Durables on “Bounce-Back”-What Could Go Wrong?

I’m really glad you asked that.  The “What could go wrong” part.  Because the plain and simple is “A whole crap load could let loose.”

Before we look at our loose, intuitive future modeling, though, we have a pile of data and recent news note which may influence the Just Ahead part of life unraveling.

Are Durables, um, You Know…

Durable?  Until the past two days, when the Dow blew down through 750 points -beginning Bank Settlement Day, which we’ve talked about before as a pivot point, sometimes – and how far down before it stops is anyone’s guess.

Officially, this is how the Durables came in: Bubbly as ever.

New Orders
New orders for manufactured durable goods in April, up three consecutive months, increased $1.9 billion or 0.7 percent to $284.1 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau announced today. This followed a 0.8 percent March increase. Excluding transportation, new orders increased 0.4 percent. Excluding defense, new orders were virtually unchanged. Transportation equipment, also up three consecutive months, led the increase, $1.1 billion or 1.2 percent to $96.2 billion.
Shipments of manufactured durable goods in April, up three consecutive months, increased $3.4 billion or
1.2 percent to $285.7 billion.

Here’s the one item we have a problem with in this report:

Unfilled Orders
Unfilled orders for manufactured durable goods in April, up forty-five consecutive months, increased $3.1 billion or 0.2 percent to $1,401.0 billion.

Say, this wouldn’t be DEI hires unable to kick-it-up-a-notch, would it?

Trouble in the Trends

In a 3-year chart, however, we can see how we have kissed a trend line so it is possible this is the “start of something Big.”  We just won’t know until Thanksgiving” when (world conditions permitting) my consigliere and I will haul out a 15-year-old Scotch and critique our economic thinking.

About then, I will haul out this column – and point to two charts – which by then are likely to be very useful arbiters of whether “fast collapse” or “fall collapse” played out.

Consider the Market picture as of this morning:

As you can see (keeping an eye on the two white “box outlines” on the right half of the chart) we have a good case (for now) of a Wave 1 up, a two down (at the white “b” followed by the manic rally we have been in since the end of October last year.

Whether the NVidia earnings will be some kind of a high-water mark, remains to be seen.  For now, however, A.I. appears to be going through a Grand Delusion just as Internet stocks did in the mid 1990s when the web was in itds “Terrible Twos.”

The Regularity of Cycles Problem

We don’t pay much attention to the close-in, intermediate term market numbers, but the occasion of GDP reminds us that cycles in the economy don’t have to be measured by Dollars alone.

We don’t usually share this kind of thing because there is a very dark and disturbing pattern that emerges, and both of the corporate-owned political parties have blood on their hands with this one.

The top layer of events over the past 20-years, or so, are the nominal highs.  The Internet Bubble, Housing, Socialization, and A.I. Bubbles.

I haven’t written too much about the Socialization Bubble previously. But one could – relying on only the hard data – make a good case that coordinated socialization (or the corporate take-over of governments) was raging in this period.

DEI, Woke, Black Lives Matter, effectively opening the Mexico border, and immigration from all over hell-and-gone seem to have peaked during the last year of the street corner activist’s reign.

This wasn’t strictly an immigration bubble, but as we have written many times, immigration is a key element of Syn-Growth (synthetic stimulation of the economy).  But, says the desktop A.I. immigration has been growing.

  • 1970s: The US admitted an average of 450,000 immigrants per year
  • 1980s: The US admitted 735,000 immigrants per year
  • 1990s and beyond: The US has admitted over 1 million immigrants per year
  • 2020: The number of illegal immigrants apprehended by US officials fell
  • 2021: Border apprehensions hit an all-time high of around 1.87 million illegal aliens
  • 2022: The number of foreign-born people in the US rose by nearly a million, which some experts say coincides with a gradual increase in legal immigration
  • 2023: The State Department issued 10.4 million temporary visas, up from 8.7 million in 2019. USCIS also welcomed 878,500 new citizens through naturalization ceremonies, which was above pre-pandemic levels.

It is also when the Marxist-like social movements began. BLM was founded in 2013, for example, as an indicator of what we label the Socialism Bubble.    We found the timing of Antifa’s arrival in the lexicon (immediately ramping up after the ‘Trump election” to be a kind of left-wing version of J6 that was never called-out because the liberal-controlled press would never allow such a thin. 

Yet here we read in Wikipedia how “The antifa movement grew after the 2016 United States presidential election. As of August 2017, approximately 200 groups existed, of varying sizes and levels of activity.[57] It is particularly active in the Pacific Northwest,[58] such as in Portland, Oregon.[59] 

Another aspect of the Socialism Bubble in this period is the Woke movement.  Again, we’ll rely on the Wikipedia entry’s cite: The phrase was uttered in recordings from the mid-20th century by Lead Belly and, post-millennium, by Erykah Badu. The term woke gained further popularity in the 2010s. Over time, it became increasingly connected to matters beyond race such as gender and identities perceived as marginalized.

Last, to put a maraschino on it, DEI was a “growth industry” in this period as well: as we read in another Wiki quote: “In 2003 corporations spent $8 billion annually on diversity. After the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and the ascent of the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements, Time magazine stated in 2019 that the DEI industry had “exploded” in size.[33] Within academia, a 2019 survey found that spending on DEI efforts had increased 27 percent over the five preceding academic years.[34]”

Overall, we think DEI/Woke/BLM/Antifa constituted an economic cycle cluster that arose as much out of liberal political envy – to become the democrat party’s version of J6 without being called out as such.  In our view, the reason the Proud Boys were prosecuted and none of the Socialism Industry have been (to the same degree) is all because of the political party that holds the “leash on the left”.

