Wake Us Up When… CFNAI. Jobless Claims, Holiday

This is another one of those mornings when I could sleep – there is just something about this market that can’t be trusted, in our view.  The same kind of “down in the gut” we’ve been having about Bitcoin, too.

Speaking of which, BTC hypers were back screaming “Buy!” when we approached the $72,000 level Tuesday. But sobriety has returned to the crypto crowd today with $69,700 at click time.

No doubt, there will be some additional – fresh – touting as the House (mainly the Republicans) has passed what is nominally billed as a consumer protection tool for the virtual people: Crypto Industry Scores Major Win as U.S. House Passes FIT21 Bill (coinedition.com).

We find this a pretty interesting bill on a couple of accounts.  The first is that by its very nature, Crypto is a semi off-the-books transactional system.  Which (and my consigliere is very precise on this), it came about as regulators continued to crunch down on secret banking.  Something had to replace the “dirty money” deficit after the Swiss numbered accounts became problematic, right?  So, we wonder how much of the pols getting behind crypto is so they can get “off the books” dough into their campaign coffers.  Would we be surprised by such ulterior motives?  Are you kidding?

The second angle to this (and this is an interesting “backdoor approach to honesty”) is that the neat thing about Bitcoin is that it’s relatively inflation resistant.  Assuming, that is, the total ever to be mined remains capped.

Sadly, though, we seem to remember that convertibility of the U.S., Dollar into specie (gold or silver) was originally “baked in the cake” by the American Founding Old Dudes (shades of Bill & Ted, right?).  As we know Tricky Dick lived up to his name by closing the Gold Window in 1971.

And, if you haven’t noticed, ever since the spendthrift’s clown show (Congress) has been overspending.  To the point where America’s National Debt to the Penny is, at latest, a mere $34,585,560,195,036.84.

Have Money – Will Soar

Let’s all hold hands and pause now for a Richard Boone moment.  For he was the lead in the b/w TV show “Have Gun – Will Travel.” In the modern sense,  many “killings of a different sort” are being made on Wall Street.  We go our short-snort to the downside with Bank Settlement Day Wednesday, but the Futures pricing this morning indicates common sense is still on vacation:

All of which wheels us onto the red carpet for this morning’s economic falderal.

CFNAI & U.I. Filings

While we think there is a fair case for the market to head higher into the close ahead of the three-day weekend tomorrow, remember, we don’t offer financial advise.  But, golly, are we infatuated with how markets move.

We begin today with the CFNAI report:

Index Suggests Economic Growth Decreased in April

The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) decreased to –0.23 in April from –0.04 in March. Three of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index decreased from March, and all four categories made negative contributions in April. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, increased to +0.01 in April from –0.17 in March.

The CFNAI Diffusion Index, which is also a three-month moving average, increased to –0.07 in April from –0.08 in March. Twenty of the 85 individual indicators made positive contributions to the CFNAI in April, while 65 made negative contributions. Thirty indicators improved from March to April, while 54 indicators deteriorated, and one was unchanged. Of the indicators that improved, 18 made negative contributions.”

Then we get to the Unemployment filings for the week…

And what that felt like in the states with the biggest changes in employment.

Durable Goods will be out tomorrow. But as we reviewed both the Ports data and how things were doing in the rail yards on the Peoplenomics site Wednesday, didn’t look like the end of the world was creeping up on us from the financial quarter. Yet.

Wars are a Different Deal

Smart Money seems to be on the idea that Israel will keep its forces at Rafah in check, but others aren’t sure.  Iran’s April attack irrevocably shifted how its nuclear threat is viewed – The Jerusalem Post.  Then there’s the role of Egypt in all this (they have a Gaza border and held meetings with Iran Wednesday.

In the meanwhile, there is some hardening of Egypt’s position WRT Gaza. Egypt warns it may withdraw from Gaza war mediation over ‘attempts to doubt’ its role | The Times of Israel.  Which then has us wondering if Israel will already be looking for a window during which to attack Iran because of their ongoing nuclear development.

Even before the crash of the Iranian helo that killed Itan’s president this weekend, a cloud of U.S. involvement was building from earlier engagements., FBI Informant Behind U.S. Drone Strike Says He’s Living a Nightmare (thedailybeast.com).

For now, even with the mourning and such, Iran’s still deeply involved in what happens next: IRGC Commanders, Resistance leaders hold meeting in Tehran – Mehr News Agency.  Whether Israel will opt for a preemptive strike, and presumably it would come over one of America’s 3-day weekends ahead (Mem Day, Juneteenth, the Fourth) will depend on what the Mossad picks up from the rumor mills.  Dangerous times, these.  In that area (as one of our sources) calls it “the lands between the pillars of Hercules (in the west) and the Indus River (in the east).”

Getting so you need to pack welding goggles in more areas when you travel.

Speaking of Welding Glasses

Apparently, we’re not the only ones to hear the conspiracy site talk about a possible Russian attack on England: Britain issued chilling Government warning on items needed to survive nuclear strike at home – Daily Record

For now, the Institute for the Study of War’s take is not very reassuring: ISW: Kremlin continues to time its nuclear saber-rattling to influence Western decision-makers (interfax.com.ua).  No one’s going to hold up a flag when their stance changes.

