A Periodic Systems Check

Seems like a good morning to look up from the general news flow – which is way too political anyway – and look at some of the other stories going on.

These are more fun to consider, anyway, since they will form our lives more than whoever ends up being the housekeeper on Pennsylvania Avenue.

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8 thoughts on “A Periodic Systems Check”

  1. “Let me guess, you will vote for your incumbent, right?”

    I overheard two interesting conversations.. that bring that statement to the forefront of my mind..

    AN after breakfast discussion between a married couple ” those damned democrats did this or that and it is going to cost us. yada yada yade…”
    I went to fill the tank up at the local gas station where most of the older guys sit and visit.. over heard a discussion from a group there..
    ” If it wasn’t for those damned Republicans our costs would be lower and our profits higher”.. Yada yada yada..
    Each of those groups will vote for the incumbent… Neither of those groups has noticed that both parties has sold out the people that voted them in.they no longer write the bills.. they refuse to read them and now with fast tracking don’t even have to see the stupid thing.. for those that think that they still pen the bills.. on it would take a team of Harvard lawyers to decipher a multi thousand page bill.. that is pushed by a representative that only actually puts in twenty eight days of work annually that holds a ninety percent chance of being voted back into office.




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