We Told You This Would Happen

The Future is getting more predictable by the day it seems.  So this morning, a few thoughts on how it could roll out in coming days and weeks.

Plus our anticipated rally to fill a critical trading box? Well, we almost got there Friday.Or, did we?

Toss in an earthquake in Oklahoma and floods coming to L.A. and a dandy time will be had by all.

Sort of.

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45 thoughts on “We Told You This Would Happen”

  1. G: ugh, just lost several paragraphs esplaining the “print” (total travel) is operative vs. closing calc. Lines draw themselves per guru : Carter Braxton Worth. Agreed.


    ATL: huge “hen” gathering is hosted in (28) days at Che Egor. The Mrs. is piling Mr. ToDo stuff at ferocious pace. It wouldn’t bother me but … I’m not invited? Marvelous.

    Wildlife: I’m told does are dropping fawns. That would be early. We have a mated Bald Eagle pair in residence who aerial joust with a migrating Golden every spring / fall. The Golden is out chasing ducks. He’s early. Prey:



    Punxsutawney Phil has nothing on nature.
    Your Groundhog may vary.

    Both of those ducks must taste good :0)
    JIT: Survival.Note.

  2. Good charts.

    Here’s some juicy free – Note NYC leased the hotel for three years beginning 6/23. To me this infers the ‘illegals’ will be streaming in for at least 2.5 more years. There’s probably an extension clause in the contract.

    “NYC To Start $53M Program That Will Hand Out Prepaid Credit Cards To Illegal Immigrants”

    “The plan will begin with a $53 million pilot program targeting the migrant residents of the Roosevelt Hotel. Run through Mobility Capital Finance, the pilot plan will provide 500 families with an Immediate Response Card for use on food and infant care supplies.”

    June 16, 2023

    “The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has leased one of its most valuable assets – the iconic Roosevelt Hotel in New York – to the city’s administration for a sum of $220 million. The lease will last for a period of three years, following which, the property will be handed back to PIA.”

    Mobility Capital Finance – “The company was founded by Wole Coaxum, a former JPMorgan Chase managing director,”

    “Mobility Capital Finance Inc. receives capital investment from Mastercard, expanding its partnership to bring affordable financial services to underserved communities ”

    MoCaFi Financial Services


      • The Fed supporting bankrupt cities. The same is happening in Chicago and Denver. $s must grind through or the public pension plans snap. Newton’s ‘opposite but equal’ reaction in motion.

        In June the hotel agreement was signed and by October the NYC hotel industry started turning around.

        – October 22, 2023

        “New York City’s pandemic-battered hotel industry is slowly starting to recover, buoyed by municipal contracts to house thousands of foreign migrants arriving from abroad as well as a near-total ban citywide on services such as Airbnb. ”

        Migrants and fed cards are the new baseline. Without them/that the local economy collapses again.

  3. Don’t know why I started, it was just something that I felt was right at the Time. Profit Taking Friday, I started blowing out my profitable longs, all day long.
    Purely defensive now, Cash/Crypto/RE, with several very select Oil and PM miners…very select. I must have Measurable Reserves in the ground..Oil, Gold, Silver, Platin, Copper, and must be throwing off Cash to fine folks like myself who chose to put their money at Risk with their business models.

    Still hunting the perfect options Trade, keeping my eyes on the ball at all times..gonna take awhile I’m afraid. Oh well guess I can always speculate on when T-Swizzle gets Married and or Preggers. And of course The reds and Gunners are going head to head in rematch Sunday funday..Go Go Gunners!

    Write when you get manacled to CBDC’s from bubbie over at treasury….bwahahahahahah

    • BCN

      IMO when inclined to sell, borrowing Nike, just do it. Humans get too wound up over decisions to buy and in many cases, even more possibly, to sell. Let it go. Be happy with winners and exit losers (asap).

      Trifecta: energy (all the above), metals (miners), food stuffs (including paper, etc. Circa Pandemic TP caught a bid. Who knew?). All IMO, NFA.

      We live in interesting times.
      Be well,

      No … I’m Spartacus!

