Veteran’s Day Markets, Wars to Come

Thank you for your service.

For my brother in law and our many friends who served; a portion of whom paid the highest price.

Me?  Never did a hitch.  U.S. Navy turned me down (*asthma and eczema).  So at age 19 I was instead a microwave tech rep on remote sites in Alaska.  Posh gig:  O-4 equivalent and making $832 a week in 1968.  Never lost my interest in radio gear.  The main site I was at was bulldozed some 20-years ago.  Such is peace and progress.

Even now, a Veteran’s Day toast to Cols. Hillis and King.  One on “cool-down time” from SE Asia missions.  The other the ran the base.

Did a lot of growing up there.  Learned to put a check-mark on the bar tab.  Back then in the “O club,”  you’d put a checkmark my your name (*”Wave” short for the RCA Microwave tech).  Two-bits a shot for Johnny Walker Black. No on broke the honor system, either.   A decent hi-fi, played non-stop.  Richard Harris’ McArthur Park must have played a million times. No, make that two million.

But, then a coms channel would go down.  Red phones would ring.  I’d be on the run to the microwave shack and a rising sense of panic.  What was today’s door code? Shit

We were on a 5-minute shot clock.  After that grace period $1,000 per minute, per channel of down-time. 200-channels and a snot-nosed kid – me – as the area controller for six sites, 1,200 channels.  “Bravo battery  – channels on my mark…in three, two….”

A Warrior Comment

From our .mil contributor Warhammer:

Veterans Day Facts – Data, Populations & Background – HISTORY

I was doing some rough calculating regarding my time spent in the belly of the venerable B-52 stratofortress (G & H models).  Flying a total of 3,200 hrs at altitude at an average of 520mph (approx 450kts/hr), I’ve flown the equivalent of 3.5 round trips to the moon in the BUFF (1.664 million miles).  Having been a ‘Cold Warrior,’ by my best estimate I pulled 104 weeks (2 years total over six calendar years) of nuke alert before the Wall came down.  Still, I had it much, much easier than my fellow brothers and sisters in arms, many of whom served our nation pounding the ground in ‘Nam or Desert Storm, patrolling the DMZ in Korea or sailing the 7 seas for months on end on surface ships or subs.  Other specialists tended to the sick and wounded or provided humanitarian care to countless refugees of war and natural disaster, while many others supplied endless hours of logistical support to the nation’s and our allies front liners.

I salute all who have served.  May God bless ‘em all. And unlike the City of Austin Texas, may the rest of the nation never marginalize the service of our citizen soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. RE: Austin, it’s ironic how no other nation on earth can stop the U.S. military, but a nest of liberal whacks in city hall can put a stop to a simple Veteran’s Day parade. “

Even now, Elaine and I haven’t been to Austin.  We prefer more genuine American soil.

Irreverent Stocks & Wokees

It’s offensive to me that the stock market is open today.  America owes a huge debt of gratitude to each and everyone who has served to Defend and Protect.  Including first responders,  their own stripe of modern Home Guard.  If government can close in a show of respect, why not the greedy money pricks?

I’d ask “Have they no honor?”  But, the heart grows heavy knowing the answer to that one.

While things have improved some for Vets, the way modern society has handled PTSD is horrific.  Story in the LA Times on point:  Op-Ed: On Veterans Day, there are still thousands of homeless vets in L.A. We followed 26 to find out why.

Short answer?  The ongoing American Insurgency – the low-level Marxist coup still running on many fronts:  Open Mexico border, feminization of sports, marketing the questioning of gender. do-0vers for most likely repeat offenders, encouraging riots which then burn out cities causing food deserts; you know the list.

Easy for China to replace us – partnering with Russia.  If we honored soldiers and didn’t all get marketed eye make-up regardless of gender… yeah…if….maybe….  Mr. Ure verges on “insensitive, inappropriate.”

Hell yeah.

Here’s to the Savage Brethren!  Who – no matter how politically incorrect it may seem decades later in the namby-pamby Days of Peace and Short Memories – answer to the cause of killing America’s enemies and breaking their shit when nonviolent efforts fail.

Hoo-rah.  A toast to all who Sharpen the Spear.

Instead Markets Will Bounce

Let’s talk Wars to Come.

This (and maybe it will carry into Friday, we’ll see…) is likely Dead Cat Bounce territory.  We made a little lunch money Wednesday.  Duck Soup.  Surely, you saw it as well:  The news of inflation surging to a 30-year high can’t help but cut the legs out from under an American market still grappling with losing our Super Power franchise.  And printing to pretend the values rape of Liberty and Enterprise isn’t going to happen…

Here’s the problem in a nutshell:

I have always disliked the “formal” Elliott Wave counting system.  So, instead, over on the Peoplenomics side of things here, I simply use colored boxes.  Much easier to sort out.

We have either finished (or will shortly) the largest-scale view (Yellow) boxes.  There will be two of them (an Elliott 1-2-3 or A-B-C).  From here, the modest decline (and bounce today) could be either:

  • A decline but then a new – Yellow Box begins.  This is the case for the market higher into Labor Day weekend next year, at which time China takes Taiwan, the US is bloodied, and China’s new military systems coming on line turn to Australia and India to become captive resource states.
  • However, if we simply collapse from here?  Then markets could be telling us Taiwan will fall sooner – perhaps over Thanksgiving or Christmas/New Years, although weather for an attack on Taiwan will be less favorable.  In this scenario, Slow does a talk-around, saying Taiwan really is an un-reunified part of China so let them have it.

