We are Not Surprised…BUT…

Refer to this morning’s column and our thinking that a 50% retracement of a possible 3(1) down would lead to a 50% bounce around 34,256.00.

At its highs so far today, the Aggregate peak has been 34,259.43.

Still, this is a 4 point error (which is this range would be a rate of 1.16767865483419e-4  (hint: really small!).  Still, remember we don’t give investment advice.  We just get lucky (a lot).

Your money, their Casino.  Think of me as “an amused muser.”

Write when you get some,


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18 thoughts on “We are Not Surprised…BUT…”

  1. Not thinking of you as a dirty hoe G, but a rally ho.

    Putting on the shortz (SPY Puts) this afternoon – insurance against agents of chaos, and artificial sweeteners..https://youtu.be/4vhwk3ReAzs

    copper still looks cheap..long term
    got some cashish on hand ? might wanna get some prior to Sun/whatever zooming in soonly.

    Weekend sports action – We Are PennState (-25pts/52 ovr/undr) Sat, & the best team in the NFC (-4.5) goes into the motor city for tilt at Da Lions Sunday..all while the Philberts play into wildcard- w/1st ladiefake in attendance this evening in south philly.

    no premierage action this weekend, as they are in mourning/cxl.

    • You do make some good contributions here @C but I would caution you to put any solid bets on exact date predictions. Biden wasn’t gone by the end of August any more than AOC predicts she will be gone in September (although we can still hope). Exact date predictions have had a history of coming and going without happeni g for many years. What is undeniable is the direction and increasing speed of the calamity ahead.

      Keep your seatbelt fastened.

      • exactly I had seen the economy folding way back in twenty ten.. all the indicators were there.. then again just before trump got into office. I actually had hope with the things he was doing that maybe this whole mess could have been turned around.. even with the struggles that were going on..
        Now we have this whole new situation going on that is so ugly.. it could turn on a heartbeat.. the Ukraine thing more than likely would have been a short lived event if it had not been for the USA sending arms and advanced communication and diagnostics.. so at what point does the bear cornered just say.. enough … that it is futile.. the day it looks as if Russia is going to loose and loose their whole way of life.. it is a fine line we walk on the tightrope.. as the bible says.. like a thief in the night.. no man will know the date or time..
        along with it.. the affects of climate change that no man can control.. it is a natural cycle.. we need to adapt and live within its cycle.. yet we push wars..
        insert decades old rant about greenscaping cities and co2 filters and implementing solar towers at sub stations.. pushing solar home systems and small wind..
        the book is better.. but they did a nice job..

  2. Picked up a couple of FAZ for lunch money next week….
    Not investment advice, I live in Vegas Baby ….

  3. We had our County Fair this week. I won a trophy for a first place for my pecan pie. Dear Abby’s recipe. Three other blue ribbons this year. People still create beautiful things and wondrous food. It was nice to forget the doom and gloom for a few days. Enjoy life while you can.

      • the boy your poor water pie.. sometimes I put pecans on it.. and use the brown sugar..
        pie crust..
        3 cups of flour about
        1 tsp Salt
        2 Tbsp Sugar
        8 TBSP Fat butter, lard, shortening or one cup of mayonnaise
        1/2 cup ice cold water
        use a fork or a mixer and mix it till it gets clumping but crumbly..

    • My grandmother’s house was built by pecan pie, steak fingers and the best danged donuts you’ve ever let melt in your mouth. They had a restaurant that should have survived but all we have now is the huge house we use for family get-togethers and I’m determined not to let it go. Never underestimate the power of pecan pie.

      My Grandmother never really used a recipe, it was all through memory. The pecans came from the trees around the house, one of them a Burkett (sp?). I remember her spending hours shelling them both with the shelling pliers and a set of thumbnails that should have been registered weapons. Even though we may never see times like those again our generation should all be immeasurably thankful we’re aware of how good things CAN be!

      • If I am privileged to be a judge in the bake off, I promise not to mis-pronounce the pie. As I was cautioned once, a pee can is something they give you in the hospital when you can’t get out of bed.

      • Pee-cans may be more of an East Texas thing or perhaps it was picked up and inserted into the script of “Giant”. The accent they did a fairly good job of imitating in that movie hasn’t been heard since, maybe, the 70s. It’s always been “puh-CANS” rounst heer.

      • “a pee can is something they give you in the hospital when you can’t get out of bed.”

        When I was but a shaver.. we stopped at my great great uncles house.. and anyway he showed me around the old plantation.. they grew tobacco.. and he took me to the woods to show me where my great great great great grandpa use to fish.. in the history books they make it sound so much bigger it is just a stock pond LOL and where sacagawea lived when he and lewis came back from wandering around the USA and the old family stories of what the family went through back then.. ( he was hated by the older family members.. truly hated no one wanted to claim they even knew he existed LOL)… anyway.. the most amazing thing that I seen was.. the… CAN… they had a can in the corner of the house in the kitchen by the outside door…. and his wife my great great aunt.. chewed tobacco.. and she could spit clear across the whole house and hit that can LOL LOL LOL LOL now that was amazing……. that can was also the PEE Can.. that would be used and then dumped in the morning in their out house.. LOL LOL LOL
        they burned most of the stuff that related to the famous old man.. I got one of his baskets.. the story we were told was.. when lewis was looking for someone to go with him.. he didn’t know how to tell everyone.. so he made a bunch of berry baskets.. told everyone that he had a hankering for berry pie.. so when everyone went out to pick berries.. he gathered his duds and left.. leaving them to starve in the winter without any provisions.. the family hated him.. totally from the stories I was told as a little boy detested the old coot.. but they loved daniel boone.. supposedly from what I was told.. his daniel had heard about what had happened and came up helped them get the game they needed and taught the boys how to hunt..

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