California Rainicane, 3-Story Monday

As long as dams hold, and forecast models don’t break, the worst of the weekend weather in California is now passing.  But it has been one hell of a storm.  Mudslides, winds exceeding hurricane force, and places with more than 7-inches of rain.

Let’s do a quick post mort, shall we?

SoCal first.  As you can see in the government hydrology maps, the coast wasn’t particularly hard-hit. The area north of Hollywood and the mountains north of Burbank was a whole other story.  Look at some of these storm hydrology measurements.

Look at those totals east of Burbank…that’s-a-some-watah.

NorCal was more a “Thar-she-blows” event.  National Weather Service high wind marks were well past hurricane levels, as well. Check out these peak wind gusts in miles per hour for the Bay Area weather stations:

No stretch calling this a Rainicane either.  Because the NorCal rainfall has been impressive as well:

See there? Honeydew, California had more than 5-inches of rain.

While a lot of records fell, as long as the dams hold, the picture should begin to improve, however slowly, over the balance of the week.  Though, there is some discussion about the rain failing to move eastward. Drives headlines like Atmospheric river to stall over Southern California posing potentially deadly flood threat for millions.

Three Story Monday

Jerome Powell and the markets, the War check, and Everything Else are today’s picks.

If you didn’t see the CBS/60-minutes interview with Powell Sunday, check here: Fed Chair Jerome Powell: The 2024 60 Minutes Interview – CBS News. Still, not everyone is impressed: Gold Bull Peter Schiff Says Fed’s Powell Did ‘Disservice To Nation’ As Growing Debt Pile Poses ‘Short-Term Threat To This Generation’. Couldn’t tell that from markets early. Dow futures were down 41 and the S&P down 7 with two-hours to the opening. Pretty average morning by the look of it – so far.

While it’s too early to claim victory, the Powell Fed has been getting a lot of things right, despite the protests of some in the financial community with its Higher For Longer for Now (HFLFN) policy.

From an historical perspective, we think that we may be seeing the coming of age for computational interest-rate management.  Where the complexity of computers and the (likely) application of A.I. to the Fed’s financial models.

Imagine if you will, what could happen if you asked A.I. to inspect the results of the DSGE and make interest rate policy calls to “drive the perfect path” forward.  Wait, don’t know what the DSGE is???

“The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) model is a tool for policy analysis and generating forecasts for key macroeconomic variables.

The DSGE model uses modern macroeconomic theory to explain and predict aggregate time series comovements over the business cycle. It also serves as a tool for policy analysis.”

What many in finance may not appreciate is that in just a certain way of seeing it, the evolution of complex computational financial models married with A.I. could spell an end, or at least a serious reduction, in the variability of risk instruments in finance.

A simple way of thinking about it would be to imagine a world where alll automobiles could be equipped with computer-based accident-avoidance systems.  To the point where the odds of a car accident could be (effectively) reduced to zero

On the surface, it would seem like a great thing.  Except that as computational magic increases safety dramatically, at the extreme it would also end the insurance industry.

And that’s why, in our view, the Fed’s (so far) successful use of a likely hybrid (human/computer) modeling and decision framework makes sense.  Because we’d estimate that more than a of quarter the American economy is tangentially reliant on risk for its very existence.

Which brings up another point: Is there an in-built governmental contradiction coming into view?  The arrival of Computational Socialism? Oh boy.  Think about it, though.  If the risk industry is put at peril, what’s left?

The Death Industry Rolls

Fortunately, while a possible sectorial shift might be whispering to us from the shadows of finance, the Death Industry is actively filling the employment, economic stimulus, and human activity void.  Hence, we move into the War Check.

Yet there was one outliers in all the war news flow. A popular Greek website that focused on war coverage from all the various fronts is calling it quits: WarNews247: The end of an era is always the beginning of a new… They had some very good intel on occasion.

Still, doesn’t look to us like war itself will be going out of business any time this week.  Just too much money to be made in that industry and there really are no suitable replacements.

Politics and Other

Not much to care about here.  The “usual” noise, mainly:

Courting disaster, anyone? Trump heads to US Supreme Court with a familiar claim: he is untouchable.  And also in play Supreme Court oral arguments Thursday in Donald Trump case out of Colorado.

Winners and Losers at the Grammy’s. Taylor Swift wins best album for record fourth time as women rule Grammys. And then shortly after: Rapper Killer Mike Handcuffed and Escorted out by Police After Winning 3 Grammys.

