Force Majeure for the Paranoid

As something of a perma-Bear I am frequently found playing the short side of markets; betting things will get worse, not better.

No, I don’t suffer from depression, except insofar as we all do in a “do-nothing economy.”  Nor do we cower for fear of the future.

Still, being short – being right – and getting paid – and getting settlement – are four separate financial processes. In order to make money on the short side of markets, all four must be done in proper sequence.

Each has quirks you’d better know about if you go messing around shorting markets.  This is never financial advice, per se.  Rather it’s a discussion of useful points to remember when “Figuring to get rich off the outbreak of World War III.”

Which we’ll get into after a few headlines and the morning’s ChartPack which is showing some odd formations to consider…

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76 thoughts on “Force Majeure for the Paranoid”

  1. Dumkpfs and Tupaa baskas’, our backheaded direct(s) will never let U 2 have cheap reliable nat gas supplies for steady reliable revenue flows. Improved trade relations between Germany and Russia..hahahha perish the thought fellow slaves, perish the thought.
    Keep one Ure eyes on ME, even more resources being fought over – as seen with Kinzal capable Russian fighters now in Syria theater..dundundun!

    I guess after we manage to kill 2/3 of ourselves off voluntarily – cause elite masters told us to, would be an ideal time for the Hubryds/Hybrids to be openly introduced onto world pop.


  2. Robin Landry , “Long term in my work, we’re going for 700 on the S&P…”
    – Remember that statement ?

      • In October 1996, the index closed above 700 for the first time.
        October 10, 2002, during the stock market downturn of 2002, the index fell to 768.83
        On November 20, 2008, the index closed at 752.44, its lowest since early 1997
        Today the S&P sits at 4,439

  3. “The January increase was the largest monthly rise since April 2011. Prices for U.S. imports advanced 10.8 percent over the past year, led by higher fuel and nonfuel prices.”

    I went grocery shopping yesterday.. what we paid in december .. ( I didn’t shop in January because of covid) had gone up twenty two percent.. fuel for the auto is now forty cents more per gallon than it was..
    one product.. I paid sixty five cents a can for.. is now a buck forty nine a can..
    and the shelves many are empty and or refilled with different products to fill the space..

    • “one product.. I paid sixty five cents a can for.. is now a buck forty nine a can..”

      Lemme gess my friend ;-) cat food?

      • If you can even find cat food….local grocery shelves around here are empty except for a few cans of a stuff nobody’s cat eats and even those are a mere 5 or 10 cans. The big box pet stores shelves have maybe 1 flavor of each brand. The fancy indie pet shops have cat food but at $2.49 -2.99 a 6 oz can – not too many can afford that (and not all cats like the food). Soon, going to be seeing either a lot of cats on the streets running amok or the shelters will be overflowing.

      • Sweet potatoes ….

        Cat food wasn’t a bad guess though..
        I use the sweet potatoes to make dog food

  4. Maybe I’m not getting something right here. Throw me a bone.

    Didn’t all the intelligence say the big war was going to happen on Christmas Eve/Day…. Orthodox Christmas Eve/day…. then was pushed back for the frost line to arrive… Someone somewhere is getting something bigley wrong.

    Unless I’m overlooking a conspiracy like DEW weapons are warming Kiev to thwart tanks the Spring thaw has arrived in Kiev.

    Remember when the Torah (Bible) Codes were, before they weren’t?

  5. “given the Biden (and Obama) administration single-handedly axe-murdered American Energy Independence, we hope they are well pleased with the results for their money masters.”

    I BET HE IS FREAKING OUT the what do I do dance right now.. because Putin pulled back..
    How can you have the war he has been trying to get when the opposition he wants to fight is flexible.. and willing to flow like the wind.. Now how can he cover up the economic impacts of his horrific failed plans..
    since there isn’t any accounting of the funds he printed.. who got them.. did he give them to the illegals like he said he wanted to..

    Judo philosophy …
    “Like the willow tree which bends before the fury of the tempest, so that at the end, its flexible branches remain unbroken, whereas the rigid oak tree is broken or uprooted.”