Then It Gets Worse

I draw your attention to the bottom of this chart.  In each case, when an Agenda failed, when a growth spurt faltered, a major national change took place that was designed to move people more under the “Umbrella of Government Control.”

To wit:

  • 9/11 “Terror”: The “Instant Solution Industry” (a national attention-diversion) was the 9/11 attack.  This enabled total government control to be wrested by a cadre of cooperating bureaucrats who gathered under the TIA – Total Economic Awareness banner.  It’s why we acquiesce to TSA and other formerly unthinkable usurpations of personal sovereignty.
  • Housing Collapse:  This was an economic event which limited effective disposable income. See, when the “social conveyor” is working too well – and lots of Middle-Class folks begin to buy rental homes and that “place at the lake to waterski on weekends,” something much be done in order to keep the U.S. from getting too far ahead of the rest of world standards of living.  A “redistribution into corporate hands” was needed. And by God, we remember those 10’s of thousands of homes that were repo’ed and are to this day managed by corporate property management firms.  It was a cleverly engineered loss of people’s nest eggs. But that’s the goal of such declines: Destruction of savings.
  • COVID Lockdowns:  It had been nearly 20-years since the “leash on free people” had been “given a good tug” by the Government.  So, when Covid-19 arose, it was anything but surprising to see lockdowns and massive Constitutional abuses.  Some of which has been turned back and codified so as never to happen again. But it’s still out there as the U.S. is likely to be maneuvered by anti-American forces (in office and not) into accepting a loss of independence and personal freedoms under the WHO’s plans to mandate shots and lockdowns for all, when the “Next Disease – Disease-X” is unleashed.

Obviously, this kind of thinking will be seen as “Paranoid” by our critics.  But, as I used to teach journalism interns and point out in the odd guest lecture on journalism, the difference between “news reporting” and “commentary” is the selection and order of agreed facts.

See, in “straight news” an article holds to a single development or event.  As soon as additional (temporally differentiated claims and events) are interjected, then you have Commentary. Damn little news out there, anymore.

Commentary, in turn, is only that until someone disagrees with it, it which case it becomes Editorial or flat-out Bias.

Still, we can use this (neatly logical) framework to inform us of the probable future in a simplistic way.

  • If we see a rise in radical behavior and massive overspending (by the War Party) then it will signify that the “other side” is likely to win.  It’s axiomatic that an outgoing party will set “temporal components” in play before leaving office.  Such that seeds of Depression and hyperinflation will be sown now, as will Larger War, and as will attempts to institutionalize unconstitutional DEI/Woke/ radical agendas.
  • If the temperature gets noticeably cooler (low beam the radical, downplay the made-up race and gender industries, and work on a non-bubble economy, then that will suggest another four years of the present administration.

See all things “in the news” are linked, but usually in half-step-removed ways.

The “Simple news consumer” likes to think in terms of “cause and effect.” The Reality, however, is far removed.  Often being Cause over there, two intervening cause-effect sub-stories, and then (out of the blue, right) the big Effect from a primary event trigger shows up.

Just try not to be surprised when it does, OK?

Triggered Events

We have long-held that the War Party will be setting a temporal device (war, massive, unsolvable conflict – and maybe economic Depression) as a grenade to any next administration.

In the Victoria Nuland and State directed (until recently) conflict, we now read now Implementation of the border change decree: Russian forces storm Estonian territory – NATO order not to open fire on Estonian armed forces (vid). Meanwhile, economic payback looms.  No more nuclear fuel rod materials from Russia for the US and now this: Putin Signs Decree Allowing Seizure of US Assets If Russian Funds Are Taken.

Be sure to read G.A. Stewart’s piece today – change of the ages at hand.

Yet the PR handouts from the Ukraine side don’t miss a beat. Ukrainian pilots have graduated from U.S. F-16 training.

It’s a little different in setting up the Middle East blow-up. There are enough moving parts to this that it’s hard to keep up.  Main thing today is Iran is “chilling it” after the helicopter accident that killed their president last weekend: Was Ebrahim Raisi’s helicopter shot down? Iran first probe report out | 5 points.

Gaza is still a mess as that ICCJ decision seems overblown: UN’s top court to rule on Israel’s military offensive – what will it mean for Gaza? (Spoiler alert: nothing.)  In the meanwhile, Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to the US. Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress, Speaker Mike Johnson says

Messes for the Masses

Anyone want to talk about quota hires and quota schooling? The DEIcline and Fall Of Medical Education at UCLA (legalinsurrection.com)

There goes “wrong way Joe” again: Biden to Ban Accurate Presidential Polling Betting Markets.

And here’s a new vacation destination to check out: Potentially habitable ‘exo-Venus’ with Earth-like temperature discovered (phys.org)

Around the Ranch: Holiday Weekend

Remember. markets will be closed Monday – and from there only 23 days to Juneteenth.

We will have both ShopTalk Sunday and ShopTalk Monday articles ahead.  Back DIY articles are here.

Just the ChartPack and a few headlines on the (ads-free) Peoplenomics.com site tomorrow.  Unless the world blows up.

Write when you get rich (or out of debt),


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  1. After long period forward-deployed, a big, complex system of systems like the U.S.S. Reagan will typically undergo a period of refits and upgrades. Many months are typical if an extensive plan is being executed.

    The Reagan had lots of teething problems at first. Improved approaches to some of the problems have been awaiting an install period, I wager.