But in-theater today? NATO controls all logistics systems for conflict with Russia: Dropping thousands of Paratroopers in the Baltics and Romania! (vid).

Even more important is that Russia seems to be birthing a new country – which will have elections – as they are setting up an East of the Dnieper future colony/buffer state: “Kharkov People’s Republic” is born – It will join Russia by referendum – Large concentration of forces in Sumy for the final offensive.

The calculus for armchair generals is subtle:

  • If the West gets any indication that Russia has been tossing enrichment tools at the Iranians (who in return are droning on), then an Israeli first strike on Iran becomes very likely.
  • On the other hand, Russia is not likely to escalate to nuclear – for now – says one armchair commander I know: They can out produce the West and likely win a long-term ground war.

And today’s developments seem to flow along these lines.

Creepy Crawler Thursday

The Covid disclosures are still leaking out: OB/GYN: “The miscarriage rate was 80 percent in the Pfizer trials. They knew that.”.

Dangerous, or not, big earning in tech and the prospect of trillions over time just about guarantees no effective limits on AI development.  See where Nvidia shows no sign of AI slowdown after data center soars over 400% ? Get Vanna out here “Big money! Big Money!”

All of which will make the micron pitch semiconductors even more worth fighting over: China Holds Taiwan War Games, Vows Blood Of ‘Independence Forces’ | Barron’s (barrons.com)

Senate democrats at work again: Admin Gave $50M to Anti-Israel, Anti-American Radicals. We point this out to underscore how Jesse Watters: ‘Biden Sent Armed Men to His Political Opponent’s House’ is based.

Are diamonds really still a girl’s best friend? Scientists grow diamonds from scratch in 15 minutes thanks to groundbreaking new process | Live Science

So, does this mean Nikki Haley ain’t happy out of the limelight and will do anything to get her resume out there? Nikki Haley Finally Announces She Will Vote for Donald Trump (VIDEO).

And maybe it’s a cow pox?  CDC: Second human infected with bird flu linked to U.S. dairy cows.  Someone is sure to milk this story… (rim shot)

Around the Ranch: Ch-ch-ch-changes

You may notice we have done this morning’s chart (above) as a scalable vector graphic instead of a portable network graphic (SVG instead of PNG) because it may make the image sharper.

All (Mr. Insomniac) added a page where you can skim past article titles. All the way back to 2013 and before that, try the web archive.

Last point: If OpenAI is so smart, how come you can’t sign up for it without a smellphone?  Won’t give out the API calls to anyone who doesn’t have one.  Which shows to go you that AI ain’t so smart after all.  Despite a warning from one of Tucker’s guests: FORMER NAVY SEAL: IN 10 YEARS, DRONES COULD HUNT PEOPLE DOWN WITH FACIAL RECOGNITION Tucker: “In 10 years, what will drones be able to do?” Former Navy Seal Erik Prince…

We’re going to go back to wearing a mask in public, at this rate.  A much, much larger one with foam rubber profile modifiers….

Write when it’s safe to go out…


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86 thoughts on “Wake Us Up When… CFNAI. Jobless Claims, Holiday”

  1. J P Morgan calling for -21% end of year – Jamie says no to repurchase of stock at stupid levels – sheep approaching cliff ……..

    • I was in the institutional bond market for 40 years and I’m absolutely stupified at how long the curve has been inverted. There has been no escape either by recession or depression. What can Yellen and Powell possibly be thinking or doing ……

  2. George,

    World seems focused on AI. No thanks. My guess is constraints will arise when it’s to power the Cyborg, and allow an inordinate amount of water (coolant for data ctrs) or, to heat / cool your home and have adequate water for humans. Unless we put the machines in charge of power and water in which case we will come in 2nd, at best.

    Employment #s a snooze. They have proven an unworthy indicator for oh so many reasons. Trust the cypher? Nope. Who is getting these jobs (hint: migrants) and how relevant are the numbers if it’s not measuring humans with jobs instead of humans having multiple jobs?

    Anecdotal info with ginormous Corps like Target and WallyWorld cutting prices is telling. They normally don’t start idle price wars but prefer making gobs of money. Unless the consumer is tapped (they are). Rolling recession IMO.

    Next up? an open celebrating Skynet. Then? Mfg and Svcs PMI. Tomorrows durable goods might be interesting. Shipping and rail run rates don’t mean product is being bought and paid for. We shall watch these, hey?

    Big moon out this a.m.
    Pls stand by,

  3. “sign up for it without a smellphone”

    Long story short I purchased a new laptop.

    I’ve convinced myself the new computers (OS) are simply Thin Clients for big tech. The first time I setup the PC I bypassed all identifying info. ‘cept for my local IP because the computer wouldn’t setup without WiFI. Bypassing identifying info didn’t work because the computer wouldn’t operate correctly so I had to reset.