ATR: Show ‘Em the Door in ’24

Bunglers Bundling Badly Botched:  We absolutely detest the crooked political dealmaking process called “bundling.”  Because whereas honest people would vote individual issues on their merit, when a cynical bunch of power-grabbing, money-hungry political hacks gather, they roll all the shit into one lump, rather than have to make their real agendas clear.  Why is Ure so bitter?  They’re at it again – and this time worse than ever: US Senate unveils $118bn bill on border security, aid for Ukraine, Israel.

All in one flaming sack-of-crap?

This is NOT how things were supposed to run. What bundling of issues leads to is giving thieves and crooks a way to dodge honest accountability.  They can’t be pinned down as to actual beliefs.  And that’s why – while finance and war are bad – politics is the very worst.  Without principles and accountability, we end up with lying bullshit artists who are slipperier than Teflon.  The second aspect of this bundling madness is it makes Bills “too big to read” because they can be so massive. Completing the con.

Which will now play live for the rest of the day on your kabuki box while we pretend humans have made great progress since the Renaissance.

No, not so much as most think.

Write when you get rich,

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59 thoughts on “California Rainicane, 3-Story Monday”

  1. George – How’s about we do it the old fashion way and let the market determine where rates should be – how could we want an AI driven rates market when all the data is simply made up?

  2. Grab Ure salt blocks..gonna need a nibble/mouthful prior to perusing the attached.

    As usual read, chew on info, nibble on that salt block, consider the source and track record (s) of such “ intel”.
    Don’t be spooked by any of it , instead use the info to best suite Ure preps/needs as Future unfolds into the ever present Now. We should act accordingly and be the Change we wanna See in this ever present Now.

    Or not, chewing on cud works..kinda a lil bit sorta.

  3. By risk industry, I assume you mean any market in securities.

    When you have the AI tool set coupled with the total control of the securities offered by the big 7 investment houses, one might assume that there is no longer a downside in investing.

    Even though us little folk are being daily screwed by inflation and climate collapse, the equities barometer keeps rising. Hmm. I guess it will take major urban food riots to actually cast a pall on the wonderful world of promised future returns.

    • Based on current levels of Tourists and Tourism in general down here in Bayleaze… I would say the American Consumer is hurtin 4 certain, after big rebound ( from covert19clotshot) in Tourism last year.
      ..just blowing down the road…LS

      PS – da F is bidenomics talking about ? Repeat the lie long enough, it becomes real in the Sheeples mindz.

  4. Good Morning George,

    Looks like the site is riding off into the sunset.
    Site posted few details, other than it was effectively being shut down. Hope it is their decision and not threats from our military/security complex that brought this about.

    Been searching for an alternative site that covers both sides of everything, especially the Ukraine/Russia conflict.
    Always felt Warnews247 did a good job of reporting on the gains and losses of both sides in the Ukraine/Russia mess.

    Have you unearthed any other sites that might fill the gap?

    Lloyd Snider

    • I would guess somebody bought it, and the site-owner is under an NDA to not divulge the sale.

      If’fn you have to ask “who” or “why,” you should probably move to the “slow” side of the classroom…

      • Also, don’t disregard The Epoch Times

        even though it’s paywalled. Bear in-mind it’s run by people the Chinese Communist Party identifies as “State terrorists” (which I consider an endorsement) and is rapidly becoming what Bloomberg could’ve become, if Michael hadn’t been a bourgeois fascist.

    • Lloyd,

      I read a lot, eyeballs hurt by mid-day. Several sites I peruse probably cover the gamut though everyone should read with agenda in mind:

      ISW – Institute for the Study of War – General Jack Keane (US Army, Retired), Chairman

      CNBC – Middle East

      CNBC – Ukraine

      Of course, your (war) mileage may vary.
      Best Regards,

    • I have been watching Military Summary-y-tube for almost a year. Good content without bias. I use sub-titles as old ears are deficient and accent of narrator. Does not publish anything without corroboration from both sides or a geo-located video. Does not show graphic but will show camera on FPV up until impact and usually has a second cam at distance to verify. So far I can recommend.

    • re: “War News 247”
      feat: port field coinkydoinks

      The “War News 247” site appears to hold ip address which resolves to provider Hetzner Online GmbH headquartered in Bavaria, Germany (a sometime past-homeland of the German right wing?). Hetzner’s “Wikipedia” entry offers interesting anecdotal reading. It seems the-then-proxy 2014 Russia-Ukraine fracas generated a subservient response to demands of Mr. Putin’s federal communications supervisory body, Roskomnadzor.

