Threat Board Mastery

Information is the “high ground” in all matters these days. Yet, for some reason, most people are “passive news and information consumers.”  A threat board is a tool to hone your aggressive news and information strategy to better inform all aspects of your life.

The average don’t look long, hard, or deeply at much of anything.  Bumbling through life – without purpose – it’s easy to drop in to “go along to get along” mode.

Oh, yeah:  It’s also what makes average people, well, you know…average!

We tackle that on an ongoing basis using the idea of a “threat board” which traces its way back to SWOT analysis in business.

But, before we get into it, a look at the height of financial folly in our ChartPack.  Sure…it really is different this time.  Until it’s not.

Bean up, eyes on your goals, and we roll…

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36 thoughts on “Threat Board Mastery”

  1. Dear Jerzy, Greetings and salutations for the sodden mid-atlantic. Welcome to America where the people are so materialistic that they pay money to store their excess crap in storage lockers. In trying times like these I would like to remind “We the People” that we are immortal spiritual beings, and consequently, this ain’t your first rodeo and wont be your last. Now if I can only find a pair of cyanine goggles to identify these soulless entities that are trying to destroy this country. Keep the Faith fellow Ureites…..

    • More truth in your words than you may even know. You’re sure smarter than that other Mark who posts here from the left coast!

  2. @Mark ftols

    THOSE that you seek are on tv cable news everyday…and their guests are even worse..Semper Fi

  3. I think we impact the planet with fossil fuel use.

    I have a 2012 Camry which I bought new and went from oil change to oil change without any feedings in between (full synthetic, 10K miles in between changes.)

    Now at 205,000 miles and still full synthetic I have to add a quart of oil every 2,500 miles. I don’t have to check the oil I already know, just dump a quart and go.

    I may stop getting oil changes all together….

    No evidence of smoke or leaks. I asked at the dealer and they told me the engine “uses” oil. We know molecules cannot be “used” (destroyed) so the oil molecules are going somewhere.

    I don’t know how much carbon is in a quart of synthetic oil so I’ll use gasoline as the comp.

    NASA says:

    “Gasoline is about 87% carbon and 13% hydrogen by weight. So the carbon in a gallon of gasoline (weighing 6.3 pounds) weighs 5.5 pounds (. 87 x 6.3 pounds = 5.5 pounds). So, multiply the weight of the carbon times 3.7, which equals 20 pounds of carbon dioxide!”

    It seems to me when we “use” 6.3 pounds of gasoline (a gallon) the change of state is from gasoline back to carbon and hydrogen molecules. The carbon and hydrogen are going into the air. Carbon will stay in the air until something needs the stuff and pulls it out. (Trillion tree initiative).

    The oil my car “uses” is being converted back to carbon and sent into the air. Since the pollution is invisible we don’t think twice about that part.

    I think unsustainable fossil fuel use is another reason why the old economy was collapsed/is evolving. Think back to the 1970’s gas lines.

    What if instead of telling the population there is an oil shortage/embargo the president simply told everyone there is a virus and people have to stay home.

    Here’s an example of a good trading system gone amuck:

    Report: The SEC is investigating details around Eastman Kodak’s government loan

    • The rings are likely worn and some of the oil, very small, is escaping between them and the combustion chamber. A small amount may not smoke. To tell for sure you could likely do a compression test. But heck, just keep adding the oil, it may run like that another 100K. Likely not worth repairing at that mileage, as more old parts will likely fail. I am personally torn about lowering emissions, by trading into another auto. Unless the car is crushed, if I were to buy a more efficient or electric auto, my personal emissions would go down, but if the car is still on the road, have I lowered emissions in a broader sense? It the car is recycled, are the parts that cannot be re-used and trashed more environmentally friendly then some extra carbon release? Many folks only mention one part of the transportation chain, the carbon use. What about the life to death of the auto. I think the creation of the battery, (mining, manufacture, recycle) is less damaging in general then burning carbon, but it is not likely a slam dunk, and we don’t have enough history yet with electric vehicle batteries to know how the recycle process will work and how environment friendly it might be. Mining is also a very dirty business and can be very wasteful with clean water. But battery or engine, we have to mine something.

