This morning’s Chicago Fed Data in a minute.  First, though, some really-clear Monday morning thinking…

My buddy (the Major) showed up last night and predictably – since we have both been ham radio buddies since getting our licenses about the same time in the early 1960’s – I fired up the radio gear and there was a station really “down in the mud”.  I tried everything I could..dialing in the DSP just so.  Yet, although this station in Spain could hear me, he was almost unreadable.  The 20-meter band (14 Mhz) was very noisy.

I think a lot about noise levels.  Whether it’s on the receiving side with my Beverage antennas, or whether it’s a factor in “reading the news” – noise is THE biggest issue of the digital age, I reckon.  It’s one of those problems that people just don’t think about.

And yet, here we are:  Mueller report is out, no collusion, but so much innuendo you can cut it with a knife.  And that’s have fired up everyone.  Seems to me, though, that Donald Trump is turning out to be pretty much what a cool-headed assessment 3-years ago would have come to:

  • As a developer, his company rocks it.
  • As a “politically-correct” fellow?  Massive fail.
  • As for elocution?  Fail again.
  • As a womanizer?  He seems to have outgrown that, but who knows?
  • And has he done some “sketchy things”  (foundation and so forth)?  Sure, probably.  And likely based on tax advisors who open up the whole discussion about “What’s really sketchy?”

I don’t know how many Big Name, Big City real estate developers you’ve interviewed, but I’ve talked with more than my share including Seattle’s king of the 1980’s and the football-owning shopping mall moguls.

To a person, they are very, very smart.  They “get the job done” very, very well./  But, they don’t “think like the rest of us.”  They look at the world differently.  Maybe it’s a variant/strain of Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (AADHD).  They almost drip energy and that’s what gives them “magical powers.”

Not everyone will see it, of course.  Especially today’s generation of child journos.  They haven’t been around long-enough to know (pardon the plain speaking here) jack shit.  They’ve been educated by generally liberal-agenda school, work for corporate/left news organizations, and writing the broader truth?  Incredibly difficult for them.

Like we say, though:  “Everything’s a Business Model”  and that included Trump-hating.

Which is why I’m willing to make a couple of bets this morning:

  • There was likely more conversation about politics and Trump at Easter family dinners than there was discussions of lessons that can be learned from Jesus’ life.
  • Even worse?  Likely more discussion of Trump than the deeper issues.

What was more important?

Three stories right off the bat:

One is the terrible coordinated church bombings in Sri Lanka. Those have now killed nearly 300 people.   This is super-bad because it gets to the idea of a global revolutionary war between religions.  And while you may have been brainwashed into a political-correctness overdose, do take the time to read FrontPage Magazine’s “The Terrorist Caucus in the House” which is all about “Ilhan Omar has exposed the greatest liability America faces in the global terror war.

This is a prime example of how “Trump Noise” is being spread, respread, and re-re-re-respread by leftist media to “paper-over” the real agenda.  Oh, and as long as they’re at it, they’re also using “families” as the excuse du jour to keep from sealing the Mexico border.

Friend, we are being invaded.  And, were it not for some order-following American soldiers – who were stripped of their arms WHILE ON U.S. SOIL, Mexico could have started a shooting war this weekend.

It would be simple-enough to think “The FBI is infiltrated with liberals who are backing open borders” in the wake of the story “FBI arrests leader of armed group stopping migrants in New Mexico.”  But, it’s a closer call:  Because the legal facts are that illegal entry is (*first time) a misdemeanor (if the perp has no priors), there’s nothing in citizen arrest that says the alleged crime must be a felony.

What IS  a felony is for someone with un-expunged or vacated felonies to be in possession of firearm, and that’s why the “leader” got popped.  Which gets to the broader question…but the Bureau has to walk a difficult line between between the ACLU/SPLC on the left and the Trump middle and radical right who are willing to take up Constitutionally protected arms to maintain American sovereignty.

My buddy (the Major) asked me this morning:  “How much of all this is planned and how much is random events being taken-advantage of?”

I told him that I believed most of the “AOG – Act of God) stories were totally random, but as you move into the secular realm, everything becomes a reflected business model.  That said said, the lefties are far more coordinated than the centrists, or the right, because Russia and Cuban interests put so much into training the lefties to coordinate efforts.  And this harks back to their subversion of the US civil rights movements.  How many people besides old reporters remember the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee – SNCC or “snick” as it was known?

The centrists never had any external coaching and funding and the role of SNCC is now likely in the hands of Soros and other liberal economic exploiters.  While the Mueller investigation has kept America buried in useless drivel, where are the House and Senate hearings and special prosecutors going after the invasion promoters?  See how noise buries things?

Then there’s the third story “covered up” by “Trump noise.”

The economy which, as we pointed out Friday, appears in latest housing data to be softening.  The market is only a few hundred points from where it MIGHT bust through to fresh all-time highs.  But, this morning we saw the market futures beginning to head down and we’re creeping up on “Sell in May and Go Away” time which is and old market saying because?  It works! (Some of the time, no this is not financial advice…)

Which get’s me to the third story no one talked about at Easter Dinner:  The Chicago Fed National Activity Index which was just released:

Led by improvements in employment-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) rose to –0.15 in March from –0.31 in February. Three of the four broad categories of indicators that make up the index increased from February, but three of the four categories made negative contributions to the index in March. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, moved down to –0.24 in March from –0.18 in February.

Like how they worded this?  Rose to a minus number…lol….  Here’s how it looks pictorially:


So that’s what the world, filtered of Trump Noise looks like this morning.  But, there are other stories, too…but you might not realize it depending on your news sources.

There’s one of those “old management sayings” that hold “People do what they like to do, not that which benefits them most.”  That, dear reader, is how Trump-hating results in huge time waste for the entire country.  It’s a negative mood and ugly to boot.  Filter out Trump Noise and suddenly, there’s a whole world out there.

Also Worth Knowing

Here’s another reason we told you recently to ensure that all of your online passwords are “keyed” to specific websites:  Facebook stored millions of Instagram passwords in plain text.

Climate Extremism is a dandy fund and adrenaline raiser which is why Extinction Rebellion: Climate change protest arrest reach 1,000.  Meantime, outfits like CBS and bandying about silly jingoist crap like “Earth Matters.”  Take for example Earth Matters: Behind the battle against deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. Know what’s behind it?  Hunger.  Population goes up, forests go down.  Who is telling the truth on this, besides no one?

Speaking of groups and organizing and “workin’ the news” – Homeless activists outside Notre Dame demand “a roof too”

Politicians are lining up – as they have since the Johnsonian abandonment of sound money as Elizabeth Warren releases sweeping student debt cancellation and free college plan.  Free lunches!  Free Lunches!

We Are Not Alone Dept. We’re beginning to see illegal immigration as part of the growing global religious wars.  Migrants in Greece turn up at border agents’ doorstep may seem like a minor story, but pressure on people is how pressure on borders is played. And everyone’s being played…

And it’s time to be ready to batten down the hatches again as Severe storms returning to the central US.

What No One Else Will Tell You?

We’ve been telling you for months that nuclear war between India and Pakistan is on tap late summer to early fall, pay attention to this story: “India PM Outrageously Warns Pakistan of Nuclear War after Shocking Sri Lanka Attacks.

No, we are not cheering on global nuclear conflict.  We don’t need to.  People are getting all wound up and they will get “release.”  Or, that’s our great fear.

See “One surgical strike won’t change Pakistan: Lt Gen Hooda for details of why a simple end is not likely.

Hide the chickens and pigs…off to chow and do come back for moron the ‘morrow…