Some Economic Truth – for a Change!

We will be focusing in tomorrow’s Peoplenomics report on some of the key “points of confusion” in the modern world.  It’s really silly when you think about it:

  • Humans are the only species I’ve heard of claiming there are more than two basic genders – and a basic 2X2 matrix of relationships.
  • Aye, but these would be the same humans who also confused the contemporary  jingoism ‘culture war’ with something much more sinister”  Leading edge of species collapse.
  • But that all is evident in the underlying notions of “money” and “power” that are wafting around like some live virus on the Internet.
  • Which, in turn, is shaking like the web like the Tower of Babel  with the present onset of insanity.
  • And this percolates up – rather shockingly – in what  passes for news these days.

On this last point, I was professionally appalled Thursday when an Associated Press wire story crossed that said words to the effect “..that president Trump – falsely – said…”

This from a once-respectable news organization that didn’t formerly make judgements.   Then-again, nor was the “old” AP prone to being racist by capitalizing Black, but not white, in their coverage.  Equality doesn’t mean equal here at the End of Civilization.  Means…well…

There was a time when the AP simply reported the news and damn well.  It play the game of “cultural warfare” which we know (by radical’s own words) to be dim-witted dream-world socialists who are following Robert Mugabe’s false-flag of Modern Monetary Theory.  Protected by online memering retweet software and on the hardware backplane by two-bit thugs demonstrating against law and order almost nightly in places like Portland, Or-a-goon, and elsewhere.

Start the Revolution Without Us

A quick search reveals that it’s likely this fall – with genuinely disappointing candidates on  both sides – that the worst is yet to come.  As the  Washington Times reported recently “Kamala Harris, the cancel culture cop.” Bolder than Holder?  God help us.

The problem I have with Cancel Culture is, well, everything.  It’s online insanity at its finest.  As recently revealed in the U.K. story about how “Coronavirus road closures creating ‘culture war’, residents warn.”

People not only aren’t thinking clearly on economic matters, either; they also failed to think-through that a “war on culture” is a “war on progress.”

Which, ladies and gentlemen (and the other 57-varieties to be ‘correct’ about it) is really dangerous shit.

Down at it’s roots, we see a War On Progress (WOP for short, to supplant the ancient Italian slur).

This is not to excuse evil.  That needs to be found and eliminated.  

What’s going on today, however, is Digital Mob Rule (the DMR).  It’s a mix of?

  • The Fall of Rome
  • Luddites rising up against machines
  • The October Revolution in Russia, 1917
  • Patterned after Venezuela and other “proletariat train wrecks.”
  • And using so much bandwidth that 5G begins to make economic sense
  • While the average IQ of America continues to drop and…
  • That gets us to Business Productivity.

…which is our focus today.  Look for market reaction.

Fed Data WILL Matter

We’ll hold the analysis until tomorrow on Peoplenomics but some psycho-social-economic truth is about to be revealed.

When you mix-up Retail Sales data (just out, in a sec.) and the Fed Industrial Production data, soon to come, and then toss in the Money Supply figures from last night… and some cargo data….It will be a hell of a slurry to digest.

Speaking of Money…

How much is the Fed making up, these days?  Here’s the latest snapshot of the “monetary train wreck” in progress:

The most important number in terms of “secular inflation” is the [highlighted] 36.7% increase in M2 since CV-19 started.  I’m guessing this will be around 37% by next Thursday’s report.

To refresh (follow the bouncing ball, kiddies):

  • The stock market crashed 33% in March.
  • Since the Fed has jiggled M2-up 36.7%, though…
  • That should mean a rally to the old highs from 4 percent!

And that’s terribly close to Reality.  Because at the close yesterday, the market was where, relative to the Aggregate Index reading at the February (last previous, semi-honest) all-time-high? 103.709%.  In other words 3.709%.  Holy smokes!

Amazing!  See how this all lines up?  The market is almost screaming M2 on a 6-months basis!  (Someone really ought to send this in to the Nobel Economics crowd, or at least Mohamed El-Erian who’s one of the few people around bright enough to get it..  (Congrats to him on “Super Pup” BTW!)