    It’s just a guess.

    • The Defense Industrial complex is still ramping. And though not mentioned by his Georgeness, is what should be emphasized re: the durable goods report released today:

      Key details: Much of the increase in orders came from the defense sector. Excluding defense, orders were flat in April.


      Sometimes close read reveals the (purported) rise is due to commercial airplanes (back when people were buying Boeing aircraft). How did you buy your airliner? A: one ticket at a time.

      It’s also smart to look at prior month revisions (lower). This has become a regular habit of the scribes and bean counters the last several years. Revising lower has become the norm. Crazy huh?

      Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!
      Or, maybe we should, hey?

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        • forget dialing the phone.. if your finger is as big as a phone how do you wipe..lol lol lol ..that could be a real issue..
          just make sure you use enough paper…nothing worse than having a meat hook poking through lol lol

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          may we all find pot of gold after the storm.


      • (“XXXXL. i said what size are you. he said XL. i said am I really that big? i forget how big i am compared to most people.”)

        that totally depends on where its made..
        The VA got me a pair of shoes.. made in Vietnam… three sizes to big.. my older mini me needed a winter coat.. his american size is medium.. because of where it was made.. its an xxxlg My guess is its made someplace else.. if you buy clothing made in the Balkans you take a size smaller than US sizes.. My shoe size is 9.5 but I have a size thirteen from vietnam ..got a pair from the balkan states and it is eight and a half..

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        ** Younger Futhark – a book of knowledge for the “Warrior”..easier access, easier to understand, less complicated than elder futhark.


  2. re: “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”
    feat: WH State Dinner


    Hold the pitchforks, and throw the lobsters in the pot! Yesterday evening’s shindig on the WH South Lawn required full complements of cutlery service. The knives were out in force as the Biden administration hosted its largest State Dinner thus far for the visiting President of Kenya. Similar to the 43% Nigerian Duchess of Sussex’ visit last week to Nigeria, President Obama made a guest appearance for his Kenyan compatriots. Ms. Huma Abedin enjoyed the companionship of a son and heir of philanthropist billionaire George Soros.

    President Biden said he will be journeying to Kenya next February “after he is reelected”.

    • (“WH State Dinner”)

      Those are awesome to.. did you know there aren’t any leftovers LOL we use to get to take what was left home.. prime rib the best dam pickled eggs.. and these little cakes that were to die for.. the best.. we use to fight to see who got to go.. had to wear a suit even though you was in some room recording conversations.. they use to have punch bowls filled with territon cigarettes LOL LOL the closest I ever came to a dinner like that was a drug rep dinner.. the drug reps brought in band and comedians and a chef from every country around the world.. I brought home a skelotin for halloween LOL.. it was as amazing.. we had shrimp.. I was munching away and my boss came up and said.. these are the snacks the meal comes later.. dam good.. I stuffed myself that drug meeting.. still go by the physicians lounge to get kleenex and candy pens if we need it.. or a doughnut LOL…

      here is the recipe from the white house cook book over those delicious eggs..

      Spicy Pickled Eggs- adapted from Volume 1- Famous White House Recipes

      12 hard-boiled eggs

      2 cups distilled white vinegar

      1 cup beets , peeled and sliced

      1 small onion, finely chopped( I use a large onion.. sometimes two)

      ½ teaspoon salt

      ¼ cup sugar (I use a half cup)

      1 teaspoon mace

      1 teaspoon pepper

      1 bay leaf

      1 teaspoon whole cloves

      1/2 cup mayo

      1 tsp Sriracha (or to taste) ( I don’t put that much in mine_)

      Smoked paprika for garnish

      Peels the eggs and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Place the remaining ingredients in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and cook until beets are tender. Place the eggs into two 1-quart jars. Pour beet mixture over eggs. Cover jars tightly and place them in a cool, dark place for at least 2 days [aka the fridge].

      My additions instructions:

      Instead of boiling fresh beets, I used 2 cans of sliced beets and added it straight to the saucepan and brought to a boil with the remaining ingredients (except for the eggs).

      you can eat these by the dozen they are that good..

      Hope you enjoy the recipe.. the wife doesn’t like pickled eggs so I don’t make many anymore.. because of their red tint from the beets.. it grosses her out… deviling the inside yoke is wonderful.. I make that the normal way..

      Tomato Marmalade- adapted from the Virginia Housewife, 1824

      Gather full grown tomatoes while quite green [3 lbs- any color] ; take out the stems, and stew them till soft; run them through a sieve [optional], put the pulp on the fire [aka stove] seasoned highly with pepper, salt and pounded cloves [use two]; add some garlic [use three cloves]; and stew all together till thick: it keeps well, and it excellent for seasoning gravies, etc.

      My suggestions:

      Add 1 chopped onion and 2 stalks celery to the mix and a green bell pepper. It gives it a heartier feel.

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    • another great pickled egg recipe is the ones made at the Amish colonies.. phew.. I could dig into a jar of these right now..
      12 eggs
      1 qt. water
      1 c. granulated white sugar
      1 c. distilled white vinegar
      1 Tbsp. salt or pickling salt
      1/2 Tbsp. turmeric
      1/4 c. yellow prepared mustard ( I use to get honey mustard.. that I would use half of that and half of the regular yellow mustard..


