Watching the DVR – Dollar Valuation Rally

Early this morning the S&P futures were down 13 points and the Dow down 70-ish.  But the rest of the week – and maybe to the end of August – is where the tale of America’s social and financial future will be told.

As we have  been saying, the  Fools on the Hill won’t likely give Trump a chance to brandish actual economic help for real people. Because they will rightly figure it will be an election issue.  There are now just 91-days.

Big Business still screaming for handouts. Screw ’em. Like that snot-nosed kid in grade school who wanted more crackers.  Victims in all this?  Us – the tax prey public. CEOs (who don’t care)  Warn Congress of Small Business Failures Without More Aid. Save us!

What ever happened to “women and children into the lifeboat first?”

Jerked-Around by the Wallet

There has been sooo much happy-talk on the net about how a federal UI extension would be forthcoming.  But, as we have warned, never count on our “elective anal cavities” to operate in anything but their OWN interests once they ascend into power heaven.

That the CNBC crew is running with “Extra unemployment is over. So are most eviction moratoriums. Here’s what relief could be coming next” is just so much more Hopium for the masses.  Can the Big Lies about “help” last 91-more days?

The real game here (and we should thank Black Lives Matter for revealing it) is Congress can deal with a few toppled statues.  But what scares them?

What it ALL OF US got pissed and took the streets and threw ALL the do-nothings out of office?

Even the turncoat Supreme Court has gone off into legislating from the bench lately – not following the letter of the Constitution.  Instead interpreting it way out of context.   It really does ONLY apply to Citizens despite the socialist palaverings to the contrary.  Inhabitants for the Census have to be Citizens to be counted.  It’s clear as day, but that presumes you can read (and comprehend) historical times and contexts.  Not trying to play to a mob.  I digress.

Murk is All Around Us

This gets into very “deep murk.

Social media is a travesty – it’s been hijacked by bots and – protected from lawsuits by the misnamed “online decency act” – the operators of socialist media are running epistemic paternalism operations as unfit parents!  End protections for social or extend them to all citizens.

See how this “absolute equality stuff” is supposed to work?  Corporations are your superiors, though.  Get that through your head.

The New Road to Wealth, Power, Legacy?  Become a “special protected class” and the Future is yours.  Don’t need a job…form a mob then tax a gob…yeah baby.. Nu Merica!  FMTT.  Where was I.

Because in all previous financial history, businesses persisted over time – or went BK – because they made provisions for “hard times.”   We is there.

Problem being, of course, that “money at rest” (formerly “financial reserves”) is not useful from an EBITDA standpoint.

Can’t rope-more-dopes into towering stock swindles that depend on Greater Fools to buy at even more insane levels.  So when the “shit blows up today” the public is tapped.  Ben Dover for president [whoever]!

(See why only property owners should vote?  The mobs coming for it all.  Just be patient and remain glued to the UHD Cyclops a bit longer.)

The DVR – Dollar Valuation Rally

There is 31% more money sloshing around the financial system than there was when the market cratered earlier this year.

While a “normal Elliott wave retracement” would be on the order of 75% from the (March) lows, we are actually slightly above the all time high (February) in our Aggregate Index work (+1.147% if it matters).  But how much could the “dollar valuation rally add before heading south?

Let’s see:  A 75% rally times 1.3 times as much money 97.5% so we have exceeded that already, but only by a bit.  NOT counted though is the other stuff the Fed has done – like buying of bonds and such – which has caused an artificial sense of “Things are different this time.”

Although it’s costing me (short term) a small fortune, (Markets can remain irrational, longer than ure can remain solvent…) I expect – in the end – to be right.  Whether I’m still alive, though…different question.

Here’s the DVR: Forbes has a very good article over the weekend (Gold At $1,900 Signals A Decades Long, Economy Sapping Devaluation Of The Dollar) that laid it all out neatly.

As the U.S. continues on the financial respirator of “made up money” under the cockamamie “Modern Monetary Theory” (Making Up Money – a socialist’s gambit with no reality needed in terms of mark to markets and it pencils as long as there are zero external competing economies – like, oh, CHINA, GERMANY…JAPAN…) the number of dollars chasing stocks has been hugely inflated.

Everyone wants another free lunch.  Kiddies, we have trouble in the kitchen and running out of lunches…but don’t spill that to The Mob – yet.  Might get one more day of upside out of this pig of a market, yet.

What Investment Alternative?