OK:  On to Retail

We will let the idiocy of “culture wars” rage.  We’re much more interested in seeing how far the “Delivery Culture” bubble can expand before bursting.  With empty malls, closed restaurants and robotics coming for us all, let’s Spend!  Spend! Spend! (while we can…because that will end shortly, too):

Statistical Secret Revealed!  This is NOT actual goods This is a prices paid data series.  And prices paid are influenced by?  M1 sloshing around.  Up 74% annualized in the past three months in the H.6 data, right?  So, in reality, Retail is likely down when you back out the monetary inflation.

After the number, Dow futures were down 70…but few, I doubt, will have the acuity to line up the H.6 and Retail charade.

The obvious problem is what are we buying?  We have a pretty good sense that after perhaps another deflationary drop to beggar the last few remaining well-off families, that the Big Game ahead will be massive tax increases on  everything in order to pay the costs of [bungled] CV-19.

Let’s talk about “hiding the sausage,” shall we?

Ah…so to prevent a revolution by the humble masses (yearning to be free, yada, yada…) the plan is to wheel in hyper-inflation because that will set off a HUGE Asset Inflation. Your home will be worth millions, anyone making less than $400,000 a year will be below the poverty line.  Gold will beat Elon to the Moon.  Yet (and this is the slick part) the holders of U.S. bonds will still technically be made whole.  The lie can survive.  Don’t you just love it?

It’s not brilliant, but it pencils out.  

What’s Our Plan?

What was the Big Lesson when MMT (ne Making-Up-Money) blew up in Venezuela and Zimbabwe?  The people who had stored consumables  and who had free-and clear titles to [whatever assets] could carry-forward through the mess.

No question in our minds that the best all-time investments haven’t changed in a quarter million years.  Water, Food, Shelter.  Simple, ain’t it?

Relevant data points du jour:

And the keyword “shortage” is hot, as always:

Yes, old man Ure’s a nut-job, for sure.  I feel like a long-ago football coach (remember football?)  “ Focus on the basics and you’ll win!”

Except for the November Revolution.

With the election 81-days off, IQ90 America is setting up to be Hoaxed Again:

“U.S. Postal Service warns Pennsylvania that mail-in ballots may be delivered too late.”   Which makes only the barest of superficial sense.

I mean it’s  nice that NBC is covering this, but we’re much more interested on why the Post Office is taking automated sorting machines off-line.  Because THAT is what will throw elections into chaos:  “Postal workers are sounding the alarm as mail sorting machines are removed from processing facilities.

THAT dear reader says Trump should have cleaned, out the top ranks of the Post Office.  This reeks of how socialist revolutions are made, as we see it.  What was the old commie saying?  “Doesn’t matter what the  vote was.  It’s  who counted ’em that matters!

Urban’s “Predictables” Dept.

As we told you…what…more than a month ago?  No way in hell will the dems let Trump turn out benefit checks prior to the “election”and here goes Nasty Nancy saying it again.  You knew this was coming, right?

Oh-oh:  Actual equality will be labeled “racist” now as William Barr’s “Department of Justice accuses Yale University of discriminating against Asian and White applicants.”  God knows the Me-culture of SJW’ers doesn’t really want to compete on merit and  hustle.  Sadly, SJW’s still haven’t figured out that America was actually built on hard work by all people who amounted to anything.

Oh, my…look!  The old clock-on-the-wall says I’m hungry.  Have a great morning.  There’s more irreverance tomorrow for Peoplenomics subscribers and more right here Sunday in our Home Handy Bastard report.

Write when you get rich…  Oh – and don’t forget to email the Nobel Committee?

36 thoughts on “Some Economic Truth – for a Change!”

  1. Great news from the FED this week G man, and U Suppress it /..nothing to see over here.

    What gives G -man? R U frightened by thought of the Federal Reserve putting money DIRECTLY into Peeps accounts IMMEDIATELY at the click of mouse, via a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Coin)??

    Its not coming soonly, it is already HERE – did U not get the memo?

