Just in is an urgent memo from my consigliere about the Oroville Dam situation in California:

“Oroville Dam, California

(highest dam in the United States holding back the 2nd largest lake in California)

Major damage to the Spillway problem

Spillway damage:

per news conference last night it is 180′ wide by 230′ long. other reports put the depth of the erosion in the spillway at 30′

Water flow in and out:

This is where the problem is: yesterday at the time of the Spillway disintegration 130,000 CFS (cubic feet per second) was flowing into Lake Oroville. They had upped the release through the Spillway to 60,000CFS and were in the process of taking it up further to 70,000 CFS when the problem appeared (to make room in the lake for water run off that will be coming in the next 3-4 days from the incoming BIG storms). They hydro plant was also spilling 5100 cfs via one penstock.

The lake was 851′ +- at the time of the event (2/7/17 at about 11 AM), full FLOOD CAPACITY for the lake is 900′. It is currently as of 8:00 AM PST at 865.88, or up about 15′ over the last 20 hours. (34′ to go until Lake is topped out at max!!)

With the Spillway closed the only way for water to exit the lake is via the Hydro Plant’s penstocks (5100 CFS going through yesterday and so far today). The second penstock was undergoing maintenance but they are hoping to get it operational later today and up the out flow through the Hydro Plant to 15,000 CFS.

Water flow into the lake has now declined to 75,000 CFS from yesterday morning’s 130,000, but with new big storms coming in that will be increasing dramatically.

The highest outflow via the Spillway was back in 1997 at 150,000 CFS during a similar rain event situation (wikipedia has max cap for Spillway at 225,000 CFS but 150,000 may be it’s real actual capacity since the 1997 event was huge and they were probably running at their real MAX spillage rate). The outflow via the Spillway was last at 60,000 CFS in 2006 and then during the drought there was NONE until 2015(?). Only much lower outflows, when there were any, since 2006.

At the current and projected “fill rate” the Lake only has about 3 to 4 days, depending upon the rain event, before it’s MAXIMUM FLOOD CAPACITY of 900′ is reached.

Daily water data:


Wikipedia data on the lake here:


We penciled out the amount of water that could be released with a dam failure: Lake Oroville holds about 1.126 trillion gallons of water.

WeatherUnderground.com reporting rain in the Oroville, CA area now, 1-additional inch today and 2 more inches tomorrow. Even more is expected in the mountains, so this is a touch ^ go situation that bears watching.

Hourly water data:


(Lake is climbing at half a foot per hour…)

(More as events warrant)

The MSM is still fixated on Trump-bashing but there IS REAL NEWS going on…