Many players are trying to “get out of dollars” but really, what can you buy?  Bitcoins?  LOL…anyone can make up a digital currency…so no, the prize is not behind that curtain.

Traditional economics would say invest in real estate.  The “Twin Barbarians at the Mall” (Amazon and Wal-Mart) have killed the shopping malls.

Oh, and what they didn’t kill, CV-19 is on mop-up duty. Now, throw on social distancing…

Anywhere else you can think of to “Park Money?”

What To Buy  is a GLOBAL Problem

Seriously:  The end of Modernity is the crack-up of consumerism.  No going on a cruise, anymore, because?  Stories like Norway cruise ship passengers with coronavirus reach 43, offer hints.

The recovery from the CV-19 economic knockdown continues uneven as hell.  Not only can we not get the same filet mignons for din-din, but other inconveniences abound.  Like Why disinfectant wipes aren’t returning as fast as toilet paper…and so forth.

Seriously:  Is the new Big New Thing to be Bio-Buttons?  Which sound like a rewrap of the Fit  wristband monitors to the Old Cynic- Senior Stoic.  We are continuously amazed at how Western-style capitalism can monetize any and all threats into profit-making opportunities.,  Because?  (Repeat after me:) Everything is a Business Model, Commandante Ure!

Si.  Bueno.  NOW print me some more hundreds and let’s move on.

Is There Real News?


There is cause-driven gobbledygook for the most part.  Need examples?

Study shows racial gap in perceived access to arts and culture in metro Detroit.  HUH???  Last time we were in Detroit is was like visiting a freakin war zone.  Haves downtown and have nots in the emptied-out buildings.  They’re talking “arts and culture?”  ViseGrip me.  They need education and business creation incubators.

Oh, here’s something useful – yeah, this will restart America: Epic Star Wars Supercut Video Is Here To Give You Chills.

No?  Well, how about this passing as news: ‘Harry Potter’ star Jason Isaacs reveals he had a ‘decades-long love affair with drugs’.   Get in line, buddy.  Stretches around…the world.

And do we really need the Washington Post cutting down trees and burning electronics to tell us Why not everyone was kneeling during the NBA anthem demonstration?  I don’t think sooo…. at least those of us not in reeducation camps or rehab already know.

World is nuts.  Addicted to competing victimhood’s.

America’s Weakening Youth

Had a heart to heart with my son last night. The young are getting tired.  America’s vitality is in trouble.

Son G2, a firefighter/EMT who’s busy as hell with CV-19 and wild fire season in the mountains tells me  “Dad I’m exhausted…I need a break.”

You’ll get one G…as soon as you’re dead.  GTFU.  Dad is still cranking 70-hours a week in real measurable work.  All you really need is a  fresh shot of Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson, and re-read that David Goggins book.  Double Americano tall with that.”

We become our inputs – and tomorrow we get more deeply into that (input control) on the subscriber side.

Frankly, we won’t have a country, if we can’t get our shit together.  Biden’s just another panderer like Trump.  We need a new, honest values-based American political party.  The American Whig Party is supported by some of my friends.  “Peace and Prosperity” would be a nice break.

But first?  We have hard work to do.  We need to rethink the notion of everyone “working for the Man” all the time.  We need a national strategy to return to a time when one person working could support a family.

Ain’t going to happen as long as people persist in chasing the false idol of financial supremacy.  Which is why we voluntarily downscaled 20-years ago.  No stress – except for the stuff we let into the house on purpose to remind us how generally f*cked-up the world is.

You really can focus on getting a little land and growing a few vegetables.  You don’t need to pay $80,000 for a car.  It’s all a game of egoic excess and it ends with a psychotic break.

Like the one the world is entering right now.

At the end of it?  Anger will be everywhere – and that’s why wars follow economic depressions.  Because we persist in continuing to be “broken” on the inside and are somehow amazed when our “outer world” reflects the inner bankruptcy so clearly.

I’ve said enough.  Say hi to “the Man” for me.  We’re just working for food and taxes and to do a little of “the right thing” to change the world to a more healthy direction.

Yeah… I know.  Good luck with that.

Write when you get rich,

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60 thoughts on “Watching the DVR – Dollar Valuation Rally”

  1. “actual economic help for real people”

    Trump had 3.7 years. “Erase the lines, jail Hillary, retire the national debt, reshore…” Chuckle, chuckle.

    The good old days, “Election 2016: Republicans retain House and Senate”

    Trump blew it or was in on it.