    When FED governors are talking publicly about working with MIT on FED COIN/Changing Law/Regs to allow ISSUANCE of FedCoin – U can bet Ure bottom dollar its a DONE DEAL already.

    IMPORTANT STATEMENT – ALL Crypto coins, EXCEPT BITCOIN, are Scheisse and will go to Zero..eventually..imho

    So no, all U haters – U know who R – TBN knows who U R – NO BITCOIN 4 U! hahahahaha U will be “forced” to some version of fedcon…uh I mean fedcoin.

  2. “Where have you gone, Dr Pepper? Bemoaning latest pandemic shortage.”

    I don’t know about everywhere else.. but here the company that bottles and distributes it.. doesn’t really have an interest in selling it or delivering it…. or snapple or seven up etc.. stores and gas stations all over the whole state can’t get it delivered or even see a salesman most of them complain I sure know I have raised hell over it ( I told them they should all be fired and duct tape the doors.. they can sit on the couch at home rather than burn utilities where the warehouse is)…. yup not to be seen and in most places taken off the shelves… they the only thing that they get ordered is the beer.. and that is because their warehouse online sales catalog has it and it gets ordered with the rest of the products they get…
    I have complained over and over.. I was told by one large franchise that they heard it wasn’t going to be available anymore and I buy almost a quarter pallet a month of the dr. pepper.. so I switched brands.. I tried to get the rights to the area for their products.. I told them if they didn’t want to sell them they should just let me do it.. I could put on a monkey suit and just an old fashioned truck and make a route and sell it.. stores can’t get it.. they move it over and down and in the no sell zones of the racks.. I could revitalize the whole product line.. but they didn’t want that either.. I asked if they could put it on the store warehouse catalog .. nope.. so my thoughts are it isn’t because of the virus.. but because they pay the sales staff a set wage whether or not they sell it and they lost the desire to sell.. give them an order pad and pencil and a car a car allowance and set them back on the road.. just like many other products. they job the stores.. you sell or you don’t make money.. same way with chips.. jobbing.. instead they bred greed and slothfulness into the sales staff of the united states.. pay them whether or not they do any work.. Hell that sounds like congress to.. dam.. Politics get into every facet of life..

  3. Mohamed bloke used to work for the pimp mob .. that’s right bill gross alright .. he now works for the FED , government or a car yard if he is paid enough .. his economic thoughts are about as useful as a charity shop on the corner of wall street and broad

  4. Oh don’t worry for we will be at war before the election you can smell it on the wind you can hear the dogs of war baying off in the distance as there is nothing like a good war for re-election.

    We are stirring up all the trouble that we can in the world while our streets are full of homeless,inflation is knocking to come in,the people are divided and no-one knows what to do, the government is useless both federal and state and we have two clowns running for the oval office as if their presence makes any difference, as they have their masters to answer to,our currency is nearing worthless as they print it up like its monopoly money and its value is about the same,now we have laid the tinder who is going to furnish the match….

  5. There is no argument colleges, agencies, and businesses have been lowering preference for White men and Asians for entrance. This includes not only entrance, but also financial aid, and promotion opportunities.

    This is the problem with any program designed to favor one class of citizens over another. It can never be removed because whatever class is being preferred will circle the wagons to keep their goodies coming in. The politicians will always go where the votes are.

    California legislature recently voted to allow discrimination to go to ballot this year. It is insane.
    Not sure what benefit there is to starting culture wars, but this is where we are now and going all in. Minorities can injure white people or their property (rioting) and suffer little consequences. They can say, I heard or even thought I heard a trigger word, and be excused of any violence.

    I guess it will be easier in a moral sense for people with an aggressive personality to just attack white people since they have been brainwashed to believe whites are racist and the root of all their personal issues.

    There is going to be a lot more casualties in this cultural battle as the fear will result in a shoot first kind of response to any situation that is uncomfortable.

  6. George, the postal sorting machines are being removed at the behest of Trump’s personally installed boy. Trump admits the whole point is to suppress democracy.

  7. Just end the leeches at the Post Office already. They never were sustainable. All of us alive participated in more than one bailout to them. What benefit did the bailout give us non-postal peoples? Active sabotage.

