Iran Prez Dead, Rally Carries Over

Once again, I have taken a “vow of brevity.”  Which may not last one column’s worth.

Short-Term Future

Monday: Looks like the Spidey-sense was right about the market going higher, at least at the open.  As you look at the following plot, consider that if we are to have 3 large (multi-month) waves up from the nominal bottom in Oct. 2022, then a serious decline in coming weeks, but turning into an historically proportioned run toward 50,000 on the Dow and lasting to late August or even past Labor Day, can’t be ruled out.

To these old eyes, it looks like a run to an upper trend line.  Once we hit that (presumably this week) then we can come sliding down.  Whether we stop and bounce from the upper trend or go down to the lower before staging the final blast off doesn’t make much difference to us.

Thing is, we are in a “Made Up Money” global economy.  It’s like imagining that while Charles Ponzi was running his pyramiding scheme back in the 1920s.  To read Wikipedia telling it:

“Ponzi may have been inspired by the scheme of William W. Miller (also known as “520% Miller”), a Brooklyn book-keeper who in 1899 used a similar deception to take in $1 million (approximately $35 million in 2022).”

So, our “thought model” here is simple: there was a 20-year “air gap” between Miller and Ponzi’s scammeries. But now suppose that they had been contemporaries.  And then further suppose that they were “buying into each other’s scams.”

Our view is that is where Global Banking has gone, led in large measure by the BoJ – Bank of Japan.  The so-called Yen carry trade allowed (simplifying) big investors to borrow massive money at low rates, then dump it into the higher yielding stock scam.  Thus we would argue, one might plan on various central bank bonds as being “The Miller’s” while the equities markets reenact the Ponzi’s.

As we think this through, it all smacks of coordinated central bank pyramiding.  And there is some argument that’s the case since Gold has already today traded above $2,454.  Meanwhile, gold has gone through $32.75 and we haven’t gotten to breakfast, yet. Oh, and Doctor Copper hit $5,10 overnight, though this is problematic.

Because traditionally, copper has been a good “war indicator” – since there’s so much of it used in Ammunition.  With events in Iran this weekend, we have to wonder if hardliners are about to make their moves in the Middle East.  More on this in a sec. But the other aspect of Dr. Copper is that (like the PGMs) we could see prices reflecting inflation, too.

Bitcoin the Tiebreaker?

No, not really.

While BTC was up to 67,111 and change, that’s doing little more than riding on the coattails of precious metals and also energy. Which we think will “get going” when the OPECkers decide they have “had enough” and begin to dial back global supplies.

We think the world’s next Big Thing could be military in nature. Because overnight, the Ukrainians (with plenty of US/UK coaching) struck deep into Russia to hit oil refineries.  With Russian Oil Refineries Ablaze From Ukraine Strikes, Kremlin Accuses America of ‘Playing with Fire’.

This is likely to be another democrat misunderstanding of the Law of Consequences.  Yes, greenlighting and helping the Ukes hit Rusky’s refineries makes sense if defending Kharkiv and Kyiv, but that will gear up Oil Power in the Middle East.

Such that by, oh, Labor Day or so, we could see the Russians eyeing tactical nukes to squash the drone command centers and all regional power in Ukraine.  Which emboldens the Arab alliance (pulling the Oil lever) to pressure Israel, while the price of gasoline and oil zooms skyward.  What this does – and I think you can see it – is drives prices absolutely screaming higher over summer.

And now we get to an outcome:  With the Inflation now on the verge of runaway mode (not to mention we will cross the $35-trillion level of debt any day now) seeing a 10 percent shark jump of Burst Inflation would reprice everything skyward.

This would press our Aggregate Index towar(if he wins)fffffd 50,000, the Dow could also work its way to 45,000 (and higher) while another 10 percent (and fears of even high) could by Labor Day press oil toward $100, Gold moving on $3,000 and Silver hitting $40.

At some point in here, the Fed may be forced by events to raise rates, normally an unthinkable (nearly nuclear) option in an Election cycle.

