Ugly “Climate Change” Crap

Reader Note:  Due to a CenturyLink outage, we are on backup/satellite access this morning.  The [alleged] phone company says service should be back up at 9 AM.  But you can trust that as much as you can trust Congress.  But, we’d like to be surprised, for a change (on both counts).

So take a later, Maria…” They’re going, going…well, almost.  As of this morning, hurricane Jose is down to a post-tropical cyclone and weekend weather in the Northeast should be mostly sunny and mild.

And, in the Caribbean, Maria is down to Cat-3 status after wrecking Puerto Rico.  As of this morning’s update from the National Hurricane Center, by the middle of next week, we should see Maria blowing herself out well off the North Carolina coastline. (Cone here)

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It has been appalling to see the news media pandering and “climate change” nonsense.

You realize, I hope, that the only reason “climate change” even jumped into dinner table conversation is that “Global Warming” blew up?  People try to forget the horrible mass of data-adjusting that was necessary to make-up a sellable story.  A few of us do, however, remember Copenhagen.

Today, you may wish to read, as we have suggested often, about urban heat islanding, as well.  Although we take it as Gospel that a lot of Wiki edits come from climate “true believers” the fact of urban heat islanding is clear in this entry:

“An urban heat island (UHI) is an urban area or metropolitan area that is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas due to human activities. The temperature difference usually is larger at night than during the day, and is most apparent when winds are weak. UHI is most noticeable during the summer and winter. The main cause of the urban heat island effect is from the modification of land surfaces.[1][2] Waste heat generated by energy usage is a secondary contributor.[3] As a population center grows, it tends to expand its area and increase its average temperature. The less-used term heat island refers to any area, populated or not, which is consistently hotter than the surrounding area.[4]

On this basis, I am not a “climate denier.”

I am something far more dangerous:  I’m a statistically-based independent thinker.  The worst nightmare of the elites, their bought & paid government and enviro-minions.  We ask a lot of “inconvenient questions.”

While the panic-stricken mainstream was yammering about “worst hurricane season ever” we looked for the data to support such claims.

The correct answer is?  2005.

The pandering, fund-raising, global-tax on humans and cow farts union would love something more marketable, I’m sure.

But, in fact, there’s no way to spin up the present season on “man-caused” warming.

Especially with stories about winter coming to the upper West a whole MONTH ahead of schedule.

It was easy enough to shove the first reports aside a week or two back.  Out of the way places in mountainous parts of Montana don’t count, so far as the climate-lovers think.

But when the snow is coming down in the Mammoth Lakes region in the Sierra Nevada’s, and Reno’s seeing snow already, it’s hard to ignore.

Even harder for the Northeast Groupthink Papers and the television nutworks (sic).  When this early cold event starts getting hold in the Los Angeles Times with great coverage like this.

If you’re capable of just “looking at the damn numbers” there is another way to consider climate – a way not encouraged by the PowersThatBe.  They have a vested (financial) interest in keeping you dumbed down.  By doing so, you can get circle-jerked into “social justice actions” like sending money to their money front organizations.

This other way is to pick a few cities – I happened to choose Houston, Texas – and then go looking for how many days did it snow?  A suitable data table may be found here.

I would draw your attention to the winters in the early 1960’s and again in the early-to-mid 1970’s.  We would, of course, expect to see an oscillation roughly akin to the 11.5 year solar cycle.  Just like in  2005, we were quickly approaching the solar minimum.  See the chart?

Notice where 2005 is?  Down toward the bottom.  Which is exactly when we would expect to see the highest spread between the sea water, warmed at the top of the cycle due to more solar output, and the air, already cooling (air gives up heat faster because it doesn’t hold as much).  Presto!  Crappy hurricane year.

Around here, we look at the numbers like this and we ask certain questions:  “Will next year likely – based on dynamics that seem obvious to us – be worse than this year?

Well, sadly, yes.  And maybe for two or three – perhaps even four – more hurricane seasons.

Climate data you should be looking for would list the coldest averages, but instead, the scare-tactics crowd will sell concepts like “Cold snaps” and “Cold Outbreaks.”  Mostly, without giving the Sun its due.

Will there be a few flakes of snow in the wintry mix this morning in Missoula, MT?  Maybe.  But it will warm next week into the upper 60’s and maybe 70 a week from now.

Call that climate change?

Perhaps, but to the Agendists, you’re only a sucker with the three most prized assets coveted by the Power Class:  You have a wallet, you pay attention to their messages, and you have a vote.

