Two-bits Worth of Weekend Wisdom

First, and foremost, click over to the NY Post piece here titled Top 10 things the media got wrong about ‘collusion’ and ‘obstruction’.”

It’s a dandy read but there are literally dozens upon dozens of other examples for those who take the time to study the news closely.  We’re pleased, as always, not to have pontificated on the losing sides.  As the 1980’s move WarGames explains, as the WOPR computer considers blowing up the world:  “The only winning move is not to play.”

Politics – especially partisan and super-especially with the mad mobs of socialist me-me-media – the same is true.  Surely, you have better things to do with your spare mental-processor clicks..(But don’t call me Shirley…)

Second thing to ponder is this:  My understanding, and I’ve only got a vague sense of the law, is that “obstruction of justice” requires (most times) a provable criminal act.  Were there no pending justice, how could it be “obstructed?”

Destroying evidence is, in and of itself, a crime, for example.  To make sure such perps “get the message” the obstruction charge is made…It’s sort of like “charges with a cherry on top.

But, now suppose – there’s nothing to put the cherry on. What then?

Even with blatantly anti-Trump biased investigatorsno chargeable crime was found.  No collusion.

Absent a crime, how can you “obstruct?”  There IS nothing to obstruct, is there not?

Such logic makes sense in a court.  But now, the answer is being polled amongst leaders of anti-American Digital Mob Rule

As “innocent until proven guilty” is thrown out, so will fall other last bastions of our Constitutional Republic.  For which we stood, once one Nation and under God. Yada, yada then  Poof!

Clearly, some fraction of America still has its knickers twisted-up and there’s a little something for everyone in Mueller’s report.

The big perversion is just ahead.  A last-gasp of freedom as the democrats – lacking chargeable offenses –  now pivoting to “convict in the court of public opinion.”

The House can convict a ham sandwich, to turn the old grand jury saying on ’em.

Court-shopping at its finest. Complete with kangaroos with the media darlings like AOC and the leftolutionaries.

The Great National Time-Sink Monetization. GNTSM.

Which predictably will lead to more inciting and divisive media coverage.  Do we really need more polarity, and a lack of focus on what really matters?.

To us, what matters is the economy.  OK, side order of war with Mexico, perhaps.  Indo-Pak nuke war late summer.

As we explained for our Peoplenomics subscribers this morning, things are a whole-lot less positive than the (the very same media who got Mueller-Trump wrong) are owning up to.

Reason?  Both political parties are shills for the Global Corporate Party.The real party in power.  The one that owns its R&D subsidiary “operating companies.” Disguised as political entities that haven’t solved a single problem more than the ones they’ve created in decades.

What the real party wants, it’s buys.  And it’s a carefully orchestrated blend of right and left..stupid people all whipped up so corporations can get their tax cuts and run-up stock prices.

When the time comes, those will collapse.  Strong hands will have sold to the weak and the slaughterhouse doors will open again. Load ’em up with sheep once again.

Every minute on politics is time away from prepping.  Every article on Trump or Mueller is time off productive learning:  Education, Gardening, Saving, Investing…inventing, writing, researching, seeking personal communion with the almighty…

There’s two-bits worth of real stuff to think about this weekend.

Absent a strong constitution, solid borders and great national purpose, America is fast becoming indistinguishable from other third world shit-holes.

But give it time…

Just as in the long sunset of Alzheimer’s, the mind goes first.  Look at the media.  Look at your programming.  And look at Mueller Trump.

American acuity is now in decline.

Or did you forget?

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40 thoughts on “Two-bits Worth of Weekend Wisdom”

    • Anyone have issues with electronics tonight? My phone got pretty wonkey, my dates phone complete crapped out. Issues with lights in the car, the irish pub we went to had lighting issues and a few other electrical problems. Pretty trippy.