      • Gas v. electric: figuring life cycle costs (manufacturing, energy consumption, recycling, etc.) is a complex business. I last went car shopping a year ago and investigated what would be a sane alternative: gas, hybrid, all-electric. It turned out that a great deal depends on where you live. In Florida, electricity is mainly natural gas and nuclear. The all-electric v. hybrid decision is a close call here, mainly because I couldn’t get exact percentages for my local grid. But you’re a devil if you drive a Tesla in Wyoming (mostly coal generators) while next door in Idaho you’d be a saint (almost all hydro power.)_

      • Saturn engines have always tended to use oil, and they have great longevity(unless you don’t check the oil). I’m at 350K miles on an original engine. It seems to be getting a bit tired, but can still run fast on the interstates and mountain roads. I wish it had an oil pressure gauge, but it’s a bit of work to install one. Burning a bit of oil(just a bit) is compensated for in the catalytic converter and it’s a great upper cylinder lube and ring sealer, so your compression stays decent. I’m of the opinion that once you’ve bought or built an engine you should use it all up to get maximum utility from it. Maintain it within reason without overdoing it. I have a spare engine(and other cars) if needed, but hopefully I’ll get another year out of this one.

    • Out of Work Steve on August 5, 2020 at 09:49
      Steve, when I think back to the gas lines of the 70’s, I recall the politics of the time. Jimmy Cahtah’ was bumbling around world politics and had the Middle East in an uproar. The oil politics had full tankers of their crude lying at anchor in our harbors while our tankers full of domestic oil were heading out to sell our stuff to the world while domestic delivery was intentionally cut back.
      Dirt in the politics as usual.
      The whole charade was contrived to generate more wealth for the ‘ol ‘bidness and use the public anger (caused by public ignorance) to convert the “crisis” into more political power.
      They aren’t too smart in Washington but they are powerful.
      Sustainability is a fantasy. All that we have to work with is already here. No one is coming to save us. Learn or Perish.

    • “I think we impact the planet with fossil fuel use.”

      OOWS.. I personally think everything man does has an impact.. NOW.. what I don’t agree with is that man is solely responsible for the changes made to the climate..
      I have nothing against fossil fuels..I burn a coal mix in my multifuel stove to heat the house.. it is awesome but you cannot use straight coal.. the heat generated is more than the circuits can tolerate.. so I mix it. three to one.. what I would love to see is the pellet companies making pellets out of the three to one mix.. not only would they be using up a commodity that is now considered trash because it is dust.. but it would be a cheaper alternative to cherry pits and walnut husks corn etc.. I had planned on using corn stalks and coal dust and using a pellet press to make the pellets myself..for my multi fuel stove I did put an extension on the burn pot.. it wasn’t much but the addition allows for the exhaust to be burned as an afterburner.. works great and the exhaust quite clean in comparison..
      I do believe that we should use what we have and embrace the changes towards cleaner energy use.. use it all but use it wisely.. I know I sound like a broken record.. don’t build huge solar power generation points but smaller starting at the furthest point away from the power plants and work your way back to the power plant.. I would love to see solar towers.. with an inverted trapezoid reflective surface between.. but then if they only made the towers that would be enough.. in the cities.. every lamp post should have a co2 filter and solar panel on it.. it takes what is is seven or fourteen trees to clean the co2 cities are known for concrete and asphalt so make the lamps do a job..

  4. ” If they are registered voters, I think it’s a low-risk proposition to use mail-in ballots.”

    So, if a person does not go pick up their ballot and verify it is themselves, how in the world, can you verify the person handling and mailing back the ballot is the one who used it to vote? I have 4 adults registered in my house. When the ballots come in, what stops me from opening all of them and voting. Is there a mechanism to control the ballots? What if I mail all those back and my son in law, asks for a new ballot because he never submitted his? Is there some investigation in the process for fraud? Does he just get another ballot that is counted? What stops postal people or poll people from losing ballots from addresses they believe will vote a certain way. How do I verify my vote was properly processed and counted toward my chosen candidates. I have zero trust in the integrity of everyone in the chain that might be touching mail in ballots. How do they ensure that anyone voted by mail, also does not vote live. Instead folks should have to show up in person at an official voting admin building, and vote absentee, at least there “should” be an ID check and a limited number of people handling the ballot and privacy to fill in the ballot.