    • tax cuts
      400 miles or so of wall
      prison reform
      telemedicine across state borders
      cheaper drugs
      hospital prices uncovered
      decoupling from china

      how about those?

      • Wow just think of that,what are we decoupling from China after all you have to get those items from somewhere,why in hell would we spend billions on a wall when all we had to do was fine the hell out those who employed them,as far as tax cuts they only benefited the 1% and I ain’t seen those cheaper drugs yet as my prescriptions went from $44 and change up to $200 and change,seems people are still living in the make believe land…..

      • not sure where you got your number – but it sure as crap isn’t 400 miles ‘or so’ of wall

        Instead it is more like 200 miles which is less than half of Trump’s stated goal of having 450 miles of wall built by the end of 2020.

        From January 2017 to mid-May 2020, approximately 187 miles of primary and secondary “border wall system” have been built, CBP said (USCustoms and Border protetion). A “border wall system” includes steel-bollard barriers, all-weather roads, lighting, cameras and other surveillance technology.

        Trump also said “On the Southern border, as you know, the wall is going up, it’s going up very rapidly. We’re at 182 miles.”

        Yes there is construction going on at the Southwest border — so far 187 miles have completed projects. But only a small part of that represents areas of the border that previously had no protection.

        What the administration has mostly done is replace old and outdated designs with newer and improved barriers.

    • All one had do was look at Trumps back trail to see what he was and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,he was the king of corruption and he carried it right into the oval office with him,Clinton and Trump are two peas in a pod a match made in heaven, made’s little difference who was elected and it will make no difference who’s elected this time around….

      • U would think that the KING of corruption would have a Corruption Charge on his Record..U know one little Indictment for Corruption.

        I’m sure one those Casino Licensing Commissions investigating Corruption against “Orange-Man-Bad found something U can hang your sad blue CONSPIRACY hat on..

      • Too many parallels with the Clintons and Trump. Trump a former Democrat was a contributor to both Clintons Campaigns. They were both friends with Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell. Both had ties to the mob. Bill and Hillary Clinton had major ties to Arthur A. Coia, Labor Union Chief and racketeer. Trump had ties to ‘Fat Tony’ Salerno, Paul Castellano, Roy Cohn, and of course the usual suspects that surround Casino’s, of which Trump unsuccessfully owned.

        What has always astounded me is that all of this was front page news in New York for years…I guess it didn’t trickle down to Boondocks, Louisiana.

        The 2016 election was an assault on our common senses…which is why I wrote in a candidate. Now…we have to deal with the Present politically evil Option that is like a morbid game of “would you rather“ get stabbed in the heart or get your throat slit.?

        I just can’t imagine Biden being worse than this. I wish however, a surprise candidate rise from the ashes and save us all.

        • I for one, Mark, could vote for Dr. Ben Carson. Meets all the check boxes, brighter than most, didn’t collide with the orange tweet delivery van and more.
          I may write him in – thanks for the idea…

      • Ben Carson is a good choice, but talk about Sleepy…If Joe Biden is Sleepy Joe, Ben Carson is Deep Sleep Ben. are right…he is smart, checks all the boxes…but please give the man some Quadruple shot, nitro caffeine drinks.

        • Measured, studied people don’t have to be excitable. I look at Caron like I look at the pilot in command in shitty instrument weather. I don’t worry.

          Ben in the house? No worries!

      • Dr. Carson, yes, or even Senator Cruz. Better yet the two together as running mates. Having someone in there that knows how D.C. is run would be invaluable. Right now all we have is “He’s not “Hellery”‘” and a ton of Nero wanna-be’s on both sides of the isle all fiddling while America burns. Like it or not, though, I’ll still have to vote for Trump because I’m not about to put a tic mark by anyTHING with a “D” next to it.

        I’m concerned, George. I sense a lot more anger in your installment today than usual. Did you zig when the markets zagged or are the LEDs just not working any more? ZH’s article this morning “The Spreading Feeling “This Is Happening All By Design”” and others like it always make me wonder where the heck everyone else’s mind is NOT to have felt this way a long time ago!

      • ED….
        You have to wonder if The power that is shown by the teflon to have every alphabet organization deem it’s all fake..
        The suicide and mugging list of those would be really difficult for the president to have them incarcerated. As soon as he made that comment billions was spent trying to get him out of office. Non stop attacks made up allegations. Conspiring ..
        MARK ..
        The donations were only tax write offs.
        What I find funny is most of his donation money went to the very party that’s complaining about his donations..