      • Andy: That may have been an omen that there is no electricity or spark between you & your date. I could be wrong, but you may want to make it your last date with her. Or a sign that there was so much electricity between you two, you overloaded the circuits. In that case, keep dating her. Or neither & it was just gamma rays & you can keep dating her or not.

      • Ya E’, she was fun. Had a good time. She got a little too”fked off” . So i dont think i will he seeing her again. Lol

  1. Spot on. Dimitry Orlov expresses some of your sentiments in this interview with The Saker, perhaps even a bit more grimly. (The entire interview is quite interesting.)

    ” And so, Trump or no Trump, we are going to have more of the same: shiny young IT specialists skipping and whistling on the way to work past piles of human near-corpses and their excrement; Botoxed housewives shopping for fake organic produce while hungry people in the back of the store are digging around in dumpsters; concerned citizens demanding that migrants be allowed in, then calling the cops as soon as these migrants set up tents on their front lawn or ring their doorbell and ask to use the bathroom; well-to-do older couples dreaming of bugging out to some tropical gringo compound in a mangrove swamp where they would be chopped up with machetes and fed to the fish; and all of them believing that things are great because the stock market is doing so well.

    At this rate, when the end of the US finally arrives, most of the people won’t be in a position to notice while the rest won’t be capable of absorbing that sort of upsetting information and will choose to ignore it. Everybody wants to know how the story ends, but that sort of information probably isn’t good for anyone’s sanity. The mental climate in the US is already sick enough; why should we want to make it even sicker?”

    • Lois: There is still too much money out there for the party to end. One day, & it always happens, a recession will return to our economy to wake up Washington. As long as everyone is fat & happy, we lose our morals & way, and act like children with someone else paying the bill. But when the villagers lose their jobs & the money dries up, it is time to get back to business. That is what PT is trying to avoid, but the children won’t let it happen. My thought is enjoy it while it lasts. I will vote again for PT in 2020 because you got to do something to stop the crazies & who is crazierthan Bernie Sanders & Joe Biden or the other Dem morons running for President.

      • Who is crazier than Bernie, Biden or who ever is under the bed, why Trump of course but lets not mention that, lets turn our heads and pretend that we don’t have a nut in the oval office, that rather then withdrawing from military conflicts is actively looking for more,a nut that feeds only the 1% a nut who is controlled by another foreign power (Israel) which in its self should be an impeachable offense,but wait lets vote for him again, surly there’s a bigger war on the horizon and we wouldn’t want to miss that.!!

    • I like Orlov because he is a student of history. I read him occasionally, because I use his research and opinion to affirm (not confirm) or question my own. I don’t read him often, because he’s very astute, and I don’t want to get lazy and feed off his opinion (of that of others like him) to shape my own.

      This is a very good read, especially for those who don’t know (or understand) the [hidden] machinations of our Department of State and covert ops, or the history of the Ukraine.

      • Ray, you are Amazing! Always get something out of your comments. Every single time. You are super gifted “intuitively” and i definitely see the result of your words either manifesting or at the least as premonitions of the shape of things to come.

        And your mind and how it operates is simply wonder full. Thank you bunches for your contributions to the comment section. Thank you very much. You are a wise man.

      • Oh, man, Andy, I hope I’m NOT intuitively gifted. Some of the bad crap (as opposed to good crap) I’ve seen in an alpha or theta dream or meditative state is so depressing, dystopian, or both, that Cameron or Tarantino (or Serling or Hickok before them) would never dare touch it.

        I prefer to think of myself as an “information sieve.” That is, one who can separate information from BS, and upon learning the slant and degree of bias of a source, can separate fact from fiction or speculation, and I do so, obsessively. I also remember stuff — for a very long time.

        My one “weirdity” other than a couple OBEs is I have tinnitus. That’s not weird in and of itself, but except when doing multiple rock concerts on consecutive days, back in my misspent youth, it was something I never experienced. However, on 9/11/2001 I woke up with it, and have been dubiously blessed by its constant company, every day since…

    • Indeed some pay back. And the “process crime convictions” Mueller managed to squeeze out of those poor Trump associates should all be vacated, along with compensation at least equal to their legal expenses. And I think Pres Trump should re-hire Flynn and let him continue his work of mending fence with Russia. It’s asinine to make them our enemy. It’s China we should be guarding against.