    After the reset I had to give an email addy and at one point I was even asked to input my birth date. That’s a setup for the Internet ID or device owner ID. We’re doomed.

    And another thing I disabled was One Drive then low and behold a pop-up pops up that my local info was “Synced”. To me “Synced” means stolen! I can never have my info removed from their cloud. Microsoft stole my digital assets – information! One Drive is off again until when, the next unauthorized update??

    What’s the option? Don’t participate in the modern world.

        • IMHO, Mint is easier for the casual user than other Linux flavors and doesn’t ask for any identifying info to get set up. Just don’t lose your passwords! Getting it on to a machine that expects junk from MS is sometimes a bit of work, but it can be done. Most software functionality is available that’s similar to the UI for Windows. No complaints, and it’s FREE and open source!

      • Linux Lane crosses some of the same intersections of Interoperability Interstate and the reason why I bought a Win laptop.

        The age request reminded of hitting escape on the Win98 password request because I put in a fake age and none the wiser. I suspect it’s a matter of time that instead of an email addy/phone number we’ll have to hold up our .gov ID and smile for the camera before proceeding. A.I. will confirm us. If A.I. can’t confirm we’ll need to call the number for a voice print recognition.

        Computing has become join ’em or don’t participate. We can’t live in two worlds.

        • When I signed up for a recent Brokerage Account, remotely, I not only had to send them a good JPG of my driver’s license (front and back) but had to have a picture taken of me holding that license (readable if enlarged) AND a handwritten note of a special sort (probably so they could make sure it wasn’t a cut and paste job). Of course I am sure they also ran a credit report fwiw

          Sheesh … What happened to the days when you could just walk into a brokerage office, give them some money, buy some stock, and they would mail you the stock certificate withOUT ever opening an account? NO SSN on file, no bank account on file, nothing but a name to have put on the physical Stock Certificate and an address to send the certificate to (and didn’t even have to be YOUR address)

        • I’ve been running Mint for years. I don’t like upgrades wiping the hard drive, but it’s time to do it again.

    • If you feel you MUST run Winblows, buy a used computer and don’t change the user information.

      I bought a bunch of i5 turnkey systems for my kids’ 3-D servers, with licensed Win10pro, for under $110 from Amazon.

      Simple problem, simple solution.

      Microsoft’s good operating systems:

      MSDOS from v5.0 on
      WinXP from SP2 on

      Microsoft’s bad operating systems:

      Everything that’s not in the above list.

      Microsoft’s great operating systems:

      If it ain’t great, don’t knock yourself out…

  4. my grand daughter.. my great grandson was in trouble for fighting on the play ground..
    this had happened before what came out if it was he was being relentlessly bullied by … Refugees … so they sent him to behavioral health for a week to be evaluated.. what they discovered was how badly the bullying was..and that is now a common issue between refugees and us citizens.. what the mental health professionals were told when they confronted the school was that the demographic has changed and Caucasian American citizens are the minority and its basically a culture war and the schools have been directed to not intervene or go against their cultures.. that my great grandson and the inherent citizens children should respect their cultural differences and tolerate their actions or change schools.. so she is home schooling now and starting next year all the parents that have been told the same thing are going to take turns staying home from work and starting a home school …
    my niece in nyc is having the same issues there to..

    • LOB,

      Home schooling is another excellent illustration of what I was saying about ‘go along or don’t participate’. The parents still have to pay for the local school then spend their ‘earning’ time home schooling so there are costs.

      We’re on a crash course similar to Sonny Bono skiing down the mountain. Too late now.

      • Isn’t that the truth.. after reading about how this administration is going to destroy what is left of our frail grid and jeapardizing the national security.. over power regulations is quite a shocker.. along with forcing parents to home school and miss out on work because of their policies of abandoning our own citizens education to implement their customs and cultures.. and ignoring our own..
        really puts a whole new light no this segregation
        and makes me wonder just how much more damage to this country can they do.
        the minute I think is this enough.. then a new day and new information is released..
        If Fifteen dollars would shut down the economy.. now making it impossible to survive on an average wage.. puts everyone in deeper dispair.. what will this do with spending.. people are living on credit cards now..

    • Yeah, he’s dead but look up Gary North.com.
      Then the Ron Paul curriculum.
      Then find a retired Grandpa to oversee them as required.
      Earliest home school curricula were designed to be auto didactic (that’s self taught) for the student.
      Remember the classroom model was to teach – to indoctrinate – the students into acceptance of a regimented lifestyle submissive to authorities. It is neither the best teaching or learning style – for anyone at any intellectual level.

    • Good for the parents! Home schooling by reasonably competent parents works wonders! We did for my kids and I have no regrets at all. The kids are flourishing and actually know how to think for themselves. Indoctrination tends to wash off homeschooled kids once they either hit college or the greater world. Even relatively uneducated parents can monitor their kids and direct them to worthy resources. Sending them to government schools is just asking for indoctrination and manipulation.

      I have no easy answer to avoiding paying for schools you don’t use. It’s like all the other infrastructure we don’t use, like parks that we have no time for. Living in a low tax region that you actually like is a good beginning.