The NeoCons *(emphasis on the “con” part) are already angling for War.  At least two if they can manage it.

NeoCons – warmongers – are an especially difficult problem – because they wrap everything up in a flag and demand salutes. They whore out to whichever party has the Oval.  Floating like ambergris from one administration to the next.

Which causes confusion for the rational centrists.  And leads to headlines like Tucker Carlson railed against a GOP lawmaker, asking why the US should defend Ukraine and not side with Russia.

NeoCons love to promote conflict.  Russia, despite taking the Crimea, is simply getting back to the Russian borders of Catherine the Great.  Score one for Carlson.

People forget that border disputes do happen between countries.  Like up in the Pacific Northwest were there was a “war” over the San Juan Islands of Washington State.  See Pig War (1859) – Wikipedia.

The technique of NeoCons is very similar to the “You’re either with us, or against us” for a certain former President whose psychology they nailed and used.

In addition to Biden, we also see how the NeoCons have their hooks into SecState Antony Blinken, trying to light-up Taiwan, as well:  Antony Blinken Says China Attacking Taiwan Would Be a ‘Very Unfortunate Action’.

Between now – and the actual outbreak of fighting – expect to see much bluster and bullshit from the Brandon administration.  A finer collection of geezers and grabbers will never be found.  As they go Brinksman and Warmonger on borders 4,000 miles distant, and can’t secure the lands around McAllen, Texas.  I’m sure Carlson’s said this, or nearly, many times over, as well.

This U.S. puppet government is not likely to last past 2022, let alone 2024.  Yet we seem to attach little importance to China’s Xi Jinping cements his status with historic resolution.  Sort of like Hitler became Chancellor, when?  Wokees telling themselves the dance floor is not tilting after the iceberg’s encounter.

Crazy people. I kid you not.

In the Shorts

Sure, let’s talk about how well Covid shots work, ‘K?  Europe’s Covid Deaths Rose 10 Percent in a Week, the W.H.O. Says.  So if vax rates are going up and so are cases…er…help a brother along, here.  We await UK Data on week 45 later today.  Huge Truth leaks there.

The War on Energy Independence is getting popular in the press again.  As noticed in The Women of Standing Rock: Fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline | Indigenous Rights.  Give Energy Sellout Brandon cover…nice move, Karl & Mao followers.

Too Hard on Biden?  Sure, I’ve as much said he’s an “idiot-in-chief” for trying to bully Russia and China at the same time.  But once you read Winter is Coming: Global Energy Markets and the Impact on National Security, my whining might make more sense.  Or, maybe reality isn’t Ure cuppa tea.

Keep an eye on CNN and other outlets which are further neutering American energy independence under the guise of climate.  In stories lik Climate crisis: Young people call for fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty as delegates spar over coal, oil and gas – CNN.  If this isn’t clear – how energy and shortages are the new “sharp tools of war” read  Amos Hochstein: Russia ‘took advantage’ of Europe’s energy crisis  and try not to be overly surprised.  And here – Belarusian leader’s warning causes new concern in Europe about gas flows –  is a Reuters report on how Belarus – which the EU is trying to play hardball with – can turn off Russia gas flowing West.  See the puppet strings leading to the Kremlin?

Covid as a Gun Grab?

Since this is a pseudo-holiday, and since I like writing fictional plots for novels that might be real, here’s one rolling around in my head this morning.

Start with the story How SARS-CoV-2 in white-tailed deer could alter the course of the pandemic : Goats and Soda : NPR.

Next, in, oh, a month or so, have some Fauci-like whiz-doc pronounce that deer-hunting must be stopped on some flimsy Covid variant from a deer related pretext.  Something like eating deer meat increases the evolution of variants.

Which must, national health bureaucrats decide, mean an immediate end to all deer hunting.  And, to back up their efforts, they ban the sale of ammunition and begin trying to get people to turn in guns….  All people with guns would have to take a wildlife Covid safety course.

ALL FICTIONAL of course, but remember in politics “Never let a good crisis go to waste” isn’t just theory.  It’s how we arrange the future.

I better go hunt breakfast, instead.

Likely the gunfire at dawn Wednesday took out the 10-point buck who wandered through the front yard during cocktails Tuesday.

We thought about nicknaming him “Lucky.”  But decided to do so before the end of deer season would be presumptuous.  Sounds like that was a pretty-good call.  Probably had a ‘rona virus, anyway.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Speaking of deer – last month MI cats were catching the COVID. These people who bring their pets to the stores risk us all.

    “A Michigan house cat has tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 after a close contact with its owners who were infected with coronavirus, according to state officials.

    The domestic shorthair cat from Ingham County is the first such case in Michigan, though there have been hundreds of confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 in animals throughout the U.S. The cat was tested after it began to sneeze, and it has since recovered, according to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.”

  2. I’d add certain elements of the military-industrial complex to the long list of neocons, George. Ike was 100% right in his now famous farewell address.

    “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.”

    The use the sword of capitalism to forge swords of conflict is like . . . a double edged sword. No conflict, no need for the swords. Preparing a viable defense against attack is far different than preparing to fuel the next war, and arming 3rd world despots through congressionally approved ‘foreign military sales’ all but guarantees war will routinely break out somewhere in the not-too-distant future.

    • … and how else would Warhammer have made a living if it was not for “the military-industrial complex.”