      One could imagine that Hetzner’s fiber optic cable connection under the Baltic between Germany and Finland can remain above the fray. Not to mention the company’s even more recent data centre foray into a Washington suburb which “Wiki” calls “America’s internet bullseye”, and home of the late soul singer Wilson Pickett.

      Here’s DJ George treading softly in the studio with rubber soles to bring us more great entertainment. Here we go with some Springsteen –
      “Soul Days”.

    • Lloyd, with an active conflict going on, you will not find an unbiased news source. Even Warnews isn’t, but they’ll have a column that’s somewhat pro-UKR and then have one that’s somewhat pro-RUS.

      I haven’t looked in months, but the best news sites on Ukraine now may be Indian (Industan, maybe Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore) — and possibly al Jazeera or RebelNews (out of Canada.)

      The way of “least bias” is to find a source which has its own field staff and isn’t sucking any wire service teats. Bias is okay, as long as it is consistent.

      As George Harrison would say: It ain’t easy.

    • “As George Harrison would say: It ain’t easy.”

      AGAIN I posted before I proofread.

      Apologies to the purists…

  5. (“A simple way of thinking about it would be to imagine a world where alll automobiles could be equipped with computer-based accident-avoidance systems. To the point where the odds of a car accident could be (effectively) reduced to zero
    On the surface, it would seem like a great thing. Except that as computational magic increases safety dramatically, at the extreme it would also end the insurance industry.”)

    Exactly.. that is why you and I will never see Hydrogen energy.. or free fuel.. imagine what it would affect.. absolutely everything..
    Insurance.. a huge cost to us.. huge.. we could literally live on ten grand a year if we didn’t have those essential expenses.. well maybe not ten grand most of that would be home taxes.. or apartment rent.. low income rent topped a grand for one bedroom now.. plus utilities.. that is low income.. income based rent..

    • Zero point NRG coming Ure way this year…

      Ya waited this long, compartmentalized .mil contractor types be leaking out the theories ..

      Soonly have opportunity to participate in a local ufo building club..

      Got Zero Grav ?

      • Toyota has hydrogen cars on the road. The U.S. doesn’t have the fueling infrastructure.

        Learn more about Mirai

        At the core of Mirai, hydrogen from the fuel tank and air entering from the intake grille meet in the Fuel Cell Stack. There, a chemical reaction involving the oxygen in the air and hydrogen creates electricity—powering Mirai. In the end, the only by-product is water.

        TM will also have solid state batteries in a couple of year –

        “Toyota claims it can deliver solid state to market by 2027–2028, delivering on the promise of robust range, safe and stable performance, and lightning-fast charging. Toyota again targets a 1,000-km range, but with an 80 percent DC charge in 10 minutes or less.”

        – Sep 26, 2023


          The buggie and the Beast have one of these in along with a standard car battery.. the wife didn’t want me to put one in her car.. no way in hell was one going in.. LOL LOL LOL..
          the problem is the snap dragons in it.. are fast discharge.. where a car battery is a slow discharge.. the newer car batteries have thinner plates.. so they don’t last as long as the old batteries that had some serious plates in it.. I have twelve two volt glass batteries.. the plates in them are a good quarter inch thick.. massive and heavy.. real heavy.. the snap dragon power supply is light..

        • wrong photo..that’s the lead acid battery lol.. I have a 1000 amp cap bank .. super nice recharges in about two minutes or less..

      • Maybe I should change that a little bit.. you cannot have free energy.. the cars and buses around are not split on demand but buy and store.. they separate the hydrogen from the oxygen.. store it in I am guessing metal hydrides.. then released slowly..
        the same with the free energy magnetic motors.. if it involves having a free or low cost energy souce. you won’t see them ( that is one reason you won’t see solar towers.. or them handing out solar grid tie systems to home owners.. it would be cheaper than what they are doing presently it would secure out grid and strengthen the national security of the country. but it takes profit away from those that truly matter in this world… like the fuel cell bloombox ,builds… when the govt. pulled funding for it.. they were just going to market them and sell them.. then the govt. started funding their project again so as not to end up with these on the market..its what kept the electric car down… the money made on maintenance and repairs..
        and seriously that does make sense.. can you imagine if you could stop by a puddle and fill your tank… from the puddle.. the people that process carbon fuels..
        NOW.. having made hydrogen fuel cells in the past.. what I can tell you is the way cars are manufactured today.. hydrogen burns HOT.. so it has to be cooled down.. kind of like other fuels.. My guess is that you would still need a carbon cooling element in the process to keep it from wrecking the auto engine.. HHO is unstable..