      1 Tbsp. whole mustard seeds
      6 whole cloves (optional) I use my garlic press ..
      1 large sliced onion..( I put in two )
      1 large sliced red pepper..
      1 large sliced Green bell pepper

      Now I want to run make some mustard eggs LOL

    • re: 44


      I had thought that President Obama was an invitee to the State Dinner for Kenya. However “CNN” clarifies that Mr. Obama had been attending a reception in the Blue Room of the White House, and subsequently graced the South Lawn Dinner with his presence. The Blue Room of course was the setting of the official swearing in for President Obama’s second term of Office in 2013. The public swearing in event was held a day later.

  3. “IF” 9/11 was “allowed” to happen by the US Deep State (ie: they KNEW of the planning, the targets, and the timing within a narrow window), then the PRE-WRITTEN so called “Patriot Act”, which took away many of American’s historic freedoms, must have been one of the two PRIMARY OBJECTIVES of the Deep State allowing such an event to occur … (the second one being to lay the foundation for the US to AGAIN fight another War for Israel – ie: Iraq, which we all now know was “justified” via MADE UP INTELLIGENCE that those in power KNEW was made up – ie: they LIED to the American People so the US could attack a country that had never attacked the US and had no foreseeable plans to do such in the future).

    For a true “Conspiracy Nut” that person would believe that the Deep State is NOT YET DONE with trying to justify further CONTROLS on the American Public and to engage in MORE Wars … for the benefit of Israel.

    How in the heck could they do that?

    Via a “False Flag” attack that is a multiple the size of 9/11 and scares the living crap out of everyday Americans such that Americans are willing to give up most of their remaining Liberties (for security and safety of course OF THE CHILDREN ) AND be willing to go fight and die in another War that only benefits the Deep State and another Country.

    FANTASY TALES? Ideas that only a deranged “Conspiracy Theorist” could come up with?

    I LOVE writing fiction. Was thinking about finishing the novel I started years ago … has something to do with the nuking of an American city by terrorists, but terrorists who behind the scenes are actually being assisted by Deep State actors. (in the alternative do you think I could get a job in Hollywood writing movie scripts?)

    • Anything is possible NW.

      Perhaps if you made some PREDICKTIONS, that come to BE in Ure lifetime, you will really have something. As an example see link to episode of Jimmy Dore Show with predictions that came True recently..https://rumble.com/v4wq3wz-this-is-unbelievable-live-from-the-zephyr-theater.html.

      Also the “thieves” in hollywood will first try Stealing Ure screenplay/scripts, just like they STOLE the matrix from Thomas Althouse.

      They twisted a few things from original like Red & Blue Pill. The original had the Red Pill give you full knowledge of the of the program, but didnt allow you to leave. It was invitation to be an elite, it kept you in the program with Immortality and perfect health via the Nueralink(or enhancer) to access all knowledge and to live among the elites in a hive mind.
      The Blue Pill was the counter measure by the underground. It was a bootlegged version of the red pill that allowed you to enter the program on equal footing with the elites but still separate from the program, separate from the hive mind and camouflaged from those in the program. Also there is even more to the red pill.
      * special note OBD – the Red color represented the Childrens Blood/Sacrifice from the experiments that were completed to create the Program.

      Instead of fiction you could alwayz sell more zombie stuff. Like Zombie Porn..staring real life characters like pedo joe, pedo obongo, pedo clinton or tRUMPs besty epstain.

      Shouldnt be too hard – seeing current crop of shit shows and movies nobody wants to watch.

    • Yes, but only if it is a documentary and self funded.

      Hollyweird likes to brag about their bad deeds but they will steal your idea, book, and call it Fiction.

      As you and many others know, it is ALL TRUE.

    • “IF” 9/11 was “allowed” to happen… then the PRE-WRITTEN so called “Patriot Act”, which took away many of American’s historic freedoms, must have been one of the two PRIMARY OBJECTIVES of the Deep State allowing such an event to occur”


      If these occurrences were preordained by our PTB, under whose watch were they conceived and gamed out?

      Before you answer, remember that the outgoing Clinton Administration was so professional they removed the keys from all the computer keyboards, super-glued desk drawers closed, randomly encrypted all kinds of shit and “forgot” to keep copies of the keys, and engaged in all sorts of other juvenile crap, including not allowing the Bush transition team early access to necessary information and government functions — all while the nation was wrapped in the “tech wreck recession.” There were necessary positions in Bush’s Administration, and necessary governmental functions, which were not even online until June and August of 2001.

      • I think about that and wonder…have they really thought what they are doing through?
        the family that sells the brand..really sold out our country to other countries that might not like us so well..
        and If .. the opening of the borders to enemy states that had refugees eeing to safety and secretly hid an enemy military force to position and set up plans in the country..
        and IF these countries that have been gaining agree.ents with other countries that think we did them wrong to gain power while destroying their countries..and they are playing the poison pawn trap by giving financial gain drugs and sex gifts and travel.. keeping these politicians working for them allowing these things to happen..have they even considered what usually happens to a politician in a regime change if they should succeed.. either way I believe they have already won.. even if we don’t have a fighting war the Cloward Piven strategy will knock us of the top of the hill.. using up our strategic reserves in an attempt to gain another four years..how about shutting down half of our power plants..
        there’s no way I would want to be a politician in any capacity right now.. even for us.. with then destroying laws and making fun of the laws..dual standards what laws will we be following in the future.

    • maybe it would make sense to pay attention to who voted no for the iraq authorization and no on the patriot act. please keep in mind anyone voting no on either at the time was characterized as an enemy of the US and not being with “US”. it took a lot of courage to vote no when the vast majority of plebes were screaming for blood.