      How can we create jobs for the many folks that are not enterpreneurs? Excample: A farmer has 3 sons — the oldest will inherit the farm; What are the other 2 supposed to do?

      Me seems, we often pick on issues that overpopulation has brought with it and cannot be changed!

      • Choices,

        “Overpopulation” appears to be a fecund creator of angst in your varied observations.

        I’m undecided if you are a fringe student of the Iron Mountain Report, an adherent of some part of a religious faith, or a solipsist.

        I had imagined less not more serves to limit choices, at least in a free world.

    • The biggest thing to remember is neocons are leftists. Their motivation toward conflict is nationalistically-centered, but their drive toward war is a leftist thing. In this, they differ little from the leftist Democrats from whom they spawned…

  3. Yesterday I was listening to that radio station, AM 910 Detroit. The Democrat callers were using the same material Republicans use.

    Talking points are reduced to templates and adjectives. The topic was the insurrection.

    The callers going on and on, “Why don’t Democrats go after the organizers?” “Republicans are for keeps and Democrats let them get away with everything.” “I should switch parties, but never will.”

    Funny stuff.

  4. I was going to post a comment or two on Remembrance Day but you did such a great job this morning that anything I say would be repetitive and stale. Still I feel the need.

    Many years ago, I had the opportunity to visit WWII foxholes in Belgium and Holland. Nothing ever had a bigger impact on me. These brave soldiers (Americans, Canadians, Brits and others) fought nose to nose with an enemy that was sworn to destroy our freedom. Were it not for them, we would all be speaking German today.

    WWIII will not be fought in foxholes but I like to think the lesson is not lost on us. Today, we are in a nose to nose war with a Marxist Communist enemy that wants to take down the freedom those brave soldiers fought with their lives for.

    To all who fought and who died, we remember. To all those who served or continue to serve (including Warhammer, MAJ13 and others who post here), we thank you.

    The fight for freedom continues. Lest we forget.

    • “Today, we are in a nose to nose war with a Marxist Communist enemy that wants to take down the freedom those brave soldiers fought with their lives for.”

      That was the case that the (evil?!) Germans were doing. ;-) However, the leaders of the demo-crazies allied themselves with uncle Joe! WTF I’d say to that situation.

    • `Yeah man, heaven forbid USA came in on the side of the Nazi Germany..

      >Autobahn would run from Moscow to Berlin – zoomzoom
      >No Communists Anywhere
      > Great Beer & Pretzles
      ? missing something?

      Rule of Law, Laws on Morality, Peace,Health and Prosperity – Dont want any of that kinda scheisse,nope, and No btc 4 G.

      • If you were not of a certain persuasion, and/or against the government nobody had any issue living in Nazi Germany! Yes, Nazi Germany did somethings wrong, but compared to to-day — no matter where?
        (What about the US wars casualties and refuges?)

        Why did the US consumer build up the PRC — little different than Nazi Germany, and we support them with our consumer’s choices.

        “No btc 4 G” plainly shows that you don’t care abt. the waste of energy during btc mining. Just saying!

      • “If you were not of a certain persuasion, and/or against the government nobody had any issue living in Nazi Germany!”

        Exactly correct. The German people weren’t aware of the goings-on at the death camps. What they WERE aware of, was that the entire world was in a financial depression, except Germany. They knew they’d survived the Weimar Republic, and when the ROW crashed, Hitler pulled them out of THEIR depression. The problems with fascism are two:

        1) You have to have a State enemy
        2) Like any other form of socialism, fascism requires a never-ending expansion of resources coming in. Hitler may have felt politically-justified (from a nationalistic standpoint) in taking the Sudetenland but Poland was an economic necessity.

        If the Soros crowd wins out here, the USSA will militarily conquer all of North and South America, because we’ll have to, to sustain the fascistic model we will have become, and the lifestyles of the Rich & Famous who will have made full-blown fascism possible in the United States…

  5. Happy Veteran’s Day, to all of our brothers and sisters in arms.

    It’s interesting that the MSM is dredging up the Dakota Pipeline. Would anyone like the hear the real story behind that? I’m glad you asked!

    First off, all of those ‘poor tribes’ being victimized by the evil FedGov is a fairytale. Those tribes have a huge amount of power and are just as greedy and corrupt as any groups you’ll find anywhere.

    So, here is how the pipeline game is played. The pipelines are routinely routed across tribal land even if it’s out of the way because the tribes WANT them. They are rewarded handsomely for it and it’s a huge money maker for them. It’s just a big game that gets played. In the case of the Dakota pipeline, the normal game was played, but for some reason the tribe went full retard and tried to essentially extort the government to the extreme. In the deal, a new water treatment plant was built for the tribe (that they didn’t need) along with a lot of other infrastructure. Keep in mind, this is even before the pipeline was a ever built! There were also several other things that were also given (not promised) to this group. Normally, on top of all that, the tribe receives quite a lot of money for the pipeline right-of-way and gets what amounts to royalties on a continuing basis in perpetuity. It’s a win-win for everyone.