      • I actually believed him Ray..
        the idea was to have a mutual de escalation by both sides moving back
        away from the borders..
        We of course sent more in.. Putin has been saying all along.. remove your threats from our borders.. we keep putting more in place. It all started with a missile base five hundred miles from the Kremlin and them keeping the doors open for the Ukraine to join nato..
        I don’t know what the business plan is and frankly I don’t care what greedy endeavor is starting this mess.. why destroy the world over a piece of paper.. ( one that won’t break down very well in your sewer but heck it is what it is… when the SHTF it still won’t be worth a thing )

      • Russia’s forces have been in their current places longer than some of our soldiers have been alive.

        I don’t see them moving, either forward or backwards, in the foreseeable future, unless someone else “changes the equation.” That’s why I fear Victoria Nuland. SHE has both the power and the authority to lay in a CIA strike using either Russian or Ukrainian weapons — or both… and she loathes both nations.

        Somebody blew up an elementary school a few hours ago. Kiev says is was Russians; Moscow says it was Ukrainians. I tend to believe it was much more-likely a CIA op (or Soros’ paid Nazis), because neither Russia nor Ukraine would have any incentive to take out a school, and a strong incentive not to.

        Don’t just look at an action, but try to figure out how it could be of benefit, and to whom…

        Honestly, were I Putin, I would ship some missile batteries to Cuba (or pretend to.) There are also islands for sale in the Bermuda area and off the coasts of Washington & SoCal (what’s a hundred million bucks to a nation that’s a petro-exporter?) — They are beyond the jurisdiction of the U.S., yet close enough to be noticed.

        Buy an island, install a dock, roof the entire area, periodically have a cargo ship lay over for some sailor R&R… Could be completely innocent, yet it would drive the spooks and tinhorns absolutely nuts, and might get Russia’s point across without firing a shot…

    • Biden will claim, per Pelosi on Sunday, that the threat of his (Biden’s) sanctions caused the war to not happen…they already told us how it would end.

      • You’d be a great sdource, but as always for liberals, you’re bedeviled by the details.
        These are 2020 figures reflecting Trumps time in office.

        Read dates, correlate correctly! 2020 stats reflect Trump. 2022 daya coming by 2023-24 will reflect SloJoe
        US EIA figures already show it. But now that I’m 73, no more free lectures on financial acuity.

  6. I need help with this one too…

    “So our slimy little beta male prime minister”

    Words mean things.

    beta male
    a man tending to assume a passive or subservient role in social or professional situations.

    The Canadian truck drivers played the subordinate role, leaving while the prime minister plays the dominate role remaining.

    It’s a tough pill to swallow but the truck drivers are the betas in this case.

    “there’s nothing macho about him—he’s a total beta male”

    • Put a few thousand trained guys with guns, and perhaps a Navy and Air Force behind a beta male, and he’s still a beta male — just a dangerous one.

      Trudeau is a bully and a coward.
      As is Biden.

      Neither would ever go to a fight without taking a crowd to fight for them. If left on their own, neither could fight his way out of a wet paper bag. Castreau is an insult to his lineage. At least Fidel did his own fighting…

  7. Good analysis on the ‘force majeure’.

    The money markets will lock-up. I don’t know how much time we’ll have between the lock and getting to the bank for physical cash. Once the money markets go, the ‘funny money’ left on an e-ledger is forever gone.

    Don’t forget 2008 when Bush and his henchmen changed contract law to save GM. The 2008 collapse was called a “Six Sigma event”.

    “Any event that is extremely rare, beyond the sixth standard deviation in a normal distribution, is known as a six sigma event. The probability of such an event happening would be about [2* 10^(-9)] or twice in a billion. … An example of six sigma event can be 2008 financial crisis.”

    See that. We all knew 2008 was going to happen – not the timing – when we saw NINJA loans going mainstream. But authorities claim they didn’t see it coming. They call it a “Six Sigma event”.