    Seinfeld 20 years ago, “Just imagine, an army of men in wool pants running through the neighborhood handing out pottery catalogs door to door.”

    The country has fractured into those who have a vested interest, USPS pensioners, GM Bailout babies, the butchers at Boeing, welfare mammas, Section 8 Landlords Vs those that have nothing vested but Social Security.

    Look at this one:

    July 3, 2020:

    “House-passed infrastructure bill gives USPS $25B for e-vehicles, facility updates”

    Jul 21, 2020:

    “Jeff Bezos had a pretty lucrative Monday. The billionaire Amazon CEO set a record when his net worth jumped by $13 billion in just one day, on Monday, according to Bloomberg. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index put Bezos’ estimated net worth at $189.3 billion at the end of Monday.”

  8. Aren’t mail sorting machines just robots? Replace them with humans, it should help get people back to work and is one step away from the robo precipice.

  9. Went driving around Salem, OR yesterday. From what I could see, the economy is perfectly normal. Every store was open, every restaurant busy, every road filled with cars and trucks running around doing things with money.

    Where is this drop in economic activity that is crushing us? I cannot find it.

    • “Where is this drop in economic activity that is crushing us? I cannot find it.”

      wow.. its all over around here Philistine…..

  10. “Faster, faster, until the thrill of Printing, overcomes the fear of DEATH” – J. Ker-POWel

    Dude George – the MAIN problemo,imho, is NOT Printing ENOUGH Dollars, FAST enough..

    -“dammit man, Economy is going to CRASH!” -C. Bandicoot

    Robots ?! love em! have loved em for years – hell I can remember a young coot investing in Robotics companies yearz (35yrs) ago..Cincinnati Milacron ring a bell? Dont even remember what happened to that company – but it was my first – and U never forget Ure 1st!

    Still need workers to make the dam robots, until they make themselves. Still need operators to operate the Robotic Work Units, monitor, fix/repair, design, maintain.

    Still need TRAINED Surgeons to Operate Robotic Surgeons – which of course leads the coot to LVGO – the company leftover after Teledoc looks like a MoMo stock for the Gambling types, rather than a value play that U can apply a standard set of Valuation/Accounting tools to.. js

    Speaking of standard set of Accounting Tools/Formulas, and Valuation Metrics..
    – U know the coot is thinking about Scarcity..
    – the lack of new deposit discoveries by the Mining Majors
    – life of mine estimates
    – exponential increase in amount of Physical Standing Calls at end of contract/delivery months.

    If U cant find any new Supply & Ure Depletion rate is Increasing, and Demand for Metal is Growing…

    – U better find some more prospects yesterday OR Ure gonna have to go SHOPPING and the coot is going get there before Big Gold/Silver gets there..hello Wallbridge. -not advice, as U prolly lose everything based on a coot idea.

  11. “And down in Mexico, where so much of America’s food comes from, Herbicide shortage will have major effect on harvests, farmers warn.”

    a couple of weeks ago I was visiting with the store manager of a grocery store in our area( I worked grocery with him for decades).. I asked him.. have you ever seen such a thing.. he said no its pretty scary for them.. they are getting stuff now but it is really hard to get.. and with what they have been told with the crop situations in other countries some of it they just can’t get and this is when they traditionally stock up..
    I of course told the kids.. if your running low get it now while it is available.. keep your pantry at is level..
    because of access and ability.. the nursing facility locally has quit putting specific vegitables on the menu..and their menu has changed to go cheaper.. because of the cost of meat..

    • You mean the silly coinstitutional part about only Congress can declare set and yada?

      You think that wouldn’t give Nancy a warm and moist feeling? NancyCoin –

  12. Not that it’s important or anything, but a Grippo factory in Ohio caught fire. I love bbq Grippos, and have a hell of a time finding the box version of it. Kinda hoping this plant wasn’t in charge of making the bbq. I figure a greasefire got it, but I don’t know.

