Website Upgrade in Process

Don’t run off…you can still read most everything (but we have no idea where, exactly!). is undergoing an update this weekend and if you see anything out of place/wrong/missing, we know it ain’t right (and this will take a while)…

We should be back with fresh content Monday…in the meantime, have a great weekend while we slave away on changes here….

5 thoughts on “Website Upgrade in Process”

  1. I hope this isnt the final format. I dont like it. Liked being able to read the entry paragraph and see how many comments have been made and if new ones have been posted. Doesnt appear thats part of the new format.

  2. So far, your update sucks the big one! Go back to your original format please. It was direct and simple, just like me!

    • No going back, I’m afraid, although we may make improvements from here – what would you like? No, the ads aren’t going away…

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