What Economic Growth?

Donald Trump has another problem besides Mueller fallout to worry about.  This morning we look at the major metrics of supposed “economic growth” and wonder like the old burger-joint commercial asked “Where’s the beef?”

After some headlines and our analysis of the markets which, in our view, at near (or at) a critical turning point just ahead.

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George Ure
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10 thoughts on “What Economic Growth?”

  1. George – best not to forget the ole song… April Showers..bring the flowers that blown in May. April showers could be buying SPY Puts that expire in May!

    Odd but the port data for Long Beach does NOT show the most lucrative commodity of all – Men,Women and Children Traffic.

    Cant believe the horror ?

    Check K. Spade suicide -trace to Childrens Foundation, trace from China/MX to Long Beach.
    Property seized from/during BackPage investigation/shutdown next door to Pelosi vinyard – coincidence right?, K. Spade house next door to that – another coincidence -right?

    Allison Mack is talking..big names..hollywood, politics, LE

    ? was vonn Mueller investigation kept going for months to Protect those who “knowingly” committed Treason/Sedition?

    Demonrats cant stop whats coming now, Blockade has ended, no committee investigations – nothing can stop it now.
    RR appointed special counsel – without informing/telling POTUS? POTUS had EVERY Legal right to intervene and Fire any involved – he did not – rather he choose to “time garden” ..the stupid moron -huh Mark/Mike

    Hows lil Adam Shiffty feeling today..

  2. George…this was a very informative and sensible column you wrote this morning. But Imports up and exports down to me means that Americans rather have cheap imported goods and the rest of the world has little need outside of technology and agriculture for American products. But since we are the biggest consumers, our taste for cheaper goods will always outpace our exports.

    That said…I can’t believe I am responding to the San Francisco poop story. Let me be clear…People are not pooping in the streets at an alarming rate. This is truly fake news. Here’s how this 5 year old recycled story got started.

    In November 2014, web developer Jennifer Wong won a hack week contest at her job with Human Wasteland, an interactive map that plotted locations of feces reported to San Francisco’s street cleaners. It got mentions from some local media — the Bold Italic called it “playful” — and that was that, for a while.

    But around the end of 2016, it started getting coverage of a different sort, as politically conservative media used it in condemnation of San Francisco.

    RedState.com called the map an “overwhelming indictment of California’s approach to homelessness and lawlessness.” (RedState also incorrectly claimed that a hepatitis A outbreak in San Francisco prompted the governor’s declaration of a state of emergency.)
    Rush Limbaugh repeated the error that Human Wasteland was an official city project and added of the homeless: “They have to go, and nobody’s told them they can’t! It’s liberalism! What do you expect?”

    Such mentions spurred Wong to add a prominent note to the top of the Human Wasteland webpage: “I am tired of people and publications using this map in ways it was not meant to be used,” it reads. “I created this map to bring attention to the issue of homelessness. Not to insult people or places.

    This is just a ploy by the Fake news generators Hannity and Rush to indict liberal policies. Now, like any huge metro like New York, Chicago, Boston with downtown skylines made up of high rise condos and such, you will find a bit of dog poop from time to time from people that feel they must have a dog…although a high rise in a concrete city, with long city block walks to the nearest park is a not the best place to care and walk a dog…it’s seems to me to be a bit of a pain…

    And to be fair, there is a portion of the homeless population that feel the need to defacate where they want…but our homeless population is not nearly as high as Seattle, New York, Chicago and LA…, but SF is known for whatever reason, thanks to FOX as the capital of liberalism…and therefore the one to pick on…btw, it’s not…Capital of Corporatocracy…yes.

      • Mickey D,
        That’s a lie. I have been going to the city at least three days a week for almost 20 years and have not seen human poop. Your cop must have a really bad beat in the Tenderloin, where most people stay away from. There you see more than poop. Every city has an area like this.

        Bottom line, San Francisco and the Bay Area was responsible for 75% of all new hiring in the entire country in February and a big portion in March too. You can’t recruit top scientists and engineers to fill the iodine’s if the nations largest tech and bio-tech companies if the conditions are as bad as you say.

      • Mark: Every city doesn’t have a designated poop area especially called Tenderloin. You are just blocking out the problem like it doesn’t exist. As the say in SF…Smell the poop, walk the homeless. Get real.

    • Mark.. I had an aunt that owned a hosiery mill at one point in time.. they made socks and underwear etc..
      I decided I wanted american made socks..
      after several hours of searching I never did buy any.. seems they are not made in the USA anymore..
      the same with the throw away goods.. it isn’t that people only buy cheap foreign goods.. there isn’t any choice.. want a car part.. oops.. not from the USA .. electronics.. not here either..
      then of course you have the dumbing down of america.. poor pay..


      do the math.. almost fifty percent of a blue collar workers wage goes out for rent.. or house payments.. sure there is a nitch that pays good but the average is what we are talking about..
      then add the rest on..

      for us.. and we do ok with what we make. of course I am an anal budgeter.. and both a curse and a blessing everything I see I instantly see it in a numerical value.. I know screwey and nuts but I do.. right down to the square of toilet tissue… I sure don’t know how the kids are doing it though.. I am sure they are bleeding gold.. and using plastic to kite them through the turbulance..


      Its hard for someone to see how the lives are of the average especially if they live in a gold palace.. the problems are the same in some ways but different.in others.

  3. What’s going on Monday in reporting a solar storm towards earth? Any prep needed or special electronics? That’s the 22.


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