Warrior Moon vs. Turnaround Tuesday

Warrior Moon is tomorrow, or rather, tonight, depending on which side of the International Dateline you’re on.

The term is rarely seen, outside of the old historical pieces, and even then, it’s often in concert with other language.  In 1907 it appears in Henry Smith Williams’ World History discussing a people who “worshipped a warrior moon goddess.”  Which only matters to the student of Lesser People of Asia Minor (in general) and particularly on the page 417 drill-down into the Cappadocians.

More generally, warrior moons are useful to fast-moving warriors in unfamiliar territory.

Snow Moon is another description of tomorrow’s Moon.  From the Old Farmer’s Almanac.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed that it’s not a “mushroom Moon.”

The Media Hypesteria making the rounds today?  “‘Putin can still step back’: Russian tanks and artillery seen moving into Ukraine ‘attack positions.’  We don’t trust Putin, and if troops are rotating, that would be normal.  Please do remember, these are Russian forces on Russian soil.

Want to place bets on how the US would respond to Mexican or Canadian worries about US military maneuvers on either one of our borders? We’d tell ’em to piss off.

Headlines Undercut Rally Talk

Our view is the rally today is likely to be a very short-lived affair.  Big pop at the open, but what’s the news flow like in Ukraine today?  Not good:

Meantime, Putin et al will paint this as anti-democratic and a “reason” to rescue Russian-speakers west of the Russian border.  Putin’s been clever here, setting up country-status claiming groups in lands taken in 2014 leading Ukraine’s Parliament calls on world not to recognize ‘independence’ of self-proclaimed ‘LPR/DPR’ (ukrinform.net).  Those being the puppet mini-me’s of Putin in Donetsk and Luhansk.

Markets? Going Nowhere!

We seem headed into a major rally at the open this morning.  But the specific cause is always suspect.

In markets, I’ve been telling you to be alert to a possible rally this week.  Because the Commercials hate to pay out to “Dumb Bears.”  In this options cycle, that would have been the bears who bought equity put options which expire Friday. Or the Index Option Bears which are settled Thursday.

Last month, Options Friday was January 21st.  Our Aggregate Index closed on Index Thursday at 38,590.00.  Almost laughably, with the “pop rally” at the open this morning, as of 6:15 AM Texas time, futures priced our Aggregate Index at 38,537.84.

I hope you can see the (relative) joy of our Aggregate Index?  As of this morning it was nailing a whole month of “economic progress” as 52.16 points.

How small is 52 points in a month?  Well, that’d be an ANNUAL growth rate of around 1.6%.  (Way to go, Brandon!  While the Fed’s still printing at the 24% annual rate.  But I digress.)

As we have said many times, the real money on Wall Street is no longer in finely honed economic decision-making.  It’s in raw gambling.  Also called churn.

What commercial money managers will cite to explain their poor overall performance might include things like “Russia, omicron, the coming Recession, and management fees.”

Have fun with all that.

Headlines today are selling hopium in the dopium.

Echos of Cuba ’62

We continue to be struck by how the whole Ukraine Thing is the reciprocal of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.  When the Soviets tried to put short-range missiles into Cuba.

In the modern replay, NATO is trying to put Ukraine into a NATO role and with that would come more arms on Russia’s border.

This “Global Mass Consciousness takes 60-years, or one long-wave economic cycle to unravel” plays out in ways that continue to inspire awe.

Word and concept searches prior to the mass indexing of the web leaves us thin on results, but the phrase heavily sold when the Cuban Crisis wound down was “Khrushchev Blinked.” 3,100 Google hits, but the term was far more widely spoken in the historical period (some of us do remember).

The UMC (universal mass consciousness) is playing with us (so-called) “moderns” by offsetting the modern era “blink.”  Which becomes our Secretary of State.  Ukraine’s Kuleba and U.S. Blinken Discuss OSCE Mission to Ukraine  US News and US relocating Ukraine embassy from Kyiv to Lviv: Blinken (yahoo.com).

Since we already have a lot of “blink-en” going on, does that change the possibility of war over the three-day weekend ahead?

