Economics of the Waco Shoot-Out

The media accounts this morning, like this one, are placing the blame for the large number of deaths at a biker gang summit in Waco, on the lack of cooperation from the restaurant where the killings took place.

Some of the more interesting background on the clubs involved may be found over here.

Oddly, no mention of Hells Angels in this…although Banditos are apparently the predominant club in Texas.   Already, there’s talk of more violence to come from this.

All of which gets us to the economic discussion:  If clubs like this make their money on meth, weed and coke runs, what would happen if the US had a much more open or lenient drug environment and made marijuana legal?

Not likely to happen:  Police, prisons, gangs, treatment, it’s all one big economic circle.  Make drugs available freely and there goes the auto glass replacement business.  If crime disappeared tomorrow, it would crater the economic, it’s as simple as that.

As usual, I am not BS’ing you on this.

In  2001, Portugal decriminalized drugs and remains so to this day.  A 2009 Cato Institute Report, which was latter turned into a book, written by Constitutional lawyer Glenn Greenwald, includes this observation in their white paper about Portugal’s success with no drug laws:

The report also sets forth the data concerning
drug-related trends in Portugal both pre- and
postdecriminalization. The effects of decriminalization
in Portugal are examined both in
absolute terms and in comparisons with other
states that continue to criminalize drugs, particularly
within the EU.

The data show that, judged by virtually every
metric, the Portuguese decriminalization framework
has been a resounding success. Within this
success lie self-evident lessons that should guide
drug policy debates around the world.

I can’t count the times I have told you that turning crime into an industry (which is what for-profit prison operators are doing) is very bad for freedom.  Portugal’s experience is that legalizing drugs isn’t a bad thing.

Keeping them illegal – which leads to smuggling and gangs and such – is.

Well, except Portugal, if you remember, was one of the financially strapped (down and raped) PIIGS countries of the E.U.

Until we recognize that organized crime of all sorts is fundamentally economic exploitation, we can look forward to a lot more violence to come.  That will mean more cops, more lawyers, more prisons, more rehab, more halfway house operators, more street crime, more….

Somewhere, someone besides me has to notice that the end of  Prohibition ended organized crime’s profit-making booze division.  I guess that’s why really organized crime is now called government.

Until government stops partnering with criminals in a social death dance – one that employs three lawyers per case and has left 22% of Americans scarred with criminal records – Texas is just a symptom of more to come.  Crime of the Waco sort is economic at its core.

Failure isn’t an option in the War on Drugs.  It’s a certainty.

Apparently, such clear-headed thinking is not available in Washington where, this morning, the Obamanizers will roll out more money to arm cops and will spend some of your hard-earned tax dollars on building “trust” with local communities.

As usual, government is solving the wrong problem… instead of “putting down crime” anyone with half a brain would ask “What’s putting it up?”  (Money)  “So how do we fix that?”

Want to fix burglary?  Mandatory 6-month jail time for people who buy stolen goods.  Take the economics off the table and you solve “crime.”.

Oh, wait…no MRAPS in peaceful living, though, is there?

Markets And Such

Consumer Prices will be released on the 22nd – Friday – this month.  Not much excitement until there.  Keep NoDoz at the ready.

Market is looking to open slightly down, which is normal after a blow-off options week.

‘Bout Drought

imageWe now have MORE than twice of much rain as Seattle, here in the East Texas Outback.  Almost 29-inches while Seattle downtown is reporting 13 and change.

Moreover, Abilene, Texas, which was dusting off 3-inches last year is over 9-inches this year.

And the drought monitor looks like we are in for a horrific fire season in the woods of the West.

Is there good news for California?  Yes.  Reader Mark M spied an article about a breakthrough desalinization technique that has been developed  at MIT.

Of course that begs the question, can it scale in time to prevent the movement of some millions of people out of Droughtifornia?  You saw where this weekend, Washington State officially entered drought, as well

And while Lake Mead is trying to disappear, much to the worry of Las Vegans (check if that’s a word for me, would’ja?) there’s also a report of Lake Powell going Houdini on us..

Meantime, there’s so much rain here that our septic system is sluggish…

Reminds me of the joke from B-school:  You know what a statistician is?  That’s a person who can freeze his left foot in a block of ice and stick the other foot in a fire.  Then look you dead in the eye and say (wait for it…_)  “On average, I’m comfortable.”

I should count my blessings, I suppose,  but we’re just a little too “flush” with rain, thank you.  Walking in the yard, we sink in an inch or two…things are that soggy here.

