Holiday Bumps

One of the hardest decisions a small trader can make is whether to hold a position on a Holiday weekend.  So, today we will consider just a bit of the recent data in this regard.

Around us, the world situation continues to devolve.  With liquid reinforcements, a roast thawing out, and a whole bunch of weekend goodies in our ShopTalk series, we might as well do the great work right up to the end.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – the data will tell us when actual panic is warranted…

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20 thoughts on “Holiday Bumps”

  1. whoooaa. your whole entire webiste even the font shifted since my last comment. trippy.

    right after my last comment a friend i hadnt talked to in a long while. sent me a picture of him standing next to Noahs Ark. i guess its in kentucky. who would have thought.

    never would have thought Noah landed in Kentucky. hahah.

    im always mindful of what comes next after sorting things out, processing them verb ally in my own personal studys.

    i say this, process this amount of data sequence. less than 30 seconds later a friend i havent talked to in a long while sends me an image of Noahs Ark.


    interesting juxtipositon.

    im not build a boat here. im finding the sequncial path beyond the celestial system we are currently in.

    • ” im not build a boat here. im finding the sequncial path beyond the celestial system we are currently in.”
      Andy, if you want to prove anything by your voluminous rantings please draw a picture in your notebook of Putin’s face and draw a line thru the picture. That will prove to all of us that you’re honest. All else is hogwash, IMHO ;-).
      I’ve read your rantings here since you predicted years ago’ NYC IN FLAMES’ I’m still waiting ;-((.

      • you gott a link. i never said that. lol

        i have linked over a hundred pics and told the truth. i got nothing to prove to you. at all. i dont give a flying fuck if ya belive me or not. my comments are established in truth if you believe them or not. you know that right. your belief doesnt establish the truth. the truth is the truth.

        i dont do predictions anymore silly. i create.

        so you wear that sad face everywhere you go for a whole month. show it to every single person you meet and if anyone smiles or waves and says hi. you keep on scowling. remind yourself. its andys fault.



        • Andy on/or March 22, 2020 predicted:
          ” The Dow will stabilize at around 6212.
          New York city will be on fire for a whole month. Once civil Unrest occurs. The US markets will be no longer as they are known now. There is a great possibility that the US Government will assume control of a few large corporations as it did with Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac.
          There will be a shooting in the Senate floor. I just see a balding man in a dark grey suit pulling a pistol which looks like a .38 snub nose, and shooting another senator with in the head and nancy Pelosi fainting over it. I saw it live on Cspan.
          Martial law will be declared by August 2020. Under the guise of “National Emergency. ”

        • With a resident historian on site, it reminds me again not to make any exact date predictions.

  2. i do wonder if i experiance another NDE outside the solar system, would the result be the same experiance? would the other side of the veil be similar to my other experiances?

    i would think it would be much different.

    • 2 is where “I and I” become One.

      the throans one by one within the Cheriot of God, Cherity and Justice. one throne. two seats one by one: 11.

      11 becomes 2. 2 is the sum, of one.

      well, good talk. hope all is well. biden have his stroke on stage yet?

      sorry i havent really paying attention much to the little things in the world like who is president or not president.

      im working the big things. and having alot of fun. enjoying life.

      • ahhhh fibonacci. 1 and 1 or I and I becomes 2.

        the expanding the cheriot of God.

        spirit and light. ha ha ha. light rail humans.


        as old friend Chad would say, Swinging on Spirals.

        what do we know. positive polarity accerate the swing of arch spiraling outward aka expanding using itself as a template. negative polarity inverts the spiral inward. ha!

        and of course Chess is our Model. all chess pieces move in spiral formation. the swing the ach of the Knight may be to a greater degree than that of the pawn. nevertheless! all chess pieces move in spiral patterns.

        ha! it all makes sense now.

        and that is why the entire dynamic living expression of the Cheriot of God aka The Merkabu is expanding relative to my locality.

        ha! cheek and innah!

  3. ya but, in this article
    “Others see it, too: RFK Jr attacks Trump and Biden as he makes 2024 pitch to Libertarian voters | Robert F Kennedy Jr | The Guardian.”
    rfKennedyjr accuses Trump of shutting down business and churches, that is a lie,,, as the governors in those states shut them down,,, churches and business in my state was not shut down,,,, some 6ft rules and masks were somewhat asked for by the stores only Menards and a couple of libtard small business were ass hoes about it,,,
    that is constitutional law, as to what the federal government is allowed to,,, but does not stop the demons or rinos from violating the constitution,,,
    The energy and power flow is still with Trump, like a tidal wave

    • Trump will be addressing the Libertarians in a few days.

      RFK is about as diametrically-opposed to Libertarianism as Biden. “Libertarianism” is to the right of “Republicanism” on the political scale, and is the closest modern approximation to the vision Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, and Madison had for the United States. Kennedy will get nowhere with the Libertarians — Trump may capture a few, but for the most part they’re going to keep their 355,000 votes to themselves, and run a Ron Paul disciple for Prez, like they always do…

    • Depending on how granular you want to get one could say it was the individual who gave up their sovereignty and agency by going along.

      At the time president Trump and Ivanka got the Vaxx. Ivanka injection photos below: Getting the Vaxx is maximum support and endorsement.

      All that to say is Fauci andf that woman, Bri was it? got away.

      Ivanka Vaxx photos:

  4. i gotta get. i dont wanna get sucked into bitter old man bullshit.

    i will leave you with this word of wisdom.

    Someone said something about being Love Bombed a while back. they said it was horrible.

    I said, Shit! Im super good with it as long as they are buying dinner. Bomb away girl! Ya ya im fucking amazing! Woot! Woot! Pass the Salsa! Oh yeah im super humble! You gonna eat that last taco???

    until we meet again.