We’ve long suspected that Earth has a kind of “super consciousness” that we all (generally) participate it, however unconscious we are.  And that since history is all driven by expectation states in the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, does Humanity keep repeating similar dreams *(like the Cuban missile crisis) in parallel ways to test other ways humankind repeating dreams can resolve?

Market Action Changes

What does come into focus – if there really is a climb-down from WW iii, is that the Market is still in a position where a major move up could lay ahead of us.

As always, the market offers several paths into the Future:

  • We could be in a larger Wave 3 down and this is a (2).  In this case, the rally could end at the top of the yellow down channel.
  • We could still be in the 4.  Where the 4 (1) up saw an a-b-c down for 4 (2) which could put up in 4 (3) up to finish at the top of the white trend channel.
  • OR we could see the major Wave 3 as complete and now we’re off int0 the stratosphere again.

This last is somewhat supported by the notion that Energy and Gold/Metals do very well in major Fifth wave blowoffs.

It’s not like we’re the only ones looking for signs and portents.  The FOMC held an “emergency” meeting Monday.  But little was accomplished as reported in Fed officials agree on a March rate hike but little else | The Seattle Times.

This morning, both oil and gold are taking personal time.  So, we’ll have to keep tuning-in for the next exciting episodes of this financial soap opera.

“So, other than that, Mrs. Lincoln?”

Actual Data Drops

Since you were wondering, got two of ’em.  Let’s start with the NY Fed Empire State Manufacturing report:

The headline general business conditions
index moved up four points to 3.1.
New orders and shipments held steady,
and unfilled orders increased. Delivery
times continued to lengthen. Labor
market indicators pointed to a solid
increase in employment and a longer
average workweek. The prices paid
index remained near its recent peak,
and the prices received index reached a
new record high.”

12.6% Inflation Seen

The Labor Department’s Producer Prices where inflation in the pipeline is often seen 60-120 ahead of when it’s planted on shelves (I’ll annualize for you):

The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 1.0 percent in January, (12.68% annualized) seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. This rise followed advances of 0.4 percent (4.9% annualized) in December 2021 and 0.9 percent in November (11.35% annualized). On an unadjusted basis, final demand prices moved up 9.7 percent for the 12 months ended January 2022.

In January, the index for final demand services rose 0.7 percent 8.7% annualized), and prices for final demand goods moved up 1.3 percent. (16.76% annualized, Venezuela, here we go…)

Prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services increased 0.9 percent in January 2022, the largest increase since rising 1.0 percent in January 2021. For the 12 months ended January 2022, the index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services moved up 6.9

Terrible news on Inflation.

All of which doesn’t stop the commercials talking their book.

Notables to Ponder

Venezuela-style politics comes to America as 21-Year-Old Quintez Brown Charged in ‘Attempted Assassination’ of Louisville Mayoral Candidate Craig Greenberg (thedailybeast.com).  We keep waiting for the much-promoted violence from right wing extremists to appear.

Wryly, we note that if democrats really believed in gun registration, they could all register their own by setting up a public-interest program independent of government.  I mean if they REALLY want to register guns, ya’ll go make up a ledger and have fun.  We’ll be out back plinking.

Durham’s Hammer is still swinging.  And may come down soon as Durham Probe: Final Report Will Be Damning | National Review reports. Turns out, when you read the court filings, this thing is dirtier than Watergate and there are questions about what Clinton (and even Obama) knew.  What comes into focus is democrat-backed spying on a president to undermine his ability to fulfill the office.  Will she ever wear orange, though?

Surprised?  By what?  When a Bill Clinton appointed judge does this? Judge throws out Palin libel case against New York Times – POLITICO.  No, of course not.

Political Hit on ZeroHedge?  US accuses financial website of spreading Russian propaganda | AP News.  We’d sure like to know the “government sources” on this, because it sounds like heavy-handed government interference in an independent news operation.  This is what happens, though, when government’s running a narrative agenda, and someone speaks off narrative. Who said it?  “Unnamed sources”?  That’s usually a tip-off that high-fuckery is at work.  But that’s based on only, er…53-stinking years(!) of reporting, off and on…  Same tactics were used in the HF around Covid data, trials data coverup, and denial of bioweaponry being in play.