    • Hmmmm

      You bee getting warmer now…..who saved GM the 1st time ? What state do they own/control – same state Ure president is from..Hmmmmm, hmmmmmm

      Gunpowder – better life through Chemistry – “richy rich of the richy rich” Wait what, more dough than waltons, gates, musk,buffet….big ole blue MONAY.. really nice gardens though…

      so many rabbit holes…

    • “force majeure”. Having been a bankrupted victim of illegal ‘market force’ players in the past, I personally know that big money will always try to find a way to not pay out and steal your funds. The game is ultimately rigged for the ‘house’. George salivates over the ‘carrot’ of shorting a market, but the market will not work ‘as advertised’ under duress. “Getting Paid”…. aye, there’s the rub. This is why I have not dabbled in paper markets for many, many years now. Lessons hard learned.

      • Yep, Ure right. They have rigged the bank accounts now, depositors funds are open for confiscation.

        Wonder if we’ll live long enough to see it play out, under the right emergency circumstances, of course.

        Does anyone wonder if they’ll steal the 401k’s, IRA’s, or just crash the market? Drop the dollar? Maybe they will just keep raising the taxes and siphon off those funds in the name of the common good; you know obummer style: “You didn’t earn that.”

        Ah, curious, curious.

      • I got screwed in the oil trade from a couple of years back. I bought into an oil ETF. When oil went negative,the fund got busted out.

        What I ever I didn’t ‘lose’ was returned to me in the cash account. I tried to buy more oil as oil went more negative buy couldn’t.

      • IMHO the “Six Sigma event” was not the 2008 ‘crash’ but the change in contract law.

        Since there hasn’t been a crash since 2008, why was there a 2008 crash at all? Crashes can be engineered.

    • Thanks for the link, I cued it up to 42:00 as suggested. This scientist fled China to tell us the Covid virus was lab-produced; I recall seeing her on with Tucker. Her English has gotten better since that appearance, bless her heart-she’s risking it all by coming forward.

      This sounds like CCP has released or is in the process of releasing an Ebola-type virus amongst the Olympics in order to spread it worldwide. Hemorrhagic fever viruses are highly deadly, as in 50%. The drug the doc mentioned as an antidote is a monoclonal antibody called Darzalex or Dartumab, produced by Johnson & Johnson.

      • “The drug the doc mentioned as an antidote is a monoclonal antibody called Darzalex or Dartumab, produced by Johnson & Johnson.”

        For $22,000 per prescription (8 dosages) it’s probably not going to get added to my “remedies shelf…”

  8. One must entertain to the thoughts of how certain key words have been brought to light thru the guile’s of the CIA such as conspiracy and paranoid,
    these words have been carefully tailored to support disinfo. Now with that being said just imagine what else has been disinfo’d into the sheeples minds. LOL There lies the true problems in this country root causes

    That is the REAL mind boggling issue.

    • “What do you do when your pit bull turns on you?”

      You kill it.

      What do you do when you are forced to go with somebody else’s pit bull?

  9. Comrades,

    One just had to wonder that those Saturday Night Live shorts starring play doh Mr. Bill back in the 70’s wasn’t some dark humour portent of the future yet to pass. Back in the day, a nice, respected man with a cardigan calmly addressed the children on matters of getting along in the neighborhood. “Beautiful days” they were told.

    Well, the kids grew up, and things were sprouting like tulips pretty finely on Elm Street while it lasted. Alas, stop the presses. Move over Climate Tsar, …he’s back.

    Shortly, on this upcoming May 3rd, a new book promises to be out – “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic” by Bill Gates. No doubt the author hopes readers find the subject and subsequent discussions a contagious topic. Readers will be privy to his conversations with health leaders such as the Director of the WHO and Dr. Fauci.

    Over at marketing, Mr. Bezos chaperoned his amazon-appearances partner to last weekend’s pre-Superbowl “Homecoming Weekend” for A-listers. Justin Bieber closed out the setlist with “Intentions”.

    Okay, everyone, that’s a wrap.

  10. “this coming weekend is also a three-day Holiday weekend which means the U.S. will be in a much-reduced staffing”

    You forgot… not only are Gov’t employees out.. low staffing.. congress is back today and tomorrow.. then aren’t they back out on spring break or recess..again????