      • “a ton of Nero wanna-be’s on both sides of the isle all fiddling while America burns.”

        BILL…..I want you to know that I for one don’t think that the ton of NERO wanna-be’s have enough sense to know how to play the kazoo much less learn how to play a fiddle…
        Brainless wonders.. but then they do have to have something on board.. they make ton’s of money off of the groups that pay our politicians..

    • The machinations of 2016 to 2020 appear to match the zero sum game product of 1976 to 1980 featuring the usual booking agents. One understands that a Lone Ranger is presently awol from the current comedic troupe of players.

      Wait – Wake Up! Here’s six people of small stature with a nomination…

    • George wrote:(“See why only property owners should vote? The mobs coming for it all. Just be patient and remain glued to the UHD Cyclops a bit longer”.)

      You are so correct. If someone investigated these people, they would find that many of them don’t have a pot to p**s in. They have no skin in the game. All they want is to vote themselves “largess” from the U.S. Treasury.

      As Thomas Jefferson once stated and I paraphrase. When the people discover they can vote to receive free money from the government, that is the end of the Republic.

      I usually drop by Urban Survival each morning for some intellectual stimulation along with a cup of strong black tea.

      Best to you.

  2. Report from Tybee Island. The hurricane went east of us yesterday. We got a sprinkle here and that was all. It’s beautiful today. Went to Best Buy in Savannah yesterday and discovered that most of shelves were bare….asked the clerk what was going on and was told that they can’t get shipments from China. Hmmm. It’s hitting consumers now. Anyway, we went down to the beach this morning and watched the sun rise and everything seemed right with world.

    • @ Ralph –

      There is going to be some business for tinkerers that can fix things that haven’t been fixed in the last 30 years. I think if you can braze metal pipe together, then there will be easy business repairing fridges, freezers, aircon units, etc. that were built as throwaways. Once they leak down, you were supposed to crap out another $500 for a new one. Instead, if you braze on two access fittings into the system, you can recharge.

      We are doing inventory of what kinds of freon our units use – so we can buy before it dries up…

      Interesting that I got friends in Mexico (Tabasco state) and they are NOT having problems with inventory in their stores. The world is bigger than the USA and things are not identical in many ways.

      • Propane (R-290) is an excellent refrigerant, other than flammability. It works in many/most systems, though I believe it’s illegal as a home refrigerant. That won’t matter if there’s nothing else and you need a working system.

      • @NM Mike

        I run my rv refrigerator off the mains, but it can be set as auto-switch to propane if/when the the grid is not available.

      • George, some fluorocarbon refrigerants can generate phosgene gas when burned, as I understand it. I’m sure that’s the nerve agent you’re thinking of. Propane certainly won’t do that.

  3. George

    “You don’t need to pay $80,000 for a car.”

    And I won’t! If we get another stimulus check I will be looking to buy a “beater” pickup truck. I didn’t start this mess of an economy but I will do what I need to do to protect myself and mine!

    The truck will be used in an experiment with alternative fuels.

    In regards to protecting my family She Who Must Be Obeyed had a setback in her medical care recently. Her health insurance company under Medicare rule changes now must pay $2200 a month copay for a serum that bolsters her immune system. Kept her alive it did!

    I guess too many of us peasants were using that pricey juice!

    Since that copay could not be met I turned to alternative medicine for an answer. I found that there were indeed resources to use.

    For a long time I have used colloidal silver for fighting infections. I found an article in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine that stated that using colloidal silver in a nebulizer will reduce the symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis by over 90%. Here’s the link

    We have been doing this and her reaction is to Not have a pneumonia attack. It’s been five months since she had her last serum treatment and by now she should have been in the hospital. So far so good!

    In addition to the silver treatments we have been supplementing her vitamin routine with Colostrum capsules. Colostrum is the first milk that mammals produce after birthing. It contains the IgG immune factor that the serum supplied. We use a vendor that supplies the colostrum in a gel cap so that it passes thru the stomach. Powered forms of colostrum lose a lot of potency in the stomach.

    She reports that she feels better now that we started the colostrum.

    There is another technology I have started working on that has been shown in past decades to be effective but is frowned on by the FDA and traditional science. I don’t give a hoot if they don’t like it because it doesn’t put money in Bid Pharma’s pocket. I will do what it takes to keep my Lady alive!