    Not this time. For whatever reason, the tribe DEMANDED outrageous sums for the right-of-way (which was less than 3 miles, if memory serves), a large royalty of every barrel of oil that flowed through the pipeline and absolutely would not negotiate on any of it. So, after years of this the government went to the fallback position of re-routing the pipeline around the tribal lands. The tribe blew another free lunch by being greedy idiots. Once the re-route was announced and the tribe realized that they were getting completely cut-out of the payday is when the real fun started. The tribe attempted to stop the entire pipeline from happening. The MSM was only too happy to spread the tribe’s message about the evil government contaminating their ‘sacred, tribal waters’. I promise you, they don’t give two shits about any of that. It’s useful to an end and that is all. Then all those ‘green’ groups got involved and the real circus started. You might ask, how do those people afford to stay out there and ‘protest’ for weeks on end? For the tribes, it’s that evil fedgov dollars in the form of monthly checks. For the ‘green’ groups…..they’re funded almost exclusively by Russia. Shocked? If you are you need to get your head out of your ass.

    So, this is another lesson in everything that comes out of the idiot box from the MSM is almost certainly the exact opposite of the truth.

    • HOW can “those people afford to stay out there and ‘protest’ for weeks on end?”

      Look a little south, to a small city called Omaha. In Omaha live two of the greediest people on the planet. Extolled by MSM, lauded by the financial press, treated as near as Royalty by the Press, by Government, and by the general public as one can be in the United States, which has no titles of Royalty.

      Those two people, via their company, bought a railroad. A railroad that is the main alternative way to move that oil that would have flowed through that pipeline. To move that oil via the pipeline from it’s source to it’s destination was estimated to be in the $3+/barrel range, but for shits and grins lets just say after all the extortion was paid it actually ended up being in the $5 range.

      The railroad “alternative” on the other hand costs the producers about $15/barrel … ALL of that money going to the railroad, which those two people own through their company.

      Without that money that railroad, which used to ship lots of COAL from the Wyoming coal fields (that railroad’s coal shipments, which made up about 1/2 of it’s total volume, are down about 70% – or so my memory tells me) as domestic thermal coal use has radically declined in the US (there has been nearly a 75% reduction in the amount of electricity in the US produced by coal since it’s peak usage year of 2007 – nearly 75% reduction in just 15 YEARS!! something that the environmentalists do NOT want to talk about and most others are clueless about). Because of a LOT LESS coal being shipped by that railroad guess where it’s HUGE profits are now being generated? If you guessed “oil being shipped by rail” you are mighty close. You win a CIGAR!!

      Anyway those two greedy guys down in Omaha were the ones directly, well through a subterfuge of various entities, providing the funding for fighting the pipeline. MANY MILLIONS of $$$ of funding. They wanted their railroad to be even MORE profitable, and how best to do that? Follow the playbook of the railroad barrons of the late 1800’s, and the various trusts of JD Rockefeller and his cohorts, GET RID OF THE COMPETITION!! (in this case an oil pipeline)

      Of course what environmentalists do NOT ever want to talk about is that it is environmentally MUCH more sound to ship oil via a pipeline than via diesel chugging railroad engines, to say nothing of being safer.

      Yep … follow the money.

      Somehow those two guys down in Omaha have managed to NEVER be indicted or go to jail during all their years of various shenanigans, while quite a few of their underlings HAVE been convicted of business crimes of one sort or another and a few have had to actually go to jail for doing stuff that was enriching those two guys upstairs.

      Next time you see them on TV … or read about them in the paper … note that they are NO DIFFERENT from the worst of the Robber Barrons of the 19th century, just slicker on how they manage the publicity and the layers of legal protection so they personally can go about their Robber Barron activities untouched by the government and unknown to the general public.

      • Thank you for bringing this out to the Crew on Urb.Surv.- been harping on about the rothchild front man for years – just like JP Morgan, that dinero aint his – it belongs to the “lizard king”, no not mr mojo risen..think ole scratch and who sets a place for him at their dinner table.

      • Hmmm…

        “Look a little south, to a small city called Omaha. In Omaha live two of the greediest people on the planet.”

        I admire one guy from Omaha.. would lo ove to sit back and enjoy a big mac and coffee..just to listen to him talk about anything he Choses.
        I can’t picture him as greedy though. Hes wealthy smart and an extremely decent guy with great ethics from what I personally know..
        He doesn’t want his family corrupted by old wealth instead he wants each of them to find their own way and plans on giving his wealth away
        I personally trust his opinions and enjoy his humor..
        But maybe he’s not one of them your referring to..

      • Maj 13, ‘the tribes want the pipelines’ , wow, that’s a strange theory, considering the immigrant European population already decimated the fish and game of the area, but heck, let’s all have a bowl of oil soup for dinner to wash down the genocidal practices that you are in denial of…I would provide links but am on a mobile and don’t know how to copy & paste yet on an android. …George, Austin has fort hood, one of the largest military bases, but you can diss Austin anyway, if you find a military base too leftist/lefty for your stsndards….

  6. Ocaye Mr Nez,

    The olfactory senses nose good shit when tasted no doubt.. when on The party island off central american coast There is also no doubt that those that Serve/ed are worthy of Salute – Thanks!

    Elliot waves – yellow trading boxes…oh my! I simply see 2 Black Crows on the SPY chart, I expect the 3rd to “fill in” at the end of trading session. 3 Black Crows -text book Bearish signal..fascinating – am in it to Win It. Still holding to view that the SPY will be Lower at the end of Dec, than where it started the month of November. Thats it, that simple. Individually – short Airlines (LUV), Short Mkt (SPY), Long Silver & Gold Miners (dividend payers), Long Food & Smokes (BG,BT). Basic Materials seem to be finally gaining some momo – Yeah. Long BTC relateds (MARA,CLSK) *

    * Brilliant Prediction – Dated November 11, 2021 – Crypto/BTC will EAT the WORLD in the next 20 years – much like Software started 20 years ago, cept it will be bigGER, moRE MASSIVE takeover..Book em Dano!