    We have the best politicians money can buy

  11. well well well, look who is joining forces, Chilton gang and BLM criminals

    quote from the last paragraph
    “The co-founders of Black Lives Matter were self-described Marxists. BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors announced in May she was resigning from the organization amid the scrutiny over her personal real estate purchases, but BLM’s new filing with New Mexico identifies Cullors as an “Executive Director” for BLM. Cullors has said she and a co-founder are “trained Marxists,” and her memoir included a foreword written by Communist Party USA vice presidential candidate Angela Davis and an opening epigraph from Assata Shakur, who was convicted of murder in the death of a police officer in New Jersey”

    but she is still an exec director, [Cullors]

  12. An update from Canukistan regarding the hack of GiveSendGo donor site for the Canadian Truckers. My friend in Ottawa just sent me this cut from a local paper.

    “The hacker, supposedly part of the group Anonymous, told the Guardian that their aim was to prove that Canada was not safe from foreign political manipulation, given that over half of the GiveSendGo donations came from the U.S. All’s fair so far, right?
    Here’s where things get sticky. The hacker also released the entire database of donations onto the internet — names, amounts, employers, businesses –—and anti-convoy types started posting links to it all over the place. Even Dean Blundell posted a link to the database. But most worrisome for our purposes here, an anonymous Twitter account soon started going through and listing every person from Ottawa or environs whose name appeared in the database. As it turned out, it included lots of local business owners and regular folks, but also some public servants, health care workers, property developers, even a former MP.
    And that’s when Ottawans started turning on one another. The host of CTV Ottawa, Graham Richardson, called a public servant who had donated $20 and asked him why he did it. He also called other local donors, but didn’t get much response, and tweeted as much. Reasonable enough, though we think he really should have better things to do. But then there’s Tammy Giuliani, the owner of Stella Luna Gelato Café, which has two locations in Ottawa. She made a $250 donation to the convoy on February 5. By Monday afternoon, her staff were getting threatening phone calls, and Giuliani was forced to close shop. We would be surprised if she’s never able to run a business in the town again. “

    Guess its time to rethink every online donation we make lest it not fit the left wing narrative and we are cancelled or harrassed for the rest of our lives.

    • Hello – Crypto !

      Knock knock
      Who’s there” ?
      Knock knock
      Who’s there?
      Future Who?

      URE Future.

    • … but the word ass-ass-inaton may never
      be mentioned. (Only after >25 million people
      ‘found their way home’ people asked why not
      A–H, or Stalin? History keeps repeating. ;-)))

  13. The second amendment is so easy to understand within the context of when it was established. The the colonies threw off the reins of an overbearing government, using resources, at first from mostly citizen arms men. They understood the citizen must be capable to compete against the government on the field of battle. If our government is able to field an armament, the citizen should have that same ability. Any other reading of the “right” leads to government able to suppress their citizen with greater force of arms. All governments should have some level of fear of their citizen’s revolting when government suppresses our human rights. Yes there will be accidents and heinous crimes with military weapons, but think on those numbers vs the millions of citizens recent governments have killed directly or invoked policies causing mass death. The second amendment was never about a right to hunt or collect weapons. It was always about preserving freedom from government abuse.

    • JD: “The second amendment was never about a right to hunt or collect weapons. It was always about preserving freedom from government abuse.” I wonder at what point We the People/Abusies become super saturated and pitch forks turn into gun barrels?

  14. Siggy Freud’s nephew summed it up nicely:

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”
    ? Edward Bernays, Propaganda (1928)

    And so it is.

  15. “Near as I can figure today’s wager: The Russians are simply “playing it for time” right now. A note from my consigliere pointing out:
    “Once the Olympics are over with on Feb 20th at about 5pm local time Kiev (11pm Beijing time), Putin will finally have a free hand if he wants to invade. I failed to understand why anybody, particularly our so called “Intelligence” agencies, kept pushing their Feb 16th date since Putin would not do ANYTHING to embarrass the one country he needs in his corner if he invades”

    Has anyone stopped to consider the Leftists in D.C. and the “mainstream media” are one, and that their most-favorite stunt is to create a crisis, then present a solution?