      • back before I was even born.. Texaco had the employee Texaco challenge.. they had carburetors back then that could get many hundreds of miles to a gallon.. the technology has been around for years and years.. It isn’t the technology.. its the business model..
        One friend was planning on giving the hydrogen production away .. he was a government employee that worked on scientific proceedures.. anyway.. I told him many times.. don’t do it.. they won’t let free or cheap energy out.. everyone that has tried to ended up in not such a good place and pulled their work..
        Needless to say.. he had three visitors one night that changed his mind on sharing the information.. they took what research he had.. and let him know releasing it to the people would not be a healthy choice..
        Back in 1978 a gentleman drove across the USA being followed by every mainstream media news in the country as he drove from Texas to DC to sit in front of congress to explain that there was not an energy crises.. what there was was a mechanical process.. plasma reactor carburetor system.his car was impounded and it never came on the market.. but that patent is covered by every country on the planet and all the auto makers.. and every military .. its all over..
        you can build yourself one.. you just can’t sell it.. One gentleman came up with a home generation unit.. would produce about thirty kw a day his goal was to GIVE it to anyone that wanted one.. but with the stipulation that any excess energy produced that was bought back by the power companies.. he would get the money they offered..
        he took it before congress.. showed them how it worked etc.. they chased him out of the country free energy would shut down the economy..
        That is one reason why solar has been so hard to get implimented.. it doesn’t fit the business model..power companies spend billions to discourage it..
        in the end its all about control and profit..

  6. “5-inches of rain”

    That’s a lot of water. Last summer the city I’m in was hit with a 500 year storm. 5.25″ of rain in a couple of hours. The entire area was flooded for over a day, SUVs were floating.

    Luck of the draw for me my house is on a high point in the subdivision so no loss. During that time was when my basement sprung the leak but nothing like a block and 1/2 over where water spilled in through basement windows.

    Water wrecks everything it touches then mold. And the topper is a lot of times insurance doesn’t cover flooding.

    • Steve,

      I think media over-hypes news, even be it just weather, on both coasts.

      I laugh at friends in New England who chatter about their temp and snow, gasping about winter. I relate local and they get quiet.

      Ditto the Left coast. Yes, they have a lot of rain. Not long ago we had 7″ in under (12) hours. Boats floated off lifts / piers left the shore. We survived.

      CA should figure out how to save / store the gusher(s) so they could quit moaning about drought. Instead they dump it into the Pacific.

      May we live in interesting times.
      We do …

      • I’ve sat under a hurricane waterfall that dumped 54 inches in 24 hours here. Good established rocky runoff channels take care of it in a day or two.

    • Ahhh Steve-o alas you have not learned from the great Victor Schauberger…he gave the world the solution s to Energy problem.. Vortex Energy and Water Vortices…Implosion Engines…learned in Austrian alps on prince what’s his nutz estates…figured out what made giant trout weightless and supersonic in moving water.
      Teachings of the Tabula Smaragdina(incised in emerald) handed down from antiquity preaches that happy healthy existence is dependent on naturalesque intermixture of the stuff of heaven and earth. The product of this mixture tween exalted atmospheric and geosphereic ethericities Is Water, the blood of the earth. This ur source of life comes into being when the ethericities of the earth bind with those of heaven. Reverse the order of this process, then fire is created.

      Victor came to understanding how energy flows through the hydraulic vortexes of alpine lakes and streams.

      “ The revelation of the secret of water will put an end to all manner of speculation or expediency and their excrescenes, to which belong war, hatred, impatience, and discord of every kind. The thorough study of water therefore signifies the end of monopolies, the end of all domination in the truest sense of the word and the start of a socialism arising from the development of individualism in its most perfect form.” Victor Schauberger

  7. “the Powell Fed has been getting a lot of things right,”

    Let’s think of the term ‘helicopter money’.

    NYC is welcoming newcomers with a $53,000,000.oo helicopter drop. How do we determine the multiplier effect of the drop? I’m sure this is the first of many helicopter drops across the fruited plain. Chicago, Massachusetts, Denver will all need helicopter drops. Currently everything above 39th parallel north has need.

    I just don’t think interest rates matter. As example if Pakistani Airlines needs more $ to cover higher rates they’ll simply charge U.S. .gov more rent on their buildings. .gov will pay.

    When the NYC diaper dealer needs more $ to cover rates for inventory they’ll just charge more. The newcomers won’t complain and .gov will increase their stipend as required.