“Let He Who Casts the First Stone…”

I just love it when John Kerry starts to criticize the leadership of North Korea.  And what do we do about it?  Why saber rattle and threaten new sanctions back, of course!

Just looking at things from up here in the cheap seats, sending Dennis Rodman to NK accomplished what, exactly?

It’s OK…the NK’s criticized Ferguson and Baltimore if I’m not mistaken…It’s no longer statesmanship.  It’s blame marketing.

Middle Easting

From our news analyst fellow up in Winnipeg:

Dear Mr. Ure,

France24 is reported that training has commenced for American-paid rebel Jaysh al-Islam mercenaries in the fight against ISIS in the Syrian theater. One could rhetorically wonder why the Saudis are not paying the entire freight for a Sunni group not only spawned by one of their descendants, but with linkages to an al-Qaeda derivative al-Nusra Front. So far this storyline isn’t quite lining up with the fine efforts of German mercenaries who turned back the Islamic incursion of Western Europe at Vienna in the sixteenth century.

Further to this discussion of the public announcement of American training commencement for the Jaish al-Islam rebel group, Hasan Hasan a journalist in Abu Dhabi issued a one sentence tweet this past weekend. He noted that the cleric Abu Mohammed al-Maqdisi was “subtweeting” the rebel group.  It looks like the alleged “dangerous and influential jihadi theorist’s” managers only started him up on Twitter two weeks ago. One trusts all is going to plan, Inshalah?

And then we note Shi’ite forces are moving to take back an Iraqi city taken earlier by ISIS.

War In the Wings

You might keep an eye on Ukraine in coming days because some Russians captured in the hotly disputed eastern part of the country are about to be paraded around Kiev.

None of which will surprise tipster Madison Avenue Mike.  He notes this report that World War III is already underway, pitting the U.S. against Russia and China, as claimed by a former American official.

Dandy…juss freaking dandy.

Yes, We Are Here

Once again, evil forces around the net seem to be serving outdated cache copies of UrbanSurvival.  If you don’t see this report on Monday, call your ISP and complain. 

There’s a big online subtext here:  Suppress clear thinking.  Can’t have free, thinking people, gaining traction in the world.  You know they are domestic terrorists, right?  They believe in outdated concepts like the notion of a more perfect Union.  Throttle ‘em.  Cache talks.

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  1. Well, at least on your site a ‘refresh’ does it; my ‘hometown’ newspaper needs two or three to get the comments!

  2. Realizing that California is, after all, California and run by Californians – they haven’t a clue about water – though about 80% of the state outline is girded by the stuff. Now we have Texas – supposedly twice or more times as smart as the ‘left coast’ that cannot figure out how to move some of the soggy east half stuff out to the western half where it’s needed. We can move oil half a continent but can move water a thousand miles – and even perhaps loan some to NM and AZ as well.

  3. The radiation laden rain is being diverted around the west coast and straight to you, George. Take a rad meter outside and check your fallout. The north Pacific is huge dead zone with top of the food chain mammals dying out fast.

    • hmm that is interesting. Seems the 5th largest economy in the world would have a pretty good thing going if they could divert radioactive rain away.

    • A friend of mine who is well connected had a friend with a $22k radiation detector who took it with him to Costa Rica to check the radiation levels on the flight. He cranked it up in Costa Rica and found the readings higher there than anywhere else than the USA west coast. The highest levels of Fukushima cesium in dairy products was found in Florida, probably because the government forgot to tell them not to check stuff. So between the rainfall and the plutonium radiation from the facility in New Mexico which did reach Texas, it might be wise to be monitoring in Palestine. But as they say, if you can’t stand the answer, don’t ask the question.

  4. Another thing, the US is the military arm of the NWO bunch. Russia and China are leading the charge to take them down, including us. If we can keep the confrontation to cyber attacks and currency wars, that is good. I sincerely hope we don’t get into flame throwing.

    • Actually, the usa has two militaries. One run out of the pentagon, and the other a mercenary army run out of Langley. ISIS and Ukraine are examples of Langley operations. In addition to black budgets, Langley mercenaries are financed by drug money. They probably also got the gold from Iraq, Libya, and the Ukraine. It is inevitable that eventually the two armies are going to clash. For example, remember the reports of usa military aircraft dropping supplies to ISIS? Well, the Langley folks cooked the coordinates given to the pentagon and got a few free supplies for their folks. The USA Special Operations folks have always been working for Langley, even in Vietnam. It’s why special ops command is in Florida, not the pentagon. Think about this, and the USA military situation will make a lot more sense. For every pentagon soldier that goes into battle, it takes from six to ten support people. Using mercenaries, this expense can be bypassed, and locals can be hired to provide this basic support. Whenever there is USA training of foreign forces, that is Langley. Real fighters form a bond with spec ops people, they see the regular usa military as a bunch of pompous asses.