FMTT, the world isn’t that stupid anymore.  Old Paradigm just can’t seem to embrace that.  There’s a Global Digital Revolution in Play and America’s 4th and long in the game.

Sourdough pancakes time.

Write when you get rich,


65 thoughts on “Warrior Moon vs. Turnaround Tuesday”

  1. Comrades,

    I hope it didn’t go unnoticed in all the Superball wind down that Mr. Trudeau invoked the federal Emergency Act in Canada giving the government special powers. The Emergency Act sounds a bit less foreboding than the one whose legislation it replaced – the War Measures Act.

    • Jester, As a resident on the extreme NW coast of the colonies, we wonder why Prince Harry and Meagan don’t spend more time at their peaceful cottage outside Victoria. Perhaps they are loaning it to pretty boy Justin “Castro” Trudeau as a hideout from angry truckers. Surely ICBC (ferries) can prevent a convoy from the east, but what about the south? A repeat of 1859 Pig War might not be so favorable for Her Majesty. Free Pt. Roberts! 54-40 or fight!

  2. Poor Sarah. Maybe Trump will invite her to TRUTH Social.

    TRUTH Social is here in less than a week, unless it’s not.

  3. “Ukraine to get C$500 M loan from Canada (ukrinform.net)”

    Now that we are living under the Trudeau Federal Emergency Act and bank accounts of protestors and donors are being frozen, we will have some extra cash to divert to such causes including BLM.

    Bob in Canuckistan

    • Comrade BIC,

      Canada must do its fair share to uphold democracy outside its own borders. Our deputy prime minister and ethnic Ukrainian, Krysta Freeland, apparently generated a KGB case study of her tactics as an exchange student in the USSR 30+ years ago. As a result, she was denied re-entry after taking a sidetrip to London. I don’t know if she flew BOAC.

    • Now that WE ALL HAVE BEEN GIVEN A DEMONstration of how YOUR bank accounts can be halted/stolen/frozen (GOOD LUCK GETTING THEM FUNDS released in a timely manner); YOU CAN SEE WHAT THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS ALL ABOUT AND HAS IN STORE FOR ALL OF US DEPLORABLES.

      This is the CANUKN being heard around the world!

      Every human on this planet should be shuddering today.

      Course, they can’t find Hunter’s laptop, they can’t find Hillary and Billary’s billions via the Clinton Foundation, they can’t find the DRUGS AND MONEY coming into the country from all ORIFICES (in and out) but they can find that $50 donation to a Canuk!

  4. Palin is trying to break NEW law wrt large news organizations such as the NY Times when they publish something that is false which is always an uphill battle.

    Personally I do NOT doubt that the piece in question was not just a “mistake”, which is readily excused in Liable Law wrt news organizations, but WAS an intentional HIT PIECE that they knew was false from day one … but that still doesn’t automatically get her in the door. If the organization does NOT communicate information like that in it’s emails or someone on the inside “fesses up” that is quite a hill to climb.

    Everyone knew all along that that Palin case was going to the Supreme Court. That was part of the intent of the case when it was filed. By the Judge NOT allowing a Jury to hear the case that has actually strengthened the possibility that it WILL get to the Supreme Court. If it had gone to a jury and the jury had ruled against Palin it would have been a harder climb.

    The bigger question wrt this case is whether the US will still be around as a functioning country in several years once the case finally climbs the ladder to get into the Surpreme Court. At this point in time there is actually the possibility that a few years down the road life as we know it today will NOT exist (this is a site that is a prep site – so obviously some here do believe that DOOM may be in the future).

    I hope Palin’s case makes it to the Court and the Court rules against the NY Times and allows the case to move forward. That will mean TWO things: the country still exists; and the Supreme Court is willing to look at the blanket protection from Liable that the mass media seems to currently enjoy

    • We have already had one DOOOM event after another.

      HOW many should I list to show the downfall of the USA; come on URE guys, URE should know them all by now.

      DOOOM is now. NWO is here.

  5. Laws really are for little people.

    “A lawsuit that accuses Britain’s Prince Andrew of sexually assaulting an underage girl while she was under the control of sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein and his procurer Ghislaine Maxwell has been settled out of court “in principle.””

