U.S. Elections: Cover Globalist TISA Grab, CPI Data

BREAKING Mini-Crash Watch:

  Deutsche Bank(NYSE: DB) may have a hard day ahead:  From http://finance.yahoo.com:


Ever since their co-CEO deal blew up (year ago June, wasn’t it?) we have been looking for this to perhaps work into the leading edge of another Too Big To Fail hold-up/bail-in.

Too early to tell.  not too early to watch closely.  Futures only down 50…for now.

Globalist Run at America Via TISA

Think Hillary health issues are just a way for insiders (who find out things before the rest of us) to make tons of money on things like the market dump a week ago?

Think again.

And then go read how Monday, talks going on in background will strong-arm TISA – the Trade in Services Agreement – will, like WTO participation – be illegally implemented.

You see, most people don’t remember details. But the World Trade Organization membership of the U.S. was never ratified as a treaty which under Law requires a 2/3rd’s majority in the Senate. Never happened.

Instead, using misnamed “fast-track” (under which no amendments are allowed) the cretins in Washington shoved through WTO loaded with amendments and the subsequent occupants of the White House have pretended it was law because it gave them access to money and that means being elected.

What is amazing this morning is that the Wikileaks site it out with a solid review of some of the shenanigans around TISA including the revelations of the Core Text (here)… and analysis for the non-lawyer types of what it means.

A quote (since the U.S. Mainstream is stonewalling – look surprised):

    • “While TISA threatens to impose more extreme restrictions on governments, the problem lies  with the core rules themselves. The following illustrates some of their main implications (see footnotes for references to the leaked text): 
    • Trade in services agreements treat services as marketable commodities, and deny or  subordinate or deny altogether their social, cultural, environmental,  employment,  and  development  functions.  People  are  not  viewed  as  citizens  or  members  of  their  communities ­ they are ‘consumers’.
    • Those who provide the services do not need to have any connection to the people or  communities that rely on their services – they can be ‘supplied’ from offshore, or by a  temporary  visitor, or through foreign firms who establish a local presence but whose  priority is to deliver profits to offshore shareholders.6 None of these ‘suppliers’ has any  long­term responsibility or accountability to the country that ‘consumes’ them. 
    • Governments sign away their right to give preferences to local providers of services, such  as broadcasting, education, electricity or sanitation, or to  limit foreign  investors and  require majority local directors for sensitive services sectors.
    • The core rules on market access restrict governments’ ability to shape those ‘markets’ by  limiting  the  size or  growth  of  certain  activities, such as banks,  tourist  ventures  or  hypermarkets,  whether  nation­wide or in local areas, and whether  they are locally or  foreign owned.
    • The restrictions apply at central and local government level, and non­government  bodies  like professional bodies.
    • These rules are sweeping in their scope, because they limit governments’ rights to use  almost every tool  available to them  – any law, regulation, rule, procedure,  decision,  administrative action or any other form.
    • They also apply to any measures that ‘affect’ ‘trade’ in a service,11 even if it does so indirectly, such as payment or distribution systems,or for a non­commercial reason, for example environmental objectives, or restrictions on sale of unhealthy products.  ? Further,  they  apply to  any aspects of the  supply chain for  a particular  service  – its production, distribution, marketing, sale and delivery.
    • A public or private monopoly,  such as a postal service or agricultural marketing and  distribution  board  can  be  challenged  for  using  its  monopoly  to  cross­subsidise or  advantage any non­monopoly  services it provides.
    • The pretend ‘carve out for public services’ only applies to the very rare situations where a  service is provided through a public monopoly for free. The  exceptions  for  public  health,  environment,  public  order  and  morality  must  be established as a defense to a complaint, and are subject to many onerous tests.15 They have proven ineffective as safeguards in the WTO, succeeding fully in only 1 out of more  than 40 disputes.
    • Privacy protections are illusory. In addition to all the hurdles for other exceptions, laws  and regulations to protect individual’s privacy in relation to processing and disseminating  personal data and protecting confidentiality must not be inconsistent with the provisions  of the agreement.
    • ? Governments cannot restrict cross­border movements of capital that are essential to a  service, or inflows of capital that relate to foreign investment, where they have made  commitments  in those services. There are very  limited options for  governments  to  impose capital controls, even in situations of an actual or threatened balance of payments  emergency. If they manage to meet those circumstances, the kinds of controls they can  adopt are severely limited and would face a high risk of being challenged.”