      My reasoning on this is it’s all “fruit of the poison tree” since it was the hoax dossier that triggered the appointment of the special prosecutor. And Obama’s admin is ass-deep in this.

      I hope to hell we see the names of those under indictment next week!

    • You may have missed one…they tend to keep a low profile.

      What is 55 besides the jersey number in that movie’s betting scene you posted a few days back?

      It’s the number of owners of the BIS.

      It’s the ‘Article’ number that provides them immunity from ANY legal jurisdiction.

      So….. they answer to nobody, pay no taxes (I always wanted a job like that :-) and yet are in CONTROL of what they have created as the currency, and the money, and the means of exchange on this planet.

      • All things relevant my fishin buddy Bob. All things relevant.

        Well done!

        Good Aye! Good Eye! I did say pay close attention and I did mention Geometry in my post. wink wink, nudge nudge.

        The hidden one. :)

        Shall we discus some details about the oldest country on the planet that had no nation boarders and has had its hand in every empire that has ever existed on the planet, yes. Even Egypt.

        A T-bone Steak for you tonight! Very good I.

        Foundation X.

        Mentioned at the link. Down the rabbit hole with ya!

        DEEP Roots in Jesuit and Basque Royalty. You do Know that the first 2 popes were Basque, right? Several Roman Emperors prior to the concept of the pope including Cezar Augusta, Several Kings and Queens England, Spain and France etc. Napoleon was Basque.

        How ya can tell is only 2 root races are RH negative and were both told by God to not marry or intermingle with the other races. The Hebrews and the Basque. Eveyone else is just, monkey’s.


        A certain queen was sent to exile because she could not bare a certain King of England child and had (if my memory serves) 8 miss carages. As you know Rh negative fights off Rh positive like its a virus and only 3 % of the worlds population is Rh negative. Myself being one.

        The Basque have been a country without borders according to some sources i have read for over 20,000 years. The Basque core language hasnt changed in that time. They have seen the rise of Ghengis Kahn, The Greeks, Atilla the Hun, Roman empirez Napoleon, Mussolini, Hitler etc. Etc. Never once have they been attacked, slaughtered or dispelled.

        They are know simply as “The People of the Mountain.”

        See my last name. Which means “Stone Mountain”

        Where did Noah Go to talk to God? Abraham to sacrifice his son? Muhammad? Moses to get the 10 Commandments and the Torah? Jesus the Transfiguration? Zoroster to get the concepts of Good and Evil and introduce them to humanity? Because prior to Zoroster, the concepts didnt exist in the world?

        The Mountain.. they all went to the mountains. And came back and changed the world.

        The Basque,

        only use currency to buy stuff like coffee and sugar on rare occasion and they live on a system of Barter. By first glance they are just simple mountain folk who are farmers. They grow there own food, raise their own livestock and have been doing that for thousands of years.

        And yet, if you do some research they have had their hand in every large movment and government on the planet. “Old Money”. Fammiles like the Mann family. Which pay to keep their names off of search engines and websites.

        They have a secret language. And many hidden things within their scociety.

        According to my research Foundation X possess over 120 metric tons of Gold.

        Again, at the link.

        Happy Easter! HE is Risin! Yay!

      • Uhem not 120, my mistake. Its over 1200 metric tons of gold. One thousand two hundred metric TONS.

        And the monkey statement is a darwin joke. Lol cause there is actually 6 root races on the planet. I disagree with Blavatsky secret Doccument assertion of 5. Skin color has nothing to do with it.

        Because of just one factor of Rh we are all not genetically related. And it gets way more in depth than that.