  6. FWIW Dept.

    Whatever you may think of forward looking remote viewers Penny Kelly has come out, today, with a multi-point video presentation on what she sees up to about May this year. Topics discussed are February 19th (this Saturday), the Go Fund Me incident and its ramifications with the banks, Canada, several points on Trudeau, China, Cryptos, both Canadian and American convoys, removal of the mandates, the general loss of patience between people and their respective governments, Putin’s thoughts on our self-destruction, PMs and other topics we discuss here. She also mentions Martin Armstrong’s prediction that in 2025 the entire World will be in civil war – The People against their governments.

    It can be seen here
    and here

  7. This guy has an interesting video … every time I’ve been through DC it’s been huddle a bustle with people and traffic. People working from home ?? Hmmm. Not sure that’s what’s really going on.

    Check it out …


    • Absolute proof that most governmental functions(and functionaries) are non-essential!

      I’m sure if we cut 50% *and did it properly*, few would even notice.

  8. When you interview for a high paying job for a Fortune 500 company , the corporation basically spies on your past and does background checks and tries to uncover anything salacious that could either harm them, or keep you in line down the road. It’s common practice. So…when a high profile person with hundreds of damaging lawsuits filed against him, thrice bankrupt and a history of thuggery is challenging someone for the highest office in the land…in the spirit of corporate due diligence, is it a surprise that Trump was spied upon by his opponent? I am a Hillary hater, but if I was running against Trump…I would do the same thing. The man can’t be trusted and should have never been in that position to begin with. It’s a Durham nothing burger.

    Now Trump hiding Government docs at Mar a Lago…that’s a bit disturbing…that wasn’t a mistake by the way…there were 15 boxes of docs. Trump and his taxes…Trump profiting off of his Presidency …Trump, and his corrupt Financials from The Trump Org. Trump and Epstein…the list goes on….

    • Beg to disagree:

      It was – and is – illegal to do what was done. But that is somehow excusable because it was Trump?

      What happened to equality under the law?

      If an f500 or f100 harvested DNS data from our servers, it would be a multi-multi million shitstorm.

      Don’t throw in with the liberal double-talkers: There only one set of Laws in America and we all follow ’em.

      Unless you’re Hillary agents, of course.

      Let’s see how many “nothingburger” indictments come. Then we will have data, right?

    • marxist, in the spirit of corporate due dilligence? Well, in the spirit of the country, OverTheHill was eliminated.

      The crap you write like the Clintons cared one whit about this country ever.

      Clinton Foundation, (and the profit from same) and the hundreds of people that those TWO have knocked off, ripped off, raped, molested, yes, on record, ruined, etc.

      The FBI and CIA covering for their crimes, which are LEGION including illicit war and murdering leaders of foreign countries.

      Selling and profiting from White House access.

      Billy Boy getting paid his first $500,000 when he left office by the RUSSIANS for a 40 minute speech.

      God save us all from the assholes, politicians, tech controller-bleeders, elites, and creeps, and rich fkg imposters that post on this board.

      Why don’t you stand up for ALL truth for once instead of just your self.

      Redact away, George, or just call this steaming…released.

    • “When you interview for a high paying job for a Fortune 500 company ”

      OTFLMAO… I was offered a job by a F500 corp.. as a Janitor.. after the interview.. ( there wasn’t fb or internet back then) they made an offer.. and I must have had a puzzled look on my face.. the interviewer then said.. you know you can qualify for Food Stamps.. LOL LOL LOL I looked back and said .. you do realize food stamps is not a benefit.. thank you for your offer but I will have to pass at this time LOL LOL LOL

      • Oh.. and I am fairly certain that you know all about this to @Mark….


