War, Popcorn, G20, and Compliance

I’ve decided to moderate my outspoken criticism of the pending attack on Syria, since it is obviously baked-in-the-cake now, given that the US Senate breaks its own freaking rules in its headlong rush to war.  The UN report not being in doesn’t seem to mean bupkis, and China this morning has sided with Russia over Syria which is significant since if China were to vote with its wallet (by not buying our “bond” offerings) we’d soon enough implode financially and the Rest of World (RoW) knows it.

Oh-oh…al Qaeda-linked rebels attacking a Christian village?  Tisk, tisk… Rebels executing folks?  Oh my…This is moderation, Mr. Kerry?  (…ahem…)

Although I bemoan the fact that the corporate coup d’état has overwhelmed the democratic republic formerly known as the United States of America, it wasn’t until just yesterday that alternative media boss Matt Drudge explained in simple enough terms in a Tweet  that we’re down to two political parties in America, the Authoritarians and the Libertarians.

And this has caused some to continue the thought by extension in articles like: “GOP Will Die Unless It Embraces Liberty.” (The answer?  They seem to be politics as a religious party to oppose an atheist party, as well…extremism isn’t limited to the sand box.)

However, as I point out in this morning’s Coping section, the public has already been outbid….and the Wayne Madsen piece, over at Strategic Culture that paints a picture of “American Generals Stand between War and Peace:” is likely closer to the mark than what passes for news (mostly war-cheerleading) on the MSM.

One school of thought from a reader?

“I see this from the very cynical realpolitik viewpoint that the Assad/Iran/Hesbollah side has been gaining too much ground lately, and we’d like to see more of a multilateral stalemate, so it’s time to break some of Assad’s toys to even the odds. “

Probably the best assessment came from a reader Jeffrey (an attorney type, but we won’t hold that against him in this case):

It is not about morality; it is about an effective foreign policy.  If morality were a useful motive for military adventures, we would be at war with one third of the world on an ongoing basis, something we clearly cannot do.  There is nothing to be gained in a limited military strike and much to be lost, including the very real possibility of much wider engagement with Russia directly, an outcome clearly disproportionate to what is stake in Syria.  Moreover, taking up arms on behalf of the rebel forces, when they are substantially supported and populated by radical Islamic elements opposed to our interests and those of our allies, is fundamentally counterproductive and foolish.  The amateurish commitment of the President to drawing lines in the sand over a battle that is not ours should not be allowed to commit us to engaging in acts of war.  That is why the Constitution places the war making power in the Congress and not in the President.  Again, just because he is a damned fool does not mean that we should endorse his foolishness.  American arms should only be committed when there is no other course, where defense of our people is at stake or where a clear advantage is to be gained in carrying out our policy by military means.  The proposed military strikes do not meet any of those tests.  Even though we have disagreed in the past, I am indeed shocked that you are in favor of this proposed military adventure.

But, as I said….get over it.  There is some perceived corporate value in ramping up the war hysteria and, as usual, you have to think deeper:  Let me see if I can help?

What Is Being Hidden?

This may seem like stating the obvious, but here’s the fact:  Obamacare is now less than a month from happening and what could be better that a nice, potentially escalating, external war to prevent a critical mass of the American public from saying “This is bullshit, I’m not doing Obamacare!”

With war in the headlines doing anything anti-government (even thinking outside the box) becomes much less desirable and, with it, the sell job for Obamacare done by former president Bill Clinton becomes all that much easier.

Without war in the wings, millions more would pay attention to Freedomworks campaign to “Burn Your Obamacare card.”

Can’t have that, can we?  “Must have  compliance…Must have compliance…” (*..it sounds better done in a Homer Simpson voice…)

Bury the Budget, Too

Then there’s the matter of the federal budget.  While it should have been completed long ago (since it is legally required of congress, but since when does this matter anymore?) this one has been supplanted with continuing resolutions because we’re now at the fiscal point where we need to fish or cut bait.  Real and permanent cuts in spending because we’ve papered over about as far as we can…

With a good war percolating, there’s no telling what manner of screwings can be written into the new budget which no one will be looking at because the two or three open thinking slots most people have for news items could be occupied with top-of-mind grabbers like imminent war, a couple of forthcoming Hollywood scandals and one or two other “random” events.