    What proof does anyone on the planet have, that Russia is going to do any more in Ukraine than they’ve done since we stole the country from the Ukrainian People, in 2014?

    Here, let me help. The answer to that question would be:


    All we have is a bunch of stuff that our (proven liar) politicians, who allegedly tell us what the (proven untrustworthy) CIA has told them, which they have then allegedly relayed to our lying, untrustworthy media for spinning and dissemination to We, the Sheeple.

    This has shaped our narrative. It places a bias on raw data, when we view a Greek site which tracks military movements or a Ukrainian mil-track site owned by George Soros.

    BTW, Ukraine is not a “democracy.” It is a near-totalitarian autocracy with fascistic leanings. There’s a huge difference between “democratically-elected” and “democracy.” The first connotes absolutely any system whatsoever, in which political leadership is installed via an election. The latter is mob rule, where a mob of 50% +1 person gets to dictate all rules & edicts the entirety of the population must follow.

    I will believe this is an actual event when Russian tanks roll into Kiev — not before.

    I will believe this is an actual crisis when Russia launches nukes on us — not before.

    Until that time, I really don’t care, because it’s none of our business. I assume the bastards who’ve been dragging us around by the short hairs are still doing so, and I will continue to assume this, and live my life Caucasus War free, until my assumption is proven wrong.

    As I said before, my only real fear is that Nuland/Soros do something so egregious that the Russians have to fight to save everybody’s ass. Biden won’t, because as far as he (and his handlers) know, this is just a theatrical stunt to make him appear to be a leader…

    • “What new powers do the banks have under the Emergencies Act?”

      As I said a month ago, an action like this requires dedication. It doesn’t matter what powers the banks have.

      Fully half of Canada’s population lies within the metro areas of Toronto, Montreal, London, Windsor, and Ottawa. All these ‘bergs lie on waterways, but how much of their incoming food, fuel, and goods arrive by barge? Sooo, what happens if the trucks stop going to these places?

      The truckers have all the leverage. If they choose to exercise it, they win. If they choose not to, or choose to let Trudeau back them down, they lose, and your gummint can slug them with any or all of the draconian threats Pierre Junior has made. Also, it will let him know he can bully the populace at will, because no other bloc has the power, strength, or cohesion the freight transport industry does.

  16. Mandella Effect? It was there and then it was gone, Shop talk Sunday.
    Future vision, ‘rain barrels joined at the Y’, just an oops, ay :)
    Will the future(Sunday) prove the past(2/16/2022)?

  17. Yeah don’t be a perma bear . Trade with the patriot gurus and make plenty . They are never wrong .

  18. Comrades,

    Is every leader in power today arguably corrupt?

    Truth lies in beliefs? Nothing is as it seems? What of Robin Hood camouflaged in “lincoln green”? Supposedly in 1217 during a national invasion, at the age of 67 years the widowed Sheriff of Lincoln successfully defended the high ground of Lincoln Castle against siege from a superior force of the Kings of France and Scotland. Battle victory was awarded to an earl. The sheriff’s name was Lady Nicola de la Haie. Robin Hood was a woman?

    No sooner has one act of Masterpiece Theatre competitor “The Merry Wives of Windsor” been put in the can than The Firm is bracing for more turbulence.

    What’s Mr. Putin up to now? Today the BBC offered up a polite report of a Saudi billionaire seeking citizenship considerations by donation to the Prince’s Trust, charity of the heir to the throne. It’s one thing to buy a KBE (knighthood), but to properly be addressed as “Sir” in aristocratic circles, it seems one needs to be a British citizen. Otherwise you’re simply a commoner. The prince knows nothing of the donation matter and a valet has been fired from the Royal Household. The BBC advises police are investigating.

    Below is a link to a “Daily Mail” report from last September. A Russian banker’s donation to the Prince’s Trust subsequently requiring refund due to money laundering allegations against the donor has gone adrift. Somehow the Russian’s funds had ended up in the Saudi billionaire of today’s kerfuffle charity and intermediary aristocrats’ hands. Mr. Putin’s banker friend must be additionally outraged too that one of the aristocrats is his UK Chair in the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society founded in 1882 with the approval of Russian Tsar Alexander III.