    So yes, Hil-Health is a distraction, even the election is a distraction, and yes, today’s jobs report (next) falls in that category. Because while all the major sideshows are in play, the Global Cabal (WTO) is negotiating new and creative ways to steal jobs and accumulated power and wealth from the U.S.A. and turn us into just another bureaucrat scrap heap like the European Union.

    Have we learned anything from the Swiss? They are smart and they stayed out of the E.U.

    Hell no, we haven’t! (They have required gun ownership, by the way.)

    Instead, the sheep in the feedlot feast on pseudo-stories like “M.I.A. on Standing Up for Refugees, Working With Zayn & Making Her ‘Breakup Album’” and consider themselves informed. May be useful if you book concerts, but in terms of the broader sweep of history?

    Help me out here, but isn’t the Globalist takeover of America just, uh, you know…bigger?

    Sexiciding of Assange

    Meanwhile, Wikileaks Julian Assange is still in the crosshairs of the PowersThatBe for leaking things like this: “Swedish Appeals Court Upholds Detention Order for Assange. Was there any doubt what they would try?


    No, this has no bearing on YOUR checkbook balance, but here is the “official word: on consumer price levels:

    “The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.2 percent in August on a seasonally adjusted basis, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.

    Over the last 12 months, the all items index rose 1.1 percent before seasonal adjustment. The seasonally adjusted increase in the all items index was caused by a rise in the index for all items less food and energy. It increased 0.3 percent in August, as the indexes for shelter and medical care advanced. The energy and food indexes were both unchanged in August.

    Major energy component indexes were mixed, with increases in the indexes for natural gas and electricity offsetting declines in the gasoline and fuel oil indexes. The food at home index declined for the fourth month in a row, offsetting an increase in the index for food away from home.

    The 0.3-percent increase in the index for all items less food and energy was the largest rise since February 2016. Along with shelter and medical care, the indexes for motor vehicle insurance, apparel, communication, and tobacco all increased.

    In contrast, the indexes for used cars and trucks, household furnishings and operations, recreation, and airline fares all declined in August.

    Fact is we are on the leading edge of a recession that will be reported after the election in order to keep you dumbed-down until it’s too late. But state tax revenues are falling and you didn’t sleep through the retail sales drop Thursday, did you?

    Big YoY drop: Gasoline.  Biggest rise?  Medical service up 5.1%.  That must be the Obamacare savings, maybe?

    Janet’s Fat Thumb – Fed Meets Next Week

    The Federal Reserve – which seized power when Congress abdicated (its monetary responsibilities in 1913 and turned it over to the banker cabal) meets next week.

    But if you know where to look, you can see how the Fed is flooding the country (and world) with more paper than you can count.

    I refer to the current revelations in the Fed’s H.6 Money Stocks report.

    In the last six months, the Fed has been “making up” M1 (cash and equivalents) and more than a 11% annualized rate:


    With all that money shoved out into the economy, the Fed has stated to slow – just a bit – and once the election is over, I expect the slowing to become more dramatic and then we will be in the crapstorm that comes from rising rates.

    But this is one way (11% rise in M1) that a country which is in deflation can “pretend” that everything is OK. Just hit the print button, stand back, and behold the economic “miracles.”

    Speaking of the Fed, I’m planning on more market downside as the rich and powerful drop markets to “message the Fed” that free money is welcomes by the rich bastards.

    It’s a given the Fed will do as instructed, and we are talking about Janet’s thumb on monetary scales with how long until election day?

    Ten year bond (^TNX, chart) looks like the 1.45% handle will be around the bottom. 1.70% Thursday. At least initially, as rates go up, money will look for better/greener and so stocks collapse will come in March 2017 in one run of our Trading Model, though there are lots of other possibles out there.

    Hillary Playing “Birther” Card?

    See the headline “Trump refuses to say President Obama was born in US.” Ask yourself “Where did that story come from? Trump didn’t bring it up – so who did? More important, why?”