        It isn’t what you wear that matters.. and unless your in a political job it doesn’t matter what alliance you have as long as you can sonsistently deliver the goods..
        You could wear an ape costume but if your sales are consistent and you ability to produce value to the company.. It ends up that it is always about the COIN and the business model..
        I told one beverage company to give me one half of our state the southwest of another and the nw of another.. and the northern section of another.. and I would bring up sales.. wearing an ape costume.. the product sells itself.. the sales teams they have all do sales online.. and are salaried.. when I worked at the cabinet shop.. they had a salesman that when the boss found out he was making more than double his salary put him on a salary rather than commision.. the salesman stopped pushing the product.. why should he.. he makes the same if he did a good job or if he did a bad job.. that company was a fortune 500 company.. there was no incentive..
        in the end it is all about their business model.. the working staff at the company I interviewed with .. all made crap wages.. that way the wages and benefits could be distributed at the top.. so the bottom gets the cuts.. when the colonel ran the company my father worked for.. he made sure he took care of his labor forces.. and had dedicated employees until he retired and sold the company.. Most employers can’t even tell you anyone’s name that dumps their trash..

  9. Welp, the courts have finally issued the coup de grace to the business world. If your product can, in any way, be used to harm someone you’re liable.

    Sandy Hook Families Agree to Settlement With Gun Maker

    Will the maker of the SUV that was used to plow through the people in the Christmas parade in Waukesha, WI now be liable for the multiple deaths the driver caused? It doesn’t have to make sense, just money.

    • To be 100% fair we should be able to buy our way out of crime like the good Prince.

      Ethan Crumbley shot up a school. He’s young and has earning potential in front of him. He should be able to offer the families a settlement. One or all may take the settlement.

      He could even solicit from GoFundMe. = justice for all.

    • …Which is absolutely (lessee, what’s the exact opposite of “awesome?”)

      Now that the precedent has been set in case law, I give us two weeks before the first motor vehicle manufacturer lawsuit.

      Remington’s arms don’t fire themselves, and by all accounts there was no design or manufacturing flaw in the construction of said arms, so the actual precedent is: “If you produce something which can hurt somebody, or which can be used by a person to injure or kill another person,

      YOU, the MANUFACTURER are now LIABLE for any way whatsoever, that your product is either used or abused.

      Your coffee cup ruptures and you get scalded,
      you drop a gallon of milk on your foot,
      your razor or shaver nicks you,
      your car is in an accident, regardless fault or damage, hell, for that matter you walk to your car and stub your toe on a tire (double whammy ‘cuz both the automaker and tire manufacturer are now liable) or bump your head on the doorframe…?

      LITERALLY, this decision opens the door for even a mediocre attorney to sue ANY goods or services provider for ANY injury or loss whatsoever, and win.

      Time to buy stock in security cam companies. If’fn you gots yer boo-boo on vid, sumboddie gonna pay.

      I wonder how many years it’ll take for folks to realize when everybody can sue everybody for everything, the only people making a buck are the lawyers…?

      • And then there’s the ESG scores they’re going to be foisting on businesses and the Social scores everyone will have. Yep, we’re toast – until we overthrow the “Underminers”.

    • Sadly, the history of marxists suggests this is only a reprieve, nothing long lasting. They’re not removing the passport or the masks if a business wants to require them. Real meaningful removal would remove these tools and outright make them illegal. Real meaningful removal would also remove the people who enacted all of it, but they will stay in power. This is how the republicans in the US do things. They’ve NEVER outlawed or removed a single program a democrat put in place. The r’s just adjust the program so the r donors and friends get the benefits and/or business/income from the program.

  10. “Word and concept searches prior to the mass indexing of the web leaves us thin on results, but the phrase heavily sold when the Cuban Crisis wound down was “Khrushchev Blinked.” 3,100 Google hits, but the term was far more widely spoken in the historical period (some of us do remember).”

    I noticed this morning: Khrushchev’s granddaughter is a CNN contributor…

      •  “it is the Communist News Network, after all.”

        LOL LOL LOL… I hadn’t heard that in a long long time..almost everone I know has given up on the network news for being able to give real honest reports..
        What surprises me is how they can openly lie with a straight face..

    • Khrushchev wasn’t alone:
      “Vasili Aleksandrovich Arkhipov (Russian: ??????? ????????????? ???????, IPA: [v??s?il??j ?l??k?sandr?v??t? ar?x?ip?f], 30 January 1926 – 19 August 1998) was a Soviet Navy officer credited with preventing a Soviet nuclear strike (and, potentially, all-out nuclear war) during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Such an attack likely would have caused a major global thermonuclear response.[1]”
      “As flotilla chief of staff and second-in-command of the diesel powered submarine B-59, Arkhipov refused to authorize the captain’s use of nuclear torpedoes against the United States Navy, a decision requiring the agreement of all three senior officers aboard.”

