First, and foremost, click over to the NY Post piece here titled Top 10 things the media got wrong about ‘collusion’ and ‘obstruction’.”

It’s a dandy read but there are literally dozens upon dozens of other examples for those who take the time to study the news closely.  We’re pleased, as always, not to have pontificated on the losing sides.  As the 1980’s move WarGames explains, as the WOPR computer considers blowing up the world:  “The only winning move is not to play.”

Politics – especially partisan and super-especially with the mad mobs of socialist me-me-media – the same is true.  Surely, you have better things to do with your spare mental-processor clicks..(But don’t call me Shirley…)

Second thing to ponder is this:  My understanding, and I’ve only got a vague sense of the law, is that “obstruction of justice” requires (most times) a provable criminal act.  Were there no pending justice, how could it be “obstructed?”

Destroying evidence is, in and of itself, a crime, for example.  To make sure such perps “get the message” the obstruction charge is made…It’s sort of like “charges with a cherry on top.

But, now suppose – there’s nothing to put the cherry on. What then?

Even with blatantly anti-Trump biased investigatorsno chargeable crime was found.  No collusion.

Absent a crime, how can you “obstruct?”  There IS nothing to obstruct, is there not?

Such logic makes sense in a court.  But now, the answer is being polled amongst leaders of anti-American Digital Mob Rule

As “innocent until proven guilty” is thrown out, so will fall other last bastions of our Constitutional Republic.  For which we stood, once one Nation and under God. Yada, yada then  Poof!

Clearly, some fraction of America still has its knickers twisted-up and there’s a little something for everyone in Mueller’s report.

The big perversion is just ahead.  A last-gasp of freedom as the democrats – lacking chargeable offenses –  now pivoting to “convict in the court of public opinion.”

The House can convict a ham sandwich, to turn the old grand jury saying on ’em.

Court-shopping at its finest. Complete with kangaroos with the media darlings like AOC and the leftolutionaries.

The Great National Time-Sink Monetization. GNTSM.

Which predictably will lead to more inciting and divisive media coverage.  Do we really need more polarity, and a lack of focus on what really matters?.

To us, what matters is the economy.  OK, side order of war with Mexico, perhaps.  Indo-Pak nuke war late summer.

As we explained for our Peoplenomics subscribers this morning, things are a whole-lot less positive than the (the very same media who got Mueller-Trump wrong) are owning up to.

Reason?  Both political parties are shills for the Global Corporate Party.The real party in power.  The one that owns its R&D subsidiary “operating companies.” Disguised as political entities that haven’t solved a single problem more than the ones they’ve created in decades.

What the real party wants, it’s buys.  And it’s a carefully orchestrated blend of right and left..stupid people all whipped up so corporations can get their tax cuts and run-up stock prices.

When the time comes, those will collapse.  Strong hands will have sold to the weak and the slaughterhouse doors will open again. Load ’em up with sheep once again.

Every minute on politics is time away from prepping.  Every article on Trump or Mueller is time off productive learning:  Education, Gardening, Saving, Investing…inventing, writing, researching, seeking personal communion with the almighty…

There’s two-bits worth of real stuff to think about this weekend.

Absent a strong constitution, solid borders and great national purpose, America is fast becoming indistinguishable from other third world shit-holes.

But give it time…

Just as in the long sunset of Alzheimer’s, the mind goes first.  Look at the media.  Look at your programming.  And look at Mueller Trump.

American acuity is now in decline.

Or did you forget?