    ~ La Dolce Vita ~

    • This being Memorial weekend, I wish all the best for the families of fallen heroes, and the same for those who came back to us. Have a safe holiday, and thank you for your service.

  5. re: Holiday Bumps
    feat: blooming DIY method


    It’s a booming time of year in zone 3 for horticultural shopping of fertilizers and garden planting. The “Straits Times” has published images by Reuters of a Kharkiv, Ukraine DIY garden center superstore following an attack by Russian missiles. Apparently the company had previously bought ambulances for the Ukraine forces. Indeed a small, single military vehicle with a Cossack nationalist white cross accompanied by a rifle-toting soldier was amongst the pictured attending.

    The DIY chain featured in a “Radio Free Europe” historical report as being owned by one of Ukraine’s wealthier oligarch couples. She apparently had been a deputy mayor of Kiev while he had been an official in Mr. Putin’s United Russia party. Their DIY subsidiary in the eastern republics had been renamed and redomiciled to Moscow since the annexation troubles. However it’s electronics arm appears to retain a Kievan presence with representation near the Blue #1 metro line near the “Palace of Ukraine” station stop formerly known as “Red Army” in Soviet times. The corresponding electronic web offices may have taken flight to the dot io realm of Lemuria fame which allegedly pays seignorage to the UK government.

    Everything is coming up roses?

    “I just come and talk to the plants, really – very important to talk to them, they respond, I find.”

    King Charles III

    • re: Shanghai’d in Noumea
      feat: Macron & a cent of musk


      A nickel for your thoughts? The President of the French Republic completed his 18 hour trip on Thursday to deal with “an unprecedented insurrection” in the usually idyllic island vacation paradise of New Caledonia, discovered by British explorer Capt. James Cook in 1774. The only images seemingly fit to print in Western msm would appear to have been the President shaking hands with heavily armed riot police in the capital of Noumea. The (socialist-led?) aboriginal group did not wish to negotiate with the president and his French colonists.

      The Canadian-South African’s Tesla Canada news page is frequently updated. However there is no amendment showing up on the October, 2021 report page where Tesla contracts for New Caledonian nickel deliveries to begin in 2024.

      Let’s join DJ George in studio for a programming note about imperial dreams of grandeur. Here we go with a number from Rammstein filmed in Capetown, South Africa –

      “Aüslander” (Foreigner)
      (caution – adult content)

  6. george, someone asked me how do you get a girlfriend that is 20 years younger than you that hot.

    well she told me she miller lite girl and i said well, nobody is perfect. she laughed. then she dropped something and bent over in front of me to pick it up. she walked away. so i waited a few moments and walked up to her and whispered in her ear, You bend over infront of me again? i will be all over that ass like a hobo on a ham sandwhich. she tilted her head back and laughed.

    as she was walking away she knocked something off the counter, bent over to pick it up turned her head and smiled.

    its a match made in heaven! she has daddy issues and i have kids her age.


    yes sir. i still got alot of lead in my pencil.

    ~ Lets Make Music ~

    cowboy up!

    • “yes sir. i still got alot of lead in my pencil.”.

      au contraire mon frère!!

      If you had it, no need to brag it. ;-1))
      hahahahhahaba. Havee a good one.

  7. For the curious:
    (debated whether to post the but decided it was interesting enough based on everything else happening that others may be interested)

    Ol Cliff High on Monday last posted one of his verbal commentaries … and yes he is still doing the occasional data mining run, but apparently he only does those sporadically now, and part of it was interesting to say the least.

    Cliff does NOT do any more reports per se but in his audio blogs does on RARE occasions mentions what he sees coming back from his rare data mining run. He is now mostly into other things, not upcoming events, so even when he does a data run he doesn’t talk much about it.

    He says that when he does a data mining run today the data is only good going out for a short period of time, the internet has changed and he generally can not see out even a few months anymore, more like 14 to 30 days now he says. (though he does see a HUGE event situation for the fall – he did a joint podcast with the Futures Forecasting Group last fall about that)

    Well the long and short is that he is now seeing a POTENTIAL big event coming up in middish June. Per the data coming back so far he said it was looking like 32 days from when he was recording his blog, which was May 20th. He said he WILL update that information as to both any potential event AND any timing update in a 10 days or so (from the 20th). Apparently he still has a data run out collecting more data and is awaiting that data. His disclaimed, multi times, the TIMING of the upcoming event … as anyone who has dealt with Cliff’s reports know his timing projections have historically “sucked”.

    The long and short is he is seeing an Israeli attack on Iran (he thinks), probably involving the use of nuclear weapons. (the “Israeli Mistake”?) . The secondary impacts of whatever event it is that Israel does is a widespread revulsion against Israel and Jewish people, with many Jewish people leaving where they are and moving to Israel as a result … though his secondary impacts in his reports have always tended to be highly exaggerated (I think it is an artifact on how the data is collected and analyzed) even if the ORIGINAL MAIN EVENT is 100% accurate.

    Overall for MAIN EVENT projections by Cliff I found his work to be 15%-20% accurate, his secondary impacts IF they occurred at all driveled down to being 5% or less accurate in their projected intensity (imo). (ie: they always EXAGGERATED the intensity)

    Verdic Astrologers also have that time frame of the middle of June as a critical time frame wrt War issues (I don’t follow astrologers so don’t ask me how they do what they claim to do) … just an observation.

    Obviously fwiw. Your milage may vary.

    • Something I’d like to point out at this time, and it’s something that has gone universally unnoticed amongst ALL prognosticators:

      It is equally probable that “the Israeli mistake” is something Israel began,
      but left undone,

      as it is,

      something Israel began,
      then did too thoroughly…

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