  5. Some may remember the story of John Titor, (a possible hoax) about a guy from the future.

    Some of his predictions, which your article above seems to support:

    “…The year 2008 was a general date by which time everyone will realize the world they thought they were living in was over. The civil war in the United States will start in 2004. I would describe it as having a Waco type event every month that steadily gets worse. The conflict will consume everyone in the US by 2012 and end in 2015 with a very short WWIII…” – John Titor, Jan 2001.

    “In 2015, Russia launches a nuclear strike against the major cities in the United States (which is the “other side” of the civil war from my perspective), China and Europe. The United States counter attacks. The US cities are destroyed along with the AFE (American Federal Empire)…thus we (in the country) won. The European Union and China were also destroyed. Russia is now our largest trading partner and the Capitol of the US was moved to Omaha Nebraska.” – John Titor, Nov 2000

  6. Our clever ‘Merican kleptocracy has even figured out how to cash in on LEGAL pot.That’s why the Feds have not and may never legalize Maryjane.In the IRS codes there’s a provision that disallows business expense write offs for illegal drug businesses -never mind that it’s legal per the states. So These businesses are sending the bulk of their profits to the Feds. So it’s been a real windfall for the “Fedkleptocorp” (Federal corporation kleptocracy). Oregon’s Senator is trying to get this law rescinded (good luck), but unless changed, such rapacious taxation will create a gray market in MJ as retailers throw in the towel or start cheating on the legal system, shrinking the tax profits of the individual states where MJ is legal.

    • Yeah, we got some real crapbags running the nut house. If there was EVER an honest Congressman, Senator, or President, they def. do NOT exist today.

  7. Recreational drugs (both sides of the fence) are part of the justice industry, a BIG part. It’s hard to get an accurate count on how much that industry is worth, billions for sure. A trillion maybe?
    In our modern America where are we going to find a politician who will do anything to slow down that kind of industry?

  8. It is refreshing to hear your unattractive truths on the war on drugs. I roamed the border of southern Arizona most of my life. I have looked into the mouth of hell they call the “drug war”. It is not really a war on drugs,but a war on humanity,declared by those who have none. You once wrote that the most destructive addiction,more destructive than any drug,substance or solvent is the addiction to money. Yours is a sane voice in the wilderness of human misery and suffering.

  9. These Texas gangs dont look like Chicago/Peoria counterparts at all! Their “colors” are way too new and clean, as are their bikes. I’d better not say what I’m really thinking.

  10. Who was it that said “Everything’s a business model”? Local law enforcement reports they had intelligence something was going to happen and were stationed nearby, A sheriff tells everyone to get the press releases from their Facebook page, (Really?!?)Area is still contained and not considered secure. I smell something and it aint roses.

  11. George I wondered why you were not available this morning. I was worried something had happened to you over the weekend, tried to chase down news leads to find out, but nothing. Now , your explanation makes sense. I Wondered why your page showed Friday’s column only! Jeez, you don’t know WHAT to expect any more.

  12. Another thought for the day… now that terrorism has kind of faded the bloom off the rose, here comes the next thing ” the Feds are worried about” Boom! Biker Gangs. WHod’a thunk it?

  13. Who was it that said everything’s a business model. Local law enforcement had intell this was going to happen and were stationed nearby? Telling news reporters to go to the local law enforcement Facebook page for pres releases? (Facebook? Really!?!)

    I smell something and it aint roses.

  14. George: Before I read your article I listened to Alex Jones YT
    called ‘Something Big is About to Happen’. It’s not about anything pacific but about what people are feeling these days. Dread, fear like something bad is acoming. Listening to that YT and then reading your article I got the same feeling. Where I live for the last few weeks everyone here (most dependent on the gov and medicated) are self destructing. There’s definitely something wrong and it has started. We all have to stay aware and ready. Take care of yourself and yours, your article are awakening many people.

  15. For some reason my comment is posting under wrong article I was commenting on the 5/19/15

  16. 11:30 am urban not updated for the 19(today).still on the 18 may. Shut off android and rebooted. Still no change. Just letting you know.

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