        And according to both Hermes ans the Myans PopaVul, 7 original beings were created on earth. Not just 2. One was wiped out, from my research.

      • Yep, anonymous. I mention money is a tool a while ago in the comment section. I didnt link your video though. :) thanks though.

      • The language of the Basques (Euskara) seems to stand alone, without any close relatives. Apparently it’s not easy to learn: they say the Devil spent seven years studying it, to more easily tempt people… and gave up.

      • “when the end of the US finally arrives, ”

        Lois… I agree.. I have wondered for a while now what signs there will have to be to reflect a civilization. As at the end.

        Would or could they be.

        Loss of border control and being over run.

        A currency that is basically reflecting bankruptcy.

        An oligarchy

        Loss of industry

        Corrupt politicians

    • Wouldn’t that be an interesting change …
      Of course.. we seen how far that went before concerning emails..

  2. Revelations does NOT mention the USA in end times…..the ‘path’ we are on has been fore told….and it won’t be a ‘happy ‘ending. imo

    • What about the Revived Roman empire? Of course it metions the USA. The Beast comes from the East. And we are technically East of Isreal. Depending on how ya fly. Lol

      Ever seen the geometry of the D.C.?

      Okay, yes! Im waiting on a woman. Lol. Cute little brunette 5’4 130 lbs does modeling part time. Lives in Bellevue. So i actually have time to consider a reply.

      You have the Vatican. And you have D.C. both non states that run the whole country. Compair the geometry of both. Everyone is always ” Yin ” this and “yang” that. I have never read any of what im about to tell ya anywhere. Just have to use the tools available to draw competitive contrast and dimensional depth.

      Ask yourself this. Is the Vatican the Male and D.C. the female counterpart? Is the Vatican the Yin and D.C. the yang?

      What two other cities govern the world that are also “non” state entities ruling the state or states in which they reside? To my knowledge there is non. Only the Vatican and Washington D.C.

      Think of how much influence these pair have on the world. The same geometrical patterns found within both places.

      How much $ do you think the Vatican controls? Almost 2000 years at 10% tithe and 10% offering completely tax exempt?

      Well that sorta $$ makes the Rothschilds look like people living in tents down under the bridge. Its an incalculable figure.

      He who makes da $ makes da rules. Even writes history and all that.

      Sure the Banks fund the wars ans all that. Who has more money? The Vatican or the Banks? Even the Kings of England, France and Spain etc. Etc. Paid tithe and offering. Almost every one did for almost 200 generations. Thats a lot of doe!

      So, ask yourself this. Is the USA truly not in Revelations? Or is it?

      One of the beasts rises out of the water. All the beasts are power symbols.

      Anyway, just my take on things. Ohhh here she comes. Damn pretty! Gonna have a good time tonight!

      See ya around.

    • The Bible does not mention the name of any geographical location or political division which did not exist or was unknown to the author (or his contemporaries) of a particular scripture when it was written. Try tooling through the prophesy web pages looking for heretical interpretations of the identity of Mystery Babylon. Seasons greetings.

    • The Bible does tell us there will be a 4th global empire controlled by 10 rulers. 3 of which will be displaced making way for the antichrist. So, like it or not, the globalist will have their way.

  3. lmao think about how much time you’ve lost due to writing about poly ticks.
    as i’ve said before more coping less fake news please (ie all news).

  4. Just read a very interesting article on The Atlantic from yesterday. Whos Really Buying Property in San Francisco.

  5. You all are missing the point once again….it’s not about the results…it’s his intent…and one of these days, Trumps intent, 3rd grade vocabulary rambling and Fat, angry Twitter thumbs will cost us American lives…

    Has anyone actually read the Mueller report? I have…at least 2/3rds of it and it has emboldened me to hate Trump even more. Here it is…

    While he didn’t ‘TECHNICALLY’ commit a crime, he sure as heck wanted to. It’s in his DNA. It’s how he ran the Trump organization. Thank goodness the people he was barking orders to either ignored him or just plain said no. They are the true Patriots. Trump is an idiot. Get another Republican in there to take over. I have had enough with this loser. I am at the top of the IMPEACH TRUMP list.