    Foreshadow this round eyes – “Chinas Xi CEMENTS his status”..Evil “red devil” has one year to consolidate power for 3rd term – otherwise Xi be GONE, entire family..cousins,aunts, uncles…Nothing Guaranteed

    Study the above cover – imagine a massively giant f-ing snake, so f-ing big as to have planet Earth tightly trapped in its coil = Jorgmungandr
    – he is wide Awake, “saw”, not “viewed”, his head poke out La Palma volcanic ash clouds yesterday. No idea what that might mean or foretell – but I sure as shit do want to see Thor in all his bad ass Warrior glory get it on with that big, mean, SNAKE. Hopefully this is a

    Peace – its something U deserve.

  7. What gets me is how neo-cons rarely get called out for how their plans have been so abso-fucking-lutey damaging to the USA. Their failures just fall into the memory hole, the taxpayers pay for the damage, the parents bury their kids, and the architects move to the next think-tank job.
    But it’s no grand conspiracy. Its because they’re wired into the ruling class by having the right parents, going to the right schools, attending the right parties, etc. Nobody wants to embarrass Billy if they’ll be playing golf with him next week. And wasn’t he at Buffy’s dinner party the other night?
    God save the USA from the smartest guys in the room!

  8. Don’t worry, you can’t be too hard on biden (no, really you can’t; -try harder). He is an angry loser looking desperately for scapegoats to shift the blame, which is why Kamala stays away and doesn’t take over any joe projects. If you feel bad maybe we can name the forced covid jab after him for bending law to mete out punishments before the courts stop him, as he goes after children, the biden prick has a nice ring to it.
    You missed a good story in Poland. The EU got fed up and demanded Poland change its court system to be like the rest of Europe and Poland refused. The EU started dishing out every sanction they could think of to back their angry rhetoric. Strangely, a shipment of natural gas from the US to Poland got stopped (amid a shortage) because of loading equipment failure and shut down for maintenance. Then Russia shuts off EU gas flows and sends it to Poland instead. While this hilarity goes on, thousands of migrants are lining the border in Belarus, trying to get into Poland. I don’t understand the migrant thing (beyond that they are escaping a war zone), but the rest is business as usual.

    • “I don’t understand the migrant thing (beyond that they are escaping a war zone),”

      Has it ever crossed your mind that our globe maybe OVERPOPULATED with regard to it’s resources?

      • from what I have read the studies have been done.. that basically says we don’t have enough to supply the world with food I forget we have 1.7 hecktors to produce food per person but it takes close to ten.. so the big question is.. which useless eaters do they get rid of..thats the big question.. and how would you do it and not jeopardize the society that we are accustomed to..

      • “Has it ever crossed your mind that our globe maybe OVERPOPULATED with regard to it’s resources?”

        Why do most people immediately think that FOOD would be the major issue??? What about CO2, fresh water, energy, garbage, territory, could list more. ;-((

      • “Why do most people immediately think that FOOD would be the major issue??? What about CO2, fresh water, energy, garbage, territory, could list more.”

        CO2 – We don’t have enough, and as idiots “sequester” it, Earth’s foliage will asphyxiate and die.

        Fresh water not an issue. Wanting it enough to ensure it happens? That’s the issue.

        Energy is like hard drive space: the amount required will expand to fill the amount available. Energy problems are discipline issues, not issues of supply or usage.

        Garbage is a huge issue. When we were kids, liquids came in reusable glass containers. We carted it home from the store in paper bags. Cold cereal came in wax paper bags and “store-bought” milk came in wax-lined paper cartons. My parents had a composter, and on a small city lot, a “Victory Garden,” 20, even 30 years after WW-II ended. Virtually everything we had or used was reusable or recyclable, and stuff that wasn’t like those wax-lined paper milk cartons, was burnable in our back-yard burn barrel (which yielded ash, which went into the garden, along with the compost…)

        Aren’t you glad our society has progressed from this bucolic lifestyle?

    • “desperately for scapegoats to shift the blame,”

      He has Kammy… why not.. she is relatively new to the DC scheming.. I am sure that is why he put her in charge of the Kammy J express smuggling in illegals openly and with the blessings of congress.. She will get the blame when or if they are ISIS or Taliban warriors smuggled in.. and rise up a Jihad.. she will take the blame for the money and the struggles put on the average wage earner..
      The perfect scape goat.. You have noticed that she hasn’t bowed out of her position.. wouldn’t Nancy get it then..

      • “You have noticed that she hasn’t bowed out of her position.. wouldn’t Nancy get it then..”

        No. It would go up for auction.

        “Vice President” is the political equivalent of being the eunuch in the whorehouse. It is a “do nothing,” “have nothing,” “no responsibility” job, generally given to a person to scarf-up votes from a demographic where the Presidential nominee is weak, and usually given to a person the Establishment wants disappeared, but is too well-known to suffer a brake failure or plane crash. This is why McKinley added Teddy to the ticket — to get him out of the NY Governor’s mansion and into someplace where his mouth wouldn’t be a liability to the Republican Establishment.