      • they used fear..to get the patriot act passed.. from biological that WE had stored in out biological lockup…similar to covid coming out and now discovering that the one we chose to guide us through it was the one funding creating it..of course we knew that because they patented everything .. no secret there

  4. Nvidia … the WONDER STOCK!!!

    MORE valuable than ALL of Bitcoin I think my numbers showed.

    Now … exactly how many high performance AI boards is Nvidia going to be selling when TSMC, apparently their only manufacturer, stops shipping them chips?

    (apparently they tried to also use Samsung for their latest and greatest but Samsung’s production chips kept overheating so not usable at present)


    Let’s see, who among the currently greatest 6 stocks might be hurt by Taiwan and China being suddenly being unavailable?

    *Nvidia? … yep
    *Meta (Facebook)? … only a small part
    *Amazon? … retail and continuing build out of web services (50% of sales, 85% – 90% of profits)
    *Apple? … still 40% to 60% of the company’s sales and manufacturing
    *Microsoft? … continuing build out of web services
    *Netflix? … probably least directly impacted
    *Google? … continuing build out of web services

    Of course there is then Wal-Mart, and every other hard goods retailer that will have product supply issues if China stops shipping

    Most American Manufacturers rely on some sub-assemblies for their products or use equipment that only comes from China

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  6. i will remind you Gentlemen, we are rapidly approaching the 442 anniversary of the missing 7 days on the calander of 1582.

    no calander in existance can account for the missing 7 days. even the calander on your phone and the calander on your computer are missing those 7 days.

    if you look at the calander for the year 1582. it goes from October 5 to October 14th in the 1582. there is 7 missing days inbetween.

    mark 4:22 springs to the mind,

    “For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open.”

    the calander missing those dates for a reason.

    hidden in plane site.

    could just be a programming issue for every tech device on the entire planet.

    • they weren’t ever missing.. There isn’t any real mystery here .. what we see we cannot fathom .. like taking the simple things we have and enjoy today.. for granted.. we don’t question an item that is something we enjoy daily.. it is always available at the local market..just run down and grab some.. its over.. cooking oil… is a big one.. so are eggs.. milk and cream butter.. but we never consider WHAT IF … we have.. not what if.. there were what.. a few dozen different time periods.. different calendar systems.. sort of like daylight savings time.. you lose an hour and gain an hour.. did you really lose that hour.. no it was the conception of the lost hour.. so for that year the big event.
      It was the year that the change of calendar, from Julian to Gregorian. As of October 4, 1582… sort of like leap year.. to get everyone on the same calendar.. they had to adapt to the change in the numbering system..
      similar to the Mayan calendar where the tzolk’in is based on a 13-day “week.” The number 4 in the date records the day of the week. There are also 20 named days, so each day has a name and a number. The first named day is Imix, which translates as “water serpent”… some speculate why ancient people lived so much longer.. like a hundred years.. the reason was for some civilizations.. they had a year associated with the moon.. each new or old moon was a new year.. all of it was considered by the signs in the skys.. My watch is always ten minutes fast.. its the symbol..
      Like a bank record that says.. oh my your in good shape.. you have x numbers on a sheet of paper.. that is how ole bernie did it….
      the federal reserve wanted to hire him to teach them how he did it.. was so successful.. no he handed out a sheet of paper every month with a number on it.. basically a big kiting scheme.. if I had a sheet with numbers on it.. and he was the manager.. I would need a withdrawl.. he would take the money coming in and draw that money from it.. all while piling it away for his own self.. no one was the wiser.. take the .. biden a billion for a million threat..
      he gave ukraine a billion dollars because his kid was making a million dollars.. its all in the business model..

      • Except the calendar change occurred in 1752, and the differential was 376 days. Go check out George Washington’s biography:

        “George Washington was born on February 11, 1731. At this time, the Julian Calendar was in use. However, in 1752, Britain and all of its colonies adopted the Gregorian Calendar. The Gregorian calendar moved Washington’s birthday ahead one year and 11 days to February 22, 1732.”

  7. 1 cup White Carrots (match-stick cut)
    1 cup Orange Carrots (match-stick cut)
    1 cup Cucumbers (match-stick cut)
    1 cup celery ( match -stick cut)
    1 onion sliced
    1 ½ teaspoon Salt
    1/2 cup white Vinegar
    1/2 cup Sugar
    my father use to love this..mom made it all the time pickled veggies.. she put cauliflower and green peppers in it to.. pretty much whatever vegetable that you like..

  8. one can only ponder: what event occured that was so large it erased 7 days from all calanders?

    not just one calander. but all calanders. inlcuding but not limited too, not just micosoft products and apple products. but every phone, computer on the planet is missing those 7 days on their calander for that year.

    quite the annomoly. must have been a pretty big fuckin event to erase not just a minute but entire block of week of time, from history and any recognition of those dates by people in the future.


    i am happy.
    i am creating.

    first wedding of the year at the Ranch, is today from 330 to 5pm. nobody gets in and nobody gets out. out of respect for the Bride and Groom.


  9. one must also consider the missing. i recounted my fingers, uhem 8 days hidden in the past, on every device on the planet could be a signal to those in “The Know” for an Event this year.

    i have also condidered that as well.

    if that is the case, what is the Event so large and entire 8 days of time is blocked out of existance.

    i mean we all survived Y2K inspite of Timetraveler_0 warnings about the future. aka John Titor with his adavance knowledge of Cern prior to its current copacity in creation. creating a miniture black hole which warps time and produces the ability to time travel.

    hmmmmmm…… well i spose we will all see, if it is a signal burried within the calander to an event so big that it erases 8 days from the calander….. which measures time.