      • I know someone that taught all of her kids at home.. they lived above the arctic circle and the nearest school was a great distance away.. I believe that the state paid them and supplied the curriculum and class schedules.. Since they didn’t know chemistry or some of the more advanced they just had them take college courses in those area’s.. since they were being paid to teach them.. the schools also had a lot of the courses on television to.. now computers but back then it was on television.. and the kids could listen to the class lecture.. they would record it on vhs then replay the class till they got it..
        a great deal of colleges now offer classes on the internet.. MIT has all of their class’s on for anyone to listen and take the course.. they even have downloadable books getting the education isn’t hard.. schools taught you to follow procedures and showed that you had the tenacity to go until you were done.. they taught the basics.. you don’t really learn the job an employer has until you are in the job and learn their way of doing it.. with the basic procedures and a basic understanding of the job being taught you have an idea what the legend of procedures that the company has for you to do.. its the older employees that guide you into your field show you what they know.. a tool and die maker would get an apprentice.. that they would teach tool and die making.. an electrician.. you don’t just jump in as an electrician.. you are first an apprentice.. then the other classes that you have to fulfil to become a full electrician..
        all of the colleges except YALE offer you the library to research subjects.. Since YALE is basically a rich daddys boys club.. I believe that they didn’t want anyone else to get information .. so they can advance.. no needs to worry in these days and ages though.. since you don’t go anywhere unless someone collored on a sheet of paper and signed it on the wall.. the symbol..


        I take classes all the time.. there are some really really good schools in INDIA and UK,China has the best schools that make our party hub schools look like daycare systems sadly they have stringent requirements.. the kids that go to those schools don’t go to party and hang out.. they either learn agressively or they are booted out into a field that they can concentrate on and master…… unfortunately you don’t get the degree coloring page until you pay for the time and course LOL..

        in the end it isn’t about learning its about the business model.. there are thousands of other colleges to.. cal tech is one virginia tech.. got to say I think I took a course from a college in Hawaii to once.. I have been a library mole for years.. and years.. and If I don’t know how to do something I either take a class that interests me and read any and everything that is on that subject that I can find..
        the real problem is being recognized and the recognition comes from a piece of paper.. you don’t actually have to know something if you have the paper.. the people in the job field teach you their way of doing things.. one of the top cancer doctors in the country was caught years ago.. because when they looked for his pieces of papers they couldn’t find any he had an eighth grade education and was a top doctor and administrator of one huge hospital.. brilliant man just didn’t have the cartoon cutout to post on the wall.. its the business model .. like my neice.. she is going for her what third or fourth PhD.. the reason is so she doesn’t have to pay back the school loans.. ( she is careful not to discuss a subject I might be interested in debating to LOL LOL )the smartest person I know is almost ninety or maybe she is ninety.. was teased and bullied when she was young about her teeth.. ( crooked etc..) so she like myself dove into books.. at her age she sews ( beautiful quilts) gardens.. and reads.. she had married a friend of mine in DC years ago.. I met her in the stacks of the LOC.. and we have been friends for over fifty years.. speaking of which I have to drop her a letter today.. she still reads one and a half books a day.. she is on the ancient stuff to.. trying to get her to want a ebook reader… but she still has her stack pass at the LOC and they ship her books all the time.. she was asking about the lost books of Eden.. ( I have a hard copy someplace if the wife didn’t have me donate it to the library ) which if I find it I will send it to her.. ( she is one I won’t bring up a subject that she is willing to debate.. she would have me hit the racks and study LOL LOL LOL)
        I always thought this would be how schools would be going to.. online.. today if you are a young woman and can’t afford the latest fashions your a THOT and have no value.. living in a poorer neighborhood.. kids going to school getting mugged and shot.. because they are in the wrong neighborhood..
        teachers that are so affraid of going against an ethnic culture that they allow relentless bullying because government mandates that that is the proper way.. or they are to affraid of the students to actually care enough to teach them..

    • I just met 2 English citizens becoming dual American citizens.

      They were quite nice and quite ridiculously unaware of the transformation of our nation (Barack Hussein Obama) who also proudly announced the funding and plan to put brown butts next to every white butt in America which is readily being done.

      I explained to them the consequences of these actions, the culture collision, the 20 plus million illegals (alone) let in the last almost 4 years, and how most do not even speak English, and that most Americans speak only English. That alone, the communication divide.

      So, I stated that this crash course culture collision is resulting in violence in many forms, as LOOB has just outlined.

      And our socialist/marxist/communist Demoncrap indoctrinated and controlled non-education system is NOT GOING TO STAND UP FOR THE CITIZENS.

      Beware, be ready, and people of White complexion better figure out WHY they are to become and are already in many cities, towns, and a few states…the MINORITY.

      The DEADENING is targeting the White Race. The writing is on the wall.

      Face it, then figure out what you want to do about it.

  5. since I sure don’t want another columbine incident in our state.. home schooling is an option. it isn’t just the economy that’s getting head butted by this insanity … it’s the children to..the teachers should all be fired.. I told her to check some churches ..I know a couple that started schools and daycare because of that very reason..