        Pelosi would never accept a position as VP. As Speaker, she has more power, in many cases, than the Prez, yet is low-profile enough that she doesn’t need a battalion of Secret Service Agents running “assassination interdiction” every time she steps into a public space…

      • “the auction line was great writing, Ray.”

        How else could one describe it? “Auction” doesn’t necessarily mean it would be bartered for money (although it could), but it is certainly bartered for something of value.

        Think about Nixon. Spiro Agnew was a gangster. He wasn’t as good at it as LBJ, and lacked Johnson’s ability to order someone killed, offhand. This is why LBJ finished his term as Prez, and Agnew was gone a year before the Watergate crap hit the WaPo.

        When Agnew went away, Nelson Rockefeller, who was Nixon’s puppetmaster, had Dickie nominate Jerry Ford. Ford was Minority Leader in a Democrat-dominated Congress for nearly 20 years. As a legislator, he was an utter milquetoast, but also widely-known for scrupulous honesty. Rockefeller brought him in to undo the PR damage caused by Agnew’s indictment and subsequent resignation, and to represent the Midwest, to anchor the party for the 1976 Election.

        Ford was purchased — not for money, but for his reputation and the fact he was a popular representative from Michigan, and also very well liked in the Chicago area…

  9. Our group, started out with 7, would reach out to each other on Veterans day every year. It started as more of a call tree, then Skype and finally to Zoom for the last 2 years. We would sit around and have a beer and then sign off for another year. Today I found out there are only 2 of us left. We had 3 last year. I tried calling Tommy and got his wife. We talked for a few minutes then she told me he’s in the hospital with Covid and it doesn’t look good. Any time now. I asked her to let him know I expect him to call me when he gets home. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I just got home from the same fight myself, just couldn’t do it. Hung up and cried.
    So it’s just me and a Budweiser today. Here’s to us boys.

  10. The NeoCON Publicity Machine has been cranked up to full throttle. Reminds me of what they did just before Bush Senior’s War against Iraq (with made up evidence) and Bush Junior’s War against Iraq (with made up evidence) and what they TRIED to do with Syria and it’s alleged use of chemical weapons against it’s own people (now shown to have been some shadowy third party, which nobody wants to publicly disclose – probably Saudi Arabia).

    NOW those NeoCONS, if you pay attention to their lead print PR machine – the New York Times and their lead TV media machines CNN and NBC – want us to Go To War against China over Taiwan, against Russia over Crimea, AND at the same time against Iran over nuclear weapons. The ONLY War they aren’t pushing the moment is North Korea but I have no doubt they will pull that rabbit out of the hat in the next 3 months too.

    Already the AMEN Choir of the NeoCons who serve in various think tanks, and in the Congress are pushing, Pushing, PUSHING for the US to set itself up for Wars in ALL THREE areas of the world:
    *note Blinken’s trip and the statement we signed with Ukraine yesterday;
    *note the US sending an actual Combat Brigade to Ukraine this week;
    *note the CONgress Critters visiting Taiwan on Tuesday;
    *note the letter signed by 15 Republican Congressmen that was issued yesterday calling on the US to GUARANTEE we would go to War against China over Taiwan;
    *note the US sending MORE TROOPS to Israel over the last two weeks
    *note the US sending MORE military equipment to Israel this month, including KC135 tankers alledgedly for Israeli pilots to “fly”

    YEP … the NeoCONS are pushing, Pushing, PUSHING for NEW WARS for the US to fight. (ever see any of THEIR OWN KIDS ever going into combat? I haven’t and I’ve looked for years)

    The New York media, the just outside government Think Tanks, virtually all of the NeoCON Congress people, and virtually all of the in government Dual Passport Holders are pushing, Pushing, PUSHING for the US to go back to WAR. Not having a War for the US to fight for 3 whole months is killing them. They can’t stand it!!

    • No Veterans hear – just panty wastes in chief; Bush – the lil evil
      Clinton – clown
      Obongo – hahahahhaha, U funny.
      tRump – bwahahahah, U really funny.

      Noodles Nuland is baaack wit brandon admin – they dont get any more neo conned than that “mannish” women..well execept for its truly loathsome spouse.

  11. Well I will be the one to lay a turd in the punchbowl today. I am a Vietnam-era veteran. I tell people I do not accept ‘thank you for your service’ because Vietnam was not a volunteer-service conflict. Our generation were federally forced conscripts. Even if not inducted, there was blatant in-your-face discrimination. I was told directly I would not be hired because I was ‘draft eligible’. It was a different time. And I do not accept thanks for being an involuntary federal prisoner.

    • Right on, Hank, and what was accomplish in Vietnam, and/or all other places that were none of our business?

      Answer: It sustained JOBS in the US of A. One of the world’s problem — how to keep all people busy. ; -((

    • I lost out on the job of a lifetime in my chosen career when they learned I was draft age. Then 6 mons later post lottery, my number was in the high 200’s. Ask me my opinion on the Vietnam war…

      • Well W/D… I did even worse.. had the job title of a very good position in a govt facility, that today they are making in the upper six figures in the position that I was in.. it was low six figures during the eighties…. and I THREW THAT OUT .. Just because of my moral convictions.. seen the Boss getting a blowjob from a young lady so she could get a decent position and gave my two weeks notice.. Sheesh.. what a waste.. what I should have done is say.. I’m Next and sat down in the break room..