    Speaking of charities, the sole IRS Form 990 filed a half dozen years ago by the civil suit plaintiff’s charity appeared to have a zero balance. That seemingly with consideration of the publicly announced award settlement to the aggrieved from the then-owner of Little St. James Island a decade ago. One imagines an upcoming generous donation from the Royal Purse will be reflected in a future 990. Or maybe the transactions have been taken Down Under.

    As for the Ukraine, send out an sos to retired German Chancellor Merkel to mediate with Mr. Putin. They can converse in either Russian or German and hammer things out. Mrs. Merkel has been quoted in the past as understanding Mr. Putin’s shortcomings.

    • “Is every leader in power today arguably corrupt?
      Truth lies in beliefs? Nothing is as it seems? What of Robin Hood camouflaged in “lincoln green”?”

      HMMM… now from what I have read of past civilizations their destruction came from unchecked greed.. coveting what everyone else has.. our supreme court opened those flood gates a while back for our politicians..

      before that.. it was still there but had to be done under the table and in secret back room dealings.. today it is right in your face and out there for all to see and a political system that is always out on vacation.. with events such as the descovery of the hard drive.. filled with so many questionable activities and a suspected pedophile ring dealing with the rich famous and politically powerful.. all it took was to convince the agencies that were originally developed to protect the citizens against those wishing to do harm to turn the tables and leave the citizens open to the actions of those with unchecked greed and coveting..
      Mankinds Creator.. even made that one of the most prominent rules for us to follow. Though shalt not covet.. though shalt not kill, etc… in reading the Veda’s we see that the same issue was prominent then as today and probably why the laws of the creator had them added…
      Without any regulations .. it runs rampant with unfettered greed.. How much is enough..
      with the unfettered greed of NATO and Brandon and what they are all doing presently.. could they actually be guilty of the pandora curse..

      What is that old chinese curse again.. be careful what you wish for..
      OH MY GOD.. I was going to buy into a BITCOIN…. but bought the wife some TULIP BULBS instead LOL LOL LOL LOL
      Follow the money.. how many trillions was created out of thin air.. and who where did those funds go.. why are we so concerned over a corrupt country huge into child traficking and human trafficking.. where the majority of the citizens want help from who they see as their savior..
      Of course my opinion is my opinion and no one cares more about my opinion than myself.. just my opinions from my personal observations from the wastelands of the bottom feeders..

    • “Is every leader in power today arguably corrupt?”

      I don’t think there’s any argument there…

      However, not every leader is corrupt. For instance, Putin isn’t corrupt; neither is Xi. When you have nearly as much power as an emperor, you can create the rules on the fly, thus “corruption” doesn’t exist. Your petit dictateur is striving to acquire that much power. I hope he does not do so because the thought of Canadians streaming across our borders to claim political asylum just kinda messes my mind…

  19. For one world government to get done, they have to remove Putin from power. I’m starting to think with the elites and the US 0’bidet admin, along with clinton, etc, making russia russia russia the bad guy all the time, that maybe, just maybe we’ll start hearing that Putin is on the side of freedom.
    Feel free to scoff and call my crazy, but the dude is smart and has proven he can play every side very well.
    I mean, he did scam everyone in to paying over $3 a gallon for gas with a fake war didn’t he.

    • “he did scam everyone in to paying over $3 a gallon for gas with a fake war didn’t he.”

      Putin hasn’t scammed anybody with anything (yet.)

      I cannot say the same WRT Biden or the media.

      Gas went to 3 bucks when Joe shut down the pipeline and killed off the new exploration Trump had opened up.

      It will go to $7 by summer’s end, based solely on inflation, and caused specifically by the Democrats’ actions.