But if Trump begins to lead by too much, and Biden falters, most of the good liberals will be more than willing to throw Biden and his socialists under the (financial) bus and roll with Trump who they can hound out of office later.

That will give the DEI/woke/correctness industry someone to blame (too many stodgy straight White voters who are Mexiphobic?) while Trump will have been handed a steaming bag of crap (if he wins) because the economy will be into full-on decline.

Already, though, Black voters are warming to Trump in the polls because he’s becoming a member of the victims of bias and crooked prosecutions.  Elaine and I see a very tiny chance that there are enough mistakes being made that the democrat party might not last the year.  An amazing ability to steal defeat from the jaws of victory looms.

Unless Obama has talked Slo into an “October surprise” with flash-bangs.  We ain’t putting anything past anyone in here.

Whew. Some damn mess, huh?

Still, flash bangs would give the FedGov even more total control than Covid and it would allow currency controls. Central bank could unplug crypto as “trading with the enemy”.  Plus, anyone able to work could be conscripted into a war industry and the scapegoat for all this is a foreign entity.  No indictments, the house of cards falls, the rich see it coming, and the rest of us all eat “cake.”

Well played.

Maybe I better double-up on my Fear Meds.

(Say, did I just bust the Brevity Pledge? Hmm.)

The Week’s Batting Order

  • Today: Four Fed Regional bosses are speaking.  Let’s see what the coordinated message turns into.  Should be amusing, at least.
  • Six more Fed speaks tomorrow – very unusual constellation of appearances so the odds of a message are elevated.
  • Bank Reserve Settlement Wednesday – this come on alternating weeks, but could it be a moment of Panic in markets?  Maybe. Eyes open for it – and watch the Fed Speakers!  OK and Iranian hardliners, then, too.
  • Chicago Fed and U.I. filings is all Thursday has to offer.
  • And then going into the three-day Memorial Day weekend only Durable Goods is likely to wiggle the meter.

On to Data Points

Wars first:

We figure Iran will only take under mid-week to blame the U.S. and/or Israel for events this weekend. As Turkish Akinci drone spotted what remained of Iranian president’s helicopter: E. Raisi, foreign minister and seven other people dead. A week (or less) for hardliners to consolidate power?

Second most dangerous gambit this weekend? Russia: French and British operators of Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG – Bombing of the Russian mainland with AASM-250 Hammer and AGM-88 HARM. Whether use of “NATO weapons” is a nuclear tripwire for Vlad Putin will become clear presently.

American Kabuki continues in the anti-Trump industry. Michael Cohen returns to witness stand as decision on Trump testimony in hush money trial looms. Will Trump be able to stay off the stage (stand) or will ego drive him to flap and yap? Bets?

Jack Smith’s in warming waters: JUST IN: Judge Cannon Calls Jack Smith Out For His Dirty Tricks in Rare Sunday Order.

More blowback from the Biden decision to double the prices of imported electric vehicles (thereby screwing American buyers) as now we see how WH genius could leave our defense industry in trouble: China commerce ministry bans some US firms from import, export activities. It has been said we can’t build a decent weapons system with0ut Chinese parts.  Did Joe nod off during that part of the daily briefing?

Let’s all play King Canute: New Taiwanese president calls on China to stop its threats | Reuters.  And with Biden on the string, they would do this why?

25-years ago we said we’d have the last orders of fish and chips in my lifetime.  Here we go:  is this the start? Red Lobster files for bankruptcy.  Over time, we figure fish will become “rich people food” – wagyu salmon kinda thing.

Floaters seen:  Dali Cargo Ship To Be Refloated Nearly 8 Weeks After Baltimore Bridge Collapse. Ignore the conspiracy stories on this one. Well, except for the cause and no one is saying – yet. The crew is caught in a maritime law nightmare. Where if they “jump ship” then the owners lose the ship, more’n likely.