  4. “Jury is still out on robot assisted surgery. “
    Well this jury of one gives it high marks. When they told me I needed a colon resection to remove infected portions, I was having visions of being split wide open to examine and remove the offending areas. I was surprised to learn this technology was available at my local medical center, along with a very competent MD operator (of Russian origin). This is what they used on me:
    I had three small pencil-sized holes around my bellybutton area, and a two-inch long ‘Cesarian Section’ below where they removed ten inches of my infected colon and patched up my bladder. Recovery of the outer muscles was minor. The pain was all internal. Doc had me getting out of bed and walking the hall the next day. I don’t know whether an AI would be of much assistance here as the MD was examining and making judgments where the infection was, and where to place cuts to avoid blood supply vessels on areas that needed to be viable for healing regrowth. My Doc was a skilled robotic operator, for sure, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

    • Right here I need to put the warning out that I believe my diverticulitis was caused by regular, daily usage of Naproxen Sodium (tradename ‘Aleve’). Nothing proven (and probably never will be studied now) but there is a positive correlation of anecdotal data. I know at least three other friends/relatives this has happened to… all Naproxen users on a daily basis.

      • I’m also in your group. Gave me a diverticulitis pocket as well as an almost ulcer in my stomach In my early 40’s. Doctors know it’s bad but still prescribe it. I recently was prescribed a prescription strength version of this drug even though it is on my “allergic ” list. I was told to take it anyway.

        • the problem with Doc Shopping.. unless you have a great insurance.. ( they play physician roulette here in the wastelands.. I still don’t know who my doctor is or if I even have one)
          the other thing is.. IF your on Medicare there are only a few that will go with medicare.. as an average the govt. pays them something like three bucks a visit so only the retired or new doctors take on medicare patients.. then the long wait times.. I now have less than a year to wait to see an optometrist to get the recomendation for the opthamologist..( wish my grand daughter would hurry up.. she is going to be an opthamologist)
          But if your well to do you can get into one in a couple of weeks.. depends on your bankroll

  5. Question:
    – Does the military actions of the United States in bombing another country and killing their military personnel constitute an act of war?
    It’s the ‘act’., not the ‘reason’.
    Any legal / constitutional minds out there, that can answer that question?
    Does self-preservation justify preemptive military action on foreign soil? I believe it does., but is it legal under our constitution and laws? Or, is it “simply” and act of war? Which now gives that foreign country the universal / international right to strike back against the U.S. – any way – any place possible.

    • I believe that depends on which party you ask.. that is like the radioactive tipped shells and missiles.. Is the use of them considered a radio active event.. NATO the USA and UK say no that is not considered an attack with radioactive material the only acceptable form..
      but if you ask the people whose ground it destroys.. yes it is..
      Is the war in Gaza a Genocide.. or an act of defense.. depends on who you ask.. Naw not me.. that has to be someone else …you can get that right away watch Ted Cruz asking mayorkas questions in congress LOL LOL LOL

  6. “…., life review therapy and reminiscence on late-life depression – PubMed (nih.gov).”
    . A conversation on that very subject just a couple of days ago.
    I used to make a very good living kicking doors and breaking stuff., but it has been a while since I deliberately copped an attitude and got all rowdy. Almost ten years now – with a drug house that moved into a very nice neighborhood and the police were very inept at closing it down. So, I closed it up, permanently., one night around three in the morning. Didn’t get paid for that one, except for personal satisfaction. [Which counts in my book.]
    A couple of days ago I was standing at the kitchen sink, rinsed out my coffee mug and was staring out across the yard and trees.., my misses walked up beside me – I glanced at her.
    “Where did you go?”
    I looked at her..,
    “You left for a while.., ”
    “Did I., I was just thinking of something I did long ago., that some one asked me about. How I got started in my career in the Bay Area.”
    “You mean ‘Popcorn”?” ., and she smiled.
    “You remember ‘Popcorn’? Skinniest black man I ever met., no – ‘Popcorn’ was my second job., it was the biker gang that was my first.”
    “Oh., the old gas station? San Jose?”
    “Santa Clara.., you remember me telling you about that? Good for you. Yeah.., so I wrote it down and sent it to him. ”
    “Good thing the statute of limitations is long passed.” She smiled again.
    “Yeah., but it got me to looking back, wondering…, ”
    “Compared to what you do, what you are today?”
    “yeah.., guess so..,”
    “Not to smart. You helped a lot of people back then., you did your part., you even did it here.., you have to just let it all go now.,”
    I looked at her and smiled. “I do know that., but I did it for a long time and you can’t just forget it all. Sometimes it creeps back up on you.., kind of depressing in a way.”
    “I can see that., reminiscing in your old age.., just don’t take it too far. ”
    I smiled – “yep.”