    134 days from today.

    i do know for a fact, that those signals do exist in advance. be they Divine signals or a group of peeps warning the others.

    as in, things are set in motion and you have until this day to resolve all buisness, and prepare and no longer.

    you best be in your underground bunker by october 4th.

    hmmmm…….. maybe the Doomsday Glacier will slide into the ocean and cause a global coastal event?

    i just had a flash vision of
    .. Clif High will shouting from the mast of his Uru Boat, I told ya so, ye fuckin Bastards!

    among the rolling waves.

  10. yes yes, i am fully aware thay the switvh from tbe julian calander to the gregorian calander by Papal Bull was decreed durring 1582.

    however, it is a little know fact that the Myan Codex of Popol Vu and 4 other codex, were decipherd and reach the vatical reached the Vatican a short few months prior to the Papal Bull Decree delete those days upon the calander transition.

    nobody knows who wrote Popol Vu. its authors are only mentioned as “we”.

    the entire Popol Vu, Myan Story of creation is refered to as “instrument of sight or vision”.

    i find it very interesting and entirely coincident that upon arrival at the vatican, the codex’s for a book that was a called -> instrument of sight or vision. fortelling future strife, war, famin, even cataclysmic world changes.

    sum 4 months later. the Pope issuse a Papal Bull saying hey, were changing the calander. dont worry about sunday to saturday, we are jumping ahead 10 days.

    442 years later everyone says, it was calander change because someone smarter came up with a new dealio. the pope told everyone to advance their clocks 10 days and there was free bread and circus.

    10 days?

    alot can change in just 2 hours.

  11. i mean 4 months after the translated myan codex called an instument for seeing the future, shows up at the vatican. in the same year. 1582.

    the pope jumps out on the vatican stoop, waves his holy hand, decrees a new calander, and deletes a block of 8 to 10 days entirely out of existance?

    ya ya ya well ya. leap year and shit. ya know. He’s the Pope. He wears a pointy hat and shit. He is old and smart and God likes him alot.


    why delete all them days. was an effort at a cover up?

    delete these days, and in the future everything is off set, on the instument for seeing the future.

  12. hmmmm maybe, i will do the door sequence on june 6th, go out on my stoop, wave my Holy Hand and move the entire world back 10 days?

    God likes me too.

    maybe i will decree it 1981 again. bring back the 18 cent postage stamp.

  13. could you imagin if you knew everything you know now all the way to 2024. everything that happens. from the fall of the berlin wall, the invention if high speed dial up AOL, to the housing market crash of 2008, to trump becoming president.

    and woke up in the year 1981.

    huh. that would sure be something. now wouldnt it?

    it sure would.

  14. wow. i posted that last comment. later i did a trial run on the chamber door sequence for the 10 doors That open the 11th door automatically. in my home which just happens to be a scalled replica (including the hidden chamber) of ~ The City of the Gods. ~

    and olmec and toltec city. that the myans and aztecs built their later empires on.

    some archeoligists say it older than the ice age. pre dates from carbon readings. estimated at 16,000 years old.

    the alignment of the city is exactly the same as my home. the sun rises in the same position as it does on the city. its exact replica. to scale.

    so i did a test run on the sequence, went and did some banking, got gas, etc etc went and met a friend for dinner. stopped the store and picked up a few things. 3 hours after i did the sequence where this trial run opened 3 of the doors while closing the others in the pattern i figured.

    three hours later my phone rebooted and every single app on it reverted back to March 31, 2023, 301pm.

    everything including when i got on facebook. now, i deleted that facebook account. i know i did when i went to the mountains.

    how my phone reboot, then entirely reset to March 31st, 2023, 301pm. 3 or so hours after i did the sequence.

    not only that, my entire email, a facebook page i deleted, because i wasnt on facebook for a year. all back on my phone.

    i basically time traveld by device (my phone) back in time almost a whole year.

    after i did a trial sequence of the 10 doors. which this sequence 3 of the doors, 2, 5 and 9, along with 11 opened up on their own. due to the shift in air pressure within my home.

    i think you could do the whole sequence in a method that each door you pass through upon closing one chamber will automatically open the next proceeding door.

    this is the final image i loaded on a facebook account that i know i deleted. i didnt deactivate it. i deleted it.


    the thing is. i dont remember loading that image. and that door is an exact match to the doors in my home. i have the same exact doors in my house.

    and i never seen them before i moved in here.

    i best give it some thought before i proceed to finish the sequence.

    any thoughts??? ideas? suggestions?

    i wonder, since my
    my device time traveled almost a year back in time,

    is this the first link of greater sequence of events????

    like the picture i drew. first les visable experianced a miracle with it. then the sky outside my place turned to a purple and blue, and green squirls. the entire northern hemisphere on the planet exeperiance the aurora borealis, and many see a rose with a spiral and a whole bunch of people feel loved. then a few young ladys draw next my car after their horse riding lessons in sidwalk chalk a similar image where i park. very similar.

    and none of them kids have ever seen my drawing or even know im trying my hand at art.

    infact most of the world doesnt know im drawing. creating.

    so i ponder, since i did the sequence, and 4 of the 11 doors opened on their own. my phone reboots, back to

    may 31st, 2023 301pm. every app, every mesage, all email etc returns back to that date and time frame.

    is that the begining.. of a larger sequence.

    what happens if i do the sequence where each corisponding door opens on its own, all the way through to door #11?

    i ask that question as i sit at the long oak table and a map of Seattle, Wt Puget Sound County (prior to it becoming King County) created in the year 1884.


