Approaching a Break-through?

What better time to look at what’s been going on in the back room of Old Man Labs here at the ranch?

This morning, we lift just one corner of the veil of secrecy that I’ve thrown over my efforts to help hack space-time.  Dimensions Next Door.
Compared to what’s at stake?

The weekly stock charts (while very profitable) pale in comparison in terms of intellectual weight.  I think you’ll agree once you read the latest on our project and why we’re looking for 50-pound bags of rock salt…

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22 thoughts on “Approaching a Break-through?”

  1. “recalled by brainless voters”

    Entire Congress…Not just the one.. in my honest opinion all members of congress hire some new members that will have the interests of the People, Write what they vote on and everyone read what they vote on and vote yea or nae acording to their personal convictions not according to some one spending billions to convince them otherwise .. Lobbyists actions and donations should be limited .

    • limit how long they can stay in office.. maybe two terms then usually takes lobbyists more than two terms to totally sway members.

  2. “”Rapture Day?”
    I see you weren’t on the list, either… Makes us the “unelect” then?”

    I think I can successfully argue that the rapture did happen.. according to the death per hour world wide there is approximately 8 per thousand with seven billion people world wide roughly 56,000,000 died at midnight..
    now according to Revelation 7:4-8New International Version (NIV)
    4 Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel.
    5 From the tribe of Judah 12,000 were sealed,
    from the tribe of Reuben 12,000,
    from the tribe of Gad 12,000,
    6 from the tribe of Asher 12,000,
    from the tribe of Naphtali 12,000,
    from the tribe of Manasseh 12,000,
    7 from the tribe of Simeon 12,000,
    from the tribe of Levi 12,000,
    from the tribe of Issachar 12,000,
    8 from the tribe of Zebulun 12,000,
    from the tribe of Joseph 12,000,
    from the tribe of Benjamin 12,000.

    Now in searching my own mind on my own history.. I am not worthy so I am pretty sure that You and I and everyone reading this will have to remain here in purgatory..

    • LOL – yep. My Trib day started off with
      1. A server-level failure on site (repaired, sorry for the late report this AM)
      2. New test gear needed for hacking-space-time project came on in Chinese. Had to waste time trying to sort out how to set-set language choice (right arrow while cycling power).
      3. Then Elaine comes over and says water is out. Water company has a break in a main.
      Yessir, just another day on the Rock

      Oh, but the way I read it, there needs to be a net 144,000 in a day and the marketing distribution is tango uniformed. The Almighty may know the souls of men, but he skipped marketing segmentation class.

      • “New test gear needed for hacking-space-time project came on in Chinese.”

        I didn’t need any test equipment… All I had to do was tell the wife she looked robusk in her jeans.. she showed me next week lol lol lol

      • If you think about it.. a mirror is proof of time and space. The image your in the present is the image you projected in the past.

  3. Love your reports on your tests.

    My rare book “Theogenesis” which refers heavily to the Ageless Wisdom tradition says that the basis of everything is “fohat” or vibration. IMO, this is why the Bible’s creation story begins with God speaking everything into existence.

    I am sure you are on the right track and look forward to reading the completed book. Just be careful to “return” from wherever you might go. LOL!

    • that is what I have always thought.. frequency.. the mind only perceives a very fine margin of frequencies.. What if.. everything is just a different frequency.. past present future.. and what if.. fortune tellers like Nostradamus, mother shipton the sleeping prophet, einstein, tesla,
      We all know that Crystals are used in determining frequencies.. the very first radio I built was a crystal radio simple and as a seven year old magical.. to be able to tune in radio stations.. it was a fun experiment.. Now we look at most of the fortune tellers of old and even today.. they use the crystal ball.. if a crystal is placed in an energy field, it collects that energy and contains it. It might change or transmute the energy in the process. Some crystals, such as quartz, amplify energy. The crystal then radiates energy out again.
      So what if. the true secret of prophets of the past and future.. true genius is that they can comprehend a different frequency that the vast majority aren’t able to.
      watch the show time tunnel.. the time machine, star trek and wonder.. could it be..just a twist of the knob… take the story of the Philadelphia experiment where supposedly they altered the magnetic field of a ship and vanished into another time ..could time and space could be influenced by using highly charged, rotating magnetic fields. I have a small top here that I love to show the grandkids.. how to make an object levitate.. you spin it on a piece of paper on top of a magnet and then raise it up and pull the paper out.. the rotating magnetic fields gives it the ability to float in mid air.. the solar system.. we are in a vacuum floating around a highly magnetic field using a highly magnetic field.. think about it.. that is proof alone.. I have people tell me often that I have some pretty far out idea’s yet I get people that have all the credentials and certificates hanging on their walls call me with odd questions from time to time all because I once had the ability to figure out some pretty obscure puzzles..