    Old age depression can occur if you linger in the past for too long – if you look back and try to compare what you were to what you are. Not a very smart thought-process – but it does happen., and it can mess with your mind and emotions. I have learned to “let it go”., but it’s not all the easy to accomplish., one odd question can pull the trigger again.
    So don’t dismiss that old man you see staring off across the park.., he is not lost, just a very long way away at the moment. [ A long time ago., in a land far, far away.]
    Like the man said: “Today? I have a favorite spatula.”

    • There was a time – maybe 20-years – of being a hotshot major market newser who rode bikes and would think nothing of a malf a mason jar of moonshine and 5-hours of reliving this and that which goes in big city news. There are times even that lightweight stuff comes back and I wonder “Did I hang up the rock & roll news boss too early?”
      Then I re-center in present – take my time and enjoy the now realizing that while IT may live on, I prolly won’t. So let’s kick it and sip it for a while.
      Yesterdays all got buried once. No point digging ’em up too often.
      New gardening season, tools, and more new other stuff awaits.
      Still, I feel you…save for game film at the exit.

      • – I still have the Harley., still have the bottle [ though it’s bourbon, not White Lightening ] – attitude? I have work at keeping my attitude under wraps., it does sneak-out once in while., much to the chagrin to the misses.., but I am relatively ‘peaceful’ .., and aren’t we supposed to obtain some peace when we get older?

        • The peace comes, near as I can figure, when we breathe that last breath after making that last trade, and people stop trying to get into our shit. In the meanwhile, good reminder I need to mow the range when it dries out a bit… Neat and peaceful, yessir.

    • I too made a nice living flying airplanes safely over 40 years. Retired with just over 25000 hours. But it ended very abruptly in 2020 with the covid shutdown. I had 2 1/2 years till mandatory retirement, but I took early retirement when UAL parked the B757. So now what? Mrs. Smiley wouldn’t let me sit around the house… especially when I’d work 3 to 5 day trips. I lost my structure.

      My job over decades was mentoring other pilots… especially promoting the safety mindset, and always have a backup plan. So I’m good at the big picture, and pointing out repetitive patterns that promote safety and leadership. So now what?

      For the last 3 years I’ve been a substitute teacher. It was a deep dive into the rabbit hole… public education is in serious decline with little accountability… students, staff and administration. I asked myself why stick with it? The pay for the school year is less than I made in one month.

      Well, several assignments placed me with the Special Ed kids (SPED). Over the years more placements went to the SPED classes, and my focus became more narrow and oriented with the kiddos… smaller groups, nicer to work with, easy to mentor, and they are mostly joyful.

      Everything with SPED is structured, you have backup plans, and you mentor the kids for life after high school.

      I realized I got my structure back, I make a difference, and *bonus* Mrs. Smiley makes my lunch, gives me a kiss and sends me off to school.

      Life is good!

    • The point is… you need to have something new to look forward to in ‘retirement’. Looking back, I had a fabulous & fun life of challenges. But I always had a forward look of what I would do in ‘retirement’ from the high-speed & High stress of broadcast engineering. I had an engineer friend who was well off and decided to give up the stress and retire early at age 55. Trouble was, he had no alternate plan for retirement and was bored silly, pining for the exciting ‘old days’ in broadcasting. He was dead of colon cancer in seven years.

      • Hank, well said Sir. I’m having an ongoing perplexing discussion with associate. Two months ago we agreed this fall is it. Now he’s done an about face. Me? I’m out. I have lots of stuff saved for when I’m no longer in the traces. A new life starts this fall. Can’t wait. Must though … Egor

    • I started going to counseling last spring after the deaths of my older brother and mother. I was in a bad place mentally and it totally shocked me as I’m just an old mellow hippie. The counselor told me that Medicare was going to add counseling for free to senior citizens in January of 2014 because so many had mental health issues resulting from the isolation of Covid.

    • Yeah, we all have a little Rumplestilkston in us.

      We time travel everyday, backward, forward, present, today, tomorrow, yesterday .

      Called, The Eternal Present.

  7. My “Carnac The Magnificent” index chart is telling me that “this ain’t over yet”.., don’t stick this pig with the fork, just yet. It may look just about done., but not – quite – yet…

  8. I don’t think the fat lady has sung in the Middle East by a long shot. We told the targets we were coming, they left the areas, we expended a lot of very expensive ordnance, and the folks on the ground now know just how little we got for all the big bangs. The rounds we shot will probably never be replaced and there’s not a limitless supply.