The most dangerous weapons in today’s world are a calculator and a sense of “clean data.”

On the music side of life, fine “eye of hurricane” song is here. Fits with “hurricane gone.”

Yes, a Column Monday

Pretty sure I’ll miss the Rapture this weekend.  Didn’t hear? Nobody panic, there’s a theory that the Rapture starts on Saturday.

Although I was going to publish a Memorandum to the Almighty Monday, I decided not to.  It would offend virtually everyone.

It chastises what may be a weak kick-off to the Tribulation.

Beyond that, it’s a marketing critique.

You see, when the Bible was being put together, 144,000 people being Raptured would an impossibly large number.  Today?  Not so much.

Here’s a sample:

Let me remind YOU of the numbers (like I need to, right?):

We have roughly  7,000,000,000 people doing time on the Rock.

You could have 48,000 Raptures at 144,000 each and still have enough left over for a big city right?  I’m talking a Big City for the Finale:  One 88-million souls or two cities of 44-million, or  3 countries with 29-million per country, and leave it up to the local sinners on the distro, right?  That’s still big enough for YOUR “big war finish” Armageddon deal, right?”

Or, to put it another way:  We could Rapture out 2.7-million people per day for seven-years of misery (or Missouri) and still get  an extra-large Armageddon wind-up.

If your calculator is warmed up:  A “Rapture” this weekend would constitute one person for each 48,000 people on the rock. You wouldn’t know anyone who made the cut, say statistics.  It’d be a bust – a non-event.

Thus, I beseech you (I penned to the Almighty):  Who would run with such an outdated marketing plan?

Marketing to Eyeballs

I’ve been mentioning to you lately my skepticism with Time for running all those seemingly worthless, social, music, entertainment, click-baity kinds of stories.

Now, it seems to be paying off big-time for them as “Time Inc in talks to sell assets; warns on third-quarter ad revenue softness.”

(It isn’t amount time after all.  It’s about money.)

I may have to toss in some T&A once in a while, lol.

The Weekend Kim Card

In response to Trump’s threats of military action, North Korea’s leader calls him deranged and issues a warning.

We worry about Kim’s chi.

Military affairs whiz warhammer offers this:

It’s more than ironic that Kim, the man who looks like he popped straight out of a Dilbert comic strip, the man who executes his enemies in novel barbaric ways, who rapes teenaged sex slaves and who lives in the richest opulence while destitute North Korean people are starving, calls Trump ‘deranged.’  There is a definite ‘wow’ factor with this story.


A year ago, I’d have wagered Kim was all bluster and no punch.  Now, with a nascent deplorable nuke arsenal at his disposal, Krazy Kim may actually believe the propaganda he is vomiting out.  I hold out hopes that Seal Team 6 has a sniper who has a special bullet with Kim’s name on it.  (I still think China is pulling Kim’s strings).

The Chicoms, meantime, are still supporting the North: Trump Said China Told Banks to Stop Dealing With North Korea. China Says That’s Not True.

I’ve often wondered if the Chinese and the Clintons used the same PR outfit?

CNN offers: What is a hydrogen bomb and can North Korea deliver one?  For the UrbanSurvival audience, we already know.  But do you know what fogbank is?  If you do, THEN you get to wear the big-boy policy pants.

10-gold star bonus, too, if you understand a quip about a Kanata and fogbank. That’d make you a peer.  (Or, was that a pear…hmmm…)

Uber vs. the Crabby Cabbies

Uber Loses Its License to Operate in London/

Do We Really Care? Department

Dump truck runs over worker inside of portable toilet.

Who are the world’s richest women? My son, still single, should read this, lol.  Elaine and I are coming up on 18-to-life in three months.

Romanian leader cancels visit to Ukraine over language law.  Think if we had Americanized Engrish-only, it could slow our immigrant flow?  Thinking out loud, here…but seems to work for Ukraine.  And aren’t they good guys this week?

First UN expert on gender identity resigns.  Doesn’t say where it’s going.

Syrian refugee in Estonia jailed for setting wife on fire.  Word is, she was hot.

Elsewhere, German court sends ax attacker to psychiatric hospital.  Germanic jutice?

The Best for Last

Mass global extinction that wipes out human civilization will begin in 2100, mathematician predicts.

That gives us only 83-more years to exploit one-another.  Hop to it!

22 thoughts on “Ugly “Climate Change” Crap”

  1. When ever I hear this climate BS I think back to the book Trashing the Planet by former Gov. of Wash. St. Dixie Lee Ray good read!
    On Rocket man I think China is goading him on to get the US to show it’s hand as to what we really have and where it is at……….being an old poker player it just strikes me that way!

