We is Arrived: KPSN–> KTIW Complete (Texas-Seattle)

From 8,500 feet,. just turning southwest over Stampede Pass (south of Snoqualmie Summit) east of Seattle. Touched down a few minutes before 11 AM.  Beer and sandwiches were administered and we revived.

This first one of the North Cascades on the right (Mt. Liberty, I think, but been years) and on the left Mt. Baker.   (Click a pic for high resolution…)





(Photo credit:  Elaine)

Some people ask “Why to you fly?”  The above is part of the reason.  Ain’tg no mountains high enough.

Thought you’d enjoy ‘em.  Just slightly better than most of the stock photos out there…and I should note, all contents © 2015 and made possible by subscribers to our  Peoplenomics.com website.  Thank you.


We is Arrived: KPSN–> KTIW Complete (Texas-Seattle) — 7 Comments

  1. I remember being so excited flying in the 70’s. Air was so clear, as I remember, I could see cars on highways from crusing altitude. Over the years I have done a lot of photographing from plane windows and the air is really getting progressively thick and brown. Even high winds don’t blow it away. I remember Grand Canyon when air was clear.. about ’72. Is it just me? Have you had any truly clear days flying??

  2. good pics, just need a UV filter. I have to say its nice to see pics of the homeland though. miss it… (pout)