"The 100-Year Toaster" (Ch. 6 of my next book)

The Trouble with McMansions. Today with launch into some interesting aspects of trying to nail-down just what “quality” is in homes.  No, it’s not 2″ deep well-padded deep splush white carpet.

First, though, a couple of headlines and a look at the charts.  Bean up and on to our….

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19 thoughts on “"The 100-Year Toaster" (Ch. 6 of my next book)”

  1. George, Please center the Peoplenomics reports. I have a wide screen monitor and when everything is shifted to the far left it makes for difficult reading.

    PS: I tend to lean far right.

  2. Does anyone wonder why Suze Orman is still considered a personal financial guru? Must be a leftist thing.

    Remember when she launched her pre-paid debit card program that grew immediate criticism. Instead of focusing on the benefits the card offered (none that I know of), she took the much nobler route of calling people names.

    • Suze got so much WRONG before the 2008 collapse. She got it wrong in the decade before that, too! She advised people (employees) to go all in on World Com and Enron stock. She didn’t think they needed longer than a few months back-up plan; so many people went unemployed for over 2 years, their 3 months cash in the bank didn’t help them through that financial crises. 10 million homeowners lost their homes after the 2008 collapse, and she didn’t have any PREdictions or preparation advice for that. I give her a D-. She has changed her tune, and sings her songs a little differently as she had to LEARN from the 2008 and prior shakedowns and collapse. She ain’t an expert, just an expert at conning and fleecing.

      • I call this “The Blonde Marketing Effect” – or BME. It causes males, who otherwise might use their big organ to follow their little ones around, instead.

      • I can tell you from experience.. even though everyone in my church advises six months to a year preparations..you had better keep no less than a two year supply of everything on hand..we went a year without an income.. if someone hadn’t helped when they did with financial assistance we would have been in a tent.
        Food wise..we were ok..I traded homemade cheese for fresh farm milk and bread we baked

  3. George
    I am getting some experience on the small living from last to jabs, remote from home.
    One had an apartment for three years at 700 sq ft. this one last 18 months in a 500 sq ft.
    The last one had a large storage space but no laundry.
    This one (500 ft**2) has a laundry/utility room.
    Both had Living room space
    Dining Space
    Walk-in closet of considerable size.
    Reasonably sized bedroom.
    I have split clothes, prescriptions, cookware, etc between both places so family still functions, and I can take care of myself at work, without carrying more than a single small carry on size bag with integral computer file pocket in the lid for the drive home.
    (just for emergencies in case car strands me somewhere overnight, which is unlikely.)
    It’s about like a long term campout.
    One guy I work with brought a 250 sq ft (25 ft long) caper and rents a lot with a water/power hook up.
    Especially if you have a laundry hook up you are not missing much.
    I just consider nothing more soul-destroying that the weekly trip to the laundromat.
    Right now I even have a moving sale mini-chest freezer so can shop Sams and Costco sales for stuff.
    Most people make living in this kind of place into a “dorm-room” experience (many students around here from local small U) but if you bring some nice old furniture from home it could be worse.
    I don’t know about 120 sq ft but some of the “cabins” you see for sale at the local shed emporium could be made to do quite nicely.

    • LOL! I actually know someone who lives in a Tough Shed(with improvements). She seems happy.

      • I met a guy last winter.. he retired from the military.. the military missplaced half of his records .. they are working feverishly for the last two plus years.. the senator has his best man on this.. meanwhile the guy lost his house.. put everything in a storage shed.. can only get part time work.. until he got caught was living in the storage shed.. then the company told him they are just for storage.. not for living.. and he had to move into his car… all the while the senators best man has been working hard really really hard on getting his records straight .. I told him take his winter military issue sleeping bag.. move into the senators office.. or better yet let that best man for the job move into the front seat till he can work it out.. he stayed here during the fifty below zero weather untill I unknowingly insulted his intelligence.. didn’t mean to.. wife wasn’t around and it slipped out.. I started to laugh when he mentioned he had a storage shed.. I did say I would help him get an apartment then move his junk in there.. same thing but with a bathroom..
        I won’t vote for that senator when he comes up for reelection. it the idiot working out the missing records is his best man.. my god we are all doomed.. especially since the senator could solve this with a quick phone call.. and no one that spent thirty years in the military should have to live in the back seat of his car in a department store parking lot.. or under a bridge or in a dumpster.. it just shouldn’t be.. they deserve out respect.. I even talked to one of the news reporters.. no story there.. seems there are a lot better stories on the homeless with the children that are homeless and living in shelters.. than some old fart that some idiot misplaced his records..

  4. “Iran warns it will reduce compliance with nuclear deal to fight U.S. sanctions.”

    Hard to reduce, what ain’t…

    “Is The US Preparing For War With Russia?”

