. and wish I had it.. trying to talk the wife into letting me put up a tower..

      • N___ oh and that price is before rebates.. chunck the thirty percent off.. then the state and municipal rebates tax rebates.. you chunk off another thirty percent unless you live in a really nice area that has more.. if I had lived just thirty miles in a different direction I would have only had to pay for the install the equipment would have been paid for..just saying don’t buy the BS the power companies tell you.. they are looking at it in a way different angle.. they are looking at large that requires huge amounts of resources to manage and the cost variables are way different… think small..

  10. Bluetooth 5 will be capable of 800 ft.
    Digipay will have the ability to not clear but store the transactions and the future digibyte will have the ability to interact with that.
    Once the new automatic pay system comes in the wallets or cell phones will automatically register your monthly allotment to your phone without internet.
    A mobile vehicle can be driven through a city once a month and receive satellite Transmissions which are still up and running
    Since this would be a martial law event of course people wouldn’t know that if they didn’t have internet or any kind of TV transmission so the internet would still be functioning from the satellites but at a crippled level through mobile roaming receivers and transmitters the same as some people have on their RVs.
    There is a lot of people in the rule areas that have some form of backup solar or generators and most use the satellite for their internet. Word of Mouth would gradually get around and no it’s not perfect and yes a lot of people would die but this is one step toward Solutions and control

    • And some day pigs will fly. What you are reinventing is something a colleague tried to get through the FCC in 1986 – a national digital network. Go check Ecclesiastes…no new things, right? We planned on half mile range, but whatever

    • Brice, what you (and the other cryptobugs) aren’t getting is satellites are irrelevant. A satellite is only a repeater. There has to be a ground-based source for the data which comes and goes through a satellite, and there have to be ground-based transmitters and receivers to send and receive that data. Your Bitcoin transaction will not work in a grid hard-down because there will be no originating computer to house the Bitcoin or blockchain data, nor will there be a satellite datalink to receive or confirm the transaction.

      We KNOW a couple millimeters of lead foil will shield against an x-ray. We theorize a 10,000 mile thick block of lead would not shield us from a gamma burst.
      We can theorize the strength, wavelength, and duration of a Carrington Event, but all we actually KNOW is it is stronger than an x-ray and not as strong as a gamma burst.

      What makes you think “satellites” would survive something like a Carrington Event, anyway…?

      • An event as you described crypto’s won’t matter gold silver dollar bills won’t matter but they will all be stored value when at a future time you make contact with the rest of human civilization unless you’re in a city then you we’ll have to deal with them the people who haven’t taken showers and their hair is not cut and they stink and the clothes are falling off and they’re coming for you ,what will you do, how’s the rains keep pouring down and the East Coast gradually goes underwater and the Missouri Mississippi River gradually takes over more and more land and the West Coast gradually sinks a new oceans appear in the desert where will you be when the changes happen do you think it’ll happen overnight or do you think it’ll take hundreds of years

      • In May, 1998, we lost only ONE satellite… alleged to be triggered by a solar storm… and the consequences were horrific for communications. Yes, a Carrington event will also affect satellites… lots and lots of them!
        From Wikipedia: “The loss of this satellite was very disruptive to telecommunications in the United States. 80% of pager service in the U.S. went down; service was not restored till the following day.[2] Many fast-pay gas pumps were not able to verify credit card transactions. Wire news services, like Reuters, were also affected. The TV network CBS had to use alternate means of transmitting its programs. All 600 stations of NPR went off air, as well as numerous other broadcasters.”

        best advice: Learn to party like it’s 1850 again.

  11. Now for the unthinkable, you know how some people take fish heads or fish parts and place that down underneath the seed that they’re planning in the garden ,,,,,,well during a grid down situation what are we going to do with all those dead bodies well I guess some people could probably make raised beds Gardens

    • Not unthinkable.

      Every survivalist book I’ve read (admittedly only the best few) deals with body disposal, since having dead humans laying around, unless they’re frozen, presents an immediate, and staggeringly dangerous health issue for anyone still alive, and in the vicinity.

  12. There’s not enough cash out there in the USA to meet even 10% of the nations needs. 92% of all USA retail sales are electronic these days.

    Besides, 90 days after the grid goes down the only people left to trade with will be those who will consider killing you first before the trade if they think they can survive attacking you and taking your sh*t. And you better not show up with fewer than 5 people for a transaction. Which is why those not in community/tribe/gang will not survive.

    In Venezuela the criminals are complaining that using a bullet in a robbery is a waste because the net of the robbery will not cover the cost of the bullet on the black market.

    And the only thing you will hear on your ham radio will be bad news.

  13. After an EMP event there will be plenty of scout planes government play and they have on board transmitters and receivers that will use Bluetooth Wi-Fi and any other means to project a signal over the area that they fly over and at the same time. Will appear on their screen where there is a cell signal at along with other types of signals that George knows about

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