    • Dear Sherlyn, Appreciate your sharing the book concept. To clarify is it?:

      The stanzas of dzjn. Theogenesis
      by Raleigh, A. S. (Albert Sidney)

      Theogenesis: Acentric Theology by Sylvester Steffen

      Theogenesis by Helena P. Blavatsky

      Any information is greatly appreciated, thank you!

      George, not to add more research to Old Man Labs but thought you may find this of potential use:

      The 3,6,9…

      Thank you all for your continued insights.

      All the best to you & Ures’.

  4. Mantras and chants they have been around for thousands of years, Some study’s I have read says that a sound of 110 Hz or sound wave vibration of 110 waves per second effects the brain, The firing off of certain neurons in the brain causing a feeling of out of body type experiences, Scientist in the field of sound (not the right term or name) have been going around to old temples and worship places and finding rooms that resonates that 110 Hz wave form which means the rooms had to be constructed to the right shape and size to get 110 Hz vibration, Do your chants in one of thou’s rooms and it would be powerful, Sound and vibration’s resonates from every thing in the universe has it’s own vibration Planets, space, stars, animals, trees and us and we know that they effect the brain in certain way’s, So in Astrology are some of these forces do to the vibrations of certain planets or the combination of planets in certain positions setting up deferent frequencies or vibrations that effect or brains, At our birth planets were set at a certain position giving off a vibration that fires of certain neurons in the baby’s head you might say like booting up or programming a new computer but it’s your baby, I think sound and vibrations will open up a lot of doors it’s kind of a new study that has started in the last couple of years all so light waves the effect on our brain very interesting studys going on both in sound vibrations and light and how it effects the mind. So little is known But this knowledge was used thousands of years ago from what I have observed.

  5. One indicator I watch is showing a positive NASDAQ & negative S&P 500 for Monday. NASDAQ is below its 4 day & 9 day MA, so unless AAPL & it’s pals recovers, NASDAQ will probably drop Monday.

  6. George, suggest you invest in a bilingual Swede. I can read Norwegian and Swedish, poorly and slowly, but well enough to know the nuance of the languages completely escapes the software translators. In doing ancestral research years ago, I tagged a HS kid who’d grown up in Sweden… This was both an elegant, and inexpensive solution for sorting out a number of diaries. I’d bet there’s a HS or college kid somewhere between Tyler, Kilgore, and Palestine, who would trade a few USD for an accurate translation…

  7. Rock on,sound the horns! Have you found the quay for the next link in the chain from China? No cash required, what with the $3+ trillion foreign reserves, plenty to burn, lol. Sorry, your stuff’s not free though, bills to pay and all that. Upon receipt of your cashless payment, rest assured the blockchain ledger will be securely updated thanks to proprietary “made in China” software.

    Awesome clearinghouse process placement! Soon everyone will wish they had yuan like it.

    All Aboard!

    Woo Woo

  8. George, this guy implies the market will continue going up until the Fed has unwound their huge balance sheet. He also comments that these pundits claiming imminent collapse are in place to create short positions, that can be easily taken out and profited from and used to accelerate the next bump up.

    He believes the market will continue going up, at least until the corporate profits suffer from serious damage.

    He says don’t expect a crash anytime soon.

    His theory’s make sense to me and so do yours. Obviously the Fed is playing a big role in this fictitious market. Yellen has implied the printing press has been well oiled for the next round of newly created cash.

  9. For your trading account, on the upside, is it better to trade 3x ETF’S or quality stocks in an uptrend, ie. stocks that go in the direction of the market & are participating in the bull market. I am not sure & it needs further research.

    • ETF;s I would think. Remember, the issue is finding the quality stock, and it would have to outperform the market by a great deal tdo beat a 3x etf. If anyone had that nailed, they’d be oin a beach somewhere

    • I hear you.. years ago I bought a program when I got it I discovered it was written in a dialect of german that wasn’t very common. took the instructions to the college and the prof told me that it was an older dialect and he couldn’t help me that I needed to find someone that was from that region or ask them to send a copy written in english. while at work I mentioned that to a friend that was a prof at a college in New York and the response was.. Oh ask mom she will know it she can read and write a dozen lanquages.. so I took the set of instructions over to her and asked.. an you read this to me.. she read it in fluent german.. I laughed and asked the real question.. could you read it to me in english LOL

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