  13. I’m glad to see that Barr/DOJ is actually calling Yale to account over their racism! If Yale goes down, it will send a message to every other university that’s playing identity politics. Unfortunately it’s 50 years too late to do me any good, but right is right! Who knows where my life might have gone if we’d stuck to true equality of opportunity. No complaints though – my current path is interesting. My biggest concern at the moment is freedom of movement. Yes, I can currently drive interstate, but for how long? American passports are being refused everywhere and renewing our passports is essentially on hold. Who wants to surrender an expiring passport for the next six months, at least? The progression of the undercurrent communist insurrection has shaken my faith in the USA as we know it.

  14. “The LV Sun also had a good article on the water crisis on Colorado’s Front Range in: If the water goes, the desert moves in.”

    If you build on a hurricane coast without first building for the hurricane, you are eventually going to lose your house of sticks.

    If you build over a fault line, without first building to handle the earthquake, you won’t.

    AND if’fn you build in a desert, unless you have the water issue licked before placing the first brick, you should expect to have water issues — It’s a frickin’ DESERT.

    THIS is why the Valley of the Sun is permanently off my list of places to be when the SHTF. The Phoenix oasis can support 25k-35k people. There are, like 7mln living in the Phoenix dustbowl. These are not good numbers for when the water fails, which it will, eventually…

    “Where have you gone, Dr Pepper? Bemoaning latest pandemic shortage.”

    I guess this is nationwide, since Dr. Pepper is publicly commenting about it. DPS is a Texas original, but in places where there’s no local bottler, DrP, 7up, Crush, Snapple, etc. are bottled by the local Coke or Pepsi bottler, via shipped-in cans of raw syrup. I believe DrP is created by a mixture of 5-6 different cans, at the bottler, because instead of being always homogeneous, sometimes the cherry is dominant, sometimes the orange peel, sometimes the vanilla creme or cola, and sometimes the root beer or sarsaparilla, depending upon in what part of the country it’s purchased. Regional bottlers who’re struggling to meet their Pepsi demand probably shelve DrP, Royal Crown, etc. until they meet the needs of their parent.

    “The pandemic has brought on a coin shortage.”

    NO coin shortage. According to a BoM spokesman, the Mint never cut or curtailed coin production. What DID get curtailed were armored car services, so coinage never made it to the FRBs to be circulated. This was exacerbated by folks tossing their change into a bucket instead of spending (handling) it. Her recommendation was to make it a point to spend the coins in everyone’s “bucket,” to get them back into circulation…

    “THAT dear reader says Trump should have cleaned, out the top ranks of the Post Office.”

    He can’t. Remember me b!tching last month about the “spin-off” of the USPS into a public/private entity being illegal (‘cuz the Constitution specifically dictates its function and responsibility to Congress?) This is a prime example of the Law of Unintended Consequences. ‘Too bed we can’t throw Mike Mansfield in the hoosegow…

    “Actual equality will be labeled “racist” now as William Barr’s “Department of Justice accuses Yale University of discriminating against Asian and White applicants.” ”

    ‘Wondered when this would come around again. The Caucs are probably a legal write-off (no way to prove discrimination) but discrimination against the “Asians” (specifically American Citizens of Japanese descent, although Admissions isn’t fond of applicants with Korean ancestry either) was blatant and is provable. FWIW Yale will let every Chinese National (CCP Member) who pays the cover charge enter freely.

    • Ray – you’re gonna have to take over writing Urban some day (I’ll let it go, cheap when time comes. And you can make penny upon penny working your ass of on it.)

      Reading your writes, though, I was wondering if anyone could possibly object to a political sign that read:

      “I ain’t no Caucs Sucker…”

    • “It’s a frickin’ DESERT.”
      LOL! For the third time this year the real estate development on the North fence line has had people complain on social media about not having water to their homes. N-S-S! People move out to the Chihuahua desert and expect to use water like they’re in the city? Heck, some of them with pools!?!? I’ve tried to tell people this was going to happen to the developments that have sprung up around our town but everyone just shoves their heads deeper into their respective orifices and pretends it isn’t happening. Just hang on a little while longer to sell it all to the next bunch of fools that move in. That’s real estate for you.

