10 thoughts on “Melt-Up? Or, Melt-Down?”

  1. The “constant growth” model is intrinsicly flawed. It is a form of cancer that is self-limiting due to killing the host. The transition period to whatever follows will be globally painful, and possibly violent.

  2. I just punched up your web site on my phone and it is so much easier to navigate. I like it. I assume the d strop version is similar.

  3. George, with respect, there’s no possible way for the earth to support two trillion more humans! Even the thought makes me gag. We need to create a new direction for growth – one that doesn’t use more resources, yet keeps people satisfied and enough production to maintain and improve society. Redefining sexes is not the answer. Increasing personal joy and empathy within society might be a partial answer.

    Regarding the website, after you’ve done the major stuff, Greater text/background contrast would be appreciated. The text is not jet black, only pastel gray. I’m using a Toshiba laptop with Pale Moon and Firefox browsers right now.

    The old format had much higher contrast.

    • I’ll get the programming department right on it.
      “Here kitty, kitty…here Zeus….”

  4. Business models (and frankly everything else) is/are unsustainable when they/it work on the theory of “more, more, more”. Better a “steady-state” sort of thing.M.

  5. NM Mike.. your absolutely correct. The earth reached its limit what last year or the year before when there wasn’t enough food produced to support the people residing here.
    I think that and the bee die off is why there’s this frantic search for genetically modified crops. Along with giving certain groups the total power over markets and mankind.
    For future markets and investment strategies just research what companies and who had negotiated laws controlling water rights and who owns them I would also invest in a small farmer. One a small farmer doesn’t have the ready resources and has to borrow money to plant crops feed cattle etc. if a few people invested in the farm with a percentage a little lower than he would pay for a loan with the stipulation he plant and maintain an acre garden and the market of one hog cow etc. he would jump at it. Your years food is secure and he makes more money.
    I also believe that if there’s a climactic event that jeopardizes crops. ( drought, pestilence etc.) that all the future plans of the puppeteers will come to fruition.
    Just think about it for a few minutes .. I am sure your going to see what I see coming. The gmo crops haven’t been tested enough and could be dangerous to mankind. We as a civilization are mostly concerned about a number in a Ponzi scheme that the whole planet has bought into rather than our own survival.

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