    That having been said, those folks who owned the targets now have a get out of jail free card to do whatever they deem just and at what is the most opportune time for them. Anyone remember the Beruit Marine barracks? Gray Fox

    • (“we expended a lot of very expensive ordnance, and the folks on the ground now know just how little we got for all the big bangs. The rounds we shot will probably never be replaced and there’s not a limitless supply.”)

      Its the poison pawn trap…
      Or gorrilla warfare.. add onto that.. the cloward Piven act…
      Our country has been sold down the river.. and they didn’t do it all at one time.. they Used their very own business model to do it.. Now we see that NY is going to just hand out govt credit cards to the refugees.. heard about them wanting to give all parents that were separated from their children a 250 thousand dollar pay off.. and they wanted to buy each of them a house.. All they have to do is get Jimmy and Sally at Burger world pay for it..
      Congress that is probably out on Vacation now.. keep a small number in the beltway.. they don’t read a dam thing they get.. heck let the people in their offices read it and tell them what is in it.. LOL ( while the car is away the mice will play)
      At least the hallowed halls of congress was used for something other than a place to hang hats LOL
      Reminds me of a time .. we had a refugee come from Africa.. nice guy.. ( they paid for his education he is a physical therapist now) Hard worker.. after three days.. he vanished.. I wondered.. where in the hell he went.. so I went searching for him.. there he was down standing by the Nurses station.. I go up and say.. what are you doing.. he said.. In Africa the harder you work the more you make.. in the USA it is different.. the less you work the more you make.. LOL LOL LOL LOL so I am getting a raise.. I laughed and said sorry not quite like that.. you have to have a sheet of paper on the wall.. then your important.. get an education and then you can get that raise..
      Anyway.. why did I share that story about a refugee from africa.. see that is what they see to.. the people from these countries see that those in charge are not doing a thing.. we take the Brand.. they came right out and said that the dog was smarter than that druggie kid.. the dad has never had to do any work at anything.. our congress is gone more than they are there.. have a long long history of not doing a Fking thing..They don’t write the bills they vote on and will give you ten thousand reasons why they shouldn’t have to read the dam things.. all it takes is some money a few perks.. a vacation or two a job offering.. My congressman nice kid sat at our kitchen table with his wife and kids.. and we had coffee.. I loved his outlook he had goals.. got into office.. in just a few years sold out.. I would’t give him a vote now for anything..what was it that Plato said.. something to the order of.. when those that lead become corrupted and those they lead accept their corruption..
      Now here is AI’s description and the question.. what part of that doesn’t describe our present representatives…

      (Political corruption refers to the misuse of power by government officials or their network contacts for illegitimate private gain. Various forms of corruption exist, including:

      Bribery: Accepting or offering money, gifts, or favors to influence decisions.

      Lobbying: Using influence, often through financial means, to sway political decisions.

      Extortion: Coercing someone into providing benefits or favors.

      Cronyism: Favoring friends or associates for positions or contracts.

      Nepotism: Appointing family members to positions of power.
      Parochialism: Prioritizing local interests over broader public welfare.

      Patronage: Granting favors or jobs in exchange for loyalty or support.
      Influence peddling: Selling access or influence to decision-makers.
      Graft: Illicit gains through corrupt practices.

      Embezzlement: Misappropriating public funds

      1.How do politicians become corrupted? While there isn’t a single answer, several factors contribute:

      Wealthy Business Interests: Historically, wealthy business interests have corrupted politicians by offering bribes or special privileges in exchange for favorable treatment by the government. This could involve providing benefits to specific companies or turning a blind eye to misuse of taxpayer funds2.
      Weak Democratic Foundations: Corruption thrives where democratic institutions are weak. Populist politicians may exploit corruption to their advantage when democratic norms are undermined3.
      Human Weakness and Depravity: Some politicians succumb to personal weaknesses—such as greed, lust, or ambition—that lead them down corrupt paths. Recent cases involving allegations of sex trafficking, groping, and resume-padding highlight these human frailties4.
      In summary, political corruption arises from a complex interplay of power, personal weaknesses, and systemic vulnerabilities. Addressing corruption requires strengthening democratic institutions and promoting ethical behavior among public servants.)
      vote for Gil

    • See and your gonna make the Administration happy to.. your going GREEN LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL…

    • Your just a young kid yet.. so as I would tell my children that are your age.. Just keep in mind being a alpha is ok
      be their strength not the millstone…. BUT.. TIME and gravity can be merciless bitches LOL LOL LOL….



      remember what the scriptures say..