  15. ” The obvious problems is what are we buying ? ”

    Here in California their buying guns. The gun stores here are almost totally empty. There’s a 20 store chain out here that sells hunting and fishing gear. Store layout split in half and has a 30 person line out the door for the gun side every day and that was before the riots. They wave you right in if your there for fishing gear. I go for the fishing gear and don’t like lines. You can only buy 2 boxes of ammo per day. Only if you have a gun registered in your name. I’m sure that accounts for most of the line because there’s not many guns available. It’s a great time to buy a fine Italian bird gun as they still have those, especially if your one to appreciate the fine piece of art they truly are. If it’s not blacked out and hold lots of bullets nobody is interested. I prefer to build my self defense guns myself as the parts are still available. Building a pretty tricked out G-19 longslide right now. Still legal to do here in California, for now…and don’t be so hard on your self George, a nut has only one job, you obviously have quiet a few.

  16. if Clinesmith is going to plead guilty, what charges have been dropped in trade for cooperation against the rest of the Obummer bros
    We read about this before we read the indictment or formal charges in a court or any court proceedings? Hmmmm
    this is a big BOOM
    boom boom boom boom, bam bam bam bam, put me in the mode for a little ZZ Tops

    I predict a bleak future for the donkeys and rinos, I don’t believe a beer will be enough to drown their sorrows

    hey dogg, did ya read about Israel and UAE peace deal? this Bud is for you. We don’t want a war, but the dems and their friends in Chyna do, ask Feinstein, Schummer, Polosi, Biden and don’t forget Fauci(Faux) and Gates the virus makers and spreaders
    crimes against humanity will not go unpunished, the wheels of justice grind slowly but exceeding fine
    I have never looked forward to an election like I do this one in 2020, you are going to witness a Trump turn out like you never imagined. It would be interesting to see a poll from the viewers of this blog,,unhampered from the MSM , cause you know, Hillary by a landslide 2016, that’s what they told us!

    • Go ahead George do it I dare you to take that pole, no not that kind of Pole where the girl or george dances on the pole, I’m talkin about the other kind of poll. LMAO

    • oh you don’t want a war do you just what in hell do you think that arrangement will bring,just what is the UAE but a very small nation that has no power in the middle east that use to be the Saudi’s bitch until it flipped over, so it can flip again funding the affair in Yemen,and if you think it makes any difference in who occupi’s the oval office think again,as the man said your so use to walking in that trench that have dug for yourself that there’s no way out. sad but there are many of you the same way,you should be asking yourself just how long am I going to be making excuse’s for Trump……..

      • I do not make excuses for President Trump, I thank God that Trump is there. The God Damn Satanists kill my last President in 1963 and Trump is the first one since then that is the PEOPLE’s president. The rest have been part of the Cabal. And you do not believe that it makes a difference who is in the office. I do and so does the majority of voters. We the People elected him and will do it again in 2020. More and more people in the WORLD are becoming aware, it is not just a USA phenomena!
        Clinesmith is just the start of an unleashing of Lady Justice
        We don’t want war , but we dare not back down when confronted by the school yard bully. We will come out of this current world (China) attack against America, brighter and more prosperous than ever before. China communist party wants US brought into submission, go put your submission mask on, they don’t stop farts or viruses

  17. Hmm… we have the BLM movement… all the riots and demonstrations.. then we see these news stories..

    Hmm.. sounds like someone with immunity of being arrested was targeting the Black community.. Not to mention that it will be harder to get officers to patrol the harder crime hit area’s.. and shop owners will move out and away..
    the perfect storm..

  18. I been really busy , but did you do a decent piece on MESH NETWORKS??

    It’s likely there will be some internet kung fu fighting and blackouts and already websites being quietly ‘disabled’ by their ISPs….

    • Yep – which is why we went to OpenDNS, to a fixed IP addy for Urban and People, and why we put that stupid (annoying as hell) GDPR communist manifesto shit back on. No excuses to take us down. And we love our web site hosting outfit.

  19. you only get the government you deserve .. here down under we have a communist happy clappy , who prides himself on going to mickey ds late at night blind drunk and sheeting his pants eating a quarter pounder .. its a global phenomana , so we all deserve what we get .. trump included

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