Seat backs and tray tables to the upright and locked positions: How the West Was Woke, to the Point of Near Extinction – PJ Media.

Around the Ranch: Air Conditioning

OK, so the ShopTalk Sunday column was a bit long.  Wait until we do “Troubleshooting Tomatoes” next Sunday, lol.

Main breakthrough (thinking) this weekend was to figure out that our 8,000  BTU air conditioner in the lean-to greenhouse was cutting off too early on compressor cycling due to water handling.  It’s an interesting story.

With the roll-around type AC units, there is usually a drain hose optional (at the homeowner’s discretion).

Except! What they don’t tell you is that the total BTUs out will fall if you don’t hook up the drain.  Because the water (from icing on the cooling coils) in the unit have to be blown off through the big 5.2-inch vent pipe.

Turns out that when you hook up a continuous drain hose. the a/c runs much longer (up to coil freeze) and then a ton of water lands in the bucket.  What do do with that?  Our unit created five gallons of water in a 24 hour period!

Here’s the genius part:  We collect the air conditioning water and put it into the rain barrel where it recycles into the vegetables come watering time.

Just had to remember to empty the bucket – which is not something I’m keen on. Zo? Next weekend, I will show off my graceful solution to that problem.

May sound like economic suicide, but when solar panels are in the 20-cents a watt price range, for used panels, building a high tech grow-cycle space isn’t beyond affordability.

Troubleshooting Tomatoes” (which may end up as an ebook) will be along presently.

Write when you get rich,.

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58 thoughts on “Iran Prez Dead, Rally Carries Over”

    • George S.

      Thanks, several surges look unsustainable to my eye. But I’m old and perhaps my vision isn’t what it was. Thanks re: Fib. #s.


  1. Not sure if you have that portable style ac unit. If you do there’s 2 styles . 1 style has 1 hot air exhaust and the other style has a hot air exhaust but also a fresh air intake. With out that fresh air intake tube the unit will pull the air currently in the indoor room and blow it outside as the hot air exhaust. The room will need to replenish that air so it pulls hot humid air from outside and continues the process. The style with the fresh air intake takes outside air , cools the condenser and pushes that same air back outside. Not affecting the indoor air. The single exhaust hose versions should have never been created

      • If there are no air changes between the space being cooled and the outside you are running it as a dehumidifier.
        It will cool down to the wet bulb temp and then only condense water.
        Again, this is what I do (have done for 40y).

        • I did a restart, but it wasn’t in the dehumidifier mode. When I put it in that the water flow picked up even more. Which leads to good news about home water capture and resilience (as long as there’s power for solar!). But bad news for plants that balk just above 95.

          Replacement tomato strains will arrive momentarily and go into the spawners so we shouold be sees up on heat tolerant tomatoes shortly…

    • I had one that just had the hot air exhaust as a backup sitting in the garage and a few years ago when the central air crapped out. I put it in the living room and even without an outside air intake it kept the house at a tolerable level until the central air could be fixed. Later gave it to one son who’s very tiny house did NOT have central air and it worked fine for him too.

      A couple of years ago Aldi’s of all places had them but they came in late in the season so didn’t sell even though priced about 40% less than Lowes. Finally they were closing them out and marked them down by another 50% to get rid of them. Week later went in to get some food and they had one left, remembering how good it was to one have a backup I asked them what they wanted for it, sales clerk called the manager and he said “Oh $60, Get rid of it”, so I got one that Lowes sells at the beginning of the season for about $550ish for $60. Still in the box in the garage … just in case!! (BONUS – my small 2400 watt generator has enough power to run it in case we get another 10 day summer time grid failure like a we had a few years back after a hurricane remnant’s went through!!)

      As an emergency back up AC they aren’t bad little units to keep around!!

  2. If we don’t borrow the money .gov will and then they strategically deploy the loot to induce us into borrowing.

    Look to Intel. People cheered the Free to them. Intel had to have it. The old national security gag. That free will force wages up which is connected to the housing bone connected to school costs bone and new buses will be needed. Everything. Teachers buying cars. AC units for the subdivision buildouts. More places for illegals to work.

