Sunday Reader Notes

Only a couple of quickies this morning:

  1. Too early to tell for certain but looks like the war news flow hasn’t gotten too much heavier.  Leading to an early dart toss for an up day in markets tomorrow.  IF things remain calm.
  2. website rolls through solar panel and system maintenance while we do the “work list” before getting back to drone-lifted antenna research.
  3. Joe Biden won the SC primary this weekend by a 96 percent margin on the left.  Which sort of squares with our observation that as many as 4 percent of dems may be smart.
  4. In the past two weeks, we have had 10 inches of rain here in East Texas, though some of the Big Cities nearby only report 8, or so.  Playing septic roulette.  Need to block some tractoring time to tune up the “septic islanding” earth contouring.
  5. This weather stuff, particularly out in Cali-lal-lah could pose a food risk.  Got your garden seeds for the year in stock, yet?
  6. Not much on the econ calendar except a Dallas Fed[corrected] PMI report mid-morning.  Good day to sleep in. I need to learn to read a calendar.  The numbers are the hard part…

Have a great weekend and write when you get rich,

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20 thoughts on “Sunday Reader Notes”

  1. Did the Debian Linux Cinnamon install yesterday with the weather too wet for outdoor activities. Following my usual pattern, I did one install wrong, and a second install was good enough. I was running the first install off the laptop navigation devices without a mouse. Bad move. I needed to have the mouse to navigate and uncheck Gnome and pick Cinnamon. That’s an unrecoverable error. Gnome did install OK though, it just wasn’t what I wanted.
    With great difficulty, I got the last of my commercial security licenses installed. I don’t do this often enough to stay proficient at it.
    LibreOffice and Firefox were bundled with the install disc. Additional browsers and a VPN were a pain. I got Brave working, but the installation was not easy, and the extensions for both Brave and Firefox were not real good. The best result was with Vivaldi and a super easy installation using a .deb package. Vivaldi must have a larger Linux base than the Others.
    So far I have only gotten a Vivaldi extension VPN to work. I am having problems with VPN site blocking. Given that I can access the same sites with other devices on my network, I’m not going to blame my firewall server. Still have some work to do on the VPN. It was a fun winter project, nevertheless.

    • Opera is an easy install and has a VPN built-in.

      I suggest while you’re getting, that you grab Tor, just to have it around…

      • Linux Opera was very easy to load. The free VPN worked, but speed is an issue. The upgrade paid VPN (piggy-backing on the Nord network) wouldn’t load. Couldn’t stream Amazon Prime on Opera, even with the VPN bypassed, because of the age of the Opera app.
        Still a work in progress. If it all loaded and ran without any fuss, it just wouldn’t be Debian Linux. Security is OK. Not a multimedia powerhouse quite yet, but winter isn’t over yet.

  2. George:

    A big item is this eve when FedHead JayPow is on 60 minutes. I’ll probably just catch after action reports but doubt the FinChief was much pleased by action.

    The Govs have often used the bully pulpit of late and this could be a “moving” address. Though it will appear extemporaneous, this is a smart fella and he will be well prepared, polished to nth degree. Irrational Exuberance anyone? (Alan Greenspan, 1996) Everyone? Party on Garth.

    Correction: though not overfond of being wrong it always seems best to fess up and move on. I did not correctly ID the lakeland fowl which must be tasty given Eagle attention. Per my farmy neighbor, they’re Golden Eye ducks:

    Extremely skittish flocks (there are 40-50 out front as I type). When alarmed they fly off sounding like 50 alternator belts warbling, needing lube. No idea if wing sound or breath chirp as they wing pump? Think a lot of minnows are on the menu.

    Last day of prep on painting project.
    Yes dear, getting close.

    ps – off to before plastering

    • Yeah but…do they taste any good?

      Duck L’orange, Peeking Duck, Hide&SeekDuck…C’em wings? M R Ducks!

      Quakers, no?

      • Otter,

        They must be tasty based on Eagle preference. For human buds? Dunno. I have a lot of 12g bird shot if it ever comes to that. For now eating from the store.

        Egor (former painter, now a coach tater)

      • They are greasy with a tendency to burn easily. The occasional buckshot in your mouth is a nasty addition. If you need fat they would be a nice addition to your diet. Maybe the ones you raise taste better than the wild ones.

    • wow..I just watched this.. We knew that it was bad.. this totally puts into perspective just how corrupt our system has become..

    • The video was “removed by the uploader”, no doubt under threat of being banned by Youtube. Would anyone know the title, author, or other so that it could be found on Bitchute, Rumble, or other alternative platform?

      I had an automotive failure and that kept me from scanning this site for the last three days. I now understand the problem and have a temporary fix in place. Moral of that story is that manufacturers need to plan for a safety factor on wire and connector sizing – something they’re unlikely to do. As it was, one pin in a massive harness connector was overloaded, and it carries power for a myriad of diverse functions – both essential and non-essential. Just bad design, IMHO. Still, it did last for over 385K miles. I’ll be doing a proper fix soon enough.

  3. Got Windows 3.11?

    Missed this one earlier because I no longer do the geek thing every day, so I only hit The Reg every week or two…

    It is Siemens Corp AG which with ABB (another German company) are the ONLY companies in the world that’re even capable of manufacturing massive power transformers. I notice things that could be MPT-related and am trying to figure out where, in either the manufacture or function of a locomotive, DOS6.0 (maybe as late as 6.22) and Win3.11 (maybe WFW3.11+WIN32S) would possibly be used. I used Trumpet Winsock to put computers on the Internet in the Win3 days because Microsoft didn’t even have their own sockets API until Win95….

  4. “Update: I uncorked a Stout to celebrate end plaster repair …” Just one! Gees Egor, I thought you made of Stouter stuff than that!

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