    La Dolce Vita,


  15. that map was given to me 3 or 4 weeks ago. it was made prior to the abreviation of Washington being WA. back in 1884 Washington was abreviated as WT.

    prior to King County being called King County. it was called Puget Sound County.

    if i could time travel back anywhere? it wouldnt be to 1884 in seattle. lol

    i guess i will see if its just annomoly that my phone recet entirely to May 31st, 2023 at 301pm. or if there other links that contue moving forward.

    if so, i will complete the sequence in a way that opens each door as the chamber is closed, in sequence. who knows? maybe i will find my self in the garden of Eden.


    ya cant even make this stuff up. its better than fiction.

    its so true. its rediculously true.

    until we meet again friends.

    • i figured it out.

      i am still working within a dynamic expression of the merkaba. it is a expanded version.

      i did go from hauling phosphate alchemy symbol for spirit and light to working on the Light Rail. light rail moves humans. souls, spirits.

      the ore train i drove was #11.
      the line im working now: #2.

      star valley wyoming. yellowstone tv Show: station.

      seattle: Emerald city, where the yellow stone (Brick) leads. to Oz.

      i at East Main station. red Lion.

      living at Eagle Mountain Ranch.

      an expanded radius, yet a dynamic living expression of the Cheriot of God.

      the Cheriot of God takes you to Heaven. heaven: The City of the Gods. God is a plural.

      there is a segment in the matrix movie about a station. maybe i should review that.

      i find it all very interesting.

      when i moved in The Owner of the Ranch shook my hand and said, Welcome to the Ranch, Work your Miracle Andy. Work your Miracle Son.

      strange thing to say.

      its all interconnected. and expansive.

      i believe all the answers are already present. its only a matter of weaving them together to see the the tapastry.

      a few things occured to me last night. i may have the sequence in mirrored order. giving me the view of the earth below from the Temple of the Moon. door #11. by proceeding the sequence in reverse order, i will arrive at the destination of Temple of Quetzalcoatl.

      that door image i found on my old facebook page, i had deleted that account, gave me the 2am wake epiphany that im already on earth. i need to travel the other direction to end up at the Golden Pyramid, The temple of Quetzalcoatl.

      which resides, outside the Sun and planets within solar system.

      one sequence proceeds to earth via the moon. the other departs the entire solar system.

      hmmmmm. which would be entry into Heaven. the universe, beyond space and time. since on earth all space and time are measured by proximity of celestial objects in relation to position on earth. even the myan long count calander. is all based of movements of celestial objects.

      even Blavatsky, who was gypsy carny fortune teller who got her wisdom from the Hymilayn Masters,
      in The Secret Document. Chains, Globes. Rounds and Root Races.

      is all based on the movements of celestial objects within the solar system. it wisdom is limited to the celestial objects within that dynamic system.

      however! according to the schymatic of The City Of the Gods, you have the temple of The Moon which looks down at the earth, 8 planets in a row, The Sun, and beyond that—-through the sacred chamber where an Aztec King was burried in a chair, that looks like a time machine, the engraved cover of his tomb suggests he is in some sort of machine ———–>

      beyond the solar system is: The Golden Pyramid, The temple of Quetzalcoatl. the Plummed Serpant.

      i have been decerning the sequence in reverse.

      ahhh the only thing in the middle chamber of my scaled version, is a mirror. i thought that meant i was the Key. mirror doesnt reflect backwards. it reflects things in reverse. re-verse doesnt mean backwards.

      i know that tones and the tempo of key notes, play a part.

      i found this video recently.


      very interesting in my personal studie, and as also relates to Georges Theory on sound levitation.

      do you still count time in days beyond the solar system?

      in start trek they called it, Star Date.

      so when the planets line up, away i shall go.

      where is Barbarella when you need her?

      • probably shouldnt show up at the plummed serpants house empty handed.

        yes i will have to come up with a sutable gift. perhaps a white elephant key chain ring and one those yummy blue berry muffins from the mocha stand.

        ohhh i will bring some double stuffed oreos. hahaa

        so let me get this straight. you discoverd the path outside of the solar system, beyond space and time, and showed up at Quetzalcoatl house eating oreo double stuffed cookies, drinking coffee, wearing Cat Ball cap, cowboy boots, fuit of the loom tighty whities, and a terry cloth bathrobe.

        well, uhhh ya i see your point. i should come up with a better gift idea.


  16. POSTSCRIPT MAY 24, 2024

    G.A. STEWART : There is one thing that I find disturbing, after this deployment in the Philippine Sea, the USS Ronald Reagan will sail back to the United States after being forward deployed in Japan for the last nine-years. It almost looks like the ship is being written off, or Japan does not want it based at the Yokosuka Naval Base anymore if a war starts with China.
    This would keep Japan’s options open if a war does start, because China would certainly take out any aircraft carrier in the Western Pacific.

    Let’s pray for a quiet weekend.


  17. Should President Trump read Ashley Biden’s diary aloud during the first debate?

    The big debate between President Trump and Joe Biden is on the horizon. Who knows what fireworks will unfold, but one thing is for certain: Trump is going to bring his A-game, full-force. Especially considering everything he’s endured—raids, sham indictments, character assassination—all courtesy of the evil Biden Regime. Many believe no topic should be off-limits, especially given the new political horror show we’re living in, reminiscent of something out of North Korea or Iran, thanks to the tyrannical Biden Regime’s weaponization of intelligence, education, religion, medicine, and our judicial system. So, keeping that in mind, here’s the million-dollar question: Should President Trump stride onto that debate stage, clutching a copy of Ashley Biden’s diary, and read it aloud for the entire country to hear?