  3. I don’t put a lot of cred onto Hal Turner — he has more than a few truly repugnent positions — But even so, while he is sometimes “over his skis,” reporting things too soon or distorted even if sensational; he is often interesting:
    9pm EDST, 7.49, 5.95, 6.16, 7.73, 7.50 — all AM.
    Let me be clear: I put no particular cred in him.
    I watch many sources I don’t agree with to be aware of what’s being said.

    Nice thing about shortwave: I don’t have to “log in” to a permanently stored access log. SW is anonymous.

    You need an AM / Shortwave radio. They’re cheap.

    • My take if anything is Hal is controlled. Long ago he threatened fed judges and the FBI popped him for his actions.

      Is he working with/for the feds now, who can say. J6 was infiltrated and that was as ogranic as it gets.

  4. Always seeming angry, General Buck Turgidson (name borrowed from a famous fictional character) snatched the red telephone off the hook, and barked, “BUCK!”

    Gen Buck’s butt and red phone were located deep within a large graite mountin. (Sorry for the hackneyed, stereotypical scene — but it paints a picture.)

    The silky voice said, “Ah, General Buck; How ARE you? This is General Ivan Bitchakockov — we actually met once some years ago, but I’m certain you don’t remember me: it was very brief.”

    “Whattya want, and who the hell is this really, and where’d you get this number!?”

    “Relax, General, You can call this a courtesy call. We’re about to use a small nuclear field weapon to cut off an irritating Ukrainian small air base, and we just wanted you to know about; it because you Americans are an excitable people, and we wouldn’t want you to over-react. So, just ignore it — it is no strategic threat to you; just a one-off pustule we must pierce and drain before it becomes a major danger to us all. Good-Bye; and as you say, ‘Have a nice day.'”


    Buck bit down a bit harder on his ever-present dead cigar, and said, “Well …Shit!”

    End of flagrantly hakneyed and sterotyped scene.

      • I know. Hopelessly derivative…

        When I was good, I wasn’t much good.
        I worked hard at being as good as Ed Wood. (Though I never was a drinker…)

    • I applaud your notional ‘conversation,’ Will (otRR), however, with ‘boots on the ground and cheeks in the seat’ experience in this domain I can professionally attest that generals never verbally converse with each other about nuclear issues over the infamous ‘hotline.’ Text messaging ‘may’ happen at critical stages for strategic nuke issues, but Generals do not solely authorize the launch of nukes – by treaty only national leaders can do that dirty deed, even if the nuke is ‘just’ tactical. That said, if Russia decides to use ‘tactical’ nukes, no strategic comms links are required to be established. How the West might respond would determine the path set in motion by Russia and the perceived threat of American interests and those of our key allies.

      • What was millie vanillie bragging about when said he reassured the ccp that he would notify them if President Trump decided to ” push the button” ? Are you saying there isn’t any had generals?

  5. Can some one please explain to this confuzzled good Citizen why we (USA) Sells Debt ? WHY ?

    When the USA OWNS the Money “Printing Press” – why do we Borrow more money from Others/Foriegners?

    Yes I get that most Money in USA is created with Click of Mouse shifting or Shitting a Decimal point over…

    Please help me understand this basic, fundamental question of WHY DEBT when we own the bloody Press ?

    The Money created is not BACKED by anything at all but faith- hahahahah theres that WEAKEST of all words in the English Dictionary again, Faith…suckas.

    come to think of IT, the Bible is just like the US Dollar..No faith = NO Money.

    Hate to say, but in BCN’s world – if I cant Feel it, Sense It, Hold It and or Smell and Taste It, IT DOes NOT EXIST.

    Perhaps this explains my desire for Bitcoin..though does not explain the WHY FOR of Govt. Debt when we own the figgin printing press.