      The Administration is attempting to set Russia up so they can blame Russia as [being] the reason, and Putin [as] the fall guy, so they can commandeer that talking (selling?) point for the ’22 Election. Will it work? Maybe. It’s got to work better than the truth…

        • Yep – while Buy’ed ’em and Obama killed coal. While China’s bringing dozens of plants online and we’re screwing ourselves six-ways to Sunday with climate bullshit. Seriously? GAFG
          (Admittedly both parties are corrupt as fk and controlled by Big Munny…but come on, you’ve gone hook line and sinker over to the lefty revolution.

      • “while Buy’ed ’em and Obama killed coal. ”

        That Reminds me.. I need to get another ton or two of coal pellets.. I for one love it.. the trick is to make sure your burn pot can do a secondary reburn of exhaust fumes…. I had one made and put in a reburn chamber and there isn’t any black sooty smoke.. I didn’t have a meter to test the exhaust.. but a simple piece of paper to see how it stained was good enough for my purposes.. the big cost for me here is .. transportation.. shipping..
        the last time we had to buy a whole semi load of coal to make it pay off.. if you live close by.. then get the coal dust.. mix it with saw dust and make a multi fuel pellet.. three parts of wood one part of coal dust.. gives you great heat and is all made from disposable trash..
        they are making the charcoal ones.. now to make up the coal.. they would sell a lot of them for multi fuel stoves.. the mixture is definately one that would compete with Corn or cherry pits..

      • Sorry, I’m not a nihilist.

        If you took the time to read that AP piece, you’d see that Biden continued the work Trump started, and that he did so after being slapped with court injunctions which forced him to. Your point of argument will claim ownership of the 4000 permits Trump initiated, which weren’t fast-tracked before Biden took office and are still in the works. You will be perfectly correct, and totally inaccurate.

  20. “Yes, another dire climate warning is out: Sea-level rise will rise one foot along U.S. coastlines by 2050, NOAA says, driven by climate change. As always, we’d remind long-term readers who’ve been looking for a Global Coastal Event that there are two ways apparent sea level can rise. ”

    Ancestral farm is still under 2800 feet of ice & snow…

  21. As Bank of America valuation goes, so goes the Global Markets.

    BAC is following a March 2020 low 33/69 of 70 week first and second series :: x/2-2.5x. The 70 week second fractal is composed of a 14/35/22 of 23 week fractal series: x/2.5x/1.6y. On 20 October 2021 on a daily chart a nonlinear lower low gap can be observed between the preceding trading day and 20 October 2021, defining the end of the second 35 week fractal of the 14/35/23 week series. The final 23 weeks are composed of an 18/48/36 day growth series :: x/2.5+x /2x. A gapped nonlinear low can be observed between day 47 and 48 of the second fractal ending on 20 December 2021. Starting 20 December 2021 a 7/18/14/11 day four phase series completes the final 47 day with a peak valuation on the 14th day of the 7/18/14/11 day 47 day third fractal or day day 36 of a 20 seprtember 18/48/36 day :: x/2.5+x/2x interpolated growth series. The final 11 day decay fractal is composed of either a 2/4 of 5/2/3 day 4 phase decayseries (or less likely) a three phase decay series of 3/3 of6/4 day series.

  22. Someone had inquired in comments recently wondering of the whereabouts of the pastor. The CBC posted a report on Wednesday advising that the pastor has spent the past 9 days in jail without bail. His speech given at the Smugglers Saloon which allegedly precipitated his detention is on yt. Search terms hold the line stand your ground.


    Jim Stone has received and re-published a video showing two nukes going off in a snow – covered region.
    Israel nuking Syria explains this the best.

    If Isreal is the culprit, then I remember a prediction some time ago saying Israel would be wiped out as a result of doing something very stupid.

  24. George, article says that the Energy Bill signed by Obama in 2015 opened up gas exports, 2021 data not tabulated yet, and most of the march to Energy independence started in 2009 under Obama.

    Why don’t you check out the details and acknowledge facts instead of reverting to ‘liberal bashing’ cuz Darlin’ Donny can’t claim he made U.S. energy independent!

    But for your grandchildren it’s all moot; world’s oil supply gone in 50 yrs anyway, then it has to be EV’s!

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