    Not much work has to be done to make-up the interest increase shortfall. But you do have to be in the right stream.

    • Speaking of newcomers look at the word they use in Massachusetts, “resettlement”. Next to Plymouth Rock.

      Nation’s first pilot program to help migrant families in shelters find long-term housing

      Resettlement agencies tell Herald gov prepping plan

      “Gov. Maura Healey’s administration is in the process of inking contracts with all eight resettlement agencies in Massachusetts to launch a one-year pilot program that could help up to 400 migrant families already in shelter find long-term housing and employment.”

      “This isn’t being done anywhere else in the country. We’re going to try it and kudos to Gov. Healey for giving it a shot,” Thielman said in an interview. “Seriously, she could have said, ‘this is crazy.’ But she said, ‘okay, let’s give it a shot.’ So I’m grateful to her and I don’t want to let her down.”

    • Here’s the thing about interest rates.

      “Community college enrollment in Michigan has been on the decline. Michigan community colleges saw a 2.8% drop in enrollment last spring compared to the year before, even as national enrollment increased by 0.5%, according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.”

      The reverse multipliers probably jeopardize the community college complex.

      How would you force money into the system to fix the enrollment issue?

      “Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer plans to urge state lawmakers to pass legislation that would provide free community college tuition for all high school graduates during her sixth State of the State speech on Wednesday.”

      School loans and rates mattered, but now they won’t. Staff and the lawn has to be mowed, people aren’t assuming the debt to make it happen so .gov pulls a teat in support.

      Milk & honey while walking on streets paved of gold.

    • Hmm… I wonder if the US govt.. and NY will send us each a prepaid credit card?
      Will they reload it once a month LOL… What we could do is hire a lobbying firm to write some really catchy bill to get congress to pass.. then have them add in an extra hundred grand a year to be sent to us.. we send billions to everywhere else but our border.. they might as well send each of us a nice check..its not like they have to pay for it..

  8. The long range forecaster sez cold weather will be back from mid-February through mid-March, nationwide. All the oscillation indexes are flashing a return to cold weather, for the last half of winter.

  9. Practitioners of A.I. (I hope) never give control of
    weapons or financial things to an A.I. mind.

    (For perspective, please see the 1970s era movie,
    “Colossus: The Forbin Project.”) It’s extremely
    well-done, and holds up well after all these years.

    • They will. They will believe, perhaps guided by biased “proof,” that the computer always does a better job. Our species downfall will happen if we give AI autonomous control.

      Skip down to d’Lynn’s post on the Stuper Bowl.

      On paper, the 49ers are the better team — a fact that would be obvious to even the primitive AI I played around with in the ’90s. What the AI can NOT “see” is “the intangibles,” like Andy Reid’s halftime adjustments or Patrick Mahomes’ ridiculous ability to get a football from his hand to a receiver’s hands, while running the wrong direction, on his hands, with a linebacker sitting on his ass. These are virtually all in KC’s favor. McCaffrey is an amazing player and he’s the 49ers one clear intangible, but SanFran will not have him throw more than one “halfback pass,” if any at all, so essentially he’s just an underutilized running back with good hands.

      A.I. or “analytics” can neither judge nor “call” these things. It can keep a bettor from making a huge mistake, but it can’t call nuance…

      Who’s gonna win? Don’t care. I’ll watch the game if I’ve nothing else going on. If I’ve stuff to do, I’ll read the headlines on the 12th.

  10. An A.I. program is picking the 49er’s to win the Super Bowl. The program has been 100% correct in it’s last 22 picks.
    I have no intention of watching – but I find it interesting that since the release of the programs pick, the money has shifted from the Chiefs winning to the 49er’s.
    It seems people and their money are starting to pay attention to A.I. and it’s capabilities.

    • “the money has shifted from the Chiefs winning to the 49er’s.”

      It never ceases to amuse me, that ESPN posts favorites by points differential.

      I would be willing to bet money the vast majority of its viewership doesn’t understand those numbers are the “bookies’ spread” and have nothing to do with rosters, performance, comparison charts, history, or anything else, other than the amount of money bet on the other team.

      The bookie doesn’t care who wins. He takes his cut out of the middle, and the points differential is merely how he determines where “the middle” is.