    • Actually. on deeper inspection you will find BTC meets none of your Feel it, Sense It, Hold It and or Smell and Taste It rules. Thus you find yourself in a quandary – an internal contradiction. Which leads you to flee part time to Costly Rica and other real estate our govt hasn’t yet objectified and subsumed.

      More time in the scotch and less in the ashram, old friend. No ultimately prepped place in the woods for you. Remember that at least with Treasuries (and other Confederate dullards) you can at least wipe with them. No wipe for the BCN! Throw him in the river to clean up.

      • ” No ultimately prepped place in the woods for you.”
        LOL! Nice turnabout.

      • Au contraire mon ami..

        Youse can Hold Ure hard wallet ( Ure hot little hands. In fact the tactile feel of Authenticating Transactions (pushing buttons) on a Trezor is a most satisfying chore as the tactile sensations tend to tickle the “short hairs’. Not so much a feeling of buyers remorse, more of a “oh shit, I hope that goes thru to correct address” kinda feeling.

        “Costly Rica” is family bugout location. Prepped, and ready to rock for when the Fecal Matta starts to fly. In meantime the Amish and Mennonite communities in my backyard got similar deal as the Quaker Settlers/Farmers in early Phila had with Welsh Farmers they recruited to the mainline/radnor area of Pennsyltucky. Quakers needed a “sanitary zone” peaceful they be, tween them and the Injuns, soes they brought over a bunch of hardy Welsh men..
        Around these parts – it is understood, that the Lord takes care of them that take Care of themselves -

      • Do we really own money even if it’s in the bank?

        Acquaintance had $30,000 disapear from their Chase Bank account … Bank would NOT provide copies of the checks or wires that was used to pull that $30,000 out of their account.

        They complained, asked for THEIR money back. Chase’s response … CLOSE THE ACCOUNT.

        Chase then alleges it mailed out the additional $50,000+ in the account via checks … aqaintance NEVER received them but did receive a “final” $500 check.

        Chase will NOT send give any details about the checks they “claim” they sent out and WILL NOT provide copies of such cancelled checks (or wires) so the funds can be traced as to where they went (been 6 weeks …. branch manager can’t even get into their screens so as to see them, they are locked out of seeing the accounty TOO).

        Does my friend trust even big bank JP Morgan Chase with their money anymore?

        NOPE … their money, $80,000, disappeared, just like that, and Chase is INTENTIONALLY NOT providing ANY documentation as to what in the heck happened to my acquaintance’s $80,000! Bitcoin, stored on your own device seems like a safer way to store your money anymore!!

        Just a warning to anybody who banks with Chase and keeps any appreciable amount of money in accounts with them

        • It’s an issue for lawyers, but this ‘garbage’ doesn’t belong in this column, that’s my opinion, ;-).
          Spoils to continue to read more.

          Btw. Every child knows that you
          don’t own your money when it’s
          entrusted to a bank for (safe)keeping. I’m surprised about some people’s ignorance ;-((.

        • Chase got big by hanging on to their money. They pulled a similar stunt when I took money from them to a broker. They mailed a rather large check without tracking, which never showed up. I eventually got the money, but lost a lot of sleep over a Christmas holiday. I still use Chase, but I limit the amount of money I keep there.

        • Choices: “… Every child knows that you
          don’t own your money when it’s
          entrusted to a bank for (safe)keeping. I’m surprised about some people’s ignorance ;-((.”

          Where do you keep your money then? Under your mattress in your house?

          The Government does NOT look kindly upon people who keep Tens of Thousands of Dollars IN CASH, and then try to use it in any sort of lump sum transaction (say to buy a midpriced car for $40,000 or make a down payment on a house for $70,000).

    • Its a Fugazi, Fugauzi, whatever the fuck it is.
      Its all fake, theater, smokescreen, total BS.
      The national debt thing works because we all buy in to it. Some day that will change, just not in our life time.

  6. I am not picking a side.

    Russia whining about US help ! Reallly ???