    • I’d agree with a lot of this, and more. The ballots would need to be serialized and have serious security, like a hologram or even a chip like a credit card, so they can’t easily be counterfeited. Each registered voter would need a secret number to write on the ballot to authenticate it. Such a number would be issued when registering to vote(and providing proof of identity, residence and citizenship). The secret number could be updated after voting with an online app for the next use, so that the number could never be reused. As I see it, this is a bare minimum for security, and totally impossible to implement before the November election. Anyone that doesn’t receive their mail ballot could get a replacement from wherever they registered, subject to some kind of security, and the original numbered ballot would be invalidated.

      This still doesn’t address the problem of coerced voting.

  5. Talk about fires. They arnt in our news or the Jewish news either but something is causing the Iranian war effort to go up in a lot of fires according too their papers. The Iranian govt says just accidents but just lately there have sure been a lot of accidents. Did Mossad open up an Arson School?

    • OMG! Pat O’Day of Seattle radio fame? I worked for Pat when he bought KORL radio in Honolulu in 1976. He brought Lan Roberts with him. Lan passed of lung cancer some years ago. RIP.

      • I’ll be danged, Hank! I did morning news for like 5-months at KOL after Dick Curtis (our GM and an ex KJR guy) stole him from Pat who was PD at KJR at the time. Pat was a genius – and is why lots of famous DJs – like Larry Lujack and Tom Murphy became legends in their own rights.

      • Yeah, Pat brought Larry Lujack out to Hawaii for a visit and gave us an inspirational talk about working in radio. But Lujack was at WLS in Chicago at the time, and Pat was unable to persuade him to stay and work in Hawaii…. and probably unable to match his salary at the time. Lan Roberts was a hoot to work with, though. Crazy guy, full of weird fun!

        • Some day I will tell you about his dog, Cobalt, a dobbie, cornering me in the newsroom on early sat AM shift.

          Lan had his beard on at the time and came running in. It’s OK Cobal…it’s just the news guy. No eat!

      • …Didn’t hurt his “mystique” that Lujack was broadcasting 50kW clear-channel off the top of the Sears Tower. I didn’t realize he started in Seattle, though.

  6. yep when we get information like this we have taken it to a new level again .. yes the sinister , egotistical , super patriotism is back in spades .. and the market super fraud 2 ..

      • I was extremely surprised to see YALE as the reprint server though.Not to dis Yale because I am sure that yale is a very good school with talented professors.. yet Yale has always been thought of as a preppy party school for great granddads kids to get a nice piece of paper and a guaranteed job in politics… In all the places I have read stuff through the years.. you rarely see anything printed up or shared by anyone from YALE LOL LOL LOL you find tons at every other college or library of academia but nothing from yale.. well there was one.. once can’t remember what it was though … so that will be interesting to see if anything in the library of reprints is an original paper on research..

    • Thanks for sharing mike.. those look like some pretty cool sites to wander around reading..

  7. Yo G – Ure not really going with Fertilizer Stored in Warehouse in Beirut port ?? Little birdy said it was 2 missiles – 1st attack Anti -Ship missile, 2nd attack was 6 Kt Deliah F16 launched. Tons of hints leaking out regards those fine folks Bibi works for.. fine as frog hair.

    • That last huge detonation was the fertilizer. The smaller detonations which preceded are the issue. No conventional missiles in anyone’s arsenal could cause a blast as big as that fertilizer detonation. One estimate of the crater size I saw on ZH was 400’+ in diameter.

      • Do some research on Nuclear Craters ..there is a TON of Information out there-readily available.

        * Port of Beirut is SOLID ROCK – just like GROUND ZERO – NYC – Same EXACT Perps. as 9/11

        – 593 Foot Wide Crater – a Standard nuke does NOT do that, certainly NOT 12000 Tons Ammonium Nitrate.

        1st Attack – from Patrol Boat – Anti Ship missle
        2nd Attack – F16 launched “Delilah”

        IAEA reported “Fission Event” in “Eastern Med” yesterday..

  8. “it’s easy to drop in to “go along to get along” mode.”

    Absolutely… the average wage earner makes just barely enough to scrape by.. one in two are dependent on social programs..