      10 Show family affection to one another with brotherly love. Outdo one another in showing honor. 11 Do not lack diligence; be fervent in spirit; serve the Lord. 12 Rejoice in hope; be patient in affliction; be persistent in prayer. 13 Share with the saints in their needs; pursue hospitality. 14 Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep. 16 Be in agreement with one another. Do not be proud; instead, associate with the humble. Do not be wise in your own estimation. 17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Try to do what is honorable in everyone’s eyes. 18 If possible, on your part, live at peace with everyone. 19 Friends, do not avenge yourselves; instead, leave room for His wrath. For it is written: Vengeance belongs to Me; I will repay, says the Lord. 20 But
      If your enemy is hungry, feed him.
      If he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
      For in so doing
      you will be heaping fiery coals on his head.
      21 Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good.

      all in all.. the resounding message throughout the old texts.. DO UNTO OTHERS

      • You really don’t have a clue, do you?

        Those are all slave instructions, meant to keep you docile and subservient to Ure overlords – the el/ elohim = annunaki. Why you keep bleeding out all the NRG, and lacking tangible results. What else to expect from an Alien and gold plates ? Funny no.

        Ever wonder why In the West we Kill the dragons, but the East they are Auspicious and Revered ?
        What is Virtue ? What does Virtue Is The Foundation mean?
        Says hear Humans are the new “Gods” , just have break Ure mind FREE of the all the abrahamic dogmatic Bullshit, and collect Ure own NRG from Virtuous Actions and Activities..like assisting others less fortunate.

        Time for the Sheep” to Nut-Up and grow one -a Vjayjay that is. Time to be AWARE, truely.

        PS – white light ain’t what it seems. Opalescent or Pearlescent Light be the Devine Scheisse..which You never see in near death experiences -just the white light. Angels = rank amongst Annuna/Annunaki. Be Aware. They are spiritual nogoodniks. Always leading down a bad or wrong path.

        *Gods don’t need money, food, tithing..and they really don’t like the thought of being considered and or called God/Gods. Got wonder about the evil fkrs running ancient Earth who insisted on being called/served/whorshipped as Gods.

    • Not nearly as fast as a Demon, but a helluva lot sexier and handles the twisties really well.

      I guess that makes you an Alfa male…? ;-)

      • Nice car.. unfortunately I wouldn’t work for me.. to low to the ground and was designed for a woman or small man to drive.. no backseat.. its designed to look sporty not functional..
        If you have a Truck drivers butt you get halfway to the ground and then you yell … INCOMING…… lol lol lol cause gravity is not a forgiving element.. LOL LOL they put those little ass wings on the seats to.. to make you feel all snuggled in.. after a few months the butt wears that off … I would have went with a truck.. want a nice thing that screams serious cash.. get a green tractor

        • “Alfa’s basic 4-door family sedan…”

          Yes.. they are nice definately a beautiful car.. no foot space at least for me. But then I am an old man with a big ass.. I bet before I bought the wifes car I sat in just about every car there was on the lot.. if you have big feet.. your sunk with most makes of cars .. my usual car shopping is get in the back seat and let the salesman take me for a ride.. NOW.. that Bentley dam nice car.. no mileage maintenance for it was not something a person that works for a living could pay for.. cheap car to.. I did think hard about getting that one.. first time it broke down haul it to the dump.. lots of foot space nice seats everything was top notch…. the seats they put in most of these cars today are a nice bucket.. for some it is ok.. but for my fat butt not so good.. I need something a little bit taller to sit in.. even with the wifes car.. and she has plenty of foot space in it.. it was the only car on the lot that had decent foot space.. but the seats.. I go to sit in it.. and its closer to the ground.. they say its all aero dynamics..That though is the good selling point on cadilacs and mercedes to nice seats and a comfort level… they have nice riding seats and foot space.. SUV’s.. nice ride even with some of the newer SUV’s they don’t have much leg space in the back..for me I am always taking people back and forth to doctors.. and have a full car full so I drive a van.. the one I have is nice now.. heavy though with the wheelchair accessibility that really put some weight on it.. regular tires.. four ply I shoot through a set of those every six months..I need eight or ten ply but they don’t make them for that make and model.. .. the old Hummer is a great car crappy mileage but lots of leg space.. a friend has one of the old original hummers.. military surplus he gets two miles to gallon at best only drives it during parades..