    Playing with fire.

    Anybody ever heard of this before ?

    Lets pick one.


    Russia was NOT providing any arms or assistance to the North was he ? Care to go through the list ?

    I’ll bet d’Lynn has a thought or 50 about that…

    • Yep – I would have ‘a few’ comments.., but they would be wasted.
      – No one really cares about the Vietnam War.., try convincing someone that Russia was involved is futile, at best. Hell., I’ll bet half the people you know couldn’t even find Vietnam on a map.
      – Russian really needs to stop bitchin’ about what the U.S. and Ukraine are doing. Jointly, or separately. They simply need to shut-the-hell-up.., and pull a psych – job. No media releases at all. None. And then start a slow and methodical pin-point, devastating attack on every key military component and infrastructure they can find.
      All of this bolstering and postering – peacock feathers all a-ruffled.., is useless.
      If you take it as threat.., destroy it. Don’t stand back and cuss at it.., claiming yours is bigger than theirs…, is a school-boy joke.
      – And.., the very next asshole that says anything about a “Line-in-the-Sand.., I will fly over there and personally bitch slap. Enough with the false threats !
      A couple of days ago I read that for the first time since the war began., the Ukraine has ‘officially’ asked NATO for ground troops. No response as yet. [ Well., not counting the French Foreign Legion., the British SAS.., the U.S. Special Forces., and a couple of other countries trying to get in some game-time.]


      • ” I’ll bet half the people you know couldn’t even find Vietnam on a map.”

        Out of sight, out of mind.

      • Hmmm.. no word as yet….
        is that where all the special forces that were brought back into active duty went..
        rarely do we know were the new operations are going on.. until its obvious and cannot be denied.

  7. Occams Razor George. The Kabuki theater is being elevated in porportion to the artival of, danger certain that the US dollar rails are shut in and the switch flipped moment arrives.

    Those who fail to pay attention to history are doomed to become members of it’s casualties. Forever captured in the banksters systems with no trap door.

    When the Bank rails are shut in Ill still be able to reach out to BCN to settle transactions and exchange value: Trezor – Ledger and vice versa.

    Going to be a Fascinating Summer.

    You all know what you got. Good luck.

    • Summer of Zio HATE Comes to a neighborhood near you. It will be bad, very bad, why they are hoping for a civil war to pop off here.
      Not gonna happen, GLOBAL POP. has had enough, once “zios” throw a nuke or two it will be ON like Donkey Kong.

      If I were jewish & living in USA – I would be bugging out NOW.
      At least I would be disavowing ZIONISM hard, till I could a place to stay out of conus.

      As an early adopter, prolly a month or so till the Killing commences..

      *Thankfully Im a dumb ass, so chances of being right…?

      • The Jewish/Zionism shit is played Dude. It’s the satanist cabal from the City of London, to Jerusalem, back to Washington D.C.; in that order.

        You suffer from no “Continuity of Thought” and perhaps some latent bigotry.

        Albert Pike wanted to do away with the three Abrahamic religions over a hundred-years ago; it’s sort of historically ironical that all three of these religions identified a “Devil.”

        You seem to be playing into it???

        Netanyahu is today’s Herod, and his racist government are the bitches of the City of London. When he’s gone, come the Iranians, maybe you’ll like them better.

        I will tell you who will be toast when the “schietz hits the fan”; it will certainly be every American ex-pat in South and Central America, and Mexico, but it will also go global.

        Folks down south don’t have kind memories of the CIA and Operation Condor.

        I know some ex-pats in Mexico; once those U.S. dollar retiree checks stop coming to the local banks, say goodbye to the protection of the Federales and hello to the cartels.

        Senile Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s puppet, is going to make every American ex-pat throughout the world the most reviled creatures on Earth.

        I’ll take my chances here. That’s just something folks like me do. It gives life a little bit of meaning.

        • Excellent points, Stu!