      In 2002, Thomas Blanton, who was then director of the U.S. National Security Archive, said that Arkhipov “saved the world”.[2] ”


      Now that the Bolsheviks have take-over Canada and the USofA I’m not certain we will survive the next one.

      Al B.

  11. “Durham’s Hammer is still swinging. And may come down soon as Durham Probe: Final Report Will Be Damning | National Review reports. Turns out, when you read the court filings, this thing is dirtier than Watergate and there are questions about what Clinton (and even Obama) knew.”

    As I mentioned at the time, Durham is noted for his honesty, his thoroughness, and for his extreme dislike of dirty government employees. His investigation may not be done for several more years.

    Hacking Trump’s computers is one thing (and should get you 20) but hacking the White House servers? Even FOXNews was soft-pedaling that one by calling it “hacking.” That’s not hacking, it is espionage, and should be punished by a relocation to Kansas and the job of turning big rocks into little rocks with no possibility of parole, or death. If’fn you know how this stuff works, you also know that somebody under the direct supervision of Mr. Obama, or Obama himself (‘cuz he IS tech-savvy) had to install the payload of the worm which made the WH hack possible.

    I’m gonna need to buy stock in ConAgra when folks start buying their Orville Redenbacher’s for this one…

    • Surprised you dont own defensive food stocks, or just not ConAgra yet. Quick lick – 3.5% div yld @$1.25/ $35 shs, RSI/MACD/CMF all look good/triple! 50 dma has crossed over 100dma, and 200dma is about to cross to the upside = golden cross. Thanks for the reco..

      USA is on a War “footing” as in War on Terror. Official War times garner heavier sentences than 20 years hard labor for Espionage and Treason. Looks treasonous to these blood shot eyes.

    • “Durham’s Hammer is still swinging” I just hope the guy has a good security team! I’d sure hate to see him suffer a heart attack by air nailer!

    • “Hacking Trump’s computers is one thing (and should get you 20) but hacking the White House servers?”

      Like the Cat box.. i think that our public agencies sworn to defend and protect the innocent have become masters at covering over the activities of the elite and powerful..

  12. “Political Hit on ZeroHedge? US accuses financial website of spreading Russian propaganda | AP News.”

    Are they going to also accuse CNN of “spreading Russian propaganda,” for having Khrushchev’s granddaughter on, to discuss Russia-Ukraine, this morning?

  13. This one is a game changer

    Sandy Hook families agree to $73 million settlement with gunmaker Remington

    Families of nine victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre agreed Tuesday to a $73 million settlement against the maker of the gun used in the deadly 2012 shooting.

    “”The gun industry has been shielded from being held accountable for their part in these tragedies,” she said at a Tuesday news conference. “Today, that changes.”

    Four insurers for Remington, which has filed for bankruptcy twice in two years, have agreed to pay the $73 million.”

  14. The bottom line here folks IS the CIA and many other agencies have been infiltrated at the top level and many ILLEGAL things have been done and in order to sort them out (which is probably impossible) the next best things is to remove all the top leaders and replace with honest (ha ha try find one in politics today that is honest) people. NOW is that going to happen, yup when HELL freezes over. so what do we do? civil war and a coup but who can you trust to win? back to square one again, almost looks like they won. There is still a minor amount of hope, but you’ll be blue if it ever happens.
    and Like Geiogre Canada dry sounds good today!

  15. R, and others: Zerohedge: extreme right wing conspiracy, pseudoscience according to

    Grossly misleading conspiracy theory about Clinton spying on Trump, but y’all love those tall tales claiming victimization of your hero by the Democrats:

    George, damning statement by Mazars, Trump’s records are ‘fudged to the max’ (unreliable), Trump’s accounting firm dumps him!! Quick!! Shout the Democrats are out to get him again!!