  2. Re: rapture tomorrow

    Gary, the Numbers Guy, was on local talk radio this morning laughing at this.

    IMO it is such hypocrisy that Jewish and Christian religions condemn numerology and astrology (competing for followers and money) when the Bible is full of such references, especially Revelations.

    Remember, the dominant Persian religion at that time was Zoroastrianism (hence the wise men from the east) and it influenced the Bible.

    • Yes, but the relationship between Zoroastrianism and Judeo-Christianity is akin to the connection between astrology and astronomy. Plus, religions do tend to evolve over time. IMHO, Sherlyn needs to consider a more nuanced response.

  3. Or maybe climate change became a newsworthy topic because 97% of all reputable scientists said that it was human induced? Sort of like if, say, even only 25% of a town’s reputable engineers said its dam was about to collapse, drowning the town? That might become a topic of interest to the townsfolk too, no? Mike.

    • Just like 97 percent of Inquisitors believed they were doing God’s Work and damn the cost?
      Or the 97% of Hillary hypsters who still think she won?
      Look at the data, not the spin.
      Data from outside heat islands. I’ve run some of that data…have you?

    • BTW NASA has to find something else to do because rocketry is toast. Monifold jumping quantum effects is what CERN is all about. I understand you’re not on the distro list, but NASA Flows where the Money Goes.

    • That would be the same 97% (an extremely exaggerated number, BTW) whose livelihood and grant money are dependent upon “climate change research,” right?

  4. If you are going to misquote Revelation 7, vs 4, in your missive to the All Mighty, you might want to read vs 9 first.

    “9 After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.”

    • Ancient counting systems were not adept at large scale figuring. Of course, no one could count. How many people today can count to 100 in Hex?

  5. The first thing that jumped out at me from the sunspot chart was the declining peaks from cycle 22 thru cycle 24…a series of “lower highs” in stock market terms.

    Ignoring the extreme spikes, the cycle’s peaked (by Mark 1 Eyeball) at 240-250, 200-210 and 130-140. So a drop in peak count of 30-40 and 60-70 respectively.

    If that lower peak trend continues in cycle 25, we should see a peak count below 100, perhaps well below.

    So aside from increased hurricane cycles, at what point does this downtrend start impacting winter weather and/or the length of the growing season?

    • This winter – which should set records – which we will laugh at as it turns into “climate change” – no – it’s the damn weather!

  6. Seems to me that the scientific method has to be based on controlled, repeatable experiments. It is impossible to run such an experiment on the atmosphere, thus there is no such thing as climate science. Yes, you can graph trends and try to match them up, but the old correlation/causation bugaboo gets you every time on that.

  7. Nowhere in the Bible does it say 144,000 will be raptured just prior to the 7 year tribulation beginning.144,000 Jewish people will receive the seal of God on their forehead during the tribulation to protect them from the AntiChrist.

  8. Imagine if you will a nation that hasn’t bombed any country, or invaded another country, nor engages itself in the affairs of foreign conflict yet that same nation is accused of being the threat to world peace by nations that have done exactly what they have propagandized against doing in order to bomb and invade that same nation.

  9. I suspect your earlier Nordic discussion may have runed international relations!

    Now the 1000 channel newsers can’t even get the current US-NK presidential war of words right. Just because Google’s Ngram Viewer has a “dotard” spike in the decades following the Shakespearean era doesn’t mean Chaucer wasn’t familiar with the term three centuries prior. Likewise, apparently Elton John was not the first artist out with “Rocket Man”.

    Similarly I wasn’t able to bear the angst of watching Mrs. C. live on Colbert for fear of hearing a surely unintended phrase appropriation “I am not a …..”.

  10. I hate hearing about climate change.
    Years ago there was a world contest for obscure ideas on how to affectively reduce co2 in the atmosphere. After listening to some of the stupid Ines my friend goaded me into submitting since healthcare costs had wiped me out financially I did I submitted several ideas. At the end of the contest I got a.letter thanking me for submitting them but the costs would not be practical and they decided it wasn’t worth to try. A little over a year later the conspiracy sites were full of what are they doing stories.. most of them were of things I had submitted as ideas.. officially nope we aren’t doing that..what torked me off isn’t that they’re using some or trying them out or that I didn’t get the prize money during a time of desperation.. that happens all the time.. but they didn’t even buy a cup of coffee.
    And of course I have my friend that constantly bringing it up as something he is reading about..

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