The Country That Can’t Read

Two items – as we watch – astounded – as the Dow climbs more than 200 points.

Sure, sure…rally on any hint of hype on a furtherance of unemployment bennies and such.

But, are we the only ones to understand there are only  two places such money can come from?

Higher taxes OR we Make It Up.

You would buy a stock that pays no dividends and is only a speculation that a larger fool will be along to buy it later?  Well, have fun with that…

The Other Reading Deficiency

Even you you-know-WHO is saying it now:

“WHO says there’s no ‘silver bullet’ to defeat coronavirus and ‘there might never be’.”

Classic “Markets in Denial!”

Remedial reading lessons to follow.

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17 thoughts on “The Country That Can’t Read”

  1. Here’s some interesting news concerning the illegality of lockdowns, the duplicity of the CDC and others in government. He raises constitutional and legal issues involving the whole pandemic response.
    These issues also impact Antifa and BLM with patriot act violations.
    I’m not a lawyer and haven’t played one on tv however what he’s saying seems to me to deserve a good look by prosecutors and patriots alike.

    • “These issues also impact Antifa and BLM ”

      I still want to know.. WHO… is behind these groups is it some multi megabucks guy setting up the african american population for the pandemic to take down??
      Who is it that’s paying money for damage and violence. Why haven’t the money men been on the list to be investigated

  2. Silver bullet for covid? Um, that would be Hydroxychloroquine, which resolves the hypoxia issue, so that oxygen can pass from the lung to the bloodstream … you know, so blood doesn’t clot and organs dont fail. It’s inexpensive, effective and in many other countries, it’s an OTC medicine.
    But when there’s an agenda and other drugs with less understanding, have greater side effects and cost much more … who needs the good stuff?
    Not real smart to put someone on a ventilator without taking care of that nasty hypoxia issue. Otherwise you’re just blowin air. Not real smart to run a ventilator without a for-real respiratory therapist on duty either. Gosh knows there aren’t enough of those good folks to float around.
    It’s been medical intellect out the window. Sad.

    • Anonymous One

      Seems those who know the truth about medications who have professional degrees in the Art of healing, are being silenced … unless there are many yelling.
      I find, that the more the better because it gets an amount of results. Ohio Governor banned hdq and the board of doctors and surgeons fought it … sighting doctor/patient relations. They told the governor he’s not a doctor … and they won.
      Gang-ing up on those rogue Governors seems the thing to do.
      They’re killin us, Smalls.
      And because there’s so much “focus” (confusion) on covid, we start seeing things like this. Just one of several diseases on the creep.

  3. Algos are as algos do. This has become the Street equivalent of “stupid is as stupid does”.

    At some point in the future, institutional investors will be forced to deal with the unpleasant reality that artificial intelligence is more artificial than intelligent, and when virtually all transactions are intended to game the system, the probability of anyone breaking even approaches that of a statistical duck egg. Reality can only accommodate so many whiz kid smart A’s running algo’s which attempt to thwart entropy.

    As I have stated before, cryptos represent a pure leveraged investment. You are betting on leverage, not intrinsic value. If washed properly first, greenbacks make handy reusable wipes. Try wiping up a spill with a Litecoin.

  4. dunno George .. doesn’t seem kosher anymore hearing the same stories over and over.. getting a bit smelly

  5. anyway have a big one again .. makes no difference .. tonite i decided not to look at anything .. ie futures , gold price .. just bed .. the old full moon theory thrown out 2 .. is that bloke arch Crawford around or is he bought off 2 for da faderland/ patriot

    • “the old full moon theory thrown out 2”

      I love to sit out and look at the moon and stars.. hasn’t this week been absolutely spectacular len.. totally love it.. unfortunately to see the moon so brilliantly displayed usually means fall is fast approaching..

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