      • It was a leap year, and my draft number was 366. I had employers telling me to my face they would not consider hiring me because I was ‘draft eligible’! I was pretty much forced to enlist under my own terms because there were no other self-supporting employment available to me. I saw a lot of lives wrecked among my friends. I am proud of the fact that my brief stint in the Army was my only lifetime government-related job. I worked in private business the rest of my life, and succeeded.

  12. “NeoCons love to promote conflict. Russia, despite taking the Crimea, is simply getting back to the Russian borders of Catherine the Great. Score one for Carlson.”

    I didn’t buy the “taking Crimea” then, I don’t buy it now.

    Russia did not take, conquer, or appropriate the Crimean Peninsula. The Crimean natives voted democratically, by a huge majority, to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. The low-information amongst us respond to that with “the Crimeans are majority Russian…” Well, duh!

    When they get in front of a microphone, Democrats and Republicans, Leftists and Rightists, all refer to “Russia’s conquest of Crimea” — didn’t happen.

    This is a narrative created by Vichy Nuland, to lay the groundwork for justification of a future NATO/US military operation in that region, and I utterly, categorically refuse to tacitly support it…

    • “Russia did not take, conquer, or appropriate the Crimean Peninsula. ”

      What’s funny is I know a family in poland.. who they are afraid of are the NATO forces that scares the hell out of them.the russian forces are not feared..

  13. “Next, in, oh, a month or so, have some Fauci-like whiz-doc pronounce that deer-hunting must be stopped on some flimsy Covid variant from a deer related pretext. Something like eating deer meat increases the evolution of variants.”

    If hunters in Pennsylvania didn’t kill nearly 3mln deer a year, 10mln deer would die during winters, until the weather so-depleted the deer populations as to render it nearly extinct…

    Fun fact of the day: There are nearly 2 million vehicle-deer accidents in the U.S. every year.

      • “I think I understand. Imports have natural immunity?”

        Well Jester..The way I read it… So do illegals being smuggled across the border on the Kammy J express in their huge open borders for anyone that can’t be verified campaign..

  14. Love to know where the bounce was George . Eh you are ellioted to the degree of delusion. Be real careful here george . You may never be able to get on the speed and ferocity of the drop . Insert gold 2 . But what do I know

  15. Every new recruit should be offered the opportunity to read Smedley Butler’s War is a Racket before signing on the dotted line. Then we would get mostly the socio- and psycho-paths signing up, those without consciences, fierce fighters, and who wouldn’t return home later with PTSD.

    Meanwhile, Russia didn’t take Crimea. The Crimean people voted over 95% to join Russia rather than remain as part of the Ukraine. This information has been omitted in US MSM.

    Meanwhile, when Trump attempted to investigate where foreign aid was being spent in the Ukraine, he got impeached. Ole Joe got the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son, Hunter, fired by threatening to otherwise withhold foreign aid while VP, and then became POTUS. The game is so rigged.


      It is pretty well known that War’s are generally a covetous journey for someone to profit from. we don’t go into another country unless someone someplace else is going to profit from it or gain control..
      We use the excuse it is a humanitarian we are going to save them by destroying the only way of life they have ever known in thousands of years.. I believe they use those excuses so that the general laborers can pay for it..
      Heck you wouldn’t expect someone with billions of dollars to actually pay the tab.. heck they place themselves in a position so that no one in their families or themselves become a target..

    • “Ole Joe got the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son, Hunter, fired by threatening to otherwise withhold foreign aid while VP, and then became POTUS. The game is so rigged.”

      What is the word I am thinking of.. by him doing that.. god it escapes me.. LOL

      Just one of the many things that the Russians have done to that poor family.. LOL they get someone that looks just like him to make people believe that he was the one doing it.. shame on the Russians LOL…

  16. Thumbs up George

    Great article and commentary all around. You guys have a deep and diverse mindset.

    Generally, I agree Taiwan is a foregone conclusion. The only question is when, and how bad the blow-back is.

    Just returned from 9 days of Elk hunting. Harder at my age than it was. And we don’t see many younger guys getting into it. Make it a point to take some youngsters shooting, hunting and fishing. It develops a ton of skills and confidence in them.

    A solemn Happy Veterans Day to all my Brothers and Sisters in arms. The experience never leaves you.

    1st SFG (A)

    Hoo-rah indeed.

    • “Generally, I agree Taiwan is a foregone conclusion. The only question is when, and how bad the blow-back is.”

      Seriously AV8R… what could we do about it..
      they manufacture everything.. we buy everything from them.. they own over two hundred of our most vital corporations in the USA.. if you follow the money you will know who owns the ports for the USA.. they own a massive portion of our debt.. our military might comes from their factories.. like it or not.. if they went for taiwan.. we would have to travel thousands of miles they are what right next door.. there is very very little we could do without sparking up the war of wars and everyone globally paying the price of it..
      We put ourselves in a position of vulnerability the moment we pushed greed as our business model..

  17. Comrades,

    Thank you to members of the Canadian Forces for starting the Remembrance Day service on time today at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. Regrettably the head of government and the head of state were late apparently due to a suspicious package reportedly in the vicinity.

    As CBC commentators pointed out the time of day, their crew adjusted camera perspective to include a stunning view of the clock in the Peace Tower loudly intoning the arrival of the eleventh hour. Simultaneously, they captured the image of The Right Honorable Prime Minister and his wife alighting from their luxury suv. One doubts the Silver Cross Mother guest of honor was able to hear much of the PM’s proferred greeting as the Canadian Forces commenced on-time firing of cannons for the 21 gun salute which reverbrated through the grounds. The PM subsequently proceeded to join the longstanding line of senior officials at the War Memorial.