Preoccupied with texting one-another, people will blow off structural damage to America, content in the mistaken belief that if it was important, it would be the lead news item.

“Must have compliance, must have compliance…

But war’s all a coincidence, you understand, right?  LOL…

And Then There’s the Crash

We note that in long wave economic studies, there is a tendency for major market declines to get organized and appear about 55-days after a significant market peak.   Since the market peaked on August 2, our Peoplenomics subscribers have been marking time until September 26th plus or minus a couple of days, which is when the markets ought to be imploding down to the S&P 1,540 level after we get past the current sideways Wave 2 we seem to be in now. (No, this is not investment advice,but watch closely to see if it works out this way…)

What Else is there?

Well, another story that has disappeared from the MSM is the ammunition shortage.  We’re only a couple of months from deer hunting season in a big chunk of the country and surprise, surprise, the ammo shortage has been pushed into Mainstream invisibility.  Oh, sure, good articles like “Ammunition shortage affecting law enforcement agencies” are about if you take time to go looking for them, but in the main, the disarming through huge government ammunition buying (while we have other pressing financial needs of the country) seems to have gone “Poof!”

The federal militarization of the local police is continuing unabated…with SWAT teams serving warrants for even petty matters.

In short, it’s all about distraction and misdirection and so as of this morning I am lining up like a good, patriotic American:  “Bring on the air power, and let’s get ready to nuke those Ruskies back into the stone-age if they don’t like us “standing up for what’s right.”

Privately, of course, I’m more sane that that.  But I’ll wrap myself up in the blanket of conformity and admire Senator Cruz who points out “We’re not al Qaeda’s Air Force.”  Pretend he didn’t say that, OK?

Instead, let’s here more rah-rah for attacking a country which hasn’t attacked us.  For the fine irony of being led into war by a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and for the utter delight of corporate profits to come.

“Must have compliance, must have compliance…

More after this…

Job Cuts Rising

OK, you know this already because I told you about the Gallup Poll a while back which showed unemployment running 8.9%.  While we wait for the Bureau of Labor Make-believe to come out with new figures tomorrow showing otherwise (a hit of windowpane and ViceGrips helps), we are stuck with reporting this morning’s Challenger press release on August Jobs Losses”

Monthly job cuts surged to the highest level sinc February, as U.S.-based employers announced plans in August to slash payrolls by 50,46, a 33.8 percent increase from the 37,701 planned job cuts announced in July, accor ding to a report  Wednesday from global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Job cuts last month were 57 percent higher than a year ago, when employers announced plans to reduce payrolls by 32,239.

This marks the third consecutive month in which job cuts outpaced the comparable period from 2012.

August ranks as the second largest job-cut month of the year behind February, when announced layoffs reached 55,356. Employers have now announced 347,095 job cuts so far this year. That virtually matches the 352,185 job cuts announced from January through August 2012.

Then there’s the ADP National Employment Trends report…bottom line?  Saved by the service sector/shopkeeper economy:


Stock futures are flat to down a tad.

Don’t Mess With Government

Standard and Poor’s has filed a lawsuit saying the US has retaliated for them taking away the triple A US bond rating.

Why, would government really do such a thing, lol?

Government Abuse of Power Files

And like S&P is not alone.  How about EPA using a SWAT team to check for water quality in Alaska?  WTF?

Since we’ve been talking about sourdough in our Coping section lately, yes, this would be sour sourdoughs… I know what you’re thinking…our sourdough discussion is purely coincidental.

And speaking of the Environmental Police Agency, we see where a former high-level staffer  is likely to plead guilty to fraud of almost a million bucks.

Google Spying

Speaking of “know what you’re…” stuff, you see where Google says it has a right to keep reading what’s going around on GMail?

So if you have a hot, patentable idea, you might want to consider your email provider carefully…You might find targeted advertising at your brand new idea….

Real Transparency

Brazil votes to ban secret votes.  Not that it makes any difference…US votes are on the record, it’s just the voters are all asleep here, still…

British Drivers

How bad are they?  Well, how about a 130-vehicle accident in English fog this morning?

Quake Study

Major quake off Alaska could force 750,000 people to evacuate, said a report issued yesterday. 

It the timing a hint?