  16. Mark: According to reports, Trump may be the only POTUS who lost money during, and after, his presidency. He also didn’t take a salary, but donated it to various causes. Of course, this was never reported in MSM but lots of claims about how he profited off his presidency, which were apparently all lies. People also forget that he paid for his own primary run and took no money from the RNC until after he won the nomination, which then became a legal requirement. No matter what one thought of Trump, the MSM discredited him in every way possible and banged on about the Russia collusion hoax for years. I didn’t support him until I saw the constant attacks from the “fake news”, and that got my attention. Figured the guy must be doing something right. Too bad he wasn’t able to drain the swamp.

    “Trump lost $2B while serving as president” https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/trump-lost-2-billion

    But, what’s a billion or two here and there?


  17. A good topic, George, would be backed up financial data. USB in a faraday or printed doc’s. Leger nano or other secure back up. Even mini-PC or laptop in faraday box inside faraday shop. What’s Ure take?

  18. I emailed Tyler at zero hedge about a year ago. I wonder how much he’s getting paid because this bad judgement started around the time Twitter banned him and he had to write “lite” articles so Twitter would allow him back on. He got crushed financially to the point he had to start a separate paid subscription based offering. China spends millions (as does Soros) each year paying “news” outlets to print what they want. Soros and China even write it for them. Just ask the Wall St Journal, LA times and all the other usual suspects…they were caught. Here’s an excerpt from that email to him in May: “How dumb are we in the US to ignore….We’re really dumb and you’re one of the leaders of dumb. STOP IT!”
    For his free offering all he is doing is re-writing articles that others have already written…this regurgitation of other regurgitation messes up Clif_High’s algo even more. There is very little to no original writing on the free twitter approved side. The free site has zero credibility due to this regurgitation. Before he got twittered he was doing articles like telling the world about the virus coming out of Wuhan on January 1 or 2 and when the media was saying we had 100 cases on March 3 was the date Marc Elias, Hillary’s attorney, got the signatures of whiner (not winner) Stacy Abrams and Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger on their secret conspiracy to commit treason against the US. The settlement was done EIGHT months prior to the November 2020 general election and included allowing mass mail in ballots and illegal drop boxes (none of which was approved by the legislature per the Constitution). Somehow they all knew mail in ballots and drop boxes would be “useful” 8 months later from a flu with 100 supposed cases in the US on March 3, 2020? Sorry, I digress.

  19. January is when all our past vendors would raise prices so it make sense it would be a big inflation hit and correlate to 1/21’s hit. A friend of ours was a missionary in Argentina several years ago. They were seeing 30%+ each month. We’re lucky to not see that yet, but I’m sure 0’bidet is working on it as a gift for us (insert sarcasm here). Thus the physical holdings people are building: metals, food/prepper, real estate as a hedge, gardening/chickens. We need to buy some hard liquor that doesn’t spoil so we have something to barter with…said the wife. (Something tells me that will end up actually being for her.) Farmers in Argentina are withholding millions of bushels of product as their hedge.

    Gold broke out above the down trendline of the handle of the weekly and or monthly cup and handle pattern. This is a technical chart breakout, but normally, technically, price of a break out like this needs to come back down and touch/test the top of the down trend line it just broke out of before it can continue the move up. So, that happened today on 2/15 and gold should be ready to move higher if news/fundamentals (war, inflation) don’t go the opposite way of the technical chart pattern – just keep in mind that the current price of paper (trading online) metals doesn’t matter if/when there is no more on-line trading. That’s when the real value will come out. It currently takes about 79.5 ounces of silver to buy gold so silver will have a lot of catching up to do should gold take off hard to the upside. The goal for silver would be to cut that almost 80 ounces down to 40 ounces over a longer period of time and then traders will move out of silver and into gold as the balance will have gone too far the other way.

    Sentiment is still short on oil. The rumor mill started a few days ago: “oil will hit $100…whisper, whisper, whisper” and the media made the whisper a lot louder. Whom ever owns or pays the media to echo this $100 mark is trying to off load their billions in oil trades to the patsies who get in at this high price with the promise, err, encouragement, that it will go to $100. In other words, when you start reading/hearing the same number everywhere then it’s time to start closing and accumulating the opposite trade direction into that area, it’s NOT time to be buying at the top. It’s all a planned charade constantly repeated that’s designed to always suckers the mom and pop trader in at the top. Trade what you see, not what you’re told.