    • Mark do you even know what redacted means you’re starting to sound a little on the maronyx side here..

      Time for little education

      hi Mark how you doing

      Hope you’re having a great day.
      My advice to the majority of the world is you have to sphacelate.
      That means to become cancerious to decay and die.

      When you start you know as a baby stage your in the growth stage and you continue until you hit a part in your life with which some people say is the midterm of your life and people start questioning and understanding everything about them,
      But some people do this when they are kids,
      But the majority that’s left over that don’t do it when their kids ,do it as they’re older,,, in their mid life, they start questioning,

      And the ones who still haven’t gone through that wait until they’re almost dead before they question everything.

      And what they question is, why am I here, where did I come from, are religions real, am I a reincarnated soul, im i really trillions of years old or just the age that I am here,

      Is it true that my last life and the ones before that I was shocked when I died and then reincarnated ,all memories were lost while other places throughout the galaxies in the universe has the universe .
      People’s spirit Souls remember Trillions of years in the past at that point what matters,

      the only thing that should matter is that the sooner we realize that we’re neophytes the sooner that were able to realize everything about the past,and the future,

      but at the same token, once we’re wiped out and
      we start over again as in reincarnation what hope do we have if you’re only going to live near a hundred years old and everything that we strive for the knowledge it’s been erased.
      frkm this body and our spirit soul at the second level , what is there ?

      what’s the goal ?

      yes it’s true, people who’ve been abused come back strong and take the throne.

      that’s why that side of the circle is always there it will never go away.
      Hard to mention our reality our universe as we know it Destin as we know it but to think that there are places somewhere there is nothing but Harmony where the light actually promotes being instead of destroying actually remotes being Destroyer memory system . as we ask the question why is Trump so unusual

      .,why because of the tides that he represents, that’s why it’s so unusual all the past .well a lot of the past presidents have been let on by the power structure,

      the demonic pedophilic power structure and every once in awhile someone comes along like that objects like John F Kennedy but Trump power structure as a derivative someone who’s supposedly supposedly who had died in the plane crash and who was great friends with Trump when they were younger,

      Now they both have an agenda., and the third part of the agenda is the rejected military that Obama threw out because of his leaders is the third part of the agenda then led him by the nose with his nose ring so now their back to that’s the three parts,

      but we can take it to more levels all through our technological Society the cream of the crop has been taking away off-planet they’ve had to means and they’ve been used to establish the new colonies on different planets, different solar systems, galaxies and they’ve not been known to the public because it’s been so Decompartmentalised and they have been told that their planet Earth is not exist anymore but it’s a lie ,

      we’re still here and now they’re coming back against orders coming back to defeat draconic pedophilic worst nightmare reptilian rule.

      This rule has ruled longer than you and I and our relatives I’ve been alive that’s why all past presidents except for John F Kennedy took the initiative like Trump is doing with the military and John F Kennedy Jr to fight back to give us the freedom that we’ve never actually knew that we had that’s why Trump is in a completely different situation from any other the military has been established remains of people vanished off of the Earth cream of the crop so that they could we establish somewhere else all this is going to become public knowledge pedophile Ring movie coming down the CIA and the FBI will be completely restructured all the secret agencies including the NSA are being restructured as we speak the new commands have been put in.

      And for one person that thinks only about the real estate business and not the bigger picture. Hello well y’all are neophytes the more we know the more we grow.

      May all beings be lovingly fulfilled .
      may all beings be financially fulfilled .
      may all beings be readily fulfilled so be it.
      do not be a Slave.

      Now how to avoid the shocker treatment that erases the memory from your Spirit soul and enables us to have memory of all our lives.

      So far this memory that is being a erased is at the step two level of our spirit Souls there is a number one level for all knowledge is contained and thats not erased.