          We came to the same idea long ago. In fact, with the fully kitted out sailboat and ready to rock from San Diego in 2001, our last minute (and decisive) view of the world was that while being a prosperous American and free to roam the globe would be fine for a while, when it came hunker-down time, there would be no safe place out of CONUS> We love Hawaii (who doesn’t?) but it’s an obvious steppingstone for Whin’s expansion (East) and Alaska is also problematic with Russia on the doorstep. We looked therefore at three key elements of survival.
          Low population density. Big cities will be death traps and unsustainable.
          Adequate water. High temps are one thing (miserable in summer) but try going longer than 48-hours without water and you’ll see what’s more important.
          And People. People with ancient core values and like ’em (or not) the 10 commandments are a dandy checklist. Places failing these tests became our “keep out zones”
          Which is why a double wide trailer seemed silly to many for 20 years but now doesn’t look like a band choice.
          We didn’t even bother renewing our passports. Piracy is a bitch and money as a concept of power is in our view destined for a massive perceptual change.
          As we say with an embedded entendre: Must be Present to Win.

        • oh the sword of damocles is a good example.. its hovering over them as we speak.. what to do what to do.. do you back away and give up the position of leader of the pack.. or take the chance that they are as stupid as they think they are and not having prepared for such an issue.. I myself think they are smarter than we as a country give them credit for..

        • Agreed G.A.,

          Without LOTS of money to for them to spend the latent hostilities towards Ex-Pats is going to be HUGE.

          200 years of frustrations with the US (since the Monroe Doctrine) will come out in spades, even though overall the Monroe Doctrine actually helped much of South and Central America because it kept internal Wars between the various nations there virtually non-existent for the last 200+ years.

          Who knows how many Wars and how many people would have died in those lands without Big Brother from up north keeping a lid on them … but people there will NOT think about it that way, they will just remember the conflicts the US DID start and fund in their region and the Dictators that the US supported who violently suppressed the people.

    • (“The sword of Damocles”)

      BOY THAT IS THE TRUTH…. since pushing his agenda and throwing good money away on bad.. allowing millions of illegals to enter.. and the wild and crazy adventures of kid catastrophe and his wild days and their corrupt ways.. we are in a serious pickle.. over a few numbers some drugs and deviant sex practices..
      Now we have been put in the position of dammed if he does damned if he doesn’t…

      • oops forgot to tell everyone what the video is.. the sword of damocles

  8. It suddenly occurred to me to get 2024 Silver Eagles for graduation gifts coming up pronto. Today spot silver on Kitco is $31.63. I found a seller of 2024 Eagles for $25.99! Below Spot. So of course I got a few extra. Now hope they get here before Graduation party for gift. Sum Ting Wong here?

    • It may be a good idea to have those Silver Eagles tested to make sure they aren’t counterfeit. It would be VERY strange to find a legit dealer selling below spot.

  9. Rep. Thomas Massie Introduces ‘End The Fed’ Act

    Congressman Thomas Massie introduced the Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act H.R. 8421 Thursday which aims to abolish the private Federal Reserve Bank that has printed U.S. dollars since 1913.

    “Americans are suffering under crippling inflation, and the Federal Reserve is to blame,” Rep. Massie said in his press release Thursday. “During COVID, the Federal Reserve created trillions of dollars out of thin air and loaned it to the Treasury Department to enable unprecedented deficit spending. By monetizing the debt, the Federal Reserve devalued the dollar and enabled free money policies that caused the high inflation we see today.”

  10. Here’s an oldie..

    ancient burrito.. with your new flatbread baked in a wood fired oven….

    this dish to the moon god Sin who lived in the ziggurat of Ure. But Ure wasn’t only known to be the home of the moon god. It was known for the bakers square … breads…common man ate flat bread ..kings ate raised..