    None of this is medical advise. You must research what is out there for yourself. I am just reporting what we are doing.

    With that said if the Fed’s start giving out money I will take it because I know that hard times are coming, I didn’t cause it and to not use the money to fortify my ability to help my family would be immoral.

    • G –

      that 2nd-to-last paragraph ‘At the end of it?’…

      Really good buddy….I wonder if your readers truly grok what you said, because it sounds like a quick toss-off wind down – only it isn’t.

      Going tractor shopping today – see who wants to sell and who wants to polish their inventory…

      • Good luck on tractor shopping – buddy next door just droped 46 large on a 60 hp big orange with loader bucket, a/c, and a huge-ass stump grinder on it…sucker rocks!

        Tell Son of OM2 Ure needs the tree climbed again.

        Remember that line I didn’t wind up (“I’;;ll pick it up later…” that was grown over by Youpon? Sucker tried to follow the tractor back by the solar panels and something had to give. Hint: Wasn’t the TREE!!! lol

        be well and mask up? LOL

    • @ RocketMike – sry.
      was reading your comment when hit reply to George…but want to respond to you as well…

      You do what you need to do. Trust yourself and know that there are a lot of good cures and treatments that work which are “illegal” here in this country.

      The only difference between most people and a GP is that we have less paperwork. Watch the GP doc count shrivel up even more as diagnostic software eliminates the necessity for them to interpret symptoms.

      You, Sir, are much more driven to research and pay close attention to your patient than any doctor working for his fee.

      As hypercomplexity continues to metastasize across the country and power mad officials make ever more stupid decisions, the financial tsunami is clear when you look out to sea. When that finally arrives, expect to have many more people doing what you are – finding another way. If you can, offer your knowledge and experience to others when they arrive at the same point you are.

      Lending a hand should be what people do when times get tough – and everyone can see the ‘gristle factor’ is growing in our daily lives.

    • See Rattle snake capsules on Ebay and other places. Many people around my neck of the woods swear by them for a whole host of ailment and, yes, even for cancers.

    • I’ve never been a fan of colloidal silver although I know people who are, so when my 17 yr old Maine Coon cat “Kittyboy” was diagnosed with cancer, despite the vet prescribing some Amoxcillin and pain meds, I felt so damn helpless I put him on droppers full of colloidal several times a day.
      I could tell he felt better after each dose, but alas he lost the fight and I had to put him down.
      But I credit colloidal with giving us an extra month with him.
      I sure hope it does the trick for your Mrs and God bless.

  4. “the operators of socialist media are running epistemic paternalism operations as unfit parents!”

    Well said George. I’m sure you caught last week’s MAJOR censorship of the group America’s Frontline Doctors. They held a conference on the steps of the Supreme Court, a video of which was posted to YouTube & Facebook, shared widely and quickly received >20million views internationally. This is a group of doctors – credentialed and actually treating patients – promoting HCQ therapy (Hydroxychloroquine + zinc + azithermycin) for treatment of COVID-19, an inexpensive treatment regimen they personally administered.

    The W.H.O. has claimed that HCQ therapy efficacy is a “debunked myth” / “misinformation” and the socialist media orgs have used this official authority’s proclamation as reason for removing these videos [read: CENSORING the information]. Realize these are real doctors with scientific papers supporting HCQ therapy, who also created a website ( to share published scientific studies which provide evidence of the value of said therapy. Not only did their videos get pulled from the common / mainstream social media sites, THEIR WEBSITE WAS TAKEN DOWN!

    This latest example of bald-faced, broad scope censorship – executed in about 1 day – is extremely disturbing. These are credentialed experts sharing scientific studies being censored…
    By the way, the only place you can see their videos now is on Bitchute – an independent video hosting platform that values the 1st amendment, and guess what – if you want to support Bitchute finacially, you can’t do so except via some Coin / digital currency. Traditional payment processors will not service them so you can’t donate via Mastercard, Visa, Amex, or bank transfer. This restriction of payment processing support is the same thing that was done to Wikileaks years back. The frightening reality is that there are only a handful of people / corporations in control of major financial and communication channels that our society-at-large depends upon, and through these measures can effectively censor information from the vast majority of humanity and very quickly.

    The truth is still out there, but one needs to actively look to find it. Don’t count on any major social media platform (or Google for that matter) to make it available to you.