    Just like the alphabets getting blind on investigations that involved prominent people of power and political ties.
    It’s exactly how adolph got in power and accepted what he promoted..if they opposed those things it would affect their life since success in their daily life is dependent on the ones that they opposed

  9. Comrades,

    One imagines that The Kremlin has forwarded messages of concern to the Russian oligarch apparently domiciled in Cyprus under whose watch a few tons of ammonium nitrate were allegedly offloaded short of their Mozambique destination.

  10. I’ll toss this out as a site I visit weekly. Some articles are dense and use a lot of terminology particular to their discipline, but many are straight forward. Lots of categories, and it certainly helps information….

    These are two sites I enjoy, particularly as they deal with reduced energy solutions – which is where we are heading whether we like it or not.

    If they aren’t exactly to your tastes, dive backwards in their timeline – they’ve covered a lot of ground. Even if it doesn’t fit your current needs, it may spark some hybrid ideas.

  11. “The mushroom cloud explosion was apparently the result of 6 year old ammonium nitrate being sparked and igniting.”

    Nitrates are oxidizers. Whether sodium nitrate, strontium nitrate (pyrotechnic red), barium nitrate (pyrotechnic green), potassium nitrate, and yes, ammonium nitrate — they don’t burn, per se. They make whatever’s around them, burn a lot more-efficiently. You can’t make gunpowder from just potassium nitrate. You have to have the sulfur and charcoal as fuel, for the KNO3 to oxidize. The “ANFO bomb” of 25 years ago is ammonium nitrate (oxidizer) + fuel oil (fuel.) The pieces of video I saw showed a “clean” fire, then the explosion and the spherical dust/shock wave. The explosion flame is orange/red with black smoke. The explosion itself is heavy. These two together make me think somebody sailed a topless tanker into the warehouse, ‘cuz it sure looks like an ANFO explosion. ANFO produces a slow, heavy blast with a “pushing,” bludgeoning effect (for comparison, TNT hits like a ball bat, flash powder, like a whip-crack, etc. The difference is in the duration of the actual explosion.)* I wonder if anyone will figure out, definitively, from where the original fire came…?

    *And “yes,” I did watch Mythbusters on a regular basis…

  12. “Yet Another Bad Move: “Trump campaign sues Nevada over plan to mail ballots to all registered voters.” If they are registered voters, I think it’s a low-risk proposition to use mail-in ballots.”

    My eldest brother lived for 17 years and raised a family in the house where I currently reside. He, his ex, and his kids are still on the registered voter roll in my precinct. He and the ex have both been dead for years; and the kids have not lived in this precinct since the 1970s. I anticipate receiving “ballots” for all four, plus my own kids (also no longer here), if “mail-in voting” is still on the table in November.

    Anyone who does not see how MIV will be used to defraud the system needs to reread the synopsis of the 1960 Election, only this time, react with horror instead of snickering, when you get to the part about Mayor Daley raising the dead, to have 220,000 of them vote for Kennedy…

    I have NO problem with absentee ballots or absentee voting. I have a HUGE problem with “mail-in voting.” Two, in fact. Not only might we reach 110% of eligible voters doing so, the ballots will take years to count completely and accurately. BTW, New York State is still counting its (June) Primary Election ballots.

    I’ve mentioned a couple times now that if the elected President isn’t known by 1/20, CONgress names a Prez pro tempore.

    Congress is sworn-in and required by the Constitution to be seated, on January 3rd, 2021.

    What happens if the personnel of the Congress isn’t seated, or even known, by January 3rd, or (even more-significantly) by January 20th…?

  13. “when you get to the part about Mayor Daley raising the dead, to have 220,000 of them vote for Kennedy…”

    Amen Ray….

    I was reading a book.. double crossed the Sam Giancana biography….when JB got in office.. the part of how Kennedy got in office was something you could follow in the daily news..

    and many of the names in the book were still in office at the time.. ( as far as I know they may still be in office since politics is a lifetime position without having to do a dam thing)

    great book.. up until the creature from Jekyll island that was my most scary book.. It is definitely worth the read.For me at the time I was reading it.. I knew that DC had ton’s of under the table deals going on all the time but was truly naive on just how bad it truly was.. the book put it all in a new light.

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