    • LooB, the underlying travesty in the home schooling alternative is that school district residents still must pay school taxes to their public school district to insure the ‘refugee camps’ remain open. Maybe you’ll send your kids or grandkids to a private/parochial school? Guess what? You’ll still pay out those local school taxes, on top of what is usually a steep tuition. Even worse, in nearly every locale across ‘Merica, retirees and the elderly with no kids or grandkids in the system must pay up on school taxes. It’s the gift that keeps on giving for what’s become the progressive indoctrination school system (PISS).

      • Oh boy do I know that.. our home taxes went up horribly last year.. and we were told that school taxes are going to go up even more this year.. another thirty percent.. we pay out a month what Texas charges a year.. now tap on another thirty percent.. taxes alone will be over fifty percent of our income.. amazing as hell..

      • Homeschooling will (must) shortly be made illegal. Or, just possibly hopelessly credentialst to the point of uselessness and hollowed-out of content.
        You WILL submit the minds of your children to GovDome indoctrination to fit in and be happy and productive in the wonder world to come.

        (…and your own minds, of course.)

        Resistance truly is futile. It’s for the best of the majority.

        • I would beg to disagree!

          We still have free will, and it’s our right and obligation to use it. It’s God given!

          We can either obey illegal laws or become outlaws. When everything is illegal, only outlaws will have access to everything!

        • The Role of Grandparent Vanishing from Society

          “Since grandparents are preoccupied working, the parents are placing their children in daycares rather than with grandparents. That once essential role of the grandparent is less prominent in modern societies. The public education system rather than the family is passing down knowledge, or the knowledge they deem appropriate.”


        • (“the parents are placing their children in daycares rather than with grandparents.”)

          JC.. that all came about because of outsourcing jobs.. and with deregulation.. forcing mom and dad to both go to work to make the daily expenses..
          MOM stayed home.. Grandma was at home.. in the seventies.. everyone had healthcare.. today most places don’t offer healthcare insurance.. so the parent has to buy it.. we were spending over twenty five thousand a year on Just the wifes healthcare policy and they didn’t pay a dime until you had reached ten grand out.. every doctors visit was a fifty dollar copay.. etc.. even at the VA medical center.. you have to pay.. I pay fifty dollars a visit.. and if its on their acceptable drug list.. then I can get it for fifteen dollars a script.. if it is name brand then up to two hundred fifty dollars a script.. they in turn buy the drugs from other countries.. one of my medications was sent to me from the VA from india.. the price was cheaper in india than the USA..
          Mom was home and kids had an adult presence.. today mom is at work the local neighborhood gang , the internet and games teach our youth.. they are the daycare for the poorer person.. my grand daughter pays three hundred a child per week with daycare assistance..
          I think that is why a lot of the more agressive churches that fear for their flocks are going to having school and daycares.. take care of those in their flocks.. many don’t .. especially the ones that only care about the business model.. its the same with insurance.. some religions open the schools .. the gov doesn’t like that and refuses to pay any tax dollars towards their educational systems.

      • Here in Arizona we can take our money alloted for public schools , and use it at a private school. But , the communist governor kati hobbs is doing all she can to take it away from us.

        • It’s a good start, but what about retirees and others without kids that get to pay for yet another something they don’t want or need?

  6. Cowinkydinking our way into WW3 – HORAY!

    1> Satillite images (weather) from azerbaijan provence-May19 -DELETED
    2> Reports from other 2 helo’s in group said weather “good”
    3>us air farce C17 in flight same time as copters, landed in Baku, shortly after Raisi helo went down – flightpath CENSORED..emp/microwave capable? -this is the ONE weakness of that particular helo.

    -let me guess darkened soul D-bags, thats anti semetic too..FO!


    Cant have an election if we are at WAR..see zelensky – no mandate, no vote/election – NOTHING, which makes him a ?

    Sounds like FEAR kicked it in URE ass again. Did you move on inside info/advice/speculation that BTC ETF approval was trojan horse for getting ETH etf approved ?
    That was back in January of 2023 when price ETH was around$2619 frn’s., today ETH cost you bout $3834 frn’s or about a 46% return on Ure Investment.

    NVDA – luv it when plan comes together – plus a 10 for 1 split – woot woot!

    • My grandpa use to say,
      “A guilty conscience need no accuser, because they tell on themselves without admitting it.”

    • I suppose it’s always possible that Hal Turner isn’t paranoid ENOUGH!

      (…when the bullshit becomes too fantastic and ubiquitous for a normal mind to believe or understand.)

  7. “As we know Tricky Dick lived up to his name by closing the Gold Window in 1971”

    As we know Tricky Dick * REPUBLICAN lived up to his name by closing the Gold Window in 1971. And that’s why voting either way is USELESS, imho ;-) In cases like this I’d approve assassination as a viable answer to save US from further destruction. Too late!!