    3 onions chopped
    12 ounces of mushrooms chopped
    1/4 cup of olive oil
    2 tbsp. butter
    1 1/2 tsp salt
    1 tsp. pepper
    1/4 cup parsley ( spinich, fixed and cooked broccoli or cabbage shredded and cooked works)
    1 lb of ground beef

    Flat bread

    4 1/2 cups of flour
    1 1/2 tsp salt
    2 cups of warm water


    3 cups of water
    3 cups of yogurt
    1 tsp salt
    ice cubes

    Fry the ingredients in the oil except the green.. onions mushrooms .. after the meat onions and mushrooms are cooked mix in the green ..

    mix the bread dough cover and let it sit for an hour. if its still to sticky you can mix in a little more flour..
    separate into golf ball sized rolls..
    roll it out to flat bread on one side place a little of the mixture. fold and seal by brushing a little egg on the edge and crimping… place in hot wood fired oven 5 minutes on each side..

    • that recipe came off of the cuneiform tablets.. about four thousand bc.. I haven’t tried it yet.. I get three recipes a month from ancient writings.. next month it will be in book form..

    • here is an old recipe for basically the same sandwhich but uses risen bread.. the sandwhich is a russian in origin.. or is it.. just an offshoot of the one made by the Babylonians..and passed down..

      Russian Piroshki

      For the beef filling:
      1/2 lb. very lean ground meat (beef, elk, venison)
      1 small onion, peeled and chopped fine
      2 cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped fine
      1/2 teaspoon salt
      1 teaspoon dried dill (or fresh … I just don’t have any fresh available right now)
      2 hard-boiled eggs, peeled and chopped
      Fresh-ground pepper, to taste
      For the potato filling:
      2 1/2 medium potatoes, or 3 small
      2 Tablespoons olive oil
      1 onion
      2 cloves garlic
      1/2 teaspoon salt
      1/2 teaspoon dill
      Freshly ground pepper, to taste
      For the dough:
      3 cups bread flour
      1 cup white whole wheat flour
      3 eggs
      1 cup lowfat milk
      1 teaspoon salt
      3 teaspoons yeast
      2 teaspoons sugar
      2 Tablespoons olive oil

      Poke the potatoes with a fork, run them under water & sprinkle them with salt, then microwave for 5 – 10 minutes until they are soft when poked with a fork. Set them aside to cool a bit while you make the beef filling.
      Heat a frying pan over medium heat, then cook the ground meat with the onion and garlic until the meat is browned and the onion is soft and translucent. Add the salt, dill and fresh-ground pepper to taste.
      Meanwhile, hard-boil the 2 eggs, then peel and chop them. Mix them in with the meat mixture and set it aside to cool to room temperature.
      Now, back to the potatoes: scoop out the flesh of the potatoes into a bowl and mash them with a fork. Heat the olive oil over medium heat in a saucepan, then add the onions and sautee until they are tender and brown. Cover them and let them cook for a minute, then stir and cook until they start to lose moisture. Add a splash of water, stir, cover and cook another minute. Uncover and stir until the moisture is gone, then add another splash of water and cover and cook a minute or so. Continue this process until the onions start to get brown and caramelized. Add the garlic and cook and stir another couple minutes. Stir the onions into the mashed potatoes and season with salt, dill, and then add pepper to taste. Set aside and keep at room temperature.
      When the dough is done, pull out golf-ball-sized pieces, and, using a rolling pin on a floured surface, roll each piece into a circle roughly 4 inches in diameter.
      Dip your fingers into a cup of water and dampen the edges all around, then spoon a Tablespoon or two of filling into the middle of the circle. Fold the dough over the filling and pinch the edges to seal. Set the filled dough seam side down onto a baking sheet lined with a silicon mat or sprayed with cooking spray, leaving a good amount of space between them to allow the little pockets to rise. We filled up three baking trays full of piroshki.
      Cover and let rise in a warm place for 20 minutes or so (this part is optional … the dough will get thicker as it rises, so if you want less dough to filling, don’t let them rise before cooking).
      Bake the piroshki at 350 F for about 30 minutes or until they are golden brown. (Or you can fry them in hot oil.)

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