Wet Noodle Economics

You can almost taste the changes in the air.  An election coming up. The Post Office, of all things, has become a key pawn. A massive change in how society operates and interacts is pressed by a disease.  A global sense of “peak everything.”  And a collapse of millennium duration social norms.

All of it attacked constantly on social media.  Which, in turn,  is incorrectly cited by wrong-headed media as representing the masses.
We set aside most of these things – since we can’t change the course of mighty rivers (or bend steel in our bare hands).  Instead, disguised as a mild-mannered skeptic for a miniscule website based on reason, we’ll present a powerful preview of the future.  Far-beyond those of ordinary men.
As soon as the few headlines and a fascinating ChartPack is done, we’ll scream “How High Silver?” and ride again. Cape diem.  (Cape the day?)

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15 thoughts on “Wet Noodle Economics”

  1. “(where the Twin Towers was made scapegoat for the Bubble in order to keep investors from panicking over market dynamics),”

    I am not a gambling man but.. what do you want to put as odds that there will be another twin towers to try and turn the hog around…I actually think that another twin towers wouldn’t stop the fall this time…

  2. “I’m looking over my dead dog Rover..” said the coot as he eyes up the charts this AM.

    Hedged to the Hilt going into Close yesterday, even picked up some VIX Calls, as Volatility looks like it needs to Bust Out at anytime.

    ..Will follow up Monday AM with some HYG (HighYieldCorpDebt/ETF) Puts – as me-thinks the proverbial “Dike” cant hold much longer…”Rhombies! Run Wraggy, Run”- ScoobyDoo.

    Of course if were rhyming in tyme

    – then we have a ways to go – Spanish Flu, then the Roaring Twenties, then The Crash

    Andzo – Pharma/Banker Flu/Wok-In-Pneumonia/AirborneAIDS, then a Roaring 20’s, then Crash

    No Worries Jeffe – never mind what Ure still small voice keeps saying bout Hunger – Food Shortages and how the Populace reacts – its just noise leaking forward to the past.

  3. George – great column this morning as usual.

    “How long can denial last when everyone’s claiming “success” prematurely while the infrastructure we have relied on so heavily is under attack, being mis-managed and wrongly reported?”

    Reminds me of a couple of lines from “Sundown” written by a great Canadian songwriter, Gordon Lightfoot.

    Sometimes I think it’s a sin
    When I feel like I’m winnin’ when I’m losin’ again.

    BIC (Bob in Canada)

    • I have a line from another Gordon Lightfoot song which often pops into my head when I’m sniffing actual news (as opposed to the fantasy, tripe, and BS propaganda that’s force-fed us…)

      “Fellows, it’s been good to know ya…”

  4. Down in our cockles we’re all one issue voters.

    Some people keep it simple, (D) or (R). Some people define good and evil then setup matrices and assign bias weighted chit marks to each candidates perceived intentions until a conclusion can be made on which is the “lesser of two evils”.

    The “Arrest Hillary” effort failed.

    If Kamala Harris campaigns on “Arrest Trump” she’s got my vote.

    • Why would you want to arrest Trump? You want a revolution? They won’t arrest Trump they never arrested Comey, Clapper, Brennan or Hillary for treason yet!

    • She might campaign on it, but she’d never do it in real life. Kammy has never gone after a big fish in her life — except to intimidate. She’s “better than we are” and a bully, and I’ve never had a tolerance greater than zero for either attitude…

  5. Generally, the PTB can only pull off a given black swan event to elucidate a predictable result, once every couple generations. A repeat of 9/11 would anger a lot of people, but a large, vocal minority of the under 40 crowd would cheer the event as “what we deserve,” and make the event highly socially divisive.

    The way we got the “Patriot Act,” DHS and legal molestation at every airport was 9/11 united us, for just a little while, in pain, indignation, and p!ssedoffedness, and while we were socially united, GW and his merry band of neocons (now known as The Lincoln Project) slipped one up our collective p00perchute.

  6. A 3-fer from the National Pulse:

    EXCLUSIVE: Soros, Gates-Linked Election ‘Integrity’ Group Falsifies ‘Bipartisan’ Claims While War-Gaming How Biden Could Seize Power Even if Trump Wins

    The Transition Integrity Project – which bills itself as a bulwark against President Trump’s refusal to concede the 2020 election – is founded by a Board Member of George Soros’s Open Society Foundation and A Vice President of the Chinese Communist Party-linked Berggruen Institute, the National Pulse can exclusively reveal.

    WINNING: Trump To Designate Chinese Propaganda ‘Confucius Institutes’ As Foreign Missions

    The U.S. State Department is set to label Chinese Communist Party funded propaganda fronts known as Confucius Institutes as “foreign missions,” according to media reports.

    EXCLUSIVE: CNN and the New York Times Support Chinese Communist-Funded ‘Marxist Journalism’ School

    Tsinghua University’s journalism school, which vows to produce journalists adherent to the Chinese Communist Party’s standards of “Marxist journalism,” enjoys support from a host of American corporates and establishment media outlets such as Bloomberg, CNN, the New York Times, and Facebook.


    This is a new potential news source for me.

    I’ll have to research before I decide whether to add it to my info-stack, but it looked interesting. I’d describe it as “obviously Right-leaning,” except any website which features actual truth is going to “lean Right” in today’s disinformation-misinformation climate.

    Now, is this site one of “actual truth” or just more BS?

    I dunno, but I will in 48 hours.

    Even if it’s not, it may still be valuable (like RT or the AP Wire.) We’ll see…

  7. they got no need for another 911 .. the towers are back in new York .. no they have vegetated enough peoples brains , no need for anymore .. if you have had blood or a flu shot or some other vaccine .. they got yah .. you think different and obey .. if it comes down to any forced chemicals im outta here , good luck finding me in the places I know in outback Australia.. yep the real goldbulls taught us that 25 years ago .. not all todays fake fool gold bulls .. they went to the mountains of colarado . gold , whiskey , tuna , guns , ammo and only contact with real people not vegetables .. the things they knew all played out

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