    • I can’t believe these jerks at actually took the doc’s website down. To me, that jumps the shark.
      This “anti-HCQ cocktail” movement is killing 1,000’s worldwide, and IMO all the B.S. about “slow the spread”, “masking” “keep your distance”, etc. is designed to keep this bug in center stage until the election and until they have a “vaccine” developed that they can sell for big bucks a dose. And it may get to the point where you must prove you’ve been vaccinated in order to gain entry to events, buildings, hell maybe even your own apartment building. One way or another they’ll stretch this as far as possible. Yet another scandal in our already scandal-ridden society.
      Anyhoo, you can find the doc’s video here as well:

  5. Hot tip from the BCN – Fire Retards – R – US .

    – The makers of G’s Asbestos pants that keep his Ass from burning up/down –

    “anyone can make up a digital CURRENCY”…

    -Really? care to provide one example- just F-ing ONE EXAMPLE would be good/fine.

    – There are NONE – NO OTHERS – Not the FED,CCP/Dems, Ruskies,SWISS, Ferengi, BIS, Etherium,Ripple, ect.

    ALL- Read that again – ALL CYRPTO – EXCEPT BITCOIN – Have CENTRALIZED Control to some Degree.

    “Anyone can” except they have not done so yet, Rugman, still waiting while Ure keeps LYING – can hardly wait to see the continuing Lies & Falsifications on the pay side manana – In light of CDC admitting Financial Incentives for Hospitals that report higher covert19 numbers.

    If U lie like a Rug – U B a “Rugman” ..still haven’t discovered Mirrors in East Texas apparantly.

    kein Bitcoin fur unwahre Lugner.

  6. The virus has done a Joe DiMaggio in the Northeast(left and gone away).Pennsylvania reported 0 deaths yesterday despite the gyms being reopened for the past 6 weeks.Across the narrow Delaware River in NJ,gym owners are being arrested.The difference here is that PA is a battleground state unlike deep blue NJ.Pocono Real Estate has never been more attractive.

  7. On another note…Please watch the interview with Trump on Axios…If this doesn’t make you sick to your stomach that Trump is President, then Wilhelm Wundt himself couldn’t help you.

    • Not quite sure of your point, with the interview. The point Trump did not confront Putin about bounties for US soldiers? You want him to declare war on Russia? Do you really expect our adversaries would not be helping our enemies? Trump makes me sick simply because he is an ego maniac and has done nothing to rein in government spending. Obama made me sick for his constant battle to split us along racial lines and had no belief in the free market, nor individual freedom and using the IRS and FBI against his political opponents. Bush Jr, made me sick with his contact growth of foreign engagements without actually declaring war. Clinton made me sick being a rapist, scumbag.

      US citizens are incapable of choosing actual leaders. Our next presidential decision is only a tiny bit better then our last. We will again end up with someone who is short on integrity and has no ideas to improve our coming situation. I might vote for Trump, normally I would vote for the libertarian candidate, to try and keep power split between the house and president. With them battling is the only way we might have a chance they don’t go whole hog in a stupid direction. See Obama care and Tax cuts without an associated spending cut, for recent examples of such stupidity.

      • Trump is just clueless. That’s my point. Doesn’t know how to be the better man. The following is a result of points made in the interview…

        To President Trump..So what, John Lewis didn’t attend his inauguration…the man just died and was a good representative for Civil rights. Be the better man and pay your respects.

        So what, COVID deaths by percentage of population are some of the worst in the world…quit making up stats to paint a rosier picture than what it really is…For Pete’s sake, we have had over 160K deaths…it isn’t a “it is what is is’ moment. Be the better man and reassure everyone that you feel their pain…and your medical experts will work their tails off to make it better for everyone.

        So what, you only had 6,000 people in Tulsa, and this is according to Tulsa officials, not your self proclaimed fake media, even though you claim there was 12,000…video’s show differently BTW. Why is it so important that you always have big crowds..and why was it so important that in a middle of a pandemic you have that big crowd? Are you trying to kill off your base? Be a better man and stop worrying about your poll numbers and start putting Americans first.m

        So what, we have more testing and that results in positive cases. You say that like it’s a bad thing…of course…don’t we want more testing, so we can do contact tracing and find out where hot spots are, so we can stop the virus in its tracks? And besides, we have done more testing, but not more as a percentage of population. Many countries have us beat on that.