    Feds call Catholic Mass a ‘demonstration,’ ban it from national cemetery

    The federal government is being taken to court for calling a Catholic Mass a “demonstration” and banning it from a national cemetery at Memorial Day.

    The fight is over the request from the Knights of Columbus to hold a Memorial Day event in Poplar Grove National Cemetery as they have since the 1960s.

    The National Park Service refused permission, insisting that the events planned by the community service organization constituted a “demonstration.”


    FEC Expert Witness Whose Testimony Was Denied by Merchan Reveals What He Would Have Said in Trump Trial

    Former Federal Election Commission Chairman Bradley Smith has revealed the testimony he would have given in former President Donald Trump’s so-called “hush money” trial, had Judge Juan Merchan allowed it.

    Smith was to testify for the defense earlier this week in the case brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, but Trump’s attorneys decided to pull him when Merchan denied him the opportunity to address a question at the core of the case: Was the payment made to porn star Stormy Daniels a campaign contribution?

    Keep in mind both the FEC and the Department of Justice had looked at the $130,000 payment made by then-Trump attorney Michael Cohen to Daniels and determined it wasn’t, at least with regard to the 45th president.


    Rick Scott Will Run to Replace Mitch McConnell as Republican Leader

    The race to replace Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is getting crowded.

    Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) announced to his colleagues Wednesday afternoon he will run to lead Senate Republicans next Congress, writing, “I believe now is a moment we need dramatic change.”


    • that’s pretty creepy ray reading a young girl’s stolen diary especially if you don’t even know if it’ real.

        • “Case 1:22- cr-00457-LTS Document 117 Filed 04/25/24 Page 2 of 3
          April 8, 2024
          Dear Chief Judge Swain, I am deeply saddened that I even have to write this letter because my personal private journal was stolen and sold for profit. The point of the theft, I assume, was to be able to peddle grotesque lies by distorting my stream-of-consciousness thoughts. The journal that was stolen was part ofmy efforts to heal. I am
          a private citizen, targeted only because my father happened to be running to be President. In other words, the extensive work I have done to move past my trauma was undone by Ms. Harris’s actions. The defendant’s actions have created a constant environment of anxiety, fear, and intimidation in which my innermost thoughts are constantly distorted and manipulated.” https://static01.nyt.com/newsgraphics/documenttools/654c5f7182bca1ee/6fe57478-full.pdf

        • btw when i had a foster child (a seven y/o girl) yes I bathed her. only creepy pervs would try to characterize taking care of someone as child sexual abuse. being a foster parent is a very enriching experience, being able to change a little person’s life for the better.

        • HOLY SHIT, truth , you call us ‘creepy pervs’ when you are bathing a seven yr old foster girl !!!
          i could and did bath by myself at 7,
          lawyer up, after writing that confession.
          the CASA and foster care system are a bunch of baby thieves,,, going in as do gooders under color of helping, when in fact it is a form of human trafficking, stealing children that do not come from your dna.
          Had my fill of a married couple that were psycholgists that worked with the judicial system to remove children, we were sent to them by the court, as I was I getting divorced, for help to try and save the marriage, but she advised my wife to split, THAT WOULD LEAVE ANOTHER POSSIBLE VICTIM FORM THEM, my son in a one parent home, as they never once tried to address our issue and offered any kind of true guidance,,, the two obese
          fatties also kept fosters.
          while there is some good in the foster system, it provides a lot of protection and supply for the pedos and is a HUGH negative.

          first you question if the Ashley letter is real and then you post it,,,
          ” especially if you don’t even know if it’ real.”
          you seem quite conflicted,,, all the while guarding the pedo joe,,, and then admit to bathing a liddle girl yourself, that is NOT yours,,, a kind of sick it is

          what was it grandma said, about letting them talk long enough?

          I am not assuming you are guilty, but on the other hand, there needs to be an investigation since you voluntarily admitted to bathing her!
          Why was not your wife bathing her? assuming you are married to a real woman, xx not a xy.
          I have seen the damage done by pedos in a family and the emotional harm it has done to them,,, millstone is to kind, and pedos do not repent, as once a pedo always a pedo.
          As the pedo I knew, was a every sunday pewholder and church building custodian.
          I only learned about his perversion long after his death,
          pedos of a feather , stick up for each other, joe
          Ashley’s letter to the judge is lawyer speak for defusing an explosive exposure

      • truth,
        Ashley wrote the judge , it is her dairy
        I don’t not like snopes but even they had to retract and correct

        the COLD HARD FACT IS
        WE HAVE A GOD DAMN incestuous PEDO IN THE WHITE HOUSE and ya wonder why the country is being led to hell,,, stollen elections have consequences
        did ya see the Trump’s Bronx little gathering? enough to fill Madison Square Garden, but in a park

        • I have to admit being on the verge of banning him for some (sounded deliberately and meanly) hurtful things a while bad. He’s behaving so another quarter heard from. I raised a boy and two girls and don’t recall seeing any of them naked after they could dress themselves… before then, only if dad had to help. But we’re no socialist workers or neighborhood organizers which accounts to us not getting invites to State Dinners…

        • If Biden is reelected, it will be for lack of inciteful and effective opposition. The diary is a carnival side show. The voting public has become immune to the carnie freak show patter from constant over-exposure. Step right up, the chief executive perv sniffs underage girls in the blue tent…

  18. re: fred chart

    i overlaid presidential administrations on top of the fred durable goods chart, pretty interesting.

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