    Obama’s Muslim  Invasion Continues

    Flint, Michigan: ‘City Leaders Not Informed’ by Feds of Plan to Send 100 Syrian, Iraqi Refugees.”

    Gee…you are sucker enough to pay for it…not a whine or whimper from the Ryan turncoat division of the former GOP. 

    Let me guess, you will vote for your incumbent, right?

    Concealed Without a Permit Coming?

    This is worth noticing: Appeals court rules mental-health ban on gun ownership might violate Second Amendment – Missouri joins states allowing concealed carry without permit. Nice going Fox – didn’t see that in the libmedia yet.

    Will be an easy sort of “free” states vs. “gov” states, won’t it?

    Obama Pardon Festival?

    It would make sense, given his penchant for doing things that don’t strengthen America. For example, the idea of an Ed Snowden pardon has been making the rounds on the net. But here comes a Congressional report [that] slams NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

    Hmmm…if someone hates America, pardoning Snowden would be just the ticket. So we shall watch and wait…

    Rich Men’s Clubs

    I told you last week (or earlier this week…it’s early) what a total sham “pro sports” is in ‘Merica. Pure bread & circus bullshit.

    So what pops this week?

    Nevada committee approves $750M Vegas stadium plan for Raiders.”

    3/4ths of a billion for rich men?  There goes Nevada to our States Full of Idiots list.  (No, wait, Harry Reid elections already pegged it for us.)

    We don’t really need any more correctional centers or prisons in America. Just move the other crooks (the small-time ones) in with the big ones in State Legislatures and Congress.

    Presto! Problem solved.

    You saw where a Copperhead snake bites worker on West Virginia Capitol campus.

    Sure that wasn’t a lobbyist?  Hard to tell slithering low-life apart…

    Madness on Bordering

    DHS accused of sitting on damning border report as immigration issue drives presidential race – VIDEO: WH accused of burying damning DHS border security report.”

    Not that this would surprise anyone.

    Wait…what happened to the democrat marketing phrase TRANSPARENCY???  WTF?

    10 thoughts on “U.S. Elections: Cover Globalist TISA Grab, CPI Data”

    1. If you removed Las Vegas from Nevada,perhaps make it its own mini state where anything goes, What is left would be a reliable red state. Vegas is a cancer on the overwhelming majority of Nevada and has been for a long time.

    2. Re: Trump birther. It’s nothing less than being deranged. The motivation I would have to guess at.

      Between the newspaper articles announcing Obama’s birth, the birth certificates and the statements by the Hawaiian officials it’s irrational for anyone to think that Obama wasn’t born where and when all the evidence points to.

      As I always posit the refusal of anyone to be able to integrate new facts into their opinion or belief system may lead to extinction. It’s an extremely dangerous trait in a POTUS.

    3. hmmmm TISA and TPP or any other trade agreement usurping the peeps sounds like “human capital” aka ‘consumers’ are trade items for profit and actually have been for quite some time. Why not? The Investor gods (cabal types?) since G20 and before-are planning to trade and invest in green everything (bonds) such as cow farts and the air we breathe, so why not services? Lets get some social impact bonds sold to make peeps feel all warm and fuzzy about it all.
      I had a dream Weds. about someone getting bit by a snake.I tired to help the person and got bitten myself.
      Only instead of seeing a copperhead snake I saw gold. Then again, I used to live in Charleston and recall the golden capital dome so am not surprised the subconscious mistook the colors or saw the snake in front of a gold dome-like structure and blended it all in together.
      In the dream I killed the sucker by grabbing the back of its head and stuffing something down its gullet-suffocating it. Then I died of the snake bite as the ‘services’ for a hospital were non-existent (must have traded it away). LOL looking at the topic for today.
      I didn’t record it as I don’t do that any more.

    4. TISA and the rest of the trade agreements have one purpose. To dissolve borders. And do away the whole idea of nations. We are all to be “Citizens of the world.” I guess “Subjects of the world” would be more accurate.

    5. Deutsche Bank (like you said) has been ‘in dire straits’ for a very long time – and I can’t figure why anyone would want to own that stock . . . unless of course the stockholders thought that the ‘bailout’ would be worth the risk. Are they the premier bank in Germany? If so, something is rotten in Deutschland!

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