    Yes. Also China, Canada, Monaco, the Lesser Antilles, and every other nation and principality on the planet. The function of “War-Gamers” is to ensure no possibility, however remote, escapes planning. The better they do their job, the less-likely the Brass at the Pentagon is ever taken by surprise…

    “Justice Department backs decision to not release Trump’s tax returns. Am I the only one who’d like to see William Barr for President?”

    Not Bill Barr, but one of the deputies. 33 page decision, and worth the read (don’t even bother with the MSM “slice & dice job.”)

    “As someone allergic to all but the hypo-allergenic types (poodles and Wheaties) this didn’t set quite right: The Friendliest and Most Welcoming Workplaces for Dogs”

    It’s becoming a thing. Kollege kids at many institutions can now bring their dogs to live with them in the dorms. BTW, try a Dachshund from a legit breeder. They don’t shed or smell. When I was a kid I couldn’t get within 20 feet of a cat or 50 feet of a rabbit — Doxies, no problem…

    “Will this cause some SJW schooly-types to get frickin’ real? Watch and learn, I suppose.”

    Um, “no.” When one lives a life not based in reality, their ego writes checks society can’t cash.

    “The Trouble with McMansions”

    They’re underdesigned, overpriced, built “to code” but using shoddy materials, and constructed to exude bling and faux class, and last for 30-50 years. Most of ’em are “deep suburban” to rural in location, because the “urban rabble” would periodically stone them if they were in “the City.” I’ve watched 6 McVelopments go up and have yet to be impressed with the build quality of any. Ah yeah, one more thing: For the vast majority of folks, they’re also unnecessary.

    “Ultimately, whether the “right measure” is energy consumption, duration, density, sustainability, location convenience…”

    IMO location is important, location convenience is not. Three things which have been a part of my make-up since before I was “grown-up” (has that happened yet?) and paying my own way:

    I HATE doing a job twice, or redoing someone else’s “cob-job”
    I HATE paying for energy
    and I HATE the word “can’t.”

    My ideal, and one I’m actively working toward, is a zero-maintenance house that’ll cost <$10/sq.ft. to build, last for a thousand years, and require no, or minimal cost to heat and cool, located on a piece of self-sustaining dirt. Will I achieve it? Of course not, but I'll bet I come close…

    • Ray
      Go to Google and look up:
      Sears Craftsman Houses.
      A Friends farm where I hunt, fish, and camp has one as the Guest House.
      It has everything anyone would need, 3 BR, 2 Bath, LR, K+DR and laundry in about 900-1000 sq ft with porches front and back.
      I didn’t know if was a Craftsman until I got to researching the subject.
      It’s been on the farm going on 70 years.
      The main house (along with stable, smoke house, a “trading post” and a small rock building that is now the farm office, but was the local post office,) are all considerably older, “pre-war” buildings. No not WWII, nor WWI. That other war…..

      • Yeah, I know. Sears sold darn near everything, mail-order, at one time or another. They sold those houses IIRC from the early ’20s until after WW-II. They were well-engineered, well fabricated, and anyone who’d ever played with an Erector Set could build a Sears house…

  5. BTW, the outlook from here in the corn belt today: Forecast high 79, actual high 64, 2.86″ of rain in on the day, with local flood, flash flood, and river flood warnings, and a NWS flood advisory. 3″ is not much rain, but there’s nowhere for it to go. We’ve an identical forecast for the next nine days. IMO absent an additional subsidy, E-85 will be spendier than petrol by November, and the Chinese won’t be able to buy American pork or soy products for New Year, even if they bring their kneepads to the marketplace.

  6. I have to quibble about the green insanity. Carbon requirements of only 1000 sq ft? Imagine someone with a family of six and 5500 sq ft. Then the kids grew up and the wife(or husband) left. The parent remaining would either have to find five strangers to move in or move. Of course, some places limit the number of non-related people in a house too.

    The only answer to regulations is to remove them unless they’re necessary for the health and welfare of the community. Living dangerously is a human right.

    Regarding prisons: We need to discard the idea of “justice”. If someone violates another, that person needs to be held to account – to compensate( with interest) those who were wronged, and if the person is sufficiently dangerous, removed from access to the general community. The idea of “punishment” is antiquated, based on vengeance and the idea that harsh consequences will deter the criminals. That doesn’t work. If we treat criminals decently, and isolate them from each other, we’ll have a much better chance of rehabilitating them. If we treat them harshly and allow them to co-mingle, we’ll continue to breed the worst of the worst by allowing their subculture of violence to assert itself. Isolating each prisoner in a clean cell with real soundproof walls, not bars will force each prisoner to face his/her self. That approach can’t possibly be worse than what we’re doing now. Violence won’t be reduced. It will be eliminated from the prison environment. Another benefit is that the cost to incarcerate will probably be reduced, and prison riots will be impossible. Visits by family, friends, and clergy should occur in a real room so that the prisoner can experience human contact – as in hugging, kissing, etc. Again, each prisoner should never even see or hear another inmate.

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