      This level 1 knowledge is why true psychics Clyde true remote viewers and true mediums and all the other wild people have the ability to bring forth past lives future lives and the present knowledge because we live in a circle and this is where step one is

      Happy Hunting Mark

    • And I am at the bottom of that list Mark…I see what he’s trying to accomplish and I approve and support him and what he’s attempting to accomplish. It’s an extremely tough job an he’s giving it a go and standing tall.
      Even if his actions are a little brash ,you have to keep in consideration that he isn’t a politician he’s a businessman that’s built a great company has the support of his employees enough that they feel that as their employer he has their back even though his demeanor has you thinking it’s all about him. .As a successful billionaire has had to have brass balls to get the good deals. He also has been under constant attack from virtually every direction since before he even took the office. While attention to the real devious actions have been misdirected out of the public’s attention. I’m surprised he’s been able to maintain as much composure as he has.
      Shoot if your worried about ethics my God man a person could go crazy if he dipped into the ethics of some of our other legislators.
      Our political system is so broken I personally doubt that it can be fixed.
      I do think that the last two years of his administration has taken such a beating that there’s very little he can accomplish at this point. So sit up watch as the new candidates parade around the campaign trail dragging a series of dead horse issues to get the people convinced that they are the ones to actually do something and to vote them back in.

      • Looking,
        This is where all of you have been bamboozled. Trump IS NOT a successful billionaire!!!! Never has been…never will be. That is the main reason he will not release his tax returns, and is now suing to protect his big lie. I have several real estate friends up in New York that say that it is well known he is a fraud. New Yorkers hate him, because they know him. Years back, when I was in the advertising agency business, I used to go to New York every week for about four straight years…and even back in the late 80’s and early to mid 90’s, Trump was known as a type of class clown.

        He doesn’t have balls…he is a square peg, trying to penetrate a small round hole. Read Michael Lewis’s new book, The Fifth Risk and Bob Woodward’s Fear. That’s the real Trump.

        Why can’t you see this? I am starting to think you all have been hypnotized.

    • “he is a square peg, trying to penetrate a small round hole.”

      I agree DJT is different from the polished politician with the scripted say nothing responses..

      That’s why I love him..

      I have always appreciated and look forward to your comments Mark.. with myself and our family on the totally opposite side of the financial dog sled team it is rare to see or get the perspectives of the big dog in the lead..

      Unfortunately if your not the lead dog Our view will always be the same and that is why the do nothing politicians that have been swayed by faulty information can get elected time after time..
      they to are not the lead dogs of the dog sled team they are in and their view is always the same they have to follow those that are controlling their movements…

      you allow me to see the view from the front of the line which I find very refreshing. I gather that you are an educated man.
      I don’t have a formal education but I have read a book or two more than the average person.
      I have an inquisitive side that makes me want to know.. and hopefully that gives me some insight. I am personally thinking about a hundred different things at the same time..

      sometimes that sets me off in a totally different direction.Luckily I have a wonderful woman that keeps me mostly grounded .

      Like the other day hopefully you won’t suffer to much as I digress.. I had someone that wanted my opinion..
      would a space elevator be a feasible venture to take up and down supplies to a space station.. ( I know.. that one was something I thought is totally nuts to… LOL) He wanted my opinion right up front instead of letting me think about it a while..My first response is its totally nuts and won’t work.. He wanted to debate it I said go ahead.. get out your abacus ( I know.. I had a discussion on a grandson learning math.. everyone wants to give him a calculator I said give the boy an abacus.. you can do any math problem that you can on a slide rule on an abacus. and with an abacus he can see the numbers come alive in front of him )

      now punch in some figures.. it won’t happen.. anyway even now I find myself contemplating if one could be built that could withstand that kind of pressure..
      ( see how I just did that.. I digressed again..) which is a true downside to my way of thinking..