    As the firing of cannons counted down and the two minutes of silence fixed all present in place, deposited curbside were Her Excellency The Right Honorable Governor General and consort sporting a unique chapeau. Under cover of silence, the pair proceeded to the War Memorial. Not without incident, but thankfully lessened in consequence as a senior military official intercepted the directionally challenged gentleman and successfully maneuvered him to his proper placement in the line of dignitaries, albeit at lower station than he had first envisioned compared to She who serves at the Queen’s pleasure.

    The Governor General’s ensconcement in the line of senior dignitaries in the waning moments of silence could not have been seen to be unlike the temporarily displaced flock of pigeons taking wing with care lest not to forget depositing their digested cargo upon a gathered assemblage below

    What a disgrace!

    Thankfully the band began to play.

  18. COVID stories:

    White House to employers: Ignore court order and proceed with vaccine mandate

    Biden administration insists it must ‘protect workers who face grave danger’

    …But it doesn’t say the grave danger is going to come from the Schutzstaffel.

    Honest questions: Da Judge says “no!” Da Prez says “yes!”
    Who can be arrested?
    Who can be sued?
    Who can be compelled into what, and who can’t?

    Cardiologist Who Said He ‘Won’t Cry at Funeral’ For “Selfish” Unvaccinated People Suddenly Dies in His Sleep 2 Weeks After 3rd Covid Jab

    A 52-year-old prominent New Brunswick cardiologist suddenly died in his sleep just two weeks after getting his 3rd Covid jab.

    I anxiously await the results of his autopsy…


    Antwerp hospitals in Belgium are beginning to get concerned. With a high fully vaccinated rate, they are getting overwhelmed with patients testing positive for COVID-19, and “they are all vaccinated.” But sadly, many are not blaming the “vaccines” for these hospitalizations. They say the rise in patients can only be good because they are losing strength.

    CDC Admits It Has No Record of an Unvaccinated Person Spreading Covid After Recovering From Covid

    Lawyers smell blood in the water.

    The CDC admitted it has no record of an unvaccinated person spreading Covid after recovering from Covid in response to an attorney’s FOIA request.



    Currently, Green Bay Packers’ star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers is lighting up the media airwaves, triggering supporters of vaccine mandates and receiving a slew of backlash. For his personal medical decisions, the establishment media has taken to digitally tarring and feathering him, up to and including, lying about what he’s said in order to discredit him.

  19. Judge in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: Jury Members Were Filmed

    Judge Bruce Schroeder, who is presiding over the murder trial of teenager Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, told the court Tuesday morning that someone had been observed filming members of the jury as they had arrived that day…
    …There have been concerns throughout the trial over attempts to intimidate the jury.


    Hunter Biden’s Wife Says Laptop from Hell ‘Doesn’t Exist’ as Hunter Avoids Questions Outside NYC Gallery Showing

    Hunter Biden’s wife Melissa Cohen told reporters that Biden’s infamous laptop “doesn’t exist” as they exited a Manhattan art gallery that showcased Biden’s paintings Wednesday night.

    Hunter Biden is married? Is the wedding some kind of damage control, or did he get tired of banging his brother’s wife and a plethora of prepubescent Chinese children…?

  20. Just for George:

    Yale Now Has More Administrators Than Undergrads Thanks To A Mammoth Bureaucracy

    undergraduate enrollment has dipped to 4,703, with more than 5,000 “managerial and professional staff.”

    As a result of this seismic increase in administrators and managers, Yale has the highest manager-to-student ratio out of the Ivy League schools and the fifth-highest among four-year private nonprofits according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.


    George, you got out at the right time…

    • “Yale has the highest manager-to-student ratio out of the Ivy League schools”

      LOL LOL LOL I forgot that they even had a school LOL LOL LOL LOL My Alzheimer’s must be kicking in big time.. LOL LOL LOL totally forgot about the politicians daddys boys school LOL LOL LOL LOL
      in all the library crawling journeys I have made and all the studies and reports.. I have only seen one that I can remember from there LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL…
      I am not putting it down… for all we know they have good teachers you just never hear about them. and as far as I know the only ones that brag about being from there have questionable reputations LOL LOL LOL..

  21. Iranian-Backed Extremists Storm U.S. Embassy In Yemen, Take Hostages And Seize Equipment: Reports

    Bloomberg News first reported on Tuesday that Iran-backed Houthi extremists had taken “at least 25 Yemenis working for the U.S.” into custody over the span of a few weeks, including “Yemenis working for the U.S. embassy and USAID.”

    A group of Houthi rebels reportedly stormed the U.S. compound on Wednesday seeking “large quantities of equipment and materials,” according to regional reports translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

    Nowhere, in the news yet.

    I can hardly wait to see Biden’s Jimmy Carter imitation… :rolleyes:

    BTW: The Trump administration designated the Houthis as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. The Biden administration quickly reversed the terrorist designation after taking over earlier this year.

  22. Batya Ungar-Sargon, the deputy opinion editor of Newsweek, argues in a new book that “wokeness” in the media is harming democracy

    Filched from FOXNews and snagged from The Tucker Carlson Show.

    The gal’s a hard-core Liberal, like James Carville, but (also like him) she ain’t stoopid…

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