  8. Might have to get a led lighted hat along with a mask to blind the facial reconition cameras. Stay ungovernable.

    • I’ve actually thought about this — a “bicycle” headband with a white strobe, and strobe “parking lights” on my ride (the cams “get used to” an LED and compensate. They can’t compensate from a strobe hit that occurs every 1000~1800ms. The lens flare simply exceeds current tech limitations.)

    • I read an article maybe a year ago that said NASA is capable of ID’ing a person from space.

      Also mentioned it could read hundreds instantly.

      By their heartbeat

      Wish I saved the link.

      • I have seen some of their technology.. and to be totally honest.. I think they might be able to do it.. years ago .. after the fall of the wall.. they were going to sell their technology so that people could scope the fields for problems for farmers.. they quickly shut that down.. when I was in DC way back.. there was a holograph live from space of the earth in a four by four cube.. being sent back via satellite and projected.. you could literally walk around the world and see the storms the clouds moving etc.. it was and still is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.. and I am surprised that we don’t have something like the Holodeck on StarTrek… I was at an electronics show once.. and they had a goggles.. put it on the microphone in your ear and you were standing on the edge of the grand canyon.. look up see and hear the bird.. hear the gentle breeze as it flowed through the leaves of a bush growing out of the side of the cliff.. it was amazing you were there in your mind.. if someone had come up and given you a small shove.. you would have totally believed you were falling into the grand canyon.. it was amazing and seamless flow of information.. that was almost fifty and over fifty years ago.. so to be able to spot someone from space.. I think its a great possibility..that that exists..
        google earth.. heck you can do a walk through of every neighborhood.. up and down the streets.. realtors do online tours of homes.. so with google earth you know the neighborhood and with the online tours you know the layouts of the homes.. expand that give that information to a robot.. with Ai.. and you have a terminator

      • The NSA/CIA was capable of this over 35 years ago (years before the existence of the “NSA” was declassified…)

        Before the birth of the 21st Century, the NSA could read the Surgeon General’s warning from a pack of cigarettes. (I know. I saw the pix.)

        I wonder how Moore’s Law has blessed the spooky Agencies over the past 25 years…?

  9. Using the stock market as a statistical gauge on Presidential Elections – a little dancing on the ole T.I. Scientific calculator., and voila ! As it stands right now President Biden has a 68.2% chance of being re-elected. [ Popularity Polls, Federal Reserve actions and presidential challenger hold no weight in these statistics.]
    As far as the stock markets are concerned though – the election is a long way off. Literally ‘anything’ can happen in six months.

    • Although I appreciate the probability calcs from a guy who knows his stuff, I honestly question whether Mr. Biden’s chances of not dying from old age before the Election are as high as 68.2%.

  10. New Orleans is expected to experience a temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit this weekend. [ With their humidity, that’s gonna be deadly..,]
    Brownsville Texas and surrounding area is forecast to hit 110.
    Is the power back on in Texas ? The southern portion of the State is expected to hit the high 90’s and low 100’s throughout the holiday weekend.
    124 reporting stations throughout Mexico recording record high temperatures this past week., and they are now saying that all of those records will ‘probably’ be surpassed over this coming weekend.
    NOAA has released their predictions for the up coming hurricane season – starting on June First. They are predicting a record hurricane season with 25 named storms. Looks like it could get nasty.
    Heads-up George., they specifically pointed out the Gulf Coast looks vulnerable this year due to El Nina., and the rise in ocean temperatures in the Gulf. [ Sand bags and a portable pump handy? ]

    • Very large numbers of Texans won’t get power back soon — as in, “not for some weeks.”

      Many folks — eespecially older folks and peope with breathing problems — will die. “Thousands,” would be an optimistic estimate.

      This event — the de-electrification of Texas — will, as a result, kill off GovDome’s monomaniacal dash for Zero Carbon while killing off all conventional sources and systems. It always was a stupid idea-complex: bereft of any logical or serious developmental program that could succeed..

      • Not impressed.

        My first factory job was a summer gig in an automotive rubber parts factory. I worked 2nd shift in the mill room (the place where the different rubber compounds were actually made.) I got off work at midnight. From about 11am until about 10pm, the temperature in my area was 138°F. We had neither A/C nor air circulation.

        It was hot.

        But nobody died.

        That I’m aware of, nobody even went to the hospital.

        “Cold” kills; “hot” is merely really uncomfortable…

    • … as you probably know, these potential climate changes were predicted more than 60 years ago — but did people learn? They still enjoy their stupid wars, etc.. ;-(( I had thought WW2 would have been a lesson against polluting of our globe. NADA. Humans seem to have a (not so silent!!) death-wish, IMHO.

      • exactly.. in the late eighteen hundreds when the first climate projections were being put out.. that is when they should have started..
        They wanted the business model.. not paying any attention to the practical models..
        in the end its all about a number.. they sold their souls for a number.. its the drive .. gain a number..

        • I assume you guys are referring to the projections which said we were headed for a major ice age, and that by 2020 the North American survivors would be able to ski year ’round, everywhere north of the Cumberland Trail?