      I don’t want a leader that will be another cookie cutter cutout for the puppeteers.. DJT has proven that he is not that person..
      He gives us an honest view and opinion of what he sees on the path ahead.
      He has even being the square peg has done more than any other president in my lifetime and so far has lived to tell the tail and leave a legacy that will mark a time in history where there was an honest politician.. or as honest as we will ever see..

      I don’t care who he has had sex with that is between him and his wife..I don’t care if he had to pay for it.. ( think about it you pay one way or another)

      I don’t care if he has taken advantage of the tax laws that were put into place to protect the lead dogs..they were put in place just for those purposes.. like it or not as the end dog we see it we know it isn’t the way it should be but we have to follow and accept it anyway

      I totally adore that he is trying to get us out of very expensive military conflicts that are totally useless and expensive for us to undertake. we literally by spreading out around the globe have weakened our own country .. to the point we have an army marching on the borders and can’t stop them.. we have politicians that are arguing we shouldn’t stop them…. I love the fact that he is trying to secure our borders from people invading it illegally.
      I love the fact that he is trying to encourage industry to start up in the USA again.. bring some of our old industrial cities back to life give jobs to those that want them and a pride in accomplishment.

      I totally think that him being in office has given us a few more years to feel secure that we won’t be in the middle of some nuclear conflict..

      As far as him being a billionaire or not.. well he owns the apartment he has and it is valued at over a mill a month he has a string of airplanes and helicopters and fly’s those back and forth to work..
      that is a slight bit more than I could afford or even justify looking into getting. I totally get why he is hesitant to let all of his most secure and complex information out to the public to displayed and paraded around the arena..I am fairly confident that he keeps it under pretty tight security as we all should.

      What surprises me.. is if you were in the mountains following a path.. would you want the one controlling the reigns of the sled to avoid an avalanche area.. or keep us from crossing a dangerous river with a currant that would sweep us away.
      Instead.. look at the nightly news.. look beyond what is being said and you will see that we have total idiots trying to stop any progress or avoid any dangers.. they have blinders on to what lies ahead..
      can I change it.. nope only one vote here.. and if we want idiots in charge then we should just say .. thank you sir may I have another..

      • LOOB, two points:

        IIRC people have been blue-skying some kind of “space elevator” since the ’50s.

        As for “paying for it [sex], one way or another”…

        There’s a scene in the musical “Pippin”, where Charlemagne’s wife (#2, after #1 died) sashays in to ask him to appoint his stepson (her son) to some military position. She wiles and beguiles him, so to speak; he agrees, and watching her leave, says

        “Sometimes I wonder if the fornicating I’m getting, is worth the fornicating I’m getting!”

      • That’s interesting Dick.. I will see what theirs is and how they can navigate the pressures.
        I had no clue that anyone had a ground based elevator to space.

      • Checked it out Dick… they are just playing with it to see if its feasible. From my point of view what they are doing is completely doable to.
        For an elevator base connecting to a space station a couple hundred miles in space is a complete different animal.
        First my thought is size of cable to hurl a fifty ton payload two hundred miles straight up. Now consider the different turbulant levels of atmosphere. ( George being a skilled pilot can give a better outlook on that than some book worm looking out of a box) then add in updrafts down drafts storms of all kinds etc.
        When working on the high altitude balloons sure they float along at a couple hundred miles an hour but they still have to withstand pressure.
        My first thought is a baseball fast pitch..put a gyro spin on the elevator with center line through the bullet container. Even that your on a tether with some pretty complex stress points.
        All in all a stupid idea.. just like the first electric car.. the car was cheap but the extension cord was to expensive to own.
        Just my thoughts on this..I haven’t really dug into it because I don’t think it’s possible financially and at this time way to dangerous for the kids.

  6. Is “collusion” an endictable offense? If not, the whole debate seems moot. Guess the question is whether Trump by what he communicates directly, and his observable behaviour, has the ethics and personal values to represent and lead your country?

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