Wealth Inequality is doing Fine, Thank-you

The gap between the upper income types, and lower income regular folks, is now at extremes not seen since the last depression, according to this AP report out this morning.

I’ll save you the preacher-length sermon on this, except to say “What did you expect?”

The fact is that America has a problem in that the low-income jobs are the ones being most quickly replaced by automation.  And, the ones who will likely keep their jobs longest as we roll into robotics, will be those who make a living doing intellectual things like lawyering and such.

An article last week in Business 2 Community asks “Will human jobs be replaced by robotics in the future?”


Look around you – it’s already underway and powerful.  The only real question is when will your job go away.  Make you best guess, then take away 2-5 years from it.

The greater problem, which should be obvious, is that government policy doesn’t have a clue.  For one, tax policy is totally weighted in favor of machine owners – who enjoy a virtually free hand at investing and deploying job –replacing robotics.

The answer to the looming question is simple: Make sure that robotics plays the same income tax and Social Security taxes as the humans it replaced would have otherwise contributed.

Without that, we’re all screwed, as if we aren’t anyway.  It’s another one of those macro problems no one wants to talk about.  I’m sure there’s a tree around here somewhere, if we can just get out from these branches…

Meantime, Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch” is out, and we must admire the timing.  Huge market potential  exists for anti-robotics messages.  Especially if you remember the classic “Take this job and shoe it!”

I’m picturing a song where the robot has an Alvin and the Chipmunks voice, the victims sound oddly like the South Park kids, and in the end the robot gets snuffed.  Besides, if the death of a robot is simulated, is that really “death” in the 6 o’clock news kind of way?

Not like I’m the only Luddite around, as the opening of RT’s Breaking the Set series regularly incorporates hammers doing in televisions.  Feels kinda good, too…

Still, in a country with 40,000 dog bites a year being treated in emergency rooms and yet protecting those poor little pit bulls (FMTT) I’m sure the tear-jerker robotics pimps will be along shortly.  Oh, wait, the paradigm is already being defended.

Number Five is alive!

My ass – who cares?  Well you should: Number Five is alive because we got sucked into another Hollywood mind-game, tear- jerk when we had a chance to ram a stake into the little prick’s power pack.  So he’s now coming to get your job, too.  And by not paying income tax or Obamacare, or job-replacement taxes to fund unemployment when you get the axe next, he’ll just give all that job replacement profit to the rich fu*ks in finance. 

And they’ll write checks to congresspersons and we’ll see a new poll of the day showing us how lovely Hillary would be as presidentAYSM?

‘Merica’s a failing country because we’ve traded in our thinking caps for dunce hats.  The hell of it is, people fight you when you want them to put the other hat back on.  Whoddah thought?

Yellen is Good

With the nomination of Larry Summers off the table, as Fed head, this weekend, I have to admit that Janet Yellen would be a damn fine choice.

Zen marketist koan du jour:  “Keep your voice down, but don’t stop Yellen?

Meantime, word that Larry Summers is out of the running, will send the Dow up at least 150 as a relief rally and that would make new highs.  And then what?

We’re still using off books trickery to lie our way through the debt ceiling, and there’s no budget…who are we kidding.  Besides ourselves, that is?

More after this

Picking up Colorado

What a mess up in the Denver area where the rescue operations have been going on all weekend and more rescue ops are planned today as the weather cuts some slack.

Syria Smolder

After the markets get through this week’s manic new highs, we may see another drop if the chemical weapons talks fail.  And in the background, this FrontPageMagazine piece “Shiites: Syria war will ignite ends times.” makes for light reading.

More Obamacare Intrusions

A lot of upset and questions are bound to arise amidst reports that Obamacare will include a number of questions about your sex life

In our efforts at complete and utter compliance with authority, we see plenty of Clintonesque wiggle-room.  For example, I am a happy monogamous male.  BUT since I figure everyone gets screwed some way or other due to laws and regulations, all but a celibate would have to answer yes to multiple partners, and even the celibates would confess to one partner, willing, or not.

Does government spread disease?  Well, there’s a book-length discussion, ain’t it?

Meantime, here’s a deelightful story about how when someone tries to stand up and put Congress into the same plan, the Capital (yeah, not capitol anymore) Hill mudslingers come to the rescue.

Safe Boating Reporting

The Costa Concordia has finally been freed from a reef after 20 months.

Street View

A Google street-view film car reportedly was involved in a series of accidents in Indonesia this weekend.  So will the locations be mapped?

What’s Old?

An MSNBC article, which goes on about how Michele Pfeiffer “come to term with aging” struck me as kind of amusing.  Just how the heck can anyone at 55 know anything about the topic?  It didn’t start to happen for me until past 60-something.  I’m sure a few Urban readers in their 90s would be inclined to agree.