  20. Suddenly depressed…

    Back in ye olden days, before ARPANet began to be shared by all, enterprising computer nerds used their 300/1200 baud modems to call up BBS’s and share thoughts or files. Rusty & Edie’s was in suburban Cleveland. I didn’t call them unless they had a hardware driver or piece of software I couldn’t get elsewhere. Rusty & Edie’s, McHenry (McHenry, IL) and Exec-PC (Milwaukee – world’s largest BBS) were at the top of the distro list for all new freeware/shareware, alpha/beta, and software patches (and all were long distance phone calls.) Rusty & Edie’s and McHenry were known for their porn archives — I don’t even know if Exec-PC had a porn section.

    With that said, R&E’s bragged they had over 2 Gigabytes of software and 62 Gigabytes of “adult files.” The “adult files” were mostly softcore *.GIF files because Compuserve’s GIF-87 format was the most-efficient way to store or send a photo on a computer — a full-screen (640×480 pixel CGA/VGA) photograph would run around 320k in size. (Know how long it takes to download a nekkid scan of a Cybill Shepherd pic at 1200 baud? Neither do I. I worked for a living, and @ 34 cents a minute, didn’t piss money away downloading pix unless they could make me money.)

    2gig of software doesn’t sound like a lot, but back in the 1970s, ’80s, and early ’90s programmers were driven by excellence. Programs were written in Assembler or PL1/PLC (and later in “C”). They were written for BSD or CP/M and ported to everything from TI/99s to Trash80s and Commodores. They executed themselves very quickly, and contained no bloat or redundancy. A program which was packed in a 200k *.ARC or *.ZIP archive was huge — most were in the 70k-125k range and executed using less than 200k of system memory.

    I hadn’t called R&E’s in months (and wouldn’t again, because shortly thereafter, “Internet” became available to we peons, through Compuserve and America Online) and shortly after that, they became the first BBS crucified by the Software Publisher’s Association for having commercial software in their shareware stack (FWIW I never saw any, but I was also a builder and never looked.) I needed a modem driver for a repair job. Rusty had the driver. He had also installed a chat area — one of the first duplex, modem, chatmods in existence anywhere (BBS “chat” was simplex. This could, in theory, have been turned into a voice chat if suitable modem speed and compression existed – they didn’t – this was years before the birth of VocalTec…) I thought WTH and dropped in, just to check out the “future.”

    This was the first (and last) time I ever chatted with P. J. O’Rourke. I ran a hundred dollar phone bill that night, chatting with, perhaps the funniest dude on the planet. A guy who, despite writing for Lampoon and others, could blow several hours talking to an anonymous geek in a Cleveland chatroom.

    I shall miss him…

    • LeonardD, gold is doing great. Thanks for asking.
      It did exactly what the technical break out of the handle of a cup and handle pattern is supposed to do. I wrote what should happen above on the 15th at 22:33 and have copied and pasted it here for you:
      “Gold broke out above the down trendline of the handle of the weekly and or monthly cup and handle pattern. This is a technical chart breakout, but normally, technically, price of a break out like this needs to come back down and touch/test the top of the down trend line it just broke out of before it can continue the move up. So, that happened today on 2/15 and gold should be ready to move higher if news/fundamentals (war, inflation) don’t go the opposite way of the technical chart pattern – just keep in mind that the current price of paper (trading online) metals doesn’t matter if/when there is no more on-line trading. That’s when the real value will come out. It currently takes about 79.5 ounces of silver to buy gold so silver will have a lot of catching up to do should gold take off hard to the upside. The goal for silver would be to cut that almost 80 ounces down to 40 ounces over a longer period of time and then traders will move out of silver and into gold as the balance will have gone too far the other way.”

      Hope you have a great day.

  21. Lois and loob, wake up and smell the grifter, Trump couldn’t drain the swamp because he is the swamp!! Trump’s golf bill to the taxpayers is $140 million…

    He’s been overinflating everything for years:

    Trump inflates anything at anytime, quote from Cohen, who did the jail time for hiding Stormy and Karen Macdougal from public view so Trump could get elected:

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