(Spokane, WA)  Hardly robust would be a nice way of “narrating” the latest Durable Goods report out this morning:

New Orders
New orders for manufactured durable goods in May
decreased $4.1 billion or 1.8 percent to $228.9 billion,
the U.S. Census Bureau announced today. This
decrease, down three of the last four months, followed a
1.5 percent April decrease. Excluding transportation,
new orders increased 0.5 percent. Excluding defense,
new orders decreased 2.1 percent.
Transportation equipment, also down three of the last
four months, drove the decrease, $4.9 billion or 6.4
percent to $71.7 billion.
Shipments of manufactured durable goods in May,
down four of the last five months, decreased $0.2 billion
or 0.1 percent to $239.9 billion. This followed a 0.2
percent April decrease.
Transportation equipment, also down four of the last
five months, drove the decrease, $0.7 billion or 0.9
percent to $76.7 billion.
Unfilled Orders
Unfilled orders for manufactured durable goods in
May, down five of the last six months, decreased $5.7
billion or 0.5 percent to $1,195.5 billion. This followed
a 0.2 percent April decrease.
Transportation equipment, also down five of the last six
months, led the decrease, $5.1 billion or 0.6 percent to
$798.8 billion.

Despite this, the market looks to tack on another 40-points onto the Dow.  My, ain’t denial a useful thing? 

No doubt, somewhat driven by the idea that there will be plenty of additional oomph for stock prices when some of the money comes out of the bond market when the fed goes raising.  Not to be confused with raisin…

Trade Crap:  Buyer’s Remorse

I tend to look at every headline that comes along as though my mantra (“Everything’s a Business Model”) is an inviolable rule of the Universe.

So, when comes to the analysis of sales, the sales process, and sales technique, I am a rabid, screaming, fundamentalist.

There are five stages to sales: 

Prospecting:  Find the buyer

Qualifying:  Do they have purchasing authority?

Demonstrating:  Show off the benefits and features.

Overcome Objections:  Customers always ask.

Close:  Get ‘em to sign on the bottom line.

President Obama, in case you haven’t noticed, really sucks when it comes to sales technique.

Take this trade bill, nonsense.

Obama’s approach is like the white-patent shoe, plaid pants, fast-talker who will put you into the ride of their choice, not yours.

On the flip side – where the real money and high reputations live – is the consultative sale

In this process, you carefully explain every detail of what you’re selling.  Ask how the prospect feels, answer questions with facts, not hyperbole, and in the case of software sales, you set up benchmarks and metrics to make sure the implementation team is doing exactly what (and how) the customer wants.

That’s not Obama’s style.

He’s shouting from the rooftops that “We need this trade bill…it’s an emergency and we need it secret and we need it yesterday.

Well, hold up. 

That’s a little too “pushy used car salesman-ish” for thinking customers.

And Obama’s big-shotting tactics sound like a rhyme off “Kid I know what I’m  doing, I’ve been in the car business now for six and a half years…” 

Now, potential customers are turning on him.

Senator Jeff Sessions is issuing a final warning to the the used car lot flim-flammer.

And presidential wannabe Ted Cruz says the obvious when he bemoans that the used-car salesman’s pitch is countered by information you can find on the Internet.  Not that members of either chamber are inclined to read, listen to their constituents (I know Jeb Hensarling on the House side is hard of hearing home district opinions) and yes, lobbyist money means 600 Fat Cat execs got access to the dirty secrets while a former US Labor Secretary was turned down.

But let’s leave that aside.

The point this morning is a lesson in sales and this a paper on how not to do it.

Would you buy a home with no inspections?  Hell no.

Would you buy a used car without an independent mechanic evaluation?  Hell no.

Would you buy foreign raised beef if it was labeled?  Hell no.  Oh wait, corporations stole that back.  Thanks to Hensarling and his ilk, country of origin labels are gone… Instead of telling the WTO Cabal to piss off, the republicorps caved…like they’re doing on trade (again),  but you get the idea.

This ain’t democracy and it’s not about right,, so much as it’s about money.  Getting yours.

As luck would have it, few remember the last lemon (NAFTA)..but believe me, this has the look and feel of a used car which we’ll regret forever buying.

But the people who sold it?  They’re taking us to the cleaners, once again.

And any republican who votes for this corporate slam-duck might as well change parties now because they all belong to the CORPORATE PARTY which operates two shill subsidiaries.  And they sell a lot of lemons.

One of which is working with Cartel Country (Mexico) to overtake Russia as a world power. 

With people like John Boehner around, who needs al Qaida?

Auto sales professionals who sell features and benefits (and what’s right for the buyer) are given a bad name by the fly-by-nighters who desk deals that drive the poor to desperation.  Like, oh, you know who is doing on trade.

California Stinks

Yes, personal hygiene is going by the wayside because of the drought.

And you think I am kidding when I tell you that in two years, California’s real estate collapse in the wings will be the modern Depression analog to the Great Depression Arkies and Okies from the Dust Bowl?

I smell a rat…no, that’s a Californian.  Victims of History who are fixated on selfies instead of sense.

Hillary To Lose

So writes Salon.com over here. 

I think the saying is “Your lips to God’s ears…”

Unfortunately, President Clinton II is already (financially)  a slam dunk.  She’s buying it…and I’m disappointed the Salon article didn’t go into how money buys anything.  Votes, endorsements, Trade bills, yada, yada…

Bike Quakes Due

Massive solar storm has pushed electrical interference up to near record levels.

That often means quakes within days…let’s see how it plays, but be ready.