        The hubris, the idiocy, the sickening narcissism of this man is beyond human understanding. I felt sorry for the interviewer…Trump kept on interrupting with non-sensical phrases that ended up centered back on him as a man. Mary Trumps book Nailed it…This man is unfit for dog catcher, let alone POTUS.

      • “has done nothing to rein in government spending.”

        Good point JD… what services would you cut..?
        a sizable drop in revenues, which were down 28% and interest on the national deficit is up roughly one percent from last year to 8point something percent on our deficit.
        Add the costs from covid on it now for this year and a reduction of tax revenue that wasn’t able to take care of it before..
        I dont know about you but that’s some scary stuff there..what would you could put regulations back on the biggies that were affected by deregulation. You could add tariff and tax regulations to goods and services from other countries. (Oh the president has been trying to get congress to go with that)
        I just don’t know where to cut. What’s the cost increases of economic growth of the system..

    • So, in your infinite wisdom you plan to vote for the devious incoherent doddering Dementia Joe?

      • I will do what George is doing and write in a Republican candidate.
        Have you actually listened to Joe Biden though, or are you listening to right wing entertainment shows that mock him? I see no signs of dementia, especially compared to Trump and his inability to speak. Joe has started to make a lot of speeches lately, but I don’t blame him for not being too aggressive. Every time Trump speaks is a vote for Biden.

        Yesterday Trump called Yosemite…without a doubt,the most famous and beautiful National Park in the world…Yo- Semite… as if to say Hey- Jewish person.

      • “Have you actually listened to Joe Biden”

        MARK I overheard A real politician once that told another candidate when asked what he should talk about… just give them a one two three speech.. they are all dumb as sheep and will believe anything you tell them.
        Except from helping his sons endeavors and bragging about it on video just what has he actually done..
        In forty years he has a poor voting record .

      • “Trump and his inability to speak.”
        One of the things I totally love about our president.. is the fact that he says what he’s thinking. That is about as honest and transparent as you will ever see in government.
        Another is he’s attempted to get done what he said he would. All while he’s been attacked non stop..
        No fake promises. (Although I do think I’d like to see them try to give out the four grand a month and a grand for every member and free healthcare lol.. we already seen what happened in that arena under Obama. When all the had to do I’d uphold the laws already on the books)

    • @Mark

      Why has Mr. Trump repeatedly fed scoops to that reporter working for a subsidiary of the the world’s second largest broadcaster which is a democrat supporter? Thank you for putting me onto lawyer Ed Sussman’s business model.

  8. Adrenochrome a drug that can only be found in the human skull (pineal gland) of an infant whose blood has been Adrenalized with fear then killed which now makes up a multibillion-dollar black market industry and the reason why 800,000 children go missing in the USA annually.

    • National presidential alert system created for grave public emergencies.
      why was this created in tested political Warfare .information Warfare.
      We spent the last three years building some new technology we have not revealed yet ,we’re going to converse with 100 million Americans without the media in the middle without social media in the middle when we turn that engine on.
      Emergency alert system a primary entry primary entry point system issued a national periodic test.
      Emergency alert system for the following broadcast station or cable system issued a civil emergency message.
      Presidential alert this is a test of the national wireless emergency alert system no action is needed.

      Camp Justice
      Pedophile codes
      Hot dog=boy.
      Cheese= young girl
      Pasta=young boy
      Walnut=colored kids
      Ice cream=male prostitutes

      The pill that everybody wants (TRUTH) but can’t seem to swallow.

      Hope you had fun investigating Trump ,now it’s his turn.

      We have it all.
      Now Comes the Pain.

      • “The pill that everybody wants (TRUTH) but can’t seem to swallow.”

        People got it.. the big issue was the political power and the financial power of all of the ones with suspected involvement.
        I still think the bean spiller was a member of the team investigating the problem. Realizing that the people involved were so powerful how do you go after them when your career and existence depend on those being investigated.( I am still waiting for Assange to get sad and commit suicide or being mugged in custody and killed)
        You also seen how fast it was all buried. In dc. Time it was at the speed of lightning and everything all the right in your face hints and documents all gone deemed fake news..
        And those investigating the allegations being quieted..
        The people know they are powerless those sworn to serve and protect quieted or no longer with us.

      • Thanks for letting us know the decrepit moral state Trump’s base is in, where you can only incoherently reference perverted terminology, hopefully distracting from the real damage Trump has done.