          I remember the fear-porn that came out in ’79, when “all the scientists” said the ice age was upon us, and accelerating, and we were all gonna DIE if we didn’t find ways to warm the planet or move to equatorial regions.

          Get over it. We are not that powerful. We are simple animals, inhabitants of this wet rock, as have many species been, that’ve come and gone before us.

          We can fire up every machine that’s ever been built, using the dirtiest possible fuel, burn every forest and every square inch of platted land on Earth, and detonate every weapon, conventional and nuclear, all simultaneously, and will not produce as much “pollution” as one good-sized pyroclastic, volcanic eruption.

          We are not gods.

          We are ants.

          It is called climate.

          It changes.

          If it didn’t change, Earth would be a cinder and neither we, nor anything else that was, is, or will be alive on this planet, would ever exist.

          If you want to do something worthwhile, invest some thought in figuring out how to remove cubic miles of garbage from our oceans. THAT is an actual problem, and one that’ll eventually kill millions of animals and people, and make wide swaths of Earth uninhabitable for tens of thousands of years. Invest some thought, then do it…

  11. House Republicans will vote on legislation to ban non-citizens from voting in the nation’s capital on Thursday after it was revealed that some 500 are already on Washington, D.C.’s voter rolls. ‘If this voting bill can’t pass, everybody watch very closely. It’s going to be proof positive, there are some Democrats who want illegal aliens deciding elections. It’s going to be clear, they don’t want Americans deciding American elections,’ Speaker Mike Johnson said in a news conference on Wednesday. The legislation is almost certain to die in the Senate.

    • I think their purpose all along has been to achieve unchallenged single-party rule. That’s why the border is still wide open to all. Overwhelm — flood — the system as it is to destruction…

      I think they’ll probably succeed.

      • and if.. there is a trojan horse enemy army in those ranks of the illegal refugee influx.. then we all may have to learn a new set of laws.. if not they take down the current system simply by overwhelming it.. and it takes the Fiat currencies position of head of the pile.. we become a multi polar planet.. the USA and UK will forever be knocked off the pile as leader of the pack..
        they have won and we are fighting the image that they have won.. all it cost them was a few million dollars a few underage girls to have sex with and some really good drugs.. a few stock options and plane rides.. vacations and meals.. cheap to corrupt those in power..
        take a look at the perv and the brand family.. the brother that openly says he was in it for their business.. and the kid with mountains of evidence.. has either of them been put in jail awaiting trial.. nope.. still living in a mansion has a personal protection team.. doing what he wants.. if it was you or me.. they would ahve thrown the book at us.. this on the other hand is just a pony show.. for the election

    • What difference does it make? I thought it was already illegal – as in felon level, to vote in a national election if you were not a qualified American citizen!

      More laws, rare, random enforcement, and total chaos!

      I have little faith that dimwit Brandon was legally elected.

  12. OOOOH…. time to start implimenting solar towers.. and the power companies handing out grid tie solar power systems… got a news letter today from out power company.. the new epa standards..


    Will force the shut down of power plants nationwide.. causing shortages in most area’s of the country.. the expected increase this year of 388 gigawatts.. the price of electricity will soar..
    the cheaper alternative is to build solar towers and hand out solar grid tie kits .. but then that doesn’t fit the business model..
    Hmm.. then on top of it the administration is torking off China that makes most of the solar panels.. this could get real ugly real fast.. and a good reason why our power company suggested to each of their customers to put in power backup systems..


    Now that is news that is going to affect absolutely everyone …..prices will have to increase as well.. will this finally make the hyper inflation that we all have suspected is coming..

    • Nice link LOOB.

      “EPA has issued final carbon pollution standards for power plants that set carbon dioxide (CO2)  limits for new gas-fired combustion turbines and CO2 emission guidelines for existing coal, oil and gas-fired steam generating units, securing important climate benefits and protecting public health.”

      Exclusions: Does not protect the Public from Heat Stroke in Summer and Freezing in Winter…. LOL

    • Coal power plants have been on a fast retirement schedule for the last 12 years of so. The amount of electricity generated by coal has NOSEDIVED since it peaked in 2007.

      Thank goodness large new natural gas fields have come on line during that time and compared to coal power plants it is fast and MUCH cheaper to bring a natural gas fired plant on line … but alas even with cheap natural gas it is still MUCH more costly to generate electricity from gas than coal (gas is so cheap they are literally paying to have it taken off their hands in West Texas they have so much – very very cheap up in the new massive gas fields of Western. PA, Eastern. OH – and also very cheap for gas out of the Dakota’s).

      Most remaining US coal power plants will be shut down by 2030 (as China continues to add them at the rate of 2 to 4 plants per month), the environmentalists will be happy but the dependability of the grid will be severely reduced.