  9. re: “We told you this…”
    feat: keeping sharp wits about you


    Thank goodness! “France24” reports that the Malian gentleman with Italian id who attacked commuters with a knife at Paris’ busiest domestic rail station earlier today was subdued by passers-by. Attending authorities have determined that the event is not terrorist related.

  10. p.s. that fella i met from Dubai with the really nice watch says to me, If Elon Musk is Marvin the Martion with his doge K-9? who is Buggs Bunny? because only buggs bunny could defeat him.

    i said good question.

  11. g2 probably knows this being a master mason and adventurer.

    i 405 to I90 is exit 11.
    the sign reads seattle exit 11, exit 11 spokane. 11 11

    now the exit from i-90 to I 82 yakima and over to oregon is exit 110 or in numerology exit 11.

    11 + 11 +11 = 33

    the number on my tonka truck up on the mountain?


    interesting little syncs. more so for a master mason.

    • 33 degree “sweep” from WHERE ?

      The Earth is object that you are sweeping Ure vision over when viewed from WHAT point/location in Heavens ? The Earth appears from this “view” to be In between the Pinchers/Claws of the Scorpion. Who/What is the Scorpion in western astrology ? See Nosty’ s artwork for this exact depiction..giving you a better idea of the Nosty timelines.

      Further reducing Ure 33 to a 6 and Unconditional Love.

      Begs the question..what’s with the conditions?

    • My niece and her kids just moved from spokane and Seattle.. the neighbor girls mom asked her to bring her two siblings here to live because the crime was so bad there that she wanted them to have a shot..

  12. Tomorrow the Jennifer Crumbley jury gets instructions and goes into deliberation.

    Both parents are charged with involuntary manslaughter for a deed their minor son did.

    Prosecutors say the parents were grossly negligent and that their son’s actions were foreseeable and preventable.

    Prosecutors dragged her name and showed her phone records which included apps and accounts for an ‘adultery site’. Phones and computers are open awareness.

    The mom kinda implies the dad handled the grossly negligent part –

    “Her husband, James Crumbley, and their son bought the 9 mm gun on Black Friday while she was out shopping, she testified. ”

    ““I just didn’t feel comfortable being in charge of that. It was more his thing, so I let him handle that. I didn’t feel comfortable putting the lock thing on it,” she said.”

    I think they’ll fry.

    • The kid even asked for help. That’s rare. He was well until he wasn’t.

      He has parents in name only.

      If one can believe it, a man wrote a book on the Aliens that live underground, that he had met, ruthless bunch, but he said they said that humans raise and treat their young without recognizing their preciousness.

      They, on the other hand, appreciate and love their young and care to raise them correctly.

      This culture is so negative and every facet that should be glistening with success is heading down the tubes: education, healthcare, families, rule of law, standards, history, culture, values, etc., every which way I look, I see problems with no solutions, endless wars for profits, mutilation, and degradation causing such lack of self respect and respect for others.

      The ruling class is taking this country down the drain, one step at a time.

      Just one hypocrisy of many, at least a million homeless, drug addicted, now many mentally ill and no solutions just a business model of money that never solves anything. My city can’t solve 4200 homeless, but our state has processed safely and effectively at least 4 million through the Southern Border in the last 3 years, and not one is begging homeless on our streets for shelter, food, or clothing. We can give billions to other countries, under any pretext but there’s no money to truly eradicate our pressing problems.

      Our government has failed the citizens, and the people that own our government and have orchestrated our decline can be easily found and named but because they are called the President, Senators, Congresspeople, and the Supreme Court, and all the unelected appointed powers behind these thrones, they are paddling in their own, bribed in full, golden canoe on down the river of corruption. They are not living scared of hell or missing heaven.

      They live for the glorious spoils of today.

      No conscience.

      A gay porn movie was filmed in the Senate chamber and there were no consequences, no arrests.

      That’s a metaphor for our country’s status and condition.


      For sale by those psycho catchers and pitchers in the highest pinnacles of man’s egregious contempt.

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