  9. end of august for reality check on Amerika George? you are the greatest bull manure artists on earth .. you will kick it down the road again .. and your covid is a hoax a dead set hoax .. bigger than 911 .. pump the gold pump the economy .. good on you all .. so smart .. and the Chinese are putting on the show with you .. there is a god you know.. or something .. but of course he is American and already bribed

  10. $80K for a car? YGBFM!

    Each of the last four cars I bought cost less than $100 average, and one was free. Yes, I spend a couple of hours work on three of them, but they all ran and I drove long distance with them(sans one). They look decent and my only problem is that it’s not worth the cost to register and insure more than one(along with the truck). My most expensive truck is a diesel and cost $2500. It still runs well, but again, there’s the registration/insurance thing.

    For DIY medicine, there’s an awful lot of info on the net. Allocate a certain amount of time per day or week to study and download everything to redundant hard drives. The net as we know it is an anomaly that we should exploit for info while we can. It’s late in the game. To see where we’re going, compare a decent computer against a “smart” phone. The computer is a generic multi-tool. The phone is simply a marketing and tracking gimmick that can do only a small fraction of what a proper computer can do. Many/most people rely on their phone far more than their computers.

    • NMMike.. I hear ya clucking.. I did spend 40 on my wife’s car after tax rebates and company discounts and a little dickering the end cost was 20..
      They had a four year old Bently gorgeous car leather hand buffed interior and all the bells and whistles.. 20 thousand actual miles..whoever owned rode the brakes.. the salesman told me if I made an offer of 15 thousand it was mine.. four years ago they paid 267 thousand dollars for it..they wanted to get the brake job back out of they finally suckered someone in atlanta to buy it. My car my grandson got hit by a driver texting and driving totaled my car out.. I was arguing with the insurance company because they were only going to give two hundred. The car lot I was sitting in was owned by my old mechanic he sold me a car that they had totaled out because some woman had been hit by a guy texting and driving in the back hatch..she was just as anal as I am. I’ve put about a quarter million miles on it..
      The car before that I paid a hundred for from a tow truck brakes and an oil change I put a couple hundred on that to..tow truck auto auctions great places to get a car for a couple hundred.

    • “My most expensive truck”

      Mine was sort of free.. it belonged to the kids..and it was just rusting away..the daughter wanted it gone.. I said give it to me..she did..

  11. George, you want ‘functional immortality’? Read August Dunning’s book “THE PHOENIX PROTOCOL”. OMG! Anyone can do this. It’s a bit difficult to do a 7-day ‘dry fast’, but the regenerative benefits to the body are huge. I got the tip from someone here in the comments in the past…. thanks to whoever.

    Hawaii is sinking into the morass of economics vs. health. Virus cases spiking to new daily record numbers… mostly in Honolulu… because nobody is taking it seriously like the total lockdown. Tourist numbers are growing daily, and the state mandated ‘quarantine’ is being ignored in such numbers now that the health dept monitors are unable to check up on ‘quarantined’ incoming visitors… who are busting the quarantine in droves. Governor and business owners want to return to the ‘old normal’ as quickly as possible, but they are being flooded with new covid cases now. Locals are not taking the mask & distance warnings seriously and clusters are spreading in large family groups of ‘pacific islanders’ here. It’s going out of control quickly. State health director now says the virus is ‘endemic’ in Hawaii.

    The wide open spaces here on the Big Island are an advantage now to staying distant from the crowds. Honolulu yesterday reported a record high of over 200 cases in one day. Only Two here on the Big Island.

    • I just did the and its very easy. No thirst or hunger at all. Just nothing by mouth for 7 days. On 5th day was living on Albuturol for my asthma.It went away and rehydrated for a week and still no asthma. They have about 50 diffferent things that can be cured with this type of fast. I am 85 and feel great almost like 40 /50 year old.

    • Thanks for this link. This is for quinine or related compound(s). While I do believe there are a couple of errors and ways to optimize, it seems harmless and may do some good. Quinine, HCQ and CQ are similar, yet you should know what you’re getting. The latter two are synthetic. I’m downloading this for posterity. I do hope there are molecular chemists here that can provide ways to concentrate, or ideally a full synthetic pathway that’s usable by a regular self-reliant individual. One that uses commonly available materials. Don’t forget the zinc!

  12. whats on tonite to ramp gold and ussa ? maybe some bullsheet stories about biden or WW3 .. covid is boring .. its all fake sheet so who cares .. come on !!! have a real good ramp tonite for ultimate greed .. USSA USSA USSA .. you get it your all superhuman

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