      • And who was it that is against natural gas…
        solar towers.. I need to make a model..no one can picture what I see in my mind..A three sided triangle tower.. concave trough with a vertical tower solar array the traps soil trough snowfalls off the solar array works as a thermal heat and cooling tower..keeping the arrays clear..for the cost of 1… big wind turbine that has a potential of 3 megawatts enough towers could be built to produce close to three gigawatts..
        for the same money as 1 big wind turbine every home and business owner could be given a 10 kW grid tie solar power system producing many gigs watts of power with relatively low change in infrastructure..
        the issue is..the business model..
        For some reason no one can visualize a upright triangle with traps some or trough reflector lol..
        the thought is wind sheer .. if wind sheer is an issue then a person would have to go Archimedes.. which would manage wind sheer..
        then again I have been ranting this for decades..I wish I could win the lottery then I could build one and give it to the power company..proof of concept..

        • (“Make one out of paper and I will do a test build?”)

          I will do that … I have been trying to get people to see how this would work.. for some reason my scribblings on paper and trying to explain it flies right over everyone’s head..
          point one end to the north then all the light from dawn until dusk is captured.. the cell array worked as a thermal chimney keeping the panels clear and allowing aintenance.. A three hundred foot high tower should get 9 megawatts no angles needed..

        • The bad part is I don’t have the means to construct one..
          frustraiting.. its almost as frustrating as the old envelope house.. luckily i got someone to get curious and they got me some drawing tools way back when I was a kid..the home I always wanted to build .. earth bermed.. the sun heats it the sun cools it..
          I actually see those from time to time.. its the shits to have all these ideas running through my moronic brain and can’t do them..

    • “time to start implimenting solar towers”

      No, it is time to abolish the EPA.

      “EPA has issued final carbon pollution standards”

      There is no such thing as carbon pollution.

      Any person, organization, or nation which tries to push this crap has neither the best interest of our planet nor any species of plant or animal at heart. I refuse to participate in the dumbing down of human beings.

  13. The entire world’s stock markets held their collective breath awaiting Nvidia quarterly earnings. They blew past expectations and the stock soared to over $1,400 a share. A year ago it was $366 a share – from yesterday’s stock action, they surpassed $2.6 trillion dollars in market valuation. The fastest rise of any corporation in history.
    – Nvidia holds roughly 5% of the worlds’ chip market. Just 5% – but it is currently the boss of all markets., and the financial landscape. It literally is the 600 pound gorilla. Every corporation in the world are dropping billions into A.I. research and development. One mega-corp in Japan is currently building a brand new A.I. research lab with triple security fencing, watch towers and armed security. [Triple bio-metric check points.]
    – To say it’s a frenzy is an understatement. I can not recall, ever, seeing such hype and spending on a single product before. Nothing before has hit the financial markets like the current A.I. mania.

  14. “We’re going to go back to wearing a mask in public, at this rate. A much, much larger one with foam rubber profile modifiers….”

    Make sure to cover your ears too Home Gamers, most often used key identification factor on humans in facial recognition…

  15. “All (Mr. Insomniac) added a page where you can skim past article titles. All the way back to 2013 and before that, try the web archive.”


  16. “We’re going to go back to wearing a mask in public, at this rate. A much, much larger one with foam rubber profile modifiers….”

    Doesn’t work.

    Check out the stuff forensic reconstructionists do. A good reconstructionist can take a caved-in skull and sculpt its owners’ features and likeness, virtually instantly, in a specialty wireframing studio. How? Beats me. My point is, the ‘puters that run facial recognition sample your bone structure, not your physical appearance (you can’t grow a beard or don a particulate mask and “hide” from a FR camera.) I would guess they use NIR somehow, since it’s already built into the CCDs. You have to alter the bones the camera sees, to defy FR. Maybe strategically stitch some Kester 44 into your mask, or something. Personally, I see both a 3M N95 and a Guy Fawkes mask with lead-foil layers in my future. Then again, I already have the lead foil…

    • Exactly..I use to be pretty good at ballpoint a photo to see what is in it.. years ago now a friend sent me a photo of snipers hidden in brush..how many can I spot.. I thought I had done good..
      I found 24… fa mal recognition on facebook…picked out 37 gave their name their facebook accounts ,addresses and friends lists family members etc..

  17. Waiting on the misses – grocery run.., had a thought…, and did some digging…,
    One stock
    In one day Nvidia gain more value than the entire market worth of AstraZeneca.
    One stock
    Today’s action places Nvidia’s worth nearly as much as the entire market value of all of the FTSE100. [ UK’s largest stock index.]
    One stock
    Nvidia is worth more than the entire GDP of Mexico. [Almost twice as much.]
    One stock
    Nvidia value represents approximately 0.64 % of the entire worlds GDP.

    • How much will Nvidia be worth when it’s supplies of chips from TSMC (who manufactures all their chips) goes off line?

      How long will it take Nvidia to replace the manfacturing capacity that they were using via TSMC?

      Could be the short of the century!!

  18. GU: We figure Iran will only take under mid-week to blame the U.S. and/or Israel for events this weekend. A week (or less) for hardliners to consolidate power?


    Nostradamus Quatrain III-78

    The chief of Scotland with six of Germany,
    Through the Oriental [Chinese] Navy taken captive,
    They shall go through Gibraltar and Spain
    Presents to the fearful new King in Iran.

    Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III,
    G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 1,225

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