  11. Yesterday I built a chart using A.I. to show the Labor Participation Rate over the past ten years, to show total and by race. It did a pretty good job. One thing I noticed is that during the recession of 2008, Women – age 20, or older – was the only category that ‘gained’ in employment., and that they also suffered the least in the pandemic shut down. Hispanics have the highest rate of participation in the work force. White males, age 20 or older are forth in participation., behind Asians, Blacks and Hispanics. Interesting chart.
    Also yesterday – I did something I have never done before. I made potato chips. We don’t buy potato chips., can’t even remember the last time a bag was in the house., but for some unknown reason I “got the urge”. Turned out rather good. Though it was bit tedious standing over the stove carefully flipping ultra thin slices of potatoes with a pair of chop sticks. [ 18 inch cast iron camp-skillet., russet potatoes, Crisco, and a special blend of fine ground sea salt mixed with a hint of fine ground garlic to sprinkle on top the hot chips.] Not the wisest use of resources, but we enjoyed ’em. Even held-up dipping into my hot salsa.

    • great deal making chips.. nothing tastes better either than nice hot potato chips..I love making chips lol lol its been a while since i made any to…hard to believe that one large potato is one bag of chips…the trick is thin.. I never tried chop sticks to flip them..
      there’s a restaurant locally here that makes them ..

    • I have to get a motor…and make some peanut flips..I didn’t realize that when I got rid of my grinder I also got rid of my motor that I used on the extruder.
      that is so much fun making that or using the popcorn canon lol lol..
      after you make them and coat them you put them in the food dehydrator for a half hour or so to crisp them up..
      I’ll have to run to tsc to pick up a small motor. amazing what one cup of corn flour can make..

  12. Since you won’t cover it I will: King Charles has cancer. But it’s not prostate cancer. Well in my prior post about Duchess Kate I suggested that if it was serious that they would lie by omission. They were vague about her surgery by labelling it simply abdominal. Now the King has cancer but all they are saying is what it is not. I wish him well.

    • Stu is in the hospital dealing with his own issues.

      Thanks though for the question. We are all on borrowed time, I chose to deal with my issues while we still have a viable medical system. Even then, there are always complications.

      Two surgeries in one week. Ugggh. Shouldn’t have gone back to work so soon.

      You see, I had my epiphany this last week. The big question is if the Powers That Be don’t care, why should I?

      George knows exactly what I’m talking about.

      My goal… get tough before April. The world is on the cusp.

      Charles III’s next residence is New York City.

      • Not if “We” can at all help it..POevilSHIT!

        Can only manifest what is best for HUMANITY..

        I imagine him as dog shitz every morning when out walking my bitch ass Irish Russel’s. david rockafeller Jr and rothchild (s) also are featured prominently on our morning walkies.

        F off and Die -for the sake of all Humanity .

        * get the jump on shit coin ETH..etf aprproval soon?

        • the thing that always amazes me.. is the ones instigating all the mess.. is usually save behind a curtain someplace .. saying dam I am glad I am not there..


      November 1, 2022
      King Charles reveals he’s related to sinister figure from history.

      Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-76
      More butcher than king in England,
      Born [of a] dark place through force gains the empire,
      Coward without faith, without law bleeding the land,
      His time approaches so close that I sigh.

      Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III,
      G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 566

      I believe this applies to Prince Charles ascension to the throne of England. “ Born [of a] dark place” is the rumor that the British Royal Family are practicing Satanists.

  13. “Huge atom-smasher bid to find missing 95% of Universe”

    I had no idea 95% of the Universe was missing. And considering the size of this new model, it might be fair to assume the Mandela Effect will be on steroids.

    Huge atom-smasher bid to find missing 95% of Universe

    Personally, I don’t like living in a Petri dish. Too many things can go wrong.

    • No Aether, No Qi in “their” reality..
      why of course “they” are missing 95% of the Universe.

      = Not Connected to Source..the “natural source”, UnAware, members of one of the elohim whorshiping cults no doubt.

      I have no idea what enlightenment Is or Means..none.

      I do Know Qi..

  14. Do you want to see 30 million American communist wannabees lose their minds?

    Read on:

    “U.S. Conservative Pundit Tucker Carlson Spotted in Moscow Amid Putin Interview Rumors”

    Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been filmed visiting Moscow in recent days as rumors swirl over whether he plans to interview President Vladimir Putin.

    A reporter from the pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia caught up with Carlson on Monday to ask him about his trip to Russia.

    “I just wanted to see Moscow. I read so much about it. So I wanted to talk to people and look around and then see how it’s doing,” Carlson said.

    “It’s doing very well,” he added.

    When asked whether he planned to interview Putin, Carlson responded: “We’ll see.”

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