We will be focusing in tomorrow’s Peoplenomics report on some of the key “points of confusion” in the modern world.  It’s really silly when you think about it:

  • Humans are the only species I’ve heard of claiming there are more than two basic genders – and a basic 2X2 matrix of relationships.
  • Aye, but these would be the same humans who also confused the contemporary  jingoism ‘culture war’ with something much more sinister”  Leading edge of species collapse.
  • But that all is evident in the underlying notions of “money” and “power” that are wafting around like some live virus on the Internet.
  • Which, in turn, is shaking like the web like the Tower of Babel  with the present onset of insanity.
  • And this percolates up – rather shockingly – in what  passes for news these days.

On this last point, I was professionally appalled Thursday when an Associated Press wire story crossed that said words to the effect “..that president Trump – falsely – said…”

This from a once-respectable news organization that didn’t formerly make judgements.   Then-again, nor was the “old” AP prone to being racist by capitalizing Black, but not white, in their coverage.  Equality doesn’t mean equal here at the End of Civilization.  Means…well…

There was a time when the AP simply reported the news and damn well.  It play the game of “cultural warfare” which we know (by radical’s own words) to be dim-witted dream-world socialists who are following Robert Mugabe’s false-flag of Modern Monetary Theory.  Protected by online memering retweet software and on the hardware backplane by two-bit thugs demonstrating against law and order almost nightly in places like Portland, Or-a-goon, and elsewhere.

Start the Revolution Without Us

A quick search reveals that it’s likely this fall – with genuinely disappointing candidates on  both sides – that the worst is yet to come.  As the  Washington Times reported recently “Kamala Harris, the cancel culture cop.” Bolder than Holder?  God help us.

The problem I have with Cancel Culture is, well, everything.  It’s online insanity at its finest.  As recently revealed in the U.K. story about how “Coronavirus road closures creating ‘culture war’, residents warn.”

People not only aren’t thinking clearly on economic matters, either; they also failed to think-through that a “war on culture” is a “war on progress.”

Which, ladies and gentlemen (and the other 57-varieties to be ‘correct’ about it) is really dangerous shit.

Down at it’s roots, we see a War On Progress (WOP for short, to supplant the ancient Italian slur).

This is not to excuse evil.  That needs to be found and eliminated.  

What’s going on today, however, is Digital Mob Rule (the DMR).  It’s a mix of?

  • The Fall of Rome
  • Luddites rising up against machines
  • The October Revolution in Russia, 1917
  • Patterned after Venezuela and other “proletariat train wrecks.”
  • And using so much bandwidth that 5G begins to make economic sense
  • While the average IQ of America continues to drop and…
  • That gets us to Business Productivity.

…which is our focus today.  Look for market reaction.

Fed Data WILL Matter

We’ll hold the analysis until tomorrow on Peoplenomics but some psycho-social-economic truth is about to be revealed.

When you mix-up Retail Sales data (just out, in a sec.) and the Fed Industrial Production data, soon to come, and then toss in the Money Supply figures from last night… and some cargo data….It will be a hell of a slurry to digest.

Speaking of Money…

How much is the Fed making up, these days?  Here’s the latest snapshot of the “monetary train wreck” in progress:

The most important number in terms of “secular inflation” is the [highlighted] 36.7% increase in M2 since CV-19 started.  I’m guessing this will be around 37% by next Thursday’s report.

To refresh (follow the bouncing ball, kiddies):

  • The stock market crashed 33% in March.
  • Since the Fed has jiggled M2-up 36.7%, though…
  • That should mean a rally to the old highs from 4 percent!

And that’s terribly close to Reality.  Because at the close yesterday, the market was where, relative to the Aggregate Index reading at the February (last previous, semi-honest) all-time-high? 103.709%.  In other words 3.709%.  Holy smokes!

Amazing!  See how this all lines up?  The market is almost screaming M2 on a 6-months basis!  (Someone really ought to send this in to the Nobel Economics crowd, or at least Mohamed El-Erian who’s one of the few people around bright enough to get it..  (Congrats to him on “Super Pup” BTW!)

OK:  On to Retail

We will let the idiocy of “culture wars” rage.  We’re much more interested in seeing how far the “Delivery Culture” bubble can expand before bursting.  With empty malls, closed restaurants and robotics coming for us all, let’s Spend!  Spend! Spend! (while we can…because that will end shortly, too):

Statistical Secret Revealed!  This is NOT actual goods This is a prices paid data series.  And prices paid are influenced by?  M1 sloshing around.  Up 74% annualized in the past three months in the H.6 data, right?  So, in reality, Retail is likely down when you back out the monetary inflation.

After the number, Dow futures were down 70…but few, I doubt, will have the acuity to line up the H.6 and Retail charade.

The obvious problem is what are we buying?  We have a pretty good sense that after perhaps another deflationary drop to beggar the last few remaining well-off families, that the Big Game ahead will be massive tax increases on  everything in order to pay the costs of [bungled] CV-19.

Let’s talk about “hiding the sausage,” shall we?

Ah…so to prevent a revolution by the humble masses (yearning to be free, yada, yada…) the plan is to wheel in hyper-inflation because that will set off a HUGE Asset Inflation. Your home will be worth millions, anyone making less than $400,000 a year will be below the poverty line.  Gold will beat Elon to the Moon.  Yet (and this is the slick part) the holders of U.S. bonds will still technically be made whole.  The lie can survive.  Don’t you just love it?

It’s not brilliant, but it pencils out.  

What’s Our Plan?

What was the Big Lesson when MMT (ne Making-Up-Money) blew up in Venezuela and Zimbabwe?  The people who had stored consumables  and who had free-and clear titles to [whatever assets] could carry-forward through the mess.

No question in our minds that the best all-time investments haven’t changed in a quarter million years.  Water, Food, Shelter.  Simple, ain’t it?

Relevant data points du jour:

And the keyword “shortage” is hot, as always:

Yes, old man Ure’s a nut-job, for sure.  I feel like a long-ago football coach (remember football?)  “ Focus on the basics and you’ll win!”

Except for the November Revolution.

With the election 81-days off, IQ90 America is setting up to be Hoaxed Again:

“U.S. Postal Service warns Pennsylvania that mail-in ballots may be delivered too late.”   Which makes only the barest of superficial sense.

I mean it’s  nice that NBC is covering this, but we’re much more interested on why the Post Office is taking automated sorting machines off-line.  Because THAT is what will throw elections into chaos:  “Postal workers are sounding the alarm as mail sorting machines are removed from processing facilities.

THAT dear reader says Trump should have cleaned, out the top ranks of the Post Office.  This reeks of how socialist revolutions are made, as we see it.  What was the old commie saying?  “Doesn’t matter what the  vote was.  It’s  who counted ’em that matters!

Urban’s “Predictables” Dept.

As we told you…what…more than a month ago?  No way in hell will the dems let Trump turn out benefit checks prior to the “election”and here goes Nasty Nancy saying it again.  You knew this was coming, right?

Oh-oh:  Actual equality will be labeled “racist” now as William Barr’s “Department of Justice accuses Yale University of discriminating against Asian and White applicants.”  God knows the Me-culture of SJW’ers doesn’t really want to compete on merit and  hustle.  Sadly, SJW’s still haven’t figured out that America was actually built on hard work by all people who amounted to anything.

Oh, my…look!  The old clock-on-the-wall says I’m hungry.  Have a great morning.  There’s more irreverance tomorrow for Peoplenomics subscribers and more right here Sunday in our Home Handy Bastard report.

Write when you get rich…  Oh – and don’t forget to email the Nobel Committee?